Where would you like to see Dempsey go?

Dempsey (Getty Images)

With the European summer transfer window closing soon, a number of high-profile names are being thrown around as part of rumored moves, and one of those names happens to be U.S. star midfielder Clint Dempsey.

Dempsey is in a favorable spot with Fulham, in terms of playing time and personal success, but he's a hot commodity on the transfer market and has been linked with a number of clubs recently, including Qatari-backed French power Paris-St. Germain and Premier League club Aston Villa.

The latest rumor has Dempsey connected to another London-based club, Arsenal, which is in need of more firepower after losing Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri and is in shopping mode in the aftermath of its embarrassing loss to Manchester United over the weekend.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Fulham doesn't sell and opts to keep Dempsey, who has already tallied three goals in all competitions this season.

Where would you like to see Dempsey go? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Where do you want to see Dempsey wind up?

Share your thoughts below.

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162 Responses to Where would you like to see Dempsey go?

  1. aiden says:


  2. hartley says:

    Arsenal. Or stay at Fulham. Though I see lots of changes coming to the Cottagers, considering their current Manager.

  3. Hush says:

    Cubs!!! J/k … Would like Sevilla or Arsenal.

  4. Alexandria says:

    I hope he gets out of fulham they are going down this year.

  5. MrTuktoyaktuk says:

    10% chance that Arsenal make an offer. But from Dempsey’s point of view he should be 110% willing to go and not let money snag it up. Getting UCL exposure is huge opportunity.

  6. PAULthe Octopus says:

    Just stay where you are, Deuce!

  7. BCC says:

    PSG would be a great destination — my guess is that he would enjoy playing with Pastore. Then again, I don’t know if his style of play matches with the run-for-90-minutes pace of Ligue 1.

    My prediction is that he stays at Fulham. Boring.

  8. Tim M. says:

    If he’s gonna move, he it should be to another league.

    There would be no point to moving to another EPL team. Especially a top tier team like Arsenal where he’d be a bit player in and out of the lineup!

  9. $hernan Maje$ty says:

    I hope he stays at Fulham because he is doing great things there and add to his already impressive legacy there.

  10. Alison says:

    I might have said Arsenal a year or so ago, but their performance thus far this season has been so poor…why would we want him to join such a mess?

    I vote for staying at Fulham – he’s got a consistent starting spot, he’s well-liked and respected, etc.

  11. Tim M. says:

    Ligue 1 isn’t as different as you may think

  12. Paul says:

    I definitely think he could benefit from laying with Arsenal. Getting some UCL experience, and playing with as great of a coach as Wenger is would benefit the USMNT greatly.

  13. ZT says:

    I would be first in line to buy a Dempsey Arsenal jersey.

  14. Dave from Charlotte says:

    some websites saying Sevilla is interested, but they are out of European competition so not sure that’s what Dempsey wants…

  15. TomG says:

    Gooners – as long as Wenger really wants him and they aren’t just looking for depth. Deuce plays a looser game than Arsene likes, with high risk maneuvers and an extra turnover or two per game. Hopefully the manager will recognize his grit, physicality, versatility and creativity as more than offsetting any perceived looseness.

  16. Idaho Brian says:

    Dempsey has the chance to cement his place as a legend at Fulham. Deuce has a spot locked in the starting XI for a top half team in the world’s greatest league…as a USMNT supporter I wouldn’t want to risk messing that up. Stay at craven cottage Clint; you have a great thing going!

  17. jaileer says:

    Arsenal, all the other names on this list are a step down. I think he’d fight for a starting spot in the midfield – he’s better than Ramsey right now.

  18. Chris says:

    anywhere he can keep playing a lot and get into the Champs League would be awesome

  19. jonk says:

    Sevilla are not in the hunt for Dempsey anymore…per Greg Seltzer.

  20. slowreno says:

    agreed. who wants to risk jumping on a sinking ship?

  21. Tim M. says:

    he won’t have as much creative responsibility meaning less touches and possession at arsenal, which could make less effective or more efficient.

    it’s a gamble if he would join Arsenal. he c

  22. As an Arsenal fan, it would be nice to have a fighter and proven player come add depth to our squad. However, as a USMNT supporter, I think it would hinder his playing time and performance for national team games. If he comes to AFC, which is HIGHLY unlikely, I would love to finally have a Yank to support. However, I really don’t see Arsenal buying him, especially after signing Park today.
    It’s best for him to stay at Fulham and continue to play most of the matches, or PSG could be good – especially with their new CB pairing. Solid team being built.

  23. leftcoastmetro says:


  24. Alex says:

    if he can do it in the prem, he can do it in france.

  25. 20 says:


    Aston Villa and PSG are hardly a step up. At Arsenal who knows if he will play?

  26. David says:

    If Arsene was really going to use him I think he is the type of player Arsenal need. Proven, durable, versatile, and tough. He would provide an aerial threat that isn’t really part of Arsenals game either.

  27. JP says:

    Stay at Fulham. Fans and Club like him there. Dempsey needs that.

    He’d struggle in a bigger club without that same level of support.

  28. jamesey says:

    Please not Arsenal. the number of bandwagon arsenal fans would go from unbearable to intolerable.

  29. GeoffieTheKid says:

    Fulham are going to finish higher than Arsenal this year, so I think it would be prudent to stay put.

  30. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Um… Have you seen Arsenal play this year? I think he could be more than a bit player.

  31. JC says:

    As an Arsenal fan I’ve wanted Deuce for some time. But knew he’d be better off staying put, getting needed playing time.

    But, now, things have changed. Arsenal is threadbare in the midfield and two of its existing players are looking to be heading downhill–Arhsavin for whatever reason and Rosciky due to age. Throw in the fact that Theo wants to be (and should be) a strker, there is a ton of playing time waiting for Dempsey if he comes to the Emirates. My guess is that he would be a regular if he stays healthy and the fans would embrace his energy and poacher style, ala Robert Pires.

    The asking price seems high but I suppose that’s because Fulham don’t want to sell to an EPL competitor and they know the Gunners are in serious need. But, Clint, wouldn’t have to uproot his life, he would get big-time CL football, and his marketing opportunities in America would skyrocket. If I were him I’d be begging for this deal!

    Come on Wenger. Get this one right!

  32. CR says:

    He did that with Fulham and scored the goal that kept them up. Not saying it’s a good call, but it has worked out before.

  33. The original rumor said that Arsenal contacted Fulham before their blowout loss to Man U. You would have to think that their attentions are turning to toward the defensive side of the ball. Dempsey to Arsenal sounds romantic and all, but I just don’t see it happening.

    His chances have been very limited with Fulham in the early EPL season. He’s both there best passer and finisher in the final third. I’m actually at the point where I’d be ok with him moving to a club where he could be surrounded by more talented attacking players, even if it meant that he might not see the type of playing time that he does at Fulham. I just don’t see it coming together at Arsenal.

    All things considered, I hope he stays put and Fulham gets their sh** together.

  34. TC says:

    Would be very, very suprising if Dempsey ended @ Arsenal. 1)$16 mil asking price is too much for Wenger to pay for a 28 year old. 2) Wenger doesn’t think highly of American players.

  35. David says:

    Clint being there (on the heals of some other Americans) turned me into a Fulham fan. After a shaky start, I fear for the club if he leaves.

  36. ETGoodyman says:

    So…I picked Arsenal…not because I particularly like Arsenal, but I’d like to see Dempsey play with high quality players and I know I’d be able to watch most if not all of his games. I would not be upset if he stays at Fulham though.

  37. Steve says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe the Deuce to Arsenal rumors at all. Yeah, they would benefit from adding someone with some spine, but he’s not Wenger’s kind of guy.

    Oddly enough, Fulham’s currently 16th in the EPL table. Arsenal is 17th.

  38. Dave says:

    as a usmnt fan and a Gunner I would love the idea of Dempsey at Arsenal. but really Arsenal need to get guys who can stop the midfield from being overrun and provide cover to the backline. I am not sure this is an area of strength for Dempsey.

    I would see him as part of the attack and would Arsene really use him versus Theo, RVP and Gervinho? I know I would use him instead of Arshavin’s corpse. So perhaps he would be cover but park as already signed.

    Mixed feelings I guess I wold hate to see him not get time at Arsenal.

  39. Dawsaw says:

    Dempsey to Arsenal might give some incentive for the Arsenal development program to look more closely at American prospects. Even though they don’t keep them, they do develop prospects like it’s their job (so to speak).

  40. Tim M. says:

    What because they’ve played poorly and conceded goals, he’s gonna be gifted a spot in a highly competitive side that expect nothing but wins and the highest quality of football?

    Dempsey has only ever played for one club, a side that has only ever experienced success in their 100 yrs as of late.

    He has a lot of leniency with fulham because their a small club. He’ll be dropped in a second if he plays with the turnover rate at Arsenal as he does with Fullham

  41. john says:

    What, as compared to band wagon MU supporters? Please….

  42. Annelid Gustator says:

    See, thats funny because plenty of folks call BPL a “run-for-90-minutes” league!

  43. Hopper says:

    He should get his arse to Arsenal and help save Arsene’s job.

  44. rlw2020 says:

    i was planning on visiting london in November and going to the Fulham-Arsenal game wearing a Fulham Dempsey jersey.. i hope he is not on the other side!!

    as much as i dislike Arsenal, it would be a great move for him. I would prefer bringing Fulham up a level, but thats not looking realistic, or the PSG move which sounds good too.

    all in all Demps is a big game player. Get him in to the Champions League!!!

  45. Tim M. says:

    You assume. You don’t know how he’d adapt to France and a big club like PSG, nor do I or will ever no until he actually leaves the prem.

  46. rlw2020 says:

    its early in the season, and one of those teams has a lot more $$$ and ambition.

  47. Jason Akasaki says:

    Florence!!! Fiorentina

  48. Murphy says:

    It would be great to have Clint move to Arsenal. We need an American at one of the big clubs in England. An American playing regularly at Man Utd/Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool/Man City or Barcelona/Madrid or even Milan/Inter would be great. The move to Napoli could be good too because they are in the Champions’ League and they could possibly challenge for the title in Italy.

    Clint should be considered one of the best American players ever. He deserves to play in the Champions’ League somewhere… Although I think it would be best for him to stay in England.

  49. Rex says:


  50. Eric says:

    I’m a Spurs fan so I’d be gutted to see him go to the Gunners. Stay at Fulham, Dempsey! You are doing wonderful things there :)

  51. Alex says:

    Very interesting as Dempsey did not travel to LA to suit up against Costa Rica (back issues, yet just played and scored over the wknd), but will meet up w/the team for the Belgium match. I think he’s definitely moving somewhete before the transfer deadline.

  52. tim says:

    The mess is temporary, 3 signings today for the gunners. He would fit well with Arsenal I think, but would be a bit player as someone else mentioned. Personally, I like to see all USMNT guys playing full time for their clubs.

  53. Harriet Tubman says:


  54. Toscano says:

    PSG all the way.. Fulham is always fighting to stay off relegation. He won’t get consistent playing time at Arsenal. PSG is building a great squad and will definitely be in Champions League next year. Fighting for titles is always better than fighting against relegation. For the USNT fans I don’t think his quality will drop just because he goes to Ligue 1. Last 3 teams that won the World Cup hardly had any players playing in the EPL.

  55. Eric says:

    Kinda remember him playing for the Revs?

  56. Ricky B. Free says:

    PSG is a better project. Next year they will play Champions League and they have signed quality players.

    I dont think that Wenger will be at Arsenal after this season.

  57. shane says:

    High price? Name one other midfielder who scored 12 premier league goals last season and has led their team in scoring the last three years that you can get for 10 million.

  58. wilyboy says:

    I would say Paris Saint Germain. They’re under new (rich) ownership, they are on the up and up, they just signed Pastore, so service should Not be an issue. For me, this is a strike while the iron’s hot situation. If he joins Arsenal, sure there’s the Champions League, but there’s also a good chance of seeing a new coach with a “new plan.” How often have those new plans involved American players?

    I doubt Dempsey would have an issue scoring in France, and they’re destined for great things.

  59. RangerSG says:

    PSG if he wants Champion’s League football. As it’s the one team he could move to where he’d have an equivalent role.

    But realistically, I’d say stay @ Fulham. He gains nothing by moving to Arsenal and taking a diminished role. I’m not terribly crazy about him playing for either Martin Jol or Alex McLeish, but better a club situation you know and are wanted in, than trying to settle with a new club where you may or may not be really wanted.

  60. Dave McDinkledonker says:

    Boot camp.

  61. rlw2020 says:

    nothing unreasonable about not wanting to fly to LA to play a friendly vs. Costa Rica. he has a lot going on already..

  62. TomG says:

    He doesn’t need a lot of the ball to be creative, though. He’s not Adu or even Donovan. His creativity lies with his runs and with doing something unexpected on the first touch. The problem is that sometimes he winds up turning the ball over in trying to do something interesting. I am not sure if Arsene is okay with that but I’d assume he would be if he goes through the trouble of acquiring Deuce.

  63. Alex says:

    As far as adjusting, you’re right, but I was referring to the fact that someone doubted he could be a 90 minute guy in France. He could. Would he be a huge success? No one can know. But the PL is more physically demanding and if he can run for 90 minutes there, then i would think he could do it in France. Maybe I’m wrong.

  64. wides in MN says:

    Not a gunners fan… but they could desperately use a bit of dempsey’s fire.

  65. Brent McD. says:

    Since he already played in the Europa League this season, would that make him cup-tied for Champions League?

  66. Tim M. says:

    omg, wtf? i obviously speaking europe strickly

  67. Charles says:

    Sounders need a scorer.

    Dempsey needs a team.

    Sounders have money.

    Dempsey wants it.

    Sounders need to win MLS, CCL, and USOC.

    Dempsey with the rest of the strong, deep team should win it.

    Make it happen Sounders.

  68. Tim M. says:

    oh, i see. physically i don’t doubt he’d be able to handle it as well.His knees will be those of a 30 some yr old by the time Jol’s done with him!

  69. CR says:

    Dempsey has already stated that he plans to retire in Europe. No MLS return likely, especially while he is still in his 20s.

  70. Brian S. says:

    O.T. but has anyone heard anything about how Stu played today in their reserve match?

  71. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    As a Fulham fan, I am disappointed in SBI for indulging in unsubstantiated rumor mongering regarding Dempsey. What has he said or done to make anyone think he wants to move? What has Fulham said or done to suggest they are open to selling him? What has Arsenal or any other team said or done to suggest that they want to buy him? He’s living in London, playing for a top-half team, playing in Europe, and he’s the star of his team. Aside from money, what reason does he have to move? Especially to Arsenal, where he would have to fight for a roster spot and not be able to play in Europe next year.

  72. Thomas says:

    +1 After the 2006 World Cup I was looking for an EPL team to follow and Fulham made sense with McGod, Boca, and a few other Americans.

    For my team I’d want to see him stay at Fulham but for his stock and the betterment of the US National team (if he plays) I’d like to see him at Arsenal. I’m conflicted.

    Regardless of where he goes I’ll always be a Fulham fan. But a big club move could also help pave the way for Americans in the future.

  73. Mattbag212 says:

    All this talk of Dempsey being a bit player at Arsenal is hogwash. He was a bit player at Fullham with every one of his coaches until they realized who they had. His coaches love him. He’s the kind of player you simply can’t play off the bench. In due time, if not immediately, Wenger will start him every match. He’s our best overseas player. He’s Deuce. C’mon. Have some faith in him!

  74. mw says:

    The patriot in me would love to see an American like Dempsey succeed at a club like Arsenal in order to start chipping away at the stigma that American players have in the eyes of top Euro clubs. But I think I would rather him play consistently with Fulham, which in the end helps our NT more immediately.

  75. BCC says:

    My assumption is that he would be a midfielder — PSG already has a lot of solid striking options. So he would not be able to float around the way he tends to do now.

    Ligue 1 is the fastest league I have every watched. Incredible pace. This is not to say that it is the most skilled, just the fastest. SOME teams in the EPL play uptempo, but the longball is far from dead.

  76. McQ says:

    +1 at this point Villa is a step down.

  77. Mattbag212 says:

    Unsubstantiated rumor mongering? Please. He’s been linked by international soccer media to PSG and Villa for days. At this very moment, it is being reported that Arsenal submitted a bid for Deuce and he’s likely to accept it. He’s said for months that he wants to play in the CL. He said that to Ives in an interview before the Gold Cup, if you recall.

  78. Tim M. says:

    Your right. I’m sure if Arsene made a point to bring Dempsey it would be with an understanding that he’d only be given so much of the reigns of the team.

    If that’s the case though, Arsene has winger’s already. Though Dempsey does have a certain grit and bite and a poachers prowess not many players have, couple with that head of his.

  79. Mattbag212 says:

    When did you start following soccer, yesterday? Such a Flounders fan. Dempsey’s not gonna leave England for your yuppie team.

  80. yeah says:

    Given Arsenal’s display this past weekend, there is no reason to think Dempsey’s playing time would diminish should he move.

  81. Tim M. says:

    Just because they boot the ball upfield doesn’t mean the game isn’t an uptempo game. Lots of time’s the game can slow down, but that’s natural of any game. Generally the EPL is still played at a 100 miles per hr though.

  82. BrianVT says:

    A month ago I wrote an almost identical post about CD23 & his legacy at Fulham. Now that the season is underway, does anyone have any updates on how Demps is perceived by Fulham’s new manager? It’s sad that we’re conditioned to sweat about his status every time the Cottagers change managers.

    Also, as a Gunner fan, I’d LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE to see him go there, but also fear that Wenger would banish him to the reserves for scoring a chancey goal like the one vs. Juve in Europa two years ago.

  83. TJ says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see Dempsey get blamed for Arsenal dropping any further. It would be asking too much of him to go to Arsenal, and turn their season around. Go to PSG, or stay at Fulham. Aston Villa shouldn’t even be in the conversation as far as I’m concerned.

  84. chris says:

    Yep but it seems its more obvious than that; hes stated he wants
    to play in the champions league plus new NT coach to play for

  85. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Fulham are a sinking ship. They will be mired in a relegation battle this season and will find themselves lucky to survive.

  86. Canary10 says:

    As a Canadian, I get tired of Americans who really badly overrate their players. But somehow with Dempsey it seems to be the opposite. Dempsey is pure quality, one of the top 10 midfielders in the EPL in my opinion. I think he would get regular time at Arsenal. Having said that, I hope he stays. Fulham are not anywhere near relegation as some have said. They’ll be in the top half of the table again this year, probably in a Europa league spot. He’s a good fit on good club that’s enjoyable to watch.

  87. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Have you not seen Rosicky or Arshavin play?

  88. MC Pharaoh says:

    Anyone who says Arsenal is pretty much just saying it because they are a big club and lossed to Man U badly over the weekend. Dempsey is a very important player to the US team, yes? In that case… Why would you want him to go to Arsenal and risk not getting much playing time? Im not saying he wouldnt but it would certainly be tough with newly acquired Park Chu Young, RVP, Walcott, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, & Bendtner as their current depth at forward and wide midfield. FURTHER MORE, Arsenal is another London club and Dempsey would not want to leave Fulham for an arch-rival. He loves Fulham and would hate to leave them, especially on those terms. If he wants to better himself but stay in the EPL, Aston Villa is the place to go. They are in dire need of wide mids atm. They also have Lichaj & Guzan there to push him or vice-versa…

  89. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    You are joking. Arsenal will be fine. They will finish top 6. Fulham have looked horrible this season and there are no reinforcements on they way. Their defense looks shaky and have nobody sans Dempsey who can score. Fulham will find themselves bottom 3 this season with or without Dempsey.

  90. wides in MN says:

    Dempsey would not be the holdup to a deal, he’s stated his desire to play for a Champs League team before.

    Fulham being willing to sell will be the biggest holdup. And likely Dempsey will be the biggest chance they have of staying in the premier league.

  91. Drew says:

    I have a hard time seeing Fulham struggling to survive, they might even finish top half again this year. Do you really rate them worse than or equal to QPR, Norwich, Swansea, Wolves, West Brom, Blackburn, or Wigan?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Dempsey stay with Fulham. As a Tottenham fan seeing him on Arsenal would make me a little ill. PSG wouldn’t be a bad move, but whether or not he wants to learn French is another matter. In my opinion, moving to Aston Villa would be a little pointless.

  92. Barry U says:

    I would say Arsenal if they want him. If you are Clint it makes a ton of sense and here is why 1. He stays in London. 2. Champions League 3. Cash in on a big transfer fee (i believe the player gets a piece) 4. At 28 opportunity to play at a big club is closing. 5. Clint is really good with a chip on his shoulder and going to Arsenal will test that.

    If not Villa or PSG would be good.

  93. Joe from El Paso says:

    Crystal Palace in the Championship…

  94. Tony in Quakeland says:

    From Arsenal’s perspective, Dempsey has exactly what they are lacking: toughness.

    i think US fans tend to overrate his techincal ability and creativity somewhat, but we under rate his drive and intensity. Given the right role, he would thrive at Arsenal.

  95. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Of course he wants to play in the Champions League, every player does. But a baseball player saying he wants to play in the World Series is not also saying that he wants to sign with the Yankees. And all of these ‘links’ to other teams are just that – they are unsubstantiated. Until something substantial (an actual bid, or a transfer request from Dempsey) materializes, these are just unsubstantiated tabloid rumors and forum fodder.

    Players are constantly linked with moves away. Last year it was Mark Schwarzer who was going to Arsenal. The difference being that Arsenal actually put in a bid for Schwarzer.

    I’ll end my rant. I’m just a pissed off fan who is sick of seeing people constantly hoping my club’s best player is sold for their own gratification, so that they can get some vicarious enjoyment out of an American playing for a big club. Most people here aren’t interested in what is best for Dempsey’s career, they just want Americans at big clubs. They’re the same people who championed Onyewu’s move to Milan.

  96. Colin says:

    PSG has a ton of ballers. I hope Dempsey gets to play with Menez, Pastore, and company. He’s more likely to play with players from Brazil and Argentina at PSG.

  97. Good Jeremy says:

    Not Arsenal please. I love the team, but they have plenty of attacking options and Dempsey would be a wing-striker hybrid that they already have in spades and would constantly fight for playing time.

    Aston Villa is also a graveyard for promising Americans.

    PSG sounds fun, and I would like to see his flair in Spain too.

  98. Andy in Atlanta says:

    If you honestly think that, you have no clue…. Actually watch some football… and not just the ESPN match of the week…

    Blackburn, Swansea and QPR…bu bye…

  99. Colin says:

    I don’t think Dempsey’s ability is really overrated, but it is much superior to everyone in the US pool except Adu. No one says Dempsey’s technical ability is like Ronaldinho or Neymar, but it’s certainly very high. He’s been a victim of never getting to play with soccer’s elites. I think he’d do great playing with the very best players in the world. He wouldn’t be out of his league, and he would keep getting better. He definitely has an underrated intensity and toughness to him.

  100. bobby says:

    Villa won’t play americans

  101. Colin says:

    I posted this on the US Soccer facebook page as a comment, but Allen Hopkins tweeted that he is doubtful whether Dempsey is possibly going to Arsenal because they suck or because he is good.

  102. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Unless Fulham sign reinforcements they are in trouble. Last time they were in Europa League they struggled in League play…when the squad was deeper and younger. Furthermore, who is going to score? They are completely reliant on the oft injured Bobby Zamora to set up any offense. Andy Johnson can’t score neither can the massively over rated Dembelee. Danny Murphy just looks old. The defense should be solid, but Riise is already injured and Baird wants to leave. Furthermore, the team has been together so long, they have been figured out. Double team Zamora, pressure Murphy, don’t let Duff cut in, and use rough tactics on Dempsey. Fulham stopped. They have been in terrible form since the start of Europa League qualification. I hope they pull through but I have my doubts. Add into it the complete lack of ambition from the Chairman and there are massive problems. However, if they sign a real striker, a creative midfielder, and another defender…they will be fine. But do you really see them doing that?

  103. inkedAG says:

    Arsenal is my team and they need all the darn help they can get. So go Dempsey to Arsenal!

  104. rlw2020 says:

    good point, Spain ’10, Italy ’06 and Brazil ’02 had very few if any EPL players. .. kinda like how its been some time since a UEFA Champions League winner from the EPL.

  105. inkedAG says:

    I also hope that Arsenal doesn’t low-ball as they tend to do.

  106. Welshbean says:

    He would rank among the great American Arsenal greats…Frankie Simek and Danny Kassaboyon (spelling of coarse) if he transfers. But seriously; imagine Dues with the ball service from Wilshire, RVP, Arshavin and co…A slight bit of an upgrade from Fulham (no offence FFC supporters). Arsenal will be fine and most likely finish in the top five as there are only four teams almost guaranteed for the top 5 (ManC, ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool) the rest is wide open. Just saying.

  107. They are owned by an American. They will play anybody whose good enough.

  108. Kevin_amold says:

    They didn’t “Struggle” in league play. They had their safety ensured pretty early and they focused on Europa once that happened. Didn’t they end up 14th? They did just fine and they have plenty of good players to stay up.

    Doesn’t mean they will, but they have more than enough quality to beat the drop. they are a 10-12 side.

  109. SteveE says:

    Right behind you on that! Even though I swore I wasn’t going to get the new jersey as I just got last year’s, if Clint is in Arsenal red, I will be ordering that immediately

  110. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I should have said struggled in matches following Europa League play. I think the club is past it, I really do. They are an aging squad with absolutely no depth. At some point the effects of aging outweigh experience. I think many of their players are at that point. Like I said, I hope they sign some players before the transfer deadline passes. I know they are linked with Ruiz, but will they pay that much? If not, I fear for their safety in the EPL this season. I agree that on paper they should stay up comfortably, but I have a bad feeling about them this year.

  111. abc says:

    I’d like to see him at PSG, or maybe a European contender in either Spain or Italy. Of course Premier League teams will get all the votes in this poll, because that’s what most people here watch. But is it the best fit for Dempsey?

  112. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Well, apparently Fulham have agreed to a deal for Ruiz.

  113. biff says:

    Germany’s Per Mertesacker and Brazil’s Andre Santos are said to be in London for medical checks before signing with Arsenal…

  114. OC says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with BCC, even though your point is valid. Ligue 1 games are blisteringly fast. I feel that per capita they have the fastest wingers and forwards of any league, but I think I’d be hard-pressed to convince someone who isn’t a fan of the league to agree with me haha

  115. RangerSG says:

    Yes there is. Arsenal’s problem was defense. Not attack. Adding Dempsey does nothing to solve their problem and adds to the logjam of players who are incapable of shielding their back 4.

  116. RangerSG says:

    Not a matter of having faith in Deuce. It’s a matter of having faith in the coach to remove more expensive players in favor of him.

    Wenger’s too proud for that. Honestly, signing Dempsey doesn’t fit his MO, either.

  117. OC says:

    Dempsey is WORLD-CLASS.

    He can’t be a Ganso-type player at any club, but he definitely has a SPOT at a top-tier club. And as for your point about turnovers, well, if he has some skill guys to pass it to, who find good space and make intelligent runs, then maybe his pass success rate will go up.

    I am fully convinced that Dempsey can be a regular starter at a top tier club. I don’t know why others don’t think he is world-class. I would not support ANYONE else from the USMNT going to Arsenal and trying to start, but Deuce is seriously capable.

  118. RangerSG says:

    Yes, but that’s irrelevant. PSG isn’t eligible this season. It’s more an issue that given their level of spending, it’s hard not to see them as a top 3 side in France next season.

  119. Bryan says:

    Where did you get Wenger doesn’t think highly of American Players? I’ve never heard this before, and just last year he wanted to bring Luis Gil into Arsenal’s academy but Gil declined the offer.

  120. Chaza says:

    I say swansea, wigan, and wba

  121. JD in FL says:

    Well Fulham have apparently splashed 10 million for Bryan Ruiz from Twente. Does this add any fuel to the fire that Dempsey may be moving or just more transfer windlow closing craziness?

  122. Brett says:

    Arsene Wenger.

  123. bottlcaps says:

    I can’t see Dempsey moving to another team that will not play in the Champions League this year. He specifically mentioned this at the end of last season. Given the fact that Fulham would need a substantial transfer fee to buy the players to replace him, he would need to go to a team with some deep pockets. I would also think he would like to stay in the EPL. That really only leaves the Gunners…or nothing. I think he will stay with the Cottagers

  124. AV_13 says:


    Proven year after year, he continues to add to the goal column year after year. Not to mention, he doesn’t get great service at fulham…

  125. Adam says:

    Was thinking the same thing…

  126. wides in MN says:

    wba … can’t see them going down after their 2nd half last year… no shame in losing 2-1 to Man U and Chelsea so far… though losing at home to Stoke is a bummer.

  127. ManicMessiah says:

    I’d be worried about him moving to PSG. Based on two other teams who have had money pumped in (Chelsea and City), they buy in waves of players, and people who jump on early are at risk to go the way a Damien Duff did for Chelsea.

    They make the champions league and suddenly they’re looking at a higher player bracket as far as wages/fees go.

  128. Dennis says:

    Dempsey to Arsenal would be an interesting thing. He brings a bit more bite to the game than most of the gunners mids have done. As to how well it will work out, assuming he gets playing time, he will still need for the gunners to get some more reinforcements if they are to go far in the CL. Even in the EPL, their defense is suspect and they really need to find replacements for the firepower of Cesc and Nasri,if they are going to be in the top 4. Clint would be only a part of that.

  129. kc says:

    He should go to Barcelona. hahaha

  130. Bryson says:

    Arsenal needs center mids much more than a winger. I think if Dempsey went there he would never play.

    That being said I would buy a Dempsey Arsenal jersey in a second.

  131. KenC says:

    Fulham are thin. They have Johnson and Zamora up top and both are injury prone. Murphy is past it in CAM, and Etuhu has never recovered.

    Fulham are also in the UEFA which means more games for an already thin squad.

  132. Northzax says:

    Really? The sounders have sixteen million to spend on a transfer fee? From where?

  133. GW says:

    Isn’t it funny then that everyone was/is so worried that Boca, who spent a lot of time at left back for Rennes and St. Etienne would not know what to do with speedy attackers?

  134. Marvin says:

    Sounders lol. Made my day.

  135. GW says:

    “Most people here aren’t interested in what is best for Dempsey’s career, they just want Americans at big clubs. They’re the same people who championed Onyewu’s move to Milan.”

    I agree with you about “those people” but

    with all due respect, it was Gooch who made the decision about moving to Milan not “those people”. And, while it did not turn out well, that was primarily due to injury so we will never know how well he might have done.

    And if Clint moves to Arsenal it will be because he believes he is good enough.

    Deuce is a big boy and, with all due respect, he doesn’t need people like you telling him what to do.

  136. D-Bo says:

    A Gunners move would be great, but I think he would have a tough time getting games when you have Ramsey, Walcott, Song, Wilshere (when healthy) in the midfield and Van Persie and Gervinho up front.

  137. D-Bo says:

    I agree completely. Even with the summer departures, it may be difficult for him to get any games. I’d rather see him playing then sitting the bench.

  138. marden08 says:

    this is silly. clint Dempsey has been a wonderful player for Fulham and the national team. He is truly one of the most creative and best all time greats. I defer to him if he wants to retire i am okay with it. It is one person’s business what Clint dempsey does and I am not giving you hints on who that is.

  139. Kevin_Amold says:

    They are essentially the same team that went to the Europa League final. They handled it pretty well last go around, but they’re a couple years older too.

    They should be fine, but I agree that they will have to start moving beyond the current crop of players.

  140. Paul says:

    @OC finally someone else who agrees that Dempsey is World Class.

  141. isma_el83@hotmail.com says:

    he should leave the English premiere league, go to the french league or Portugal league and retire there

  142. Cylo says:

    Not to mention he has bid twiced over Tim Ream last year. Yeah so that tells me he likes Americans

  143. Cylo says:

    Your just mad cuz you can’t even get a call up from Guzman or the kid from Blackburn

  144. soccerhorn says:


  145. soccerhorn says:

    And Arshavin

  146. Jim says:

    Donovan could start at Arsenal. He could play the same role for them that he did for Everton, i.e. take over Arshavin’s spot and do it better. Arshavin has been in terrible form for a long time now, Donovan OR Dempsey would be an improvement. And while neither has the speed of Walcott, both bring things to the table that Walcott does not (Landon’s final ball is much better than Theo’s, and Deuce is way better in the air.)

    I don’t know if either could unseat Gervinho from the pecking order (haven’t seen enough), but at the very least they’d be heavily in the rotation for either of the two winger roles in the 4-3-3. And that means they could see 30+ matches for a Champions League club. Of course, this is all theoretical, since MLS isn’t letting Landon go anywhere, but I think they’d be the two US players who could make it.

  147. Todd says:

    Ahhhhsnil or stay @ FFC. PSG is not a good move, IMO. Nor is Villa.

  148. soccerhorn says:

    SBI has a piece on it. He played. Bolton got walloped 7-0.

  149. Soccerhorn says:

    This is why the transfer season is called the Silly Season. All it takes is an “international media outlet to print a rumor like this one: “Dempsey to Arsenal? Your thoughts!” and the next thing you know, five other “international media outlets pick up on it and print the following: “international media outlets link Dempsey to Arsenal!”. Now it’s a fact. Absurd. This is how we wound up fighting the Nazis in Vietnam!

  150. Dave says:

    I am headed to UK next week for business week and bought a ticket to Fulham-Man City on Sept 17 just to see Clint play! Hope he stays…..

  151. Keith says:

    I can’t see Arsenal making a serious bid for CD. Looks like they need stronger/more experienced holding mids, and that’s not Dempsey’s strength. Unless he were to go to a pretty good Italian or Spanish club (unlikely…), I hope he stays at Fulham. He’s had a great career there, and they always manage to find a way to stay up — usually mid-table. Their squad is thin and injury prone though, but that makes Dempsey’s toughness and flexibility so important to them. I doubt other teams would put enough money on the table to make Fulham an offer they couldn’t refuse

  152. ATMNEUX says:

    Fulham signed Ruiz from Twente… A sign of things to come?

  153. ATMNEUX says:

    Sorry JD in FL…just saw I wasn’t the first to post this.

  154. ab says:

    where exactly is the arsenal rumor coming from? i didn’t see it in any british papers.

  155. Hush says:

    A source at goal has Dempsey going to Arsenal. Hope is legit.

    This is a must move for him especially considering his reaching 30 soon. Every U.S player I hope dreams to play for Arsenal,Barca, Man u, etc… This is why you play the game to begin with. You dream as a kid to play Futbol at the highest level with the best teams along with the best players, point blank!!! This crap about Dempsey should stay at Fulham is weak and horse poop. When you are good at what you do one should be AMBITIOUS! If our players dreams are to play for bottom table teams in Europe then we are in serious trouble.

    It’s time to prove why Americans are the best athletes in the world!!

    “I can accept failure, I CAN’T accept not trying” – Michael Jordan 23

  156. Artie says:

    Whose what is good enough?

  157. Unak78 says:

    Gunners or PSG who will be in Champions league this time next year. Dempsey deserves a club playing at the European level.

  158. Chris says:

    Bryan Ruiz

  159. Chris says:

    meant to be under the post where you asked who’s going to score for them

  160. Warren says:

    Yeah those guys were sooo good against Manchester United the other day, no way could Dempsey do better than that.

    Except…obviously a team with Dempsey on the field is not going to crumble like cheesecake under pressure, the man does not give up.

  161. Frank says:

    Dempsey is not world class! Wish he was but he is not. He will not fit well at Arsenal if he goes.

  162. Kenny_B says:

    Agree he is not world class unless we expand the definition of world class to a top 300 in the world. I don’t agree he wouldn’t fit in at Arsenal.

    Dempsey isn’t patient near the goal because Fulham lack other scorers. I think you might be underrating his passing game? Or is it his decision making? Don’t you think it would change based on the manager’s philosphy? Dempsey has proven to be adaptable with multiple managers at Fulham.