Seattle ousts San Francisco in extra time to reach CCL group stage

Jaqua - Getty


Nate Jaqua picked a perfect time to end his scoring drought as his 98th-minute, extra-time winner saw the Seattle Sounders top San Francisco FC and progress to the CONCACAF Champions League group stage as 2-1 aggregate winners in the preliminary round.

It took extra time to separate the two sides, and it was Jaqua who was the man to provide the definitive goal in the tie.  

The big striker was found by Alvaro Fernandez eight minutes into extra time and was able to control the ball before rifling it into the roof of the net for his second goal of the 2011 season in all competitions. The first came in Seattle's 3-1 victory over the LA Galaxy in the US Open Cup.

Before turning provider, Fernandez had initially put the hosts ahead in the 41st minute when he met a Leo Gonzalez cross with his head for a far post finish to bring his side level on aggregate. The Uruguayan is now on seven goals in all competitions in 2011, but his goal against San Francisco was his first in the Champions League this season season.

Having been defeated 1-0 from the penalty spot in the first leg of the CCL tie, Seattle had a tough time finding a way past San Francisco keeper Miguel Torres. Torres provided a number of top-drawer saves and put forth a man-of-the-match display, despite conceding two goals. Seattle finished the night with 35 shots (14 on target), and Torres finished the night with 12 saves.

The result means the Seattle Sounders advances to Group D in the CCL along with defending champion Monterrey, Comunicaciones and either Herediano or Alpha United.


What did you think of the game? Do you think Seattle deserved to advance? Do you see the Sounders getting out of their group?

Share your thoughts below.

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63 Responses to Seattle ousts San Francisco in extra time to reach CCL group stage

  1. sammysounder says:

    Two points.

    1. We were by far the better team in both legs. San Francisco got a fluke goal due to PK and tried to bunker for 150 minutes.

    2. Alvaro.

  2. patrick says:

    cauht this article about eddie johnson today. His wife caught him cheating at some hotel in florida

  3. CA says:

    Alvaro Fernandez is one of the most underrated players in the league.

  4. Steve McSteve says:

    5 MLS teams in the CCL group stage. A good start.

  5. The Dude says:

    Well, not exactly a resounding victory. Neither Seattle nor TFC looked very good this week against much weaker competition. A lot of MLS teams have the bad habit of playing down to the level of their opponents. NY has turned it into an art. Why don’t we see MLS teams destroying these teams? Doesn’t bode well for the knockout stages.

  6. Matt Kassel says:

    you are under estimating how tough it is to play in Hondorus, Panama, Costa Rica, etc. in between the travel, the playing conditions, the refs…the fact that 5 MLS teams made it to the group stages is very good

  7. Levesque scored with his crotch says:

    Atrocious refereeing. Plenty of diving, soft calls, and no calls were keeping the SFFC in the game. Seattle clearly the better team, hoping for some sound refereeing in the group stage.

  8. The Dude says:

    The issue is the MLS teams don’t play “their game” when playing CCL competition. TFC is a team that wants to play possession, attacking football and all I saw last night was dump-and-run. They had ACRES of space between the defenders and they consistently opted to keep the ball in the air. Even Dallas looked quite mediocre against their CCL opponents. At some point, we need to see these superior MLS teams dominate this minnows.

  9. The Dude says:

    By the way, are you the Matt Kassel?

  10. sammysounder says:

    New York is a bad team. They’ll be lucky to get a wild card.

  11. Running Drugs says:

    That ref crew


  12. Travis says:

    So that picture is not even from this game…. fucito and levesque did not play at all. the reffing was a joke by the way, that striker for San Francisco number 19 spent the entire game falling over it was hilarious

  13. --------- says:

    Ives poaches photos

  14. Tre says:

    Wrong…both teams looked good. Seattle had the strongest competition though.

  15. Levi says:

    I was especially impressed with the tenacity of the Panamanian side. They were no pushover and Seattle played well. They played similar to the national team in the Gold Cup. There should be more of these guys in MLS.

  16. Max says:

    3 for 3 in preliminaries…well-done

  17. Inju says:

    minnows? these are quality teams from their leagues, eurotard

  18. Huey says:

    Just shocked that Jaqua scored a goal…he looked awful up to that point. Sounders look like they got their mojo back and hopefully reinforcements are coming.

  19. Jack says:

    where are chicago and la write-ups?

  20. abc says:

    How do you expect a blog to get photos from every match themselves?
    Would you rather have no photos with stories?

  21. Inster says:

    they were on their heels because SSFC was so resilient in attack. The finishing must still improve though.

  22. Fantaf says:

    El Flaco is not underrated to Sounders Supporters

  23. Stingray says:

    not to mention The Emirates Cup

  24. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Plays such a subtle, intelligent game. He and Rosales and—to a lesser extent—Friberg have taken the Sounders passing and overall attack to an entirely different level. So much more pleasing and entertaining.

  25. OmarVizquel says:

    “scoring duck”…..ugh. Leave that horrible phrase to the British papers, please.

  26. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Sat in the supporters section for a change. Good times. Ref was as terrible as I can recall seeing. Somehow, Montero’s finishing was even worse. Couldn’t have found the frame if he was standing in it.

    Super-exciting match, though. Sounders looked great for long stretches, just couldn’t finish. And proud to see a raucous 22,000 stick around for the full 120+ on a weeknight. Even the five-year olds in front of us stayed strong, dancing in the aisle with their parents as the final seconds ticked away.

    Geeked for group play and Monterrey. It’s time for MLS teams to start (1) dismantling the non-Mexican teams and (2) stealing some CCL titles from the Mexican clubs.

  27. Leo says:

    Could the reason they opted for an aerial game have ANYTHING to do with the state of the pitch/ankle high grass?

  28. Ferris says:

    Friburg getting a yellow for time wasting in stoppage time was about as ridiculous a call I’ve ever seen.

  29. RK says:

    Personally, if it isn’t relevant, yes.

  30. Ivan says:

    When is Seattle getting rid of that horrendous artifical turf and putting real grass instead?

    Great fanbase and atmosphere, but the astroturf makes games in Seattle almost unwatchable!

    Football must not be played on artificial surface!

  31. Dale says:

    that aint gonna happen until the salary caps are removed in MLS, Monterrey bought Cesar Delgado from Olympic Lyon to reinforce their already star-studed line-up…this Monterey team is 3x better than last CCL, the sounders don’t stand a chance

  32. Charles says:

    I would have been very bummed if Seattle’s bad finishing resulted in us not being able to watch CCL group stage.

    I think the Sounders make it through group stage. Monterrey will be tough, obviously, but the games last year against them were great. Seattle probably should have won the game in Mexico.


  33. Matt says:

    Get over it, Ivan. Every sounders game someone mays this comment. What about the other teams that play on Artificial turf?

    did I just fall for a ‘turf troll’?

  34. RK says:

    At least he scored.

  35. Travis says:

    they dont play on astroturf, it is field turf and there is a HUGE difference. yes we would like to play on grass but to say field turf almost makes it unwatchable is laughable.

  36. JJ says:

    Keller agreed with you.

  37. John says:

    +100 for the joke

    -100 for cheating on your wife (Eddie)

  38. ZoroEatsYou says:

    Seattle won’t make it out of the group. Monterrey will pound them.

  39. chris says:

    He blows now and hes ugly

  40. BWH says:

    There is also a HUGE difference in the garbage Seattle plays on compared to the turf in Vancouver and Portland. Get your own stadium so you don’t have to play on whatever the Seahawks want.

  41. Al_OC says:

    Hampton Inn, really?? I thought they get paid big bucks in Europe.

  42. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    It was designed and built as a dual-purpose stadium and serves us well. A natural surface may come in the future, but more likely in the near future is another FieldTurf replacement. Stuff is a little worn at the moment, and is going to take more of a beating with the Huskies joining the action for awhile.

  43. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Wrong, Travis. It *is* laughable.

  44. Clover362 says:

    So The CCl schedule favors Mexican and Central American teams in the group stage because they occur at the begining of their season while the MLS teams are in the final push for league playoff spots. this means MLS is facing really busy scheduels with players starting to get tired from the grind of the season, and they have an incentive not to take the CCL seriously (not all teams do this but LA definetly does, especially because their best players are older).

    the dynamic switches in the knock out rounds, there MLS teams are fresh (and the better teams have less turnover than they use to so cohesion is less of a factor) and the Mexican teams are at the end of their grind.

    I think Seattle and FCD goes through to knock out rounds, LA could go through if Arena decides to take it seriously which I think is less than a 50/50 proposition. Colorodo is a maybe. I can’t see TFC making it through mainly because FCD is much better than they are and will beat them home and away so how could they go infront of monteray and FCD?

  45. Clover362 says:

    Field turf is probably there to stay because it is better on Football players (NFL) bodies.

    Also I would imagine that in Seattle with all the rain a natural grass field would get destroyed and not be a very good surface to play on.

  46. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    “that aint gonna happen until the salary caps are removed in MLS.”

    Sure it will. RSL damn near did it this year. MLS quality of play is ever-improving, and the salary cap will rise in the coming years.

    “the sounders don’t stand a chance.”

    Sure they do. First off, two teams advance from the group, so the Sounders can move forward even if they get stomped by the unbeatable juggernaut that is Monterrey. Second, crikey, they play the games for a freakin’ reason you know. Tournaments every year in every sport are filled with upsets that range from eyebrow-raising to jaw-dropping. Keep hope alive, Dale. Keep hope alive.

  47. NC Jeff says:

    3:30am, the wife got a tip from a “friend,” she immediately grabbed their 5yo daughter out of bed and put her in her Jeep Cherokee, she sees Eddie’s rental che sar, sees Eddie walking with another woman, and decides to bash into the rental car (daughter STILL in the Cherokee). Uh, sweetheart, would you like for me to offer you a possible clue as to why he was looking at other women?

  48. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Adrian Hanauer (Sounders GM) continues to maintain conversations with the Seahawks are “ongoing” regarding the surface. Could be giving false hope, but that hasn’t really been his style on any other topic so far.

    As to the weather, you can do a natural grass surface in the PNW (people never realize we actually don’t get *that* much accumulation), but the heating and irrigation would cost a couple million. Sounds pricey, but our FO should be effing swimming in money by now.

  49. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Why bother playing, eh? And again, two teams make it out—Monterrey and one of their poundees.

  50. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Uh did you watch the actual game against Real Esteli this week?

    We looked great.

    Last week id agree with you but we were leaps and bounds better this week

  51. Robert Green says:

    christian miles continues to show an intense hatred for the english language. his extraordinary butchery, coupled with his desire to use phrases and words that’s he heard other, more sentient, humans use when describing a game of football is really…beyond words. ironically. last night i heard him say “fernandez again with the same turn, that’s really becoming predictable. great turn by fernandez there, great skill.”


    someone somewhere please do him a favor, replay a game with his commentary, then give him the seppaku sword and let him do the honorable thing? PLEASE? I’M BEGGING.

  52. BWH says:

    Looks like the Chivas kit in the background.

  53. mikey says:

    Me too. I was calling for cutting him not 2 minutes before he scored.

    It was a poached goal, but still a good one.

  54. mikey says:

    Notice how the Panamanian players miraculously stopped getting hurt when they were no longer tied with us?

    Amazing how that works

  55. mikey says:

    Unwatchable? LOL clearly never seen a Revs or Dynamo match.

  56. mikey says:


    FYI there have been grass discussions. Unfortunately it would take 8 months to plant & let properly root, and with a MLS and NFL team playing there year round, its unlikely to happen.

    That’s the only reason they haven’t changed it, I’m sure of it. Both Sounders and Seahawks would prefer grass

  57. mikey says:

    97.3 streams Arlo’s call I think. Sync up the radio with the tv, its what I do :-)

  58. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Eight months? No no no no—a thousand times no. Toronto FC went from FieldTurf to grass two winters ago. They started tearing up the FieldTurf in December and didn’t put down the sod until late March. Their home-opener was April 15 and the sod was properly rooted.

    Unless the Seahawks advance deep into the playoffs *with* home-field advantage, a similar schedule could work just fine for the Sounders. Worst-case scenario, Sounders could play the first two months on the road, as SKC just did. Or find a temporary home for a few games.

    Thing is, Seahawks still prefer FieldTurf, last I heard. But it’s not lasting anywhere near as long as promised, and it ain’t cheap to replace, so there’s hope they might be converted.

  59. marco says:

    Only part right, dual use correct, but with grass, paul allen reneged, but was never sued.

  60. marco says:

    It rains more in most EPL cities.

  61. marco says:

    Paul Allen doesn’t want it, profits.

  62. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Not sure how my comment was only “part right.” Never said grass wasn’t promised.