Who is your MLS MVP right now?

DwayneDeRosarioDC (ISIPhotos.com)

The MLS season still has a month left to be played in it, but the wide-open MLS MVP race is starting to dominate the headlines as contenders begin stepping up and making strong late-season cases for the award.

Dwayne DeRosario is rising up the charts quickly, while other long-shot candidates like Dominic Oduro and Sebastien LeToux finish the year strong to earn some consideration.

Then you have the players who have been doing it all year, like Houston's Brad Davis, Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan.

I wrote a Fox Soccer piece on the MVP race that will post later today, a piece that includes my pick for the award as of right now. I won't say who my MVP choice is at the moment (I'll post the story once it is up on FoxSoccer.com), but will ask SBI readers who you think should be MLS MVP at the moment.

Cast your vote after the jump:

Who did you vote for? Who is in your Top Three? Is there a player not on the ballot who you think should be?

Share your thoughts below.

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109 Responses to Who is your MLS MVP right now?

  1. soccerhorn says:

    Landon Donovan – best player on the best team. Simple.

  2. AlexSWill says:

    No love for him, but it’s gotta be Rosales.

  3. abc says:

    With Shea and Rosales dropping back into the pack for various reasons, my first thought was De Rosario. But can the MVP be a guy who has spent parts of the year on three different teams, and whose main/current team may not make the playoffs? Aren’t the playoffs what knock Henry down? So then maybe the answer is Donovan.

  4. AME says:

    JEWSBURY!!!! <—- Not a Homer pick at all…

  5. Cairo says:

    I’m a Sounders fan, but I voted for De Ro. Rosales is a very good player, but the Sounders are quite deep and still would be one of the top 5 teams in MLS without him. De Ro has come in and lifted a bad team to respectability. That he’s been on three teams this season does not weaken this achievement-it heightens it, I think.

  6. Qbranson says:

    How can a guy (Le Toux) be considered for MVP when 2/3 of his shots are off target and he has only scored 4 goals on 69 shots less free kicks?

    Also DeRo and Birdman aren’t on teams that would be in the playoffs as of today…

  7. john says:

    It was Brad Davis! He don’t get no love from anybody but sets up everything for the Dynamo.

    But can’t argue Against DeRo Now

  8. hogatroge says:

    I think DeRo is a great player, but the fact that neither of the three teams he’s been a part of are guaranteed a playoff spot speaks to me.

    I voted for Brad Davis, but I’m obviously biased as a Dynamo fan. He has been involved in pretty much every Dynamo goal this season, though.

    A better pick would probably be Rosales… he holds the team together.

  9. froboy says:

    Nothing like trading a relatively nondescript leftback for someone you then trade away for the possible league MVP, thank you FC Dallas, Portland and Red Bull for that gift

  10. downintexas says:

    Brek has stepped up with the lose of Ferreria. He has been consistent all year. I wish he could play against a RSL B side. Maybe he would have more votes then.

    I say anyone but DeRo

  11. socnow says:

    Rafa Marquez

  12. abc says:

    “anyone but DeRo” doesn’t seem very unbiased or rational…

  13. acj says:

    I’m willing to bet De Rosario will win this because of his recent performance but I can’t give it to him because he was toothless for the first 20 games of the season when he was playing in Toronto and NY.

  14. KevDC says:

    …making it all the more impressive that he is currently leading the Golden Boot race.

  15. freddino says:

    with the exception of Rosales, nobody has a greater impact on their Team currently more than De Rosario….hands down. The man started delivery as soon as he set foot in DC

    Impact plays, Goals, Assists…..he’s with the best in the league.

  16. KevDC says:

    Does anyone know if there is actual criteria or guidelines for MVP voting? I ask because we often hear in American sports (not just for MLS and not just this year) comments like those above referencing a team not making the playoffs or otherwise having success.

    Must a player’s team have success in order for him to be the “most valuable”? Also, is “most valuable” the same as “best”? Curious how others see it and if guidelines do exist.

  17. Rowsdower says:

    Brad Davis

  18. Bo says:

    If DeRo is a candidate because he is hot right now, how about JPA then?? He has been on fire for Chivas since his arrival there.

  19. SteveD says:

    You got that right- 3 teams in year is auto exclusion from MVP in my book.

  20. A wise man once says:

    LOL +1000

  21. Eurosnob says:

    Both NYRB and DCU are in the hunt for the playoffs so DeRo and Henry are legitimate candidates. I wouldn’t have a problem with Donvan as an MVP.

  22. Eurosnob says:

    DeRo leads the league is scoring and JPA is currently 15th in scoring.

  23. curmudgeon says:

    The player who leads the league in goals right now is also just barely off leading the league in assists.

    No other player challenging him for the league lead in goals even has double-digit assists.

    No other player at or near the league lead in assists even has double-digit goals.

    Some players are scoring as many goals as him. Some players are creating as many goals as him. No other player in the league is doing both. Period. The numbers don’t lie.

    Oh, and the team he plays for sucked before his arrival, and is now an odds-on favorite for a playoff spot. He’s single-handedly turned a team around.

    What other player in the league has a better argument than that?

  24. Tres says:

    As Grant Wahl has been pointing out today on Twitter, the whole “MVP” thing is an unfortunate misnomer and causes a lot of unnecessary confusion.

    What we’re talking about here is Player of the Year. The best player in MLS this season. The top soccer player in the United States’ top division.

    The term “MVP” causes all these convoluted arguments about team finishes, etc. People see the word “valuable” and thus misinterpret what the award is meant to signify.

    Look, it’s pretty simple: This is the main individual honor in the league. It is intended to spotlight the best player in the league. It is not intended to spotlight “the player who happened to have a specific importance within the specific context of his specific team.”

    I’ve never understood why some people think the league’s most prestigious individual award would be about something so limited and arbitrary.

    “MVP” started as a team honor: A baseball club would reward the best player on its team in a given year. And “most valuable” made sense in that scenario. But it doesn’t translate so well when you extend it to a full league or competition. Unfortunately, as the term became entrenched in the American vernacular, it got picked up for these various other league-wide honors and whatnot.

    But it’s for the best player of the year. Period.

  25. Will says:

    Brian Mullan

  26. A wise man once says:

    We weren’t bad! Just mediocre. And now we are FEARED.

  27. jamesey says:

    Omar Gonzalez

  28. A wise man once says:

    Wow hate much?

  29. America says:

    I think its Brek Shea. He kept the team together after they lost an MVP and has really emerged as a star. I feel like if you get traded twice, you just cannot be the MVP. Landon wouldn’t be a bad pick either but I have to say, I think Beckham and Juninho have also been fantastic for LA. Seattle is very deep. That leaves me with Shea.

  30. A wise man once says:

    We did not SUCK!

  31. BrianK says:

    Laugha Marquez or perhaps Rif-Raf Marquez

  32. JoeL says:

    DeRo is having a great season but MVPs don’t cause unjustifiable PKs by flopping in the box and because of that I had to go with Landon.

  33. JJ says:

    Osvaldo Alonso, look at his numbers. Nobody in the league is more dominant. He’s also played somewhere close to literally a million minutes across three competitions.

    It is DeRo or Ozzie.

  34. Mikey says:

    Grant Wahl is wrong though. Alexi Lalas had it right (really?) – he was saying it’s the player most *valuable* to the team.

    For example: Which playoff team – if the MVP is removed – falls the farthest? That player would probably be your MVP.

    DeRo, Brad Davis, and Brek Shea (starting to fall off) are probably leading the pack.

    As good as Beckham & Rosales are, LA & Seattle would still function pretty well and be in the playoffs, although probably not 1 & 2.

  35. Primoone says:

    “A Check-writing Goal Celebration” the Sequal Starting D-RO…

    Coming soon to theatres in D.C.

  36. Primoone says:

    A healthy Morales = MVP

  37. JJ says:

    Also, Ozzie completely shut down DeRo only 1 week ago.

  38. JJ says:

    Seattle doesn’t fear you.

  39. KungFuSoccer says:

    An MVP can score and, if called upon, play keeper and get a clean sheet. Mike Magee is MVP.

  40. Thomas513 says:

    Feared? I would probably hold back a little on that. One win over the RSL reserves does not a juggernaut make. It was just last week that DCU got played off the park and Davides/DeRo were in the showers by the 65th minute.

  41. Northzax says:

    Well, when he left NY, the team was in first, and dc was second to last (both in the East) now dc is ahead of NY on a ppg basis. Dc controls it’s own destiny, NY doesn’t (if they win out, DC get in, NY needs help) so there’s that. And wouldn’t it help if the team he’s on now makes the playoffs and the others don’t?

  42. Fred Garvin says:


  43. said... says:


  44. tbkh says:

    No way DeRo should win. He’s been on 3 teams this season. And Dc was mediocre before he joined and they’re still mediocre.

  45. socnow says:

    Eric Hassli

  46. Frank John says:

    Feared by whom? Walk into LA with that idea and Landon will personally butt rape your “Tradition”

  47. hogatroge says:

    Andy Iro, fo’ sho’!

  48. Tres says:

    “Grant Wahl is wrong though. Alexi Lalas had it right (really?) – he was saying it’s the player most *valuable* to the team.”

    Er… you just overlooked the entire explanation I gave you in my post, which consisted of rebutting the very argument made by Alexi Lalas.

    The whole point — which Wahl and I are both making — is that “most valuable player” is a misnomer. The award is not intended to honor something as limited as “which player’s team is most dependent on him for success?”

    That would be kind of a goofy award. I mean, it might be a vaguely *interesting* award, but it would be awfully narrow and quirky.

    Rather, the award is meant to honor the league’s best player. Period. History is not interested in remembering which player was on a 2011 squad whose fortunes happened to be dependent on him. History will want to know who was the league’s top soccer player that season. And that’s what the league’s top award is thus intended to signify.

    If you want to respond to this, may I graciously ask that you please read what I’ve written this time? These are long comments, and I don’t want to type it all again. :-)

  49. Naboo says:

    dc would if you go by points per game, no?

  50. Modibo says:

    I’ll play devil’s advocate. No way Chicago would have doubled their wins without Oduro. He’s not a multi-dimensional player, but in terms of his value as an individual to his team he can’t be beat.

    Cue derision here 😉

  51. Casadelqueso says:

    If DeRo gets DCU to the playoffs, he’s the MVP, period. No player has made the difference that he has.

  52. K-Town says:


  53. Adam says:

    DeRosario has 24 goals and assists. The closest to him is Montero with 17. Dwayne of the Rosary deserves it.

  54. I see Goats in LA says:

    Angel, if he gets Chivas USA into the playoffs.

  55. vasco says:

    dwayne has come in a given life to a team that wasn’t going to make the playoffs. he has given the team life and a chance to win it all, by putting the team on his back.

    Charlie has been good, but the healing pains are there.

    Dwayne is the man, and he is now the man to replace jamie.

  56. Tres says:

    “He’s been on 3 teams this season.”

    Why should that matter?

  57. KevDC says:

    I found that move when DeRo was with TFC to be in very poor taste. That said, he has very clearly demonstrated that he’s worth DP money. I’m a DCU supporter, obviously, but I’d be less-than-impressed if I saw him pull that again.

  58. Dlewis says:

    Great players dive, get over it. Respect the skill.

  59. Bob Bradley says:

    Either Jonathon Bornstein or Robby Rodgers

  60. A wise man once says:

    Joke. That was a joke. Next time I’ll put a “jk” next to it, alright?

  61. Jason says:

    This part:

    “MVPs don’t cause unjustifiable PKs by flopping in the box”

    And this part:

    “and because of that I had to go with Landon.”

    Make a laughably bad combination.

    Every player dives at some point. To say that DeRo is a diver and in the next breath say Landon isn’t is quite possibly the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever read. Landon goes down easily on contact just as much as any other player with nominal ball skills, but because he’s considered a star, he doesn’t get villified for it. So you either ignore that trait in other players for reasons unknown or you have a personal vendetta against DeRosario. Either way, your reasoning is flawed.

  62. David says:

    I think Davis gets hurt by the fact Houston isn’t on top of the East

  63. Incognito says:

    Rosales doesn’t make a good MVP because his leg is broken 😛 Not his fault though.

  64. Logan says:

    Houston is on top of the East and I’m convinced they would be in the bottom two of the East without him.

  65. A wise man once says:

    His leg isn’t broke mate.

  66. abc says:

    Why would Bradley suggest Rogers? Are we going to blame Bradley for Klinsmann’s horrible nonsensical man crushes now?

    Rogers was never even used at the Gold Cup, where he only made the roster because Eddie Gaven wanted to spend time with his newborn baby. Under Klinsmann, he has played in every game so far.

  67. Underrated says:

    Omar Gonzales

  68. United fury says:

    Do 13 goals and 11 assists mean anything to you?

  69. United fury says:

    Yeah, it was unfortunate for him. Looks like Woolard didn’t mean to do what he did, but unfortunately those things happen.

  70. fischy says:

    Except the question wasn’t who is the best player on the best team — it was who is the most valuable player. It’s hard to think of a player who has had more impact on a team than DeRo has had on DC United — at least, in the history of MLS. It’s a weird situation, though – because he came in mid-season, it is easy to see what the team was before he came and what they are now.

    I might also dispute your premise. I have long thought that DeRo got the shaft in terms of recognition of his talent because he’s Canadian. Donovan was the can’t-miss kid since he was 16…the budding star…the first great American player. However, he’s always had a bigger stage than DeRo in terms of international competition, and he’s had much better players around him. That’s also true to some measure at the club level, too — though DeRo won some championships when he had talent around him. He’s never fully gotten the respect he deserved. I’ve never understood why he wasn’t courted more aggressively by European teams. The guy can flat out play.

    I think if DeRo had played for the USA, a lot of people would be debating who really is the best American player. DeRo doesn’t have Donovan’s jets, and he’s probably not as nimble with the ball, but he’s no slouch in either of those departments I think he’s more of a playmaker and he’s a better shooter.

    I am thrilled to have DeRo on my favorite MLS team, but, for me, he’s been one of the two best North American players for a long time and I’m not prepared ot grant that Donovan is the better player

  71. fischy says:

    I second your comments. What he’s done since coming into the side is unprecedented. No midseason acquisition has ever had this kind of impact in MLS.

  72. fischy says:

    Dude — you better check out the standings. Houston isn’t guaranteed a playoff spot, either. Though they are in first place right now, they’ve played the most games. There’s a good chance that they’ll finish behind the other East teams in the playoff hunt. In fact, if I had to bet on it, I’d say Houston is the team most likely to miss the playoffs out of the KC, Columbus, DC, Philly, NYRB and Houston group.

  73. Brokenbil says:

    The MVP should be Fredy Montero. He’s been instrumental to Seattle’s success this year. The Sounders are second in the league, a finalist for the US Open Cup, and are likely to be the first MLS team to reach the knockout stage of the CONCACAF Champions League. Montero has made significant contributions to all three. He’s my MVP.

    (SBI-Sorry but Mauro Rosales is the MVP of the Sounders, not Montero. If Montero has a good month with Rosales out then you can argue it, but as it stands right now, Rosales has had the better season up to now.)

  74. fischy says:

    The real point is that there are no guidelines. You can see it the way Wahl does, or the way Lalas does. Neither is any more or less valid, though the award is called MVP and not Player of the Year…so maybe there is a semblance of a guideline.

    How do you decide who was the Player of the Year? The guy with the most goals? What if he just had a lot of really good service from his teammates? I’d say you look for guys who had a lot success individually and then also to the extent they benefited from being around other great players. That’s why DeRo stands out for me, because he’s clearly been such a difference maker on a team that was almost punchless before he came. Will he win the scoring race? Perhaps not, but he’s the most valuable player or the “player of the year” if you prefer, for me.

  75. fischy says:

    While I don’t agree, I think it’s ridiculous that Beckerman. Oduro and Jewsbury are on this list and Montero isn’t. That’s either laughably ridiculous or an incredible oversight.

  76. Ren says:

    Cory Gibbs

  77. San says:

    Beckham makes the team go

  78. McManus says:

    Shea has fallen off a cliff of late

  79. Ilo says:

    Imagine what a healthy Ferreira would do with the Defense that FCD has assembled this season

  80. KevDC says:

    You 2nd and 3rd sentences have nothing to do with your first, tbkh. Offer an argument against DeRo and I’ll listen, but what does DeRo having been on three teams and being mediocre have to do with anything?

    13 goals, 11 assists — right now he’s running away with the MVP award.

  81. Joamiq says:

    Not just three teams in one year, but playing well for only one of them. If this was MVP for the second half of the season he’d be a no brainer, but MVP can’t be a guy who had no impact for half the year.

  82. Joamiq says:

    Your logic is tight… except for the fact that DeRo didn’t have much of a hand in the Red Bulls being in first. As a matter of fact, they were in first mostly on the strength of their play before they acquired him. So he can’t get credit for their falling in the standings after he left – the freefall had really already begun while he was there.

  83. marco says:

    Osvaldo Alonso is my pick. He’s more important to the club than Rosales. Sounders can’t compete without him, but they can compete without a very good Rosales. Ozzie also shut down the very hot inform DeRo just last week.

  84. abc says:

    Regarding the last two comments (Montero, Alonso): If Rosales, Montero, and Alonso are all supposedly MVP candidates, how can any of them be the MVP of the entire league?
    And “because I’m a Sounders fan” is not a valid answer.

  85. wickedgimp says:

    Impressive or just plain sad?

  86. abc says:

    (and there’s also Alvaro Fernandez)

  87. TommyOC says:

    Much like crowning the MLS “Champion,” the MLS MVP can’t be a guy who got hot late in the season. DeRo is having a stellar resurgence, but there are several others who have put in consistent seasons this year and whose efforts and contributions have contributed greatly to their teams success – and still is:

    Brad Davis – Houston
    David Beckham – LA
    (Top of the Assist count, both. And both put in tremendous amounts of work on both ends of the ball.)

    And how about this guy?

    Josh Saunders – LA
    (Backup goalkeeper in the top-5 of MLS stats? How many other teams can say their backup GK could anchor their league-leading team as well or better as the first-string?)

  88. JoeW says:

    I voted Brad Davis. Houston is or has been hovering around the East lead for some time. That’s quite a change from their early season form AND a real change from last year. Davis has had an immense season.

    That said, if DCU makes the playoffs this year (playing with a very young team and one in which two very influential attackers–Pontius and DP Branko Baskovic–have been lost for the season and they’ve had a couple of GK crisis situations), then DeRo should be the MVP. Irrelevant of a brilliant game against RSL and the goal and assistant total, he’s put the team on his back, elevated his game and performed in critical moments.

  89. JoeW says:

    Except NYRB went on a very nice run when DeRo arrived and their inability to seal the deal and just do ties happened as soon as he left. DeRo was playing the role he was asked to play in NY but with injuries and GK issues, Becke decided he wanted a more defensive midfield and use Henry less as a withdrawn forward.

    As for TFC, if that’s your standard then there are a lot of players who used to play there who’s current nice run would be discounted. Let’s face it: TFC has been dysfunctional for some time. Good players go there, look like crap, leave and shine elsewhere.

  90. tbkh says:

    This isn’t the golden boot race.

  91. strider says:

    Well, you also have to take into account that no matter how much you add to a team, you still can’t carry it entirely by yourself. When DeRo was in Toronto he had very little support. The team has pulled in LOTS of additional help since he left. NY, I thought DeRo added to what they were doing, but then they sent him to DC where he has just been rampant.

    I’d still go with Donovan at this point as he has accomplished more in less games due to his time away with the USMNT.

  92. jlm says:

    But how can you measure how much a team would drop off if a certain player was not with the team. That is a bit ridiculous. The simple and fair thing to do is to give it to the best player — you can measure that however you want to, but to say this guy doesn’t deserve it because his team is no good is not right. And to say this guy deserves because he means so much to his team is not right either. Which player in the league had the best season? That is your MVP.

  93. Chris says:

    Well, there’s only one league-leading team and it isn’t RBNY. But for most of the season, our bench keepers have been as good or better than the starter. 0 > -10

  94. hogatroge says:

    When did I say Houston was guaranteed the playoffs? I said I voted for Davis because I’m a biased Dynamo fan.

    I know people love to jump down each others throats on these boards, but before you do that to me, take the time to actually read my post.

  95. VADCUfan says:

    Yeah, how did all those LAG wins go over DCU? oh yeah that’s right…

  96. JJ says:

    it is all about Brek Shea

  97. marco says:

    Easy, Sounders can’t compete without Alonso, but they can without Montero or Rosales. It’s ability plus value to the current side. Ability they are close, but nobody replaces Ozzie on the Sounders even adequately.

  98. Brokenbil says:

    SBI-Montero has scored more goals in all three competitions than anyone else on the Sounders. Goals win games, not assists. Montero’s contributions should not be undervalued.

  99. sciroccer says:

    Kyle Beckerman, an MVP should go to someone who’s done more for their team, De Ro maybe hot right now, but let’s not forget the first half of the year. Plus- due to the amount of injuries RSL has had throughout the year, the additional responibilty’s he has to take on, and the fact that RSL are already locked into the playoffs whereas DC is still fighting/hoping for a place in the Wildcard? It’s Beckerman for sure! Kreis should be coach of the year for the above mentioned list also.

  100. ryan says:

    A strong point.

  101. ryan says:

    best comment hands down

  102. Simpos says:

    Dom Oduro

  103. wickedgimp says:

    As a die-hard Sounders fan I agree that Montero’s contributions shouldn’t be undervalued, especially his “lazyness”. His first touch and soccer IQ easily make up for any other percieved deficiencies. While he has easily earned his DP payday for the season he is in no way the MLS MVP. Heck he isn’t even our team MVP. While he might not get the acccolades (assists and goals – last night excluded) its almost impossible to argue against Osvaldo Alonso as the Sounders MVP.

  104. KevDC says:

    Don’t recall saying it was. And it’s now now 14 goals, 11 assists.

    And you never addressed my point. Why should being on 3 teams this season and DC being “mediocre before he joined” mean he can’t be the best player in the league?