Montreal Impact unveil new logo


The Montreal Impact won't be undergoing a complete rebranding upon their inclusion into MLS next season, but between the renovated Stade Saputo and the club's new crest, the club will be sporting a different look than the NASL version currently has.

The Impact unveiled their new logo on Saturday night, revealing a sleek, upgraded design and one that pays homage to the province of Quebec with a motto stressing that unity is necessary for victory.

What do you think of the logo?

Share your thoughts below.

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50 Responses to Montreal Impact unveil new logo

  1. Larry says:

    love it!

  2. emt says:

    Fancy. I like it

  3. Aljarov says:

    Like it…even better there’s no 70s generic clip art football anywhere.

  4. Nice says:


  5. DDay says:

    Love it. I think the banner looks good, black and blue stripes are a great touch, fleur de lis is nice….

    the only thing that’s questionable is the font they used for their motto. doesn’t seem to fix 100%, but whatev, it’s a great crest. Way better than their old cartoony one

  6. maschu says:

    4 mls cups already? Galaxians gonna hate

    ; )

  7. Quen047 says:

    I agree, I love everything about it except the font. Love the stars and fleur-de-lis

  8. matt says:

    The stars are on the crest, not over it. Check out USA’s crest.

  9. Kejsare says:

    Well done. Like the use of fleur de lis and fun motto at the top, which in my basic French is “All to win.”

  10. Kejsare says:

    From their website:

    Four stars: The four stars represent the four original settlers of Montreal as illustrated on the flag of the city: the French, the English, the Irish and the Scots.

  11. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    That logo is pure awesome. I think I just found my favorite Canadian team. “All to win.”

  12. john.q says:

    classy! probably the best logo in mls

  13. J. Scott says:

    Nice logo. Still wished they had changed the name to Olympique Montreal though.

  14. Juan says:

    i guarantee their kits will look like inter.

  15. OLA says:

    Sporting kc?

  16. kydetwsoc says:

    perfect for the place

  17. Rev up those Revs says:

    I actually like their current logo better but that’s probably because I have bad taste.

  18. Timothy says:

    I think I saw that crest on the front of someone’s bicycle

  19. Martin says:

    Wow, that’s classy as all get out. Hope the kits are equally good looking. Top notch, especially considering how lame their current logo is. Also, just underscores how friggin much the Revolution need to rebrand (among 1000 other things). NETID and all but fer chrissakes, everyone has nicer toys than us and it drives a brother crazy.

  20. Cholmondeley Warner says:

    Interesting question is whether they will have Canadian flags patches on their shirts, I doubt it especially considering the separatist area of town Stade Saputo is in

  21. DomiNate says:

    No love for the First Nations?

  22. chris says:

    Yeah dont like it

  23. BWH says:

    It looks great, but I’m not crazy about the shading on the fleur de lis. With that it is still a beautiful crest.

  24. phlub says:

    1. ‘Impact’ is going to sound dumb no matter the logo. Should have changed that with the rebranding.

    2. Possibly too much going on.

    3. The logo is fake class w/ faux 3d polished effects. Really not a suitable soccer club trend, but the whole league suffers from this problem and so does other US sports. It’s the same logo as KC Sporting for the most part. In their defense though, some teams have it much worse. Portland has something slightly more classic and graphic in a sense and Chivas does for more obvious reasons. One thing that might really help the MLS image is chilling out on trying to make everything look like how they think a sports logo “should” look (like it belongs in the app store), and just make good graphic design instead (see europe or baseball).

  25. _J0R_ says:

    Are they going to use the Quebec flag patch or the Canadian patch?

    This is going to be interesting.

  26. Ivan says:

    Too bad the Impact are getting relegated to the USL as the worst team in Division II this season…they are worse than a Sunday league beer team…

    Oh, wait…we are in the Don Garber universe of make-believe…the worst team in D II is getting “promoted” next season. What a sick sick joke!

  27. Matt says:


  28. intrntnl says:

    More blue…

  29. Brit in Houston says:

    Can’t tell if troll or just very stupid…

  30. Brit in Houston says:


  31. Dj Voter says:

    ^^^this is your brain on drugs

  32. Des says:

    Flag will be the maple leaf. Does Houston wear the Mexican Flag:)

  33. Marcus says:

    They will have to, so i think the question is moot. Not to mention the city of Montreal is the reason that the independence resolution didn’t pass back in the 90s…too many people who’s first language isn’t french.

    Apologies if you know more than me, but my wife is a quebecer, and while there’s still support for independence, it’s slowly dying with the changing demographics.

  34. CSD says:

    So with their name officially being Impact Montreal I guess their logo will between Houston and LA’s instead of LA’s and New England’s on the MLS website.

    Speaking of that when are they going to put a link up there. Portland and Vancouver had links to their MLS sites I believe at the beginning of last season.

    I like the logo a lot and I am looking forward to Montreal joining the the league. The French connection with their club is an interesting twist. It will be funny if they make the playoffs before TFC. People in Toronto will really be pissed then.

  35. Ivan says:

    Hi, Brit:

    I feel very sorry for you if you think that it is ok for the worst team in division II to get “promoted” to allegedly the highest level of football in America.

    How does that help the legitimacy of MLS? I’ve seen the Impact play twice this season; they are attrocious.

    How does the “franchise” system here with playoffs, conferences, etc. promote better football and improve the level of the game?

  36. Supsam says:

    I remember the owner saying that not a single player on the current Impact team will be on the MLS roster for next year so your “improve the level of the game” argument doesnt work.

    Promoted is the wrong term to use in these NASL/USL to MLS jumps. Its more like scrapping the existing team and starting anew rather than promotion since its a complete overhaul (crests, players, stadium, kits, coach, etc) where the only resemblance are the fans and the club name (so far).

  37. J-man 1221 says:

    I dislike it when teams put stars anywhere on their logo, because it looks like they won the MLS cup that many times.

  38. Johnny Too Bad says:

    Boston FC!

  39. TommyOC says:

    Last I checked, Quebec was not a FIFA recognized body. They’ll wear Canadian flags, no doubt about it.

    Besides, Quebec isn’t that special.

  40. TommyOC says:

    I’m gonna heap onto this conversation by suggesting you get to know how the North Americ, soccer pyramid works. Especially the top tier, MLS. Because at the moment, you know nothing.

    As others have stated, only the name and other “identity” properties are making the jump. The Montreal Impact you know dies at the end of the season. And I don’t mean metaphorically. Their organization dies and with it, all of their player contracts. When the new Impact takes over, they will have zero players, and they can choose to re-sign some of their current squad or not. Most of their new roster (and all of their starters, methinks) will be from the MLS Expansion Draft and SuperDraft.

    Need proof? How many Sounders, Timbers and Whitecaps USL/NASL players made it into their MLS squads? Not a lot.

  41. TommyOC says:

    On another note: Like the shield.

    Not in love with the banner. It’s too crowded with its text.

  42. Unak78 says:

    Well considering your team’s logo it’s not surprising, lol.

  43. Unak78 says:

    Portland and Vancouver kept much of their USL/NASL squads.

  44. Unak78 says:

    I didn’t know the stars were above the badge? Oh that’s right, they’re not. They’re on the badge. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference.

  45. Supsam says:

    “kept MUCH of their USL/NASL squads” haha exaggeration of the century, man. Since you seem to know their rosters, tell me what percent of their squads were resigned for thr MLS season. Ill give u a hint, it aint very high. Vancouver however, signed a few players the year before so they can see if they are of MLS calibur…kinda of like a year long trial.

  46. Poulet says:

    Well, they spent a good amount of time destroying Montréal.

  47. Crid says:

    Oh please, the font is the best part…it’s refreshing

  48. Milner says:

    that would have been best rebrand yet..Olympic city in an Olympic stadium, French language, and great history with the name…I wonder if they ever thought this over

  49. JJ says:

    with stripes going the other way…nice look