Report: Dynamo nearing deal for Costly

Costly (ISIphotos)

Photo by Jose L. Argueta/

The Houston Dynamo have long been in the market to add a scoring punch, and after an unsuccessful stint with Spanish striker Koke, the team appears to have turned its attention to Honduran international Carlos Costly.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the club is in negotiations with Costly, who is out of contract after being released by Mexican club Atlas. According to The Chronicle, Costly's deal with the Dynamo would run through the end of the season with a club option to extend it through 2012.

Both coach Dom Kinnear and team president Chris Canetti told The Chronicle that the team is actively looking to sign the 29-year-old Costly, who scored three goals during this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup, all of which came in a 7-1 victory over Grenada. With rookie striker Will Bruin out for the next 4-to-6 weeks after surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Houston could certainly use the help up top.

What do you think about the potential move? Do you think Costly would succeed in Houston?

Share your thoughts below.

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47 Responses to Report: Dynamo nearing deal for Costly

  1. Ja Ja James says:

    If the $$$’s are right, I like this signing for my Dynamo. He has had some injury issues, but if he brings the right attitude, he can do well with the Dynamo.

  2. alabama futbol says:

    grande carlo costly!! es un jugadorazo de mi Honduras! I like this move a lot

  3. T says:

    Houston seems to do a pretty good job at bringing in worthless high price tag players. This broken down player should be no different.

  4. PetedeLA says:

    Somewhere Brian Ching is saying, “!#?$!&$!”

  5. jose says:

    What time is the roster going 2be out?

  6. Felix says:

    Strong #9 with good ball skills and good pace. With Brian Ching and Cam Weaver, who both like to play in similar spaces, this move does seem redundant. But I don’t know how Weaver and Ching’s form and fitness have been this year.

    I like the player, but don’t know if this move is the wisest considering the similar players the Dynamo already has.

  7. Marcos says:

    Ching and Costly will be beasts up top with Brad D. serving up good chances. Cam Weaver will benefit also.

    This the style LA should go for with Beckham, but Arena is beaten to the punch once again.

  8. kpugs says:

    Ha, Costly is one of the least-prolific “respected” strikers in CONCACAF. Good luck with a guy who scores once every 19 games fellas.

  9. Zero Cool says:

    Beaten to the punch? We’ve already got our useless, lazy, walking center forward.
    Can’t say we need another

  10. Shane says:

    I’m afraid this move could be too costly

  11. Vic says:

    Kpugs, Lets see: 38 games for Honduras 19 goals. I think your numbers are wrong.

  12. Wow! says:


  13. Tony in Quakeland says:

    And somewhere Bob BRadley is smiling.





    (Reference to Ching’s graceless twitter last week.)

  14. DCUPedro says:

    I see what you did there.

  15. Aaron in StL says:

    Great pickup for Houston as a non-DP. Plus, having the option to extend another year is great as they can just cut him loose if he flops (metaphorically).

    Like seeing CONCACAF villains in MLS.

  16. PetedeLA says:

    What did Ching tweet?

  17. Lake's End says:

    Just keep thinking everything is OK, with so many games in hand and many more to come. Arena will probably just wait for the next 1998 World Cup vet to save him. He’ll be excited if it is a defender…

  18. mistadobolina says:

    nice, love watching him play with honduras always thought he would be a great player in MLS… glad to see someone take a chance on him. hopefully he doesnt get injured.. All the big concacaf players should play in MLS.

  19. Rod says:

    Much better than Koke, who couldn’t handle the physicality of the American game. This guy fits right in.

  20. John says:

    Hope he isn’t too….Costly.

  21. Erik the Orange says:

    There’s already a big target man on that team that’s gettin on in years that’s had his best years behind him that’s often injured and that used to play for his national team.

  22. Brit in Houston says:

    you forgot to put on your sunglasses

  23. Brit in Houston says:

    Gasp, the dynamo are trying to sign someone I’ve actually heard of??? No way…

  24. Poo says:

    something vague like “it’s a good day” right after the BB news came out. I thing Ching deleted it though

  25. H-Town says:

    The day BB was fired, Ching tweeted “Some days just bring a smile to your face”

    I thought it was spot on after BB left him off the WC roster.

  26. PetedeLA says:

    I just saw the tweet. I couldn’t agree with you more. For all Bob’s loyalty to crappy players who just couldn’t get it together like Bornstein, Kljestan, Beasley, you have a player like Ching who always played with tons of heart AND made the most(not the least, cough cough.. Rogers, cough cough Beasley) of the talent he has.

    It would be one thing if the guys he chose over him were proven commodities, but they were not.

    Ching was unlucky to pick up an injury somewhat before the cup, but I would pay big money to anyone who can convincingly argue that our other forwards performed better than Ching could have (with the weeks of individualized WC preparation he would have received).

    Now if Findley would have worked out as the poor man’s Charlie Davies replacement, I would have had no problem with Bob’s decision. But Findley was just coming off a horrible season with RSL.

    I can just imagine Ching watching the WC games on TV as Findley routinely would waste his chances and give the ball away cheaply saying, “Sh#t. I can do THAT!”

    In other words, I think Ching can be forgiven for his tongue in cheek comment. Graceless? Not in my book. Let’s not forget, Bob would have Ching doing pre-game prayers before our qualifying matches. And you leave HIM off the roster! Talk about a guaranteed way to screw up your karma.

    Rant over.

  27. abc says:

    So Ching should be glad that Bradley got fired… because he didn’t make a World Cup roster that he didn’t deserve to make?

    The dude was injured or just coming off an injury, and is getting old. Altidore, Buddle, and Gomez certainly deserved it over Ching based on their performance and what they brought to the team. And even though Robbie Findley sucks, he brought something to the team that Ching does not: blazing speed we have been looking for since the Charlie Davies injury.

    Totally classless Tweet by Ching, respect -1.

  28. Duck says:

    Houston must be trying to corner the market in big forwards. I would prefer someone speedier up top, or an above-average attacking midfielder. Davis and Clark/Cruz are great on the wings, but they need someone in the center.

  29. PetedeLA says:

    I agree with your points. But I think it could have somehow been handled better. Maybe we could have taken all of the forwards mentioned and left Beasley. It’s a tough one, but I sympathize with Ching.

  30. Chris says:

    He looks pretty quick to me for a big forward. Definitely quicker than what we have right now.

  31. Dale says:

    I saw this guy play with relegation-bottom table Atlas in mexico last year and he dint do a damn thing. He was a good player, but it hard watching this guy get beat by speedy defenders down in Mexico his only attribute is his strength but he dint do his job which is to score goals. If the Dynamo signs him as a non-DP it’s worth the shot, but if they want to blow big money like Atlas did, well good luck….

  32. Rod says:

    Of course he isn’t going to do anything on a poor Atlas side. He is a better fit for the physical Amrican game.

  33. P Quiroz says:

    now how about a midfielder to feed him???

  34. Pete says:

    he must have been too costly for LA

  35. Dale says:

    true, Mexican defenders made him look silly…hopefully MLS fits him better, the only problem i have is that decent players in leagues like Mexico are labeled as DP’s in MLS…

  36. gigi says:

    good for the dynamo and mls. He might now have as much star power as some of the other DP’s but hes shown he can be dangerous. I can see him having a 10-15 goal season next year if signed.

  37. abc says:

    I don’t even like Beasley but Beasley is more in the picture than Ching, he is playing well in Mexico whereas Ching is pretty much close to retirement (hence drafting Will Bruin and signing Costly).

    This isn’t kindergarten, Ching is supposed to be a professional athlete. We don’t include players on a World Cup roster to avoid hurt feelings.

  38. TP says:

    Rumors are also going about Brazilian Luiz Camargo almost being signed as well.

  39. TP says:

    He is reported to be non-DP, because Atlas let him out of his contract.

  40. PetedeLA says:

    Of course, barring catastrophe Ching’s international career is over. But my main point was that Ching is entitled to feel hard done by Bob vis a vis the World Cup.

    Let’s look at that World Cup squad for a moment. Are you truly saying they could not have benefited from the calm presence of a leader like Ching who was almost always able to summon up top performances (at least for his level of play) for the USMNT?

    It’s academic at this point, and hindsight is always 20/20, but considering how badly we struggled with possession, there were certainly moments during the WC that I thought we could have used an in form Ching.

    OK. I’ve said enough. I’m hardly a Ching fan.

  41. gigi says:

    if its non DP that would be an awesome signing by Houston. good for them.

  42. Hardy says:

    Kinnear has been looking at a Brazilian AM

  43. Septo says:

    Ching will always mean more to USA that Lazy Out the door

  44. Tim says:

    there are good non-DP’s in MLS as well

  45. Brandon says:

    MLS has to start competing with Mexico for CONCACAF supremacy. More CONCACAF signings!

  46. solles says:

    Costly could def do better in MLS than Mexico. Good signing.

  47. JAVP says:

    Ha. You’re right. Landin, Koke, and now this guy. And they are just that – worthless high price players that are coming to Houston to finish their not-so-great careers. Houston needs a real DP that’s in his prime and not keep getting these guys that are washed up. I mean if you’re being released by your previous team that kind of says it all.