LIVE: Jurgen Klinsmann’s first press conference as USMNT coach

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73 Responses to LIVE: Jurgen Klinsmann’s first press conference as USMNT coach

  1. patrick says:

    ive got no sound..

  2. Ja Ja James says:

    OK…I’m the king of casual, but is it common to wear shorts to a press conference? Just asking.

  3. RangerSG says:

    Am I the only one who thinks JK could still score more goals than most of our strikers. ­čśŤ

  4. BumpBailey says:

    IF we could get it to him!

  5. Sunil Out!!! says:

    With this grainy video and sound not matching I feel like I’m watching some highlights of Freddie adu playing in Outer Mongolia

  6. A.S. says:

    Wait, Jurgen thinks there isn’t anything wrong with the team? Has he watched this team?

    Fire Jurgen Klinsmann!

    (Well, SOMEBODY has to be the first to say it. Why not me? :) )

  7. john.q says:

    jurgen’s record so far: 0 WINS


  8. djemba-djemba813 says:

    He’s mentioned Claudio Reyna half a dozen times.

    Djemba likes this.

  9. BumpBailey says:

    Can he get us out of Nike and back into Adidas?

  10. john.q says:

    does anyone know if we will be able to re-watch this? i missed the first half.

  11. JD in FL says:

    I like the fact that he seems to believe in a closer relationship between the junior and senior teams. He stated several times that Reyna will be a part of routine meetings and discussions.

  12. Jamie Z. says:

    Nike is an American company. I don’t see that happening.

  13. RangerSG says:

    I agree, also like him mentioning Tab Ramos. Those are good figures to build around @ the youth level.

  14. DC Josh says:

    Klinsi-sceptic here.

    Klinsi has a future in politics for sure, he won me over with this presser. But I want to see how well he works on the training ground! I can’t help but feel that the players will be behind whatever he says.

    So far so good.

  15. JD in FL says:

    I should clarify – he sees youth development as a critical component for the overall development of the program.

  16. Good Jeremy says:

    bring back the denim kits!

  17. Ben says:

    Well, I really like the focus on the philosophy about how the younger kids should play the game. Of course, I want to win at the senior level, but it seems at the very least Jurgen is serious about reforming the structures and ideas surrounding youth soccer in this country, and I’ll be thrilled if he does that.

  18. patrick says:

    why would we want to do that? Nike is VERY VERY good to the United States team, which is actually the reason Bob bradley wore sweats, to give Nike more pub. We’re a big part of their soccer campaigns here in the US and to be honest, they’re equipment and apparel are better too. Players wear whatever cleats they want so there’s no issue there to worry about.

  19. Arky says:

    As American as a company who makes nothing here and is a huge corporation can be. He is ze German so maybe he can snuggle up with Adidas. I just want a better GK jersey for Howard

  20. jlm says:

    perfect man for the job!

  21. Aaron in StL says:

    Was going to say the same. Just found my old replica of that… amazing

  22. Aaron in StL says:

    Will have to watch later, at least from a buy-in perspective it’s always easier to jump on with somebody who has had success at what they are doing.

    My one question is if he intend to institute these drastic changes to the system how long does he plan on being around? For just one cycle or envisioning moving up the chain in the future?

  23. chris says:

    hhahaahha yeah because stripes all over the kits is what we need. Nike is 100 times better then Adidas and does so much for the team

  24. dylan says:

    Yeah I missed it, hopefully they is reposted.

  25. ThaDeuce says:

    Dittto! Must watch this asap.

  26. ThaDeuce says:

    Love it

  27. LIUnited says:

    Jurgen hinted on a few problems that will stunt the development of soccer in the country. The youth set up and how it is geared toward the college game, and it’s hectic pace. And that for the youth to develop they need touches, by that he said that they should be touching a ball 20 hours a week. Only 4 of those hours are structured. The rest of the time the children should be playing unstructured in thier yard, school ground, park to develop thier ball skills. While I agree with him on both of these points I worry that there is too much structure on our youth from playdates to after school activies to camps. The kids need more unstructured time with a ball and an open field.

  28. fischy says:

    Ives got sound.

    Just saying….

  29. His opinion on this matter shows very clearly that he doesn’t understand how Americans grow up and what their youth is like. You cannot push European methods on a country that is hundreds of times larger than most European countries and FAR more populated. This hire is going to end very badly.

  30. Famos1 says:

    agreed, can’t wait to hear his thoughts on how to implement this!

  31. Topher says:

    Really hope the replay video gets posted soon. Looking forward to hearing what he had to say.

  32. fischy says:

    I sink Americans do not like to react to what others are doing. Zey like to dictate vat vill happen. Zo — Ve must train ze young men..die kinder. Zey vill vork hard und ven zey are ready, zey vil be ready to control. Zen, ve villl be ze dictator, ya!

  33. frank says:

    He’s raising his own kid in orange county, so I would say that he understands intimately how American kids are raised!!!! He also understands quite well that a structured American upbringing gets in the way of developing players….

  34. Freddie Footballer says:

    I felt like he demonstrated he will lead our program forward long term, but I’m not as confident we’ll see results on the field for sometime. Doesn’t strike me as a coach so much as a positive change for our youth and developmental setup. He doesn’t have coaches lined up yet, he hasn’t spoken to many of the players yet…

  35. RangerSG says:

    Well, he made drastic changes in the German system within 2 years actually. It’s a matter of making changes the Federation believes in. No matter how long he stays, the Federation still had to buy in on it to make it stick.

  36. shane says:

    yes but how does he plan to take the structure away? Parents need it when they both work. You will still have to make kids go out and play because if you dont they’ll play computer games. And when they go out and play, they wont play soccer. They’ll play basketball, baseball,etc. And how does he expect to get kids to play soccer at school? Gym teachers want a balanced curriculum not just soccer. He’s an idiot and has no business messing with the youth system when he’s the senior coach.

  37. RangerSG says:

    Erm…you did hear him say several times he RESPECTS the role of education in this country, didn’t you? Sorry, but I think you heard what you wanted to hear. He said specifically he wanted to work WITHIN the college system (as well as youth academies) to increase the technical development of players.

    I actually found it a reasonable statement. Given I’m a native American and think the NCAA should be scrapped. He was much more moderate (and optimistic) about the role of college soccer than its history has shown to date.

  38. AJ says:

    I like what he said about bringing in several guest coaches for the first few friendlies before he picks his assistants. I’ll be very interested to see who he calls up for that role.

  39. RangerSG says:

    Pardon? You realize at the youth level, soccer is more highly played than buckets or baseball (at least in the organized sense). Again, this sounds like a pre-programmed remark that didn’t take seriously what he ACTUALLY said.

    He specifically said what’s important is how MANY hrs a week a player gets to spend on the ball, not whether they’re structured or unstructured. And I would have to agree. I think the issue with most youth soccer isn’t that the players don’t have the POTENTIAL to have sufficient time on the ball. It’s that coaches spend more time on tactics than skills at the youth level.

    Which would be something that Reyna’s curriculum should address.

  40. dan says:

    Is there a Replay!?!?

  41. RangerSG says:

    I agree, I also liked what he said about having a coach in Europe to monitor those players as well.

  42. dan says:

    I don’t think anyone is expecting to see big changes in the next few friendlies. The man will only be on the job for 10 days!

    He will use that time to pick his staff and probably test every player possible to see what works and where.

    I almost want us to lose so you can tell he is experimenting a lot.

  43. RangerSG says:

    Agree, given that he probably won’t have a permanent staff in place until year’s end, I think it’s safe to say any realistic evaluation won’t begin until qualifying, at earliest.

    Which is as it should be.

  44. marco says:

    Thanks Alexi

  45. marco says:

    German soccer is very structured at a very early age.

  46. RangerSG says:

    True. Thought structured around the clubs as opposed to being married into education as here. But I do think the ‘I wish the kids could just kick it, coaches are evil’ meme we hear from Paul Gardener and others is a red herring (Not that I dislike PG. He’s just being overly sentimental for his youth at this point, IMHO).

  47. shane says:

    Yes I realize how many kids play soccer, all of my kids play. My son plays at a US developmental academy and when those kids are waiting around for practice to begin, they are playing basketball with their soccer balls rather than pretending they are Lionel Messi. You have to have structured soccer to make them play otherwise they play something else, they play what the superstars they see on TV are playing. And at the academy where my son plays, they spend all of their time on first touch and skill, none on tactics. This is already being done with the kids that are serious about soccer. Klinsmann is saying nothing new. Of course I didnt here the conference I basing my comments on what others said he said

  48. john says:

    this guy is my soccer jesus…..

  49. AC says:

    Looking forward to seeing the changes and improvement he hopes to bring to youth and senior programs.

    ****Also a heads up****

    Don’t read anything into the Mexico friendly whether we win or lose. It’s only a friendly and it’s his first few days on the job.

  50. BumpBailey says:

    Nike = New School = No good!

    Adidas = Old School = Cool!

    Lest you forget youngsters if it weren’t for Adidas there would be not football!

    Oh yeah…. can we go back to black boots and no shin guards? And for all those who pull their socks up OVER their knees…. go get a garter belt cause you looks like a &*(^ Girl. I will pass on the Argentina/Brazil style shorts though.

  51. mistadobolina says:

    look at the MLS jerseys.. do you really want Adadias?

  52. Spectra says:

    I would have agreed with Shane 10-15 years ago when I was growing up because me and most of my friends played 6 or 7 sports. We couldn’t keep focused on anything. I work with a lot of youth nowadays and there are tons who carry soccer balls everywhere. Some are totally addicted

  53. Louis Z says:

    I think Nike is a better known brand over all but not in soccer, and IMHO Adidas 2010 WC kits were way better than Nike’s

  54. mistadobolina says:

    SBI, please post the recorded video of this.. i know you recorded it..

  55. Spectra says:

    From what I heard this man looks like a number 10 of coaching. He seems to know how to delegate responsibilities well, pick up the right people to fill those responsibilities, and praise their names at every chance. He’s the distributor and the general not the hard-nosed forward.

  56. shane says:

    Klinsi was Robbie Rogers’ mentor so all you Bradley haters can get ready for more Robbie Rogers!!!

  57. shane says:

    yeah dont read anything into Klinsi’s results because it will still all be Bob Bradley’s fault and all the other stupid American coaches. Jesus cant change water into wine after all, oh wait yes he can, But I thought Klinsmann was Jesus? What?

  58. dman says:

    This man will be taking Gutali’s job

  59. Drool says:


  60. Drool says:

    and Bornstein’s was Bradleys.


  61. john.q says:

    nice try… Robbie Rogers. we know its you!

  62. fischy says:

    What? Was that English?

  63. WiscFan says:


  64. kimo says:


    You are spot on. That’s why it’s so important that he finds a #2 to run the tactics for the USMNT. He’s a great macro thinker. Now, he needs to find the micro thinkers.

  65. Primoone says:


  66. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    “…too much structure on our youth from playdates to after school activies to camps”

    I agree. Our church’s calendar was a over programmed mess of activity after activity. We stopped doing so much and started to do less programmed stuff and really enjoy our together times more. I have found this approach works well at work too. Maybe doing a bit less will lead to more enjoyable creative times for our youth soccer culture as well.

    Best of luck JK

    Not Just Kidding

  67. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:


  68. Joe from Philly says:

    Lighten up sparky…you’re going to give yourself a stroke.

  69. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    “You have to have structured soccer to make them play … ”

    Uh, Wrong answer.If you have to make them play these are not the kids we should be looking for.

    If US soccer is to achieve great things, we will first need to identify kids that have a great desire to play and win. We Can NOt//Will Not do it with kids who are “made to play”.

    Thank God Messi’s parents “made him play”football. Please!

  70. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    I was thinking the same thing. He will not only be Bob’s replacement but Sunil’s at some point as well. Macro thinkers are natural leaders not managers.

    Think Steve Jobs. If you put him in charge of product development he would have produced the iFart.

    Klinsi like Jobs will be better at casting the vision and impacting the culture and produce of American soccer than administrative duties (day to day coaching/drilling/tactics).

    Could be wrong but i doubt it. time will tell

  71. AJ says:

    I think that would be a good off the pitch role for Rongen. Let him stay there and recruit and keep in touch with some of the younger prospects out there.

  72. Atl├â┬ęticoUnionCity says:

    Perhaps these kids at this elite academy would be better placed at a hoops camp if they love & prefer bball so much more. This would allow kids from the barrio and those who play on dirt fields who are “hungry” and have futbol in their hearts to take the place of the kids who have to be “made” to play. Apparently these kids are there due to their parents wishes & disposable income and frankly don’t belong there if they don’t live and breathe soccer and only consider it an “activity”.

  73. Atl├â┬ęticoUnionCity says:

    I see you’ve been drinking major haterade dude. Get over it already and try to add something constructive.