John move to Blackburn called off

GeorgeJohn (Getty)

FC Dallas defender George John was all set for a transfer move to English club Blackburn, and had done everything but sign a contract with the club only to have Blackburn back out and pass on the standout MLS centerback over the weekend.

According to multiple sources, MLS and Blackburn had agreed to terms on the transfer, which was to be for about $1.75 million with bonuses that could take it to $2.25 million, but Blackburn chose to back away from the deal before finalzing personal terms with John, who had traveled to England on Thursday to finalize the deal.

Blackburn is winless on the young Premier League season and suffered a bitter 1-0 loss to Everton over the weekend. It is believed Blackburn had lined up the George John transfer in preparation for the potential loss of defender Chris Samba to a transfer, and the lack of a Samba move could have ultimately doomed John's transfer. Blackburn had also been eyeing other defenders in the transfer market.

FC Dallas could have John back in time for Tuesday's U.S. Open Cup semifinal vs. Seattle and his return comes just as Dallas is set to lose Ugo Ihemelu to a yellow card suspension and Zach Loyd to U.S. national team duty.

What do you think of this development? Share your thoughts below.

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59 Responses to John move to Blackburn called off

  1. Good for Dallas bad for John.

  2. Alex says:

    Will it be awkward in the dressing room when he’s back? “Oh, hey guys…” Just kidding. Everyone was pulling for John. He should be at a team that wants him, anyway.

  3. Second City says:

    Given Arsenal won’t buy Samba…and given he’d probably be DNP – I’m happy he didn’t move.

    Under Klinsmann, it’s looking more and more like if you’re “DNP”….you’re “SOL”. If he wants to play for the national team, I’m glad this wasn’t completed.

    So tired of players moving aboard only to ride the pine and never be heard from again.

  4. The Pikey says:

    Can we call him into USMNT camp now?

  5. Joe says:

    I think it’s just another example of Kean/Venky’s showing that they are in over their heads when it comes to running a Premier League team.

  6. Vincent says:

    Wow, I hope MLS never does business with Blackburn again. B*tch move

  7. george says:

    Classless by Blackburn. You don’t fly the guy to England in the middle of his season for a physical unless you at least know you want to make the move.

    George will land on his feet. But I hope Blackburn get some bad press for this, and it makes deals for them harder in the future. They’re now my least favorite EPL club. Hope they get relegated 😉

  8. Jon says:

    Eh…that team seems a lock to get relegated. If John really wants to play in the Championship, I’m sure he can find another club.

  9. Ken says:

    Guess Blackburn got chickened.

  10. sammysounder says:

    Good for Dallas, bad for Seattle :(

  11. j.rome says:

    He should go to arsenal after what happened today they need what ever they can get

  12. ABodnar27 says:

    Most likely Blackburn are going to get relegated because they are terrible.

    So my guess is that they don’t want to pay this money if they assume they are going to end up in the Championship next season.

  13. Fred Garvin says:

    Biggest game ever for SSFC

  14. wilyboy says:

    George John: All dressed up, and no place to go.

    It’s got to be a bummer for him (bet his agent’s crying, too). He’s a very good player, here’s hoping for chances later.

  15. chaz says:

    With Heath Pearces injury it’s a perfect time for Klinsi to call him in!

  16. beachbum says:

    or Gonzo please!

  17. mikebsiu says:

    Blackburn are going to struggle to score goals with no great strikers, and haven’t replaced Phil jones yet. John would have filled in jones former spot. That being said, Steve kean is the bookies favourite to get sacked and the team will be fighting relegation all season. John will get his chance in europe later.

  18. Steve McSteve says:

    Sarcasm is difficult to discern on the internet, Fred.

  19. mistadobolina says:

    John will get another shot at playing in Europe soon, maybe another ELP team, while Blackburn on the other hand is headed for relegation.

    Hopefully he can stay around until the end of the MLS season and find a good spot at the January window.

  20. Juan from L.A. says:

    Hopefully he gets now called up for the two upcoming friendlies against C.R. and Belgium! As for John, keep your head up you are in the right direction and sooner or later you’ll be heading to Europe. You already have your European passport so now it will be a one way trip wherever you go.

  21. downintexas says:

    I guess Blackburn wants to keep on losing

  22. federico says:


  23. federico says:

    George John is not Premier League material! I think Blackburn finally came to there senses!

  24. NE Matt says:

    i agree!! call in john or omar! also, beckerman picked up a knock, but i doubt that gash will keep him out of training, let alone the nats camp

  25. hogatroge says:

    John’s gotten his Greek passport, at least, which means he’ll be more attractive to European teams now.

    He’ll be there by January and I’m glad he won’t be at garbage Blackburn.

  26. inkedAG says:

    Bummer for George John. Blackburn’s loss.

  27. Ruffneck says:

    You have to feel for the guy. That has got to rattle his confidence and makes it hard for him to step back into the FCD lineup.

    Here’s to hoping he gets another shot before the international transfer window closes this week.

  28. JMR says:

    I normally don’t feel bad for millionaires but this has to suck for John. Oh, that’s right, he isn’t a millionaire now. Can’t think how tough it is to have a dream of playing in one of the greatest leagues in the world and have it yanked out from under you.

  29. Soccer Guy says:

    I think it was a blessing in disguise. John is at the start of a promising looking career but he has barely established himself in MLS. I hardly think he is ready to step right into the premier league yet. Sitting on the bench, even if it is for a premier league team, would be a step backward for John at this point and might hurt his progress. If he continues to develop the way he is now he will have plenty of offers and will be much more prepared to take advantage of them.

  30. Second City says:

    If he’s truly of that quality, this won’t be his last chance.

  31. Bob Dobalina says:

    John has only one more year on his contract. If he is good enough, he’ll be playing in Europe. The biggest loser is Dallas. I doubt they’ll be able to get much of a transfer fee next year for him since it will be John’s last on contract.

  32. CrazyMike366 says:

    Maybe now his club situation can be considered ‘resolved’ and he’ll get the call-up to the Yanks he’s deserved all season. He deserves a look, and maybe a good performance could lead to a winter move to a team much better than Rovers.

  33. OmarVizquel says:

    Hope he kept his receipt from the Blackburn team shop.

  34. abc says:

    “Hope they get relegated ;)”

    Why did you put a winking face after that?

  35. abc says:


  36. john.q says:

    guess John got black-Burned! yafeelsme?

  37. adub says:

    maybe now he will want to resign with dallas…. hes on contract until the end of 2012… thats a long time to not get paid… i hope he resigns and stays with dallas cuz our defense is the best in the league with him on the pitch.

  38. ben in el cajon says:

    Right, because only “pure talent” matters in questions of success. Luck, injury, prejudice, and timing have nothing to do with people’s careers. (For those having trouble with the issue, that was sarcasm.) I apologize for being trollish, but I just hate the moralizing, puritan narrative that your comment implies.

  39. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I’m pretty sure another EPL team will sign George John at least by the January transfer. FC Dallas can go after the MLS Cup now and once that’s over then John can try to sign somewhere else. It’s verry messed up what Blackburn did to him like they couldn’t honeslty tell him all this stuff over the phone bad business in Blackburn part. At the end of the day maybe it wasn’t worth to go and play for a poor Blackburn team, George John can do way better!

  40. Jamie Z. says:

    Overreaction much? I think his point is valid: if John is of top-tier European league quality, he will have suitors in the future, and potentially from clubs more stable than Blackburn.

    I have no idea how you’re able to be so presumptuous as to draw words like “moralizing” and “puritan” from a simple statement like that. Deep breath. Relax.

  41. Jamie Z. says:

    Hm, so Blackburn is off, and John is Greek. How ’bout a loan move to Aris FC? What could possibly go wrong?

  42. Clover362 says:

    And Loyd tweeked a hamstring last week so he should also be replaced.

  43. Felix says:

    I’m sure John is disappointed and a lot of Yank fans are upset they won’t a fellow American in the EPL – but I think in the end this will be the best for him. That Blackburn team is terrible and it will inevitably expose his faults rather than showcase his qualities. It will do the same to John that Newcastle did to Onyewu in ’07 (?).
    He can find a club with a better situation and a more stable manager, where John can play AND develop, rather than crash and burn with the ship.

  44. Scott A says:

    Yeah, pretty unprofessional.

  45. Mike F says:

    Totally classless from Blackburn. Truly their loss. He’ll land with another european team if he wants it. but I hope he resigns with FCD. Too many of thesenguys bolt too early and spend four years earrings DNPs.

  46. Sam says:

    its called sarcasticism

  47. ben in el canon says:

    Sure it’s an overreaction. The rich are rich because they’re better than us. Gooch is just lazy, or he wouldn’t have blown out his knee. Nothing bad will impede the progress of those righteous winners we all know and love. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

    To be serious, history is full of stories of people who missed a chance and never got another. I feel really bad for John.

  48. Jamie Z. says:

    Sure, it’s a bummer. But the soccer world is small. If he’s on one team’s radar, he’s likely to be on others.

  49. gigi says:

    dam…..i hope they at least gave him a tour of the town and paid for his hotel. that musta been awkward, wonder if blackburn used the ol’ its not you its me line.

  50. gigi says:

    Good thing he has an Arsenal of Bolton Wanderers to enact revenge.

  51. Hood Rich says:

    Why should he re-sign with Dallas? They surely are not going to give him a DP salary ($ 350K+) when he can get that or more at any Championship level or higher team. Even in Greece he would make more than $ 350k.

    John has the upper hand here so don’t re-sign. How long would it take him to make that sort of money in MLS, 5 yrs at his current pay?

  52. Just sayin'... says:


  53. biff says:

    Sounds about right. above average players in the Second Bundesliga make over 300k euros. I imagine Edson Buddle signed for at least that, if not much more, at Ingolstadt.

    I am not going to be surprised to see John get another offer before the transfer window closes Wednesday.

  54. soccerhorn says:

    Omar over John or Ream.

  55. soccerhorn says:

    It was reported that John didn’t bother talking to any of his FCD teammates about leaving, including and especially his coaching staff. He just stopped showing up. Now he’s gotta show his face in the locker room again. Can you say “awkward?!” Ha! Looks like fate has done a little trolling of it’s own.

  56. oh noes says:

    Resign and re-sign are antonyms. If you use resign for both no one will know what you are talking about.

    Resign means to quit. Re-sign is to sign again.

  57. Unak78 says:

    He’s already 24 years old, he’s got a Greek passport and he’s only got one year left on his current MLS deal. Unless they make him a DP he’d be insane to re-sign with FCD. It will be much easier to sign on in Europe on a free transfer once he’s out of contract.