USWNT 3, Canada 0: Match Highlights

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34 Responses to USWNT 3, Canada 0: Match Highlights

  1. mcm says:

    A pro-american crowd!

    Maybe the men should play here.

  2. Joel says:

    +1: I was thinking the exact same thing.

  3. RJ says:

    Awesome stuff. I was there for it. The US men should definitely play there… maybe even against Mexico.

  4. matt says:

    Or maybe the men should actually do something and be successful to draw a crowd?

  5. chris says:

    Yeah let the Men play in the corner of the country as far as possible for where they all play and lets convince the other team to add an extra 500 miles to the travel during the european season to play in a sh!tty satdium on a small @ss field with horrible turf

  6. mcm says:

    Sorry, to start off comments for a women’s game with one about men.

    Looks like they were out to break the goal posts.

  7. Freddy says:

    Alex Morgan is just to hot for words.

  8. Since 82 says:

    USSF would be insane to not have a game at JW in 2012.

  9. Dainja says:

    CITY OF PORTLAND: widen your field, and you’ll have the new home of US Soccer, men’s and women’s team. Simple as that.

  10. bob el-bradley says:

    USWMT has lots of weapons, but Rodriguez and Rapinoe really have trouble finishing – something we’ve seen now for years. I think time has come for Morgan to start up there with Wambach – they are both clinical finishers.

  11. Khan says:

    I know A-Rod is fast, but the girl couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat.

  12. k says:

    can’t understand why Morgan doesn’t start, all she does is score goals and she is by far the hottest looking girl on the team, a leathal combination.

  13. AC says:

    Abby’s 2nd goal was sick! At first glance, I thought it was an own goal but she literally dove over the shoulder to get her head on it…

  14. spicoli says:

    Have you guys actually ever been to Portland and the surrounding communities? This idea that the USMNT would have a huge home field advantage there against Mexico is pure fantasy.

  15. Kejsare says:

    Portland is VERY white for a population of its size. Rural areas, yes. But then again, that’s the rural areas.

    Tie tickets to who holds Timbers season tickets for first dibs. You’ll have no problem getting the crowd to be pro-US. Back in 1997 against Costa Rica, there were only two sections of Costa Rican fans…

  16. Kejsare says:

    Like Costa Rica’s, right?

  17. Rick says:

    Our “horrible turf” has the highest FIFA rating that a turf field can get. It was good enough for Ajax, West Brom, Independiente, Club America and now the USWNT. There has not been one “turf related injury” all season. As for the stadium, well, not everyone can appreciate a little history and culture I suppose and if the USMNT wants to continue playing in front of dull crowds or other supporters that’s their business.

    As for the “small field”, did you ever consider the possibility that our inept USMNT might actually play better on it?

  18. Rick says:

    The JW pitch is within FIFA International guidelines. I know the trend is “big fields” but not every single game has to be played that way.

  19. Rick says:

    Yeah, Amy just runs fast but didn’t do much else last night. But I think with their new 4-2-3-1 formation they need the speed up on the wings. It’s all about servicing Wambach. I’m just wondering if their attack is one dimensional.

  20. chris says:

    turf is turf and its still sh!t. No a small field would help not help the NT. Condensing the field would take away the space for our wingers to run and would force us to use a technical skill that we lack at the moment

  21. Kejsare says:

    Costa Rica plays on “horrible turf” for World Cup qualifier matches in a new stadium [financed by China].

  22. Kejsare says:

    Get off your high horse. A turf field will always be better than a poor, muddy, water-logged pitch which is very possible in Portland given that it is a civic-owned stadium.

  23. Steve in Portland says:

    Great job last night, ladies!

    Yeah, US Soccer really needs to consider having a few qualifiers in Portland and/or Seattle next summer (when our Europe-based players will all be back in the USA, therefore long travel times to the West Coast won’t be an issue). And we need to be dramatically more Machiavellian about who gets tickets, which would be easy if you only sell ’em to Timbers and Sounders season ticket holders. Sell the absolute smallest number allowed to the opponent’s fans. We might as well experiment and see if a true home field crowd advantage pays off, and if so, use it for future games when we need it.

    I remember the 1997 USA vs Costa Rica game in Portland like it was yesterday. Show us how it’s done, Mr. Ramos! link to

  24. chris says:

    are you really trying to compare to costa rica?

  25. beachbum says:

    and she plays tough, too. she’s beautiful, she’s rugged, and she’s one heck of a player

  26. Kejsare says:

    They’ve been in the World Cup, no?

  27. beachbum says:

    I was with you until the small field part…do not see that as advantageous for the USMNT and see it as quite the opposite actually. still, the USMNT must figure out how to capitalize on the atmosphere there…and it’s close to home for me, too :)

  28. beachbum says:

    and natural turf will always be better imho.

  29. Ben says:

    My Rapinoe love is ridiculous. Would that the men could play on their fields like she does on hers.

  30. john says:

    yeah… she’s kind of a sundhage favorite… e.g. bornstein/bradley. it’s disappointing. i really like sundhage… but the staleness is starting to show itself.

    she changed formations to “freshen” things up. and it did… but a player change or two (Lloyd in same boat, who is average) would be the right move.

    But still plenty of time… and these games were more a celebration, i guess, of this past summer.

    happy heath is starting to show the promise everyone keeps talking about. she could still go the way of Wagner… lots of talk little pay out at national level.

  31. Brent McD says:

    totally fearless. great goal