Bobby Rhine: A Tribute

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11 Responses to Bobby Rhine: A Tribute

  1. Adam says:

    Very well done.

  2. federico says:

    So very sad, Bobby seemed like a stand up guy.

  3. Josh_Oc says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Rhine

  4. Wade says:

    I loved watching the way he played for years with Dallas. I’ve been a Dallas fan since his rookie year and watched him his whole career. A team player to the core.

    I met him last year at Pizza Hut Park during the first round playoff game against Real Salt Lake. We were standing in the beer garden area right next to Bobby and Steve Jolley. I thought how cool is it that they were right there hanging out with the fans enjoying the game and drinking some cold ones. Steve Jolley was even heckling Nick Rimando with the rest of us… all in good fun of course. I talked with both of them during the game. Bobby was extremely cool and just a genuinely nice guy. The local FC Dallas broadcast won’t be the same without him. He will be truly missed by all FC Dallas fans.

    RIP Bobby. See you on the other side.

  5. Paul says:

    He is Dallas through and through. It’s a rarity to see a player stay with one team in this day and age. It shows just how classy he was that FCD kept him even after his playing career was over. He was one of the newest people to the UT family and now he is gone. RIP Bobby Rhine

  6. Shane says:

    RIP Bobby and condolences to his familly. To quote the Band Perry, “the sharp knife of a short life”.

    Thanks for a well done tribute Ives

  7. Aquaman says:

    I’ve been watching Burn/FCD games since I was in highschool. I remember seeing games at the Cotton Bowl and Dragon Stadium. Bobby Rhine is one of those names you immediately associate with the franchise. It was a shock to read about his passing yesterday and he will be missed. He was a part of the spirit of FCD and will be missed greatly.

  8. darby says:

    Tragic. Is he the first former MLS player to pass away?

  9. Good Jeremy says:

    May his family be comforted.

  10. Jeff Fulton says:

    Fine player, great man to have in the locker room and sharing a beer. He never an ill word about anyone. I wish more were just like him. I met him in Dallas when I went to see the Galaxy play. He shook my hand and even signed my Galaxy shirt. I called him out by first name and he asked for mine and we talked about the pre-MLS days and how happy he was to see soccer grow. I wish he had the chance to see what it will become here. I’m sure in some way he will.

  11. joel says:

    nice piece