USA announces roster for Mexico friendly


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Jurgen Klinsmann has made his first roster selections as U.S. men's national team head coach, and there are surprises aplenty.

DaMarcus Beasley, Ricardo Clark, Heath Pearce and Jose Torres were just some of the surprising inclusions named by Klinsmann for the U.S. team's friendly against Mexico on Aug. 10 in Philadelphia. Some of the more regular faces on the roster include Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan and Tim Howard.

Here is the full 22-man U.S. roster:

GOALKEEPERS – Bill Hamid (D.C. United), Tim Howard (Everton).

DEFENDERS – Carlos Bocanegra (St. Etienne), Edgar Castillo (America), Timmy Chandler (FC Nuremberg), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Michael Orozco Fiscal (San Luis), Heath Pearce (Chivas USA), Tim Ream (New York Red Bulls).

MIDFIELDERS – Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Borussia Monchengladbach), Ricardo Clark (Eintracht Frankfurt), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Jermaine Jones (Schalke), Brek Shea (FC Dallas), Jose Torres (Pachuca).

FORWARDS – Freddy Adu (Benfica), Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls), DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla), Edson Buddle (Ingolstadt 04), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy).

Some of the more notable omissions are Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Benny Feilhaber, Brad Guzan and Jonathan Spector, though Klinsmann said previously that certain club circumstances would prevent some players from being called in.

Klinsmann did summon a pair of defenders who have not represented the United States in a couple of years in Edgar Castillo and Michael Orozco Fiscal. Brek Shea and Kyle Beckerman were the only two MLS-based midfielders called in.

In total, seven players called in are from MLS, four ply their trade in Mexico and the rest play in Europe.


What do you think of the roster? Whose inclusion are you most surprised by? Who would you have like to seen on the team?

Share your thoughts below.

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406 Responses to USA announces roster for Mexico friendly

  1. Korey says:

    Glad to see Torres back. But no Dempsey?

  2. Drew says:

    Minus Dempsey this is perfect.

  3. Drew says:

    And minus Gatt or Gyau-was hoping to see one of them

  4. centrejack says:

    My only thumbs down is Rico, but I bet there are some players who are left off because they are fighting for a spot with their clubs, Demps, Jozy, etc…

  5. david says:

    would have liked to see mix though.

  6. Quen47 says:

    Beasley? Pierce? Castillo? Time for some guys to come in from the cold!

    I’m guessing that the Dempsey exclusion has something to do with transfer rumors?

  7. dman says:


  8. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Boco must be penciled in as CB, which is a good thing.I like him better there

  9. Joel J says:

    I would of liked to see Mix and a few others. But This isn’t bad. I don’t like Clark at all, but the addition of JF Torres and Adu make me happy.

  10. 20 says:

    Dempsey begins a new season with Fulham 4 days later. As a Fulham fan I’m glad he gets a pass on this one.

    Very interesting roster, Clark, Buddle, Beasley, Pearce and Torres all getting another chance to prove their worth. At the same time you have up and coming players like Hamid, Shea and Castillo mixed in with a few “regulars”.

  11. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Not seeing him on this list is a huge disappointment for me. He is not cap tied yet and I really don’t want to lose him to Norway.

  12. Poo says:

    surprises… Beasley? Orosco? I would have liked to have seen George John.

  13. T says:

    this is kinda scary, I’m not sure I like this….

  14. Jim in Atlanta says:

    4-3-3 obviously


  15. Brad says:

    Fulham has a game on Aug 13

  16. Hopper says:

    I like it.

  17. bryan says:

    I don’t think Beckerman or Clark should be in this roster. Im very surprised at Orozco’s inclusion. Given we knew Lichaj was out and Jozy and Gooch just got to new clubs, as well as knowing Fulham wanted Dempsey, it’s no surprise they aren’t on here. I guess Mix and Bedoya, as well as the other Scandinavian based players were skipped for this game. Mid season, that’s fine with me. Should be interesting. Now I want to know who Mexico is bringing.

  18. Poo says:

    Goff mentioned that Tim H. influenced the choice of Hamid

  19. Sam says:

    klinsmann showed personality.

  20. 20 says:

    Nothing to do with transfer rumours, more to do with Fulham’s match 4 days later

  21. matfitz says:

    love it. a breath of fresh air.

  22. Colin says:

    I like it, Beasley is a def suprise,excited about Break

  23. Poo says:

    Gatt I thought was injured. Has the Gyau even played a full professional game?

  24. dan c says:

    this has 4-3-3 written all over it, i don’t have an issue with any selections except for Beasley, aside from the fact that he is playing in Mexico, he offers nothing in my opinion

  25. dman says:

    He wasn’t kidding around with the Latin Influence

  26. Poonjason says:

    No outside midfielders. Predicting Klinsmann wants a go at 4-3-3 or some variation of a 4-2-3-1.

    But love that Castillo, Orazco and Torres are getting a look.

    But why Beckerman?

  27. Ozotkd says:

    Good No Bornstein, I like to see what Castillo can do and also good to see Buddle and Torres back, would like Gomez in there, not sure about Rico.

  28. Korey says:

    Also Onyewu?

  29. Luke says:

    Rico and Beasley are kind of headscratchers…

  30. Topher says:

    Should have called in Charlie (not in great form, I know) instead of Beas. Or even Gomez instead of Beas.

  31. fsegaud says:

    There is no opportunity to cap tie a player until qualifiers. Now giving him a sense of belonging is another matter…hopefully the September friendly vs. Belgium.

  32. Poonjason says:

    [sarcasm] Wait. Michael Bradley is still in the mix??? Thought he was there only because of his daddy… 😉

  33. MidWest Ref says:

    Wait a second – people are pleased with

    Beasley’s inclusion – as a forward? I am a huge Beasley fan (same home town), but his days for the USMNT are past.

  34. Poo says:

    Let’s keep in mind they are probably limited to 6 subs, so there is def some practice fillers here.

  35. elgringorico says:

    Nobody has really mentioned Bill Hamid yet! Great call-up, will probably see more of him than Tim next week.

  36. DCUPedro says:

    Chris, you’re a sensible guy despite being an LSU fan. Remember that we have a European based friendly coming up in Belgium, and understand that Mixx is with his club right now.

    My only roster prediction this week was that people would read too much into this selection. Bradley has TONS of players he needs to see over the next 6 months and will have about 6-7 matches over that spanto see all of his options. We should not look at the rosts for ANY of these matches as his first choice selections. He’s just scouting at the point, really. That Rico got called in and Mixx didn’t for this match just means that we’re more likely to see Mixx in September.

  37. 20 says:

    i’m interested to see what Break can do as well

  38. $herman Maje$ty says:

    I cannot believe George John was not selected! He is the best defender in MLS period. I cannot believe Tim Ream was selected. Ream is an absolute Joke and should never be in the USMNT or the MLS all star team. Unbelievable! I do like the selection of Beasley and Adu though. Hamid and Shea are good selections.

    What about Justin Braun, Stephen Lenhart ?

  39. Primoone says:

    The Beas is back…and unfortunately Redcardo.

  40. JoeL says:

    I’m surprised to see Tim Ream on the roster especially after his last few performances. I’m not a Tim Ream hater but I don’t think is ready for the USMNT at least for the bigger friendlies like Mexico. Just my 2 cents…

  41. Neither of those players is ready to play for the full USMNT. There is no reason to bring them in now.

  42. 20 says:

    I wouldn’t count Beasley out, he’s had a rough couple of years but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a comeback and be useful

  43. Ozotkd says:

    Totally agree about Rico.

  44. Warrior says:

    My thoughts exactly, would have gladly traded rico for bobby convey

  45. biff says:

    Ricardo Clark? Watched him play on TV two weeks ago against St. Pauli and he did not look in good form at all…otherwise, not a bad roster for Klinnsman’s first.

  46. 20 says:

    agreed. I really hope Tim Ream does well but he has been poor recently

  47. colin says:

    Landy and Break can hold it down on the outside

  48. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Interesting choices particularly Orozco and Castillo. Beas not so much. He will be doing battle with Shea for PT.

  49. A breath of fresh air? All of these players were in under Bob Bradley except for Hamid.

  50. bryan says:

    i would probably go with:

    Castillo, Boca, Goodson, Chandler
    Beasley, Jones, Bradley, LD


    having said that, there are multiple combos i would be okay with.

  51. Will says:

    Fire him now

  52. Marc says:

    If Bob had called in some of these players (Beaz, Pearce, Clark, Beckerman, Buddle), he would have been heavily criticized.

  53. Brad says:

    friendlies are meant for developing players like Ream. where else is he going to get 1st team experience against tough competition? Let’s see what he can do, if he’s progressed from the Gold Cup any…

  54. KNPonder says:

    Devils advocate: maybe JK is giving him a look at CB??? Clark played there some with his club late last year.

  55. bryan says:

    just signed for a new club. he’s fighting for his spot there. same situation as jozy.

  56. Brad says:

    Sometimes players are called in for camp and practice fodder, don’t read into every player called in too much…

  57. bob says:

    Micheal Bradley only made it cause his dads the coach…Oh wait crap, I guess he is good

  58. Kevin_Amold says:


  59. Tyler says:

    Obviously not all these players will play but Jurgen probably wants to have the opportunity to get a look at some of these guys up close and personal to see what they’re about for himself. As a DCU fan I like the inclusion of Hamid, hopefully it will keep him motivated to continue getting better. Beckerman has been a good performer in MLS so I can’t argue with that. Pearce, Clark, Beasley are my only head-scratchers. Pearce/Clark are not international caliber players to me (Pearce moreso than Rico, although at least Rico did impress when put at CB for a spell in Germany) and Beasley needed more time in Mexico to prove he was worthy of another call up.

  60. montana matt says:

    I’m not so huge on recalling Rico, Beas, and Beckerman.
    Would much prefer to have seen Convey, Mix, and George John.

  61. KNPonder says:

    +1 Boca is better for us at CB.

  62. Felix says:

    Wow, and people thought Bradley liked his defensive midfielders lol. Not too much natural width on this team outside of Beasley and Donovan, perhaps he plans on featuring wingbacks, which explain the Castillo call-up.

    The one that really shocks me is Orozco.

  63. Angel FAN of USA says:

    remember he is German and he watch a lots of the Bundesliga games probably he is watching closely all American player in that league.

  64. C C says:

    Brek will break you.

  65. bryan says:

    um, he had called in each and every one of those at some point. and from what i’m seeing, Clark and Beckerman inclusions are being questioned by everyone. Buddle over Gomez seems strange too. Pearce probably won’t see a minute of playing time, so no worries there. Beaz, that’s the most interesting of the inclusions.

  66. jrb5 says:

    I am still astonished that Whitbread wasnt called in as a central defender!!??? Mix Diskeruud!!!??

  67. BK says:

    You mean Klinsmann, I assume? 😉

  68. I’d love to see Mike Magee get a shot as National Team goalkeeper. Something to think about Klinsy!!

  69. Drew says:

    I get them confused. I think it is Gatt that I’m thinking of, but that is largely a product of the hype machine+wanting to see some new faces. I’ve never seen either play really minus some U20 games.

  70. Al17 says:


  71. nice says:

    People, Dempsey has a game near the friendly. Gatt/Gyau have to play more, just cause they scored twice doesn’t mean the deserve a call up. Relax guys

  72. Scott from Austin says:

    If I am not mistaken, Mix is permanently with us after using his one-time switch to play for the US after playing with Norway’s youth teams at different levels. I’m not positive about this, but fairly sure we are safe.

  73. Brian S. says:

    Ricardo is playing regularly in Germany now and I think he has paid the price for his mistakes by not being called up since. I think he deserves another shot

  74. ACS says:

    Maybe some of those Mixx EPL rumors are true? And would do better than bringing in Beckerman or Clark.

  75. BK says:

    also beas

  76. Poo says:

    you think Ream is a joke but you are willing to suggest Lenhart? Get a clue.

  77. KNPonder says:

    Were was he playing . . . midfield or CB?

  78. mistadobolina says:

    i was big on including John as well, until i watch yesterday’s CCL game. Did not impress.. still i think he is a lock for the game vs. Costa Rica or the January game.

    Beasley and Orozco.. ya interesting selection but they are both playing full games IN mexico.. worth a look.

  79. Primoone says:

    Uh Oh …Elite Trolling is back.

    Still waiting for you to post something of substance…

  80. jh says:

    If he didn’t call in a substantial amount of veterans who had seen extended time under BB, then he would have had no credibility with his “I want to build on the foundation that is already there” remarks.

    I like the inclusion of players who didn’t do so hot under BB, including Castillo (can you really make a judgement on a player after 30 mins on the field???) and Torres and Shea.

    Beasley and I are still not speaking. I just keep seeing the Brazil (Confed. cup) match. I hope he comes back and proves me wrong.

  81. Louis Z says:

    you are probably right.

  82. Dave in San Jose says:

    Wow – where to begin with this comment. I’ll leave it at:
    * To say that the 23-year-old Ream should “never” be in USMNT or All-Star Game again is beyond ridiculous. I should have stopped reading your comment at that point.
    * I’m an Earthquake season ticket holder. But to suggest Lenhart is wrong. He isn’t close to international caliber – doesn’t have the striker skills. See his two missed 1-on-1 changes with keeper vs. Whitecaps. Honestly, I don’t ever see him making this leap.

  83. ThaDeuce says:

    Assistant coaches?

  84. Chris says:

    Ricardo Clark had great games for the 2007 GC final, the final vs Spain and a few other great games..maybe he just needs to be coached right..Beasley is finding his form again in Puebla, Mexico is not an easy place to succeed and he’s doing a great job, I think Castillo, Torres and Orozco bring a much needed fresh air to this team.

  85. Scott from Austin says:

    Seriously, we need to let George John know we need him, because we do. Tim Ream will never be a top choice for the Nats by my estimation, Goodsen is mediocre, Boca is old, Agbossamonde (spelling?), Gonzalez and Opara are unproven, so we need all the options we can get at CB.

  86. john says:

    agree on clark… and beasley! but otherwise happy.

  87. TomG says:

    Klinsi clearly wants a look at possible Latin players which is good. Some real retreads here, though: Beas, Rico, Pearce, etc.

  88. evan says:

    if Jurgen wants to give more Mexican Americans a chance and give the team a more Latin feel that’s all well and good, but Castillo, Orozco and Torres aren’t good enuff. they would’nt even make the bench for a Mexican B-team. hope they prove me wrong…
    i’d rather see Gomez and Gonzalez.

  89. chris says:

    No Matt Taylor??????? Just Kiddin but come on Jurgen you are better then this. Beasley’s NT days are over, Beckerman is a strong player but NT chances are over. Orozco??? WHAT!!!!! Torres, Castillo??? You need to get over your love affair with Latinos. Torres has looked astrocious for Pachuca and Orozco well he speaks for himself. Geoff Cameron would be better then most of these players. We’re going to get bu fu’ed.

  90. Brian S. says:

    Why? They are both playing regularly now and playing quite well from all of the game reports. I think they’ve earned the call ups just as much as anyone else.

  91. JoeW says:

    Some of these guys–this was a very special moment. When the call to Hamid came in, he didn’t pick it up b/c he thought it was a telemarketer. Then he later listened to the message. According to Goff. “I was shocked,” Hamid, 20, said. “As soon as I heard the voice, I knew it was him. I didn’t listen to the rest of the message. I put the phone down and was like staring into a far-off land. I started crying a little bit.”

    Nice to know that pulling on your country’s shirt can move some of these guys to tears.

  92. Poo says:

    Is Mexico’s roster out yet? I havent seen anything. This might be the first time in years out roster was out first.

  93. Raisa says:

    Surprising to see Ricardo but happy that Brek and Donovan is in! Wished that Omar Gonzalez or Mixx Diskerud could have been called up! Lets see on September 2!

  94. BenH says:

    Not good to the point that he never, ever, sits. Or am I missing all the news of European teams banging down his door?

  95. mistadobolina says:

    for sure.. great prospect for down the line after Howard and Guzan..should be a great experience for him.

  96. Felix says:

    He called up every defensive mid we have lol, I wonder if he wants to look at all of them and decide who are his favs.

  97. kimo says:

    Kyle Beckerman and Ricardo Clark are the only 2 that have no business being selected.

    1) You have to imagine that certain guys weren’t available for a variety of reasons…and remember there’s a European friendly that some of the Euro based players will be featured in.

    2) I would have like to have seen Convey and Pontius (a reach at this point, but I love his upside). Hopefully, Mixx is in the mix for Belgium.

    Not a great nor a bad roster. I more interested in how the lineup and play.

    PS. An “inform” Beas would be huge.

  98. Primoone says:

    A little surprising however, DMB has been out of form. He certainly isn’t washed up. I would take Beasley over any other winger currently in MLS. His First touch is class. He can deliver a wicked cross and he still has his pace. Ive seen three of his games so far and he looks like the old DMB that terrorized Mexico on the left flank.

  99. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I like the Selection and Donovan old partner is back in action. Donovan loves to play with Beasley they been together since U17, Remember this is it!! this will be the time to make or bust out of the USNMT he said he is going to be given everyone a chance to see if they can make it in the USMNT with his style and for the rest I think he will still bring the Young player little by little remember we have other friendlies in Europe and more to come. Don’t be discourage about the John, Gatt, Conor, Gyua etc. His knows whats up… I bet against Costa Rica he will bring Feilhaber, Davis, Convey and other people. It will be a different Team all together.

  100. BK says:

    I don’t see why Beaz is such a surprise to everyone. Sure he’s had a pretty bad few years on the club front, but he seems to have a good thing going in puebla. If hes fit and in form, why not call him in? He can definitely contribute, he’s only 29 and a veteran of 3 world cups.

  101. fresh says:

    Here’s a question that I don’t remember hearing about through all the excitement of Klinsmann’s hiring. Will Bocanegra keep the armband or does Klinsmann pass it to someone else (LD, Howard?)

  102. AC says:

    I like this roster. Obviously, some people aren’t paying attention as to why some other players aren’t on the roster, like Dempsey for example. This is a quick friendly in the middle of club season openers so there is no reason to call in everybody. Mix will get his chance in time as others as well. I like that Klinsmann is bringing in other fringe players who Bradley left out for a long time. This obviously isn’t a full strength squad, but I like the young players getting a chance. I also see more technical ability with Torres, Castillo, Adu, etc…You need players who can keep the ball at their feet with Mexico.

  103. Isaac says:

    I’m not sure what to think/say, other than Ives you spelled Brek wrong :) I am interested to see what he does with this group of players tactically.

    -A plus is that we will so someone other than Bornstein, or Bocanegra for that matter, at left back. I love the guy, but it’s time to give some other options a chance.

    -He calls Beasley and Donovan forwards, making me wonder what he has in store for us.

    -I’m glad to see Edson Buddle back in the mix and I was confused as to why he was left out to begin with. I know he wasn’t lighting it up necessarily for Ingolstadt, but he should still be given the opportunity to fight for his spot, and he wasn’t.

    -Torres’ inclusion is a nice one. I’m not saying I haven’t had my criticism of Jose in the past, but he does bring a unique skill set. His defensive positional sense and bite (don’t get that confused with actual defensive ability) make him almost as good defensively as any other defensive midfielder we’ve got, but his vision, composure, and passing range allow us possession and the ability to dictate play.

    -With all the rage over Heath Pearce at centerback for Chivas, I wonder if he will be played there for the USA, or if he’ll be given another chance as left fullback. I thought he was the best left back we had if we wanted someone with offensive skill and defensive skill, but he was just inconsistent. Castillo has been labeled as Bornstein, just better going forward, but we’ll see.

    – The Orozco inclusion is interesting, and it’ll be nice to see how he would pair up with Bocanegra, or Goodson for that matter. Orozco is also quite a good distributor/ball handler himself, for all those Tim Ream fans.

    If Bob had called this roster, most fans would be P.O’d and I might be there with them, but in the context that this is a new coach, there is only one word to describe things: Interesting.


  104. Justin says:

    Omar Gonzalez and Mixx Diskerud should be in this camp. That is the only thing I have to complain about.

  105. mistadobolina says:

    Ream is incredibly over rated! but still a good player.. he is not playing well right now, see over-hyped, but still have faith that he could be a US international some day.. another example of the MLS/USSF hype machine that jumps players forward to soon.

    John more or less the same. i see him getting a look vs. CR or the January game.

  106. DeLarge says:

    I’m super excited. I won’t have to watch Bornstein play next Wednesday!

  107. dcm says:

    i just don’t understand beasley or buddle. to call in a questionable player who is young is one thing, they can be coached, they can improve. to call in two old mediocre players that definitely won’t be playing in the next tournament is silly to me. why waste the time? why not take a gamble on two younger guys instead? i would love to hear his reasoning behind those two.

  108. BenH says:

    Orozco I don’t see at all. I can somewhat see Castillo because we desperately need to find a left back. Being a friendly, you can experiment and look at him in person.

    Didn’t have any issue with any of the other calls.

  109. N-Whit says:

    Funny how Chandler wasn’t avaliable for the Gold Cup when Bradley called his club team. But when Jurgen makes the call, Chandler’s club releases him.

  110. Raisa says:

    I agree! Omar has proven everything! Plus he has a good height and a awesome mask!

  111. Francois says:

    I was just going to say the same thing. George John was not very good yesterday at all. I think he will get called in for the January camp though.

  112. AC says:

    Agreed…People forget he wasn’t getting much club playing time during his last “screw up” national team moments…But the guy has speed and is playing in a technical league right now (Mexico) and as I recall, the USA is playing Mexico so you need players with experience against this type of opponent. Beasley also has a successful history and experience of playing against the Mexican national team.

  113. Dudinho says:

    He’s playing well in Mexico which is still a better league than MLS

  114. Aaron in StL says:

    Torres has never been properly utilized w/the Nats. He’s a player that didn’t fit into BB’s rigid structure schematically.

    Let Klinsi do his thing, maybe he could work out. Cool to see Hamid get called in as well

  115. BobBradley says:

    i told you my son could play!!!

  116. Joamiq says:


    I’m skeptical about Castillo, but it would be nice to get another look.

    Orozco is a waste of a call up. So are Beckerman and Clark. So is Buddle.

    Shea is nowhere near ready for the national team.

    Looks like we’re going to see 4-3-3.

  117. Andy in Chicago says:

    Very glad to see my boy Torres getting another look. Hope he impresses because I have always liked him and would love for him to be a big part of this team moving forward under the new manager.

  118. Poo says:

    By “in form” for Beas do you mean 2002 form?

  119. inkedAG says:

    Hahaha, excellent!!

  120. Francois says:

    Haha honestly, this dude never posts a comment based on his original ideas.

  121. ACS says:

    Martin Vasquez and Tab Ramos

  122. inkedAG says:

    And here we thought Bob Bradley’s call ups were questionable!! 😀

  123. Aaron in StL says:

    That’s what I was thinking… about the only justifiable reason to have him in

  124. t says:

    are all 3…castillo, torres and orozco all on mexican top flight teams and get regular time?

  125. bryan says:

    absolutely. i’m okay with the Beaz call up. we knew this lineup wasnt going to be full strength, so i always assumed beaz would get the call. i think he can be a good option off the bench during qualifying and can help provide depth out wide. and given how many center mids were called up, and how little options we have on the wings, it’s not really a big surprise to see him. i just hope he can continue getting PT with his club and work his way back into the USMNT.

  126. ted says:

    Agree with those who called a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1…this looks more like a 4-2-3-1 to me, honestly. I figured aloud that Castillo and Torres would be back in the fold after Klinsmann publicly stating he wanted more Latino involvement and here they are, and it wouldn’t shock me overly if they started, too. Klinsmann wants a more technically adept squad.

    Figured Shea was back in the pipe too after the way he’s been killing it for FC Dallas lately. Shea is still a gangly goofball at times with some clumsy touches but he is also a pure nightmare to control with his size and the way he can rampage upfield. Also Beckerman…he still looks like he was just released from the state pen but has really settled down the last couple years under Jason Kreis and is playing the kind of calm, fluent 1-and-2-touch soccer that Klinsmann brought to Germany.

    I like it. Nothing too radical, but it definitely shows you where Klinsmann is headed. I think the real surprises will come in the starting lineups…it wouldn’t shock me overly, for instance, if somebody like Beckerman was in the starting 11, and Klinsmann will definitely WANT to start Ream because of his distribution…we’ll see if he’s able to.

  127. Dudinho says:

    Again Orozco is Starting in Mexico Castillo is on the Bench and gets time for CLub America these guys arent playing in some obsucre league Mexico is the best league in the americas outside Brazil

  128. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Players can play for multiple youth teams, I believe. I think the one time switch has more to do with senior teams, but I might be wrong.

    And DCUPedro, good point, I just hope Mix doesn’t take this as a slight, seeing as other European players got called in. Then again, those players aren’t in the middle of a season like Mix and Bedoya are.

  129. nice says:


  130. Dudinho says:

    Again ill inform you uneducated folks they play in Mexico a way stronger league than MLS

  131. Gacm32 says:

    Hahahah I was gonna say the same thing.

  132. Dudinho says:

    not to mention hes absolutly dominant in the Air would have liked to see him and franklin get a shot

    maybe the carson friendly they get called up

  133. Joamiq says:

    Well said. Ridiculous comment.

  134. Aaron in StL says:

    Can I be the first to say on any Klinsi roster… THIS GUY IS ONLY ON HERE B/C HE’S PLAYING IN GERMANY!!!!

    Get used to that remark. But yea… thought we were done w/Rico

  135. This Guy says:

    Klini has the chance to give this team an identity and the players selected suggests speed, speed, speed!

  136. Ryan says:

    Bringing in ricardo clark was a mistake unless jurgen plans on playing him in the back 4, why bring 4 holding midfielders in Bradley, Jones, Edu, AND Clark. why not bring in another attacking option like Mix or throw in a surprise in a Conor Doyle or someone of that sort to give them 10 minutes as a taste of the USMNT. Keep a youngser wanting more.

  137. evan says:

    sure all 3 get time but none of them are stars, none of them would play for Mexico.

  138. This Guy says:


  139. Modibo says:

    9 out of the 22 have significant playing experience in Germany. Yelldell didn’t make it though.

  140. Joamiq says:

    What did he say that was so wrong? All of these guys WERE in under Bradley.

  141. BK says:

    and this year. he’s listed as a MF though, does that matter?

  142. YO says:

    I don’t like the Beasley call, not sure about the Beckerman call, like how he plays for club but not for NT unless klin has the answer. Defense –what can we say about it! Shea -whatched him a little last night and I am not sold on him yet. We will see if Klin has the answers.

  143. n00gze says:

    literally laughed out loud

  144. bryan says:

    the difference is that this is a new coach checking out a lot of fringe players. he can gather his own opinion on them, rather than just assuming they are all crap because Bob didn’t like them. Although, i REALLY don’t understand calling up Beckerman.

  145. ACS says:

    Chandler as a the right wingback?

  146. Clover362 says:

    So I thought John was fine yesterday in the CCl, he almost scored, and was solid in the back as always, And even if he did have a sub par game for him it wax 107 degrees and his 5 match in like 15 days.

  147. I agree. Clark lacks skill and Beckerman is good for about twenty give-n-goes to nowhere, 30 square passes to nobody special, and 40 back passes to his defenders. He needs to learn how to pass with a purpose before he starts with the Nats. Also, Agudelo has to show a bit more skill an stop faking himself out with his own scissors move and tripping over the ball.

  148. AC says:

    This roster is nothing too crazy. It’s the best as can be roster actually for the moment which is a badly timed friendly in the middle of club season openers. Klinsmann brought in the best mixture he could find at the moment: young players to get a chance as well as veterans who can provide leadership and stability. Think about it, look at the players he called in for this opponent, Mexico, which is a quick and technical team. Torres, Castillo, Adu, Orozco, even Donovan, Beasley, Agudelo, Ream, etc. You need these type of players for this type of badly timed friendly. In other words, players who are quick and good with the ball at their feet mixed with the needed, tough defenders like Jones, Bocanegra, Chandler, etc. Several of these players have experience against Mexico or play in Mexico meaning game experience and knowledge of the opponent. So, in all, this is a good enough roster for the friendly.

  149. The Sir says:

    Whatever you say, Chicken Little.

  150. Waterlewd says:

    If I looked at that in a mirror it would make sense.

  151. BK says:

    Yes, you can play for whatever youth teams you want. The one-time switch is necessary if you have previously played for a senior national team in unofficial games. Once you play in competetive, FIFA recognized matches, then you’re cap tied.

  152. TomG says:

    Why is everyone hot on Convey? Talk about a retread. If there’s anyone who’s proven they can’t handle international football, it’s Bobby Convey. I’m all for second chances, but this guy has had more than his share of chances and looked completely clueless in each. He’s an older Robbie Rogers, no more or less. He’s fast and left footed, which is all you need to be a good player in the Championship or MLS, but not internationally or in the Prem, which he’s proved. He can run past slower guys, but when faced with equal pace, he’s helpless.

  153. He should have called Ives in before Beas.

  154. Jesse says:

    Surprised by no Jermaine Jones. What is his club situation these days? I’ve never been very impressed with Orozco. Interesting that he wants more fluid passing and he called up Rico Clark. Even if he came in as a center back, his suspect passing could be even more exposed there. It will be interesting to see who starts and what the shape and approach is.

  155. RBNY says:

    – Beckerman will be good vs Mexico. He’ll help provide some bite in the midfield.

    – Agree with many on Clark, WTF??

    – Good to see Adu called back in after a good performance vs Mexico in the Gold Cup Final.

    – Good to see JF Torres get another look, he got a raw deal during the 2010 World Cup. If Klinsmann’s new system involves playing the ball on the ground and not huffing it up field (see Bradley) Torres’ skill and vision in the midfield will be a definite plus.

  156. Aaron in StL says:

    That is a good question. Will Boca be at WC2014? Good chance he won’t. Would be a decent time to make the switch.

  157. 20 says:

    Have you been watching FC Dallas? Shea has been one of the best players in the MLS this year. That doesn’t mean he is ready to step in and start a meaningful game but it does mean he’s getting a shot. Everyone expected Shea to be called in

  158. yeah, it would be nice to hear that Spanish announcer say “BOOOnbury”

  159. Spectra says:

    True True…but Klinsman doesn’t know these guys well yet. If anyone of these guys comes in and does poorly then they might be done completely. We all know that if it was first team none of them would have been called in before Dempsey, Jozy, Gooch, Mixx, Bedoya, maybe even Spector.
    Hopefully they’ve been called in to see who’s going to get a final chop

  160. Timbo says:

    Dallas in general did not look very good, compared to what they usually do. Probably has something to do with the extreme heat they have been playing games in (yesterday over 100 degrees) and also the fact that they have been playing 6 games in two weeks.

  161. Ouch! I would take offense, but after Monterrey’s win in CCL and Chivas display vs. Barca last night, it’s hard to argue.

  162. Clover362 says:

    Ream is a joke at this point, I won’t right him off forever but i don’t think anyone can make a credible case he is better than gorge John right now. I hope John opted out beause of the riduculous schedule they hae had the lsat 15 days.

  163. BK says:

    Yes, but many who hadn’t featured much, or had been out quite a while, so I could still see this as a “breath of fresh air.” Plus, its not like there is this whole other set of world class players that Bradley just didn’t call. The rosters are going to be similar because, well, the best American players are still the best American players regardless of who the coach is.

  164. RBNY says:

    Jermaine is in the squad bro… As far as his club situation is concerned, I believe he’s back with Schalke this season.

  165. Jason says:

    Nice to see Castillo and Torres, as well as Shea. It’s also good to see Adu still in the mix. Depending on how well he does, I’d think Castillo would be just behind Lichaj in covering the LB spot.

    Beckerman and Beasley though??? Fakin’ Jamaican Beckerman is like Ching, Kries, Noonan, and Lassiter- they’re fine for the MLS but will never translate that success to the international game.

  166. ACS says:

    Jones is in

  167. TomG says:

    Yeah, I think Beas is done. He’s always relied on his legs and he may be at an age where he can’t just run past guys anymore. We shall seem, though. It’s possible Klinsi just wants to kick the tires to be sure.

  168. Union says:

    I don’t see the point of calling in players who won’t play in WC qualifying, much less the 2014 cup. I’m talking about Clark, Buddle and Beasley mainly, though I even think that Boca, Cherundolo and Goodson are questionable. Granted, Cherundolo is still probably the best defender on the team, so him getting the call is understandable.

    Either way, I wouldn’t look too much into this squad. It looks like a team that is designed to get Klinsmann his first win right off the bat. I don’t think we should understate the importance of him not getting blown out by a Mexico team that for all intents and purposes, is much better than any squad the US puts together. The only downside is, this kind of furthers the argument that our youth system is absolutely barren.

  169. Raisa says:

    Yeah! Thats why Omar is awesome!

  170. Ream does fine. His only gaffe was that penalty foul vs. Panama and it seems like he just didn’t see the attacking player very well. His passing out of the back connects the lines of our team very well.

    Yeah, Shea is fun to watch. He was definately nevous under Bob, but I think he will have his swagger if he gets playing time this time around.

  171. TomG says:

    Beasley, Pearce, and Clark!!! WTF!!! Fire Bradley!!!

  172. chris says:

    Pachuca is sh!t team right now. Castillo came in for America at LM and played in their first loss of the season. Orozco played for the Union and was not worthy of a call up at all. Dont tell me im ill informed when you focus on the league when you should be looking at the player.

  173. ak48 says:

    I’m going on the record as actually liking Beckerman’s game. Somebody has to, I guess.

    Of all the DMs, he’s got the best ball control and vision, in my opinion. He’s not an awesome destroyer, and he’s probably a half-step slower than a couple of the other guys. But he’s got a classy and smart game, and it will work well in a more tactical, possession-oriented lineup.

  174. Erik the Orange says:

    Buddle? Not really for or against, just kinda…mehhh. Anyone want to enlighten me either way?

  175. Joamiq says:

    Yes, I have been watching FC Dallas. Yes, Shea has been very good. But he is not ready for the nats. He has a lot to learn. Maybe putting him in a game for the nats is how he learns. But expect some serious growing pains.

  176. gigi says:

    Well said, its his first friendly. Let him get to know the players, hold the pitchforks and David Hasselhoff mix-tapes for a rainy day.

  177. frank from sf says:

    Hahaha…just read my mind, also. and this coming from a ‘Quakes fan.

  178. chris says:

    Good one

  179. kimo says:

    Here’s my line-up…4-2-3-1


    Bradley-Jones [or Edu]

    Tim Chandler [surprise winger]-Adu-Beas

    Landy up top

  180. Primoone says:


  181. Jon says:

    Im so excited to see if Clark takes his second chance well

  182. alex says:

    Agreed! We might actually experience him subbing in or subbing out!

  183. Villain-from-Texas says:


    Dolo, Goodson, Boca, Castillo

    Bradley, Torres

    Donovan, Adu, Shea


    Shea > Beasley at this point. Shea tracks back really well, too, so he would be good to pair with Castillo, if he starts.

  184. boosted335 says:

    John is less the same. Dont compare him to Ream as he doesnt compare. He is better in every category sans passing where his passing percentage is 2% lower than Ream. ****2% lower*******

    I can only assume 1 of 3 things

    1.John declined invite and will be playing for Greece.

    2. Schellas strong armed John or Klinnsman into declining invite(s)

    3. Klinnsman is a fking idiot


    Ream is neither dominant nor consistent.

    DO THE F-in math coach

  185. msquibb says:

    curious bout the keepr stuation, Hamid? what about yeldell or cervi? Is beasley listed as a forward? torres deserves another chance in a new system. Nothing will change overnight we still have the same player pool!

    for you bradley haters, micheal will be around for a long time!

    Is thier any good young players in europe?

    good luck JK!

  186. Isaac says:

    Why don’t Kyle and Rico deserve to be there? I suppose my question should be, who deserves to be there instead, given that we’re heading into certain clubs pre-season/early season?

  187. Dennis says:

    It would have been tough for Klinsmann to call in many players Bradley had not had on a roster in the last year (over 100 players). I think he managed to find only one.

    That said, I am surprised that there is so little criticism of the calls up for Beasley, Pearce, Clark, Buddle, Ream and Beckerman.

  188. Colin says:

    Why is Benny Feilhaber not on the roster? Does anyone think he called all the defensive midfielders to decide which couple were the best? It almost looks like he’s going to play a 4-3-3 with the defenders then Someone, Bradley, Shea with Adu, Agudelo, and Donovan up top with Adu playing just behind Donovan and Agudelo. Does anyone think some of these players are just being evaluated and that Klinsmann purposely didn’t call some players like Feilhaber, McCarty, Bunbury, and some others? BTW, there is a fake twitter account called FakeKlinsmann that is hilarious.

  189. Clover362 says:

    +1, I’m more ok with beasly because he has looked good and does have USMNT experience that makes you think if he could find form could be ther, Buddle won’t be because a) he is not good enough and b) he will be to old. (same thing for Gomez)

    I won’t get too upset over Ream being there ahead of John if John is called in for the next friendly.

  190. marco says:

    Interesting, but I’m disappointed that Gonzo, and John were not included at CB.

  191. hogatroge says:

    Yeldell needs to focus on securing the #1 keeper’s position at Bayer Leverkusen right now. So far, his first result hasn’t been very good (a 4-3 loss with only 1 save). He has bigger things to focus on at this point in time.

  192. Primoone says:

    Good point on Orozco. His skill set is similar to that of Ream’s skill set however, Orozco is a much better defender doesn’t distribute the ball as well as ream however, rest assured he is not a pu-sy on set pieces…(looking at Ream)

    And I like Ream’s play.

  193. Isaac says:

    I think Beez will be playing a bit differently. He’ll still have his energy and (still) relatively good pace, but will be relying more on his intelligence than sheer athletic ability/energy. Whether he HAS the intelligence is another story.

  194. Murph says:

    Shea Torres Donovan
    Dolo Ream Boca Chandler

  195. alex says:

    I think Omar Gonzalez or even AJ Delegarzo have much more potential than Ream does. I hope Klinsman notices them in the future.

  196. WTF? No Chuck Norris? USMNT could use his kicking power, but I understand the decision if the team is low on soccer balls and can’t afford to have them blasted to pieces.

    No way that Beas, Buddle and some of those other geezers are in if Chuck is out. I hope Klinsi just brought them in the shepherd the new peeps like Brek – USA’s Schweinsteiger(sp?).

  197. BenH says:

    The more I look at this the more I like! Our defenders are all good with their feet, so hopefully won’t see us just clear it all the time. They can play out of the back. And in addition our mids and defenders are dynamic on the outside, so defenders playing out of the back and towards the flanks. Getting excited to see what he brings!

  198. Dennis says:

    It will be interesting if Klinsmann uses this as a true friendly and makes many substitutions at half-time to look at players (there is little or no practice time for that in this call-up) or if he picks what he thinks are the best 11 and basically sticks with them in an effort to win.

    Whichever, I will be at the Linc cheering for the USA.

  199. hogatroge says:

    This wasn’t a good game for Klinnsman to experiment much with the defense. He’s striking a balance between testing out a few players with his first roster and also not getting blown out by Mexico.

  200. shweazy says:

    bunch of hogwash, Bob is one dimensional and does not know how to use technical players thus he never used the right combinations in the middle. he sticks to two hard players in the middle which then promotes a negative game of soccer, where we scrap for 90 mins and counter attack. Klins is going for more technically gifted players, that can keep possession and create legit chances. not waiting around for a Clint Dempsey Lucky goal in the 90th minute lol. I dont hate Bob i just hated his style and i thought it limited out potential as a team. Torres is more technically sound that Edu, Bradley,and Jones. He may not be in Europe but neither are alot of the Mexicans and they always dominate us with ball possession.

  201. Raghu says:

    So, generally speaking – I’ve been somewhat of a BB apologist. I think he’s did a good job.
    Here’s what I think about the call-ups.

    I’m actually glad he called Beas in. When he is healthy, fit and playing – he’s the fastest and probably the best pure left footed player in our pool. He’s as old as Donovan, so he’s got a bit of time left. The problem the last couple of years has centered on not being fit, healthy or playing.

    He’s been a part of some big wins and key plays for the Nats.

    Curious if Ricardo could be an option in central defense. You have to admit – the guy can close space.

    Glad Shea got called in. Buddle too. Good to leave Dempsey and Jozy to fight for club time. You think same with Lichaj and Spector?

  202. Isaac says:

    Shea has been doing well as a winger for FC Dallas, but he may not be national team quality. We’ll have to see, but I see your point about natural width.

  203. Clover362 says:

    So one thought I did have was that I’m glad pierce is getting another look, objectively if you look at each of their play in MLS this year Pierce is better than Tim Ream by a lot. Also could be a plus that he can play two spots

  204. Isaac says:

    It shows that you don’t pay any attention to Convey if you think he’s fast. Anyways, I think he’d do well as a left back, where our options are thin. He’s played there for us before, and got an assist. I’d say he at least deserves a chance.

  205. Primoone says:

    I’m with you man…Beckerman plays great in the RSL system. I always admired his game. He really isn’t a prototypical attacking midfielder and he really isn’t what you would look for in a defensive midfielder something similar to what Holden is however, Holden plays that hybrid role better than Beckerman, obviously. This is one of the reasons that Beckerman probably gets left out in the cold. We have better players in the pool that can do what he does. He is solid though. who wouldnt want him on their team?

  206. Mike Caramba says:

    Didn’t realize we were only to be calling up players that Mexico would use. I suppose because none of our forwards would start for Mexico we should be playing a 4-6-0??

  207. sir coble says:

    I like the possession abilities all these guys have in common.

    donovan buddle beasley


    torres jones

    x. boca x. chandler

    left d x. – just keeping it warm for lichaj 😉

    middle d x. – as someone put in another post. the passing traffic cone ream. god bless him for his composure and passing ability/vision. godd*am his turning speed! maybe ricardo..i’ve never seen him play central d.

    I understand everyone’s displeasure with the beckerman callup (and beasley) but both of these guys know possession. beckerman might be a step too slow for international play, but watching RSL in concacaf play he was the fulcrum, and knows how to play that style. For concacaf qualifying I think both are useful. world stage??? probably not.

  208. Waterlewd says:

    That’s not obvious. I think that lineup will play as a 4-2-3-1. Replace Adu with Torres and you have a 4-3-3 that might work. Adu can’t fill the middle of the field in a 4-3-3. In a 4-3-3, he needs to be up top on the left or right. Otherwise, he needs to be in the hole between the opponent’s midfield and defense in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. Adu’s not that adaptable.

  209. Mike Bassett says:

    I can’t stand the play of lazy Jozy Altidore. I am so glad not to see him called up, for whatever reason!

  210. danny says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Clark- I doubt he’ll play. He’s paid his dues and is a good guy to have around.
    I like the symbolism attached to picking Beckerman. It is a signal to MLS players.
    It’ll be really interesting to see Mexico’s roster.

  211. shweazy says:

    Why is everyone so surprised about Beasley , i sensed it coming from a mile. Beasely has been in poor form due to him not being settled with his club; however that does not change the FACT that he is one of our most experienced and skilled wingers. As long as Beasley is playing regularly , which he is currently then he should be on the team and possibly start.

  212. Jason says:

    Buddle’s playing in German isn’t he? I think with Jurgen at the helm now, the German based players will be much easier to bring into camp on short notice.

  213. Adam M. says:





    Thank you, and goodnight!

  214. Clover362 says:

    Ok how about all the mistakes ream makes in almost everry NYRB game? he gets torched 1-3 times a game because he is a great passer but a poor defender. Sorry if I want my defenders to play good defense

  215. No – but reports suggest he is close and Hoffenheim are happy with is development.

  216. Close, but I am guessing:




    Shea Donovan


    Dolo Ream Pierce Chandler

    Boca sits because he’s old and the game isn’t important. Bradley may, in Klinsi’s mind, have enough attacking skill to sit higher, otherwise it’s Adu. Shea and Lando are no brainers, IMO. You know that Chandler and Dolo are in at the back because Klinsi will try to compensate for our lack of skill down the middle with flank speed, but after that defense is tough to guage.

  217. shweazy says:

    Tim Ream is a good defender, he just had a few mishaps and all of a sudden he’s a traffic cone ? how many big time MLS defenders never gets a look from overseas teams ? how many of then flop on the national team and look mediocre at the international level ? Ream looked Great in both games at the Emirates cup and has looked great since the GOLD CUP. all players have bad runs of form; however a bad run of form should not define a player. This is why we leave player selection to sensible people not people who judge quickly and jump the gun.

  218. mistadobolina says:

    big opportunity for Edgar Castillo.. he better show up big!

    i would have gone with Gomez over Buddle
    O.Gonzalez or Cameron over Ream or Pearce
    Mixx or Kljestian over one of the DMid’s (Beckerman, Clark)

    not bad overall. looking forward to who and what formation is on the field..

    I would go with:

  219. JFC says:

    i guess klinsmann will learn,never field Ricardo Clark

  220. Why? Rico is playing top flight in the Bundesliga.

    Rico is a good player. He was injured before the WC and should not have been selected, due to not being match fit.

    He has fought his way onto Frankfurt. Logic would say he has gotten better.

    Convey went from midfield to left back on a club team siding down the table.

  221. P says:

    Geez people. This is roster for ONE GAME. Remember, he’s not seen any of them in person before outside of Landon at Bayern. It’s the beginning of a long evaluation process. People are acting like this is the World Cup roster. If a year from now, Mix and Bedoya haven’t been called in then you have an argument.

  222. Clover,

    I knew Jonathan Bornstein, I was a good friend of Jonathan Bornstein’s…..Tim Ream is no Jonathan Bornstein.

  223. bryan says:

    lol so funny you said that, when i looked at it after i posted it, i realized i did a mirror image of what i meant to type.

  224. Jeff says:

    I like Agudelo ALOT, but how does he get picked over Bunbury based on current form????????

  225. bryan says:

    i’d be ok with that too. but i would absolutely start Chandler. We know what we are getting with Dolo, which is a beast. So I’d rather see Castillo and Chandler as the fullbacks.

  226. Gof says:

    A bigger thing to follow is who is assistants are going forward (Ramos and Vasquez for this game). Joachim Low was a big part of Germany’s success in 2006. Klinsmann’s job is not just as a gameday coach, but as a visionary to move soccer forward in this country.

  227. mistadobolina says:

    Ream was absolutely destroyed by Nyassi a few weeks ago vs. Colorado.. and if Nyassi could do that imagine what Gio dos Santos or Javy Hernandez can do… Ream isn’t ready for the big stage, wait for him to dominate in MLS before putting him up in the USNT.

  228. Leo says:

    Shh…”$herman Maje$ty” IS Lenhart. You’ll hurt his feelings.

  229. Angel FAN of USA says:

    agree 100% but still other friendly will come for Klis to see more young players. This is Freaking SUM, USSF and senor money hungry GULATI Idea of having Mexico vs USA friendly just to make money out Mexican and well 30% of American going to see this game. The only one who will look bad is Klismann & the USMNT if they loos again to Mexico back to back in just few month.

  230. Ike says:

    Would of liked to see Chris Pontius in this selection, playing very well right now.

    Overall good choices by the new Gaffer.

  231. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I really like that he brought in Hamid. It’s time to start thinking about a long-tern successor for T-Ho. Guzan et al aren’t too much younger then Timmy so this is good.

    Definitely need Boca, great that Chandler is back in the side. I haven’t seen Orozco in a long time so it can’t hurt to see where he is, Pearce is a bit of head scratcher for me.

    Kyle Beckerman enters an already crowded midfield. With so many center mids here, it’ll be interesting how and where he plays them all. And is Torres getting playing time? Anyone know?

    Of course Freddy Adu is back – he’s earned it. Buddle was on the bench yesterday or today for his team so not sure what to make of that. But if he scores, we’ll take it.

  232. David says:

    Maybe it is just me but I assume he called in everyone who plays in the Mexican League (except Bornstein) because the US is playing Mexico. Who better to play against a team then the players in that teams league. It is like if we have a game against England. It would make sense to call in everyone who plays in the Premier League and Championship right?

    Those guys deserve a look anyway, even Beasley. Everyone gets a fresh start with a new coach.

  233. Isaac says:

    You say Beckerman will provide bite in the midfield as if we didn’t already have plenty of that. It’s not like Michael Bradley and Jermain Jones are having a tea party in the central circle…

  234. Hood Rich says:

    Did you watch Portland – LA last night? Perlaza’s quick first step beat Gonzalez every time. Too bad Perlaza did not finish better.

    This is the risk of playing tall (slow)defenders as small players can beat them to space easily with their lower center of gravity. .e.g, Gooch and Rosicky in WC’06

  235. JpJ says:

    Say hi to your son George for us boosted335!

  236. Poo says:

    should me more like a 2 -8 – 0

  237. Isaac says:

    Of course he has a lot to learn he’s 20 years old for Christ’s sake.

  238. I’m really glad to see Beckerman, Shea, Pearce, and Beasley back in the mix. I’m also glad Adu is back.

  239. MC Pharaoh says:

    Way too many holding mids, lol…

    Its all a sign he doesnt obviously know the pool extremely well yet. However I do like alot of inclusions. Some are odd, some are good. Overall not bad considering its his 1st week. One thing I am dissapointed with if anything is that he called in Goodson and Ream. I didnt really want to see Ream this time since he didnt really show too well in the gold cup. Whitbread, John, or Gonzalez I thought would have been ideal. Ive always been a fan of Orozco but I found his calling a bit odd too.

  240. vik says:

    It’s an interesting blend of players, but this is just the beginning. Klinsmann will try out a bunch of players to find a group he likes, so if any players are missing don’t worry about it right now. Let’s just see what he can get out of this bunch vs. Mexico. Should be exciting.

  241. Adam M. says:

    1) I can’t believe he left out __ (who was not left out)!

    2) I can’t believe he picked __, who is (better/worse) that __!

    3) I guess (everyone/no one) can say that __ is on the team because of ___.

    4) (Who/Where) is ___? Is he (in/out) because of ___?

    5) I think he’ll play (4-4-2, 4-3-3-, 4-1-3-2, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-1-2, 4-5-1, 4-6, Angry Birds).

    6) Klinsmann should be (fired, praised, drunk) for making these selections!

    7) Its not like we have (Ronaldinho, Mourinho, Dan Marino) to run the offense!

    8) In Philly, Mexico will (destroy us, lose, immigrate).

    9) Hope Solo.

    10) 2014 in Brazil will be the best opportunity (to get to the semis, to get past the group stage, to beat someone big, to hook up with a supermodel).

  242. Isaac says:

    I like Ream too. He’s learning, that’s really all you can say. I was expecting at least one mistake from the kid at the Gold Cup, because it’s all part of the process.

  243. KNPonder says:

    Castillo will probably get the chance to back up his recent big talk!

  244. Poo says:

    I watch part of the CCL game, hoping to see John in action, but he had such little to do. Dallas had the ball the whole time

  245. Al17 says:

    Please stop with the Latin influence crap.

    Why in the HELL would we hire a German, who’s NEVER played in Spain/Portugal let alone in a Latin American country to coach and teach a “Latin”style?

    The level of stupidity on this topic is mind boggling.

    Had Bob called on DaMarcus and a few others many of you would be screaming for his head.

    Can some of you actually attempt to be objective?

  246. Joamiq says:

    If you agree, what are you so worked up about?

  247. Poo says:

    I actually rate ream higher (if not now, his ultimate ceiling), but I am a RB fan. I think the parts of ream’s game where he is lacking are things that can be improved. Unlike a guy like Gooch, who compared to Ream, and John for that matter, was clear was always going to have 2 left feet.

  248. Murph says:

    I love all these ridiculous comments about Tim Ream. For those who choose to criticize, go back and look at the international games Ream played in. Yes, in certain instances he struggled due to inexperience on the international stage (what young player doesn’t). What I saw was an individual who is consistently calm on the ball and could be relied upon to start possession from the back. In fact, some of those games represented, in my opinion, the best possession play the USMNT has had in a long time (if ever) and it started mostly with Ream. He does this with Red Bulls and it’s equally as important as one-on-one defending. I do not see anyone else on the roster with that type of skill.

    Ask yourself: what shut down, class central defender is he currently taking minutes from? Exactly. They’re all flawed.

  249. Steve says:

    Wonder why Edu but not Bedoya–aren’t they both on the Rangers? I loved his workrate and effectiveness in general in GC.

  250. KNPonder says:

    I respectfully disagree. I think all of the players you mention can (and probably will) help us during qualifying at some point – it is a long journey and starts next year. I also think all of them could be in the picture for the 2014 squad. Oldest of the bunch will be Boca and Dolo – both will be 35. Granted 35 may be a little too old for an RB, but it is not quite over the hill for a CB – provided that they are in form. I wouldn’t write off any of them yet – particularly Boca and Dolo. Those two are the best we have right now in the back.

  251. Erik the Orange says:

    Yeah, Bundesliga.2 I haven’t been following his progress but he did contribute early with a goal or 2. Just seems like a space that if Jurgi was gonna take a flier I would have liked to have seen Mixx or someone. Either way, probably a non-event…

  252. Elliot says:

    Really thought that Beasley was finally out of contention for the national team. Hopefully this confirms that.

  253. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    My first thought was that he had way too many D-mids in the squad. But the more I think about it, it would make sense if he’s bringing in all these guys to compare them first-hand, at the same time, to see who combines well with each other and who has the skillset to play the style Klinsi wants to play.

    Other than that, like the squad given the circumstances. Would have liked to see George John in the mix, hopefully he’ll get his chance soon. And, after running his mouth recently, Castillo is getting his chance to step up even though he hasn’t really played a whole lot at the club level lately. Let’s see what he can do.

  254. TD says:

    Or being forced to actually track someone on defense occasionally.

  255. KNPonder says:

    He is still with Orebro. He has not been sold . . . . “contract” with Rangers is to join during the winter when his Orebro contract expires. He is not a Ranger . . . yet.

  256. shweazy says:

    lol, that was Mendes, Ream was not destroyed by anyone, you fools will make up anything to justify your hate huh ?

  257. Poo says:


  258. Luke says:


    I’m beginning to think Elite Hunting is a disgruntled Bob Bradley. :)

  259. sucky-roster-choice says:

    rico clark? klinsmann has a sense of humor..

  260. Luke says:

    There’s only 60 or so players on the USMNT player pool for the senior team. Unless he called in players from the U20 or younger teams there’s bound to be some overlapping. At least for the first year or two.

  261. NE Matt says:

    incorrect, rico is in the bundeliga 2 with frankfurt. they got relegated last year

  262. Smash Famous says:

    Actually he plays in Bundesliga 2. Frankfurt got relegated. But still a higher league than MLS at this point.

  263. NE Matt says:

    whitbread has his first game in the Premier League 3 days after this Mexico game. no way he was getting ripped from his team as they try to start the EPL season off right

  264. sir coble says:

    I think reams positional sense is sound, my only complaint is his turning speed. I don’t think it?he is fast enough and it is PASSING traffic cone. The dude has skill! I cheer loudly for Ream when he is on the field, and do not write him off. I love him there just because he doesn’t boot it. If someone like marvell wynne(who i have written off) wasn’t a bad defender I would pair them up. speed and intelligence back there. Kind of like having jones and torres in the middle. Beauty and the Beast.

  265. sir coble says:

    oh also I would put chandler at left back and dolo at the right back position. my bad. I love the mayor.

  266. Mattbag212 says:


    Oh wait. lol. :-p

  267. Brett says:

    Two obvious omissions, but understandable. Dempsey is a key player for his club who has a long schedule ahead of them. Altidore has consistently struggled to stick with a club. He needs to be there and focused on getting competitive minutes. I like that Gooch is not in. It looks like there will be competition for just about every position. Judging by the list, 4-3-3 looks like our formation. Donovan on the right wing. Adu/Beasley will compete on the left. Agudelo/Buddle will compete for the striker role. I’m glad it looks like we will go with our three best CMs. They will all compete for those three spots; Shea/Torres, Jones/Edu/Clark, Bradley/Beckerman. And along the back as well, Ream/Goodson, Castillo/Pearce, and Cherundolo/Chandler (although I think you have to get Chandler on the field).

    Klinsmann knows what he is doing and this shows it. He needs to see players fight for positions to know what he has to work with. No more same ol complacent squad.

  268. Paul Dickov says:

    One look at the list of forwards and I am a sad, sad panda. Really, though, there aren’t very many options with Deuce busy in the EPL – though I echo the interest in Bunbury.

  269. Waterlewd says:

    I think Klinsmann called up two squads to fill roles in his new system so he can test out the players. Is a system change starting immedidately though? And against Mexico? I’d be fine with that, but each player is going to have to learn their roles very quickly. The risk of the new formation (which looks narrow) getting stretched up and down the field is dangerous against a team like Mexico that lives on midfield space. They need to keep the defensive line high and squeeze the field vertically to keep spacing low.

    Squad 1:

    D: Steve Cherundolo, Clarence Goodson, Carlos Bocanegra, Edgar Castillo

    M: Michael Bradley, Jose Torres (holding), Jermaine Jones,

    F: Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, Brek Shea

    Squad 2:

    D: Timmy Chandler, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Tim Ream, Heath Pearce

    M: Ricardo Clark, Kyle Beckerman (holding), Maurice Edu

    F: Freddy Adu, Juan Agudelo, DaMarcus Beasley

    That explains why there are so many central midfielders.

  270. Justin Mango says:

    Yeah I would’ve loved to see CD9, but don’t count out Beas. He’s got the pedigree, more European experience than everyone on the roster, has SCORED against Mexico before, and has a goal and assist in the last few matches… look for LD and DMB to light it up on the wings and try to find Edson’s head. In this light, i hope to see Castillo and Chandler as wing backs…

  271. Matt says:

    That’s too many players

  272. Carlos Navarro says:

    This is only a friendly, and it’s Klinsmann’s first roster. I like that he summoned four players from the Mexican league, including DaMarcus Beasley.

  273. Mattbag212 says:

    The more I think about it, the more I think “latin influence” is code for a Barca style. It doesn’t have to mean “latin players”. Look at TFC’s 4-3-3, which Klinsi “consulted” just like he oversaw Germany’s 4-2-3-1 conversion to Madrid.

    We could see a 4-3-3 with Howard in goal, Dolo and Castillo as fullbacks, Ream and Boca as centerbacks, Edu as a holding midfielder with Bradley and Beckerman as left and right attacking midfielders, with Donovan, Freddy, and Agudelo pressing up top.

  274. Kyle says:

    I would have said invite Isaac Acuña over Kyle Beckerman. He’s young, American born, and starting to get playing time with Club America. Why is Beckerman still getting calls to the team, can someone explain?

  275. AJ says:

    Can’t agree with this … Probably best US attacker.

  276. Brent McD. says:

    Glad to see Orozco and Torres back in from the cold. Players occasionally make mistakes, but Bradley seemed particularly unforgiving with certain guys

  277. Scott from Austin says:

    After ignoring my real work and doing a little research, it appears Mix, in fact, did not have to make the one-time switch. But, if a player participates in a FIFA or UEFA, CONCACAF, etc. sanctioned youth tournament, that player does have to make the one-time switch as was the case with Teal Bunbury. Here are some links if anyone cares to verify:

    link to

    link to

  278. Flipper says:

    No Blowstein??????? That’s right, this coach knows he sucks!!!!!!!!

  279. Brent McD. says:

    ya, Bornstein’s experience playing in Mexico worked so well in the Gold Cup Final. er…

  280. bidal says:

    CJ Sapong deserves a shot

  281. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Wow…can’t wait to see the comments after the thrashing this team will be taking. Cue the MB hate…he’s the only scapegoat I can see. All the genius’ have gotten everything else they want. Can’t wait for the post game on this one.

  282. al k says:

    No George John is my biggest disappointment. Need to show him love before he turns Greek on us. He had very little to do last night, but is consistent, with a pretty good set of skill, size, tenacity & ability. I think he would give Mexico & top intl strikers a good challenge.

  283. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    To play devil’s advocate (i’m not sold on Beckerman either), I’m guessing it’s because he plays in a system at RSL that’s fairly similar to what Klinsmann has in mind for the US team. Not saying KB is the right guy for the US team, but he is used to playing one and two touch soccer, along with playing as a lone holding midfielder with an attacking mid in front of him. Beckerman always looked a step slow in Bradley’s system because it called for the two d-mid’s to be hard defending, box-to-box guys, which obviously isn’t Beckerman’s strongpoint. In the right system, he could be an effective stop-gap solution at the international level until Klinsi finds someone else to play that role. Just a thought.

  284. RB says:


    That would make sense except for the time (I believe) he’s been around.

    His recent upsurge in activity here, though, sure does fit with BB recently having much more time on his hands!

  285. Alex G says:

    Klinsi got it right IMO, only John, Gatt and Onyewu are my omissions.

  286. Alex G says:

    Spot on my man!!!

  287. bryan says:

    lichaj was injured. spector, yes, same as Jozy, Demps and Gooch.

  288. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    1. Guillermo Ochoa – AC Ajaccio
    2. Alfredo Talavera -Toluca
    3. Efraín Juárez – Real Zaragoza
    4. Francisco Javier Rodríguez – VfB Stuttgart
    5. Héctor Moreno- RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
    6. Carlos Salcido – Fulham FC
    7. Rafael Márquez – New York Red Bulls
    8.Jorge Torres Nilo – Tigres
    9.Gerardo Torrado – Cruz Azul
    10. Israel Castro – Cruz Azul
    11. Jes̼s Zavala РMonterrey
    12.Pablo Barrera – West Ham United FC
    13.Antonio Naelson Sinha – Toluca
    14.Andr̩s Guardado РReal Club Deportivo de La Coru̱a
    15. Giovani Dos Santos – Tottenham
    16.Christian Berm̼dez РAtlante
    17.Oribe Peralta – Santos
    18.Paul Aguilar РAm̩rica
    19.Omar Arellano – Guadalajara
    20.Javier Aquino – Cruz Azul

  289. bryan says:

    yeah, a 4-2-3-2 would be really nice. if only…

  290. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    Carlos Vela
    Nery Castillo
    J. Hernandez
    Aldo de Nigris

  291. Mwing09 says:

    Im really glad Brek was included. I realize his last cap was a big disappointment, but hes only 21, and from what hes shown in MLS this year it looks like he has TONS of potential. Also glad that Torres got the call, we need some creativity on this team. Disappointed no Omar/Franklin though.

  292. bryan says:

    that’s a pretty strong lineup for sure.

  293. Russell Pemintel says:

    With Beas playing in Mexico currently, I think it’s a no brainer.

    Plus I see Klinsi adding Beas and Clark and Pearce in as sort of a sign of respect.

    He’s a motivator. No better way to get some unity than to start it all off by bringing in some of the USMNT family. Coaches included.

  294. Eurosnob says:

    I think that you underestimate Beckerman or a value of a simple accurate pass that maintains possession. Not every pass needs to be a spectactual through ball that leads to an assist. Beckerman might not be the most athetically gifted player, but he is the kind of player you hate to play against but love it if he is on your team. Just go back and review RSL’s peformances in the Concacaf Champions league particularly when they had to play against Mexican teams and you’ll see how much RSL missed him in the final, which he had to miss due to the suspension resulting from a very questionable call.

  295. Clover362 says:

    George John, Explain to me how ream is better than John. It is laughable to say Ream is a good defender at this point if you watch NYRB games he gives up chances all the time. Watch an FCD game and see what John does everytime an attacking player is up against him one on one, watch what he does in the air, watch what positions he puts himself in, watch how he plays the ball foaward. John needs to start being brought in or we are going to lose him to greece.

  296. Wm. says:

    Elite Hunting made some great points yesterday about player development. Why does everyone think he’s a troll?

  297. mofo says:

    it was not Gonzales, it was de la garza that got beaten.

  298. ACS says:


    Dolo – Goodson – Boca
    Chandler-Jones/Torres-Bradley/Becker- Castillo
    Donovan – Agudelo/Buddle – Adu/Beasley

  299. ACS says:

    Could run a 3-4-3

    Dolo – Goodson – Boca
    Chandler – Jones/Torres – Bradley/Becks – Castillo/Beasley
    Donovan – Agudelo/Buddle – Adu/Beasley

  300. Wm. says:

    Your point cannot be stressed enough. Anyone who doubts this should watch a couple of Primera División de México games, then right after watch two MLS games. If you don’t see the difference it probably means you’re new to the sport.

    No I’m not Mexican and yes I support my local MLS team but let’s be real.

  301. Primoone says:

    Hey…repost it here. I need a break from grown-folk talk.

  302. jpc says:

    I’m excited to see Torres and Shea. I always thought that Torres was undervalued in the past, and think he and Bradley would be very good back there. He’s better than people think defensively, and is as sound technically as anybody on the team. Shea is gonna be real good, anyone that’s seen him in MLS I hope would agree.

    Beasley- I’ll believe it when I see it. The guy just hasn’t worked hard enough the past few years

    Beckerman- I like him in MLS, but he’s not good enough to be on the national team, I would have liked to see a guy like Geoff Cameron, who can play in the Midfield, or at Center Back

    Edu- I know a lot of people think he should be a starter. I don’t think he’s good enough to be on the team, Unless he’s gonna be a centerback. He’s just not good enough technically to be in the midfield in my opinion.

    Adu- I want to see more

    Orozco- he was fairly bad for Philly, but I always thought he did well in the US setup, we shall see.

    Castillo- I hoped he’s improved, b/c he was terrible last time he was w/ the team. He may be more of a left midfielder than a left back

  303. mofo says:

    RICO SUCKS!!!!!!!

  304. Primoone says:

    All joking aside…quite frankly he might have some things to say 10% of the time. The other 90% is reserved for pretty much implying that everyone he responds to is a dumbsh*t as opposed to debating it with his points opinions and ideas.

  305. TomG says:

    He was aaaawwful. He was Bornstein before Bornstein. You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. The guy was a human turnover, repeatedly kicking crosses blindly into the defense. Failed with USA, failed in Prem w/ Reading. FAIL

  306. DL says:

    Where’s Eddie Johnson?

  307. Kenny_B says:

    You really want to play a high line and run an offside trap against Mexico? Our CM’s got torched several times against Mexico (on very well timed runs) in the Gold Cup final and if I recall correctly Dos Santos was in one on one on a very bad offsides call that went our way. I dont believe JK wants to be blown out in his first game.

    My guess is he isn’t relishing Mexico being his first opponent. Not that you said it, but several other people have, there is no way we see a 4-3-3. JK will have to play a defensive minded game against a very confident Mexico squad, with IMO a very low chance of winning or even tieing the game (considering the lack of PT this group of guys have had together).

    Which would you rather do, lose big by playing an attacking game? Or stay in the game by playing an ugly defensive minded first game? Neither sound like the way I would think he would want to kick off his campaign

  308. Primoone says:

    +1 on the interpretation. People need to stop getting bent over that “latin influence” comment

  309. Primoone says:

    Busy looking for a divorce attorney…

  310. Kenny_B says:

    Well, that didn’t take long. I’ve read my first bashing of the coach and he hasn’t coached a game yet. Nice job boosted.

  311. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry, but why does everyone think Buddle isn’t good enough anymore? He was scoring goals just fine and doing well for the USA. Then he just doesn’t get to play anymore. I never got it. he never got a good chance to fight for his spot for the USA.

  312. B1879 says:

    Klinsmann wants to attack and get the ball moving out of the back. Ream fits that plan.

  313. Murph says:

    Obviously he is not a good defender because he has been selected to a US squad now by two different coaches. You overstate your point just like most on this board. I like George John, never said Ream was better, and think he deserves a chance. Has he even committed to the US and not Greece?

    I still believe Ream has superior distribution skills out of the back, which is why he gets the call. I watch every Red Bull game and have personally been to the stadium for half their home matches. To say he gives up chances all the time is yet another overstatement on your part.

  314. Isaac says:

    Sorry, I think this was intended for a different person.

  315. Colin says:

    Dempsey can’t play because of club soccer. Fear not. He’s our best player. He’ll be starting for Klinsmann in the future.

  316. says:

    Herculez? Where is he? Beasley is a has been. No way.

  317. VivaCuba says:

    Same S++t, Different Day

  318. REH says:

    i think brian ching should get some consideration over the next few friendlies…as well as herculez gomez…when healthy, ching is great in the air and could be a nice 75+ minute sub…that being said, i think Herc is a super sub in any instance…Beasley on the other hand…what kind of form has he been in over the past few years???

  319. Colin says:

    Why wasn’t Feilhaber called up? Does Klinsmann already know he’s good so he’s seeing which of the holding mids he wants?

  320. Kenny_B says:

    Here, here, good stuff!!

  321. biff says:

    Yeah, and that was a major upset, Bayer Leverkusen was up 3-0 at half-time against Dynamo Dresden, now in 2nd Bundesliga but last year 3rd Bundesliga. Dynamo scored three goals in the second half to tie and then the winning goal at about the 118th minute. Sent shock waves through Bayer. In my eyes, Yeldell did not look good at all. Will be interesting to see whether he starts this weekend. Glad to see that Klinsmann called up Hamid, nine years younger than Yeldell.

  322. chavftw says:

    This was my reaction too. JK will find that out soon enough.

    I was looking forward to a Loyd callup.

  323. biff says:

    Could it be a tip from Martin Vasquez, who works with Real Salt Lake and has been named by his buddy Klinsmann as an assistant USMNT coach for the Mexico match?

  324. Chris H says:

    You can find my analysis of the callups here:
    link to
    I will be very interested to see the formation he uses with these picks. Five forwards seems a little much for a 4-5-1. Could we see a 4-3-3 even? Surprises for me were Orozco Fiscal included as a CB, and Ricardo Clark and DeMarcus Beasley rejoining the fold.

  325. bryan says:

    yeah, Beaz is by no means out of the picture. he is the same age as LD. as long as he is playing, and playing well, he deserves to be in the conversation.

  326. bryan says:

    exactly. a lot of these guys are fringe players who Klins wants to see for himself. if, after this friendly, he doesn’t see anything, they probably wouldn’t get called up again. at least not for a full strength game.

  327. Waterlewd says:

    I think we’ll see a 4-5-1 against Mexico but the hint of a new system will be present. I don’t propose a high line for a trap. I propose staying connected to the midfield. Do you remember how much space Chicharito had to turn and find Barrera behind the ballwatcher Bornstein in the GC Final? It looked easy and Bradley and Bornstein looked stupid. That amount of space needs to be denied. Our backline was 25 yards from goal on a throw-in from the Mexico half. That’s one example of being stretched and allowing too much space. So I say push up and stay connected — not to spring a trap, but to deny the simple turn and simple pass for a simple goal. How else do you propose denying Mexico MF space without bunkering?

  328. bryan says:

    havin’ girl problems, i feel bad for him, son

  329. Bobby says:

    No Jonathan Bornstein?…I’m a happy camper!!!

  330. bryan says:

    honestly, it makes no sense. he should be there instead of beckerman or clark. no question.

  331. biff says:

    Good point. Actually, he was playing CB and he was getting his @$$ kicked, had to pick up a yellow card to stop one St. Pauli player who danced around him. But he was playing midfield against Ghana…

  332. DL says:

    Eddie Johnson has 99 problems. And at least 97 of them have to do with his wife crashing into his car.

  333. biff says:

    I am real happy with Klinsmann on board and I don’t subscribe 100% to what you are saying, but you do have a point and this is something that Klinsmann should be very careful to avoid. But I will say that he did avoid calling up Yeldell (at least this time), who I don’t think has what it takes to lead us to WC2014, or even as a back-up. Hamid looks promising, and those are the sorts of players Klinsmann should be calling up.

  334. StephenA says:

    Not a good game to experiment with new players on defense?????? Let me see…last match we lost??? They ate our defense alive.

  335. KNPonder says:

    Thanks. Curious as I caught a Frankfurt match earlier this year and he played CB. While by no means great, he didn’t look bad in the match that I saw.

  336. Isaac says:

    And you don’t think the fact that they’re talking to Juergen f-ing Klinsmann made a difference?

  337. Isaac says:

    Isn’t that all the more reason to change up the backline a tad? Just because it’s Mexico doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give other players a chance. I mean, damn, Jozy Altidore got his first start against Mexico, and he came through.

  338. Brazil's4thGoal1970 says:

    Glad Jozy’s out. Glad Beckerman’s in. Looking forward to Dempsey’s return. We’re on the right track . . .

  339. Shu says:

    Perlaza would have beaten anyone in the world on that play…ridiculous speed and great finish

  340. bluechicken says:

    Relax, people. There is a game in Europe shortly and I think you will see a very different roster. And you might be happy.

  341. Kris says:


  342. Simz says:

    Mix blows

  343. Javier says:

    Mix blows…

  344. jon says:

    Come on boys its all politics. Klinsi picked him as a sort of olive branch to poppa Bradley by giving his son a chance for some exposure before the end of the transfer window knowing how bad he needs it for his club football.

  345. Wells says:

    Mix should get a look n 4 years…he stinx

  346. JPGR says:

    I totally agree!!

    Also wish Rico (who is always on the verge of getting a red card for a stupid, unneccasary foul) and Shea (who looked lost and totally out of his league), literally, in his first start.

    Why is Brad Davis never called in?

    He’s a much better midfielder than Shea.

    He has a great left foot, excellent free kicks, hustles all the time, has soccer smarts, is a dependable leader and delivers some of the most appetizing assists in MLS.

  347. Nicolas La Torre says:

    I don’t know about Castillo , but Jose Francisco “gringo” Torres is a young player, left footed, good in free kks, and has a special touch with the ball. Bob Bradley just didnt give him enough chances. Orozco is the starting 11 left back in San Luis that played in the Copa Libertadores last season, since the US needs a new LB he could be a good choice(though i would prefer Bobby Convey over him).

  348. Nicolas La Torre says:

    Castillo is always on the bench , but Orozco and Torres play regularly for San Luis and Pachuca respectively.

  349. JPGR says:

    He looked out of his league in his first start.

    Why not Brad Davis, Coach Klinsmann?

  350. Nicolas La Torre says:

    Heculez Gomez is playing for Tecos now and has stored 2 goals in 3 games this season that just started.

  351. JPGR says:


  352. marco says:

    I believe the gripe was that he played every minute of every game, even friendlies.

  353. hogatroge says:

    Did anyone watch the Spain game? Bradley didn’t start and only came in with the hope that he’d help the USA stop hemorrhaging goals.

  354. hogatroge says:

    I agree, but you can’t hate on the “Clink Dempsey Lucky goal”…

  355. hogatroge says:

    Beasley’s making an impressive comeback this season at Puebla…so far at least.

  356. VT Hokies says:

    You’re an idiot.

  357. hogatroge says:

    Dempsey played in an EL match today and is cap-tied to Fulham until the end of that tournament, I believe.

  358. biff says:

    Yeah, I can’t imagine that Klinsmann sees Ricardo Clark or Edson Buddle playing in Brazil in 2014. Could it be that Klinsmann is giving the older guys ignored by BB the past year who will not fit into his WC2014 plans a curtain call, a chance to go before the fans one last time before cutting them lose?

  359. hogatroge says:

    I agree w/ Eurosnob…

    BTW, this isn’t Beckerman’s first call up.

  360. hogatroge says:

    I’m a huge Davis fan, but he’s not exactly a young up-and-comer.

    Shea is only 21, however, and is excelling this year at FC Dallas even moreso than last year. One cap at 20 yrs. old is nowhere near enough to count such a talented player out for good.

  361. Danny says:

    Not bad…

  362. Dirk Diggler says:

    not saying he should of been called up but this is pretty sick

    link to

  363. hogatroge says:

    I think of him less as a troll and more as a jerk.

  364. hogatroge says:

    I haven’t witnessed it, but apparently he’s looked really good with Puebla so far this year.

  365. Danny says:

    I HOPE (yea, all caps!) we see Mixx in the last 2 friendlies!

  366. Good Jeremy says:

    Bradley Clark and Beasley? FIRE KLINSMANN!!!

  367. hogatroge says:

    Haha… you accidentally put “playing” after experience in that sentence.

  368. hogatroge says:

    They certainly can help in getting us to the next WC.

  369. Kenny_B says:

    I was proposing bunkering (not kidding sadly). It is the lesser of two evils for his debut.

    There are too many new faces to go against a Mexico squad that is playing quite well right now.

    I’ll have to admit, I didn’t catch that on the throw in….wow. Even so, you run a high risk of getting caught out on the break if you lose possession, and we have not shown the ability to possess much against Mexico.

  370. hogatroge says:

    Agudelo set up the assist on a big W for NJRB against PSG just last week.

  371. Good Jeremy says:

    He’s 29 and doesn’t fit into our next world cup or maybe even qualifying plans. Older than Donovan and Dempsey for reference. Mixx and Bedoya play similar positions and have similar skillsets, but are 5+ years younger.

    He is a great player and I would love to see him get to represent the US, but doing player evaluations isn’t a great time to call up a guy with little chance at being in the future plans.

  372. danny says:

    Torres is more technically sound than MB, Edu, and Jones. Seriously? I like Torres’s potential but lets be realistic. He’s barely proven himself in Mexico. Maybe when he has time on the ball he can hit a better 50 yard pass than the other guys, but he also has serious limitations. He’s a holding player, who doesn’t have the defensive bite ideal for that position, and he’s small and not fast. He’s not the kind of box to box player that MB/Jones/Edu are. That’s not to say he can’t eventually be a US starter- in fact Bradley took a big chance by starting him in a world cup match, so don’t say that Bradley was biased against him. I also wouldn’t call Bradley’s style rigid- he tried to play in a way that best suited the players he had at his disposal and his competition. As its been said many times, the US is not going to play a possession style similar to Spain or even Mexico.

  373. Good Jeremy says:

    I’m glad that after one roster annnouncement you are already able to tell that he has a “lova affair with Latinos.” This scapegoat will make it that much easier to fire him when the time comes.

  374. Good Jeremy says:


  375. Dirk Diggler says:

    didn’t realize SBI already posted this, apologies

  376. Good Jeremy says:

    I hope not, because no one deserves a 4-1 loss to a rival as a curtain call. Save that for Costa Rica.

  377. golfstrom says:

    yeah Bob tried to sit him in a deep playmaker role, just like he did at club level. what was he thinking?

  378. Rageman says:

    Very well said. Ask Taylor Twellman about not being properly utilized on the USNT. Put a striker next to him, he was a pleasure to watch . . . put him in that stupid floating forward/ supporting midfielder role or as that stupid lone striker and it’s “Taylor Twellman can’t play at this level”. Shame.

    Adu, Torres, Mix and eventually Luis Gil are all gonna benefit from a coach that’s not afraid to go after people . . . at the beginning of the match.

  379. Berto says:

    Swap castillo for shea and let adu/agudelo/donovan switch and run off each other as play allows. Confuse the heck out of the mex D.

    That would be a crazy style departure, we have nothing to lose in this friendly.

    I like it

  380. Tab says:

    Yes. I completely agree.

    Torres has special skills — passing, composure on the ball. Small, sure. But surprisingly tough. And a true baller.

    Bradley never gave him a proper chance. (The mess in Costa Rica? Beasley’s fault. The two goals against Slovenia? Both more or less on Onyewu.)

  381. Berto says:

    Shea will be a badass on the international level with the US nats. He reminds me of demps. He has the creativity and some swagger (confidence under klins) will unlock the potential.

  382. KEV says:

    Biggest surprise for me is Beasley – listed at forward! Interesting….

  383. Berto says:

    My last fond memory of Beasley’s great touch

    link to

    Forward to 2:15 mark

  384. Berto says:

    2009 confed cup vs. Brazil brazil zraazil braziiiiillle

  385. Justa Guy says:

    Anyone else surprised to see Lichaj left out? I thought he looked pretty decent in the Gold Cup.

    Why leave off Dempsey?

    On another note–yay Portland Timbers!!

  386. jb says:


  387. Ski Fast! says:

    Beas up top???

  388. Brian says:

    This post is correct. I think Bunbury played in a U-20 CONCACAF tourney with Canada, therefore he had to use his one time switch (since he hoped to make Bradley’s Gold Cup squad) so that he could play in official USMNT matches. Since he did his one time switch he is now tied to the US. Had he not filed his one time switch he would only be able to play in friendlies for the US (hence why he was able to play against South Africa and Chile).

    Mixx could play friendlies for Norway or the USMNT right now. Until he plays in an official senior level match for the US (or Norway) he is free to choose who he plays for.

  389. ThaDeuce says:

    We could see this start:


    Obviously deuce y holden would replace beas and chandler

  390. biff says:

    Okay, after letting it sink in overnight, I admit, silly idea of mine and you are right. Klinsmann obviously would not be calling up players unless he thinks they might be able to contribute. I am still highly skeptical of Ricardo Clark, but am open with the other guys in their late 20s. Most successful World Cup teams do have a few old veterans on board and I certainly am not going to second-guess Klinsmann at this point. Cannot wait to see what he does with this group.

  391. biff says:

    i agree chandler could be playing a wing position…he has a lot of offensive potentional, although I guess he could still be a threat from the backline. German national team defenders are involved in goals, such as Philip Lahm.

  392. B.Stef says:

    Club would not release him.

  393. Brett says:

    Probably valid, but not a criticism in my opinion. Klinsmann is German. We can pretend he isn’t because he looks young and has lived in America for a while. But There is no getting around that fact. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for him, and the player or players in question, to know some of his players have worked with other German coaches. The less adjustment a player has to make when transitioning to a new coach, the better.

  394. RSL til I DIE says:

    Here is an interesting stat for you, 558 – Kyle Beckerman has made 558 successful passes IN THE OPPOSITION HALF for RSL, more than any other MLS player. Distributor.

  395. JPGR says:

    Why noy use an excellent left footed assist leading midfielder that has proven himself over and over?

    He still is at an age where he has some good years left in him.

    The next world cup is only 3 years away!

    Nevertheless, I still respect your opinion and you do make a valid point.

    hogatroge, why not put both of them on the team? I think that would make sense.

    Players that are left footed, great with the ball at their feet, can service the perfect assist, and have a deadly corner/free kick

    are what this team needs from its midfield.

    USA! USA! USA!

  396. JPGR says:

    He’s an excellent left footed assist leading midfielder that has proven himself over and over.

    He’s still at an age where he can be used for qualifying and the 2014 WC.

    Nevertheless, I still respect your opinion and you do make a valid point.

    Players that are left footed, great with the ball at their feet, can service the perfect assist, and have a deadly corner/free kick

    are what this team needs from its midfield.

    USA! USA! USA!

  397. bryan says:

    good contribution. highly insightful.

  398. YouMustBeF'nJurging says:

    I’m a youth coach who took my son to see the US MNT in person a couple months ago during Gold Cup play. Two US players clearly stood out: Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey. Landon’s play that day was rather pedestrian, with the exception of a good assist. We all know how Tim can and does shine in almost every tricky situation. And he did. But Clint’s prowess up close was a revelation to watch. His comprehensive ball mastery, cool head, and knack for field awareness were impressive. I’m shocked he’s not on the US v. Mexico roster. Maybe it’s schedule conflict? Hopefully. He’s a proven commodity with a nose for the goal and will to win.

  399. Gary FC says:

    Brad Davis should not be constantly overlooked. His game has dimensions the MNT actually needs.

  400. Jack says:

    I can already see a difference in his picks. I’m liking this guy. He knows what he is doing. He’s connecting with the elements that will bring America around in the soccer world.

  401. Andy says:

    After seeing the friendly vs. Mexico last night I have to say I’m liking what I’m seeing. The game started out a bit rough but changes were made and the second half was a completely different game.

    I wasn’t really surprised that Dempsey wasn’t there as the EPL starts up very shortly… why chance an injury in a friendly. On the other hand Altidore is a lazy bum and if he never had another cap for the US I wouldn’t be surprised. We can do much better up front… maybe even find strikers that don’t get shown up by their mids (anyone see world cup 2010… US strikers were pathetic)

    All of that said I’m very optimistic about this and wish the team, and Coach Klinsmann the best of luck. :)