Must-see introduction: Jurgen Klinsmann

In case you missed it Monday:

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20 Responses to Must-see introduction: Jurgen Klinsmann

  1. Drew says:

    Fun fun, but I can’t wait until I see who he calls up, even if it doesn’t really matter for this first friendly!

  2. Rory says:

    You’re just messing with us now by putting “Must See” in front of everything, right?

  3. NE Matt says:

    I think we moved up 8-10 places in the FIFA Rankings by this hiring alone :]

  4. Seriously... says:

    He’s got to be. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even pay attention to half of these “must see” posts.

    We had a problem at work where customer support was flagging all of our CRM issues as “Highest” priority. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. If everything is “highest priority” then nothing truly is.

  5. The Dude says:

    Foreigners are so great! I love you foreigners! But seriously, I’m hopeful that Jurgen does two things 1) give the US a clearer identity (i.e. playing style) and 2) Finds new players to breathe new life into the squad. Maybe Jurgen can get results out of Shea, Agudelo, Farfan, Chandler, and other young players.

  6. shao2007 says:

    Sunil looks like a little dork completely out of his depth in world soccer realms.

    Without any evidence to back up this opinion, I think he gets walked over by other soccer federations

  7. BBB says:

    Fo sho in regard to Sunil. I don’t pretend to know all his job entails but he just seems, as you stated, out of his depth.

    In regard to Klini, it looks like he has no delusions as to where the team stands. He knows he’ll be in sausage-making mode for a while. Let’s hope Sunil & Co give him the time and tools he needs to succeed.

  8. IHOP says:

    I’ve moved beyond thinking he’s simply messing with us…it’s become like the boy who cried wolf, in my eyes.

    That and the “Wow!” is used WAY too often.

    Before Ives or anyone is critical of my opinion, I still respect the journalism….just not the tabloid style sensationalism in the headlines that seems to have become the norm, now.

  9. IHOP says:

    I actually had a dream last night, for some reason, and recall Klinsmann had 2 or 3 Latin players in the line-up.

    Two of which, I wasn’t even remotely familiar with, as in they were borderline fictional but prospects he identified and inserted that Bradley had passed over.

  10. IHOP says:

    Sunil has a serious case of Napoleon’s Complex & picked-last-itis.

    Hence why it took so long for him to concede power/say to Jurgen.

    Truth be told, in my ideal world Klinsmann manages to 2014 and then replaces Sunil after and takes over the post.

    Sunil is about as qualified as a son that happens to have his father as the business owner and retains his job solely on that basis alone.

    His vote for Sepp Blatter was my last straw with him. I only wished Alexi Lalas would have punched him when he stated such, as it looked like Lalas wanted to.

  11. james says:

    I’d imagine that since people needlessly complain about the “Must See Goal” – a headline he places in front of every noteworthy goal – he’s doing this to get back at those making the complaints. The result? They just complain more, missing the fact that they are the target of the satire.

  12. IHOP says:

    …and you believing that is incredibly amusing.

    MUST-SEE opinion, you got there, for sure.

  13. james says:

    “Eventually, people will figure out that the Must-See tag is a series. We show nice goals, so we gave the series a label.” – SBI

  14. mistadobolina says:

    SBI, thank you for reposting this. Klinsy actually seems like a collected down to earth coach who should get results out of the US pool. Can’t wait to see his selections over the next 3 friendlies.

  15. marco says:

    Ives thanks for the unedited version, a real treat. The Lalas question on foreign coaches was probably a family collaboration.

  16. JustinV says:

    But what I really want to know is: Will Jurgi sport warm ups on the sidelines or business casual?

  17. Miss Cleo says:

    Klinsmann’s reign is going t be a disaster. Just you watch. And when it happens, you remember what Miss Cleo told you.

  18. abc says:

    “Sunil is about as qualified as a son that happens to have his father as the business owner and retains his job solely on that basis alone.”

    Do you people actually know anything about Sunil Gulati?

    link to

  19. Leo says:

    thanks for that link. i had no idea this dude was so brilliant. this needs to be promoted more – he does most of the hard work that no one sees

  20. Leo says:

    no disaster here. and no one will remember anything you said, ever