Report: Bradley to sign with Chievo Verona


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Michael Bradley was left off the U.S. mens' national team roster for the upcoming friendlies so as to allow him to find a resolution for his club situation. Bradley appears to have found that resolution, and it will take him to Italy.

According to multiple reports out of Italy, Bradley is on the verge of joining Chievo Verona from Borussia Moenchengladbach. The move is expected to be a permanent one, and the reported transfer fee agreed upon by the two clubs is around $2.89 million.

Chievo finished in 11th place in Serie A last season. The club kicks off its postponed season on Sept. 11 against Novara Calcio.

What do you think of this development? Think going to Chievo Verona is a good move for Bradley? Just happy you get to see an American in Serie A?

Share your thoughts below.

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113 Responses to Report: Bradley to sign with Chievo Verona

  1. Colin says:

    As long as he gets playing time, any situation has to be a better situation than what he’s experienced lately at ‘Gladbach.

    Now let’s hope that J. Jones gets a move as well.

  2. Carl says:

    Good move for him. He looked terrible against Mexico, I had to go over to the doubter-side. But if he shines in Serie A that puts doubts to rest.

    It’ll be interesting seeing Bradley, such a hustle player, in a league that tends to disdain hustling.

  3. Joey says:

    Be interesting to see if they play him or put him on the bench to rot

  4. PAULtheOCTOPUS says:

    Glad to see one of the Bradley’s land a job.

  5. Red says:

    Oh man…am I the only one that wants zero Yanks going to Serie A?

  6. kplonka says:


  7. malkin says:

    why’s that?

  8. Jimmy Bobo says:

    I predict he’ll have a serious problems with splinters in his arse from riding the pine.

  9. Helium-3 says:

    When donkeys fly !

  10. Joey says:

    Got to be an improvement from not even making the bench

  11. Good Jeremy says:

    Anyone here know what kind of depth they have at midfield? As long as he plays I’m happy, and he should fit in OK in a league that stresses defense.

  12. freddino says:

    Chievo Verona is not a good look for MB. Italy has the stylish / glamor / flair type of soccer that is not one of juniors strong points, especially at a level like the serie A. Work ethic and passing is just not enough in italy, coz everyone has it!!! With Verona holding on to mikey’s contact at almost $3 million…what if he barely makes the bench….now he’s going to be loaned out to teams….who can’t keep him because of his fee….and then he turns into a journeyman.

    Adu already broke my will….now bradley

  13. Good Jeremy says:

    because it’s really boring I would guess. I’m happy Bradley found a club though.

  14. Kevin_Amold says:

    Let’s get to what’s important. How does MB feel about Bieber?

  15. Kevin_Amold says:

    “Italy has the stylish/glamous/flair type of soccer…”

    They do?

  16. roberto says:

    Gattuso disagrees

  17. freddino says:

    that means you don’t watch serie A soccer…enough said

  18. Igor says:

    This makes no sense at all

  19. danny says:

    This is great news! Breaking new ground. MB can learn a lot from the Serie A. I think he’s adaptable and he has the mental fortitude to earn playing time eventually. MB is not Adu by a longshot. Although he does not look like a typical Serie A CM, the key thing is that he can help his team win-that’s his M.O- and I think that overtime he will be able to prove that.

  20. bryan says:

    based on their roster, i would think that his biggest competition comes from Luca Rigoni (26), Rinaldo Cruzado (26, Peruvian international), Kamil Vacek (24, Czech international), and Përparim Hetemaj (24, Finish international)

  21. Good Jeremy says:

    I always thought Italy’s style was to put 10 behind the ball, wait until the opposition goes forward and out of position, then go forward, dive, and try to score on a set piece.

  22. Neruda says:

    If he plays he’ll improve in Italy. His style of play will work well in Italy where the whole midfield is expected to defend.

  23. freddino says:

    Lets watch and see….

  24. Kevin_amold says:

    I admit it. I don’t watch Serie A. Thus, the question…

  25. abc says:

    The other Bradley supposedly turned down $4.5 million from Qatar (although I haven’t seen it reporter on SBI or other English language sources).

  26. NC Jeff says:

    I had thought he was going to be playing in Milan, but then I remembered that he’s … “too sexy for Milan … too sexy for Milan”

  27. camjam says:

    the next time you see a player with high work rate in Serie A will be the first time haha.

    But seriously, “Everyone has high work rate and passing”…. meh. Passing maybe.

  28. camjam says:

    Not to say Serie A isn’t good; they are a great league. I just think you’re over-estimating certain parts of the Italian game.

  29. NE Matt says:

    chievo verona is a VERY weak team that battles relegation yearly. much in the sense of how he stood out at gladbach before having a falling out, will be the case here. bradley is too motivated not to do well once he gets the call

  30. chris says:

    He’ll do well in Serie A just like he did well in Germany

  31. T Daddy says:

    +1…better snooze time tv than golf.

  32. Good Jeremy says:

    He did well until he demanded a transfer then underwhelmed once there. Returning to a locker room you thought yourself better than is never going to get you in management’s graces, but he did play really well prior to the Aston Villa stint.

  33. T Daddy says:

    Are the people who constantly hate on MB just trolls or truly dumb? I hope trolls…

  34. freddino says:

    maybe I am….and just being paranoid, but there a reason no American has been successful in Italy (haven’t even tried)……so for him to take the risk?…..I dont know man

  35. TomG says:

    I doubt they’d pay a transfer fee and accept his full salary if they planned him for bench duty. He’s not on loan, here, he’s a full transfer so there is a certain level of commitment. It has historically been tough for Americans to get any play in Serie A, however. It’s a fantastic move for his tactical and technical development if he plays.

  36. TomG says:

    HaHa! Yes, in the World Cup, anyway.

  37. chris says:

    Wait so George John wanting to move to a better club is ok but when MB moves its frowned upon? It was a mutual agreement to loan him. MGB wanted to improve his transfer value. You cant blame everything on him

  38. Jim says:

    Honestly, I think his biggest challenge with adapting to Serie A will be on the defensive side. Positional defending and proper man-marking is pretty much a religion in Italy. Bradley has a bad habit of relying on hustle to make up for errors in that area. And defensive mistakes will piss off an Italian manager a lot quicker than a lack of on the ball flair.

    But hopefully he takes this chance to improve his game and earn some playing time. I’m not sure how many more shots he’ll get.

  39. guy fawkes says:

    They simply know the game and have not drank the Kool-Aid (that this site for one serves up). In the US, besides having limited press coverage, what little there is – acts as a propaganda tool for USSF. Like American press in general, it is bought and paid for. MB is just an average (2nd division) player. The same people who love MB are the same people who think the US is a “shinny city on a hill”.

  40. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Off topic, but does anybody have any tangible information on the Dempsey to Seville rumors that are floating around?

  41. Annelid Gustator says:

    This is such a fallacy–there’s a lot of hard work in Serie A.

  42. chris says:

    yeah youre simply a f*cking idiot

  43. Predicto says:

    Here’s a site that links to July-Aug articles outlining MB’s MGladbach saga and transfer. Interesting reading.

    link to

  44. RK says:

    That thing called google provided: link to

  45. Alex says:

    Good God, I knew there were stupid people and dumb comments sometimes on this board, but you, sir, really took it to another level… Having an opinion about a player is one thing, but accusing the entire soccer press in America of being mere USSF puppets is not just preposterous, it’s uninformed. And unless the “city on a hill” you were talking about is built from the tibia of “2nd division” players like Michael Bradley, I think you meant “shiny.”

  46. loosek says:

    They actually play a little football in the Serie A, and I think it’s great that MB is headed there. There’s a general bias against Yanks in Spain and Italy, probably because of our over-reliance on “work ethic.” That sells pretty good in England and Scotland (and Scandinavia) but I think we need U.S. players to get a foothold in Serie A and La Liga. And they hustle plenty in Italy. They just look good while doing it.

  47. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I already read that. Skysports reports a lot of things, not all credible.

  48. Good Jeremy says:

    I’m not blaming anything on him, just explaining why he didn’t do well after being loaned out. A GM isn’t going to want to play a player who is trying to force a move because it ruins cohesion for the rest of the team and forces them to start from scratch when he does leave, and he certainly doesn’t make fans in the lockerroom when he forces a move to a better club and comes back with his tail between his legs trying to unseat a more loyal player for a starting role.

    I suspect if John went to Blackburn, failed miserably, then came back to Dallas and expected to start the team wouldn’t be happy with him either. Top level players can get away with it because of the difference in skill between them and the next guy, but players like Bradley and John can’t, even if they are an upgrade from their potential replacement.

  49. Good Jeremy says:

    Yeah, and the moon landing was fake too, used to raise morale in the US and make the USSR think we had ICBMs. Don’t trust anyone!

  50. John says:

    How do you say “Did not dress” in Italian?

  51. T says:

    MB is a solid player but his skills are greatly blown out of proportion, many times at the international level he’s give naway balls in important places on the pitch resulting in goals, in fact one of his screwups led to Pablo Barrera’s first goal in the Gold cup, and he’s very slow when tracking back,in addition to his inconsistent passes that have the team scrabbling to reset on defense persistently.

  52. Predicto says:

    Yes, nice response. And MB in Verona will give me a reason to watch Serie A.

  53. MidWest Ref says:

    My recollection is that MB helped BMG fight off relegation a few years ago. Then, sensing they would be relegation fodder again, allowed MB to seek a transfer or loan to get him off the books financially, and hopefully get a transfer fee in return. I don’t remember MB demanding to leave.

    The bad blood has started when the new coach arrived, who looks like he didn’t want MB on the team.

  54. biff says:

    Hey, Predicto, the Chievo Verona news is not news to us, is it :-) I see you are now checking out the German web sites.

  55. randomly says:

    It’s not as bad as watching the middle and bottom of the table EPL teams play each other. Like the Fulham vs. Toon game — that was sooooo exciting. At least Serie A has some tactical sophistication. I hope that Baby Bradley can learn to position himself better and not do so much needless running around. This is potentially a great move for him if he behaves himself (doesn’t get into a fight with the coach) and plays regularly.

  56. danny says:

    I really hope for your own sake that your not serious. You think he’s a 2nd division player? Don’t think he has the potential to be a solid distributor of the ball in Italy? See link to

  57. MJC-DC says:

    Terrible? That an overstatement he completed 18/20 passes, had a tackle, an interceptions and two ball recoveries.

    And note that his passes should he did a good job spraying the ball wide and forward.

    However, what the stats do not reflect is that he failed (along with the whole team) to create and dangerous chances in the first half while playing in a new, more attacking role (I prefer him as more of a defensive mid).

    I would say MB had a okay game not bad, did show enough to be a top performer.

  58. MJC-DC says:

    They were 11th last year. Are they expected to battle relegation this year?

  59. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. It’s Italy, not Brazil. Italian league has plenty of hustle players – Gattuso is a prime example.

  60. RK says:

    Ok, then noshortcorners.

  61. Alex says:

    I had never seen that. Thank you. Bradley’s not a perfect player by any means but the abuse he gets is unwarranted.

  62. MJC-DC says:

    You should check out the chalkboard for his past few team USA matches (and beyond, all I’ve looked at are the more recent matches)the stats truly differ from you opinion on his inconsistent passing. Just google USA vs whoever chalkboard and you can find the stats for all the players.

    I can’t speak for MB pre-fallout for at BMG as I did not watch that much.

  63. biff says:

    Excuse me, but that is absolutely not true. First, Lucien Favre is not only an excellent coach, but by all accounts is a good guy who gets on well with the players and appeared to be willing to give MB a chance on his return in July to Gladbach. Second, all reports are that MB earlier this year wanted to leave the team and had the loan chance with Ashton Villa and Gladbach obliged. And, unfortunately for MB, the team played much better without him than they had played with him. You tell me, do think those teammates who MB happily bid adieu in January as he left for what he thought would be the Big Time in the Premiere League would be welcoming him back in July?

  64. JP says:

    It makes me mad they could not offer him $2.9 million! :-)

  65. Cylo says:

    plus 1. The middle and bottom EPL are so boring!

  66. Colin says:

    if you like watching the most skilled players in the world, Serie A, La Liga, and the Bundesliga is where it’s at. You also need to tune into every Neymar game. Playing for a Serie A team is a very big deal because you have to be considered very technically skilled to get signed and play. Onyewu was just wanted in the past as a big defender to sub in if 5 other players got injured.

    AC Milan is going to give Barcelona a run for their money because they have four good defenders now with Prince Boateng and Van Bommel to clog up the midfield with Seedorf playing the trequartista behind Pato, Ibrahimovic, and Pato. AC Milan…scary opponent. They have an advantage in fights with Ibrahimovic and kevin Prince Boateng.

  67. Colin says:

    Michael Bradley sucks, right? Holland, Germany, and now Italy.

  68. NE Matt says:

    true they finished in 11th, but they also were a mere 5 pts from 17th place. the lower half of the serie a table is extremely weak, and its truly a wildcard on who goes down and who stays up. MB should improve chievo’s chances of survival while hes there

  69. biff says:

    But the stats don’t show that MB was responsible for covering Peralta, who caught MB sleeping and scored Mexico’s lone goal. As that great soccer player Sir Winston Churchill once said, there are lies, damn lies–and then there are statistics. As for the rest of the game, MB was a weak link whose benching in the second half had a highly positive effect on team dynamics/chemistry. Not a good game for MB.

    I checked the stats page you are quoting, and see that Brek Shea had only one more successful pass (5) than unsuccessful passes (4) and was tackled and lost possession as many times (5) as he had successful passes. What does that mean? Heck, I don’t know. Soccer stats are not quite Greek to me, but almost. But I do not need stats to tell me that Shea played inspired attacking soccer that infected the whole team and was seen by most as Man of the Match. CAn want to see him against Costa Rica and Belgium.

    As for MB, the move to Italy looks as if it could be a good deal. Hopefully he gets playing time and improves his game and can earn a spot on the USMNT. Until then, I am going to enjoy seeing how the USMNT’s midfield performs without him.

  70. Sgc says:

    Those numbers aren’t actually all that great. The percentage is fine, of course, but the volume indicates less involvement than you typically expect from Bradley.

  71. Sgc says:

    On the other hand, Biff, that MB criticism is unfair. First, you never assign primary responsibility/blame for a forward near the box to a midfielder unless the CBs have a darned good reason why they aren’t around. MB was covering someone alarms blown assignment, most likely.

    Secondly, he did a pretty good job of it. Peralta was only able to get off a prayer of a shot, having to stretch a leg around MB. It just happened to go in, so you basically have to just tip your hat

  72. Sgc says:

    someone else’s, that is.

  73. A-Lott says:

    C’mon, man, Peralta’s goal was ridiculous. He swinging his leg around Bradley’s body for the volley. Michael was suffocating him and Peralta scored anyway. Bradley wasn’t looking for the ball, but the individual effort and technique on the finish was outstanding. I’m not certain there was anything a US defender could have done to prevent Peralta from scoring that.

    You may make a case that the team played more positive attacking soccer after Bradley was benched, but the whole “Michael-was-responsible-for-the-goal” line of criticism is weak soup.

  74. A-Lott says:

    That is: He swung his leg around Bradley’s body for the volley.

    Missed the tense change in the hasty revision.

  75. biff says:

    If you look at the replay, MB is frozen, looks like a statue, does not appear to see the ball coming. It was actually not such a difficult goal to stop. Had MB taken a half step toward the oncoming ball or stuck out his leg, he would have prevented the goal. But he just stood their frozen. If Bornstein would have allowed that goal to happen, he would have been torn to shreds (figuratively) by the fans and commentators.

  76. Kenny_B says:

    Bradley is way better with the ball at his feet than Gooch……

    And Lalas….come on, we can’t really be talking about Lalas can we?!

    I think Bradley has a good chance at being successful in Italy. I’m not talking about a world beater, but sure he can rise to the level of the level of one of the four midfielders that Bryan listed above that none of us has ever, ever heard of.

  77. rlw2020 says:

    3 mill isn’t something a mid-lower table team spends on a reserve player. If he isn’t a starter or the 1st guy off the bench then they are wasting some serious money..

  78. Kenny_B says:

    I didn’t catch that. LOL.

  79. Kenny_B says:

    I think that is a stretch to say AC Milan will give Barcelona a run for their money. Van Bommel is an aging thug. Gattuso is getting older, Seedorf is no spring chicken and is well past his prime. Cassano could go off the deep end at a moments notice. Ibra has yet to have proven to be a clutch performer in the Champion’s League.

    I just don’t see where Barcelona has these same issues.

  80. bryan says:

    yeah, such a terrible resume.

  81. Alex says:

    Two Pato’s would be quite deadly… Haha, in all seriousness, I don’t think AC is about to challenge Barca for world football domination but they do look like quality this year.

  82. Ricky B. Free says:

    Quit looking at the stats. Did you see when Bradley kept losing the ball to Torrado? Or when Bradley was left 1v1 against Marquez and Bradley dribbled the ball straight to Marquez, Marquez didnt even move.

    Bradley is a solid DM but some people think he is a Pirlo kind of player when he is not.

    Why cant we all just realize that he is a solid DM instead of people just saying he sucks or that he is the second coming of Maradona?

  83. Ricky B. Free says:

    There are guys that hate on the guy and then there are guys like you. Why didnt you list the team names?

    Would Michael´s haters and lovers please keep it in the middle. People either say he sucks or they act like he is our best player.

  84. A-Lott says:

    I concede that Bradley should have been looking for the ball. Still, at least eight times out of ten Peralta doesn’t finish that. It was a fablous goal.

    The fact that Bornstein would have been criticized for the same play doesn’t is essentially meaningless. Bornstein is always criticized, even when his play isn’t particularly poor. Some supporters just hate the guy.

  85. A-Lott says:

    Er, it was a fabulous goal. Boy, my typing and editing skills are failing me today.

  86. cr says:

    Here’s an idea – come back to the states and play in MLS? First we can all say that the money isn’t there, I get that. Then we can say the competition isn’t there, perhaps. Then there’s the playing time, yep, that usually comes to mind. Maybe the real reason half of these guys won’t stick with MLS is because they are going to discover something very fascinating – That they just may not be as talented as some of their domestic counterparts.

  87. Hush says:

    Good move. It’s sad though it took this long to get something done. Ulises Davila the Mexican midfielder just signed a 5yr contract with CHELSEA. :( … sub-20 is very very important tournament & i wish folks on this board would respect the importants of the sub-teams.

    We would have had atleast 4 players go to decent clubs if we would have qualified. :(

  88. hogatroge says:

    Considering the amount of PT he’d been getting at the club level, I’d say he was awesome (relatively) against Mexico.

  89. hogatroge says:


    Goal was a helluva highlight, but was >50% luck.

  90. hogatroge says:

    Anything is better than not dressing for arguably the worst team in the Bundesliga.

  91. hogatroge says:

    Good for MB. Hopefully he’ll handle the situation with a bit more maturity and both he and the club will benefit.

  92. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    does Bradley realize nobody in Italy speaks English? You gotta have real thick skin to play in an enviornment where you can’t understand anybody/they can’t understand you hah…you would think building chemistry might be tough in those situations.

  93. CR says:

    More than likely he wont make the first team before he is eventually sold to a lower level team, especially with the class Chelsea has coming up.

  94. Pico says:

    At least he will enjoy the food and wine in Verona, catch some nice operas at the Arena and vacation with Germans at Lago di Garda.

    Not a bad place to live, between Milan and Venice and just north of Bologna, the food capital of Italy.


  95. Pico says:

    From a soccer point of view, he could really benefit from playing in Italy. There is such an emphasis on tactical discipline and fundamentals that Bradley could develop professionally more than if he had gone to the EPL.

    It is really up to him now. If he can prove himself at Chievo he can be picked up by a larger team.


  96. papa bear says:

    Serie A is a much slower paced league that will probably suit Bradley better and get him improve the weaknesses in his game (namely defensively. He is OK but not nearly as good as a CM/DM needs to be)

  97. Russell says:

    The back and forth banter on this goal is great. The knowledge and passion for the USMNT has grown leaps and bounds in 10 years.

    I agree with both. It was good not great defending by Bradley, but still he could have done more. But bottom line it was a good half lucky goal where the credit has to go to the goal scorer.

    That said, the whole team, except in my opinion Torres, looked anemic Bradley included.

    I think if you are looking for a 1-0 or 0-0 result, Bradley is your guy as the second DM. He can get stuck in and can arrive late and get a where did that come from goal. Vs any other opponent he doesnt have the creativity to be the catalyst nor the positioning or clean distribution to be the lone DM.

  98. beachbum says:

    lots of passion in Italy. they’ll test MB early and often I predict, physical, mental, emotional…lots of tricky BS in that league, but they play hard

  99. beachbum says:

    cin cin!

  100. TomG says:

    Everybody speaks English, they just don’t want to speak to you.

  101. beachbum says:

    si spera di sicuro

    Forza Michele! Dai!!!

  102. TomG says:

    Pirlo? I don’t think I’ve ever heard ANYONE compare MB to Pirlo. That is an insane comp. Paul Scholes is MB’s ideal upside at the very most.

  103. glaing says:

    Bradley can learn Italian. Reports are that he learned German, hence why he helped Jermaine Jones with his communication and learning English.

  104. beachbum says:

    fail. not even a good try

  105. beachbum says:

    if your will is broken, then move on.

    Will power Michael has in truck loads

  106. vik says:

    not entirely true. I was struggling through a barca/real madrid whine-fest last year and had to go to a Fulham/Bolton game at halftime to be reminded how the sport should be played.

  107. Modibo says:

    Churchill? Apparently not – most people, even that wag Mark Twain, attribute that to a previous British PM, Benjamin Disraeli (remember Cream’s album Disraeli Gears?). But they’re wrong too.

    Google “university of york lies statistics” for the story!

  108. Well said. This is not a league where you get patted on your behind after making a mistake. It is going to be very demanding mentally and emotionally. If Bradley can rise to this challenge he will be much better for it, but it will be far from easy.

  109. Shane says:

    This is a bad move for Bradley. He will be an absolute failure in Italy, not because of him but because of them. Look at Gooch. He was too hardworking, earnest, honest and respectful to get anywhere in Italy. It will be the same for Michael, only he has a temper to boot, so the end result will be worse. Would have rather seen him at a Championship side.

  110. Chicago Josh says:

    MB90 is now a Flying Donkey. Perfect!

  111. johnny2 says:

    I’m glad he found something, now let’s hope he gets some playing time.

  112. biff says:

    You are absolutely right. Thanks for the correction. I guess that is why I flunked out of history.

    link to