Who should Klinsmann call up for September friendlies?

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The U.S. men's national team returns to action in ten days with a pair of international friendlies, meaning Jurgen Klinsmann will soon be calling his first full camp since taking over as national team manager.

Klinsmann stated after the recent 1-1 draw with Mexico that he would call in the best squad possible, all hands on deck, meaning no healthy top players left behind and no MLS standouts left with their clubs. In other words, the team that converges on Carson, California for a one-week training camp before friendlies against Costa Rica and Belgium will be as good a group as the United States can put together.

A look at the pool reveals that Klinsmann will have some tough decisions to make on who to call in, even if he goes with a larger than normal group. While forward remains an area where there are few established options, the defensive call-ups could bring some new names to the mix. The midfield is where Klinsmann is going to have to do some serious trimming as he boasts a plethora of options, both with veterans and a host of young prospects.

Here is a projected 26-man roster that we think could resemble the group Klinsmann calls in for next week's camp: 

Projected USMNT Camp Roster for September Friendlies

GK– Tim Howard, David Yelldell, Brad Guzan

D– Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson, Steve Cherundolo, Timmy Chandler, Eric Lichaj, Michael Orozco, Edgar Castillo, Zak Whitbread, George John

M- Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley, Jose Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, Brek Shea, Kyle Beckerman, DaMarcus Beasley, Robbie Rogers

F- Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Juan Agudelo 


This was one of the tougher rosters to put together that I can remember. The list of players who could have made this squad but didn't is a long one. Here are just some of the missing names to consider:

Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Johnson, Oguchi Onyewu, Omar Gonzalez, Tim Ream, Heath Pearce, Drew Moor, Sean Franklin, Fabian Johnson, Josh Gatt, Sacha Kljestan, Benny Feilhaber, Brad Davis, Chris Pontius, Joe Corona, Freddy Adu, Mikkel Diskerud, Edson Buddle, Teal Bunbury.


Klinsmann can go in any number of directions. He could choose to leave Jones and Bradley in Germany as they sort out their club situations. He could choose to wait on calling George John as his completes his Blackburn move. He could choose to call in Diskerud, Fabian Johnson and Corona to start the process of getting them cap tied (which the September friendlies can't do). Then there is a promising young talent like Josh Gatt, who is enjoying a stellar run in Europe, or MLS rookie of the year frontrunner C.J. Sapong, who could bring some youthful energy and strength to the forward pool, but who may still be a January camp option.

One of the big issues with trying to read which direction Klinsmann might go is that he's so positive when talking about all his players, even ones who looked to have struggled. Edgar Castillo struggled badly vs. Mexico but Klinsmann praised him. Edson Buddle wasn't particularly effective but Klinsmann raved about his effort.

We'll find out for sure just who Klinsmann really liked against Mexico, and who else he truly has his eye on when he announces his September friendlies squad.

What do you think of the squad? Who is missing that you would like to see added to the list? Who is on the squad that you are surprised to see included?

Share your thoughts below.

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194 Responses to Who should Klinsmann call up for September friendlies?

  1. Modibo says:

    Whoever makes him make that face again, and a lot!

  2. james says:

    I’ve been informed that Timmy Chandler is expecting to be injured/fatigued/busy for the September friendlies.

  3. The Dude says:

    Want to see more of the young guys: Lichaj, Ream, Gonzo, Castillo, Shea, etc. We have to start integrating the youth.

  4. Paul says:

    diskerud over torres

  5. Topher says:

    Corona, Sapong, George John, Gatt, Gyau, Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Shea, Agudelo, Jozy for starters.

    And no players that will be too old by 2014: Cherundolo, Bocanegra.

  6. Sean says:

    disky blows

  7. TH says:

    Subsitute Joe Corona for Robbie Rogers (or Beasley) and I’m OK with that roster.

    While Corona won’t be tied to the US with the friendly it certainly would help in securing his allegiance. This needs to happen.

  8. jed says:

    This man is a wild beast

  9. jonk says:

    Joe Benny! Anyone else read Jeff Carlisle’s ESPN piece that mentions Bob had Corona on his list of callups for the Mexico game before he got fired?

  10. Lee says:

    I would love to see Sean Johnson get a call up, but would prefer it in January. Both Beasley and Gomez are playing well. Definitely want to see more of Shea.

  11. burrito_town says:

    Chad Marshall ?

  12. Dave says:

    If we want to try new center backs, I would like to see George John. I would also like to see Jeff Parke, though I realize this might be purely in light of the recent CCL-Monterry and Dallas shutouts of his.

  13. Javiay says:

    John is a goalie???

  14. Stephen says:

    Think he’ll still force the starting 1-11 numbers for players? Nike must be PO’d about that…Oh and yea no Bease. Sorry he’s just older and I’d rather see Brek, Adu, or Sasha rather than an older Beasley who wont play WC2014.

  15. Dorito_420 says:

    I don’t want to make a huge list here on the comments section but it needs to be about 75% new players. Need to start thinking about the future. Guys who are unknown. Not guys like Dempsey or Bocanegra, who we either know what they bring to the team or will be too old for 2014. The time is now to discover, experiment, and tinker.

  16. Shane says:

    Did anyone read the ESPN article about Phillip Lahm saying Klinsi didnt do tactics at Bayern, he left that up to the players (he was talking defenders) to sort out. That means we need Boca & Dolo until Klinsi gets bored with the job.

  17. Mike C. says:

    No Josh Gatt???

  18. Dave says:

    Is the overload midfield the reason why Graham Zusi and his badass long-distance strikes are not being considered?

  19. I got that PMA says:

    Kljestan over Rogers

  20. Colin says:

    Hamid deserves a call up over Johnson based on performances this year…

  21. chris says:

    No torres or castillo both played bad last game. No need to waste time on Corona let him play for Mexico. Definetly would like to see John finally play.

  22. Sdshields says:

    I could write my own comment, but I’d rather just +1 most of the projected roster as well as this sentence:

    “He could choose to call in Diskerud, Fabian Johnson and Corona to start the process of getting them cap tied (which the September friendlies can’t do).”

  23. James says:

    Sheanon Williams anyone?

  24. malkin says:

    so does torres

  25. Cylo says:

    Jeff Parke??? Did you see him against Man U? No thank you.

  26. chris says:

    ahahaahahhaha no this is not an olympic camp. Gyau cant even make it his german first team give him time.

  27. Cylo says:

    Zusi has Jan call up written all over him

  28. chris says:

    they both are over hyped

  29. Abram says:

    I’d be surprised to see Agudelo, Beckerman, Rogers, Shea, or any of the other MLS contingent -except maybe Donovan- as Klinsmann has said this is going to be European based players. I’d like to see Gatt and Corona called in, or maybe Doyle. I’m going to be curious to see who Klinsmann calls in, as I think we could see a lot of players we’ve never ever heard of. Hopefully we look at the next two friendlies as player discovery and the two following it more for chemistry and not reserve results until qualifying.

  30. marden08 says:

    I think that the options show that the save bob crowd’s arguments about the quality of the player pool were and are bogus. At one time everybody was amazed that Claudio Reyna was playing for the Rangers. Jump forward to 2011. Players throughout the world have got better over time but so has the US players. We are deep with second level talent and we should be able to attain a consistent 10th to 15th ranking.

  31. Shane says:

    When will we hear anything about the Olympic team? Dont we still need to qualify?

  32. Abram says:

    Can’t rule out Castillo after one game bc of lack of options at LB. Torres played bad in the first half and outstanding in the second. It’s not just the players it’s Klinsmann learning how to use them.

  33. wides in MN says:

    I’d like to see him just call ALL of those guys in… 45 man camp :)

  34. chris says:

    75% new players? you do realise you have to qualify for the world cup right?

  35. Abram says:

    I was surprised by that too

  36. Alex says:

    And this is coming from… one cupcake friendly? plus one more cap of about 20 minutes? GTFO

  37. chris says:

    Torres outstanding? you lost all credibility there. Lichaj is a 100 times better then castillo at LB. Castillo gets run over by everyone, he is not a LB nor does he play LB for his club stop being so desperate.

  38. Goalscorer24 says:

    Like the Goalie choices, and the forward choices. In defense I would like to see Whitbread, but I thought he was hurt? I was not thrilled with Castillo. Midfielders, I could do without, Jones, Bradley, and Beasley, and give some other players a chance.

  39. BF says:

    Torres, bad? LOL

  40. Annelid Gustator says:

    I haven’t seen any JF Torres play for a bit, but Sacha has been doin’ it. I’d say bring Sacha vs JFT. I also would consider trying Gatt rather than Rogers. I’d consider keeping JFT if dropping Beckerman. Also v. intrigued by Chris Pontius.

  41. glaing says:

    Hamid was hurt in his last game. I’m not sure how long he is out though.

  42. roberto says:

    He’s been promoting position battles so here’s a good opportunity. A couple of fringe players got a chance versus Mexico, now it’s time for a couple of others to get that opportunity to be throw into the mix with the regulars:

    GK – Howard, Guzan, S. Johnson (for experience much like Hamid)

    DEF – Boca, John, Dolo, Lichaj, Goodson, F. Johnson, Chandler, Whitbread

    MF – Donovan, Jones, Edu, Bedoya, Shea, Gatt, Diskerund, Bradley

    FW – Dempsey, Altidore, Agudelo

    If roster is 25 add: Rolfe, Herculez, Orozco

    potential additions: Torres, Castillo, Corona, Kljestan, Feilhaber, Rogers

  43. alf says:

    Yeah, as a long time follower of the team I also thought this would be a good opportunity to look at a bunch of new players with an all MLS roster in CA and all Euro in Belgium. However, JK and his staff may want to figure out better what he has within the core group that matches well with his system (assuming he has a system) and see first hand what the overall level/potential of the base is. The coaching staff would then be able to make more informed decisions on what areas are weak and need added focus and reinforcemnets. Look at this as JK’s chance to figure out where he’s starting from in order to know where to go next …

  44. glaing says:

    Dolo, Boca and Demerit will still figure in the qualification process. We do need to see how players work around players like Dempsey.

  45. chris says:

    Yes he is so amazing! All hail JFT he did so well in the world cup and has been great for pachuca. Cant use the doesnt fit in the system excuse anymore buddy.

  46. happyjuggler0 says:

    Time to start Dempsey as a Forward, at least until someone else steps up to the role.

    That assumes JK employs a 442. If he goes for a single forward with a flexible midfield, then Deuce should be a central midfielder of course with freedom to roam and create something out of nothing….

  47. Roberto says:

    Ives….you got any ideas on Olympic qualifying pool? That would be a cool roster topic to discuss with so many up and comers. A strong Olympics for guys like Sapong, John Anthony Brooks, Mix, Acuna or whoever could really catapult them into the Full National Team like it did for Holden and Kljestan

  48. chris says:

    no a good chance to look at young is the Olympics

  49. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Watching Edgar Castillo made me wish Bornstien was playing.

  50. Fernando Gingerbread says:

    His mother’s best friend’s son’s wife has a hang nail. Mr. Chandler will be unavailable.

  51. Timbo says:

    Not sure why people disagree with the numbering 1-11 for the starting line up of the national team. The USA dream team’s have done this in the past and it does not seem to bother them or Nike. All of their numbers were 4-15 or something like that. I like the 1-11 numbering.

  52. Topher says:

    There are players that don’t even have a team that are in the mix and play for us.

    I didn’t say start him, but I do think we should start integrating him into the senior team. He’s a serious talent. Remember that Agudelo is young too and also doesn’t start for his club (and thats MLS).

    (keep laughing though, clown)

  53. Rory says:

    Remember the rules of the USMNT Call-In game, you get 2 points for every player in an obscure league that just scored this weekend, and 4 points for every player nobody else has ever heard of.

    There’s a little hispanic kid that lives down the street from me that has been tearing up the park rec league… we’d better cap-tie him before Mexico calls him in four or five years from now.

  54. Dustyn says:


  55. dcm says:

    we need call in pre-accident davies!

  56. GoAgainstTheFlow says:

    I wanna see nothing but aging MLS stars!

  57. Topher says:

    You’re the only one then.

    He might have looked poor going forward but he at least did a decent job of not getting burnt every single time.

  58. jaileer says:

    I’ve never seen Yelldell play, so this isn’t an indictment on him, but why no Rimando love?

    Also, Castillo was awful against mexico, why no Sean Franklin? Is Orozco really better than Omar Gonzalez?

    I am *not* a fan of Robbie Rogers, and I don’t think Beasley has done a ton to get back into the National team picture — and he’ll be 33 when the cup rolls around. Why not call up Corona and see what he can do? I’m aware they are completely different players, but if you want a player randomly running up the wing and misfiring crosses into the box come hell or high water — you have Rogers.

  59. Goalscorer24 says:

    Edgar Castillo is the Mexican version of Bornstein!

  60. Summer says:

    Did anyone read the piece where Corona said he wants to play for Mexico and not the US? Guess Not.

  61. rory says:

    I’m predicting lots of Germans.

  62. donttreadonme says:

    Robbie Rogers is not international material. Leave him. Bring Gatt.

  63. Rory says:

    Belgium is going to dominate us. They have such a talented group coming through that if we don’t send some heavy tackling, bolt down midfielders we’re going to be picked apart.

  64. chris says:

    there is a difference between not starting and not making the roster. Any respectable coach would start agudelo

  65. Rory McLean says:

    IVES– Any word on what UEFA will do now that Fenerbache has been kicked out of the Champions League and there is an extra spot to fill in the group stages?

  66. JB says:

    “I didn’t say start him…”
    Topher, some of the confusion may have been that you listed 10 field players and said “for starters.”

  67. Dan F says:

    Corona is a must to sway him our way. Altidores form is good, but let him keep working on it. Now is the time to tinker and get as many new faces in PRIOR to qualifying next year. I don’t expect to see anyone not on solid ground with their clubs. Boca will likely continue to be called, he can teach the new guys plenty since defence continues to be an issue. Klinsi seems to be working 1 issue at a time & the Mex game was about defense. Now to unleash an unholy barrage of goal scoring…hmmmm

  68. jaileer says:

    Dempsey has played well in the withdraw, #9 role. I would love to see that.

  69. jaileer says:

    Whoa, Tiger. Castillo was bad, but Bornstein is in a class unto himself.

  70. Eurosnob says:

    Klinsmann won’t discard Rogers after his stellar performance against Mexico, but replacing Hercules Gomez with a younger player is a no brainer. Gomez was invisible in the last WC, does not have much upside, and will be 32 by the time the 2014 WC in Brazil.

  71. chris says:

    I guess you didnt watch the game cuz Bocanegra covered for him the whole first half against a mexico team with none of their forwards

  72. DirtyLeeds says:

    Only two I care about are Corona and George John.

    Diskerud needs to get called up too as there’s rumors of Norway being back in his ear.

  73. Topher says:

    That confusion should probably have been squashed by the fact that I didn’t name a keeper and named 4 forwards…

  74. Topher says:

    There’s a difference between Hoffenheim (Bundesliga) and the NYRB (MLS).

    Plus, Gyau is older than Juan.

  75. Dinho says:

    jaileer, I am a Galaxy fan, so don’t get me wrong, but Franklin is simply not international quality. He is fairly quick and plays for a good team. When pressured, he OFTEN gives the ball away and sometimes (IMO too often) loses his focus. I think we should give Castillo another shot. That was his first 90 with the team under a new coach. Just my 2 cents.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing how Omar does, I just think Orozco’s lateral quickness is what separates the two. I don’t necessarily think he’s that much better.

  76. Topher says:

    I was at the game.

  77. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    A Galaxy fan, I take it?

  78. Bryson says:

    +1 watching him and Altidore play together up top was a blast. Hope he can make it back!

  79. Bryson says:

    When is the roster announcement? Doesn’t anyone know when Holden will be playing again? That is who I really want to see play in the middle.

  80. bryan says:

    I think Sasha, Adu and Mix have shown they deserve to be called up. As good as Beckerman and Rogers played, I’d rather see any combo of the other three in the roster.

  81. JoeW says:

    Actually, I don’t really care who he calls in. Klinsi has shown he’s willing to call in people with potential even if they haven’t been blooded (Hamid is a great example). He’s show he wants to go after people so rather than best 11 players, it will be the team that does the best job of playing how he wants to play as a team. And whomever he calls in for these matches, it won’t be final. We’re going to see an influx of new guys (or forgotten guys…ala Buddle and DMB) who get opportunities.

    It’s all good.

  82. Chicago_blue says:

    I’d be pretty surprised if Adu didn’t get a call.

  83. Colin says:

    It seems really unlikely Adu and Feilhaber wouldn’t be called up especially since the Mexico friendly looked like Klinsmann was getting a look at a lot of players he hadn’t really seen in action in person. Feilhaber and Adu play the kind of soccer Klinsmann likes. Freddy was signing with Philadelphia the last game, and Feilhaber wasn’t called because Klinsmann seemed to be evaluating all the holdings mids.

  84. josh says:

    Eric Cantona would love that lineup.

  85. Union says:

    I could maybe see Herc, but I don’t see the point. I don’t think you’ll see both Mexican defenders from last time. I also don’t think Rogers and Beckerman are locks at all. I think Gatt and Corona will be though to turn down. He needs to get young guys in camp. Maybe he’ll told off on doing that until January, maybe not, but he needs to see what he has in terms of talent w/ the guys who are going to be important to qualifying and the WC.

  86. bryan says:

    that makes no sense. we have to qualify first and beas could add depth on the wings. in case you haven’t noticed, we don’t have many options.

  87. Idaho Brian says:

    This will draw the ire of many people here, but another possible callup would be Robbie Findley. At the least, I think Findley can be included in Ives’ list of other players on Klinsi’s radar. We all have seen Findley struggle at the international level in the past, but he is getting playing time and scoring goals now…I believe he is probably a fringe candidate. Personally, I would prefer to see others like Corona, Aguedelo, and Burnburry continue to have a chance to develop…

  88. Colin says:

    Yikes, forgot about that. Johnson still doesn’t deserve a call up though…

  89. wilyboy says:

    I would much rather see Gatt than Beasley, and would rather see Adu in there than Beckerman (who is unlikely to be in Brazil). If possible, call in Joe Corona. That’s a no brainer, before Mexico gets him on their Olympics roster.

    One last question. Why not reach out to Fabian Johnson, let him know the interest is there? He seems willing, and if he can’t come now he’ll likely be more inclined to later.

  90. rlw2020 says:

    i saw these two friendlies being almost 6000 mi. and 4 days apart that we would see 2 different camps called in.

    For the CR game in LA; mostly MLS/FMF players Loyd, John, Gonzalez, Torres, Shea, Agudelo, Davis, Beasley, Hamid, etc..

    For the game vs. Belgium; Howard, Guzan, Yelldell, Boca, Chandler, Rusin?, Johnson?, Edu, Goodson, Jones, Demps, Mix, Gatt, Jozy, Rolfe, Bedoya, Sasha

  91. Bill Santi says:

    Amazing how everybody has forgotten how good MIKE PARKHURST is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Ja Ja James says:

    Brad Davis anyone?

  93. MJC-DC says:

    I would like to see more of him in that role for the nats. That said, I’ve been watching Fulham for nearly 3 years now and I still believe that Dempsey is best when playing in midfield.

  94. rlw2020 says:


    CR: Adu, Benny, Sapong, Corona, Castillo

    BEL: Spector, Lichaj, Findley?

    basically call in 50 different players over the course of a week. Should get Klinsy very acclimated.

  95. Dinho says:

    I’m a fan of Brad Davis. I’d like to see him play with a strong squad around him.

  96. Tanghr says:

    Alfredo Morales? Don’t see how a Bundesliga 1st teamer can’t get consideration. And I would love if Klinsmann brought in Fabian Johnson as well.

  97. Judging Amy says:

    can you name 10-15 teams clearly better than the us? bet you can.

    reyna’s rangers waaayyyy different than the present version that loses games to slovakian powerhouses.

    i agree though the player pool does look magically revitalized since jk took over. time will tell if this is truly the case though.

  98. Nick says:

    Castillo and Torres out.. Adu and Fabian Johnson in.. would be nice to get Mixx and Gatt in too

  99. Dainja says:

    Love the list, except…
    DROP: Rogers (he’s still just fast people, calm down), Beckerman, Orozco

    ADD: Adu, Diskerud (though Gatt is tempting, Diskerud is more developed), Ream

    Then again…maybe Klinsi will just call in a camp full of German kids with American soldier dads. hehe. now THAT would be a team!!!!!!! …i’m half serious.

  100. Aaron in StL says:

    Seriously? Have you seen the path for qualification? It’s the most cupcake qualifying path we’ve had in some time. And yes, it is time to incorporate the youth now, so their first exposure to high pressure situations isn’t in a make-or-break game.

  101. ryan says:

    love the aggressive style, who needs a goalie if you score enough goals

  102. francois says:

    Ya, cuz they’ve been destroying in qualifying huh haha get out of here man, they’re a side filled with a lot of individual talent, but they are not a great team.

  103. AcidBurn says:

    Play Beautiful.

  104. I JiK I RED BULLZ says:

    Only 18 players get to be called up for the actual game so here would be my 18 players I would call up against Costa Rica and Belgium:

    1. Tim Howard 2. Timothy Chandler 3. Eric Lichaj 4.Michael Bradley 5. Tim Ream 6. Zak Whitbread 7. Maurice Edu 8. Clint Dempsey 9. Juan Agudelo 10. Landon Donovan 11. Herculez Gomez 12. Josh Gatt 13. Jermaine Jones 14. George John 15. Mikkel Diskerud 16. Fabian Johnson 17. Jozy Altidore 18. Brad Guzan

  105. Edwin in LA says:

    That’s because Bob kept using him in the completely wrong manner, Gomez was coming off an amazing campaign in Mexico in which he won a tied scoring title basically off of a super super sub role. He needed to be brought in the 2nd half of games, and it should have been Buddle starting next to Jozy and then Gomez would come in for who ever was tied.

    I am not thrilled about Beckerman, we have 3 guys capable of being the starting holding mid. Jones, Edu and Bradley. And then we also have Torres and the one that to me was the best option, Holden when healthy. Hell even Spector seems like a better option for that center mid spot than Beckerman, when he played there Spector was great. I’d rather see Corona or Adu or Buddle instead of Kyle?

  106. shawn says:

    Best defender in MLS

  107. Edwin in LA says:

    I think Tim Ream has to work on his game with Red Bulls, and they need to concentrate on making the playoffs.

    Omar should be on that team before Ream right now. Whitbread? I’m not sold on him right now, isn’t he coming off an injury?

    Where do you leave our captain, just because you have to have 18 players doesn’t mean they all have to get 1 thru 18 numbers.

  108. Jamie says:

    He just came back off of injury a day or two ago.

  109. Edwin in LA says:

    I kind of want to see Geoff Cameron get a shot, mainly at Center Back but I guess we’ll see that in a late November or mid December friendly if they have 1 this year or in Camp Cupcake.

    George John probably won’t be at that camp since he’ll be joining Blackburn soon.

    But Omar Gonzalez, Tim Ream, Geoff Cameron and if possible Orozco should be brought in. I could live with someone like Cameron teaming up with Goodsen or Omar, oh I guess Goodsen can play in January?

  110. Annelid Gustator says:

    Me too… five years ago. Too old to help 2014.

  111. soccerhorn says:

    Castillo looked awful. Confused and overmatched. Not saying he shouldn’t get a second look, but it seemed Lichaj looked far stronger.

  112. Madaoua05 says:

    My votes:

    GK- Tim Howard, David Yelldell, Bill Hamid

    D- Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson, Steve Cherundolo, Timmy Chandler, Eric Lichaj, Michael Orozco, Jonathan Spector, Zak Whitbread, George John, Fabian Johnson

    M- Landon Donovan, Maurice Edu, Michael Bradley, Jose Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, Brek Shea, Robbie Rogers, Freddy Adu, Josh Gatt

    F- Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Juan Agudelo, Clint Dempsey,

  113. soccerhorn says:

    Sascha is looking like a First XI this season so far at Anderlicht. Seems foolish not to put him on the field for at least the Belgium game.

    In fact, what makes most sense is, let the MLS guys play against Costa Rica, let the Euro guys play against Belgium.

  114. Machista Gay says:


  115. Chase says:

    I thought Torres looked pretty good last game. A lot better than Michael Bradley….. what a joke that guy is.

  116. abc says:

    This would not cap tie him. But it might convince him to play for the US over Mexico.

  117. gigi says:

    If i was the Klinsmeister id bring in some new blood so id deff take a look at Gatt, Fabian Johnson, Corona, and maybe even Daniel Williams Diego Chavarri, and Alfredo Morales.

  118. abc says:

    lol Jeff Parke… this is a joke right?

  119. Anthony says:

    Anyone else read that Corona was called to an Mexico under 23-squad for a game vs Chile. Also, Miguel Ponce on that roster. Looks like we won’t get to see if Corona fits.

  120. abc says:

    If we’re worried about depth on the wings start incorporating Shea, Chandler (while Dolo is still around), Gatt, and even Gyau. At least those guys are young.
    Beasley is close to useless now and irrelevant for the future.

  121. Two Cents says:

    Haha. That’s exactly what we need.

    Goalies: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

    Defense: Lichaj, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Gonzalez, Ream, Chandler, John, Whitbread, Goodson

    Midfield: Mix, Adu, Donovan, Dempsey, Edu, Bedoya, Bradley, Jones, Shea, Fabian Johnson

    Forwards: Bunbury, Agudelo, Altidore, Buddle

    Alternates: Gatt, Feilhaber, Davies, Gomez, Torres, Beckerman, Klestjan

  122. RoryD says:

    I guess I’m obligated to jump into this conversation as well.

  123. Cris says:

    Mike Magee is God

  124. Sam says:


  125. Tom The Roofer says:

    Emirates Cup, eurosnot

  126. Ja Ja James says:

    Yeah, it’s sad to think that his timing may be off (age wise)considering how well he is playing…@ 29. I still think he would be fine for 2014.

  127. Ja Ja James says:

    I’m amazed that Parkhurst still doesn’t get any respect.

  128. Brad says:

    he hasn’t decided, it was his parents that wanted him to play for Mexico. Seems fair to me, they come to the USA, get all their opportunities here, make a better life for there son here and then send him to play for another nation….

  129. DeLarge says:

    Saw that. Sucks if he accepts — although if he got called by us, he would play a game with our FULL team.

    Hope he sees the light… Plus, a trip to Bruges maybe, ya?

  130. spencer says:

    I think it is hard to predict because Klins is such a positive coach. He praised everyone after the game and made sure not to talk negatively about anyone. He is trying to lift spirits. I would like to see him bring in some of the younger talent that is starting to make some noise at home and abroad. Just to show that their is no such thing as the normal team. It is who is playing the best at the time.

  131. Looking Ahead says:

    The bigger question for Klinsi is if/when he is going to develop a system or instead utilize the best players available and choose a formation from there. We all saw that Donovan’s best roll at this point in his career is playing underneath the striker. If you play Donovan/Dempsey out wide than you MUST play a 4-4-2 because of their tendancies to pinch in, and crowd the middle; then work out from there. This allows for more creative middies such as Benny, Holdon(when healty), Paco to be utilized with bangers such as Jones/Edu/Bradley behind them. This necessitates speedy wingers with positional discipline. In my opinion these are the positions that are up for audition, and friendlies are a perfect opportunity for that.

  132. wilson89 says:

    definitly want to see cherundolo and chandler. feilhaber has been doing well in MLS and with the recent poor form of Jones, I’d rather see benny. also freddy adu looks exciting all of a sudden again. I trust klinsmann will make the right decision.

  133. Idaho Brian says:

    I wonder if Klinsman’s desire to have more technical ability on the field might give a guy like Brad Davis a shot. His lack of pace hurts him…but I don’t think there is a better crosser of the ball in the US pool.

  134. bryan says:

    i think you guys misunderstood the point of my comment. i didn’t say choose beas over them, but why would we just throw him out? he can still be a great option off the bench for any of those younger guys. i just think it’s crazy to not include beasley just because he is going to be 33 in 2014.

  135. Eurosnob says:

    BB made his share of mistakes at the WC, but I don’t think it is fair to blame him for not using Gomez as a sub. At the world cup, Gomez played 3 games (1 start and 2 games as a sub). In each game, he was ineffective. Perhaps his struggles could be attributed to lack of service from midfield. Gomez is a good player, but he has limited upside and will be on the wrong side of 30 by 2014. I think Klinsmann will try to bring in younger, more talented players, like he did with Germany.

  136. away goals says:

    Is this the part where we grossly oversimplify a complicated personal decision?

  137. Dimidri says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t totally understand how Sean Johnson keeps getting talked about on these threads? He might be really good someday, but for the Fire he seems to have a lot of mistakes, albeit mixed with some good saves.

  138. J.Rome says:

    C.J Sapong youthful energy to the forward pool?? This guys older than Teal Bunbury, Altidore, Agudelo and Adu….And While people hype up Agudelo who has 5 goals in 22 games so much, I cant help but wonder if they’ve forgotten about Jack Mac. The kid has 4 goals in 31 games

    (SBI-If the four you mentioned, two are on the roster, one is NOT a forward and the fourth is Teal Bunbury, who’s starting spot Sapong took. No, he’s not McInerney young, but he’s already shown more this year than McInerney has. He’s ahead of him in terms of current ability. Let McInerney show something substantial as a regular club contributor before even thinking of mentioning him for the senior team.)

  139. socrates says:

    Age-eligible = born in 1989 or later. Some who fit include:

    GK: B. Hamid, S. Johnson, Z. MacMath

    D: T. Chandler, G. Agbossoumonde, I. Opara, D. Williams, S. Williams, M.A. Ponce, E. White, G. Garza, Z. Valentin, K. Sarkodie, P. Kitchen

    M: F. Adu, B. Shea, M. Diskerud, J. Corona, B. Gavin, J. Flores, M. Stephens, A. Okugo, D. Cruz, J. Gyau, L. Gil, F. Hurlezer

    F: J. Altidore, J. Agudelo, T. Bunbury, D. Mwanga, O. Salgado, B. Wood

  140. Jake the Snake says:

    His parents? His mom is from El Salvador, and has stated she would like for him to represent La Selecta. Some of you people should just leave you anti-immigrant issue out of soccer, you end up looking like idiot like Howard.

  141. danny says:

    I’d pair him with JJones and MB in the middle.

  142. BK says:

    IVES and others,

    Please stop adding Jozy to every predicted squad. HE IS TERRIBLE! How many freaking horrifying performances does he have to have to lose you guys? The kid is not what you want him to be and he never will be.

  143. danny says:

    Feilhaber? He’s in the MLS now, right? How is he playing?

  144. Primoone says:

    The first part of your comment is fine with me…

    Folks are disillusioned. Just because these kidsey are on the USMNT doesnt mean that they must be the best players in our pool. However, I am of the opinion that Gyau would crack any starting line-up in MLS as a winger or Central attacking Midfielder. Just because his club chooses to bring him along slowly does not mean he would be inefective on the international stage…besides we don’t need a shot of youthfullness/attack-minded footballers with a touch of High foot-ball I Q considering all the youth players we have on our team lighting up the opposition’s nets.

  145. GlasgowPowerRangers says:


  146. Primoone says:

    Brad is a solid player however, it’s going to be really difficult to get a cross into the box if you can’t beat your mark to the ball…otherwise he will be crossing into the box from the half.

  147. Two Cents says:

    Sorry, forgot to include Spector. Defense or Midfield. For now, I’d keep him on the alternate list, but he is playing for Birmingham in the Championship, so he may be better fit to join the 26-man roster straight up. Depends on injuries as well as current level of the other players.

  148. Primoone says:

    I feel that introducing some of the most talented youngsters from the u-teams would benefit them tremendously. However, whether they dress or play is a different scenario. It would be nice to see 1 or 2 of them dress maybe even get 5-10 minutes.

    With that said, a full-strength squad at work under Klinsi in Belgium would be great. I wouldn’t be mad if a couple names like Mix, Whitbread, Doyle, Wood, Gyau, Lletget, Alfredo Morales, Storikav, Gatt or Daniel Williams made the trip.

  149. Dorito_420 says:

    Yes, I realize that. I also realize that these two upcoming friendly have nothing to do with CONCACAF qualifying.

  150. Dorito_420 says:


  151. biff says:

    What did Castillo do that was so awful against Mexico? Castillo was under massive pressure without let-up the full first half and played solid defense. No one beat him for a goal ala Bornstein. He did have some bad passes, but so did several other players during the first half. If I remember correctly, Castillo was not the one who allowed Peralta to score Mexico’s one and only goal. Can’t remember who was guarding Peralta and got beat? But it wasn’t Castillo.

  152. Eric says:

    Yup. Definitely what everyone in the Dutch league is saying right now. I mean, it’s not like he’s scored a single goal there so far in this early season… wait…

  153. Dorito_420 says:

    Whoa there. I can tell you that Ponce won’t be playing for USA. He wouldn’t risk getting sold by Chivas for playing for the “Gringos”.

  154. bryan says:


  155. TomG says:

    I’ve never loved McInerny. He’s always seemed more of a Twellman/ Rolfe type. He’s smallish but not super fast or athletic. His skills are decent but nothing special. He’s mainly a nose for the goal type of player – nothing wrong with that, but I don’t see it translating to international play. Agudelo is younger, bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled, and more creative. His work rate is also just as good as Mac’s. I wouldn’t give up on him, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to get him into camp over more accomplished players, either.

  156. rlw2020 says:

    care to elaborate on that last line?

  157. rlw2020 says:

    parky is a great player, but he has had is opportunities with the national team.. id pick a handful of MLS CBs over him..

  158. rlw2020 says:

    Johnson for sure.. i don’t know anything about Morales.. isnt he a CDM/CB?

  159. rlw2020 says:


  160. Kyle says:

    I would love to the wingers in a 4-4-2 be Brek Shea on the left and Jogh Gatt on the Right. Altidore + Dempsey should be playing higher up and Jermaine Jones should not start. Bradley in the middle with one of Edu, Bedoya, or Torres. Backline from R-L of Chandler, Goodson, Bocanegra, Convey.

  161. Ryan in NYC from NC says:

    I want Edgar Castillo NOWHERE NEAR the squad!

  162. GW says:


    Name me one US player who is qualified to be considered in Reyna’s class.

    Name me one US player who is a regular for a team that is a Champions league contender. Because the teams we will eventually have to beat mostly have lots of players who meet that criteria.

    “We are deep with second level talent and we should be able to attain a consistent 10th to 15th ranking.”

    That gets you to right about where Bradley took the US, if you consider that the US made it to the final 16 of the 2010 World Cup. I consider that a better indication than FIFA rankngs.

  163. GW says:

    If Mix’s place withthe US is being threatened, and I don’t think it is, it’s becuase no one really expected Adu to be back at this point.

    I happen to prefer Mix but right now those two play the same position.

  164. GW says:

    Holden hasn’t played for Bolton yet and may not be back until October if then. Coyle will not rush him and he should not.

    Knee injuries should be taken seriously.

    USMNT fans should know that better than anyone after watching Gooch try to play too soon in the World Cup.

  165. Angel FAN of USA says:

    don’t forget Joseph Gyau, Sebastian Lletget,Gale Agboss. Doyle Conor, Perry Kitchen, Bobby Wood, Sean Cunningham, Mike Grella,Jerome Kiesewetter and many more.

  166. Angel FAN of USA says:

    All I’m want to say is that Klismann should start playing an under 23 and get ready for the Olympics. We already know what about the veteran can do. We need to find new replacement for Landon, Dempsey, Howard, Ouguchi and so for. We need to set the U20 from the U20 world cup roster and fixed a bit with some new player and add a bit of veteran like Adu, Altidore, Bradley, Holden, Bedoya, Torres this all around 25 and under. This is the Future. Let’s not all depend too much on Dempsey and Landon. Please Klismann try our new kids, our youth by the way Joseph Gyau is way way better then Agudelo. So come on.

  167. RSLin208 says:

    What I’d like to see:

    G: Howard, Westberg.

    D: John, Whitbread, Boca, Dolo, F. Johnson, Lichaj, Chandler, Goodsen, Orozco.

    M: Bradley, Donovan, Shea, A. Morales, Gatt, Edu, Torres, Jones, Bedoya.

    F: Dempsey, Jozy, Findley.

  168. Hush says:

    I’ve been saying the same damn thing. I’m not sure what game folks were watching if they thought Castillo was awful. The kid had a few bad passes, then again, our players were not doing a great job creating space. Xbox live has the game on there if people want to go back and anylized the game for a second time. I watched it 4 times, Castillo was far from being bad. Barrera was on lockdown on the left side for most part. It was Bradley and Boca who allowed Mexico’s only goal. Castillo was left with two defenders to cover.

  169. RSLin208 says:

    If it’s an all Euro roster, sub Mix, Kljestan, Wood, and Ogunbiyi for Landon, Orozco, JFT, and Shea.

  170. Alexandria says:

    Personally I think long camps are places to get to know players, these two quick turn around games aren’t to get to know players they are to finalize the things you’ve already learned. So I think the amount of new blood will be limited. The only difference is the guys who were hurt for the last friendly will be available. Most of the younger guys won’t be ready this year and the Scandinavian guys can come to the January camps so I see this as an already in the pool game.

  171. Hush says:

    Morales, Mix, Fabian, Gatt, and John should be the new additions.

    Folks can forget about Corona, that kid is leaning towards Mexico. I had no confidence in him ever considering playing for us. Althought his H.S coach did say who ever called in Corona first, that is who he would play for. I’m not to dissappinted, the kid is solid, but we have better coming up the youth ranks. No biggie mi gente!

  172. julio says:

    Wow Ives,

    Did you just really write in here, Hercules??? Beckerman??? Ok first Hercules has never done anything on Senior level to meritt another look, the guy was a scrub in Copa America when he was a regular, he did not do anything in the WC, either in practice to earn a starting spot consistently. Just because he has a decent game in Mexico with his club you want to suggest him, WTH?!?!?!

    Beckerman, ok the guy hustled his tail, but same thing with him and the Copa America experiment back in 09. This is another guy that should never sniff the USMNT team again, there is a reason he is still in the MLS has not been offered a contract abroad. We have much better options in our youth pool then these guys.

  173. ec says:

    Definitely like to see Fabian Johnson in camp and make a run at him committing to Team USA. Also would rather see Omar Gonzalez than Orozco.

  174. richd3668 says:

    Is no one upset that the sample roster leaves Freddy Adu off.

    It seems strange to leave off the player who started the plays that netted the US its last three goals in the Gold Cup. Have Beckerman, Rogers,Bedoya or Torres had anywhere as much affect on two games in a row in a non friendly game.

    The answer by the way is no. In the last two games of the Gold Cup Freddy created many opportunities. When he put his hand up on the wing and called for the ball his team mates were happy to pass it to him because they respected his ability. Without him we don’t get the last goal in the semi final and neither of the goals we scored against Mexico.

    No one else can bring to the table the play making skills he has. He will never be a great scorer but he will be the straw that stirs the drink.

    (SBI-It’s pretty simple. He just joined Philly two weeks ago, and is still working his way back to match fitness. I don’t see Klinsmann calling him in if he’s not fit. You can argue that Michael Bradley isn’t match fit either, but Bradley’s fitness is among the strongest in the entire pool, so it’s not as much of an issue. That said, Bradley could be left home as well. Just stop concocting a slight against Freddy Adu because he wasn’t on this roster. I rate Adu highly, but right now he’s not fit. He’ll get plenty of chances down the road.)

  175. jorge says:

    Why isnt freddy adu on ur top list considering he played tremendously good in the 2 last games of the gold cup..

    (SBI-He’s still working his way back to full match fitness, so it would seem unlikely he’d get called up, but it’s not impossible that he gets called.)

  176. Colin says:

    You are correct. Freddy Adu and Clint Dempsey are the best US players by some distance. Remember Ives values club playing time over skill. He called for Michael Bradley not to play because he was between teams, but Michael Bradley is clearly the best holding midfielder on the US. Freddy Adu is a very good soccer player. There is no way Klinsmann won’t call him. Klinsmann set up Adu’s club deal, so that Freddy could get a club and start playing a lot and get his career moving again. Klinsmann clearly likes him. Freddy Adu torched Marcelo in 2007 in the U-20 World Cup

    (SBI-Is this a serious comment? This is about the most irrational and fictitious comment I’ve seen in a while. Klinsmann set up Adu’s club deal? As I said above, Adu’s still working his way back to fitness. This squad I picked isn’t MY SQUAD, it’s the squad I think Klinsmann calls in. It’s a tough one to pick because there are some many options.)

  177. Colin says:

    Would love to see this:


    Gatt/Cherundolo John Cameron Lichaj/Wallace

    Donovan/Shea Bradley Feilhaber Dempsey

    Agudelo Adu

    Subs: Shea, Bunbury, Rogers

    Much better if it was this:

    Júlio César

    Maicón Lúcio Thiago Silva Bastos

    David Luiz

    Robinho Ganso Ronaldinho

    Neymar Pato

  178. RangerSG says:

    That’s not a bad list. But I don’t think Davies is sharp enough to merit a place right now. And I think Beckerman is more likely to be in and Mix out. Don’t think Klestjan even merits alternate status right now, either.

    I’d probably drop Bunberry and Buddle to alternate and perhaps add Pontius to the list, based on current form.

  179. marco says:

    I would have liked Klinsmann to half two rosters, domestic an Europe with a couple key players in both matches. But I guess there’s not sufficient time between games.

  180. marco says:

    good picks

  181. marco says:

    Makes sense, perhaps Low could get the Euro players ready for Klinsmann.

  182. ACS says:

    Then you might as well put in Alfredo Morales and Daniel Williams both make the 18 every week and one has gotten a couple of starts.

  183. Two Cents says:

    Oh for sure, I’m not saying there aren’t another 20 guys that we could call in, just trying to create a relatively solid list based on age, caps, talent, club, playing time, and fitness. An example being, I’m not trying to put our entire u20 roster on the senior team unless it’s likely they will be ready for the near future. Some will be there in a few years for certain, but aren’t quite ready. Also, there just isn’t enough room on a 26-man roster, so even legitimate choices can’t make the squad this time around.

    In reply to RangersSG, you make some good points, but I really think Mix has a bright future, and is playing full minutes for 2nd place team. He’s even being monitored by Manchester United. I’m a fan, I’m sure not everyone is, but I think he certainly deserves a shot right now. Klestjan is always a tough one, but he has been playing regularly for Anderlecht, so that helps his chances at being called up. Beckerman played well last friendly, but I’m not sold on him personally. As for Klinsmann’s thoughts, he may love him. I have no qualms with Beckerman, I just think we have better in his position. Just my opinion. Bunberry and Buddle were added because I think they have good shots at playing with the USMNT for a while, whereas Pontius I’m not so sure. Certainly he’s been playing well, and may become a very useful player for the USMNT, but I just don’t see him in the future, whereas Bunberry is young and has a lot of raw talent that I think Klinsmann can work with. Again, just my opinion, but who knows who’ll end up being our true starting 11 come WC2014.

  184. dan says:

    Wasn’t it confirmed that Spector was one of the players whom Klinsmann phoned right after taking the job? Yes, he’s not getting many minutes for Birmingham (a recent start notwithstanding), but I would think he’d be in the mix.

  185. Danny says:

    Klinnsman needs to get Corona and Gatt in a USMNT jersey asap. Also, I can’t believe Geoff Cameron of the Dynamo isn’t getting any play. He’s probably the best defensive midfielder in the US system right now, and he could probably be utilized as a central defender with great passing abilities.

  186. Nack says:

    Hey Ives,
    Is there any way we could get email notifications when someone replies to our comment on the message board? It’d be really helpful and make the message boards easier to have back and forths on.

  187. gigi says:

    So…people do realize this is not the official roster and just a shot in the dark. The people getting angry over this are the same people you see at mcdonalds complaining cuz there coffee is too hot.

  188. biff says:

    Yes, Klinis is a wild beast. Don’t you love it? A news article out of Scotland says Klinsmann is going to be in Glasgow Thursday evening to watch Rangers play Maribor in Europa League competition. Pressure will be on Edu and Bedoya to perform to earn spots on the next USMNT roster. I wonder if Klinsmann has visited other potential players on this European trip…Anyone hear any news?

    An easy solution for all the talk a about congestion in the midfield. Why not leave MB and Jones off the roster? MB looked bad against Mexico, the team came alive when he was subbed off. Plus he has not played a club match since February. Jones also has not been getting much playing time at Schalke. They both need to start playing at the club level before any new USMNT call-ups.

  189. biff says:

    Another way to make it easier would be to add a button to list postings in chronological order. That would make it possible to toggle back and forth. Should not be too hard for the Webmaster to add that function

  190. USSFdon'tthread says:

    Here’s a name for GK: Diego Restrepo… Hear me out: he just won the starting job at America de Cali (HUUUUGE South American Club) so he’s actually playing, not sitting on a bench (unlike Yeldell, Guzan, Cervi) + gotta cap tie him since there’s rumblings that Colombia and definitely Venezuela want to bring him in.

  191. biff says:

    Update on my original post: It seems the newspaper item I saw earlier was based on a press release issued on the Rangers web site, claiming that Klinsmann is “set to name all three players (Boca, Edu, Bedoya) in his squad for the forthcoming friendlies…” The press release says that Klinsmann intends to visit Glasgow to see a match, but does not say it is going to be the match tonight. Here is a link to the item:

    Yanks A Lot!

    link to rangers.co.uk

  192. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Ineffective? It was Gomez’ run which freed the space for Bradley’s goal against Slovenia, without that run Bradley does not get his shot off.

    We can fairly say Gomez did not score at the WC, but I don’t think ineffective is a fair assessment of his role.

  193. Pete says:

    I’d agree.