Tottenham’s game versus Everton postponed over riots


By now you most surely have seen or heard about the riots in England, but as bad as the situation is, only one match on opening weekend of the Premier League has been postponed.

The Tottenham-Everton game scheduled to be played on Saturday has been pushed back to a further date yet unknown. The Premier League said they came to this decision after taking advice from local authority in north London, where the match was to be played.

The nine other fixtures scheduled for opening weekend are still a go, including three other fixtures that will be played in London.

North London saw the first outbreak of violence in the country last Saturday and a big portion of that area remains closed off as officials investigate.

What do you think of the Premier League postponing the Everton-Tottenham game? Surprised more games aren't being postponed?

Share your thoughts below.

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15 Responses to Tottenham’s game versus Everton postponed over riots

  1. RSD says:

    I wonder if ESPN2 will pick up another match instead…are there any available for that time slot?

  2. 20 says:

    probably the right thing to do, I’m glad Fulham – AV is still on

  3. soccerhorn says:

    at least Howard gets a little rest after last night. I mean, he touched the ball like what, six times?

  4. Mark says:

    Really would like to know the answer to this too. The Saturday/Monday ESPN2 matches are my only access to the EPL on TV. I’m sure there are other 9:30 matches but who knows if ESPN has the rights to them… they’ll probably just play the Little League World Series.

  5. Badtz7 says:

    I’d love if ESPN2 would show the Fulham-Aston Villa match instead, but I know Fox Soccer is showing it (not live) later in the day, so they probably wouldn’t have the rights.

  6. JSmiley says:

    What if there was a riot and a soccer game broke out?

    Sorry, I’ve been wanting to say that all week. :-/

  7. Jon says:

    Ian Darke confirms on Twitter that ESPN2 is picking up Fulham/Villa now.


  8. bryan says:

    excellent news

  9. Vince Clortho says:

    Play the match @ Everton and swap the next fixture back to White Hart?

  10. Dominghosa says:

    Of course, this has to happen to a club I support. COYB.

  11. Jim from NC says:

    Hey Ives, How is this game going to affect my EPL team in the SoccerByIves league? Oh yeh you still have not set it up yet.

  12. Kurt says:

    England has young people fighting for change and we have old people fighting for big corporations…What is wrong with this country?

  13. usa says:

    hahaha. idiot

  14. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Kurt… England has criminal yob mentality youth who have no respect for the law and their parents (who do not actually parent) are angry that the government is reducing their government assistance…

    I can assure we have the same problem here it is just our cops will shoot looters and rioters who show a complete lack of respect for the law or citizens property and safety and they won’t in England…

  15. Mick says:

    How come they dont shoot the teabaggers?

    Why do they always send the poor?