Chandler rumored to be mulling international choice


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Despite Timmy Chandler's insistence that he wants to play for the United States, a familar name in American soccer has floated the possibility that the German-born fullback might still be considering playing for his native country.

Tony Sanneh, a former U.S. international and FC Nurnberg player who helped bring Chandler to the U.S. national team in the spring, suggested on his Twitter feed that Chandler may end up switching allegiances back to his native Germany after all.

Sanneh wrote:  "Rumor is chandler gonna play for germany. Lowe visits nberg today" with Lowe referring to German national team coach Joachim Loew (a former assistant of then Germany and now U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann) and nberg referring to FC Nurnberg, Chandler's current club.

Chandler, who missed the Gold Cup but has suited up in friendlies for the United States, is not yet tied to U.S. Soccer and could still represent either country internationally. This past summer Chandler repeatedly stated his desire to play for the United States, while also shooting down suggestions he might still play for Germany:

"Some people were saying I wanted to play for Germany, but I've always wanted to play for the U.S. team," Chandler said in an interview with the U.S. Soccer website. "I'm with the ‘A’ team for the USA, and I want to keep playing. No question about it."

Chandler was even more emphatic about not wanting to play for Germany, telling Yanks Abroad in July, "I will absolutely not play for Germany. There is no way that will happen."

Chandler's comments sound like those of a player committed to the U.S. national team, but as we learned with Serbian star defender Neven Subotic, a former U.S. Under-17 national team player who once said that playing for anybody but the United States would be like back-stabbing, players can and do change their minds.

Chandler's situation is a bit different. Subotic was a youth player for the United States while Chandler has now represented the United States on the senior level on four occasions.

What do you think of this development? Worried that Chandler might choose Germany? Confident that Jurgen Klinsmann will get Chandler to stay with the USA?

Share your thoughts below.

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165 Responses to Chandler rumored to be mulling international choice

  1. Primoone says:


  2. truth hurts says:

    Probably because all the poor showings by USMNT

  3. DeLarge says:


  4. William the Terror says:

    I’m sure that somehow the people who comment on this site will make this the fault of Bob Bradley and Michael Bradley, who cannot coach and play, respectively.

  5. Jeff says:

    Has Chandler really ever lived in the United States?

  6. soccerroo says:

    It would be disappointing if he switched but I would not worry about it until it happens. He is the only one who can make that decision and no amount of he might he might not is going to change what he does.

  7. Primoone says:


  8. hogatroge says:

    Interesting… I was never among the Chandler conspiracy theorists, but this is worrisome news. I thought this matter had already been put to rest.

  9. dgoshilla says:

    Confident Klinsmann will get him to stay and doubtful there is any truth to this. Also, doubtful Chandler would get any time with the German squad. That has to be a big consideration for him.

  10. Ben says:

    God I hope he stays with us… he might be a #2 back for Germany behind Boatang, but he is going to be our #1 and we need someone with his skills.

  11. downintexas says:

    I hope that he will play with the USA.

    However, if Germany did call I would see how hard it would not to accept. They are second favorite after Brazil in the WC14. Less travel on his body. He will play against better teams making his club stock raise. From a money stand point Germany all day…if he can crack the NT.

  12. Primoone says:

    Funny how his contact “senneh” brings this up after he was played on the left. Timmy is an offensive player that likes to get up that right wing. If a player is not happy with his role on the team then he can choose to leave.

  13. fifawitz1313 says:


  14. DeLarge says:

    Per someone on bigsoccer — it breaks down pretty logically. And is foreboding:

    A rumor was leaked that Chandler was switching to Germany. Sanneh, who personally knows Chandler and was the guy who got him on the US team, tweets the rumor.

    Wahl tweets back Seriously?

    Sanneh tweets, yes to the rumor and at least Sanneh confirms Low is visiting him. And also, tweets that the US needs to get on this because Germany has Euro games way in advance of our qualifiers.

    Then, Wahl tweets that he spoke with Sanneh (not via twitter) and quotes Chandler via a conversation with Sanneh, that he wants to play for the US, but would have a hard time turning down a Germany call up. That is verbatim quote the way Wahl tweets it, not Sanneh’s commentary.

    All we have to contradict it is that Low’s press guy denies all of it. Which of course he would since they probably don’t want to tip Klinsmann that they are stealing his right back of the future.

    Sanneh seems very concerned, and from what I know, he personally knows the kid and maybe in contact with him as of today.

    This is serious folks.

    We will know in a few weeks, or maybe before.

  15. Spike says:

    I would add that Bob can’t play and Michael can’t coach.

  16. drew says:

    Re: The Bradleys…move on.

  17. PetedeLA says:

    He’s better than Steve. In fact, at this moment I’d say he’s the best US player after Dempsey (with Holden injured). He probably resents being stuck at left back.

    He might just be too big for this team– especially as an outside back.

    Just sayin’.

    But it would be a shame.

  18. Ja Ja James says:

    I totally agree with you. He is far from a finished product, but I think he would make a great addition to the UNMNT. But like I’ve said in the past, if your heart is not in it, then why force it. For better or worse, we have to work with those who want to be part of the team and not convinced.

  19. PetedeLA says:

    Also… in Germany Klinsi doesn’t have the best reputation right now– especially after Philip Lahm said that all they worked on at Bayern Munich under Klinsmann was fitness.

    Whereas Loew is becoming the pied piper.

  20. downintexas says:

    alright let me give it a shot

    BB- Chandler does not want to play with the US unless Bob was coach. But we all know Bob is the worst coach ever.

    MB- Chandler was disappointed that Michael Bradley was not his camp roommate. Hence Chandler will not play with the US. Bradley was not called in because he is a horrible player who only plays if his dad is the coach.

  21. chris says:

    f*ck em. Lets develope are own players

  22. Herbetrt says:

    Subotic was all Rongen’s fault. He was a starter for a professional team in the 2nd Bundesliga, got games in the Bundesliga season before his team was relegated. Then he was left out for college kids, non of whom are even playing at a high level or even been called up to any national team.

  23. Dan says:

    How can anyone blame this kid for switching? He grew up in Germany and playing for their national team is at a completely different level than playing for the US.

  24. Aaron in StL says:

    Goo. Stuff like this is why the USMNT fanbase is collectively turning into a Larry David / George Costanza -like monster… can almost never be secure in what we know.

    Would be a pretty hefty blow if he left. I’m going to hope he sticks to his word.

  25. Rowsdower says:

    This blows.

  26. Fifawitz1313 says:

    Klinnsman better be on a plane now!!! Hopefully he can work out a deal with the military to get him on a F16 that can get him there before Loew.

  27. Shane says:

    + 1, plus Lichaj impressed me as much as Chandler, probably more

  28. Dillon says:

    I think the better choice for Chandler’s career is playing for the United States. If Chandler chooses the united states he will play in the World Cup. If he plays for Germany he is not nearly as that he will actually play in a World Cup instead of sitting on the bench. Germany is a stacked team these days. However, with Germany he has a much better chance of winning a World Cup, but might win it on the bench. He is not as assured of playing a major part in the German team as Rossi was for Italy.

    From the perspective of advancing his club career, starring for the United States in international games looks better than sitting on the bench or not getting selected for Germany.

    But it all comes down to that irrational decision of what team the player feels more loyal to. I would bet that Chandler feels more German because he spent his whole life there but who knows.

  29. DeLarge says:

    Thanks world, for screwing up my day.

  30. chris says:

    I thought he could teleport

  31. robert daniels says:

    Obese dosent post on this stuff unless its legit. This is bothersome news.

  32. A.S. says:

    Um, I haven’t watched the German team in a while, but doesn’t Philip Lahm play RB??? Or did they move him to LB? I’m trying to understand where he potentially would fit in on the German team.

  33. robert daniels says:

    Lol I said ives spell check changed it to obese.

  34. Freddie Footballer says:

    +1000 this…no use worrying about it. It’s his decision whatever it may be. We don’t want someone on the team who is not fully committed to playing for the Stars and Stripes.

  35. biff says:

    Just want to note that Low is not universally loved in Germany by any means. There is a sizable faction of fans who do not like him and even after WC2010 did not want to see him get a contract extension. That group has become less vocal in recent months as the German national team has gone undefeated in EC2012 qualifying and is playing awesome soccer. But it has not disappeared. That groupl especially cannot stand Low buddy and Team Manager Oliver Bierhoff.

    I agree with you that Chandler is our best right back at the moment, bar none. His rise, in literally just months, is amazing and I think he is going to be bought in the January transfer windown by a top European club. Too bad BB did not convince him to play in the Gold Cap so he would have been chained to the USMNT. I suspected all along that Jogi Low was going to try to poach him. Can anyone introduce Timmy to a nice American girl, help him get his mind off Germany?

    All that said, my gut feeling (and fervent hope) is that Chandler is going to stick with the USMNT.

  36. A.S. says:

    Isn’t Klinsi already in Germany? I thought they said on the game last week (or maybe I read it somewhere) that he was staying in Europe for a while after the Belgium game.

  37. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    This is the second time they brought up this issue of Chandler playing for German. To be honest I think he’s going to play for Germany because he’s thinking to himself that he is German and his country is calling him to play for his people. I can’t see how Chandler would give that up. His value went up like crazy when he join the USMNT. I’m sorry guys but he was too good to be true to be in our team I think it’s time to move on and find ourself and ne RB.

  38. David says:

    Not sure why this is that surprising. By skipping the Gold Cup for whatever lame excuse he had he was effectively leaving his options open.

  39. Primoone says:

    Just to add to the Jogi hate…he eats Buggars…Google it.

  40. prizby says:

    waaaah waaaaaah waaaaaaaaah

    “I was born in Canada and I would love to play for the country I was born in. I think it would be an honour,”

    “For me, I was born in Canada, I have a lot of family members there, and it would feel wrong for me to play for the U.S. I feel a connection with Canada.”

    Lets all quote the now famous American, Teal Bunbury

  41. wilyboy says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Tonny Sanneh.

    Unfortunately, Chandler really is good. Damn it, why has Fabian already requested the switch and Timmy never did?

  42. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Okay, if this was true…what can we do about it? Absolutely nothing.

    The kid is clearly in our plans. He is clearly on a path to be a starter on our next world cup team. What could Klinsmann or anyone say that he doesn’t already know? IF this is the road he wants to go down, there is absolutely nothing anyoen can say, no magic words, no apology or promise. Nothing.

    So if he does switch, I’ll be disappointed but there will be nothing to point a finger to, no failure to act on our part.

    If it will make you feel better, go start a CHandler for the US Facebook page. I’ll join. But I’m not going to stay up nights wondering what else we could have done. Cause there’s nothing.

  43. FattyMatty says:

    Interesting. I’m sure Klinsmann and Löw are still pretty close and I wonder if there has been any dialogue between the two regarding this issue. Ultimately, it is up to the player. However, After the comments by Chandler stating his desire to play for the U.S., I would not be happy if Löw came in looking to poach.

  44. Primoone says:

    Going to make for a real interesting US vs Germany in their backyard.

  45. Aaron in StL says:

    Maybe quasi-famous… in the right circles.

  46. David says:

    He’s not tied to the US yet. he has only played in friendlies.

  47. Goalscorer24 says:

    Ok one player hurts his neck and the other is thinking of switching sides. Where is this Karma coming from?

  48. Dinho says:

    Totally agree with this post. He’s an attack-minded back. I doubt he’s a fan of playing his unnatural side at the international stage. I hope he stays, but I understand if he decides to play for Deutschland.

  49. bodhi187 says:

    credible rumors are beginning to surface that BB plans to form his own country on one of those breakaway Antarctic ice shelves and that Chandler wants to play for him. MB plans on wearing a penguin suit as a disguise to get around the fact that he is already tied to the USA. those Bradley bastards!

  50. Mulletgss says:

    So Spain and the Netherlands are not favorites at all? even though Spain just won it?

  51. Mikebsiu says:

    good for Chandler, this guy is German. Let’s develop our own players. This guy really has no emotional ties to the u.s.

  52. dcm says:

    Exactly! I will direct my anger towards Germany for calling him in only after they were afraid of losing him to the US. I don’t see that is much Jurgen can do.

  53. Bryan V says:

    Well in other news Bob Bradley will be coaching the Egypt National Team LOL!

  54. Footballgasm says:

    Upset… only because he committed to the US and might now be backtracking. If he had never committed/played for the senior team he would deserve no blame a la Subotic. Either way, this would be a huge blow for the U.S…..

  55. Louis Z says:

    i also had the same gut feeling when he skipped the GC and then went ahead and played club games. It didn’t help that we are starting slow our NATS program under JK. If Chandler plays for the GERMS against Turkey, then this goose is cooked.

  56. Joe says:

    Canada can have him back if we can keep Chandler.

  57. Joe says:

    There was no switch for Chandler to request. He was free to play for the US because he hadn’t represented Germany at a level that had an impact on his nationality in terms of FIFA.

  58. CGold says:

    NSC reported that this is all complete rubbish. Lowe never visited Chandler. The one person we should be listening to is Timmy Chandler, and he has repeatedly said he wants to play for the US. Rumors will be rumors, no need to overreact.

  59. camjam says:

    Ha I saw that and was wondering if that was a weird and obscure way of insulting him.

    Gotta love Autocorrect

  60. Welshbean says:

    +1 Sir and now I say good day.

  61. FredFredburger says:

    Yeah, let’s develop and use our American born players, at the very least raised here in the states. If he leaves that’s okay, it’s not like Rossi deciding not to play for the United States, born and raised here, it was a slap in our face. Chandler can’t speak English and has never lived in the US, does this bother anyone else? Are we resorting to Mexico’s tactics during the latter half of the last decade, using players like Sinha and Guille Franco as strikers?

    Did anyone see that interview where Jermaine Jones said he has taking a dump while Donovan scored the goal against Algeria? I’m sorry, not unless he had explosive diarrhea, no true American fan would be in the bathroom during those minutes of play. I know Jermaine Jones isn’t Chandler, but I want to see players who truly have that American connection and have a vested interest in seeing the team succeed.

    Will we be “weaker” by his departure? Sure, but at least it will be an accurate manifestation of what American soccer has and can produce.

  62. prizby says:

    would you have taken Benedict Arnold back too?

  63. Michael F. says:

    I disagree with everyone who says this is a big deal or that this blows. Last I checked a team consists of 11 players. 18 if you want to get picky. He’s good. But he’s not Messi. No one player can change a team or a game except maybe a Messi or a Ronaldo. We should only want players who want to be here. If he doesn’t want to be here wish him well and hope we play Germany in 2014. Life is too short to get all bent out of shape over nothing.

  64. prizby says:

    yes the US developed Rossi as a teenager when he was playing the United States!

  65. Aaron in StL says:

    We have a proven capacity for that… We’re obviously on the right track but to improve now attracting and retaining eligible players, where ever they may reside, is important in strengthening the pool of players.

    May not be world beaters but will at the very least push the others in the pool to improve to hold down a spot.

  66. DeLarge says:

    Hard to argue with this point, but alas, we still want to have the strongest possible roster available to us. And to have an already used option then backtrack is a burn.

    Timmy is still the best option going forward — and losing that is hard to reconcile. If we never had him to begin with, c’est la vie. But we have him. Now. Losing something you already have sucks big time.

  67. Bryan V says:

    What is NSC? Do you have a link?

  68. Modibo says:

    I believe you mean “natürlich.” Ugh.

  69. HoboMike says:

    They moved Lahm to LB. Remember, that’s where broke in with the German national team, back in WC 2006.

  70. Jorge says:

    Yeah, I heard about that.

  71. Louis Z says:

    even Messi strugles with the ARGS. so no one player can be a team, you need the other pieces(players).

  72. HoboMike says:

    Apparently they did it twice?

  73. Joe says:

    What a perfect comparison. One guy says he wants to play for Canada then picks the US and the other tries to turn West Point over to the British and switches sides in a war.

  74. marco says:

    Klinsmann must make the sale. It is his biggest challenge right now, to corral Chandler and other dual nationals. Playing so many future games in Mexico and Central America will not help the sale.

  75. RK says:

    Phillip Lahm might disagree.

  76. Joe says:

    I disagree. If Chandler switches to Germany it means that Castillo or Bornstein are that much closer to playing again and those guys are game changers as each are as likely to create goals as Messi or Ronaldo.

  77. Luke says:

    You could see the writing on the wall. Chandler was being very shrewd when he turned down the invite for the Gold Cup, claiming fatigue and avoiding being capped tied. It’s not like it was a major continental cup or anything like that… It’s not like it was the Euro Cup. He even got his club to take the wrap for nixing his call up.

    In the meantime he only plays in friendlies that showcase his skills. The better he plays the more worrisome it was getting for the USMNT. You knew that the German Federation is watching as long as he was not cap tied. When and if he does get called up by the Germans, he files his one time switch and he’s gone for good. If the German team does not call him up, he always had the USMNT to fall back on.

    Well played Timmy…well played!

  78. marco says:

    Is Sanneh making this assumption based solely on Low’s visit to Nurnberg? Someone should ask him.

  79. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1000 but that is because Klismann is keeping the young guys that will play the same style and tempo that Chandler play. Gosh, Gyau, Fabian Johnson, Daniel Williand, Boyd, and many more play with more technical, physical, and style of the Germany league and European. I love MLS but we don’t have guys with that type of style. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Eurosnub but we until the MLS league start bring better players and with and coaches that can teach technical game that will be the day we can start using half MLS player and half Europe players.

  80. Sticky says:

    lets gett are oun langwage two!

  81. Petaluman says:

    No Short Corners Blog

  82. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I know that is hard to keep this going but it was Bob Bradley for not bring him in to the Gold Cup, the reason it was a lack of respect that the club FC Nurnberg had for Bob Bradley that’s all. It just my opinion.

  83. RK says:

    He grew up Germany…makes sense to me.

  84. abc says:

    What does that matter?

  85. Joe says:

    Lahm plays left back for them and for Bayern.

  86. HoboMike says:

    Nicely put.

  87. Neruda says:

    Crap. Oh well. we can always bring back Johnny B… oh yea I forgot, he’s no good.

    C’mon Klinsi pull out all the stops to convince him to wear the sash. Alcohol, girls whatever…

  88. cajun says:

    I’m in no way trying to be crass or vulgar in saying this (and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s deleted by a moderator) but is taking advantage of the countless bastard children of American servicemen the moral pipeline we should be exploiting for talent on the US national team? I feel for Chandler having to make this difficult decision (as I do with anybody of dual or more nationalities) and support him 100% in whatever decision he chooses.

  89. Kevin_amoldl says:

    I can’t “blame” him, but I can vociferously disapprove of the decision. And by “vociferously disapprove” I mean boo him relentlessly if we play Germany.

  90. Dandan says:

    Was this sarcasm? Because If not then you need to get your facts straight.. Rossi never played for US, not as a teenager not ever. He’s been playing for Italy since he was 12. So can we stop bringing his name up everytime there’s a discussion about someone switching sides?

  91. Dennis says:

    Wow! That is the silliest one yet!

  92. Jimmy says:

    One guy’s comment…on Twitter…

    Really guys?

  93. Dennis says:

    Wouldn’t it be a kick in the behind for US soccer if the guy Bradley coaxed out of Germany and onto the USMNT was then robbed away under Klinsmann’s nose?

  94. joe blow says:

    I don’t see him being an automatic call-up for Germany (important caps). For the US, he has the opportunity to not only be an automatic, but to be one for the next 8 to 10 years.

  95. pd says:

    It would be a tremendous loss for USSF if he left, but from his POV:

    If it’s about chances at a world cup title let’s be honest about where any top-flite player would go. Germany is a perennial favorite in the sport, he’d be a fool to not think about it If Spain’s del Bosque asked any starter on the USMNT to come play with them I’d forgive any of them if they’d have at least thought about it.

    Plus, if it’s about playing for they country he grew up in and the culture he’s a part of that’s a no-brainer as well. He has an american passport, but the dude is German, same as Jermaine Jones. Let’s not kid ourselves.

    BUT if it’s about being part of developing something that wasn’t there before, about being a superstar in a national program as opposed to a cog in a machine, that’s another thing entirely. The impact Chandler can have on the sport in the US is of far greater magnitude than he might have in Germany. He could retire his US jersey as one of the greatest fullbacks to ever play for the USA.

    so, in my opinion, Chandler is not as clear cut as the more famous “defectors” as Subotic or even Rossi (who moved to Italy at the age of 13 BTW)

    Regardless, the guy has a tough choice to make if he’s actually gotta make it. Hope he picks USA!

  96. FredFredburger says:

    Right, because while being born and raised here in the United States, through high school, he never touched a soccer ball on homeland terf, not ever.

    That’s sarcasm.

  97. chris says:

    Yeah because that’s exactly what I meant

  98. Charlie G. says:

    Is this the Onion, its not April 1st is it ?

    Seriously, if the guy doesn’t want to wearn the USA kit, then he’s better off gone. Sounds a bit harsh, but personally I’d just as soon see less talented players who are motivated to represent the country.

    If he has any question about putting on the jersey, speak up now so the team can make plans.

  99. pd says:

    While you bring up an interesting point, I would humbly submit that the USA is far from the only country that is taking advantage of a FIFA rule, but one we should not to very ashamed of. Many countries’ start football players are first or second generation citizens. Look no further than France, whose greatest player was the son of Algerian immigrants. This to me is not terribly different.

    National identity is a tricky thing. I know many citizens of a given country who feel more at home in other national identities. People emigrate their homelands to find opportunity in new lands. It’s often painful and messy, but change always is. In many cases, these players are “emigrating” because they are looking for an opportunity their current home is not providing them. That strengthens the team they wind up playing for and the increased competition makes our own players stronger.

    But yeah, it’s messy.

  100. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well if is uncertain it was shroud of him to miss the Gold Cup, because now it will be longtime before he is officially cap tied for the US.

  101. Joe says:

    How are we exploiting anybody? This gives them a chance to play internationally that they may not have received otherwise. It’s not like we forced him to play for the US.

  102. Aaron in StL says:

    Still, he seems to be an upgrade over the current available options. Sure, he isn’t the one guy that will win games. But the goal is to improve at each position. Having a solid RB that can get up and down the field and is a threat in the final third may change up the entire way we can play.

    I think it’s flawed saying one player can’t change a team. Just think if a pre-accident Charlie Davies was around. He’s no Ronaldo, but a player like that allows for an entire different formation than what we normally do. So yes, I would take Chandler over Lichaj or other up-and-coming options I’ve seen so far.

  103. Joe says:

    Well, if Bradley had stuck to his guns in the Gold Cup then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. He backed down on calling Timmy into games that would have tied him to the US.

    (SBI-That’s a joke. Bradley didn’t “back down”. The person, if anybody, who “backed down” is Timmy Chandler. He agreed with his club that he needed rest, at least that was the story, and if Chandler had wanted to play in the Gold Cup he could have stood his ground. Bradley couldn’t make him come if he didn’t want to. It’s that simple, even if that doesn’t fit into your cozy “blame Bradley” theory.)

  104. Mike Bassett says:

    No, unlike Subotic and Rossi, who basically grew up in the US, Chandler grew up in Germany.

    He’s way more German than American. He can barely speak English.

  105. WendellGee says:

    Well…for his club career sittig on the bench for Germany looks better than staring for the US, unfortunately.

    Actually, I don’t think his international choices will impact his club career nearly as much as his club play will.

  106. Jon says:

    So Chandler is “better than Steve”? And you’re basing this claim on 4 appearances for the USMNT? Wow.

    Yes, Chandler shows some promise, but I’d wait for another 70 national team appearances or so before I make that claim.

  107. PetedeLA says:

    First of all, I can see where you’re coming from.

    Second of all, I count myself among those who hate Bierhoff. (But let’s remember, Loew inherited Bierhoff from Klinsi– which is totally understandable since Bierhoff almost singlehandedly won the Euro final in ’96, but Klinsi still got to hoist the trophy!)

    Loew is a southerner, and some Germans (those north of Frankfurt) will always view someone with a Sueddeutsche Dialekt as backward thinking and even stupid. (Not so different from here.)

    Having said all that, Loew is far and away my favorite national team coach at the moment (since Karel Brueckner retired).

    I hope you’re right in your feeling that Chandler will stick with the US, but if Loew really makes Timmy feel wanted and NEEDED, it could be hard to resist.

    German coaching right now is going through a bit of a renaissance. There are tons of younger coaches who are trying out different methods and are getting a load of respect from throughout the league. Guys like Tuchel, Dutt, Klopp, Stanislawski are demonstrating you no longer have to talk down to your players to get results. Right now Chandler is coached by an average coach in an average team and he is still gaining attention. It’s just a matter of time before he’s able to latch onto a top team with a top coach, and Klinsi’s hurrah tactics will not be adequate. It will be just fine for the likes of Donovan and all the other guys who have already reached their peak,but not to someone whose career is on the upswing like Chandler.

    I certainly feel that Klinsi is a step up from Bradley, but without a top #2 I feel that Klinsi’s impact may be limited, due to his coaching and management style.

    But I hope I’m wrong!

  108. PetedeLA says:

    He does have a club team, you know.

  109. Jamie Z. says:

    I don’t see how either of the Bradleys fit into the equation one single bit. I mean, honestly…

  110. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Not Bob’s fault. It’s clearly Thomas Rongen’s fault. Not sure how yet, but it is.

    You want to represent the RW&B, great, but if you’re half-hearted about it, move on. I won’t get bent our of shapae about it. Make decision and stick with it.

  111. T says:

    The computer police! 😐

  112. Bill says:

    Pretty sure it was Obama’s fault

  113. shao2007 says:

    You’re just joking, right?
    That better just be the Lichaj bias talking

  114. shao2007 says:

    My first thought, exactly!

  115. Creige says:

    It’s not serious. It makes more sense for him to play for Germany and we do have players that can play left back and right back, who can attack as well given the chance (Zach Lloyd for one). It’s time for the US to look within it’s own ranks for players and stop looking for mercenaries (although if Chandler was really committed to the USA that would be a different story). It’s about the honor of playing for the country you love.

  116. abc says:

    1. Chandler is one of the top five best players in our current player pool, one of the ones with the most upside, and probably the most likely to one day play for a big club (given the age of other regulars).

    2. Klinsmann is playing Cherundolo over Chandler at right back, even though Cherundolo is not the future at that position and Chandler most likely is. Okay, no big deal, WC qualifying is still relatively far away…

    3. Klinsmann is playing ROBBIE ROGERS over Chandler as a right wing, so that Chandler is left at the unfamiliar position of left back where he’s not nearly as comfortable or effective (see his attempts to cross the ball).

    Robbie Rogers.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

  117. abc says:

    +1 to the SBI parenthesis, well said.

  118. Your opinion is uninformed, ignorant and has been proven wrong time and time again. But feel free to stick to it. That’s the mark of a true idiot.

  119. PetedeLA says:

    After finding nothing on Grant Wahl’s twitter, I’m inclined to agree with you.

    At the same time, it’s rare that Ives posts rubbish. Guess we’ll know for sure sometime before the day is done.

  120. BCC says:

    Wow, what a blow. No doubt that we would win the next two World Cups if he were on our squad.

    National team representation in world football has absolutely nothing to do with a sense of patriotism. All about whatever the Euro equivalent to the Benjamin is.

  121. Vic says:

    Although this would definately be a big loss for the US National team, we shouldn’t get too upset. At right back we currently have Cherundolo and Lichaj. We currently have so many foreign born players that are in the US Nats mix. A few foreign born players is not bad. However, would you be proud of an American National team thats predominatly foreign born?

  122. Hopper says:

    I’ll never forget Sanneh’s performance in the 2002 World Cup. Dude played way above himself, and nearly got the equalizer against Germany.

  123. Sam says:

    I think he’s welcome if he wants to play for us. If he doesn’t, let’s not get upset. What happens if the guy is cap tied and suddenly doesn’t want to play anymore? It’s a shame. Let him make the choice while he can.

  124. gene.sf says:


    This is not club football. As much as I’d like US to win, I’d like the country to be represented by players who want to play for the US, not those that you have to bribe / coax / beg to play.

  125. duhboy7 says:

    i really hope he doesnt switch….but if he does, screw him! we didnt want him anyway

  126. GW says:

    You all might want to think about how much crap US fans give Rossi.

    The multiply that about 20 times for Chandler if he turns down Die Mannschaft.

    The man will be living in Germany or at least Europe for the foreseeable future. At is all very easy for US fans to criticize.

  127. GW says:

    Are you saying if Chandler plays for the US he won’t move to a top team and get that coaching anyway?

    A national team plays something like 14-24 games per season depending on what tournaments are going on and how succesful they are.

    If Chandler were to move to Bayern Munich for example he could easily play double that number of games, not to mention all the training and exhibitions.

    To me the biggest reason for Chandler to playfor Germany, besides the obvious ones, and not the US is the travel.

    Playing for Germany, over time, would probably be a lot easier on him, since he will continue to live and work in Germany or at least Europe for the time being.

    I happen to think this rumour is BS but I also can’t think of one good reason for him to choose the US over Germany.

  128. Louis Z says:

    I actually expected Chandler to play RW in one of these past friendlies but didn’t happened.

  129. GW says:

    Chandler may be good enough to be a top flight champions league regular for a top team some day soon.

    Lichaj may be an EPL regular if he’s very lucky. He’s at least one level below Chandler as a player.

  130. abc says:

    As an American who is foreign born I find this thought process repugnant.
    I want 1. US citizens who 2. want to play for the US and 3. are good at soccer.
    Aside from that, I don’t care.

  131. Todd says:

    Wir brauchen alles der halb deutsches spielers fur uns!!! Doch!

  132. Todd says:

    Ja wohl! Sehr proud! Der rot, weiss und blau!

  133. Joe says:

    Really? How much crap has Nuri Sahin received for choosing Turkey over Germany? He’s 5 times the player that Chandler is right now. There have been plenty of players eligible for Germany who have chosen to play for other countries.

  134. Martha says:

    It’s a shame we have to rely on Germany for our players. We should have been doing a better job developing actual Americans. Don’t get me wrong if he’s good enough and has the credentials I’ll take a foreign player. It’s a shame were so dependent on them.

    It’s obvious now that Chandler just didn’t want to get cap tied by the Gold Cup.

    Also obvious Lamn is doing it to spite Klinsman.

    If Chandler wants to give up a probable starting spot in a wc for the US in order to wear the German jersey 2 or 3 times before taking a permanent spot as a fringe player for them then so be it.

  135. martin says:

    he needs to decide now. leave or stay. we cant waste time playing him in friendlies when those minutes could go to another LB.

  136. PurpleGold says:

    Should he list his top 10 favorites in order bruh? maybe top 32 bruh? Just because Spain and Netherlands arent mentioned doesnt mean anyone is writing them off. Relax bruh. Also, a lot can happen in the 4 years between cups, just look at Italy from 06 to 10, or France from 98 to 02. BRUH BRUH!

  137. PetedeLA says:

    “Are you saying if Chandler plays for the US he won’t move to a top team and get that coaching anyway?”

    I challenge you to find anything in my post that provides evidence for your conjecture.

    I’m just saying that it’s only natural to be drawn to the higher quality.

    For a somewhat off the wall example we can look at girl’s college basketball. Most of those girls will not go on to play professional basketball; they are not getting paid. Yet they are drawn to the University of Connecticut like a moth to the flame. Of course, some of it is facilities. But most would say it’s the reputation of quality and the coaching. People want to be a part of that.

    This is not some kind of anti-American rant. I’m just saying that right now Klinsi is neither fish nor foul. He cannot use the patriotism card to draw players, because he ain’t really American. Neither is he so great a coach that his reputation alone is capable of persuading top class players to play for him. Right now I think our best argument to persuade Chandler is “we asked you first.”

  138. truth says:

    We still have Cherundolo and Frankie Hejduk

  139. marco says:

    Lahm plays both.

  140. Joamiq says:

    Ugh. If Jurgen freaking Klinsmann loses Chandler, that would be… very disappointing.

  141. Hush says:

    I’ve said it before that Timmy was using the NATS as an advertising tool. He pretty much used the NATS to show case his skills to the Germans, kinda of like saying, look at me, I’m a decent RB who belongs in the German team. You guys better hurry before I decide to make the U.S a permanent home. He knew exactly not to play in the Gold Cup, I strongly believe that people around Grrmany were telling him to wait it out, and for the mean time just to play in friendlies….. Chandler you a crazy boy! … I hope someone hits him in the nutz if he does decide to switch.

    On a brighter note, my car insurance went down $42.62!!! I hope this helps cheer some of you up.

  142. Joamiq says:

    To me the issue is the statements he made. There really was no reason for him to make them if he didn’t feel that way. If he had chosen Germany without proclaiming that there was no way he’d ever play for them, I wouldn’t have minded. To leave us after making those proclamations seems duplicitous and unnecessarily inconsiderate to American fans.

  143. Brad says:

    I will personally punch Chandler in the face if he switches. It would be stupid anyway since he’d probably get a lot less PT with Germany…

  144. Sam says:

    So does Steve. And he’s captain. And was captain during one of the team’s best seasons. Best seasons ever.

  145. Dude abides says:

    Worried would be an understatement. Chandler is a great/amazing player and would be a lock starting for us in Brazil. Please don’t go Timmy!!

  146. jpc says:

    it can’t be our concern, invite him to play, hope he wants to. If he doesn’t, his loss, move on.

  147. Leo says:

    Pssht, Rossi got to watch the World Cup from home, he didn’t even make the squad.

  148. OldBoy says:

    If he can barely speak English then he fits right in here in America.

  149. Alex G says:

    Ives is this just a rumor or something real?, i hope he stays with us

    (SBI-It’s a rumor at this point, but given the high visibility of it I decided to address it on here. When Chandler shoots it down it can be put to rest. Not that I don’t believe the kid is determined to play for the USA, but people change their minds all the time.)

  150. Angel FAN of USA says:

    why are you calling me an idiot, have I offended you and any way. Please is you a comment and that what I think it was, if you have any proof to prove me wrong great but if you don’t than do be a rude guy. You don’t know me you don’t even know what other Media talks about the USA and Bradley way of style, tactics and this are people that been in Football (soccer) from a long time ago. Anyway like I said don’t be disrespectful to other. I appreciate Jamie Z and Dennis comment not of them was disrespecting anyone.

  151. Pelle says:

    That’s ridiculous. We want all players that have quality and citizenship.

  152. Pelle says:

    ah, the disillusion of month 2.

  153. Pellé says:


    That is why Herr K is an idiot. He should have put Chandler up above Cherundolo, and stuck Spector/Castillo/Rogers/an Orange Cone at LB.

    Don’t ever rub another man’s rhubarb!

  154. bryan says:

    chandler to zach lloyd…YIKES

  155. Ritulin19 says:

    PSST…That was the last time he’ll sit at home for the next 2 cycles

  156. bryan says:

    seriously, not to mention, how many players play for germany that aren’t german? a lot.

  157. Kenny_B says:

    I think it matters alot. If you grew up playing soccer in Germany wouldn’t you be rooting for the German national team? Chandler wouldn’t have seen many of the US games growing up.

  158. Kenny_B says:

    Yeah, but he was a really good LB….I mean general.

  159. Kenny_B says:

    Unless you have first hand knowledge, I think you are assuming that Chandler was/is a bastard.

    Hopefully, I am reading this wrong. Moral pipeline? You must be joking.

    You have an issue with servicemen having sex overseas? Are you saying there is an abandoned super pool of athletic americans combined with the technical dna of the Germans? And that they have been incubated in the soccer mecca that is Germany and we should be ashamed to be plucking this fruit because the serviceman had unwedded sex while in Germany? Or am I way off the mark?

  160. Juan says:

    This is not surprising, Chandler is surrounded by a public and press in Germany that do not share Sunil’s cult worship of Klinsmann. Not to mention former captain Lahm’s stinging criticism in recent book of Klinsmann’s leadership at Bayern (“After six or eight weeks, all the players already knew that it wasn’t going to work with Klinsmann. The rest of the season was just about damage control…We almost only worked on fitness in training. Tactical issues were only dealt with briefly….We players had to meet independently before games to sort out how we wanted to play.”). And when all of Germany assumes that Lowe (rightly or wrongly) was the true master behind the WC06 run…you can understand why Chandler has serious doubts. Sadly, I would be shocked if he stays with the US.