MLS/CCL Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


It's a big night for Major League Soccer teams both domestically and regionally. The Los Angeles Galaxy and Colorado Rapids fighting for their CONCACAF Champions League lives, while FC Dallas looks to take a giant step further toward advancing to the knockout stage.

In league play, Sporting Kansas City and Columbus meet in a crucial Eastern Conference battle, while Real Salt Lake is expected to welcome playmaker Javier Morales back to the field at some point during its match against the Chicago Fire.

Here is the viewing schedule for the night's matches:

8 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/ stream – Tauro FC vs. FC Dallas

8 p.m. – Telefutura – Real Espana vs. Santos Laguna

8:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – Sporting Kansas City vs. Columbus Crew

9 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – Real Salt Lake vs. Chicago Fire

10 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/Telefutura/ stream – Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Morelia

10 p.m. – stream – Isidro Metapan vs. Colorado Rapids

If you will be watching any of Wednesday night's games please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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99 Responses to MLS/CCL Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Dale says:

    Santos Laguna!!!

  2. follyforhire says:

    anybody else having trouble accessing concacaf’s stream?

  3. Corey says:

    Somebody please tell me why Dallas supports are louder in Panama then at home?

  4. Brendan says:

    They’re sitting next to all the mics.

    Also, there are like 50 people in the cavernous olympic style stadium in Panama.

  5. sarnold says:


  6. wides says:

    Very soft penalty given to Dallas (from ref Dracula) for the equalizer.

    Previously Tauro scored on a good counter, first touch shot outside the area on the break.

  7. g-dub says:

    This midweek action rocks. It’s tiding me over to the weekend.

  8. Mo says:

    Second goal to tauro in the 34th minute. I guess justice for the phantom pk call.

  9. wides says:

    Tauro 2-1 Dallas

    Very good header from a corner … off the post and in. Hartman seemed to be paying a little too much attention to trying to move the Tauro player out of his way. Not sure what minute the game is in.

  10. Mo says:

    Beautiful header off a corner kick.

  11. wides says:

    Yeah, that call was horrible.

  12. wides says:

    Tauro looking the more dangerous side, FCD are having their chances, but Tauro seems to be having more.

  13. wides says:

    Also, the pitch is super water logged, quite a few interesting passes, scuffs, and just awful attempts at times.

  14. Mo says:

    Halftime. Galindo was awful in the first half. As a Dallas fan that is my opinion. 2-1 is the score. Tauro looking the better team.

  15. Eric says:

    I understand schedules are congested right now but this reserve team Dallas has put out isn’t looking good.

  16. Mo says:

    This referee has been terrible today. Straight red to benitez. For dissent? I believe I am not even sure. Make up call maybe but that was garbage. In the 60th. 2-1 Tauro.

  17. John says:

    asisine red card for benitez.

  18. wides says:

    Wow… another bizarro move by ref dracula… gives Benitez (i think) a STRAIGHT RED for dissent (or something else he said to the ref).

  19. Mo says:

    They really have not been playing well lately which is disappointing as an FCD fan.

  20. Mo says:

    It was benitez. Terrible.

  21. wides says:

    Benitez clips a guys heel accidentally, then jaws off to assistant ref and then the ref as he’s walking towards him reaching for a yellow, ref changes his mind and goes straight red.

  22. wides says:

    Wow… Beckerman had a straight red in the 11th minute of RSL vs. CHI

    Chicago up 1-0

  23. chris says:

    these refs need to get over their ego problem. Why did Dallas trade away Alexander? Hall is terrible. No one is moving off the ball

  24. Big Smoke says:

    where is brek shea? Is he injured again, or is hyndman resting him?

  25. Mo says:

    Yellow card suspension.

  26. Carlo says:

    Hahaha! Anyone hear about the utility guy from Colorado forgetting the players boots at the hotel! The game is going to be postponed I think!

  27. Mo says:

    3-1 in the 78th. Conrad claims game over. Hard to disagree. Down a man and two goals for FCD.

  28. chris says:

    What the f*ck is wrong with Dallas? No heart at all just mail it in like a bunch a p*ssies

  29. Mo says:

    4-1. Game over. This is not boding well for Dallas’ goal differential.

  30. Mo says:

    Ruben Luna scores for FCD. 4-2 in the 85th.

  31. Mo says:

    5-2 86th. Goal Tauro.

  32. Khan says:

    RSL are playing out of control.

  33. El Teriffico says:

    Is it possible for an MLS team to play an away Champion’s League game without having a player sent off or conceding a penalty kick? It seems like SOP for the referees to send at least one player off or award penalty kicks or both. Personally, if I was in charge of MLS I would not allow MLS to play in this tournament until FIFA cleaned it up. (In other words, never.)

  34. chris says:

    This a f*cking joke i cant stand this half @ssed effort. George John and Loyd for the USMNT? Yeah right you cant even stop these piece of sh!ts that stay at the same slow @ss speed. Give me a f*cking break this an ambarrasment to the league

  35. Mo says:

    Straight red to Castillo for FCD. Tackle from behind in the 90th.

  36. Mo says:

    Red card to Tauro player. PK for Dallas in the 90th. This referee is out of his mind.

  37. El Terrifico says:

    Having MLS teams play in this competition is an embarrassment to the league.

  38. Mo says:

    Goal FC Dallas Ruben Luna. 5-3. Final. The only positive in this game is the home grown kid getting his first professional goal. Dreadful effort. Terrible composure at the end. This team is falling apart at the worst time.

  39. chris says:

    Quit blaming the referee. You know the refs will suck, you know the pitch will suck, you know the players will waste time get the f*ck over it. You attack the other team and you put the ball in the back of the net. It is that simple Dallas looked horrible and put no effort thats a fact

  40. Big Chil says:

    And here we go Rapids! (hopefully)

  41. says:


  42. SilverRey says:

    ouch! own goal may decide the 1st place team in the East…

  43. John says:

    What’s Robbie Keane’s injury?

  44. Jason B says:

    I look forward to hearing more of your insight in the future. Do you have a newsletter? If so, I would like to subscribe.

  45. beachbum says:

    Morelia squeezing the middle 3rd defensively looking for TO and immediate counter

  46. beachbum says:

    getting lots of play up the right, then the goal comes from service from the left :)

  47. beachbum says:

    knee to the lower back etc., intentional, yes? 23rd min

  48. beachbum says:

    Manso, he’s awesome. excellent cross picking out his man far post with his left boot…header missed just wide

  49. dougs says:

    You would never know Galaxy are at home based on the crowd noise. Saunders is getting called an a-hole everytime he kicks the ball. Frustrating atmosphere.

  50. beachbum says:

    LD nutmegs the defender in the box, then pulls his final effort far wide left!

  51. g-dub says:

    Slick nutmeg by Landon, but he misses the shot. Would have been a humiliating goal for the defender.

  52. Rainstpub says:

    Think anyone wants to play the Fire down the last part of the season?

  53. A wise man once says:

    It did :(

  54. A wise man once says:

    Pappa w/ hat trick! poor RSL.

  55. beachbum says:

    AJ is challenging Manso’s every touch thru the midfiled so far, Cardozo showing well throughout the middle third

  56. beachbum says:

    Morelia goes high hard pressure to close the final minutes, gets a Gonzo TO, and Stephens saves the day to force a corner for now…and Saunders punches over to concede another corner…and another corner…which Cardozo breaks up on the short corner try

  57. beachbum says:

    Jordan in for Magee to start 2nd half, so Jordan on the right mid/flank role it seems

  58. beachbum says:

    LD also on the left now w/ Magee out; LA got plenty w/ LD and Frankie on the right 1st half

  59. theraccoun says:

    Rapids up 2-1 right now

  60. beachbum says:

    1-1 many boopsy touches, then finalized for the equalizer…Manso in the middle of things

  61. chris says:

    why would you put in Jordan?

  62. beachbum says:

    it was Lugo

  63. Joamiq says:

    His butt hurts (seriously)

  64. beachbum says:

    Barrett for Cristman 67th

    don’t know who just headed over the bar for Morelia…dangerous, very close

  65. beachbum says:

    70th minute LD breakaway, down goes the defender somehow at the 18, foul LD.

    must overcome

  66. beachbum says:

    Manso denied while unmarked in the area by the crossbar!

  67. OldPuebloFC says:

    Nothing new here, but these refs are embarrassingly bad.

  68. Conrad says:

    Don’t see how Galaxy can win without Beckham and Keane and when Edward James Olmos is the opposing coach.

  69. g-dub says:

    I don’t know why the Galaxy are constantly forcing it down the right flank. The Morelia left back pretty much has it on lock down over there.

  70. OldPuebloFC says:

    WOW! Goal Galaxy!

  71. beachbum says:

    finish it now, finish them

    foot on throat, break off

  72. theraccoun says:

    galaxy goal last minute!

  73. Joamiq says:

    Goal Galaxy! Impressive heart and determination from them.

  74. Petaluman says:

    Wow he does look like EJO. Good call.

  75. Alex G says:


  76. theraccoun says:

    nice win galaxy, way to pull that off

  77. g-dub says:

    I did not think Galaxy could pull that off. Morelia is a solid team. Congrats Gals.

  78. beachbum says:

    Galaxy beat Morelia twice in this year’s CONCACAF Champiomns League competion 2011


  79. Corey says:

    I’m really glad they scored but how is Dunivant not offside? He is part of the play and somewhat shields the goalkeeper.

  80. Petaluman says:

    I was thinking that too. A missed call goes LA’s way this time?

  81. theraccoun says:

    yeah i kind of felt the same way on that one

  82. ChiTownFire says:

    I guess that’s payback for the non-offside, offside call in Morelia. I didn’t see it that closely but if it was it’s justified.

  83. kissel6 says:

    True, really with the horseshit 18 Arena put out there: Stephens, Jordan, Barrett, Jimenez(who?). Not much quality out there; very disappointed with no Keane– especially after saying he’d play and was rested all week w/ light glut pull. Makes one think Arena really was looking towards Satuday’s match against RSL (they did lose today, right?). Pretty lucky tonight, but we certainly were due a little with all the b.s. of the two previous games.

  84. Tony in Quakeland says:

    That was a thrilling game. I was starting to think the Galaxy were snake bit in this. Nice win for MLS!

  85. kissel6 says:

    I think you’re right. That Keane goal was good, no off-sides. With a ref that was half way fair, MLS teams seem like they can actually compete. The worst is that Jamaican referee Courtney Campbell. He’s quite an opponent and nemesis to all things MLS/US.

  86. marco says:

    Good spotting. I thought he was ‘involved’ also. Surprised Morelia didn’t complain.

  87. dgoshilla says:

    Missing four key starters(Ricketts, Keane, Beckham,Franklin) LA managed to pull this win off. How? I have no idea. LA really hasn’t been at full strength in some time. We’ll be tough to beat especially with the light schedule over the next month. I feel really confident going into the playoffs ESPECIALLY since we’ve given so many of our bench playing time against Vancouver, Crew ad in CCL play. We’re still a bit slow and small for my liking. Also we’re weak up top.

  88. marco says:

    Although Barrett got the assist, two of Arena’s subs, Jordan and Barrett played poorly again. They along with the linesman were responsible for the loss in Mexico.

  89. dgoshilla says:

    Also, I was a bit disappointed with the coverage on FSC. They really didn’t do any analysis of the scenarios for advancing. In addition when MM left the field they had no idea why and never found out. Pretty bad. MLS needs to take notes from the NFL. After watching MLS games on TV getting the NFL back is like a breathe of fresh air. Announcers are good, video qality is perfect, production imeccable, stats everywhere etc etc. Fans like quality, details, we like analysis, we’re men, we’re nerds give us more. Also, try bringing in the local MLS announcers.

  90. dgoshilla says:

    Not sure Barrett really had many opportunities. Anything is better than Cristman.

  91. RB says:

    Pretty hilarious to go back tonight and read all the comments on that “Rapids Still Alive” thread from a day or two ago.

    So for all the experts complaining there: if the Rapids fielding mostly reserves against Metapán indicated that they were just a fluke and weren’t fit to host the MLS Cup last year, as claimed (still, incredibly!), then what does that mean is indicated by the Rapids fielding mostly reserves against Metapán and winning going away?

    Perhaps it is all just smoke and mirrors! I mean god knows that’s the only way they could still be outperforming 2/3 of the league with the regular season almost in the books, right?

  92. RB says:

    Guess we should give at least some credit to the ongoing “thug” label, though, in all fairness to the critics. I mean now that the Rapids have shot up to 16th in fouls committed and all.

  93. Not worthy says:

    Omar Gonzales is a stud, he picked that team up, put them on his back and carried them to victory!

  94. Brian says:

    Yeah he pulled his a$$

  95. abc says:

    The biggest problem for MLS teams right now is depth. They just don’t have the deep benches of comparable teams in other leagues, for the most part. Just at various times this season we have seen tailspins/collapses from pretty much every team, NY, Dallas, RSL, Crew, Philly, Rapids, Dynamo etc. Only the Galaxy, Sounders, KC and maybe DC have been able to keep it together.
    I think this will improve over time, fortunately, as expansion slows down, and as academies produce more home grown players.

  96. abc says:

    Breaking News: NFL has about a million times more money than MLS