Goodson out for Mexico friendly with strained hamstring


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Clarence Goodson is the latest of original U.S. men's national team call-ups that won't be participating in Wednesday's friendly with Mexico.

Goodson strained his left hamstring in Brondby's match over the weekend and did not make the trip to the United States after being evaluated by his club's doctors, according to U.S. Soccer. Goodson joins Timmy Chandler and Maurice Edu as players initially called up by U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann that won't be a part of Wednesday's match.

Zach Loyd and Robbie Rogers were added to the roster to replace those two players, but Klinsmann will not be naming a replacement for Goodson. His injury leaves Klinsmann with a likely starting centerback tandem of Carlos Bocanegra and Tim Ream, although Heath Pearce has been playing centerback for Chivas USA and Michael Orozco Fiscal is capable of playing there as well.

What do you think of this development? Who do you think should start in defense for the United States with Goodson no longer an option? Who would you have liked to see Klinsmann call in as a replacement?

Share your thoughts below.

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110 Responses to Goodson out for Mexico friendly with strained hamstring

  1. Coach Bob says:

    Should definitely call in Bornstein.

  2. Ne-Dub says:

    I think – especially with the lack of options – that Rico Clark should get a look at CB.

  3. brad says:

    Strained hamstring, huh? I bet Goodson is just holding out until he gets called up by Germany :-)

  4. USMNT Fan says:

    Tim Ream time!…

  5. vik says:

    man, this is one jinxed camp. Agree with the Rico at CB comment, might be worth taking a look.

  6. ChelseaMatt says:






  7. JJ says:

    John or Gonzo

  8. Raisa says:

    Lets call in Omar Gonzalez he plays Right centre back! the same position played by Goodson! ­čśÇ

  9. Ja Ja James says:

    I have not been a fan of Gonzalez, but his recent form kind of makes me wish he were in camp. Defensively, he is much stronger then Ream and his distribution and ball handling has really improved. I just wish he was a little quicker (not necessarily faster), because he has a tendency to be turned by quicker smaller attacking players ala Mexico.

  10. montana matt says:

    Perfect opportunity to bring in George John.

  11. Shane says:

    More evidence that this friendly was a bad idea. Goodsen will be starting in Brondby’s next match for sure. Klinsmann should’ve stuck to North American based players + Bradley and Adu.

  12. seb says:

    Trying not to be cynical, but it’s hard. Seems the Tim Chandler episode has shown european clubs that they can get their players out of USNT friendlies, if so desired. Hope Goodson is not truly injured and hope the Tim Chandler effect is short-lived.

  13. Shane says:

    Damn Chichachicken meat can jump.

  14. ohdearyme says:

    Klinsmann already showing he cant manage thinks like chancellor Bob

  15. jimmyj says:

    he can also trap with his penis

  16. Daledaledynamo says:


  17. Poo says:

    perlaza burned him in portland. but I agree it would be nice if he, ream, and george all got looks.

  18. AC says:

    It happens…At least Boca knows the centerback position.

  19. dcm says:

    oh man, i just wrote this comment off as some pervy troll comment until i scrolled back up to the photo. brilliant.

  20. marden08 says:

    i like Ream and Carlos but they are both lefties. Can’t say it wont work but on surface looks like an issue.

  21. JD says:

    I saw enough of Clark in the WC. No thank you.

  22. kimo says:

    Not feeling so good about this one…


  23. Felix says:

    I would like to see him call in Gonzalez or John, but perhaps its too late. Or maybe those two have their own situations, or Klinsi is planning on calling them up for the next set of friendlies.

    As for the CB pairing for tomorrow, I’m a fan of keeping guys on their preferred foot. But the CBs left are mostly left-footed. Bocanegra, Orozco Fiscal, Ream and even if you throw in Pearce are all left-footed.

  24. Ajonesin says:

    Should call in Bortchers, but start Heath Pearce and move Bocanegra inside.

  25. bryan says:

    this is annoying!! i hope the september games prove to be better

  26. EA says:

    Already have Rogers and Clark in, time to call in Bornstein!

  27. Ted says:

    People realize no one is being called in to replace Goodson right?

  28. jb says:

    …and the back line gets even weaker.

    Just dont think this is the right time for Ream. He has been out of form lately, and will struggle with Mexico’s speed. I think we’ll need Boca as one CB and have to try someone with speed at LB (I’d go with Pearce). Maybe try out Clark as the other CB.

  29. tim says:

    haha burst out laughing while on a call with a customer… thanks!

  30. Topher says:

    George John, and if not him Chad Marshall.

    Would rather see either of them back there than Ream. (and yes, he does have a lot of potential)

  31. tim says:

    Add Ugo to the list of who needs to be looked at as well.

  32. Derek says:

    Orozco-Fiscal is not capable of playing anywhere.

  33. Isaac says:

    Goodson: DUUUUDE Flying peas?????? I am SOOOOOO out!!!!

  34. PetedeLA says:

    I’ll assume that you’re not being sarcastic and agree.

    From the minutes I saw of him, Rico looked very solid in the Bundesliga– center back and defensive mid.

    Him and Boca would do well.

    I also like having a righty and a lefty back there.

  35. tim says:

    Ugo for speed…

  36. Adam says:

    If the US wanted to play the Europe based players in this friendly, they should have scheduled it in Europe. This is a bad time, with club seasons just starting, to pull the players back across the Atlantic for a meaningless match.

  37. Aaron in StL says:

    Agree… he’s too big of a liability at CM/CDM. The less time on the ball the better for old Rico

  38. Freddie Footballer says:

    Glass half full comment, but this could be good as some defenders might get more of an extended look in this match by Klinsy due to the withdrawals of Chandler and Goodson.

  39. N-Whit says:

    Kind of glad about this in a weird, round-about way as it forces Captain Klisman to try a different look in back. I guarantee that if Bradley were in charge and faced with these injuries he would fall back to the usually suspect, i.e. JB. Ask yourself this: would you rather see a new face like Orozco-Fiscal or Castillo than JB?

  40. Alex says:

    Agree… I didn’t like the idea of Ream and Boca, simply because our defense has enough problems, it doesn’t need two left feet.

  41. Donger says:

    Chad Marshall

  42. Ne-Dub says:

    Haha, correct no sarcasm. In his time at CB for Frankfurt he has done pretty well. If nothing else, it would give us a look at an option for a position that we are suddenly thin at.

  43. Aaron in StL says:

    It’s just a friendly. Nothing to lose. Experience to gain for Ream, whether he plays well or not he’ll learn from the experience.

  44. Luke says:

    I would swap Torres with Bradley and add Adu at the LM/LF spot.






  45. Alex says:

    The face just accentuates the comment more. bahaha

  46. Luke says:

    Agreed. Anyone calling for Rico to play CB should rewatch the USA vs. England match. Of all the players to leave unmarked, Gerrad is not one of them. Dos Santos would run wild on him.

  47. elgringorico says:

    I think this may be the strongest proposed lineup I’ve seen yet (given injuries and stupid club situations).

  48. marco says:

    Agree, both, and both should start, forget the score.

  49. Aaron in StL says:

    Agree. I know Klinnsi’s all about ’11 men defending when we lose the ball’ but Torres has shown his defensive responsibilities should be higher up the field.

    Letting him kind of float around as the link to the attack would be interesting to see, as opposed to BB’s rigid structure.

  50. Poo says:

    would anyone question 2 righties at CB – no because it happens all the time.

  51. Derek says:

    I’d rather not see Orozco-Fiscal at all. Dropping one turd sandwich isn’t reason enough to call up another.

  52. boosted335 says:


    4-1 Mexico

  53. Eurosnob says:

    It’s an interesting observation, but I wonder why people are so uneasy about playing two left-footed CB while there are plenty of right-footed CB pairings in top flight teams and that does not appear to present a problem?

  54. strider says:

    Follow the thread folks, NO NEW CALL-INS. That means you have to find your starters out of who is already in camp.

    Clark seems to give too many balls away for me, and I don’t see why that wouldn’t be just as true in defense as midfield. With what we have should we try Pearce and Boca? I have NOT seen Pearce play CB, but Dallas is doing well.

  55. Frank says:

    Man Chicharito can jump high. Wow!

  56. boosted335 says:

    thats because Pearce ISN’T with FCD. John or Ugo would be solid candidates…unfort like Gonzalez they are somewhere where they cannot help our USNT. All we can do is pray the good Ream shows up….for 90min

  57. DS says:

    I could be wrong, but isn’t Geoff Cameron on the roster for this one? I’d love to see him paired up with Bocanegra in the center. Would add some much needed youth and athleticism. I know he has featured all season at midfield for Houston (and scored a great goal this past weekend), but given our depth in central mid and his comfort playing CB, I really feel that we should give him a shot there. Mexico’s a tough opponent, but this is a meaningless game – why not experiment?

  58. I don't roll on Shabbos says:

    At some point we should experiment with shifting Bradley, Edu, or Jones to center back. With BB gone I don’t think we will continue to utilize two defensive mids. I know Edu at center back a couple of years ago didn’t work out so well, but there is time to work on this for the next cycle. Put the best players on the pitch.

  59. Chris says:

    don’t forget Klejstan

  60. Harp says:

    next players out of wednesday’s match: donovan and howard, glad i bought tickets for $60…

  61. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Are we sure Goodson is actually hurt and isn’t trying to switch his fifa national ties to New Zealand or something?

    Folks need to chill on this club vs. country situation with Chandler and comapny. This friendly is nothing but a money grab for US soccer, just let it go.

  62. Felix says:

    You are not wrong. Just a preference, especially when considering that some of our CBs aren’t the most technical or quickest players.

  63. mw says:

    Why keep trying to convert CMs into CBs? None of those experiences has been very successful, and we have more CB options that can be looked at over the next few years. Defensive minded CM does not equate to CB. Two wholly different positions/mindsets/responsibilities. I just don’t understand these constant calls for this.

  64. boosted335 says:

    I like this idea. I think Cameron could be very George John ish back there if given time. To have him John, Gonzalez, and Goodson (and Ream 2.0 if/when that happens) could be a winning combo through WC

  65. boosted335 says:

    Please explain the success of George John then?

    Big, technical CM’s who read the game well can make great CB’s!

    I hope Klinnsman moves Cameron back there this game.

  66. Eurosnob says:

    It’s a valid point. Thanks for clarifying it.

  67. Jeff O says:

    I don’t think Gonzolez is a good fit for the exact reasons you mentioned. He seems to get burned by crafty/quick players, which Mexico has in abundance.

  68. Ja Ja James says:

    Exactly! But he showed well against FCD.

  69. Jim in Atlanta on Android says:

    Why do people keep putting bradley or torres in an attacking role in their formations? It’s the most irritating thing on the face of the earth everything i see that. Neither Bradley or Torres are attacking mids!!! Why play other people out of position to fill your stupid fantasy of having them in the middle of a 4-2-3-1? I.e. playing adu on the wing when we have wingers and his best position is behind the main striker. If Klinnsman plays Bradley behind the striker, he would be no better than Bob. I doubt he would do this because he’s not an idiot and stressed a good first touch. Something Jr lacks.

  70. Ja Ja James says:

    Exactly! Although he showed well against FCD.

  71. Ja Ja James says:

    I just wish he had quicker feet.

  72. Mike Ufford says:

    George John should be called in. He’s had a solid season so far at the club level and I was surprised he wasn’t on the call up list to begin with.

  73. Dennis says:

    I think this is a very likely starting 11. Maybe Rogers or Shea instead of DMB.

  74. Dennis says:

    I am not sure you can call Bradley’s first touch bad. Most of his first touches come from intercepting passes that he has to reach for or making tackles. Those are not nice balls to be controlling. When he does receive passes from teammates, he does very well.

  75. ThaDeuce says:


  76. Dennis says:

    I am not a fan of young backs at the international level. To be a great defensive back requires 100% concentration, 100% commitment, the composure to handle being fouled repeatedly by opposing forwards without losing control, the soccer brain to anticipate what opposing attackers will do most of the time, and a solid understanding of how you and your teammates will back each other up. Those things mostly take a long time to develop if they ever do. If we have 2 young backs, there will be too many moments when the other team will look clever.
    With the only truly veteran backs, Boca and Dolo available, things may get way too interesting.
    I am afraid the US will suffer some bad results while the young guys (not necessarily the ones on this roster) gain experience at both the club and international level. The US back line in much of the WC qualifying will not look much like the one that takes the field tomorrow. Some of the guys that others have mentioned may be those new faces, it is simply too early to tell.

  77. mw says:

    Where did you get me advocating for George John? Why would you assume that’s who I mean? Why not assume that I was talking about the multitude of other CB options, such as a Zak Whitbread, or a Gale Agbossoumonde? And this is pretty much my whole point, why would you experiment at the international level instead of tapping the legitimate options that actually play the position at the club level? Do you somehow that because Klinsmann is German that he has the Midas touch at converting players where Bradley did not?

    And the phrase “can make great CBs” does not equal “does make great CBs.” I’d rather spend our time in friendlies finding out if real CB’s “can make great international CB’s”

  78. ThaDeuce says:

    This is it with two possible alternatives, torres and pearce

  79. mw says:

    sorry boosted365, I read your response wrong about George John. I assumed you thought I was pushing for his inclusion because most of the posters here have serious man-crushes on him. Anyway, to that end, I would say that the conversion of John from d-mid to CB is more of an exception to the rule that the rule itself.

  80. Goalscorer24 says:

    Rough start, I don’t think anyone wants to really get called up for this game. Going up against Mexico with a partial team, in a friendly, no one stands to look too good.

  81. JJ says:

    Yes. We are answering the question posted by the writer …

    “Who would you have liked to see Klinsmann call in as a replacement?”

  82. JJ says:

    How about you follow the thread chief.

    “Who would you have liked to see Klinsmann call in as a replacement?”

  83. jrb5 says:


  84. biff says:

    Me three–do not understand the Ricardo Clark call-up at all. I watched Eintracht Frankfurt play St. Pauli on July 25, and Clark, in my eyes, did not impress. And I don’t think the coach was pleased either, as in the two games since then Clark has not played.

    As for Goodson, does the Philadelphia Union have a half-way decent defender who could be a last-minute replacement, help keep the bench warm and give the local fans something to feel good about? Jogi Low in friendlies usually calls in someone from the local team where the friendly is being played for good will. For example, German plays Brazil Wednesday in Stuttgart and he is calling in VfB Stuttgart striker Cacau, who been hasn’t been called up since last summer’s World Cup and who I doubt, at 30 years old, is going to get called up again by a national team loaded with great young strikers.

  85. dp says:

    Interesting chain of events.
    What does everyone think about

  86. boosted335 says:

    haha yea i was real confused for a sec.

    FYI: John went from FWD to CAM to DMID to CB

    My point was only that we need to get more technically skilled tall players on our backline…

    of course we need the same players in attacking roles…

    so basically we need more atheletes playing soccer instead of football and/or basketball.

    Whats new

  87. Luke says:

    With the very short time to prepare for this match against a strong Mexico side, there is NO WAY Klinsmann would try to implement such a radical change in formations. As Dolo was quoted in a article today, “Nobody here is expecting Jurgen to reinvent the wheel”.

  88. hogatroge says:

    Cameron’s not on the roster.

  89. away goals says:

    So maybe it was best to leave him with his newly promoted side? Seeing as how they’re set to begin such a high stakes campaign and all.

  90. GW says:

    Chill out,jr.

    Bradley would have called him up but he got “hurt” or Norwich held him back for their promotion push.

  91. beachbum says:

    spewed my beer :)

  92. beachbum says:

    this is what I hope this development opens up…Rico’s chance at CB, paired with Boca

  93. Dennis says:

    Kind of off-topic, but this article from indicates that the NE Revs 16 year-old, Diego Fagundez, would like to play for the US if they showed any interest. Apparently Uruguay has shown some interest in him for the U-20s, but short of actually inviting him.

    I’ve never saw him play, did anyone here?

    The article is at

  94. beachbum says:

    like it, but the Castillo/Adu left flank looks vulnerable defensively to me. switch LD and Fred to that lineup to me.

    how about Adu up top and Shea out left as an option to that lineup?

  95. beachbum says:

    would like to see Mexico have to mark Gonzo in the area on set pieces. I predict they would head him in the face eventually, an old tactic long used by smaller players to intimidate overpowering players in the box

  96. beachbum says:

    what the others said. probably the lineup, but maybe Shea for DMB I hope.

    and wow, Ream thrown right back into it…hope he’s up for it and shows well because I would expect he will be challenged repeatedley to step up if he indeed gets the start

  97. beachbum says:

    or get his confidence squished again. hope that’s not it. hope he plays the best game of his young life yet

  98. German National Team Poacher says:

    Well we already got Beasley, Clark, and Rogers, might as well bring the whole failure crew.


    And yes, I would like to see a wide diamond with Adu behind the strikers and Jones as a deep-lying defensive midfielder. If not an option, stick to the general 4-4-2, but once we’re in the attacking zone, Adu will end up near the box anyways.

    I don’t mind a lone striker, but I don’t think Agudelo has gained the skill to play as a lone striker, which is why I prefer the two strikers, and Buddle is a very solid hold up striker, which will help Agudelo run freely.

  99. Pharoah Bob1.5M Bradley says:

    ” nothing but a money grab for US soccer”

    It is interesting you have such a negative view of US soccer making money. How does US soccer make money? One way is by holding games.

    Do your friends call it a money grab when you do things that maybe aren’t all that exciting to you but are necessary for you to make money to pay the rent?

    US soccer have much higher expenses in salaries now, what with having to pay for two managers.

  100. GW says:

    “defensive backs” like Darrell Reavis play in the NFL.

    Look at the defenders on the rosters of the four World Cup semifinalists and you will find a mixture of young, fast athletic backs and older, more savvy backs.

    Without the steady stream of talent those teams have, it’s hard to get that perfect mix.

    The US has never really had a long term solid back four. They usually have at least one guy they have had to cover for (Mike Burns??).

  101. freddino says:

    Mexico has assembling a bunch of players from their league…so we need our Mexican Primera Divisi├│n guys….that bring the speed, control with the same league” exposure. Agudelo and Adu were a handfull for the Mexican defense, Beasley is playing very well on the flanks for Puebla, Torres has the ball control and skill and just needs some coach





    Even with Goodson out we still have a chance….

  102. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    If that is the personnel on the field, here is what you’ll end up with.

    So if that is what you were shooting for (the 4-3-2-1), then that is the right personnel…but I don’t think that is how Klinsmann lines em up. If he goes with 1 striker, I’m guessing Buddle. Now, I would be really interested if he trotted out the same formation against Mexico as Coach Bradley did last time, with Donovan on top and Adu playing underneath him. That formation played well offensively, though the defensive lapses could maybe have been helped a bit by the midfield.

  103. jon says:

    bold prediction: US will lose.

  104. CC says:

    If Chad Marshall played for NYRB or LA, he would be first on everyone’s list. Amazing that he only got a couple of mentions in 100+ posts. He is by far the most consistent CB in the league. Sure, Ream has potential, but on any given night he might turn into Titus Bramble. I’m kind of sick of hearing about Ream’s great “distribution from the back.” Please learn to be a consistently great defender first. Then you can worry about being Franz Beckenbauer.

  105. biff says:

    Good points on Ream. In general, only players who play regularly and consistently well at the club level should be getting regular call-ups to the USMNT.

  106. biff says:

    Interesting line-up, maybe needs to be tweaked a bit–Adu pulled back. I want to see Klinsmann try something new like that, rather than a retread Bob Bradley lineup. I definitely want to see a lineup on the field minus Michael Bradely. Borussia M├â┬Ânchengladbach played much better after MB left for Ashton Villa in January and I want to see what effect MB on the bench would have on the USMNT. Maybe we will see that he is indeed the glue that holds the team together. Or maybe we will see a better team without him.

  107. Ritulin19 says:

    He picked up a knock and left the last game early. I believe

  108. Rick says:

    Perlaza burns everybody…no shame there

  109. Justa Guy says:

    If we are serious about winning this game, we should use a 4-3-3-2 formation.

  110. I don't roll on Shobbos says:

    The point is at the international level you need CBs who can handle and distribute the ball. Edu, Jones, and Bradley are all quality defensive players and it is not likely that we will utilize more than one defensive CM at a time in the future. Each has the potential to be a quality international CB — possibly more potential than Ream etc.