Report: Bradley not in Borussia Monchengladbach’s plans this season

Bradley (ISIphotos)

Photo by Michael Janosz/

It's no secret that United States midfielder Michael Bradley has been seeking a new club, but it appears that if that search goes fruitless, he won't have a place with the team at which he is currently under contract.

Borussia Monchengladbach coach Lucien Favre reportedly stated that Bradley wants to leave and is not in the club's plans at all, and, according to reports out of Germany, he has the backing of the club's sporting director, meaning that should Bradley be unable to secure a transfer, he won't participate with the team despite being under contract with the Bundesliga outfit through June.

Bradley, who was on loan at Aston Villa for the latter half of last season but did not have his buy option exercised by the Premier League club, has been linked to teams in Serie A throughout the transfer window. He will participate in the United States' friendly against Mexico next week after being included on Jurgen Klinsmann's 22-man roster.

What do you think of this development? Where do you hope to see Bradley wind up?

Share your thoughts below.

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166 Responses to Report: Bradley not in Borussia Monchengladbach’s plans this season

  1. syght says:


  2. Pierre says:

    Hello Vancouver Whitecaps

  3. mistadobolina says:

    2 unemployed Bradley’s.. not good. MB should fine work in a number of leagues as long as BMG lets him go at a low price..

  4. Andy in Atlanta says:

    The whole thing is BS really… Bradley left Germany in a haste because (now these are just rumors) his GF/Fiancee’ was having relations with the back-up GK Logan Bailly…

    I would leave too if that was the situation…

    BM is retarded if they can’t agree to a fee for Bradley… If you are just gonna let him rot in the reserves when his contract is up next summer you might as well get him off the books even if you take a loss… Michael has all the leverage I think…

  5. Stan The Man says:

    with BB to take over as manager for Tommy S

  6. Ryan in NYC says:

    Just go SOMEWHERE. There aren’t any Championship League teams interested in MB? I find that a little hard to believe.

  7. Freddie Footballer says:

    Anyone, when does the transfer window close? Thanks.

  8. mistadobolina says:

    would be a great investment for any MLS team.. but his too good for this league..

  9. mistadobolina says:

    end of August.. i believe. Some leagues might be different tho..

  10. Max says:


  11. Dan says:

    August 31

  12. Dan says:

    Didn’t Schalke do the same thing with Jones before his loan move?

  13. Marley says:

    most likely another Benny F., not good enough for the US

  14. inkedAG says:

    But, but, but…he is one of the greatest players for USMNT! He’s the only defensive mid we have!! Oh no!!!!

  15. gbott says:

    Or could have been EJ lol

  16. liz says:

    Newcastle just got rid of Joey Barton. Joey Barton is a CM. Michael Bradley is a CM…see where i’m going with this? :)

  17. Mario says:

    Reuniting with Jay-Jay Demerit….I can see it, the attacking flair is already there

  18. Felix says:

    He needs to play, despite how some people feel about him, he’s still our best all-around CM, and he still has room to grow as a player. But if he gets frozen out of BM and doesn’t play this season, that would be bad.

  19. Dainja says:

    Wait. i got it…Jermaine “J.J. Bad” Jones traded in a straight up deal for Michael Bradley. They play the same position and want to leave their respective clubs. Why not???? Schalke’s happy, Gladbach’s happy.

  20. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Nottingham Forest!!!

  21. Kyle says:

    Roma said they wanted a marquee American player, might as well go there!

  22. MASE NJRB says:

    Welcome back party at NJRB? Cmon MLS pull some strings so we can fit him under the cap!!!

  23. Will says:

    well MB is still getting paid so I wouldnt call him unemployed…but forcing that ill-advised loan move last winter looks like a big mistake

  24. Jim says:

    let’s put the emphasis on marquee or marketable…There is Donovan, Howard, and Dempsey (to a certain extent)…not much else after that. Bradley isnt going to put butts in the seats.

  25. Friendster says:

    another D-Mid…no thanks. Bradley needs to be the centerpiece of a team. This will increase his marketability.

  26. Paul Dickov says:

    West Ham United could use someone like MB to compliment Nolan if Parker leaves… though they really could use some strikers instead of the glut of midfielders that they already have. Starting in the Championship could help MB get some matches under his belt and more playing time meaning he would be more comfortable if WH got promoted.

  27. Poo says:

    Didn’t he get married this summer?

  28. Poo says:

    Not willing to pay the $5m that his club likely wants

  29. Agreed! says:

    The future trend for soccer is a CM-less formation…? And BM and Newcastle are just ahead of the pack…?

    I don’t even have to think about it, but I like it! IT’S BRILLIANT!

    Hopefully the USMNT can adopt this system and we’ll be winning World Cups in no time!

  30. mistadobolina says:

    im an MLS STH.. i would go that far.. and MB is way better than Benny Fielhaber. Remember how he played in the Netherlands? he can find a good club at the Europa League level.. but im just saying that any MLS team would be very wise to spend DP money on him..

  31. squirt-lover says:

    MB is a very good player. We know he has a world class engine and work rate, he is hard nosed, has good enough skill and vision, and most of all he is still young…He has had success at the club level in Europe for several years. The BB bashers will say he is not that good, but truth is he was probably our best player at WC2010…

    What is it that keeps him off the field at now two places…Is he hard to get along with? Does he not practice well? Does he not follow the team game plan on game days? I would really like to know.

    He needs to play and maybe swallow his pride and take a “lesser” team to call his own. Maybe MLS, but I would like to think there is a top flight European option out there for him.

  32. Charles says:

    What Jurgen put him on the roster ?

    Did he get (grand)fathered in ?

    I would love to see Bradley in MLS. It stinks not being able to watch him.

    I hope the teams who could use him, can afford him.

    Seattle really doesn’t need another midfielder, unless they can convert to forward or goalie.

  33. mistadobolina says:

    ya last year they said he was out of their plans..but apparently Jones is back playing with Schalke now.

  34. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Yes to the same girl (tennis player @ URI)… the quote that was floated around from a source close to MB was “he had to get her away from him”

  35. mistadobolina says:

    Roma winning will fill the stadium.. and i like it.. MB to Roma!

  36. Miggy says:

    engine and workrate are usually descriptors of an average player

  37. Buck forty says:

    No, Seattle’s midfield is playing great right now. Bradley is no Alonso either.

  38. TC says:

    hmmmm…makes you wonder why he failed at his last 2 clubs.

  39. squirt-lover says:

    Let the Bashers jump on the bandwagon….

    His work rate and engine are his biggest strengths, with average everything else maybe…work rate is a trait to rally around, not admonish.

    I would say if some of our better players had his work rate, they may be great, like Donovan. Or if Jozy worked like MB we would love him for his tenacity.

  40. JP says:

    Wow… being let go, under contract, by BM feels like bottom of the barrell…

    Bradley is an average but decent player, should be able to find something to do on MLS or the Championship.

  41. Beck says:

    The UNION have had considerable problems in central midfield, including the fact that Nowak won’t start Roger Torres. I think he’d be a great fit alongside Torres, or Carroll. Get rid of Nakazawa & Migs.

  42. SuperChivo says:

    Bob is getting paid too. His contract was through 2014. Not the best planning from the USSF.

  43. wides in MN says:

    It’s not about putting butts in the seats, it’s about having Americans tune in on TV and it’s about Americans buying Roma gear.

    It’s about global exposure, and the US is a very large market. Why do you think all of these giant teams come here for summer tours? To build their global brand and fan base.

  44. Greg says:

    Why go with a silly conspiracy theory when the straightforward story makes sense? He wants to go to a bigger club. He wanted that to be Aston Villa but that didn’t work out. He doesn’t want to sign an extension with BM so he can choose on a free transfer next year. Not sure how that doesn’t make more sense than a story that involves the girl (who he married literally months later) was cheating on him so he forced a move to a bigger club but then later refused moves to lesser leagues (e.g., Russia).

  45. ThaDeuce says:

    This bad. If klinsy starts jones and opts for 1 d mid, bradley may have a tough time at transfers.

  46. Phil says:

    Good spot, but I don’t see Piotr giving up the reigns in Philly if pops decides to come in. How about San Jose? Fire Yallop, bring both Bradleys into a new stadium.

  47. Dane96 says:

    Definitely not the case. I am an American, and my company is based in Boston, MA…with Corporate HQ in Monchengladbach (about 2 KM from Borussia Park). In addition, I happen to think he is a good player. That said, he was absolutely shyte for BM after his solid start. Year One, on the transfer…fans loved him. Year Two, with a not-so-hot squad…he was awful…and the biggest complaint was that he would get antsy as soon as he got the ball on his feet, and he would spray the ball all over the pitch with non-discretionary passing. He was the complete opposite of how he plays with the NT.

    The other thing that did win him over with fans/staff is IMHO a crock. The town is a bit bizarre…old school…and apparently he didnt take to the German language and culture. I find that a crock because my understanding is he speaks Dutch very well…and I find it hard to believe he would take the time to learn Dutch and all of a sudden say, “Meh, German…no need.”

    As for letting him rot…oh…you dont understand the nature of BM. They take the identity of the three major employers of M’bach: Stubborn and often irrational management.

  48. Seriously says:

    You’re right MB is miles ahead of Alonso and anyone who says otherwise is either a delusional Seattle fan, or a delusional Bradley hater.

  49. Dane96 says:

    I meant to say “didnt win him over with fans”, not “DID”

  50. kimo says:

    Borussia was in the relegation zone (bottom of table) with him and clawed its way to safety without him. They figure he’s surplus to requirements. I don’t think he ever saw eye to eye w/ mgmt considering his run-ins.

    He’s a quality player that they could easily offload on a loan in which the other club could pickup at least a portion of the wages. If this doesn’t happen, BM is simply out to screw MB.

  51. kimo says:

    He’s VERY inefficient with his running. Yes…he covers a ton of ground, but he often makes ill advised runs that leave his teammates exposed. BM mgmt was very critical of Bradley in this dept.

  52. Mike says:

    I can see MB stalling Seattle’s attack, like he did with the nats…wrong system. They need strikers anyway.

  53. CDub says:

    Back to MLS would be good for him, regular playing time, deflate that ego a bit and would certainly bring all the MB worshippers down to earth (would love that). He’s a good, not great, player that needs regular playing time to contribute to the US setup. I wish him well.

  54. K Bone says:

    You guys are Eurosnobs you know, talking about the transfer window. For shame…

  55. Luke says:

    What are you like 13? Grow up! It’s become way to trendy on this board about soccer for people who have no other counter point to use “eurofart”, “eurosnob” or “euro-(anything)” as an insult instead of making a counter arguement. Sheesh!

  56. Brian Ching says:

    Some days just put a smile on your face.

  57. Miguel says:

    I dont see many Eurosnobs converting to Serie A. They are going to stick with the Man Us and Barcelonas. MB isn’t going to be a star player with Roma, most likely another American lost in the shuffle.

  58. Sob chris says:

    Bradley to Union…. works for me! Seriously, is a move back to MLS just a pipe dream? Or something within the realm of possibility? He could surely stay in Europe if he wants to, so why wouldn’t he want to?

  59. K Bone says:

    No offense, but I doubt if Dempsey or Donovan went to Roma the fans would be running to the stadium…

  60. Colin says:

    Just because someone thinks Bradley is to good for MLS does not make them a eurofart or euro elitist. He is to good. You just dont have a grasp on reality. MLS is up and coming, growing, and hopefully someday will reach a higher standard, but our best players, which Bradley is, should be going to europe where they can play in the Europa league and Champions league and get real competition.

  61. Korey says:

    Not in Russia.

  62. hogatroge says:

    Bradley didn’t fail at AV so much as never really get a chance. They wanted to keep him IIRC but not bad enough to pay BM’s exorbitant transfer fee.

  63. B1879 says:

    New manager I think.

  64. korey says:

    He should go to the MLS for a year on loan and then go to a team in Europe on a free trasnfer. That way Gladback won’t get a dime for him. Take that!!!

  65. john.q says:

    ouch. not a very good few weeks for the bradley family.

  66. ReBranding says:

    I think M. Bradley is a better offensive threat than playing defensively in the midfield. Everyone knows how he scored goals in bunches early on in the Dutch League. I think Klinsman will give him more freedom to contribute offensively which will give him more balance as a player in the future.

  67. Colin says:

    first part correct second part wrong… I dont really think sarcasm works like that.

  68. Colin says:

    The term Eurosnob itself is snobby and ridiculous. IF people like european soccer let them. And frankly it is, overall much more enjoyable and fun to watch than mls, though MLS is growing and I enjoy watching some of the teams. Its not just the quality of play that makes european soccer so great, but also the passion and league format (relegation).

  69. Nice says:

    NO he shouldnt go back to MLS people. If he does he will die out faster than ever. Lets just wait to see what kind of deals are on the table first before this whole “Go to MLS!” starts to apply.

  70. Colin says:

    No they are descriptors of a good CDM. How else would you desribe one. Flare, creativity and touch of gold, no that would describe a ACM or playmaker, not a holding, ball winning defensive midfielder.

  71. mw says:

    No, but Americans would all of a sudden be very interested in Roma. I think that’s the major point for the team, breaking into the US market. Dempsey or Bradley would certainly do that.

  72. Colin says:

    Plus he actually did reasonably well for BM for a while.. Just wanted a transfer to a bigger club and fell out.

  73. yobo says:

    Don’t be stupid my friend.He is just right for bottom team in MLS.

  74. yobo says:

    Who told you that?

  75. Josh says:

    Concacaf Champions League is becoming comparable to Europa with every tournament. Until we are dominating Gold Cup, I think the emphasis should be on becoming the best in the region. relaity is that MB would most likely become lost in shuffle with a Champions League caliber team. He should come back to MLS to successfully captain a team and become a more marketable commodity.

  76. Jonny says:

    I actually prefer eurodouche, but that’s just me

  77. sergio says:

    Nope, riding the pine and becoming a forgotten man will stall his career most. He needs an opportunity to be the man. Most foreign clubs arent going to give him that.

  78. realist says:

    with the middle class disappearing, they are more interested in making ends-meat than buying a Michael Bradley Roma jersey.

  79. Mark says:

    Isn’t Torres better on the left?

  80. Mark says:

    Most American clubs wouldnt give him that either

  81. MC Pharaoh says:

    If he doesnt transfer and isnt in Borussia’s plans then wont they just release him or buy him out on the 15th. Im sure Mikey would just accept being released so he doesnt sit there a whole season. As for MLS, the only way I see him coming back is if he does get released on a free and his dad becomes manager of an MLS club in the next few weeks. Seriously, there are better leagues in Europe that he can still do well in. He isnt “too good for MLS”, afterall I would say a Shalrie Joseph is at Bradleys level or David Beckham is obviously better as of right now. He can still do well in a top European team though.

  82. czo13 says:

    In that case, all the Americans on AV failed..with the acceptation of BF. The manager hatted Americans

  83. TC says:

    “Never really get a chance” = failure

    “did reasonably well for BM for a while” = not quite a failure, but if you read the Kicker link attached to this article, MB burned every bridge he had with BM, so I’m giving the big F.

  84. Clover362 says:

    Everyone scores in bunches in the Dutch league, because they want to all play a 4 3 3 which is a hard formation to play defense out of if you are not exceptional

  85. conrad says:

    Most informed reply of the week goes to Dane!
    Although the indiscriminate, antsy passing you’re describing is exactly how he has played for the Nats for the past few months. He’s a good player who, I fear, let the nepotism charge get into his head. He’s playing like he doesn’t want to make a mistake.

    As the father of a soccer prodigy, I know that the best way to have your kid break out of his slump is to let him play through it. It usually works. Usually. I worry that Bob’s reliance on MB when he was slumping might have lasting effects. I really hope not.

  86. reg says:

    Philly, San Jose, Vancouver are the only spots where he would be in a position to run up his stats and become a star.

  87. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Like I said… the rumor was he needed to get her away from Logan Bailly… Bailly is on a year long loan in Switzerland this season so he is not around BM..

    I am just telling you what some sources close to Mike said…

    I am not saying that Mikey does not want to play somewhere bigger just that he rushed a move to get out of Germany for personal reasons that involved his then fiancee

  88. MSNats says:

    I like michael bradley, yet still laughed out loud at this. Though not nearly as loud as when it was said about Bob.

  89. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am quite frankly fed up with the snobs on here that think Michael Bradley is not talented enough to play at near the highest level…

    Sorry Eurodouches you are wrong…MB is likely a top 100 CM in the world right now… If you can’t accept that he is a good player and would be valuable to just about every team not in the top 4 of Serie A, EPL, La Liga then you just have something against him…

    All this crap about stupid runs and poor passing etc… is just BS because you still hold a grudge against Bob…

  90. VinceN says:

    ur an idiot…no self respecting man would marry some chick who was seeing someone else…i’m sure he has more pride than that…

  91. RNG says:

    “ends-meat” — Is that an Italian dish? Some sort of butt roast?

  92. Aaron in StL says:

    News reports. He’ll be making $500K for what was the duration of his contract. Try google.

  93. PetedeLA says:

    Interesting info. However, if you go to youtube you will find Bradley speaking passable German.

    From the brief interview I saw, he is near fluent.

    But he did NOT endear himself to Germany by complaining about the high security measures during the swine flu epidemic.

    Playing like crap doesn’t help either.

    Yes, for the US he has been a much better player.

    Having said that, no one disputes his engine. His technique is decent (for a DM), but it is his engine, determination, and age that will have other teams saying, “aha!”

  94. HoboMike says:

    You know who else has a great engine and work rate? Carlos Tevez. Not average.

  95. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am an idiot for reporting fairly substantiated rumors about what was going on last season for Mikey?

    Com on bro..don’t shoot the messenger… There are tons of guys that forgave women that cheated on them…

    Here is Logan Bailly for those wondering who the hell he is… I am sure you can see whay Mikey might have been jealous…

    link to

  96. Aaron in StL says:

    Ha that’s a good one. I liked eurofart as well. Euroturd another option I like

  97. Aaron in StL says:

    Wamp wamp wamp. The bourgeoisie and their SUV’s and under-water mortgages will take no interest in trivial matters. Harumph!

  98. Joamiq says:

    Come on, one of these Serie A teams has to pony up…

  99. Aaron in StL says:

    I think all the MLS ideas can probably be dropped. BM will hold out for a good transfer fee most likely. It’s a bad situation but at least he has the better part of a month.

    My guess is he goes on loan somewhere… hopefully he doesn’t get screwed into just taking whatever he can get.

  100. Aaron in StL says:

    Probably the best grammatical correction I’ve seen on here

  101. Randy says:

    I like this idea, the haters would be far less over the border

  102. bryan says:

    someone will pick him up. but Gladbach shouldn’t put an unreasonable transfer fee with him. hopefully he can get this worked out.

  103. guy fawkes says:

    That’s funny!

  104. bryan says:

    “He wanted us to leave necessarily in a precarious situation. Now he can not act as if nothing had happened.”

    yikes. they are not happy with him at all.

  105. guy fawkes says:

    He should go to a USL or NASL squad – there he will be “the Man”. Or maybe MISL….if they still have a team.

  106. Bryson says:

    Then where are all of the teams lining up to sign him? Why did BM release him?

  107. Second City says:

    Like his father did to sign a four year contract, knowing he was option #2, with option #1 waiting in the tall grass?

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, dear friend.

  108. Stephen says:

    It’s as simple as any contract. If someone is terminated after signing a contract they are still paid. Through the remainder of that contract.

  109. Dr. Doctor says:

    poo poo

  110. abc says:

    “I am just telling you what some sources close to Mike said…”

    No you are not. That rumor was posted in the Big Soccer thread for MB in the Yanks Abroad section, and the person who posted it said that’s what he was told by a Munchengladbach fan he met.

    So you’re not telling us what “some sources close to Mike said”, you’re telling us what “some anonymous dude on the internet claims a BM fan said.”

  111. Andy in Atlanta says:

    If you know anything about the people from m’gladbach you would know that they are very stubborn people… They are angry at Bradley…thus they will let him rot to prove a point… The issue is they want 5 million and wont budge on the price…

  112. Andy in Atlanta says:

    and for the record they have not released him… that is the entire problem, they wont release him and are holding him hostage.

  113. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    Curious as to the source of that quote? If that’s directly from the club (sounds like it is), this is the problem. Seems like he burned a lot of bridges to get the loan deal to AV while Gladbach was in a relegation battle, and went to Villa under the impression that he’d be able to play his way into the squad and wouldn’t have to go back to Germany. Now that that situation didn’t work out, he’s at the mercy of the club. Granted, it really doesn’t make sense for them to sit on him for a year just so they can let him go on a free at the end of the season, but you never know.

    That said, between sending him out on loan, agreeing to a reasonable transfer fee with a club that’s interested in him, or just giving him his outright release, there has to be a work around to him just sitting around for a year.

  114. Andy in Atlanta says:


  115. bryan says:

    the quote is from the article linked on this post. granted, it’s via google translation, but you can get the idea that they are not happy.

  116. Alex says:

    Haha this was hilarious.

  117. Alex says:

    pipe dream.

  118. Joe says:

    They haven’t put an unreasonable transfer fee on him. I’ve heard they want 5 million Euros. That’s peanuts these days for a transfer fee.

  119. Bryson says:

    I guess we will see, no chance he signs with a european team in the top 4 in their.

    Michael Bradley is pretty good but nothing great at all.

  120. Leo says:


    …but funny!

  121. Bryson says:

    I doubt he even “dominates” in the MLS, just look at Benny

  122. Leo says:

    Colin, you said Europe has better quality than MLS. Now you’ll be labeled a euro-.

  123. bryan says:

    I didn’t say they did. I was just hoping they wouldn’t. That’s good to hear though.

  124. Leo says:

    Let them eat ends-meat.

  125. bryan says:

    yeah but benny never made it to the same level as bradley. that should count for something. point is, he shouldn’t come back to MLS. that’s silly. he’ll find a place. he would have a place at Gladbach, but he didn’t really think his situation through, and things didn’t work out with AV as he had hoped.

  126. Bryson says:

    I agree, I think most players who leave the MLS would rather play for a second tier Turkish team…….oh wait. It’s almost like there is some shame in returning to the MLS after leaving, chances of getting back to Europe are probably lower…..I dont know.

    I think MB is good enough to contribute on a lower level EPL team, I would be VERY surprised if he ends up in Serie A. My guess is lower level EPL, Dutch league, or the Championship.

  127. GW says:

    ” If this doesn’t happen, BM is simply out to screw MB.”

    Everything I’ve read on MB’s situation seems to indicate a lot of hard feelings on both sides. This dispute doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with MB’s ability as a player.

    If anyone thinks Gladbach won’t do everything they can to screw over MB then you haven’t followed player/club disputes in Europe very much.

    They know very well how much Bradley is worth and appear determined to charge just enough to make him over priced.

  128. Will says:

    boy is he hot

  129. bryan says:

    Yeah for sure. I’m of the opinion he should go back to the Dutch league. I’d rather see him there than in Italy.

  130. Jamie Z. says:

    Yeah, like Park Ji-Sung.

    It would sure suck to have a player like that on your team, wouldn’t it?

  131. Jamie Z. says:


  132. Jamie Z. says:

    But then again, there’s nothing like a nice hat.

  133. WorldCitizen says:

    Mikey might actually have decent prospects for a loan if he hadn’t been moron enough to establish a well-earned reputation as a petulant, intemperate hothead. No one should blame any team for not wanting a player who’s more likely to throw a temper tantrum at the media or get up in a referee’s grill and scream his fool head off than to turn in consistently good performances like a quality professional would! Until Li’l Mikey learns to shut his trap, suck it up, and learn how to behave like a professional instead of a spoiled little punk, he frankly doesn’t deserve to play anywhere!

  134. away goals says:

    Wouldn’t his stint at aston villa be evidence that a team outside the EPL top 4 do not value him?

    I mean, isn’t it at the very least possible that MB, despite (or maybe because of) his great engine and work rate, is merely an adequate cm? Not outstanding, not awful, adequate.

    And why would saying that make somebody a euro-whatever? Europe is the continent that michael bradley plays his soccer on.

  135. inkedAG says:

    Well, I tried my best to be sarcastic. I guess I have to work on it. :)

  136. Mo Edu says:

    I’m smiling too!

  137. Martha says:

    The kid is nothing special. Nice player who is very inconsistent with his passes.

    High motor guys with minimum technical ability are a dime a dozen in Europe …

    Heck they are a dime a dozen in MLS

  138. chris says:

    Ives please tell these people how stupid all the MB hate is

  139. TC says:

    +1. well said

  140. Good Jeremy says:

    Saying that European leagues are better than the MLS is not eurosnobbery, but dismissing the MLS completely, every player in it, and any player or coach entering it is pretty snobbish and based on European standards despite not being Eurpean… which makes one… a Eurosnob.

  141. TC says:

    or you’re taking your ball and going home…

  142. JCC says:

    “Concacaf Champions League is becoming comparable to Europa with every tournament.”

    Wow, this has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever read.

  143. chris says:

    Good one. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he is our second best CM. Started and played well for MGB. Had a fall out with the manager and wanted out of a relegation fighting team (cant blame him). Never got a shot at AV for a manager that didnt like Americans. Wait he wasnt the only american that didnt play but for some reason people only single out Bradley while clamoring for Guzan and Lichaj to get called up. And this well why dont any teams want him arguement is so f*cking stupid. No one is going to buy him for 5 million euros when he will leave for free next season. MGB is mad that Bradley left while in the mist of a relegation battle and now since they have found cover for him they are trying to milk all the money out of him. Im going to laugh so hard whem jurgen calls him up and starts him every game because he can actually determine talent unlike you

  144. marco says:

    I’m not surprised that neither Gladbach nor Villa want him. Not that he’s a bad player but he’s just not that great. I’m sure many in the media can’t believe clubs aren’t knocking down for him. Gladbach appears to want Michael personally to pay for his departure.

  145. dgoshilla says:

    He should be in MLS. Dempsey did and that’s turned out pretty well. You can always go back to Europe. The pace of MLS and the physicality would be good for MB.

  146. jpc says:

    Agreed. “Eurosnob”, which I occasionally use, is being very liberally applied these days to anything that even sniffs of negativity towards US Soccer. I think it’s lost it’s meaning, like “Guido”. God I loved using Guido, now it’s got it’s own TV show, it’s lost all it’s value, ughhh. At least we still have “dago”

  147. jpc says:

    He already plays slow enough, Italy isn’t gonna make him better. I hope he makes it to France, or England

  148. If he was world class, he would have been picked up already. Therefore, he is not world class.

  149. tomg says:

    Bwaaaahahahaha!!!! Dude, that was a great joke. Wait… You were serious?

  150. Michael Bradleys Warm Bench says:

    Wow it took all of this for people to realise that MB is just mediocre. I give him
    Credit not everyone in this world can become a pro specially in Europe but based on the talent they have overseas and the clubs he wants to go to he is overshooting the target. I mean for a while there Ives was in denial everytime anyone brought up the point that he might just not be a star he got bent out of shape and everyone was gunning at him
    Because of nepotism but i hope that he has a more technical coach with a little more style he blossoms. I wish MB the best I am a USA fan but to say he isnone of the best at the moment with either club or country is an overstatement.

  151. Michael Bradleys Warm Bench says:

    Wow it took all of this for people to realise that MB is just mediocre. I give him
    Credit not everyone in this world can become a pro specially in Europe but based on the talent they have overseas and the clubs he wants to go to he is overshooting the target. I mean for a while there Ives was in denial everytime anyone brought up the point that he might just not be a star he got bent out of shape and everyone was gunning at him
    Because of nepotism. I wish MB the best I am a USA fan but to say he isnone of the best at the moment with either club or country is an overstatement.

  152. Wicky says:

    there is no doubt about it…CONCACAF national and club teams are getting stronger and stronger. There is a major drop-off after the elite teams in UEFA. Competition is the strength of the region.

  153. Will says:

    He only really fits into about 3 teams…not a dominant player to begin with

  154. Sam says:


  155. Sam says:

    euro****, lol

  156. Dane96 says:

    Agree…that’s why I said it was a crock. I was talking to my German import colleagues about this on Monday…and I said we all know he speaks German, so WTF are the fans talking about. Of course I got the “Blah Blah” response out of them with no tangible proof he did not speak German….

  157. Dane96 says:

    Americans are already enamored with Roma. The amount of Italian-American descendants that watch Serie A are probably pretty high. Heck, I am sitting in a cafe right now with tons of Italians watching the Derby in China.

    That said, your general statement is correct. In fact, their was a great article in ESPN last week about the Premiership teams “fighting for the hearts” of Americans. No matter our credit crisis…spending power among consumers remains high…and our pro leagues make a shyte load of money in general. European teams, like Roma (American owned) see that and want a bigger piece of the action among the non-affiliated, e.g. Italian or Italian-American descendants who have a kinship to let’s say Roma or Juventus, fans.

  158. Dane96 says:

    Bingo. Well said.

  159. The Manager hated Americans? Oh brother. If that were the case, why did he take the job with a team owned by an American?

    That is not how World Football works.

    Michael Bradley obviously did not show the Manager anything above what he already had.

  160. Dan says:

    Some of these comments are laughable at best, downright uninformed at worst… MB too good for MLS?!? Are you kiddin me? MB can’t hack it in Europe period(although I’m sure he makes a great starting water boy). No European team wants a midfielder who has horrible first touch and control of the ball, even worse passing skills, no vision for the game, on top of that he’s a total hot head… So I’m more surprised people think he deserves a chance. In fact I feel bad for the MLS team that’s inevitably going to waste their DP money on him.

    And as far as playing better on the NT… I’m not sure what games you’re watching, but it’s all the same. Spotty at best, total disaster at worst…There’s a reason he rides the bench on every team he’s played on except when his father was coach.. Simply put, he just can’t
    hack it.

    Now I won’t leave this comment in total negativity towards him.. I think the one asset he has going for him, is his ability to track down balls. Unfortunately as a midfielder you need to posses much more than that, so I’d actually like to see him try his luck as a defender.

  161. Dan says:

    If I wasted the money they did on him, I’d want him to pay for his departure as well.

  162. Dan says:

    2nd best CM?!? Are you familiar with the player pool we have? And as far as MGB “hating Americans” then why would they sign him in the first place? Or is it just some wild conspiracy against MB?

  163. Dan says:

    ‘Gladbach sporting director Max Eberl told Kicker that Bradley’s desire to leave the club in a “precarious situation,” and that the midfielder can’t expect to practice and play “as if nothing had happened.” Its season opener is Sunday at Bayern Munich.”

    Quoted from an article on aol sporting news.. So maybe there is some truth to his wife having an affair with a teammate… I’m certainly not his biggest fan but i wouldnt wish that on my worst of enemies.

  164. Dan says:

    Too good to play with amateurs

  165. chris says:

    yes i am Holden <- Bradley <- Jones <- Edu. And Houllier didnt like Americans (he coached Aston Villa if youre not familiar) not MGB. AV = Aston Villa