USMNT to face Honduras on Oct. 8 in Miami


The October international fixture dates appear to be filling up on the U.S. men's national team's calendar.

After reports emanated from Ecuador that stated the United States will play the South American team in Connecticut on Oct. 11, news has surfaced that the United States will host Honduras on Oct. 8 at Miami's Sun Life Stadium. Sources have confirmed to SBI the finalization of the friendly, which was first reported by the Washington Post.

The Ecuador and Honduras matches fall within the Oct. 7-11 international fixture window, meaning all players should be available; however the New England Revolution, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders and Philadelphia Union are all scheduled to play MLS matches on the 8th.

The United States and Honduras last squared off after the 2010 January U.S. national team camp, with Los Catrachos taking a 3-1 result at the Home Depot Center. The match will be the first for the United States in Miami since 2004.

What do you think about each of the United States' opponents? Happy that the USMNT will be in Miami?

Share your thoughts below.

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74 Responses to USMNT to face Honduras on Oct. 8 in Miami

  1. julio says:

    Finally…I love it. But I know it will be full of Hondurans. Damm it!!!

  2. Alex G says:

    very happy

  3. Matt Houston says:

    Was just thinking the other day that Miami needs a game. I will be in attendance

  4. RyanTheArkansasRazorback says:

    Good one to continue to bring in and bloody new guys, not the highest quality opponent for WC training but an excellent one for WCQ.

  5. spencer says:

    It is a great warm up that will prepare us for Qualifying. Since I don’t believe we will play them in qualifying. Good practice to continue to integrate different players in the team. Would like to see us in 2012 start playing some more quality teams, but I don’t have a problem with what we are doing now.

  6. Drew says:

    Yeah I like both of these. I’d like to play a Japan or Uruguay in the future, too. Even France would be a good one.

  7. Second City says:

    More reps, more time with Klinsmann, more time for new players, more time to implement a new philosophy.

    What’s not to like about an Away(home) game?

  8. says:

    I would like to see more friendlies in MLS stadiums like Portland or KC.

  9. PurpleGold says:

    Look at big C Casey in that picture, ya boy said “let me put this team on my back and get yall to this world cup BABY GET LIKE ME!”

  10. spencer says:

    is that bornstein wearing the captains armband in the picture? Worst mistake of all time.

  11. dgoshilla says:

    Games are games and any time together improves the team. However, much like this Costa Rica match these CONCACAF “friendlies” have poor attendance and do nothing to build the US fan base. I’d much prefer these CONCACAF tune ups be free to the public. Sell merch, do autograph signings, schedule them as doubleheaders with MLS games.

  12. Jason B says:

    I like it, but that picture is from the January game from 2010 not the one in Honduras where he scored a brace.

  13. blokhin says:

    will we finally have everyone there?

    Donovan Holden Chandler
    F.Johnson Boca Goodson Cherundolo

  14. Gouda says:

    Please no Lazy Out the Door

  15. MensreaJim says:

    What could be lazier than spouting this garbage about our–clearly–best striker? Kid is killing it since the start of the Gold Cup.

  16. PurpleGold says:

    Duh, who could forget the big man in that cool slate grey hitting full steam on that through ball, hit up them stubby steps, dink the goalie, africa here we come. No one did it like him, bootleg internet feed from honduras and all. USMNT Legend.

  17. Tyrone says:

    Totally agree with your lineup.

  18. Jason B says:

    I remember that game vividly my friend. I was at the Off Campus Pub across the street from the Home Depot Center watching the game with some lovely gents from the Angel City Brigade.

  19. Jason B says:

    To quote Conan O’Brien:

    “Looks Good!”

  20. says:

    have u seen altidore play lately?? has 5 goals in the dutch league 5 already

  21. says:

    in 5 goals in 5 games i meant

  22. Artie says:

    It’ll be good for our boys to practice playing in a hostile environment.

  23. abc says:

    That is the A-Team lineup I would like to see as well, with guys like Shea and Agudelo as frequently used subs and occasional starters.

  24. Josh says:

    Suh-weet. Let’s destroy the Hondurans!

  25. adam says:

    love that line up.

  26. Joe Quake says:

    I hope they play at a smaller venue like FIU.

  27. Second City says:

    consider that his testimonial match and it’s a beautiful site.

    always a silver lining, I say!

  28. Cylo says:

    Damn its going to be a road game for the boys in red white and blue

  29. Jen says:

    Excited that there is a game in ‘Miami.’ Only about 20 minutes away. Will definitely be going.

  30. RedLine55 says:

    there will be lots of Hondurans, no doubt. But, I have been to many US games and a couple against Honduras, and (not to generalize too much) I found that the Hondurans are overall the coolest, nicest, and kindest visiting fans I’ve had the chance to mingle with. Enjoy!

  31. rocky says:

    AMEN, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

  32. Oranje Mike says:

    US Soccer needs to bring in better clubs than Costa Rica and Honduras. We see these sides all the time in qualifiers and Gold Cup. Bring in big guns and schedule away friendlies in places like Turkey, Serbia or Croatia. I do like the Belgium choice, though.

  33. Predicto says:

    Great game – Australia eeks out a win vs Thailand 2-1. While the Thai’s don’t have the bite of the aussies, they are impressive. Another asian team playing with great first touch, skill speed & confidence. Come-on Klinsy – we need some of that!

  34. DC Josh says:

    Nice move, USSF giving the South some USMNT love.

  35. Aquaman says:

    YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! It’s been years since we’ve gotten a game in south Florida.

  36. strider says:

    Mike, You have to balance things some. We need games like this to help our boys prep for WCQ games next year. Yeah, its great to play some of the teams/sites you mention, but first things first. I wouldn’t mind Slovakia or Portugal on that list either. Its hard to get Euro teams during these international windows as they are all still going through the Euor ’12 qualifying games.

  37. Raisa says:

    Finally!!! They r coming to
    South Florida my birth place!! I was just gonna complain them not cing here!! Can’t wait!!!

  38. jb says:

    thats a lineup capable of playing with any of the big boys. but why does it feel like it may never happen?

  39. brad says:

    Keep in mind, Oranje, this October is the hardest month to get a ‘quality’ opponent for a friendly. All the European teams are finishing up Euro 2012 qualifying, CONMEBOL WCQ starts (Ecuador has the first ‘off-day’ so that’s why we’ll play them on the 8th) and Africa has the last batch of African Cup of Nations qualifiers. Plus, outside the 6 auto qualifiers, every CONCACAF team is in qualifying. Soooo we were kind of limited in who we could play.

  40. Alex G says:


  41. RB says:

    And that Al Jazeera announcer guy!

  42. RB says:

    I think either you’re forgetting the El Salvador friendly in Tampa in February just last year or you’re being rather picky geographically, all in all…

  43. euroman says:

    Really surprised that Klins allowed this…why are we playing the same old teams that we play in qualifing? Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  44. hogatroge says:

    The US played Panama in Tampa during the Gold Cup just a couple months ago.

  45. hogatroge says:

    And convincing an Asian team to fly across the Pacific and then another 6 hours across the continent is probably not gonna happen either.

    The games are scheduled on the East Cost to make travel easier for our players.

  46. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Well Klismann said that he planning to have a Friendly game against Germany soon. That will be nice having the American/Germany Born play against the their first Ex National team.

  47. RB says:

    True enough! So he must be focused on the geography.

  48. Edwin in LA says:

    We need to play Japan and South Korea in San Francisco, LA or better yet…. SEATTLE!!!!!!!

  49. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1 I will pay a bit extra to see the USNMT first and have a Doubleheader with a MLS Team as a two for one deal. Galaxy vs. Kansas City should had been schedule.

  50. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Maybe some new kids will be call for the Oct. Friendlies with Holden maybe back at the time

  51. Edwin in LA says:

    Some of the new guys like Agudelo, Chandler, Jones, Fabian Johnson, Shea etc need to get used to our Central American and hopefully the few Caribbeans too.

    I’d like to see us play in Honduras and El Salvador and later right before qualifying starts next summer, play in Costa Rica, they just got a new stadium, should be a great pitch and a good way to get them ready for qualifying, of course away games to South America and Europe would be ideal, but this type of match is important in and of its own too!

    We’ll play Jamaica and most probably Haiti as well as Guatemala in the next round. So that fit our opponents for the 2012 part of qualifying

  52. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait. I’m going…but unfortunately I’ll have to bring my wife who is from Honduras. So my guess is we’ll be arguing that day!!!!!

  53. Aquaman says:

    I wasn’t able to go to the Gold Cup game both because it’s a little bit further away and because it was my friend’s birthday. I used to go to UMiami and when I was there I saw at least two games at the old Orange Bowl. It’s been quite a long time since this area of Florida got a game.

  54. RB says:

    I think most people are just hoping to get another game here and there in their region. If you’ve had at least 2 of those in the past 18 mos in a city even halfway across your state, you’re way ahead of most of us.

  55. Brice says:

    A good turnout here could mean that Miami will soon be home to an MLS stadium

  56. Mitch says:

    Dutch League….he stinks on international level

  57. jim b says:


  58. malkin says:

    I think I remember reading some similar comments about fans that made the trip to Honduras

  59. Oranje Mike says:

    This I understand but I’m speaking in general terms. Overall I don’t like our friendly choices. Minus Netherlands and Argentina it’s always another CONCACF or Sweden. There’s a reason our squad lacks toughness and plays great at times and poor in others…I think the schedule is too light often. Play tougher nations and more importantly away from home. I think we coddle players too much. I think Klinsi could help change that.

  60. Josh says:

    One thing to consider is that Klinsi needs opportunities to coach against the type of soccer we’ll be seeing in qualifiers. Central American soccer is it’s own breed, and no amount of European friendlies are going to give him insight into how to break down teams like El Salvador, Honduras, etc…

    While I totally agree that we need to test ourselves against better teams, there is absolutely value in playing CONCACAF friendlies for the new regime.

  61. Dennis says:

    The European teams are doing European qualifiers. Only a handful of them might be available and those are probably already scheduled. I’m not sure what the Asian teams are doing, the African nations are about to wrap up the qualifying for the Cup of Nations I think 16 teams will be in the January 2012 tournament, it is highly likely only teams from the Americas and Asia have open dates in the immediate future.

    So we can expect to face mostly Concacaf teams for a while longer.

  62. Second City says:

    Kansas City = Yes.
    Portland = No.

    That’s simply due to their pitch size. As far as their fan base goes, they’re second to none and I’d love to see our national team player there too.

  63. bryan says:

    cool. im fine with this.

  64. timmy says:

    Great! We will be there to support the US team. Let have great turn out in Miami so more games will come here. With the Marlins moving to their own stadium next year, this frees up 81 nights a year. Go US!

  65. Travis says:

    I wish they’d put this in the new FAU stadium. Great 30k seat stadium, lots of local fans, and the football lines might not be painted yet since the Owls don’t play their first game in the stadium until the following week.

    Oh well, Miami is a start. Maybe next year.

    Either way, glad there is USMNT game back in South FL. I’ve seen them down here against Brasil (’03 Gold Cup) & Haiti in the Orange Bowl, and in Lockhart vs Canada. I missed the Argentina game.

  66. RB says:

    Well as it happens, you can see a US national team friendly precisely in each of those 2 locations this very month:

    link to

  67. john says:

    Yeah, tell that Puyols. He shrugged him off his back and beat Casillas in the Confederations Cup. Oh, and last time I looked the Gold Cup was international level too moron.

  68. mistadobolina says:

    it would be cool to return the favor and play in Turkey, Czech Rep, Spain, Argentina and Brazil some time soon.

  69. let it be says:

    Hondurans, good peeps, this will be a great match to attend.

  70. beachbum says:

    like it. There’s still Shea and Agudelo, and Edu, Bedoya, Adu possibly as situational subs, too, and more. We have better depth than ever

  71. beachbum says:

    Lichay, if he can recover fully from his crappy knock, is another. There are more worthy different possibilities than ever I’d say

  72. beachbum says:

    making sense to me

  73. Gerald says:

    Agreed always had good times with Hounduran fans

  74. Northzax says:

    The only problem is that those teams have no desire to play us at home. Why would they? The major reason any of the big kids plays the US is cold hard cash, USSF has plenty, and a good matchup can raise millions more. Same reason the big euro and Mexican clubs play friendlies in the US. Why did ManUtd and Barca play a rematch at FedEx? 90,000 seats at an average price of about 150 bucks equals 13.5 million to split before expenses. Why are Honduras and Colombia playing a friendly at RBA? 22k@$85. That’s why. Spain will play the US at foxboro for a couole million. They’re not going to get that at the Bernabeu. We bribe the cool kids to come over and play with our mom’s cookies. No cookies, no cool kids.