Ten-man RSL holds off punchless Chivas USA

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CARSON, Calif. – Chivas USA had their first home game in a month, and faced an opponent that went a man down after a first-half red card, but the Goats couldn't capitalize on the advantage as a crucial defensive error and inept offense kept Chivas USA from gaining ground in the playoff race.

Real Salt Lake entered Saturday night's match badly needing a win as well, having lost four of five matches, and Alvaro Saborio helped deliver the victory, scoring on a defensive blunder by Chivas USA to give RSL a 1-0 victory at Home Depot Center on Saturday night.

Saborio scored the only goal of the match after pouncing on a sloppy backpass from Ante Jazic and beating Dan Kennedy.

"[It was] a sloppy pass my me," admitted Jazic. "I put [David Junior Lopes] in a bad position and then I thought he was going to make the play but the ball kind of bounced up on him. It was something that shouldn’t have happened."

RSL pride themselves in creating and forging scoring opportunities and goals, but Head Coach Jason Kreis spends more time training his side on capitalize on the opponents mistakes.

"It’s a big part of what we want to be," Kreis said. "We try to win as many ball as the opponents have, to capitalize on their mistake, win the ball on their half and put the ball in back of the net is what we’re after."

Everything was going RSL’s way until the 25th minute, when Nat Borchers drew a red card for taking down Nick LaBrocca right outside the penalty area. Borchers was the last defender and admitted fault. 

"It was a situation where I put myself in at the referee’s mercy," explained Borchers. "In that first touch LaBrocca positioned himself well and he was in on goal so I fouled him. I didn’t see where [Tony] Beltran was at the time I fouled LaBrocca. It could have been a yellow card, but I am definitely to blame for it.

Despite being a man up for over two-thirds of the game, the Rojiblancos weren’t able to capitalize. Juan Pablo Angel rang one off the crossbar but that was all the home team was able to muster.

The loss was a costly one for Chivas USA, and not just because of the missed chance to gain ground on the other teams competing for playoff places. Standout defender Heath Pearce left the match with a hamstring injury and will go for an MRI on Monday. The injury is likely to keep Pearce from joining the U.S. men's national team training camp after having been called in for the team's upcoming friendlies vs. Costa Rica and Belgium.

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14 Responses to Ten-man RSL holds off punchless Chivas USA

  1. biff says:

    I see Jason Kreis has pulled a Nuremberg-Timmy Chandler move and asked Kyle Beckerman to stay at the club through the end of the week, meaning Beckerman will miss the Costa Rica game but will fly to Brussels to join the USMNT. Suppose some will be happy with the development. Not me. I thought Beckerman was solid against Mexico and want to see whether he can repeat the performance against both Costa Rica and Belgium.

    link to mlssoccer.com

  2. RSL fan says:

    Can’t recall name, but the Chivas player that tried the overhead kick and kicked Shuler in the back of the head needs a heavy fine and suspension. Anyone recall the player’s name? It occurred when Olave and Shuler went down.

    kick to the head isn’t a card? MLS…..

  3. ELAC says:

    I think whenever a Chivas USA hurts an RSL player, the police should get involved. That’s the sense I get from RSL fans.
    Nevermind the hack job and play acting their players commit.
    Good for them. Whatever gets them the 3 points.

  4. ShaggyReAL says:

    Yeah, Kyle Beckerman should be ashamed for faking a head wounded. I wonder how he made the blood look so real?

  5. Artie says:

    I think he hides ketchup packets under those dreads…

  6. bkbksmith says:

    That was Junior Lopes, the same player who failed to stop Saborio on the goal and who blasted into Russell twice.

  7. georg says:

    Really liked the message sent to Mondaini by Beckeman in the second half.

  8. ELAC says:

    You got the three points again, but you also got a taste of your own medicine.
    Boo hoo, you got blood on your uniform.

  9. Neruda says:

    That was a hard tackle by beckerman but at least he had a play on the ball. Mondaini had no chance to get the ball from javi when he took him out.

  10. Matt says:

    Probably the worst game i’ve seen.

  11. Matt says:

    In other news, Robbie Findley strikes again for Forest.

  12. Matt says:

    Also got a taste of your own medicine?

  13. Matt says:

    I wish you’d clarify your thoughts.

  14. El Guapo says:

    Chivas USA is awful. Just awful. Poor bastards give away more tickets than the LAPD but the people never come back because the team is such a travesty.