Galaxy close to deal with Keane, look to shop Angel

DUBLIN, IRELAND - AUGUST 10:  Republic of Ireland Captain Robbie Keane in action during the International Friendly between the Republic of Ireland and Croatia at the Aviva Stadium on August 10, 2011 in Dublin, Ireland.



Robbie Keane looks to be on his way to Los Angeles.

A deal is in place for the Galaxy to sign the Ireland International, multiple sources told SBI on Friday. If Keane does come to the Home Depot Center, it would be in conjunction with a trade of Juan Pablo Angel from the Galaxy to clear a Designated Player slot for Keane.

Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena stated on Wednesday that the Galaxy were interested in adding to their attack and the experienced Keane fits the bill.

According to sources, the Galaxy are shopping Angel, with his preference being to go an East Coast team. Several East teams could use a striker, including D.C. United, Philadelphia and Columbus, but at this point it is unclear which team is the favorite to land the Colombian striker.

Keane, a Republic of Ireland international has played for a number of top clubs in England, spending the last two seasons on loan away from Tottenham Hotspur. During his time on loan, Keane played for Celtic and West Ham United. In recent days, Keane had been linked with a potential move to Leicester City. 

More details will be posted as the story develops.

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148 Responses to Galaxy close to deal with Keane, look to shop Angel

  1. Steve says:

    Oh h e l l z yes.

  2. SaboCM says:

    Would be a great signing. Always enjoyed watching him play.

  3. Ian says:

    So much for leverage.

  4. Bo says:

    Somebody take JPA. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  5. Mikey says:

    Keane may not be what he once was, but he still scored 12 goals in 16 appearances last year.

    Good for LA – as if they needed the additional star power though…

  6. Ken says:

    Why would any MLS team agree to take on JPA’s contract at this point?

  7. adub says:

    omg no…..fcd fan “there goes the SS”

  8. Bob Dobalina says:

    Great potential in this signing. We’ll see. I still don’t think that a team with a DP has ever won the MLS Cup though.

  9. chris says:

    ahhhhhhh i dont know how i feel about this. LA needs a forward but they could do better then this

  10. Too bad New England didn’t go after him and try and attract some Irish fans

  11. JoeW says:

    I’m not sure who the heck could take JPA unless LAG offers to pay most of his salary (which wouldn’t open up a DP slot then). Just taken as-is, I’m not sure why a team would want JPA. DCU could have taken him in the open draft and passed (instead going for first Ngwenya and then Wolff).

  12. A wise man once says:

    Awesome! Pardon my ignorance but how old is this guy?

  13. David K says:

    This could be sweet although not sure how it happens without some bending of the rules/league intervention.

  14. Burn says:

    35. He probably doesn’t have much more left.

  15. Colin says:

    Maybe not “technically” a DP, but Columbus in 2008 with GBS is pretty close.

  16. LiquidYogi says:

    31…Angel is 35.

  17. Adam M. says:

    Hey Chivas USA, Galaxy calling. Heard you just passed on a big name US signing. Guess what? We are signing Robbie Keane. You know, Ireland captain, Carling Cup winner, solid EPL player. Yes, he is only 31. Oh, and we are dumping Angel. Maybe you want him? Also, Beckham looks like he’ll be back next year and Donovan looked rejuivanated the other night with Klinsman in charge of the Nats. Anyway, think about Angel and give us a call back when you decide you want to compete for fans here in LA. Or maybe you don’t. Either way. Bye now.

  18. Colin says:

    Keane is 31.

  19. A wise man once says:

    So wait… which one of you is right??? 😀

  20. chris says:

    And signing players to attract ethnic groups or fans is whats wrong with this league

  21. chris says:

    24 in MLS years

  22. KR says:

    So why does LA get all the star players all the time? Will MLS force someone to take JPA to accomodate LA?

  23. Cylo says:

    Nobody picking up JPA contract

  24. chris says:

    no make them move to San Diego

  25. elgringorico says:

    DC don’t need Angel.

  26. slowreno says:

    this will change eventually…

  27. soccerhorn says:

    hah, that’s funny. but don’t forget – the Goats passed on TWO big name signings this year, Feilhaber and Adu. Pretty sure they’re gonna pass on JPA too. I think they’re only accepting players at “MLS league minimum” salaries right now.

  28. NE Matt says:

    send him to new england i guess…kraft can afford his contract for the rest of this miserable season. maybe it’ll pull us out of last place

  29. chris says:

    stay in first, draft a forward next year would be the better option

  30. Ken says:

    So the Revs are like that guy at the end of a Settlers of Catan game who has only built three roads the entire game, but manages to swing the game by trading eight resources to the guy in second place for a wheat just so he can build one stupid settlement and end the game with three points rather than two?

    I hate you guys.

  31. Chad says:

    As a Spurs fan and neutral MLS fan, this couldn’t be more perfect. It’ll be nice to feel good about Keano again. Get ready for a lot of shouting and pointing!

  32. Jake the Snake says:

    HA! Big name signing that made me laugh HAhah

  33. Jake the Snake says:

    JPA has been a complete failure at the Carson Galaxy,maybe they shouldn’t of taken to Ives advice on taking JPA DP.

  34. TommyOC says:

    I’ll be the first to note this: Big-name EPL types – Beckham being a quasi-exception – have not taken well to the MLS travel schedule and general culture.

  35. Larth Gagerway says:

    This would be a coup for the galaxy – so I hope it doesn’t happen. I can’t imagine anyone picking up JPA’s contract, so I hope that kills the deal.

    The whole “LA will pay the salary for someone else” thing has got to be illegal.

    I mean, MLS has already bent the rules for LA enough in the past. Do they really have to front load that team – again?

  36. TommyOC says:

    “Dear Big-Name Star: Please come join us… Salt Lake City. Or Kansas City. Or Dallas. Or Houston. Or Columbus. We promise we have the culture, venues, nightlife and attractions that you’re used to on the Continent.

    We promise.”

    That answer your question? :-)

  37. Nicole says:

    As a Galaxy fan, I must say: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!

  38. TommyOC says:

    Rule-bending for LA has benefited the league in general.

    I won’t defend how the league is much more agreeable to LA’s “innovations” than to those of other teams, but it’s hard to argue that their big-market, new-idea moves hasn’t increased exposure to the league and ALL of its teams… not to mention generally ushered in a higher quality in players and play itself.

  39. Mikey says:

    Jorge Vergara strongly disagrees with you!

  40. Mikey says:

    lol +1

  41. Mikey says:

    JPA isn’t Mexican. He doesn’t stand a chance of going to Chivas USA

  42. Colin says:

    maybe LA will offer a bunch of allocation money with JPA to offset the salary

  43. primoone says:

    well i’ll be damned…

    o’le o’le o’le…o’le o’le o’la….Vamos Galaxy porque vamos a ganar!

  44. Mikey says:

    Fair point, but that’s because they’ve always been 34+

    Keane is 31, so hopefully he can put up with 2-3 years of the travel & refs. 😉

  45. Mikey says:

    They’d have to in order to buy down JPA’s salary. No one would pick that up

  46. tim says:

    Dallas has has grown our own big name star, pretty sure you’ve see Brek Shae by now!

  47. tim says:

    This just in: MLS now allows 4 DP per team…. You’re welcome Galaxy!

  48. abc says:

    It’s the dumbest type of “stat”… Bob has never hit a triple on a Tuesday, The Packers have never lost a playoff game at home, etc. etc.

    It’s all “until they do”.

  49. abc says:

    To continue the rant: in this case it’s not even about just one team or one player, but every MLS team across multiple seasons.

    Duh obviously the secret to winning in soccer is to NOT PAY GOOD PLAYERS!1!!

  50. David K. says:

    has he been training with Spurs this preseason? I see he just went 90m with Ireland a few days ago id he match fit?

  51. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree. Thumbs up on this move. He brings a tenacious quality to the league. As for JPA – time to sip some cafe con leche and maybe put the cleats up.

  52. 99 says:

    Maybe he goes to a colombian team?

  53. TommyOC says:

    *Yawn* I am liking him more and more, but one goal does not a “big name star” make.

    Los Angeles grew some super stars as well, albeit none with the pedigree that Shae kid has. One guy’s name is is Landon Donovan. Maybe you’ve heard of him. SoCal Born & Raised – and on the Galaxy roster.

    For those who don’t currently play here: Team captain Carlos Bocanegra grew up but 15 minutes from Donovan.

    And how about Robbie Rogers? Without him, that pass by the towhead would’ve been a “nice attempt.” He grew up here as well. Michael Orozco Fiscal… yeah, he grew up just on the other side of the 57/5 from Rogers.

    I won’t even bother to mention the historical big names (Jones, Lewis) that grew up and played here locally as well. I’ve made my point.

  54. dcm says:

    One of my favorite players of all time to my favorite MLS team, so sweet. I love how the MLS is the landing place for aging superstars.

  55. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Soooooooooooooo F U N N Y!

    SoC reference FTW!

  56. LA G says:

    Any team picking up Angel would only need to pay for half of the DP salary. I think this is very doable. I could see a team in CCL add JPA for backup!

  57. Bo says:

    Come on Chivas, we know you want him…

  58. chris says:

    I bet LA wish they could go back in time and give Buddle dp money. Still pretty impressive they are in first considering they have no forwards

  59. TommyOC says:

    Point taken… but Becks was 31/32 when he came here as well. :-) Becks gets a quasi-pass for his resistance to fit in simply because he showed up and put in an honest 90 of work when he was fit & healthy – and that made a ton of difference.

    If Keane can forego an attitude adjustment and put in honest work, he could be an even bigger contribution to the team than Becks. Immediate results with none of the drama. One can hope!

    If he has an attitude and workrate more like (07-09 NYRB) JPA and less Smith or Ljungberg, Keane might just be the biggest instant threat in the league!

  60. KNPonder says:

    +2 . . . funny

  61. TommyOC says:

    Some teams are screaming for that. They’d thank the Galaxy.

  62. TommyOC says:

    Bet LA wished they’d have simply doubled Buddle’s salary. He isn’t being paid much right now – somewhere around $400,000. That’s not even DP range. They could have had their Buddle and DP too!

  63. chris says:

    I think that’s a good thing

  64. KNPonder says:

    None of them have the money. At his age, if you are not getting a good check, it probably is just not worth punishing your body more.

  65. chris says:

    Yeah that is dp

  66. JoeW says:

    That’s a deceptive answer. Yeah, only half his salary. But they only have half the cap as well.

    The bottom line is even if LAG paid for part of JPA’s salary and traded him to free up a DP slot, who would take JPA for….$200k (in other words, not even a DP salary)? He’s been playing with a good team all year, players like Becks and Donovan that can provide great service and he hasn’t even been mediocre. He’s at the point in his career where his value is as a finisher….and he’s not finishing. Anyone with a fake or field turf field isn’t going to want him b/c of the increased risk of injury.

  67. Good Jeremy says:

    I wonder if the Galaxy give JPA a free transfer to somewhere in South America right before the transfer window closes to they can bring in Keane. I don’t see an MLS team paying his salary and LA probably won’t pay off his salary while he plays for their competition, even though that would be ideal.

  68. Good Jeremy says:

    Keane playing target striker with Donovan playing behind him like him and Agudelo did on Wednesday with Juninho, Stephens, and Beckham feeding them would be LETHAL. Then Bruce Arena would ignore that and stack 10 in defense and wait for the perfect counterattack possibility and win games 1-0.

  69. Chav Bollocks says:

    Awesome news!

    hopefully I can be there to welcome Robbie to the HDC in short order

  70. Didier Deschamps says:

    Beckham to Spurs opens up the DP slot.

  71. Didier Deschamps says:

    pretty sure he is talking about “half salary” as in the season is half over, not LAG paying up, which would still count against the cap.

  72. UrBigProfMan says:

    Keane brings attention to MLS, so believe me you bunch of unemployed losers posting on soccer blog websites during the middle of the day this will happen. Garber will make it so. My guess is that LA will “pay” some of JPA’s remaining salary so that some Eastern team can afford him at a lower price. Who are we kidding here, we know its Seattle paying for all this anyway. Well, off to an LA area Ross store where they currently have tons of Galaxy jerseys for 20 bucks.

  73. Brian says:

    The Packers streak held up for a long time. That was not a dumb stat.

  74. Topher says:

    Cool story, bro.

  75. dgoshilla says:

    $4 million is what I’ve been hearing. In the soccer world that may not be a lot but in MLS that’s a huge sum. While I welcome him with open arms to LA I just don’t understand the thinking behind this move. MLS could pick up 20 great prospects from around the world and distribute them to each team for that kind of money. While I’m a Galaxy fan first I truly believe in improving the quality of the league.

  76. Colin says:

    Rimando, Edu, Conrad, Hejduk…

  77. NF says:

    What crawled up your arse?

  78. Larth Gagerway says:

    That’s rationalization.

    Yes, you are correct, LA and Beckham (who is playing really well for the first time in his entire stint) have helped market the MLS brand, and the domestic league.

    It’s still anti-competitive…and Karma has prevented LA from winning an MLS cup in the Beckham era, for now (You have to think they’re far and away favorites this year).

  79. Good Jeremy says:

    Disagreed. The Galaxy are spending the 4 mil, not the league. The Galaxy are not at all responsible to spread the 4 mil around so that other teams can buy developing players under contract elsewhere, they are only responsible for putting a good team on the field.

  80. BCC says:

    Well done!

  81. TommyOC says:

    If I didn’t detect some sort of facetiousness in your voice, I’d be heading my way over to Ross for some cheap Galaxy jerseys.

    On another note, Seattle isn’t paying for anything. If they were, they’d have three DPs as well, wouldn’t they?

    As it is, they can’t even afford natural grass. Or, you know, a stadium of their own.

  82. NF says:

    I went to a Chivas match when I was in LA earlier this year. A woman with the ticket office called me a couple weeks after the game trying to get me to buy more tickets. She was really upset when she found out I was from out of town and actually went there to see the Crew. Then she started telling me stories about how she went to college with Andy Iro. They seem to be trying, but I question their marketing strategy …

  83. NF says:

    I missed the reply button. My bad.

  84. TommyOC says:

    Excellent reminder!

    No clue how I could’ve forgotten about Nick, considering this fun-fact: We both played together for the same high school. Of course, whereas he was a varsity starter, I couldn’t get field time for JV. 😉 lol. (He’s C/O ’97, me ’98.)

  85. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    lol well said

  86. soccerhorn says:


  87. Pete in SJ says:

    San Jose needs a target forward bad right now. We have nice weather and the traffic is better than in LA. It would be a good move for the Quakes. They need someone up top to at least draw some defenders from Wondo.

  88. Rob says:

    The Chivas ticketing people are fantastic, and they really do go the extra mile for the fans, but I just don’t think they’re reaching enough people. They call me all the time to try to sell me tickets but I have a brand new baby (eats up a lot of my time) and I now live just over 2 and a half hours away from Carson (a little too far to be driving all the time.) It’s almost to the point where I feel bad when they call and I have to turn them down. It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s just far and the cost of parking is staggering (seriously, it’s like buying my ticket all over again.)

  89. TommyOC says:

    Yes, it’s blatant rationalization. Like I said, I can’t really defend it… I can just offer some post facto justifications.

    As for the Galaxy, they’re a victim of the league rules they often help redefine. They’re the rightful 2010 champs if you ask any European league follower: Best record usually nets you the title “champion,” does it not? RSL won ’09 MLS Cup despite representing the wrong conference.

  90. beachbum says:


  91. beachbum says:

    lol! Pardo is 35 too, right? or, um, 24

  92. Arsenfan says:

    Robbie Keane is a natural born finisher, and will probably do well in MLS.
    Great move by the gals.

  93. TommyOC says:

    Yeah, if you want to be nitpicky, 400,000 is technically DP salary. Under 335,000 would keep him out of DP range.

    Either way, the Galaxy might have been able to keep Buddle if they offered a salary closer to the DP threshold.

  94. Sticky says:

    The pot calls the kettle black once again.

    Got news for you – can’t buy stuff at Ross with food stamps, pal.

  95. CSD says:

    LA could throw another player in with Angel in a trade and maybe someone would bite. LA seems to have a lot of midfielders. Maybe they trade Angel and a good young prospect and another club gets a player for the future and they just have to carry Angel for half a season.

  96. ripsa says:

    My heart cant take it…first the tv deal with Versus/nbc sports know this….gp galaxy

  97. TommyOC says:

    I believe you handicapped your own selling points when you started your paragraph with “San Jose.”

    “Steven Lenhart” would have been another phrase that would handicap your pitch.

  98. As an avid Ireland fan and someone who has followed Keane’s career since 2002, let me say this: Keane should be prolific in MLS. He scored 16 goals in 19 games for Celtic–who play in the SPL.

    Keane might be 31, but he isn’t past it yet.

  99. papa bear says:

    Great move. Keane is an exciting tenacious player who I’m sure the fans will enjoy.

    JPA…this looks like it’s his last year. He just isn’t the same player anymore.

  100. UrBigProfMan says:

    yeah you can Sticky…just gotta know which store and which manager to deal with. You may have to buy some jar of jam with it, but you certainly can use your foodstamps at Ross Dress for Less. As for you TommyOC, no kidding Ross stores in San Gabriel valley have like 10 galaxy jerseyz in each size

  101. Thorpinski says:

    Wow his career with the NY Cosmos was short

  102. Seej says:

    This leaves LA with only one good striker….where they were with Buddle last season. Keane can’t do it alone. They need to find a way to add Keane for less than a DP contract, or find a way to bring in another player with him.

  103. Max says:

    wrong…it’s smart business if the player can play

  104. Josh says:

    I think Seattle has the players around him to make a difference. He could finally put them over the top. At his age, Montero is the perfect strike partner for him…Make the move LA

  105. Harny says:

    hello Sounders

  106. Edwin in LA says:

    Wasn’t Michael Vick and the Falcons who ended that streak? Followed by the Giants who surprised the 08 undefeated Patriots? lol

  107. Mallet says:

    So is Angel, but he still needs a strike partner

  108. Chris says:

    That’s a little bit deceptive, Keane was playing with good service from his Celtic teammates against competition that is more often than not worse than an MLS side.

    He’s still a good player though, I’m guessing something like a 2 goals every 3 games ratio with Beckham and Lando healthy

  109. Joamiq says:

    Great move for the Galaxy.

  110. WK says:

    No kidding- the Quakes are Tottnehams’s “partner club” yet we’ve only managed to obtain an often-injured Dawkins.

    Agree that karma keeps LA from winning another championship, considering the way the league does all they can to help.

  111. Shark says:

    Don’t rub it in, they could have an ace up their sleeve right now. Who plays opposite Keane? Chad Barrett, Adam Cristman???

  112. Oscar says:

    Buddle faded at the end of every year anyway…Arena doesnt understand that you need 2 competent strikers

  113. over there says:

    I was about to say the same thing. Boston would go apeshit over Keane.

  114. Jamie says:

    Hahaha yesssss!!

  115. Don Bieber says:

    It’s about time…why not???

  116. Hemp says:

    Stephens and Birchell blow

  117. Rene says:

    A 50 year old JPA is better than Ngwenya and Wolff.

    JPA/Davies/De Ro???

  118. Rick says:

    Is JPA the other player Nowak is trying to get?….He could be that missing veteran piece to put them over the top

  119. jamesey says:

    LA has no good strikers right now. Angel lost his ability this year.

  120. georg says:

    Love the salary cap for MLS and the salary cap for L.A and N.Y. Really kind of a joke if you think about it.

  121. DSDSDSD says:

    Good you can buy soccer cleats, nike soccer cleats, adidas soccer cleats, mizuno soccer cleats, puma soccer cleats

  122. asimismo says:

    Sounders season ticket holder here. I have 0 interest in seeing the Sounders get their own stadium. CenturyLink is an awesome place to watch a game. Great location, great sight lines, growth potential.

    Like most I’d like to see grass, but if it happens it won’t be until after Husky Stadium is redone since they’re sharing the the CLink and there’d be too much traffic on it for grass. Best we can do is a new FieldTurf for another couple years.

  123. It's not that hard says:

    What don’t you understand about the DP system?

  124. Piper says:

    I want umbro Cosmos cleats

  125. frank says:

    I think this is about the Galaxy wanting to win Champions League and play a real game against Man U, Barcelona, etc….Keane will be a bigger problems for Mexican/Central American teams provided the refs don’t hamstring him….

  126. Hector says:

    i thinks theys has internets at worx

  127. UrBigProfMan says:

    maybe they wanna make a few bucks doing a few stops in Asia after the season like they did 3 years ago

  128. UrBigProfMan says:

    all the more reason to drive your Vergaras, your Krafts, and your Wolffs from the league

  129. UrBigProfMan says:

    with one exception Tommy, LA’s blowout of Dallas in 08 in front of a packed house at Pizza House park nearly tanked that franchise. By all accounts, the franchise was severly hurt and took a long time to recover, financially and in support.

  130. UrBigProfMan says:

    wait, how do you know it would count w/respect to half of the cap? if a team hasnt had a DP like Chivas or Quakes, then I dont see how you can apply the whole DP dynamics on half a cap. I’m guessing some team takes him for 455k, or whatever the DP max is for rest of season, and LA “covering” the other 200k of his 600k half year salary

  131. UrBigProfMan says:

    i might be wrong, but werent the Galaxy being paid a million bucks per friendly match for visiting Asia and Aus/NZ a few years back? I seem to recall that figure. You just need 4 stops to pay Keane off

  132. Vince says:

    If they are able to acquire another player in addition to Keane, I would say this.

  133. TommyOC says:

    I believe the behavior of Ruiz and Serioux had just as much to do with disinterest in Dallas at that time.

    And the decision to build your uninspired park in Frisco has been roundly criticized since its opening.

    As for the day you mentionws, the crowd came to see Beckham put on a show and he did. They got their money’s worth.

  134. TommyOC says:

    Both his and Landon’s productivity dipped after their long world Cup summer. I wouldn’t hold that against him.

    As for Arena, he only needs one strong finisher if he lets Landon play an AM role.

  135. Guy says:

    Man you guys are beyond cry babies. How does the league help LA? San Ho doesn’t win anything because they don’t deserve anything. No fans. If you think the “partner” club thing goes further than AEG’s financial interests with Tottenham you’ve been smoking meth with the 1906 Ultras too many times.

  136. JaxEddie says:

    Is it just me or are the Galaxy becoming the Manchester City of MLS.

  137. JJ says:

    Hello. We see you are in need of some assistance to get this deal done. Seattle is here to support the league as usual. We’ll take him. We’ll sign Keane and you can watch him play anytime. You’re welcome.

  138. Juan from L.A. says:

    Good riddance…it was wrong to get rid of Bowen for an old and overall DP wasting Angel…his good years are way over…retire Angel!!! Welcome Keane!

  139. Juan from L.A. says:

    x1000…definitely not DP worthy

  140. UrBigProfMan says:

    right, but i believe this moment is mentioned in grant wahls book as pivotal in dallas franchise since its ownership group were actually hosting potential advertisers on that day. anyway, so my point is the fizzle went out of what they were building in dal and it took 2 years to finally see a turn around AS POSSIBLE. My sense is that those w/in MLS owners who were against DPs and high salary caps in the mos to follow probably pointed to that game in their arguments for ensuring parity

  141. Fred Garvin says:

    LA.. give us Angel.. he’ll find his touch about late Sept.


  142. larry says:

    yea …JPA will do just great on seattle’s carpet

    i suspect he’ll just retire after he’s bought out

  143. nick says:

    Yea, like no one gets a hit in a 100 straight MLB games or no one scores 50 goals in a pro soccer game. Its just a matter of time right? Oh wait, it isn’t always. Just because something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it will happen. When there is a salary cap it is important to not spend too much on a few players. Teams need depth just ask the Red Bulls.

  144. Nick says:

    It’s just you.

  145. A wise man once says:

    So, if LA don’t sign Keane today, the Transfer Window closes and they can’t get him, right?

  146. Naboo says:

    Am i the only one who thinks Keane has been garbage for the past few years? He misses so many sitters! Wish LAG would uncover the next agudelo/najar/shea instead of signing players like this…but i understand it will bring a little excitement for some of you guys, but i for one have thought Keane has been crappy for a while now and won’t be that great for LAG. Just my 2cents, hopefully he’ll improve the league!!! Vamos United!

  147. Ski Fast! says:

    Soooo, any updates? ESPN is reporting (among other outlets) that Spurs have said they’ve agreed with LA Galaxy on a transfer price…

  148. thomas says:

    LA gets more star players because it’s LA – Players with Keane’s resume can afford to reject small clubs in small cities with low prospects of winning silverware.

    Just look LA has won the Supporter’s Shield already and travelling to central America in the CCL will see packed stadiums everywhere – Beckham’s final chapter in his career where he takes MLS to the CWC in Japan is already written!