Who should Klinsmann call up for the October friendlies?

JuergenKlinsmann1 (ISIPhotos.com)

The U.S. men's national team's roster for October's friendlies is expected to be released this afternoon, and while we will find out soon enough just who Jurgen Klinsmann plans on taking a look at in the upcoming matches vs. Honduras and Ecuador.

There have been several players who have stepped up in the week's following the last U.S. national team matches in early September, the losses to Costa Rica and Belgium, so we should get a new mix of players coming in for the next camp in South Florida.

For one thing, midfielder Jose Torres is sidelined by a broken foot. Secondly, the disappointing performances of the likes of Edgar Castillo and Michael Orozco in the last go round make it tough to see Klinsmann calling them up yet again. Then again, you can't be too sure with Klinsmann.

Even if Klinsmann is without all three Mexican League-based players for the October friendlies, there are some other players plying their trade in Mexico who should get a look in the upcoming camp.

So who should be getting called up for the October friendlies? Here's a 21-man squad we could see getting the call from Klinsmann:


GK – Tim Howard, Bill Hamid

D- Carlos Bocanegra, Timmy Chandler, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Omar Gonzalez, Jonathan Spector, Zach Loyd

M- Clint Dempsey, Maurice Edu, Michael Bradley, Brek Shea, Kyle Beckerman, DaMarcus Beasley, Alejandro Bedoya

F- Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Juan Agudelo


Some thoughts.

Gomez and Beasley make the list after enjoying strong starts to the Mexican Primera season. Klinsmann loves the Mexican League, so that makes sense right? It's tough to argue with Beasley's form, and Gomez's ability to score goals coming off the bench has to appeal to Klinsmann.

Oguchi Onyewu is back and it's tough not to see him starting. He is looking like pre-knee injury Onyewu these days playing for Sporting Lisbon, and there's just nobody else better right now to pair with Bocanegra than his old central defense partner.

Does Klinsmann considering giving some players in the thick of the MLS playoff race a rest? Guys like Donovan, Beckerman and Shea? It's something to consider.

There are also a bunch of young Americans on the radar that you can't help but wonder if one or two of them might get a look. Players like Mikkel Diskerud, Josh Gatt or MLS-based players like Freddy Adu and Teal Bunbury.

Omar Gonzalez gets the nod here. He's arguably the most in-form American centerback in MLS and deserves a look considering how well he's playing and how much Tim Ream is struggling. George John is also an option, though he hasn't been in as good a form since the whole Blackburn transfer fiasco.

One player who didn't make the list but was definitely worth thinking about is Robbie Findley. He's starting to get some regular playing time with Nottingham Forest, and by all accounts he's in good form. I know some USMNT fans still hold the whole 2010 World Cup fiasco against him, but when he's on he's a pretty good speed option.


What do you think of the group selected above? Who didn't make that list that you would like to see get a call-up? Who are you hoping is NOT called up for the October friendlies?

Share your thoughts below.

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139 Responses to Who should Klinsmann call up for the October friendlies?

  1. malkin says:

    Robbie Rogers

  2. Dave says:

    Still no love for Graham Zusi? I know the midfield is rather crowded, but not even a peek?

  3. Greg from Baltimore says:

    As long as Herc gets a call up I am okay with the roster.

  4. malkin says:

    Is Fabian Johnson set to go yet?

  5. dalton says:

    i would love to see a gooch and boca partnership in the back again

  6. Ken says:

    Must be an answer to Ive’s question “Who are you hoping is NOT called up for the October friendlies?”.

  7. Rich says:

    I like Beasley and Herc, but it doesn’t make any sense to bring them in. The idea is to construct a team for WC2016. Seems to me Klinsmann wants to get guys familiar with one another trying to build chemistry. Everybody always wants to bring in who’s hot right now with no concern for the future. Stick with the core players and the other spots should be uses for young up and comers, like Josh Gatt.

  8. A.S. says:

    When will Lichaj be healthy? I am awaiting seeing Chandler at RB and Lichaj at RB.

  9. Rich says:

    So we can see long ball after long ball out of the back, giving up possession? Yeah, sign me up!

  10. malkin says:

    That would be true, although I actually saw that question after my smart a$$ post.

  11. MicahK says:

    Shea is injured I thought I do not think he will be called up. I want to see Acuna get called up even though he came to practice hung over.

  12. pd says:

    Beasely would be good to go since the next WC is in 2014. Klinsmann’s scheme (if he sticks with it) requires pure wingers with wheels. He’d at least make the bench if his form holds and he stays healthy and lays off the tequila.

  13. MicahK says:

    No, still injured and also I do not think his paper work has been approved yet.

  14. RNG says:

    They’re so good they can both play the same position at the same time.

    BTW, what is going on with Cherundolo? Is he hurt or just not playine well right now?

  15. malkin says:

    Didn’t realize he was injured. Bad?

  16. YO says:

    Ok, is time we forget about Beasley, we need to work on the future.

  17. TP says:

    Geoff Cameron. He is finally getting played at CB (where he should be) and has been on fire. He is one of the long term answers on the backline.

  18. Shane says:

    I think he should call-up Stu Holden’s doctors and tell them thanks for nothing. And then put an evil spell on Nigel DeJong and Johnny Evans.

  19. Shane says:

    Whoever wrote the article, Ives? Have you watched Gooch more than in just a few highlights to say he’s looking pre-injury? I hope so

  20. wilyboy says:

    I’d rather have Mixx and Gatt at this point than Beasley and Gomez. We’re talking about 2014, after all. Beasley has shown to be a very streaky and unreliable player, if he can continue this kind of form for longer, then I have no issue. As for Gomez, he’ll be 33. Since it’s unlikely we’ll see two strikers starting, and he’s not a hold up player, why not bring the creativity that Mixx provides?

    And I’m tired of claims of youth and inconsistency from these two, they clearly have been consistent performers.

  21. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I say this and I keep saying again we all know what most of the Veteran guys can do from this Projected Roster. Get Younger and is time to get the U23 ready for the Olympic games, Adu, Josh, Gyau, Diskerud, Chandler, Daniel Williams, Fabian Johson, Gonzales, George John, Altidore, Bradley, Abedoya, Too bad that other young players like (Holden, Torre, Liget) are in the injure list. We Like Rich said we need to construct a team for the Future.

  22. jone says:

    Omar Gonzalez just to appease the LA Galaxy fans who suddenly think that he is the best defender in the MNT pool and MLS. He may be in MLS by his recent play, but his height plays a large role in that plus when most teams defend because of beckham donovan and keane.

  23. BK says:


  24. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Sorry the name I misspell Lichaj, and Josh Gatt plus the word injury LOL trying not to get caught at work been online.

  25. pd says:

    I think this is pretty good, but will be curious to see how FC Dallas and LA Galaxy feel about releasing two players respectively. Arena tends to be a prick about that kind of stuff.

    I could see more Scandinavian players getting called if there’s pushback about MLS-ers… Diskerrud, Gatt, for LD and Shea…

    Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Chandler

    subs: Beasely/LD, Shea/Bedoya, Gomez/Altidore, Beckerman/Bradley, Loyd/Chandler, Gonzalez/Onyewu

  26. Shane says:

    No were not talking about 2014, were talking about qualifying for 2014. And with the way we’ve looked so far that’s not happening. He needs to bring in the best players and get them playing so they can actually win.

  27. biff says:

    Gooch, Jozy, MB, and Bedoya should be left off the list to let them continue to focus on establishing themselves in their new clubs and see how they do before the November friendlies. Jozy paid a price for the Costa Rica/Belgium and friendlies, and especially Gooch needs more time to settle in at Sporting. Don’t want to see him jinxed with a quick call back. Agudelo is no doubt a potential big talent for the future, but has not yet convinced on the USMNT and needs to do more at the club level. Would like to see some new faces at the forward slot in October get a chance to prove themselves. Josh Gatt’s season ends in early November, he should be called up for the mid November games.

    Big question mark is Cherundolo. Obviously good enough to contribute in October, but maybe he does not need the stress of flying back home and would be better off focusing on regaining his starting spot at Hannover. Would be great to see Freddy on the field in October.

  28. Dlewis says:

    I would take Gooch defending over Tim Ream’s mind blowing “distribution” or Clarence Goodsons “defending”.
    Sign me up indeed. Gooch has been playing very well for Lisbon.

  29. A.S. says:

    Er, Lichaj at LB.

    Assuming no Lichaj, I guess Boca would need to be LB, leading to maybe a Gooch/Goodson partnership at CB.

  30. danny says:

    I would wait on Gooch and give some other players a chance. Let him solidify a spot on his club. One incredible header doesn’t make him a lock on the CB position for Sporting Lisbon. Besides, he is a known quantity. I’d rather Klinsman try players with better skill and ball distribution potential- as that type of player will fit in with the way Klinsman wants to play, and makes sense long term.

  31. Poo says:

    he scored a goal, but has be been playing well beyond that? Does he still look like a traffic cone with 2 left feet out there?

  32. wilyboy says:

    Beasley hasn’t been the best player since he performed in the Champions League with Rangers. Gomez doesn’t fit the formation. Quite frankly, I think Gatt and Mixx will be better if exposed to this level soon.

  33. TomG says:

    Many of the MLS guys look completely gassed. Shea definitely needs a rest. Lloyd and John both looked awful last night. I’d call in Adu since he hasn’t gone through a full season grind. Call in European guys. Would really like to see Mixx and Gatt.

  34. RK says:

    Suprisingly, Gooch has started Sporting’s last 4 matches — but I don’t think he should be called up so soon.

    I wonder what the MLS / CCL schedule looks like that week?

  35. K-Town says:

    neck injury. out for like a month i think.

  36. NATO says:

    Jozy should be left to focus on scoring at AZ. Gooch should be left as well, don’t want him to be injured just when he’s returning to 2009 form. No need for Spector and several of the MLS guys, let them focus on their teams.

  37. Waterlewd says:

    Shea came back last week in a less than impressive showing. He looked out-of-form, but don’t think that will last long. He was suspended in CCL last night for card accumulation.

  38. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Robbie Findley.

    Beggars can’t be choosers. He has 4 goals in 10 appearances this season; he scored in all but 1 of the 4 games he started.

  39. Eurosnob says:

    We should just play a 0-10-0.


    Shame JFT and Holden are injured. I would love to see them in this system.

  40. malkin says:

    speaking of/somewhat related to beas laying off the tequila… Somethin’ about Jozy just screams coffee shop.

  41. Waterlewd says:

    Agree with this. Also think he can easily slot into a defensive midfield spot. In the least, he’d be an asset as a utility player on this team for WC 2014. He also brings more speed to the team. Beckerman’s legs are too short or something, he’s just so slow.

  42. Chris says:

    My 23:


    Bench: Hamid, Yelldel; Spector, Gooch, Gonzalez, Lloyd; Klestjan, Beckerman, Feilhaber, Beasley; Gomez, Agudelo

    Give Altidore another shot because of his great club form. He still has the best potential of the bunch. Leave Shea out b/c of health and playoff considerations. Feilhaber has been killing it in the MLS but it’s for the Revs so no one cares.

  43. chakrabourti says:

    so, let’s not call in anyone that is either competing for a spot on the first team of their club, in the playoff race, or just getting going with their season?

  44. BrianVT says:

    I think it would be nice to play for the win. I’ll accept that Klinsi was giving a bunch of non-1st-teamers a chance in the past friendlies – to evaluate our depth and decide on his 2nd & 3rd strings, and to give some guys opportunities to resolve club situations, etc. But losing can feed on itself, and we have to trot out our A-side sooner or later — especially now, against regional opposition.

  45. pd says:

    wait you also think that de Jong is a badass right?

  46. Vince says:

    Right. The U.S. doesn’t need to call in any hot strikers — especially one that was scoring in the last meaningful US team tournament as well.

    Since the U.S. forward contingent is lighting up the scoreboard under Klinsmann, maybe we can switch Altidore to LB.

    (And yes, that’s sarcasm for the first troll that will deign to call me an idiot for suggesting Altidore at LB.)

  47. Waterlewd says:

    Looks good, except I don’t know if Adu can play in the midfield at the international level.

  48. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. Both Beasley and Herc will be 32 in 2014. With Donovan and Dempsey turning 32 and 31 in 2014, I just don’t see Klinsmann bringing so many players on the wrong side of 30. Perhaps, he can use Beasley and Herc in the qualification rounds, but their chances of making the 2014 team are slim and their upside is low.

  49. Vince says:

    I hope by “future” you mean those tiny, inconsequential WC qualifying matches coming up in the spring.

    Seeing as Klinsmann can’t beat Costa Rica’s B team so far, I’d like a little experience on the field when batteries and bags of urine are flying onto the field in Guatemala and Cuba and some nitwit Concacaf ref is allowing kung-fu soccer in the midfield.

    Something tells me Gatt and Diskerudd have not enjoyed such pleasantries in Norway.

  50. Eurosnob says:

    I like most of the young guys on your list, but I think that Klinsmann will not bring them all at the same time. Altidore, Bradley and Chandler are almost locks to be called in for the next two friendlies assuming those are on the Fifa dates. My understanding is that Fabian Johnson does not have his paperwork complete so he is probably out for the time being. Perhaps he will call up and cap an additional young player or two from your list.

  51. Vince says:

    Klinsmann looks like he’s mid-rip in a trouser-flapping fart in the picture at the top of this story.

  52. Eurosnob says:

    No doubt that’s the biggest question mark in this lineup. But since I didn’t want to include Robbie Rodgers, I figured I had to go with Adu.

    Other options could be Jack Jewsbury or Eddie Gaven.

  53. hogatroge says:

    Where’s the speed, though?

  54. hogatroge says:

    WCQ happens much earlier than WC2014. Those guys can definitely contribute in the run up to the WC.

  55. hogatroge says:


    We need a CB with pace in addition to strength. Like Waterlewd said, he’s versatile as well. I’d rather him at CB next to one of the other stalwarts, but he could slot in at CDM if Klinsmann wanted to reconfigure the formation on the fly.

  56. hogatroge says:

    Beasley has been absolutely tearing it up in Mexico lately. Since there is no defined formation (we’ve shifted from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1 to 4-4-2 over the past three friendlies), how can Gomez not fit it? He has been in great form in Mexico, scoring goals and staying injury free.

  57. hogatroge says:

    John, Bradley, Bedoya, and Johnson are not eligible for the U23 squad.

  58. hogatroge says:

    Lichaj is out with a relatively long term injury, unfortunately.

  59. 867-5309 says:


  60. hogatroge says:

    LA should have the SS locked up by then. To deny a player a call up requires an appeal to the USSF and a valid reason.

    Players like George John, Omar Gonzalez and Landon are too valuable to get benched just because their coach’s ego got bruised.

  61. hogatroge says:

    I’m for it. Yes, the WC was disastrous. However, plenty of players have turned lackluster starts with the USMNT into decent showings down the road. Shea and Bedoya come to mind at this juncture.

    Plus, he’s in good form and is fast as hell.

  62. hogatroge says:

    Did you not see him against Panama and Mexico in the Gold Cup? At least in the GC final, he was the only US player on the field that looked like he belonged.

  63. Omar is the answer says:

    Omar Gonzales, different question same answer.

  64. Vic says:

    Can anyone explain why so many games we start out so poorly. Many times we start out with bad possession and our opposition scores first. Why is it that we often come back in the second half with better possession and more goals?

    My opinion is that we put too many athletic but unskilled players on the field that can’t hold possession. Our opposition scores first then sits back allowing us to gain possession. I’m not saying to scrap all our less skilled players, some of them are very effective in other ways. I just think we need a better balance between skilled/athletic players to have more possession.

  65. primoone says:


  66. Shane says:

    Gomez = USA’s best choice for super sub. Come on Klinsmann get with the Latin influence program

  67. marco says:

    Klinsi lets Gooch recover some more and takes a look at George John instead.

  68. Ryan in NYC from NC says:

    I wanna see Benny. Is that too much to ask?

  69. anon_e_moose says:

    Onyewu has been solid for Sporting. Nothing special. He was expected to be the 4th choice CB. He is now playing because Sporting has been weak defending set pieces and high crosses in the past. He has helped in that area.

    But they have had to change their tactics to accommodate him. The defence plays deeper than the manager prefers to prevent getting beat over the top and on the counter. Onyewu is slow on the turn and vulnerable against speed on the counter. He likes to stand his ground on the edge of the box instead of being aggressive and getting stuck in.

    Same player he has always been.

    His passing has been good for a CB.

    Don’t expect him to be starting after this year. Sporting is looking to upgrade at CB in January or more likely in June. (Rumoured names-Douglas, Geromel, etc.) Onyewu is a short term solution for them.

    This year could be his last chance to get on the NT. If he plays well against Lazio today he will get a call up.

  70. MicahK says:

    Forget that, I say Neymar with his maternal American grandmother.

  71. hogatroge says:

    -Chandler—Cameron—-Boca—-G. Farfan

    Bench: Hamid, Goodson, Franklin, John, Kljestan, Adu, Beasley, Gomez, Agudelo, Altidore

    Injured: Holden, Cherundolo, Pearce, Lichaj, F. Johnson, Torres
    Settling in: Bradley, Onyewu, Bedoya
    Wait for U23s: Gatt, Mix, anyone else who hasn’t made their first appearance with the USMNT already and will be 23 or under by next summer’s Olypmics

    I think this squad will allow Klinsmann to evaluate several fringe players who have experience but haven’t played under him yet (Feilhaber, Findley, Adu, Beasley, Gomez) as well as try out a few new defenders to add some depth where injuries are taking their toll.

    I figure Jozy will start one of the games, but Klinsmann will want to appease the AZ coach and diminish his role. Findley will be the first off the bench, over Gomez, because he’s younger and has a larger potential window to contribute. Before people jump down my throat, he has been in great form recently. Yes, he had a disastrous WC, but he gets at least one more shot. The lone striker role might be too much for him, but reconfiguring into a desperation 4-4-2 later in the game could work too.

    I went with Sean Franklin over Zach Loyd since Dallas would suffer more without their starting RB. Geoff Cameron adds pace at CB, something that’s been lacking in recent showings. He also had a solid showing against Man U. Gabriel Farfan is only in his first season with Philly, but he played with America’s reserves for a couple of years. He also had an excellent showing against Real Madrid this past summer. He is too old for the U23s, so why wait when we have an LB shortage. Michael Farfan is worth a look in the future, but they don’t have to be a package deal. If Gabe Farfan is blowing it, Chandler can slot in at LB and Franklin can come off the bench (or Boca -> LB and Goodson off bench).

  72. I don’t think you’ll see Zusi any time soon. That midfield is too crowded.

  73. marco says:

    Add Cameron drop Beckerman

  74. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well with Holden and Torres out, the Midfield is the big question. Certainly I see Bradley, with perhaps Adu or Feilhaber? Could be interesting.

    What about players like Charles Kazlakaus or Tony Taylor that have been scoring in lower leagues? Do they get an opportunity to see if they can handle International duty?

  75. jlm says:

    31 and 32 is far from over the hill. don’t get so caught up in age. the best players are the best players. 34-35 is something more to worry about, but lower 30s is not a big deal.

  76. Since when is 32 too old for the world cup? All those guys will play a part in qualifying and some will make it to Brazil. They may not start, but they will be there.

  77. Cairo says:

    Beasley–definitely. He played a couple of bad games for USMNT and people want to write him off. Stupid. He’s in form, still in his 20’s, and very experienced. Still faster running the wing than most other players in pool.

    Gooch–no. He may end up being the starter for qualifying, but we know exactly what he brings. We can wait longer to see him because he’ll be easy to integrate quickly (esp. next to Boca)

    Gonzalez–definitely. Let’s see him now and see if he’s a younger, better option than Gooch. If not we’ve got time to integrate Gooch later.

    Cameron–definitely. A jack of all trades who gives us a different look at center back. How is Ream ahead of him??

    Findlay–In January or beyond. He’s in form and getting better, and if he keeps it up all Fall, he has to get called in. Not now–the USMNT fans will roast him now if he does poorly, and he doesn’t need that right now.

  78. hogatroge says:

    Well, the game against Costa Rica was the complete opposite of what you’re describing. Mindblowing first 30 minutes where CR barely touched the ball, then a loss.

  79. rory says:

    Same age as Donovan, right?

    Now forgetting about Gomez makes sense… dude probably won’t even be playing club soccer in 2014, can’t even start for a club now.

  80. ronniet says:

    the youth will have plenty of time to be looked at and worked at a later stage……beasley has found his form again and is unquestionably our best left sided player when he’s on his game so with that in mind he needs to be called in…..yeah donovan, dempsey, gooch and beasley will be just over 30 at the next world cup but if their on form they will definately be involved at the next world cup because they will give us the best chance to be successful

  81. hogatroge says:

    I agree with all points. My only worry about Gonzalez is having a speedier option to pair him up with. I think he’d pair nicely with Cameron at CB, but the international inexperience between the two would make that an unlikely combination any time soon.

  82. Annelid Gustator says:

    Did they remove the 3 overage roster spots for next Olympics?

  83. Vic says:

    I should have added games against tough competition. I’m not impressed that we could hold possession against Costa Rica at home. And I most games, you gave one example.

  84. Rory says:

    Speaking of that Olympic squad… imagine seeing Altidore, Adu Agudelo, Bunbury, Chandler, Diskerude, Hamid, Gatt and some of the others on that team… a good draw and we could medal!

  85. Rory says:

    Are you also sorry for the verb tense error “trying not to get caught at work BEEN online?” :-)

  86. roysterer says:

    I hope we’ll see some consistency in central defense selections in my lifetime….

    Also, I don’t see any reason to ever give Beckerman another cap. He’s a fine player, but he’s never going to figure into the “A” team so stop wasting caps on him. Replace him with Adu.

  87. rory says:

    Offhand, doesn’t the Scandivaian leagues follow the same schedule as the MLS clubs? Can’t see teams over there pushing for Europe wanting their guys released any more than MLS clubs.

  88. rory says:

    I saw your number on the bathroom wall.

  89. Vic says:

    I’d like to see the same lineup we went with against Mexico in the Gold Cup final when we were up 2-0, before Bornstein came on. With Chandler taking Lichaj place.

    Adu Dempsey

    Bedoya Donovan

    Jones Bradley

    Chandler Bocanegra Goodson Cherundolo

  90. primoone says:

    I’m curious to know who SBI thinks is the best American center back in the MLS is…

  91. nick says:

    Rogers time five minutes.

  92. bryan says:

    Goodson has been just fine. My guess is it’ll be Goodson and Gooch in the middle. Chandler and Boca out wide. Dolo hasn’t been playing much recently.

  93. bryan says:

    Yes, that’s why Sporting is starting him. Because he has two left feet and is a traffic cone.

  94. hogatroge says:

    I know it was talked about, but I’m not sure. That said, the only one of the 4 I mentioned that might be used on an overage spot would be Bradley since he has experience and could be a mentor of sorts.

  95. Primoone says:


    In my opinion, there is no one in our pool that can be as effective as Beasley can be on the left wing. He will give you the smart possession that Jurgen wants and will also offer cover. In addition, he comes with a large cache of tournament experience in Europe as well as World cup. He has not lost a step and regained the form that he had in 2010 wc qualification Pre-Costa Rica debacle. The water is too muddy right now to make any WC roster predictions however, he is a lock for qualification if he stays healthy

  96. hogatroge says:

    They play different roles.

  97. bryan says:

    i hope this is a joke response…

  98. bryan says:

    well Jones isn’t on the list, so…Edu instead

  99. Primoone says:

    Jones…stop hating.

  100. Primoone says:

    I’m almost certain it was a joke…right hog?…hog?

  101. jpc says:

    I think it’s time to take a serious look at Omar Gonzalez, I know he’s made some rosters, but he’s not been given the minutes that Ream has, and he’s been much better. Let’s see exactly what we have in him.

    Donovan, Dempsey, Oneywu, Cherundolo, Howard and Bocanegra need to just stay where they are. We know who they are, let’s try and preserve these, guys for one more cycle as best we can. It’s time to see what the next generation looks like, even if it’s just a peek.

  102. Primoone says:

    Watch the revolution…

  103. Primoone says:

    I think you will see Jurgen field a mostly experienced squad. He can’t go too long without his first win. Pressure will mount.

  104. beachbum says:

    why can’t Beasley get the nod at left back? he’s always been a good defender

  105. Goalscorer24 says:

    Gomez has been on fire as a Super Sub. No reason to not try him out in that same roll for the National team.

  106. Butch says:

    George John!!!!!!!

  107. sodak_in_nyc says:

    To me the question is whom has a lock on their position from a fit/age is right question for the world cup:

    Dempsey Donovan Holden Shea [question here is that there is can Holden play the 6 as 6 is the most important position in German football]

    No forwards are a lock.

    Once we have a sense for are permanent spots, then the audition process is more to whom can play the role of the unlocked spots – i.e. Torres will never beat out that four. The next question is can we play 442 without two reliable strikers.

    One of our many midfielders should decide he is a left back and work to become a devastating partner with Shea.

  108. Mike Bassett says:

    I totally agree! Jozy Altidore is lazy and plays with absolutely no heart. He never fights for 50/50 balls and never pressures the opponent’s defense.

    I’d much rather see Agudelo start up top with Dempsey.

    Heck, I’d rather see Edson Buddle on the team that Lazy Altidore.

  109. Waterlewd says:

    I only remember the first 20 minutes of the Gold Cup Final, the rest is a blur of faded images of US defending players running towards their own goal. I also remember a dark-skinned lesbian-esque leprechaun in a Mexico jersey running and dancing around.

  110. blaise says:

    Seriously that is the worst prediction!

    Onyewu has been good but he lacks what our new players have – ball possession skills.

    Id call up George John, Jeff Cameron, Gonzalez and at least try to invite Miguel Ponce of chivas

    Mids – Adu, Diskerud, Acuna, Donovan, Feilhaber and try to invite Joe Corona

    F – Agudelo, Sapong, bunbury and Terrance Boyd

    (Fabian Johnson and Stu Holen – get well soon)

  111. Mike Bassett says:

    Totally agree. Omar Gonzalez is a beast. That kid is the heart of the LA defense and deserves to get some serious minutes for the Nats.

  112. beachbum says:

    in the role we saw Torres in the last 3 games, see what Benny can do and what he can offer different in the final 3rd.

    who else does the board think should get the look at that role from the pool of healthy options?

  113. beachbum says:

    agree, well said. would like to see how Gonzo matches up at the international level vs. the teams in our region

  114. Answer says:

    For the 1,000,000th time – Ponce is no longer eligible to play for the USMNT. He played for Mexico in the Copa America this summer. Why would you try to invite him?

  115. Answer says:

    That team gets KILLED.

  116. mouf says:

    Not consistent enough to deserve a call up, needs to take that next step IMO to deserve a call up.. And I’m a skc fan… Of our American players, Chance Meyers is maybe an option considering the lack of depth in the pool at outside back.

  117. Brian says:

    Are you serious? Do you not remember the whole Beasley at LB experiment back in World Cup qualifying?

  118. pd says:

    Jay DeMerit.

  119. pd says:

    agreed. hope Landon Donovan comes around.

  120. MC Pharaoh says:

    take out bedoya, gomez, spector, & lloyd… insert Davis, Findley, Dunivant, & John

  121. Vic says:

    This is Ives list, not Klinnsman.

  122. Alex says:

    Boyd isn’t playing first team minutes.

    Gooch is looking pretty good from what I hear at Sporting. Aren’t call ups for in form players? Well Gooch is looking in form.

    And does anybody know the citizenship status of Sapong?

  123. Alex G says:

    I agree with you, we want Mix and Gatt, those are great players and John, a good prospect, I don`t know why he wasn`t considered, I´d call them up in a heart beat.

  124. Answer says:

    What do you mean about his citizenship status? Born and raised in the United States.

  125. mistadobolina says:

    might be the best time to get him in..

  126. mistadobolina says:





  127. GW says:

    You could try looking Gooch up and maybe watching some of his games or at least highlights instead of going by how he played six months, or a year or two ago.

    Sporting Lisbon are one of the traditional big three clubs in Portugal, the others being Porto and Benfica. Look them up if you don’t know what I am referring to.

    They are making a push to get honors this year. My point?

    They aren’t likely to let some donkey start for them.

    One reason they signed Gooch was a need to get better in the air particularly at set pieces. But just in case you didn’t know, soccer is not a game where you can get away with being a “specialist” especially at Sporting’s level. This isn’t the NFL where they can bring him in just for third down aerial coverage.

    If Gooch is starting it’s because he is the center half who gives them the best chance to win.

    And if you think this is unexpected then look at the calendar. It’s almost two years exactly since Gooch hurt his knee. Everyone is different but if you follow athletes with serious knee injuries usually it takes around two years to really get confidence back.

    In about a year’s time maybe we’ll see Holden back. Maybe.

  128. Colin says:

    Teal Bunbury, Benny Feilhaber, Freddy Adu, and Geoff Cameron will probably be called up.

  129. todd jones says:

    Why is everyone calling for Bedoya? He cant even get consistent playing time at rangers and I think Shea is a far superior player. Let Bedoya settle in at rangers before making him a starter for usmnt.

  130. Rich says:

    But what makes you think his form will hold? He’s been nothing but inconsistent his entire career. Thats my whole point. The whole “who’s hot right now” is a jab at inconsistent players. Identify the talent early and make something of it. US has been an inconsistent soccer country for some time now and thats the reason why. No system, no chemistry.

  131. Rich says:

    Yeah sorry meant WC2014 – i keep getting the olympics and world cup mixed up.

    And yes 30+ is the downside of a soccer players career. You want guys that are peaking coming into the world cup, not digressing. Its gonna be a scorcher, dont forget.

  132. Primoone says:

    Jay Jay…from The USA!

    Keeping it ONE-HUNDRED..

  133. Hush says:

    You are aware that ADU was involved in all three goals in the last two games of the goal cup, right?! I hope you are Not serious about the Adu hating. Facts don’t lie, son…. Also ADU is not Palemalu, so save the defense bashing aside.

  134. Hush says:

    Gonzo is a great option, but no way in hell close to being co
    Pared to the Gooch. I hope you watched the Lisbon vs Lazio game early today….. I’ll stick with the Gooch facing Lazio than Gonzo facing Morelia!lol

    All kidding aside, I wish Gonzo would have gotten the call up over Fiacal.

  135. RDonaldson says:

    Gatt’s season ends the END of November so I doubt you will see him anytime soon.