Johnson involved in incident with wife


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Eddie Johnson has more to worry about than just finding a new club.

Johnson was involved in an incident earlier this week after his wife, Janelle, rammed her car into his rental after seeing him at a Florida hotel with another woman, according to a deputy's report

Janelle was charged with felony criminal mischief and felony child abuse because the couple's five-year-old daughter was in her car at the time of the incident, according to the report.

Eddie Johnson, who has not publicly commented on the incident, is currently under contract with Fulham but is in search of a new club for the upcoming season.

What do you think of the reported incident? Do you see this affecting any potential deal for Johnson?

Share your thoughts below.

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66 Responses to Johnson involved in incident with wife

  1. winston says:

    chicks are crazy. good luck with that eddie.

  2. BenH says:

    Tiger Woods’ ex-wife taught her well.

  3. Aquaman says:

    Not even EJ’s wife knows where he is these days

  4. deepm says:

    His wife had a five-year-old in the car and she still rams into EJ’s car…wow.

    Talk about poor problem solving skills.

  5. Hood Rich says:

    hehe instead of searching for a new club, GAM is practicing his 1 on 1 moves 😉 Pimpin ain’t easy …

  6. deepm says:

    Not suggesting that EJ is not at fault.

  7. Rev up those Revs says:

    At least it’s not Doug Cristie’s wife.

  8. BlueWhiteLion says:

    i’d rather not have this kind of thing hashed out in this forum. feel for all of them.

  9. chuck says:

    Who cares about his move to Fulham. Get your life in order, bro.

  10. john.q says:

    BIG NEWS: pro soccer players are human too! lets all laugh at his situation.

  11. ACS says:


    He was trying to find the goal.

  12. ThaDeuce says:

    Or with wayne bridge’s.

  13. a46q says:

    Awkward dude. USMNT getting some PR, not the kind they want though.

  14. a46q says:

    If it was a white girl, no wonder his wife went beserk 😛

  15. understood says:

    this news makes him ten percent more likely to sign with the french league

  16. squirt-lover says:

    This just in… Harksey likes the way he scores!

  17. john says:

    i feel bad for the kid. clearly two poor role models.

  18. Matty C says:

    Awwww come on Janelle, I can personally guarantee you that he wasn’t sleeping with her… I mean Jeez, can ANYONE remember the last time Eddie Johnson scored???

  19. oreo says:

    IS EJ coming back to MLS or Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Scotland?

    EJ is easily worth like $500,000 but MLS won’t pay him that. Clubs in Greece/Turkey/Belgium will pay him that

  20. Leo says:

    there goes his chances with USMNT. Klinsmann is a family man. EJ is done.

  21. TomG says:

    Whaaaaat???? Professional athletes cheat on their wives??? How shocking!

    Enough of this! Tell me who Klinsi called in! The suspense is killing me!

  22. kpugs says:

    I don’t have much hope for their daughter if both of her parents are this stupid. Between being a complete joke on the pitch and now apparently one off it, let’s count down the days until Eddie Money becomes the next bankrupt famous athlete.

  23. gigi says:

    wow he finally scored

  24. Yinka Double Dare says:

    I guess at least he can still score off the field.

  25. ThaDeuce says:

    + 2

  26. oreo says:

    I’m pretty sure any athlete can score off the field, but would anyone in Florida know who EJ was? Much less recognize him? This chick must be really into soccer players who play in the Championship or thought he was a rapper/basketball player.

  27. gigi says:

    I wonder if he went the full 90

  28. Lone Dawg Chase says:

    ohhhhh snap! +2

  29. Al17 says:

    TMZ on Soccer by Ives? Fastest way to lose me as a fan of this site.

  30. Kelvin says:

    +1 hahahahaaha xD

  31. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:


    You know he is only known for his speed. No first touch. No control.

  32. hendrix says:

    I think Eddie Johnson can do better than her.

  33. nic d "the TITilated 2 stepper" says:

    i heard he was good for a 15 minute cameo

  34. gigi says:

    yeap guess fulham is not the only place he busted

  35. Topher says:

    That would require a level of fame.


  36. This Guy says:

    How is EJ at fault at all? Is there any evidence that he was doing anything? even if he was doing something it doesn’t allow for violence and endangering a kid. Maybe I’m just relieved that EJ wasn’t beating his wife or something like that as the title of the article made me believe.

  37. This Guy says:

    or with Amy Wynalda!

  38. Primoone says:

    He can’t score on the field…might as well do it off the field.

  39. This Guy says:

    Racist much?

  40. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:


    This is a soccer NEWS site. Is this news?

  41. Sean says:

    My liking for EJ has hit a new low. If you don’t want to be faithful, why’d you get married.

    Just another example of EJ not doing what’s expected of him.

  42. ko'd says:

    A Hampton Inn? Really?

  43. J says:

    “Eddie Johnson…is currently under contract with Fulham but is in search of a new club for the upcoming season.”…um, no he’s not. His contract was up at the end of June…
    link to

    Lazy and pathetic, is it really that hard to have a look at Fulham’s website and see he’s not on there…at all.

  44. Mark says:

    Who is Eddie Johnson?

  45. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Yeah, because she probably wouldn’t have a problem if it was a black girl. Go away.

  46. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Actually he wasn’t involved in an incident with his wife. It seems his wife was involved in an incident with his car. He was in the hotel room at the time.

  47. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:


  48. Isaac says:

    Not even the clubs in Florida would give Eddie Johnson the full 90, but at least he got a good 69 in there.

  49. Dawson says:

    I am sure all of his shots on goal were either wide of the (bed)post or went right into the receivers hands.

  50. Brent McD. says:

    especially if she is underage

  51. Brent McD. says:

    …or a prostitute

  52. inkedAG says:

    See, I find the humor in this. I guess I have a thick enough skin to not label anonymous posters on the internet a racist.

  53. Ryan says:

    Well, most smart married guys don’t go to hotels with other women. Even if it was in innocence, still not a good idea. But what his wife did was just crazy. If you are mad, talk to him, don’t purposely wreck cars with children in them.

  54. deepm says:

    First of all I did say EJ’s wife was wrong to risk harming her own child…read before posting.

    I should have included in my post “if he was actually planning on getting it on with this other woman.”

    History has shown that nothing good ever comes from a married man taking another woman to a hotel.

    a) he was helping his sister, cousin, or friend get settled in…WITHOUT TELLING HIS WIFE

    b) he was dining at this hotel or wanted to use their exquisite swimming pool.

  55. cjbrown says:

    iirc, Eddie got her knocked up and then later on got married, for the kid or some such. It’s his life, nothing to do with soccer, blah blah blah. But the chaos of his rags-to-riches story has clearly impacted his play on the field.

  56. BellusLudas says:

    It is no surprise to me that this man-child appears to not only lack intestinal fortitude in his futbol, but also his marriage.

    Sad to me that so many seem to think it’s funny…EJ’s pathetic lack of maturity should be lesson for all.

    God gives talent but individuals have to do the work to shape it into achievement…on the field and in a marriage.

  57. jcl says:

    ouch lol

  58. Good Jeremy says:

    Share my thoughts?
    I think this is the kind of thing that is none of anyone who wasn’t involved’s business. Best of luck to him working things out with his kid and maybe his wife, and may the judge think straight during the trial.

  59. Goalscorer24 says:

    Things seem to be going down the toilet for EJ.

  60. Erek says:

    …AND a prostitute.

  61. Mecra says:

    no wonder he sucks now, his life has been a mess!

  62. j says:

    gigi, funniest reply on the thread. Well done.

  63. MiamiFCforever says:

    jOEY GREco stuff

  64. ACS says:

    I would’ve at least stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

  65. Big Jake says:

    Who “was” Eddie Johnson?