Buddle tallies twice in Ingolstadt win


Photo by Brad Smith/ISIphotos.com

After seeing Charlie Davies, Teal Bunbury and Jozy Altidore all find goal-scoring success over the last week, Edson Buddle did his part to re-enter the U.S. Soccer forward conversation with a strong aerial display for FC Ingolstadt on Friday.

Buddle scored twice off corner kicks in Ingolstadt's 4-2 victory over Dynamo Dresden, upping his goal tally on the season to three and helping lead his team to three points in the process.

Buddle scored in the third minute, heading home a rebound off a set-piece opportunity to give his side the early lead. He then scored right before halftime after winning an aerial battle for another corner kick to level the score after Ingolstadt conceded twice in a five-minute span to fall behind.

Highlights of Buddle's goals are after the jump:


What do you think of Buddle's performance? Would you like to see him get called in for the national team's friendlies next month?

Share your thoughts below.

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39 Responses to Buddle tallies twice in Ingolstadt win

  1. chewp says:

    jozy is young

  2. Colin says:

    Chris Wondolowski scored as well, but you know what’s a golden boot worth anyways?

  3. Broderick says:

    Still amazing that he didn’t see the field in South Africa. Fire Bob Bradley.

  4. nop says:

    in mls…

  5. jonk says:

    I’m still surprised no MLS team has tried to adopt the call and response of the goal-scorers name after a goal that much of continental Europe uses.
    Or if a team with loud enough support got a German goal scorer they could do it organically between supporters and the rest of the stadium.

  6. Colin says:

    He saw the field. Pretty sure he played against Algeria…

  7. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Uh… what?

  8. jonk says:

    Pay attention to the audio at the 12 second mark in the first video. Or find video for one of Adu’s goals for Rizespor…or Kenny Cooper for 1860 Munich…or best yet, Onyewu for Liege.

  9. Good Jeremy says:

    He’s been given chances. Hopefully Klinsmann will call him in and give him a chance under his new style of play, but he certainly can’t say the USMNT ignored him or never gave him a chance.

  10. vik says:

    He’s saying that in germany when a player scores, the announcer prompts the crows by saying “goal by [first name of goalscoarer]” and then the crowd finishes with the last name.

    Like at Bayern Munich, you’d hear “goal by Miro” and the crowd would chant “klose.” The whole thing done often three times. It would be cool to see it in MLS, except the PA guys are particularly horrible at venues; often mispronouncing player names and not being particularly in tune with what’s happening on the field.

  11. Carl says:

    Actually they do this fill-in-the-last-name thing in MLS, often when announcing players at the beginning of the game. I’ve seen Crew and Quakes do it.

  12. Brit in Houston says:

    Arsenal also does this, to the dismay of some of their fans.

    But yeah, our PA announcers are pretty dodgy. The Dynamo guy announces like its a NFL game (even yelling ‘Are you ready for some football?’ before the game), and after goals he says “Score the goal to Houston Dynamo by [goal scorer]” which is just… what?

  13. jonk says:

    In Portland the PA announcement of the goal scorer seems to come several minutes after the goal…on top of the fact you can’t hear anything over the speakers anyway.
    Anyway, I’m not necessarily advocating for this type of call and response, just surprised it hasn’t been tried.

  14. mistadoblina says:

    he did.. and i don’t think he did anything!

  15. mistadoblina says:

    the Dynamo..haha

  16. Ryan says:

    The NY Red Bulls do this

  17. Luis says:

    Thank Broderick for indirectly proving why Buddle should never be given a US jersey again.

  18. RK says:

    The sky is blue.

  19. Hush says:

    Good for Buddle… I hope he continues to score.

    1.Jozy 2. Agudelo 3. Chuck D 4. Teal 5. Gomez. Are my own personal top 5 forwards. Keep in mind that Dempsey, Adu, and Donovan are not considered “pure” forwards. Sure they can play the forward position whether is on top or behind just as well as my top 5. But I decide to exclude them and name my top 5 USMNT pure forwards. Sapong or Buddle probably would have made my 6th pick.

    Anyone have a interesting top 5?

  20. mbw says:

    Jozy scored one

  21. PetedeLA says:

    Funny you mention it.

    I’m a Sankt Pauli fan and a Galaxy fan, and the difference between the announcements couldn’t be more different.

    I also like the whole…:

    announcer: Danke
    crowd: BITTE!

    and then..

    announcer: Danke, danke
    crowd: BITTE, BITTE!

    But I don’t just blame the announcers. A lot of fans at games seem totally out to lunch.

    Games here are far more family oriented. Family men bring their wives and however many kids they have, and maybe even their kids friends. Now I think this is a cute idea, but IMHO it’s a total waste of money. The wives are usually stuck with keeping an eye on the kids. The family man is trying his best to follow the action– much to the behest of the wife. And the kids end up taking the whole thing for granted. A smart man does the bring-the-whole-family thing once or twice a season. That way it’s such a rare occasion that they actually pay attention to the action (‘Cuz you’ve been telling them how great the games are when you see it with your buddies during the rest of the season!). Just a suggestion.
    (Yes, I’ve got some time on my hands.)

  22. Isaac says:

    I never actually got why he was just all of a sudden left out of the USA’s plans. I thought he was the only hold-up striker other than Conor Casey that was really scoring goals. He brought the great hold-up play that Brian Ching had, and could finish chances when asked to, for the most part. He was like Brian Ching and Kenny Cooper put together basically.

  23. TomG says:

    His problem is age. By the next WC he will be well past his prime. It doesn’t make much sense to use a roster slot on E-Bud, Wondo, or Gomez when talented young upside guys like Teal, Aggy, Jozy, Sapong, etc. are available.

  24. Yusef says:

    He should have started in place of Findley and cool Herc should have come off the bench. That’s the way it worked in the warmup games and Bob didn’t do it once. All would have been moot if CD9 was healthy.

  25. Taylor says:

    actually, he should have scored a goal on a nice header that would have made Donovan’s heroics unnecessary if not for a crazy save from the keeper(Al Habsi, I think?)

  26. Kyle says:

    and edson scored two.

  27. GW says:

    He played in the Algeria game and around the 66th minute, alone in front of goal and unmarked he missed an open header.

    It was actually very similar to the two goals shown here, except he did not score.

    Of course if he had made that there might not have been that dramatic Donovan goal.

    Other than that I thought he looked pretty useless.

  28. EAPOE says:

    “the announcer prompts the crows by saying “goal by [first name of goalscoarer]” ”

    They have trained birds at soccer games in Germany? Awesome!

    Why doesn’t MLS do that?

  29. Igor says:

    We can still use him in qualifying – like Ching.

  30. BrianVT says:

    “Arsenal also does this…” — but they haven’t had to do it too much lately.

  31. Lil' Zeke says:

    No you didn’t

  32. Lil' Zeke says:

    Sorry, Aggy Wambach is not eligible… wish she were

  33. iht7tghbnn says:

    Buddle has a shot to be in contention during qualifying. So does Gomez. But for sure we will be counting on guys like Bunbury and Agudelo to step their game up to be ready.

    Of course Jozy is our only in-form big game striker. Davies, well who knows if he will ever return. That’s pretty much it. Wondo is a MLS striker straight through.

  34. Mitch says:

    Buddle could have tallied twice in the WC if not for crappy Bob Bradley and Lazy Out the door

  35. Max says:

    He played well in that match…much better than out the door

  36. Migie says:

    Amsterdam doesnt count

  37. Rohan says:

    Wow Buddle scores in the Budesleliga 2nd Division. Real hard.

  38. Rohan says:

    WHAT WE JUST SCORED 3 today, I bet you are a glory hunting Man U or Barca supporter