Keane agrees to deal with the Galaxy

DUBLIN, IRELAND - AUGUST 10:  Republic of Ireland Captain Robbie Keane in action during the International Friendly between the Republic of Ireland and Croatia at the Aviva Stadium on August 10, 2011 in Dublin, Ireland.


The Los Angeles Galaxy has officially agreed to terms with Ireland international forward Robbie Keane on Monday morning. 

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the Dublin native will be added to the club's roster pending the receipt of his P-1 Visa. Keane joins the Galaxy as a designated player, which means that he will be added pending the trade of Juan Pablo Angel. 

“I am delighted, honored and very excited to be joining the LA Galaxy, I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true," Keane said in a press release. 

Keane joins the Galaxy just one day before the team is set to take part in the CONCACAF Champions League group stages. Los Angeles opens the tournament at home against Honduran side Montagua and it is likely that Keane will play a role in the coming matches. 

Currently the Galaxy sit in first place in MLS, a full five points ahead of second place FC Dallas.For a team that is focused on lifting the MLS Cup at the Home Depot Center this season, the addition of Keane is immense. 

“Robbie Keane will be a great addition to our club. I have followed his career and have always respected his ability as a competitor and a goalscorer,” Galaxy General Manager and Head Coach  Bruce Arena said. “I believe that he brings qualities in and around the penalty area that we have been lacking. Hopefully, he will be another piece of the puzzle in our quest for the Supporters’ Shield and an MLS Cup championship as well as to advance to the next round of the CONCACAF Champions League.”

The Irish international arrives in Los Angeles with a high pedigree having scored 250 goals both for club and internationally since the start of his career in 1997.

Keane, who comes to the Galaxy from Tottenham admitted that currently Galaxy midfielder David Beckham convinced him to consider the club while Beckham trained with Spurs in early 2011. 

"When David Beckham came and trained at Spurs recently he couldn't speak highly enough about the Galaxy, their fans and the league in general," Keane added. "so I can’t wait to get over and get started.”

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139 Responses to Keane agrees to deal with the Galaxy

  1. Dustyn says:

    If you cannot win a championship why not purchase one? 😉

  2. JimmyJoe says:

    Well, their fans aren’t exactly anything to write home about. Glad Beckham was putting in a good sales pitch though.

  3. Whos on First? says:

    Isn’t that how you win one though?

  4. dcm says:

    just like the EPL and every other league

  5. Brit in Houston says:

    They do show up though, which is nice.

  6. Je says:

    Any reporting on all this taking place after the deadline?

    Don’t they owe the rest of the teams an explanation as to how they ate able to do this without dumping Angel first?

  7. Bill says:

    I’ve been for Keane for YEARS – avg american consider themselves Irish, he’s nice looking (to the ladies, I’m told) and CAN knock in some goals.

    What’s not to like?

    But, can he handle the heat and travel (lindpere’s ONLY grip about playing in america) – TBD.

    I’m fairly suprised with Angel’s move to Chivas – They’re already a contender, now with this…? (hope it doesn’t bite Galaxy in the butt like DeRo did with Redbulls..wait, no..actually I hope it does hahah)

  8. Yeah…tell that to New York.

  9. Bobby says:

    “so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true,”

    A dream come true huh? As a wee lad growin up in Ireland, you dreamt of playing under the bright lights of the MLS?

    Highly doubted, but it’s awesome to have you over here! You’re just on the wrong coast…NY Red Bulls could use ya!

  10. that is a silly statement. considering we bring at least 18k a game on a consistant basis. Your silly.

  11. Charles says:

    I assume that LA is paying JPA, so Chivas will take him.

    How does that work with regard to DPs ?

    LA effectively paying four now ?

    Do they have to pay it as a lump sum before the 3rd DP arrives ?

    If not that is a HUGE advantage to the rich teams.

    Plus you could arbitrage that, no ?

    LA wants another DP, have Columbus sign him, and trade him to LA, paying most of his salary, in exchange for huge cash up front.

    Columbus does it because they wanted cash up front that is worth more than the future payments…or maybe they just want cash for whatever reason.

  12. DC Josh says:

    He’s no Ronaldinho, but he will bang in a goal or two. I’d still like to see MLS clubs paying the big bucks to up-and-coming youngsters like Fredy Montero and not old players in retirement mode.

  13. KC says:

    This is a good move. MLS was starting to lose its reputation as a retirement league.

  14. Colin says:

    LA has one of the most consistent fan bases in MLS. Go check some attendance stats.

  15. Silver says:

    It appears that David Beckham is fulfilling his role as an ambassador of MLS. First he gets Henry over to New York and now Keane. Hopefully Beckham resigns with the league and continue to bring in these highly renowned players.

  16. jonk says:

    Ha. Well said.

  17. Brian says:

    I seriously would like to know the details as how this takes place after the deadline.

  18. PetedeLA says:

    Of course, Bruce is happy to have a good poacher, but more importantly, Keane doesn’t mind fetching and putting away long balls played over the top. For me that was the biggest conflict with Angel. That was never going to be his game.

  19. TGA says:

    Oh gee!! Another washed up Euro…this is so exciting!!!

  20. Awaydaylad says:

    Keane.. is going to struggle mightily.. the league is going to 4 DP’s next year.. Ives do your job.. lol..

    Keane is way out of form and fitness.. Spurs have been shopping him all over and the only takers were lowly Blackburn who wouldn’t meet his payment needs and Leicester City in the 2nd division.. Your not going to get much better then what you had with Angel and to be honest no biggie.. I guess Keane gave the average press release out… That is a classic about how he has always dreamed of playing in MLS… ha yeah ok mate..

  21. Tyler says:

    Who wrote that press release? Not Keane lol. You had me up until dream come true. Maybe they cut off the last part where he said it was a dream come true that he didn’t have to retire because LA bailed him out

  22. AwaydayLad says:

    Its LA, its a big name and MLS wants these type of players.. hell if it was the middle of the season and Lionel Messi all of a sudden said you know what i want to play in Chicago.. you don’t think that Garber would cirumvent the rules a bit in order to make it happen.. MLS doesn’t necessarily have set rules, but only guidelines.. The Don’s words not mine.

  23. AwayDayLad says:

    Or he wasn’t relegated to lower league English Football or God Forbid the middle east…

  24. Margin says:

    Does LA get anything for JPA? A combo of Keane/Barret would be a waste.

  25. Pete says:

    99% sure Keane signed with league before midnight. Galaxy had to free up space, but wasn’t bound by transfer window time limitations.

    Probably the only benefit of a single ownership system.

  26. JoeW says:

    Nope. There are lots of teams where a huge chunk of their players were developed in-house (think of the great AJax teams, the current Barcelona team).

    And if you get championships primarily by buying them, than I guess that means we can expect Chelsea and ManCiteh to be battling it out for the Premiership title this year.

    Don’t get me wrong–I think the disparity between the top clubs and the bottom is bad for world soccer. But it’s pretty hard to buy a championship.

  27. Isaac says:

    “I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true,” Keane said in a press release.

    Alright, somebody tell Robbie that the MLS doesn’t stand for “Magical Land of Stars” and the Galaxy is a team, not a location.

  28. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I hate to be a cynic but I actually think Keane will do not better than Angel as well… I like his grit and he can finish but he can’t create really anything, not fast anymore.. I bet he thinks he will walk all over defenders here but will realize how physical the league actually is soon enough.

  29. Isaac says:

    Good post. People don’t realize once you get to the twilight of your career that it’s as much about what you do off the field as you do on it.

  30. Robbie Keane says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the Galaxy, ever since I was a wee lad growing up in the back streets of Dubl– er, San Diego.

  31. Rory McLean says:

    No DP has ever won the MLS cup. Yes, there was the GBS in Columbus but he wasn’t a DP at the time.

  32. malkin says:

    you suck at life

  33. partnerincrime says:

    Barcelona is a bad example, one of the largest paying rosters in the world.

  34. abc says:

    How much money did “the current Barcelona team” pay just for David Villa?
    Now throw in their other signings, even if you don’t count Fabregas, it’s a ridiculous amount of money and not that different from Real Madrid or Man U/City.

  35. abc says:

    Ireland international, scores a lot of goals, from the Premier League… good thing the Revolution didn’t sign him or they might actually have fans show up to their games!

  36. abc says:

    Hopefully he is back for another year or two, but even more importantly after that, hopefully he has his own MLS franchise, and continues to attract European stars to the league (even if it is to Miami or wherever).

    Between the big jump in MLS merchandising and attracting Euros like Henry and Keane, Beckham has done his job for MLS.

  37. Did you Forget? says:

    He fared well in his loan stint in Scotland, I think he will be more than ready for the league.

  38. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    The DP role has only existed for four years, and heck, MLS has only been around for 17 years. It’s a bit premature to make ominous statements about the ineffectualness of DPs.

    And yes, I’m taking an optimistic approach because I’m stoked as hell to have Keane in LA.

  39. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    LA Galaxy average home attendance this season: 22,722. I think you’re confusing Galaxy fans with Dodger fans.

  40. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    Agreed, but Keane is 31. Nowhere near retirement age for a healthy player.

  41. Swifty says:

    U ppl r ridiculous. First, the deadline as far as I kno is the 15…today. Second, the guy is 31. The average plyer is at the top of his game at 28 or 29, and continue to play at a high level till 35 or 36. Third, this guy is ridiculously good STILL. He scored 16 goals in 19 games for celtic last year, then went to west ham, a team that had no offense all season and still scored twice in the ten games he was there. The most impressive thing to me is that his national team is tied for first in its group bc he has scored 5 goals in 6 games.
    Dude is gonna be good in mls, put money on it.

  42. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    He’s 31 for christsake.

  43. frank from sf says:

    again?!…..who cares. as a ‘Quakes fan, having owners that don’t want to spend much at all and having the crap product on the field that we have, i say more power to the owners who DO want take this league to another level…..and this is coming from a ‘Quakes fan. I don’t give 3sh its if rules are being bent or broken, as long as the talent coming in is good.

  44. Keep Juninho in LA says:


  45. Kevin says:

    How long will the Visa take? How soon can he play?

  46. PetedeLA says:

    Anyone else feel bad for Mike Magee. If I were him I’d be thinking…”Pay me half of that cash and I will train twice as hard!”

    I’m fine with this as long as Keane changes up his stupid goal scoring cartwheel-somersault BS (And no, I thought the archery schtick was lame, too.)

    Some Irish clog dancing would win some more fans!

    Adios Senor Angel. Buena suerte con los Goats.

  47. Babutch says:

    Good point…I wonder if LA goes with a 4-5-1 with Keane

  48. Deepfry says:

    Dodger fans have had some of the most consistent attendance numbers in Baseball for years until this year. No one wants to give McCourt any of their money.

  49. DomiNate says:

    So Keane signs for Galaxy today, but the transfer window closed yesterday? L.A. getting the treatment again?

  50. sandtrout says:

    Amen! When you try to spend your way to a championship it often doesn’t work out.

  51. henry says:

    Where is Marcito Papa?

  52. Mitch says:

    Dodgers blow

  53. Kevin says:

    I’m pretty sure he signed before the window closed. The announcement was just made today.

  54. C C says:

    The cynicism on this site is hysterical.

  55. DomiNate says:

    Wasn’t announced until after 10am ET. FISHY.

  56. Eurosnob says:

    I don’t think that JoeW’s point was that Barca exists on a shoestring budget. His point was that Barca’s roster consists of primarily homegrown talent (i.e., players that they developed through their youth academy – Messi, Xavi, Inesta, Pique, Busquets, Puyol, Valdez, Thiago, even Fabergas who was “discovered” by Wenger, while playing at La Masia), while LA Galaxy primarily relies on purchasing players. Size of the payroll and ability to develop players are two different things.

  57. T says:

    I know your right, I don’t know why people are curious about his play he’s still a good striker at his age and could play for another 2-3 seasons.

  58. Owl says:

    this stinks of rancid fish

  59. MASE NJRB says:

    Its not a completely a bad example b/c they did develop a majority of the team in La Masia. Messi,Xavi,Iniesta,Puyol,Pedro,Busquets,Pique,Fabs,Valdes,Thiago.even PEP for that matter are all part of the academy ….the bad part of it is that they could afford keeping homegrown talent. Barca hasnt bought championships, they kept and plugged to win them. No other powerhouse team in the world has as many homegrown talents as Barca. Unique in that aspect. Great signing by LA, major impact on and off the field, not that they need it off but a couple more thousands of people will come out to see LA.

  60. Sinta says:

    Mcgee??? Are you sick, my man???

  61. Kevin says:

    That’s 7 AM Pacific Time. And do you really think that there would be an announcement over the weekend.
    And this is what the Galaxy president had to say yesterday via Twitter:
    “Obviously the deadline is tonight at 11:59 pm EST, but any announcement of player signings would likely be tmmw.”

  62. Joe Dirt says:

    Seen a lot on here about how can they get around the transfer deadline. You have to remember that players don’t sign with the club they sign with the league, MLS. Keane signed with MLS before the deadline ended over the weekend. Meanwhile, LA had to find a trade deal with JPA to make the space for the DP slot which didn’t get done until today. So technically speaking for one or two days Keane had now team and was only signed to MLS, until today. Welcome to Single-Entity MLSonomics 101, but most on this board already know this.

  63. DomiNate says:

    MLS is based in NY, not LA. I’d expect an announcement of that magnitude by 9am ET at the latest. Of course the Galaxy owner is going to say that, it’s his team that benefits from bending the rules.

  64. Kevin says:

    Ummm, this isn’t a league announcement. It’s more of a Galaxy announcement. So it doesn’t surprise me at all. And if you haven’t been following the news, most people already knew it was a done deal by yesterday.

  65. mase NJRB says:

    Add Bolton 2 that, If u dont think that LA isnt getting a much better player in Keane u are completely delusional.

  66. Mase NJRB says:

    Actually feel bad for Donovan, Keane is good but shouldnt be making more than young Don.

  67. DomiNate says:

    The league owns the contracts, every signing is a league announcement. Keane was a rumor for days, but certain pieces needed to fall in to place to pull it off. It was never mentioned that Angel would end up at Chivas. I want definitive answers to the following questions.

    1. Did they sign Keane before midnight?

    2. Did they dump Angel before midnight?

    3. Did LA have 4DP’s at any given time?

    4. What happened to Philly?

  68. howie1976 says:

    Mitch swallows!

  69. A wise man once says:

    OH ok, I was about to ask how they signed him after the deadline when I saw this! 😀

  70. frank says:

    dont forget that this is also about winning CONCACAF, not just MLS Cup…this guy will be a handful for Mexican/Central American defenders….

    Don’t forget that a LA Galaxy/Barcelona match in the World Club Championship is high on AEG’s agenda!!!!

  71. qax says:

    Cynical prediction: MLS DP rule change tomorrow allows extra DPs in some form or fashion if they’re under 30…so league spins it as an attempt to attract exciting young talent, and LA gets 4 DPs through the rest of the season b/c of Landon’s age.

    Actual prediction: some sort of cost-sharing agreement to encourage more teams to sign DPs, as well as perhaps an increase in the number of DPs allowable. The ultimate effect being a de facto increase in the salary cap without messing with the CBA…which to me would be a good move.

  72. link to

    Apparently He has already played and scored for LAG

  73. UrBigProfMan says:

    truthfully, Garber probably had to grovel to Vergara to get him to take Angel. My guess is that the salary numbers didnt work out for any other team except the one that seems to owe Galaxy a few things….such as rent! I read that Galaxy will pay most of JPA’s salary. Does that relate to the REMAINDER of his salary, or simply stating the fact that since most of the playing year has passed that Galaxy thus pays most of his pay? The league needs to unload Vergara, as well as declare that only one team by one ownership group so as free Dallas or Crew from the dull Hunt ownership group

  74. T says:

    Your probably gouing to be right ……. you konw do you have some kind of close connection to MLS HQ? Because that prediction seems pretty good…. almost too good….

  75. Bo says:

    I read the visa can take two weeks.

  76. Bo says:

    Fishy that San Jose announced their signing of Zura today. Was that done after the deadline. Investigate!!

  77. chupacabra says:

    The deadline was midnight (eastern) last night. I’m sure everything was signed, sealed, and delivered by then. They just waited until today to make the announcement. Save the conspiracy theories for Fox news, m’kay?

  78. Brian says:


  79. Brian says:

    Calm the eff down.

    Who gives a sh*t if GALAXY maybe had 4 DPs for like an hour?

  80. DomiNate says:

    Brian, why are you yelling? Don’t get upset, everything is going to be alright.

  81. chupacabra says:

    Paying Monteto more will only make him lazier. Ask Carlos Ruiz.

  82. qax says:

    No connection, total guess. And Ives is now saying it’s a smaller cap hit for younger DPs. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if it’s just that or if they’re making some other changes (LA-related or not!)

  83. DomiNate says:

    This is not Nam Brian, there are rules. I’d like to know if everything is above board.

  84. Larry I says:

    bowie gargles

  85. chupacabra says:

    They said the same about Angel when he joined the Red Bulls at 31 years old. He then spent the next four seasons as one of the highest scorers in MLS.

  86. Scott says:

    How is he washed up? He JUST turned 31, still has a decent scoring record, not to mention they only took him on for a two year deal, meaning when he turns 33 they can release him if he is no longer “cutting it”.

  87. chupacabra says:

    SBI = Sub Bovine Intelligence

  88. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Looking forward to the next episode of “Special1tv”. “Here’s our next caller….Robbie in LA.”

  89. beachbum says:

    Magee is playing the best I’ve ever seen him play. don’t see why this move will change that and sure hope it doesn’t. could be many games upcoming for this team, opportunities for all. The Galaxy need Mike Magee to keep rising now more than ever.

  90. Soccer Guy says:

    Is that really a fair comment to make about the Galaxy?

    I can see it if you were to say it about the NYRB, but the Galaxy have shown time and time again that they can often play just as good or better when they are missing Beckham and or Donovan. Arena has built a pretty good team that plays really well most of the time when Beckham and Donovan are gone, which is quite often. The rest of the team are mostly cheap and young developing players.

    You could just as easily say some other teams are trying to “purchase” a championship except it isn’t working for them because they didn’t have a good team built before adding the final touches with DP’s. If your team can maintain it’s top position with relative ease when it’s DP’s are gone I hardly think they are “purchasing” a championship. Anyway, as someone already commented, it doesn’t work. NYRB can’t even win with Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez. They couldn’t even make use of Derosario.

    It’s interesting to see how different perspectives can be. Some people not so long ago were calling the Galaxy a bunch of washed up old dudes.

  91. Brian says:

    You seem to be the ones with your panties in a bunch.

    Look JPA is gone and now Keane is on board. 3 DP’s. And again the deadline is for the finalization and the submittal of the deal, not the announcement of it. LA Galaxy (and MLS, remember this is single-entity) probably agreed to a deal yesterday or Saturday and it was just announced today. I can’t recall the last time MLS or a team announced a player deal over the weekend.

  92. TrentHill says:

    “I’m fine with this as long as Keane changes up his stupid goal scoring cartwheel-somersault BS (And no, I thought the archery schtick was lame, too.)”

    He’s long since gotten rid of both celebrations. He now kisses his wrist, where there is a tattoo with his son’s birth date and tattoo.

  93. TrentHill says:

    Also, Keane isn’t past it. In 10 appearances with (a very bad) West Ham, he scored twice.

    7 of those appearances were subs. So in 3 full starts, he scored twice.

  94. TGA says:

    he is washed up…no one else wanted him…and now he is playing in Minor League Soccer…

  95. DomiNate says:

    It’s funny that you are so passionate about defending the honor of the MLS. The league has a track record of odd behavior, this is just another example.

    Whenever anything of moderate interest is about to happen the MLS website puts up teaser articles so people constantly check in. Remember when Vancouver was going to sign a DP who was captain of his national team? That was a month ago. With Keane, nothing. Not a blip anywhere except FSC. Hell, Ives didn’t even have a post about it!

    It’s odd. I don’t care if you disagree.

  96. Brian says:

    The whole having and paying for writers/reporters (Borg, Saghini, Lalas, etc.) that report on transfer rumors and write opinion articles about MLS teams, MLS rules/policies, and refs is kinda odd, but it has nothing to do with the Keane to LA deal.

    Maybe Vancouver did try to come with an agreement with Keane. I don’t really care. They probably couldn’t come to an agreement on money (I’m saying that just based on how much LA is reportedly paying him). MLS doesn’t have to tell you why a certain team couldn’t finalize a deal with a certain mystery player.

  97. DomiNate says:

    Read what I just wrote again, or don’t. Regardless, you completely missed the point.

  98. Brian says:

    Again, MLS circle jerking or not circle-jerking itself with self-promotion through it’s writers on it’s website with rumours/stories about potential transfers/deals doesn’t have much to with this Keane to LA deal.

    MLS didn’t report on a supposed Robbie Keane to Vancouver deal? Ooooh big effing deal! CONSPIRACY! MLS doesn’t want any other teams to have big name players besides NY and LA!

    You ever think that the Keane to Vancouver rumor was just that, a rumor?

    Plus even if a deal is about to happen, MLS isn’t going to steal it’s own thunder and announce (or hint at) it way before it’s actually a done and finalized deal.

  99. DomiNate says:

    I feel bad for you. Second time and you still didn’t get it.

    African DP gets headlines and articles days in advance on MLS site and here. PERIOD.


    At no point did I mention Keane going to Vancouver, rumor or not. I was taking one example of how MLS reports (African DP) and comparing it to today’s events (Keane signing in LA).

    Usually I don’t type with big letters but I guess that’s the only way you’ll understand.

  100. Brian says:

    All I have to say is…SO WHAT? What does it matter if MLS doesn’t report it on it’s website? What difference does that make? It still happened, right? And yeah it was reported on here (kinda), on Ives’ twitter. Ives generally doesn’t post an article on here until it’s official or he will just throw it in during a Midday Ticker kind of post. It was also on Sky Sports and elsewhere.

    And sorry when you said: “DP who was captain of his national team” for some reason I thought you said European in there, which obviously got me to think Keane.

  101. Brian says:

    I fail to see how the fact that MLS didn’t hint at it or report on it on it’s own website before it actually became official, is some kind of a problem. Why is that a big deal? Do you think it’s some sort of conspiracy or LA is getting some kind of advantage?

  102. Brian says:

    Highly doubt it would be the cynical prediction, lol.

    I think your actual prediction is close. But I kinda agree more with what Ives is saying. It’s only gonna be cost-sharing in terms of the transfer fees paid to purchase players from their former clubs.

    Also, where does it say this will be announced tomorrow?

  103. dgoshilla says:

    MLS Cup 02, 05, Supporters Shield 98, 02, 09, Open Cup 01, 05, CCL 00. Did we buy those championships? Go up and down our roster. With the exception of Beckham and now Keane can you honestly say any of those players couldn’t easily be obtained by any team in the league? What a joke. We have 3 DPs just like any team in the league can. We have a salary cap JUST like every team in the league.

  104. dgoshilla says:

    I guess 21,000 a game isn’t better than everyone. Seattle has a better attendance. Oh, did you know we play 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles?

  105. TommyOC says:

    No one wanted a 31-year-old Beckham on their roster either, when LAG bought him. Then he helps win Real a championship. Then goes on to contribute significantly at AC Milan.

    Europe puts too much stress on youth. You might have to tweak your system, but I’d take a 31-year-old Becks over a 22-year-old Walcott any day.

  106. sammysounder74 says:

    For a striker? Keene may not be washed up but he is well past his prime. He’s having trouble getting games in Britain

  107. Je says:

    Umm… Well I guess I will take my information from you personally instead of actual reporting ( as I asked) because I am “sure” you are sure on your knowledge of the deal chulpacabra. m’kay? m’kay? Snarky smart@@@

  108. Paul C says:

    I’m over these arguments. Gods honest truth say Seattle, or Columbus, or DC were working on a potential move to nab Robbie Keane and it took until 1:00am to get his Visa papers back, that Garber wouldn’t do the same?

    Get a clue. Someone above said “one of the only benefits of the single ownership group”, and he hit it spot on. If Garber thinks the player is a benefit to the league, he’s going to do it.

  109. Dimidri says:

    I think MLS has a great set up with an extremely soft salary cap and a playoff system-teams like NY and LA, who because of market size and attractiveness are able to attract a large chunk of talented foreign and domestic players have star-studded(at least by MLS standards) that draw huge crowds on the road and ostensibly at home(true for LA, not so much for NY but still more than respectable). However, because of the playoff system, the duopoly that exists in leagues like La Liga that often times can overshadow the spectacular technical play does not exist in MLS-teams who are in playoff position are successful in ways that draw fans that they wouldn’t sans a playoff AND the relatively random(though not unfair) nature of the MLS playoffs guarantees that enough different teams win to boost interest in places like Salt Lake and Denver(more so RSL, but still). It’s the best of La Liga(much lower level, but still) in terms of big teams attracting fans, bandwagon or otherwise, and the Bundesliga, where numerous teams can compete. The salary cap means no team can completely dominate, but the soft cap allows large flexibility. RBNY’s current failures show that even teams that don’t spend as much can be sucecssful as well.

  110. Dinosaur Soldier says:

    Buying a championship? Looking at the typical Galaxy starting line up I see plenty of home grown talent. Players like Gonzalez, AJ De La Garza, Dunivant, Stephens, Juninho, Franklin, were all either drafted by LA or signed through less than unscrupulous means. Yes, the three DP’s on the team are “big name” signings but that hardly seems like buying a championship should the team win. Everyone likes to hate on LA because their city either sucks or has owners that view their team as little more than a tax write-off. Get over it.

  111. Fred says:

    Will the paperwork get done in time for Keane to play this weekend vs. San Jose?

  112. Galaxy4ever says:

    I can see where drafting Omar Gonzales, Sean Franklin, AJ DelaGarza, and Michael Stephans, scouting Ricketts, Juninho, Birchall, Lopez, trading/acquiring Dunivant, Magee, and then landing Donovan, Beckham, and Keanne means you completely purchased a championship.

  113. Smits says:

    Why would anyone take Angel right now? conspiracy?

  114. Robert says:

    i dont count Pique either not just Fab.

  115. georg says:

    1 DP or 6 DP’s L.A. will still choke when they need to step up. I really love to see teams like Colorado and Utah winning cups while L.A. keeps failing at buying cups.

  116. Robert says:

    Its funny Maybe people should just say thank you to AEG for even having an MLS at 1 point they owned 6 of the 10 teams and have since sold off 4, they still own 2. If they need a little help to make the league stonger so be it, why doesn’t your local owner do that?

  117. GW says:

    From Wikipedia:

    “Barcelona was found by ESPN to have the highest average salary per player of all professional sports teams in the world, just ahead of rival Real Madrid.”


  118. SydneySounder says:

    Yay, another season of getting housed by LAG in the playoffs. Woohoo! Seriously though, wish he was going to Seattle. Good signing.

  119. GW says:

    Everyone thinks it’s great when Lichaj starts for Leeds or Findley plays for Forest.

    Yet Keane was being courted by promotion favorites Leicester City, managed by Sven Goran Eriksson and is more likely to be in the Premiership next year than either Forest or Leeds.

    I would argue Keane turned down a pretty good opportunity at Leicester.

    As for the Middle East for a guy like Keane, one season there could conceivably ease any financial concerns he may have had. What’s so bad about that?

  120. GW says:

    They already pay Magee half the cash, probably less than that.

    I’m sure he already trains as hard as he can but unfortunately, that can only take you so far.

  121. GW says:

    “The league has a track record of odd behavior, this is just another example. ”

    It’s a single entity league, which is practically un-American, at least in theory. When you are the only game in town, you can behave as oddly as you like.

  122. Seriously all you people saying we buy championships are ridiculous. You seem to over look the fact that our staff consistently dafts some of the best players (Stephens,gonzalez Franklin,de la garza) trade for players that our coaches get the best out of (Magee,dunivant,Edson buddle,,Hercules Gomez) scout some of thebest international players (juninho and the best keeper in the league Donovan ricketts) not to mention guys like Josh Saunders who fill the role player role admirably. Non of them attained by shady means. this Is great for the league. Extra revenue for those teams who don’t want to spend cash on dps when we come and visit.

  123. Nack10 says:

    It is how you usually win one but it’s not a real respected way to go about it.

  124. Cosmos says:

    isn’t he an ex-Cosmos player? that should make him about 50 years old’

  125. A wise man once says:

    So when can he start playing for the Galaxy?

  126. J-man 1221 says:

    Yeah! Go Robbie Kean!

  127. J-man 1221 says:

    Oops, I stink at spelling.

  128. beachbum says:

    bam! good post, thanks

  129. TrentHill says:

    I regularly check the Irish soccersphere as an American-based fan of their national team, and they are glowing about this signing. They like the idea.

  130. peterjh says:

    Clearly, for someone who has played in the Premier League, all this makes it credible he has always wanted to play in MLS…a dream come true!

  131. Neruda says:

    why would anyone want JPA? Especially Chivas who’s coach Robin Fraser turned down interest way more serviceable players. Perhaps Chivas is desperate for goals but their midfield will deliver even less to Angel than the Gals did. He’ll sniff goal even less now.

  132. winds23 says:

    Gotta admit attendance at Galaxy games is disappointing … only 27,000 seats and they don’t get filled, even on weekends against big teams. Games are sold out but seats are mysteriously empty. Lazy season ticket holders, maybe?

    Distance from the actual City of LA is part of the problem, and the reason I don’t have season tickets… I live about 1.5 hours from the stadium and work about 2 hours from the stadium so I just can’t make it to every game.

    I think Beckham speaks to the quality of the fans, not the quantity. We wear our colors, don’t leave early when our team is losing. We stay to cheer our team off the field at the end of the game. We are loud throughout the game, we don’t cause trouble in the stands.

    We don’t have the luxury some teams have of a stadium right in our city with tons of seats. I would love the Galaxy to actually move to LOS ANGELES and see what happens to attendance. For now we work with what we have.

    As for “buying a championship”: there are so many things wrong with this accusation I don’t even know where to begin.

    – No blame to the players for selling out to rich teams in far-away lands?
    – Aren’t the teams following the rules laid out by their leagues?
    – If your team has fan and sponsor support (money) couldn’t you buy players, too?
    – Do you think spending that kind of money on 31 year old players is a good investment, long-term?

    I could go on but this post is already TLDR.

  133. winds23 says:

    I like Angel and think he’s a classy guy from watching interviews and seeing him on the pitch, but having attended games this year and watched him play it seems his technical ability is being overshadowed by his age… he hasn’t been able to run, and making runs is one thing a striker needs to be able to do. He missed tons of goal opportunities this year just being beaten by defenders on sheer speed, stamina… or just not being able to get to the ball quickly enough.

    I’m sad to see a classy player leave but I think he will have a hard and harder time producing many goals in the future. No disrespect but I think he might be about spent. Keane is younger and has a few years left in him yet, no question this is a wise (though perhaps too expensive) move by Galaxy.

  134. winds23 says:

    It may not have been his dream as a young player, but it’s a great opportunity to stay in the limelight as an aging player. Looking at his career he has been loaned out more and more recently, meaning maybe he’s not as valuable to European teams, but he can come to America and continue to be a superstar on a huge team (by American standards).

  135. winds23 says:

    American soccer is not going to come alive on its own. We need some talent over here, or things will never pick up. Even if they’re older players without many years left in them, it’s important to the league’s growth to have big names and personalities added to our rosters.

    COMPLETELY REGARDLESS of whether Keane performs or doesn’t, or whether Galaxy is making a good move or not, or whether salary cap / DP / league rules are fair or Galaxy is buying a championship or whatever, bringing a big name to MLS is a great thing for the sport in this country.

    If this sort of thing keeps going on, and the level of play in America keeps increasing (even slowly and steadily as it has been), then we will start, as a league, being able to attract ever so slightly younger and better players. Maybe a 30yr old striker next year; maybe a 29yr old midfielder after; but it takes time. Players need to see that their peers are succeeding and having fun and making their way in America.

    Too many people expect it to happen overnight. Sorry to break it to you. You won’t see players like Ronaldo or Messi playing for MLS teams for decades; US soccer needs to build to that level and it will take time. This is a good step along the way!!

  136. winds23 says:

    I feel bad for all the MLS players who work just as hard but get paid peanuts compared to the DPs. It’s the nature of the beast.

    I feel bad for Christman, who I fear will lose game time just after finally finding his way back into health and the starting lineup. Oh well! If he produces, I’ll be happy.

    I just opened the Galaxy’s website and they have Donovan listed as a Forward. LOL!! Will he lose game time because of this?!

  137. winds23 says:


    You guys are as fun to watch as soccer.

  138. winds23 says:

    If Galaxy’s opponents react to Keane the way they react to other Galaxy acquisitions, he’ll be injured in his first game and be out the remainder of the season.

    Say what you will about buying championships, but dirty play ON the field is just inexcusable. Hope we don’t have another Beckham welcoming committee situation.

  139. winds23 says:

    Honest question: what do they like about it? Are Irish soccer fans MLS supporters?