FIFA U-20 World Cup: Brazil, Argentina win their groups, Mexico through

Brazil2 (Getty Images)

Host Colombia isn't the only South American team enjoying a strong start to the FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

Brazil routed Panama, 4-0, to win Group E, and Argentina shut out North Korea, 3-0, to win Group F as both powers advanced to the knockout stage of the tournament Thursday night.

Philippe Coutinho scored two goals in Brazil's victory, allowing the Selecao to keep pace with Egypt, which beat Austria, 4-0, behind a second-half hat trick from Mohamed Ibrahim. Both finished with seven points, but Brazil had a better goal differential to take the top spot in the group.

Argentina outlasted Mexico to win their group by three points and will be paired with Egypt in the Round of 16. In its final group game, Mexico played to a 0-0 draw against England, which still maintains hope at qualifying for the knockout stage as one of the top four third-place teams despite not scoring a goal and playing three 0-0 draws in group play. Mexico will face the runner-up from Group B (which can be either Portugal, Uruguay, New Zealand or Cameroon) in the first knockout round.

What do you think about the latest U-20 results? Do you see Egypt giving Argentina a hard time in the knockout stage?

Share your thoughts below.

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25 Responses to FIFA U-20 World Cup: Brazil, Argentina win their groups, Mexico through

  1. Flipper says:

    MEXICO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Luis says:

    I HAte Mexico 4 LIFE.

  3. Flipper says:

    Let me reiterate: MEXICO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bryan says:

    really wish the USA was at this damn tourny. england, just wow, terrible.

  5. nice says:

    Me Too! Hopefully USA learns its lession ASAP!

  6. Paolo says:

    At what time those the U.S u-20 play?

  7. Armea Botros says:

    Egypt will probably beat Argentina and advance to the final. They have a rock solid defense, a strong midfield and more importantly play well as a team similar to Latin American teams.

  8. chris says:

    when you learn english

  9. chris says:

    thatta boy

  10. swoopy says:

    England, pathetic. U.S. with Gatt would have been fun. Shame.

  11. Stan The Man says:

    Too many World Cups….What’s next World Cup for 9 Year Olds?

  12. Will says:

    Go Columbia & Castillo!

  13. JP says:

    No way Egypt will eliminate Argentina. In the game against Brazil, they surprised but Argentina will be ready.

    It’s frustrating to see Panama at the U20 WC while the US players are at home.

  14. Dale says:

    I wouldn’t be to quick to judge, dint the U.S. lost to Guatemala?

  15. YO says:

    I am sick and tired of Mexico!

    And this is a comment, not an invitation for responses.

  16. BenH says:

    You got hate ‘n your heart let it out

  17. Eric120 says:

    It’s even more frustrating to see Guatemala there!

    They lost 5-0 to Nigeria and 6-0 to Saudi Arabia.

    No way the US would have put on such a bad performance.

  18. Jay27 says:

    Reading all these comments it seems US Soccer is defined by whatever Mexico does

  19. Chris b says:

    I think England have done well considering the premier league clubs refused to allow 30 first choice players to go to the tournament. That’s the real story. Sorry yanks but you weren’t good enough to qualify!

  20. Your daddy says:

    Americans are good for baseball. Oh, wait!! Cubans are even better.

  21. Your daddy says:


  22. Your daddy says:

    …and Guatemala lost against Saudi Arabia: 6-0.

  23. Mr. Nick says:

    Look every one mexico does not have to be the reason your life sucks Im sure there is something else in your life that sucks more than mexico’s team like lets say USA’s football team.

  24. femi oguntoyinbo says:

    nigeria my country will go far this time lets wait and see.

  25. Jeff says:

    The poor state of US soccer is evident in the US not even qualifying for this tournament and Mexico securing a 2nd place berth in what was labeled the group of death with Argentina, England and North Korea. And to those of you who disregard North Korea, they were Asian Champs and their U17 were also great to watch in the recent WC as they held off Holland and Congo to ties. Seems like the daddy of CONCACAF is alive and well. Good luck US. The only future for the US team is when they field a Mexico 2 squad, made up of all the Mexicans born in the US… which is starting to be the case if you see the u17s.