U.S. roster announcement for Mexico friendly pushed to Thursday

USMNT (ISI photos)

Photo by Bill Barrett/ISIphotos.com

Those expecting to analyze Jurgen Klinsmann's first round of player selections will have to wait another day.

U.S. Soccer announced that the roster next week's friendly against Mexico will be revealed on Thursday, not Wednesday, as Klinsmann had suggested during his initial press conference as U.S. national team coach on Monday.

According to the U.S. Soccer official Twitter feed, Klinsmann is still in the process of contacting players personally, thus postponing the release of what is expected to be a 20-man roster.

While SBI reported yesterday that fullbacks Eric Lichaj and Jonathan Spector are unlikely to participate in the match, a report out of Germany suggests that right back Timmy Chandler has been called in.

What do you think of the latest developments?

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108 Responses to U.S. roster announcement for Mexico friendly pushed to Thursday

  1. Nice says:


  2. Duck says:

    Chandler vs. Mexico: oh what might have been a month ago…

  3. Alex says:


  4. abc says:

    Blame his club team for that.

  5. Jamie Z. says:


  6. chris says:

    What the f**k!!!!!!!

  7. strider says:

    Yes, we were all waiting for this to analyze Jurgen’s initial selections. However, the guy was just hired Friday and needs a bit of time to talk to the troops to get the full picture before an announcement. Hopefully, we can all show the patience of an additional 24 hours.

  8. chris says:

    I guess they cant reach Bornstein until tomorrow

  9. I thought Wednesday would be kinda soon. He’s got to contact players, and they might have to go to their club. I’m willing to wait – although I’m anxious to see who he calls in.

  10. Mistadobolina says:

    Doesn’t get good reception at his resort/hacienda in Honduras. And you can’t have a USA game without bornstien

  11. Carl says:

    Not Klinsy’s fault. Rumor has it Klinsy wanted to look at defenders so he requested Bob give him phone numbers for George John, Chad Marshall, Omar Gonzalez, Dunivant, Castillo, Parkhurst, and Whitbread. But Bob only had Bruce Arena’s old file and Bornstein’s beeper number.

  12. Bornstein for presidente says:

    Ha ha. At least he’ll have time to take his Honduran vacation during the next WCQ cycle…

  13. Americans against Diving says:

    thanks for the update. I’ve been checking ESPN every hour waiting for the roster. should have come her first

  14. Carl says:

    Forgot Daniel Williams at Freiburg. Would love to see him get a chance.

  15. Rlw says:

    Haha bornstien would have a beeper

  16. Rlw2020 says:

    When does Mexico bring out their 20? I’d rather see some mls/u23/fmf players but only if Mexico is too

  17. Ski Fast! says:

    Klinsyface, just set up an email list serv with the players!!!! j/k

  18. hogatroge says:

    And leave “jbornsteinROXX@aol.com” off!

  19. Poo says:


  20. Dennis says:

    If Klinsmann reads this list, he will probably call Bornstein up. Just so you all know how much he values your opinions.

  21. Drew says:

    That’s Bob’s email!

  22. hoosh says:

    Did a serious LOL to this one

  23. Adam M. says:

    Occurs to be with the huge hits “Fire Bradley,” “Coach’s Son,” “Bring in Freddy” now outdated, we’ll need some new standards to top the charts. I suspect the ever-popular “Bornstein?” is over also. Nominations for the go-to critiques? And yes, its way too early for “Fire Klinsmann.”

  24. Goalscorer24 says:

    It in some ways it is lame this game is even happening, because Klinsmann does not have time to really offer anything to this game. The games in September will be a little more revealing.

  25. Poo says:

    How about “Lets consult Claudio”

  26. Bob Bradley says:

    I found it appropriate and timely. After all- what has he accomplished?

  27. T says:

    I know, he has so few days to prepare the squad for Mexico, who for the most part are very cohesive and team oriented already having played so many games together, with their coach “El Chepo”.

  28. mistadobolina says:

    rumor has it that his 12 year old son will be replacing Timmy in goal. oh the corruption in USSoccer..

  29. mistadobolina says:

    this friendly is a bad idea for a number of reasons..im sure Klinsy and the players starting their seasons in Europe wished this wasn’t happening.. USSF should have either let this FIFA date pass or scheduled some game vs. Puerto Rico so the U-23 players/MexicanLeague/MLS could meet.

  30. Aaron in StL says:

    This is just a ploy by Nike. They are coming out with a new equipment release, highlighted by revolutionary, blue balls.

  31. Aaron in StL says:

    Hindsight’s 20/20. Hope you didn’t cancel any major plans.

  32. Dennis says:

    There is really no “camp” for this game. Most players will arrive Sunday or Monday so they might get a little work in on Monday (if they are not too jet-lagged) and something light the day before the match, then back on a plane to their respective Clubs on Thursday.

    This argues that Klinsmann will call in mostly players Bradley would have called in, but since Bradley has had over 100 players on game-day rosters in the last year that list is not as short as you might think. In any case it is unlikely to have more than one defender whom Bradley did not call up, no midfielders, but forwards might be another matter.

    Of course if Klinsmann does not care whether the team takes a drubbing or not, he could call up a bunch of young players who don’t know each other and throw them to the lions to see who survives.

    I suspect that the approach will be an evolutionary approach so that Klinsmann will call up lot of the players Bradley would have called up.

  33. Mike Bassett says:

    I hope Herculez Gomez will be called in! He has extra incentive to score against Mexico. It would help his profile in that country so much and would only lead to more playing time for him in Guadalajara.

    I want to see Justin Braun get a call up.

    Also, Nick LaBrocca and Brek Shea have been playing very well.

    Shouldn’t Todd Dunivant also get a chance?

  34. Aaron in StL says:

    The conspiracy theorists need something… so any player with a German connection (birth, lineage, have been to a schnitzel place) will get extra critique if not “deserving”

  35. chris says:

    Williams? Castillo? Really? Williams hasnt played a meaningful game in over a year and Castillo cant even make Club Americas bench. Come on man be more realistic.

  36. Hood Rich says:

    Come on man, he’s been living here since MLS started; don’t discount the fact that he is not familiar with at least half of those playing in MLS, and less than half of those are good enough to merit a look at the national team level.

    How much many games do you need to figure out if guys like George John and Corey Ashe are good enough? Those 2 are good enough. Klinsi has played at the highest level and can evaluate the talent level to play there compared to the writers, fans, lacrosse coaches, etc.. who never even played and just merely watch and think they are experts. LOL.

    If you have been playing 30+ years and watching it as long you will know who is good or not in 15 mins of watching them play.

  37. T says:


  38. DCUPedro says:

    Klinsmann needs opportunities to look at our players first hand. And he needs to look at a LOT of different guys.

    It may be lame from a fan’s perspective in that it won’t tell us anything about Klinsmann, but its very, very important for JK to have all the games he can get to look at players.

    National team games against quality opposition are never a waste for a new manager. He can throw 23 darts against a board and still get value out of this match.

    We won’t be able to draw any conclusions about how our team is shaping up until next year at the earliest, I think. All the games before those are likely to be split squad games.

  39. chris says:

    need to get rid of the sash

  40. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Plus he was injured and getting fit, I said before with a coach with brand name as Klismann he will more respected no Disrespect to Bob Bradley but he is not up there yet. Even tho he did a good job with the USA. Bob need a international Gig to be more noticeable.

  41. DCUPedro says:

    This is non-sensical. You think its just so *obvious* that George John and Corey Ashe are good enough to play at the international level that JK doesn’t even need one friendly to evaluate them?


  42. stevePDX says:

    Transcript of Klinsmann’s call to Michael Bradley:

    Klinsmann: Hi Michael, this is Coach Klinsmann…just calling to say hallo.

    Bradley: Go f*#& yourself, you f*#&%@’ german a@#%#&$. [click]

    Klinsmann: Hallo?

  43. chris says:

    Whats up Hans Backe? Ashe is not worthy of a call up yet

  44. chris says:

    try again

  45. Aaron in StL says:

    Anyone watching the Rangers / Malmo match? Rangers likely to go out of CL. Edu had the assist on the Rangers goal

  46. Hood Rich says:

    No. I meant they are good enough to merit a call up with the games they have already played. We shouldn’t have to wait another year or so to figure out if they are deserving of a call up.

  47. Dinho says:


  48. Aaron in StL says:

    And they’re out. No CL for Edu this year. Unless I’m forgetting someone that would mean no CL for any Americans (unless Alkmaar is in maybe?).

  49. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Klismann will bring a MLS Roster with some Vet and young player from the MLS & Europe I don’t think well see everybody here but I just hope that he pick guy that are willing to beat Mexico and have love for the USNMT, Guys that are proud to wear the USA kits. I can see Adu, M.Bradley, Jones, Edu, Ouchie, Bedoya, Goodson from the Gold Cup Roster maybe Donovan but the rest will be some new blood.

  50. Andy says:

    I hope Donovan isnt picked….that means more Bitchall for LA…yuck!

  51. The Sir says:

    Joke fail?

  52. Aaron in StL says:

    Tease… blue balls…

  53. BellusLudas says:

    Love the intrigue :-)

  54. NE Matt says:

    AZ is Europa bro

  55. MC Pharaoh says:

    Oh though art so intelligent… Castillo Has been on the subs bench for Club America’s 1st 2 games of the season and was a sub in the 2nd. He also started many times in preseason and had a very good one at that.

  56. chris says:

    The SPL blows

  57. Peter says:

    Leverkusen is still in.

  58. Aaron in StL says:

    Forgot about Yeldell.

  59. Dirk says:

    Just call up Beckerman and put him on Dos Santos. Would be like watching Rich Eisen run the 40 on the NFL Network.

    If you need any more helpful suggestions, I’ll be in my office.

  60. Seth says:

    Bob Bradley got his rosters announced on time

  61. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    You mean Zapopan, not Guadalajara…

  62. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Come on Seth, Give this guy a chance it not hsi freaking fault that Gulati took a freaking long time to hire him and when he does he hire him just about one week before a friendly game that should not be even played against Mexico. After getting our butt whip. Should blame Gulati or the USSF not Klismann but I bet he will pick a decent team at least.

  63. KNPonder says:

    Winner! Best one today.

  64. Alex says:

    Bob Bradley had more than 5 days to put together his rosters.

  65. biff says:

    Got a chuckle out of me–MB does have a temper, as noted in the recent Sport Illustrated article. In any case, we can all admit that we are on the edge of our seats wondering whether MB will be on the roster or not. It could be Klinsmann won’t call up MB because he has not suited up even once for pre-season warm-up games at Gladbach. Ot it could be, as joked about above, that MB might not feel comfortable coming into camp a week after his dad was fired. That would be a major blow to anybody and if MB wants a bit more time to let the wound heal before coming back to camp, that would be understandable, just as it would appropriate for Klinsmann to hold off on calling up MB until he is again playing regularly at the club level.

    And, I guess, a third valid scenario is that, instead of crossing the pond for a meaningless friendly, MB might want to focus his energy on winning back his spot on the Gladbach team or on finding a new team before the transfer window closes August 31.

  66. Alex G says:

    I totally agree, George needs to be called and evaluated.

  67. Alex G says:

    BB is out so who cares, I just want to see what JK brings to the table and the USMNT performance

  68. Hush says:

    I just hope Bornstein, Sasha, and Wondo can prove themselves one last time. Bornstein just needs time. Remember guys, Rome wasn’t built in one day or in a lot of days. Bornstein & Sasha are two of the best players in Concacaf, so let’s stop the haterade.

    In Borns we trust!

  69. KNPonder says:

    If he is not called (which I do not think that he will be), MB and JK will have to address the situation. MB needs to find a new team, I suspect that the bridge has been burned at Gladbach and they are just waiting to get the best offer before they move him. I suspect they will wait and move him at the last minute to the highest bidder.

  70. Seth says:

    was kidding…

  71. Flipper says:

    Hush those strippers, after the Gold Cup, messed your brain up

  72. KNPonder says:

    Why can’t he teach these strikers how to score a freakin’ goal?!?!?! I mean, he scored – what – 300 hundred! He can’t even teach these guys how to score ONE goal. Who is coaching these Forwards at training????

  73. Mattbag212 says:

    Does this mean a comeback for #USrosterislatebecause

  74. Good Jeremy says:

    I hope Gonzo gets another chance, but he looked pretty bad in his last call up. He needs more agility like Kim Jong Il needs elevator shoes. Marshall and Dunivant are old too, and Castillo has never stood out, but Whitbread and John should definitely get looks.

  75. Good Jeremy says:

    Whoever comes out as a starting striker will be “one of Klinsmann’s boys” and completely undeserving of USMNT call ups since he can’t even start in the EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga.

  76. Moreno says:

    (in my highest pitched nerd voice) “troll!”

  77. TomG says:

    I love how people are desperate to see guys like Braun, LaBrocca, John, and Ashe – guys who are just starting to break out in MLS. I think it’s great, Iwant to see them too, but it just goes to show how shortsighted fans are. All these guys are considered fresh, new, young faces at 24, 25, and 26, yet Jozy Altidore who, at 21 has accomplished more than all of them combined, is perpetually maligned. The backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team. Remember how Adu was done at 20? Todd Dunivant is like 30 isn’t he, but somehow he’s a potential answer? People need to start realizing that the reason we see a lot of the same guys for every match is that THEY ARE THE BEST PLAYERS WE HAVE! It’s good to turn over the rock if a guy has a good half season in MLS, but don’t get too excited. Prime years are 27-28, so a 26 year old MLS player who is just starting to break out is probably not going to be able to ever start regularly for USMNT. It happens, sure, but if you look at the int’nl rosters around the world, most players are capped by the time they are 20-23.

  78. Moreno says:


  79. Moreno says:

    remember next time, or she may get angry!

  80. Aaron in StL says:

    300 hundred is quite a record

  81. biff says:

    If Klinsmann is smart, and I think he is, he will call up MB and force MB to make the decision of whether he comes or not. My gut feeling is that MB would turn down a call-up for Mexico this soon after his dad being fired. But you never know.

  82. Chris says:

    I want to see Chandler and yes, Adu picked among others.

  83. Brad says:

    US roster is late because Klinsmann took a look at the player pool and said “Oh crap”

  84. KNPonder says:

    I got a little too much “in character”.

  85. Brett says:

    Hoping Klinsy helps us poach some more German-Americans.

  86. john says:

    no worries. monday they said “wed or thu.: media just ran with wednesday as a “for sure”.

    so, it wasn’t really “pushed back”.

  87. boosted335 says:

    If you think John “just started” playing well you are ignorant of the facts.

    The John HYPE has in fact “just started” but John has been playing at this level ALL of last year and also for a dozen or so games during his short(injury plagued) rookie year.

    Had they had opta stats/castrol last year this would be more obvious..

    but you could have still watched highlights, read articles, and checked FCD’s record from last year before you posted that false info…instead you sound like a hater when im sure your quite a reasonable person.


  88. Angel FAN of USA says:

    In all serious note, I think Klismann need to bring a team that will be able to compete in a high level and for the future of the Senior USMNT and for that he need to look for a team that can compete in the next 2012 Olympics next year in London. So that is why he need to look for players U23 and I believe is up to 5 or 6 Veteran that are over the 23yrs of age. Guys that still under the 23 and are veteran with few caps on USMNT Senior. Adu, Altidore, Shea, Bunbury, Diskerud, Chandler, Agudelo Just imagine 7 players that been cap at the senior level 5 player over 23 can be add it. like Bradley, Lichaj, Edu, Holden, Starikov and the rest from U20 n U18 like Gatt, Gyua, Kitchen, Conor, Wood, Amobi, Gale etc. Just to name a few. We have a very good pool of players.

  89. freddino says:

    The Players pool:


    Altidore, Agudelo,Dempsey, Gomez, Buddle, Matthew Taylor (Bundesliga 2, same league level as Buddle, but scoring goals, getting assists, good one touches and has speed), Donovan (our “NO.10″, too Lazy for a Midfield role. better up top)


    Adu, Bedoya, Jones, Bradley, Edu, Spector(regardless of whar Sir Alex thinks, he’s a Midfielder!!!!!!), Diskerud, Josh Gatt (speed, control and can play winger or FULLBACK), Beasley (game changer for Puebla….Effective in Mexico and we’re playing the Mexicans…mmmmmm), Torres (hasn’t done much for his club but has skill and knows the rhythm of Mexican futball!!!!)


    Cherundolo, Chandler, Brad Rusin (Koge FC, control and quick, with the ability to strike and drop back), WhitBread, Bocanegra, Goodson, Parkhurst, George John (FC Dallas, got ball control ), Lichaj, Miller(halmstads)


    Howard, Yeldell, Guzan

    But again maybe Klinsmann will want to “WOW” us with an MLS selection, because the Mexican power players won’t be playing…..

  90. RSLin208 says:

    It’s rumored that John’s parents said he’s playing for Greece and has Juve interest.

  91. RSLin208 says:


  92. Will says:

    Personally, if we’re not calling in many of the Euro guys I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this:

    Donovan-Mixx-Brad Davis-Jose Torres
    Shea-Ream-George John-Chandler

  93. MicahK says:

    Lmbo, at these people (cough cough) Chris and others who complain about the us soccer sash in the jersey get educated on us soccer the sash is us soccer history. The us has bigger problems to worry about then a stupid jersey design.

  94. GW says:

    “We have a very good pool of players. ”

    Compared to who? The US player pool is third rate by international standards.

    Would any of the guys you mentioned have a chance to make the final 23 for Spain, Brazil, Holland, Uruguay, Argentina,France. Germany or Italy?

    And before you say that is not fair, those are the kind of teams we will have to beat to get anywhere.

    Our best player is Dempsey and I don’t see him making any of those teams unless it is as the 22nd-23rd guy.

    Not that we can’t beat those teams but don’t kid yourself about the quality of our guys. To paraphrase what Arjen Robben said: ” the US is not very talented but they are hard to beat”.

  95. Wolf says:

    too early for a Mexico cash-grab…Let Klinsmann figure things out a bit

  96. TomG says:

    How can I sound like a hater when I said, “I think it’s great. I want to see them too”????? That makes no sense. Hey, I’m rooting for these guys as much as anyone, but some of you naifs are making them out to be can’t miss and success in the MLS is not an accurate predictor for international success. Statistics say that guys 24,25,26 getting their first caps are in the PROBABLE miss category. It is far, far, far, far, far more likely that much maligned 21-year-olds with years of caps behind them will become stars than these neophytes. If you were paying attention, you might realize that. FAIL. I’d love to see the positive enthusiasm everyone seems to have for the guys who have never seen the international pitch applied to Jozy, Agudelo, and Adu: guys who still have big ceilings. It seems as if as soon as a guy has a few caps and doesn’t score a goal every game, he becomes tainted and everyone misplaces their rooting interest in lesser players who have never been exposed to the highest levels of play. Already, after Agudelo struggled at the Gold Cup, some are saying forget him, bring in Braun. It’s important to develop our best players rather than having a continuously rotating carousel of unknown but lesser talents.

  97. fliffy says:

    Ok, that REALLY made me laugh!

  98. DCP says:

    Why stop at Chandler, Jones, and Yeldell… Here is the all German-American starting 11 (or at least Yanks Abroad calls some of these people Americans).

    Jerome Kiesewetter — Marcel Ramsey
    Fabian Hurzeler – Jones – J. Spector – Preston Zimmerman
    Chandler – Daniel Williams – Alfredo Morales -Cherundolo

    Spector has a German passport and Cherundolo is the Mayor of Hannover, so they make the team. Everyone else, I don’t know who most of them are, so I hope I got their positions right.

  99. gacm32 says:

    I could definitely see him making the Uruguain team relatively easily.

  100. Joe says:

    That would be weak if MB90 turned down an invite because of Bob being fired. You’re 23 now MB and a married man so it’s time to grow up. Be a professional and show up.

  101. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Noone said that we have a pool of talent players to be World Cup winner please get over it. All I’m saying that we have a good players that can play and be competitive with other team in the world. Ok we don’t have the Xavi, Niesta, Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney in the world but we need to look for guys are willing to fight, with pride and love for the USA Kit. I do watch Soccer(Football) and I still played but I do can tell that there are some good players in the Youth system that can be good or maybe even great. So stop putting the USA down or Our own player.

  102. Ritulin19 says:

    New crests and no sash

  103. Ritulin19 says:

    Isn’t bedoya’s team in?

  104. Ritulin19 says:

    I know we upset england in 1950the with a few people w/o US citizenship. Then we got trounced out of the WC. Time to move on. New ERA new unis