FOX wins bid for 2018, 2022 World Cup TV rights


When the 2018 and 2022 World Cups kick off in Russia and Qatar, there is a very good chance that you'll be watching those tournaments on a FOX network.

FOX beat out both ESPN and NBC for the U.S. broadcast rights to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, multiple reports revealed on Friday morning. The news came as a surprise for many who expected ESPN to win the bids.

On the Spanish-language side, NBC-owned Telemundo beat out favorites Univision for the Spanish-Language rights to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

What do you think of this development?

Share your thoughts below.

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195 Responses to FOX wins bid for 2018, 2022 World Cup TV rights

  1. maradawga says:

    What do I think of the bid? I think it’s a big blow for MLS.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  2. ec says:

    Hmmmm. I hope it hooks Ives up as part of the coverage team (if he’s still at Fox in ’18), but I’m worried about what this does for ESPN’s commitment to soccer coverage in the long term.

  3. Brian-Indy says:

    Definitely a let down in my opinion, lets hope Fox does a better job promoting US soccer as well as MLS going forward. I know this is primarily for FIFA tournaments only but I wonder if this will effect the bidding for MLS rights come 2014. Garber must be a little frustrated with this development.

  4. JM says:

    Ives, I know Fox signs your paychecks, but their TV coverage at the moment is terrible. Fox Soccer Channel is low-rate and amateur, the big games on Fox and FX are insultingly bad. I really hope they get it together in the next 7 years.

  5. Brian says:

    Wow. Not particularly happy about this. ESPN has WAAAAYYY better production value and the good thing about ESPN is they can show game on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. I only have FOX and FSN.

  6. Joe says:

    i think this a freaking disaster … terrible, terrible, terrible

  7. SwerveZ says:

    ESPN has the best coverage, hands down. Top to bottom, a very good telecast for games, including how they show the outside of the stadiums and where they’re located on the map, etc. Love this. Field and crowd mics are nice and loud like at a college football game. Fox games sometimes sound like they’re in a can and you can barely hear the crowd noise and I’ve never seen them do build up stories from outside the stadium.
    I hope Fox puts some resources into it’s broadcasts…Also, ESPN had games on like 3-4 different channels which included ESPN3. Fox going to do the same?

  8. franky says:

    VERY bad for soccer/MLS growth. even WORSE for the quality of broadcast we will see. Sorry, Ives, but fox is jv

  9. RedLine55 says:

    I would have preferred ESPN – they’ve been doing a great job with the big tournaments lately. However, this is still a long way down the road and there will no doubt be big changes to FOX and their broadcasts. Hopefully they get ’em right.

  10. Shadowdub says:

    Very disappointed. was crucial for me in 2010.

  11. Andrea C. says:

    This is a sad day for American soccer

  12. Tim says:

    Wonder if they will bring FX into the mix to air games as well (heck in HD). The fact that Fox Soccer is an extra channel could really hurt the game. I’m sure they have thoughts and ideas, but as of now I’d much rather have it on ESPN for quality and shear amount of eyes/homes that reaches.

  13. irishapple21 says:

    ESPN probably didn’t bid high enough because the games in 2018 and 2022 are going to be played in such difficult timezones for American viewers.

  14. jonk says:

    Alright Fox, start developing your free online media player and please please don’t put any WC coverage on FSC.

  15. Eddie P. says:

    Seems bad, right? No FREE online viewing a la ESPN3? What other channels would they shows games on? I fear this will be used as a ploy to get people to buy Fox Soccer Channel. Not happy about this.

  16. Brian says:

    Amen. This is what makes ESPN so awesome.

  17. pat says:

    how much is FSC involved in this? Like for simultaneous games does a game get bumped to FSC or like Fx or some other Fox channel that’s more mainstream?

    From what i remember, Fox was pretty awful for the last Champions League final.

    This stinks for MLS, especially since MLS is being split nationally between ESPN and NBC moving forward.

  18. Steve C says:

    I’m eager to see how Fox handles the U-17/20 World Cups. One thing I loved about ESPN was they have ESPN3 and I could watch it from my xbox. Fox, well, do they even have any kind of online broadcasting yet?? ESPNU was also ideal for the youth world cups. Since the years that are affected still are a few years away, i’ll give them time… but… not looking good right now.

  19. Jonathan S says:

    I loved the world cup on ESPN. The music, the presentation, everything. IMO ESPN gave it an importance in the American culture that doesn’t always recognize soccer as a top sport. I am disappointed that fox got the rights. Hopefully they can top ESPN

  20. Hercules3076 says:

    If they put stuff on FSC, they better be getting more exposure into more markets as part of base packages, or else I fear a flop.

  21. al17 says:

    Kudos for me.

  22. Greg G says:

    This is horrible news. Fox looks like a public access channel. And it’s ownership is going through a tough time now. Not liking this at all. Boo.

  23. DingDong says:

    “there is a very good chance that you’ll be watching those tournaments on a FOX network.”

    Why do you say there is a “very good chance”? Is it not definite? I mean, could Fox still sell the rights to ESPN?

    (SBI-You could watch it in Spanish on Telemundo OR you could actually be AT the World Cup.)

  24. Tim says:

    Yep, time to make or whatever that site is free.

  25. c(note) says:

    Can Bill O’Reilly commentate?

  26. Evan says:

    Wow. I’m disappointed. ESPN production of the World Cup 2010 was outstanding from the amount of airtime, the set, personalities,, etc. My only hope is FOX has 7 years to get their act together.

  27. Al_OC says:

    I was thinking the same thing when I heard it. Big blow for MLS and just soccer in the US in general.

    Sorry Ives, we all know you work for them, but FOX soccer coverage is just not on par with ESPN right now. So, they definitely have a lot of homework to do.

  28. SD says:


  29. Poonjason says:

    Ugh. The Champions League Final was painful to sit through on many levels. FOX’s overall production values seem to be quantity over quality. ESPN is hands down the leader right now. FOX gives us a lot of games to watch (thank you) but hardly any of them are a must watch. ESPN gives us far fewer games but any time they broadcast anything soccer related, it’s a must watch. ESPN – quality over quantity.

    I’ll enjoy the 2014 World Cup via ESPN and pray that FOX gets its crap together by the next tournament.

    I’m just as gutted about this as Qatar winning the right to host the World Cup in 2022…

  30. Ivan says:

    No bueno. If Fox brings that Curt Mahaffey guy to another Champions League Final broadcast, I will barf. He is the equivalent of the Dave O’Brien baseball guy that ESPN brought in WC 2006. At least ESPN learned their lesson.

    I agree with the majority of the opinions: Fox’s presentation is awful and borderline amateurish. ESPN’s WC 2010 presentation was top notch and the one to beat.

    And, frankly, on principle, anything awarded to a network associated with Ruppert Murdoch, one of the most disgusting creatures on the face of planet earth, is bad…

  31. john.q says:


    not only does ESPN have better overall production but because its on their channels, they give it max coverage on Sportscenter, etc.

    why give it to a company that does not support the home league? they have given MLS kitchen scraps.

  32. ex_sweeper says:

    I have a problem giving any viewing time to channels owned by the parent company of the hate-mongering, reactionary Fox News network. Maybe things will change by 2018, but I fear this will be a severe test of my soccer fandom.

  33. Andy says:

    I think the WC on Fox will be fine but like everyone else, this could be a near disaster for MLS with all the rights expiring in 2014.

    Ives, can you get a reaction from MLS/Garber? I know they will put on a brave face but this has to be a crushing blow unless Fox promised something strong to FIFA for MLS.

  34. RK says:

    I can’t believe the reaction here; it’s 6 1/2 years away! You don’t think FOX will put the time, money, and effort to improve?

    Do you remember how “awful” it was when FOX got the NFL?

  35. Brian S. says:

    I felt my stomach drop when I read this. Watching the World Cup on ESPN the past 2 summers has been a great memory. I’ve been looking forward to 2014 for the coverage of the tournament as much as I have been the actual games. I hope this is a cruel joke.

  36. A.S. says:

    Jeebus, people need to calm down. These WC’s are SEVEN and ELEVEN years away! The likelihood that the broadcast (TV and online) landscape then is the same as it is now is NIL.

    I mean, think about what the option were 7 years ago, as compared to now. Things will likely change as much or more between now and 2018. Will even exist as a free online player then? Maybe every channel will have free online streaming. Maybe none will. But we can be SURE that whatever will be then will look nothing like now.

    And the fact that production values in 2011 are poor on Fox is irrelevant. Things change. People put investment into broadcasts if they know there are high profile payoffs.

    The whining on this thread is simply ridiculous.

  37. NC Jeff says:

    Relax – does Fox put on quality NFL telecasts? I think most people would agree. Now, they have over 6.5 years to gear up for the ’18 WC. They’ll also have the ’15 Women’s WC and the ’17 Confed. Cup (along with U-17 an U-20 contests) to use as tune-ups to make sure any really bad wrinkles are ironed out.

    I just hope they don’t feel a need to use a ball tracker like they decided was necessary on their NHL telecasts a while back.

  38. Phil says:

    If I have to sit through both world cups with people like Michael Strahan dumbing down the game and explaining how it’s like American football ala last years Champions League final pregame show, I’m libel to punch someone at Fox in the face

  39. SwerveZ says:

    I think Sepp Bladder has an anouncement today on FIFA corruption or something, and maybe he’ll announce a re vote for the bought Qatar WC? haha!

  40. RK says:


  41. Tim says:

    I wouldn’t watch the FOX NFL pre or post game shows if I had a gun to my head, thankfully my team is in the AFC.

  42. Tim says:

    We need a soccer version of Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan in this country.

  43. Eric says:

    Hopefully, given the number of years prior to the events, the will be able to improve their coverage. I think they have come along way from when the first started broadcasting the NFL so there is hope!!!

  44. Eric Wynalda says:

    Everyone is forgetting the only positive of this move. NO JOHN HARKES!

    Please do not hire him, FOX. Ever.

  45. Spectra says:

    At least the games will be on regular fox (I Hope) in free HD across the country but I agree with others that they’re quality is not up to par

  46. Enos says:

    I wouldn’t fret about production values. ESPN was simply showing you the video production from the FIFA feed anyway. There was nary an ESPN employee making the calls for specific camera angles. FIFA does all of that. Fox will get to do all their jazz on the pregame/halftime/postgame and some limited graphics. Fret not fans.

  47. Matty says:

    For those saying it will be okay because Fox has 7 & 11 years to improve things, their NFL, MLB, and college football broadcasts have been awful since they started airing sports in the 90s. Production value sucks, and their graphics have always been obnoxious. There are decent announcers here and there, but they pale in comparison to ESPN, CBS, and NBC. This sucks.

  48. Peter says:

    Why is it rediculous? They have had 3 years of the Champions League and the production is still AWFUL!!! Not to mention the review show of just highlights with 1 person talking over them. Total crap!!!!

  49. Jeff says:

    What I want to know is if Fox opened up their piggy bank or if ESPN decided ratings are too low and low balled their bid. The coverage belongs on ESPN.

  50. mike says:

    I would argue that Fox’s NFL production is still crap. Especially when it involves Tony Siragusa, or Moose. Actually, I can’t think of one announcer who works for Fox NFL productions who I actually care to hear.

  51. Drew_ROC says:

    Healthy competition will be good for the sport…

  52. I would only be mildly surprised to see Joe Buck doing games. If so it’ll be a horrible summer.

  53. A.S. says:

    This is insane. Fox is generally acknowledged to have the best NFL pre- and post-game shows. Far superior to CBS, ESPN and NBC.

  54. Big L says:

    I fear ESPN will try to kill soccer after 2014 similarly to how they treated hockey since the NHL moved to NBC/Versus.

  55. Illmatic74 says:

    Fox sports in general is the worst out of all major networks. Including NFL and MLB and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. Unless fox makes some wholesale changes I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  56. MSNats says:


  57. Illmatic74 says:

    I guess I will be watching on telemundo in 2018.

  58. A.S. says:

    Yup. Fox will have nothing to do with production. The things that folks need to worry most about are the announcers. We don’t need another Marcelo Balboa. But there is no reason to think that today’s Fox announcers will have any part in the WC in 7 and 11 years – heck, by that time, they could even hire Ian Darke away from ESPN.

  59. CrazyJon85 says:

    this sucks… plain and simple this sucks

  60. RLW2020 says:

    or even worse Michael Strahan and John Buck… or McGarver ..

    first they kill the world series for me now the World Cup. great… if the world cup in Qatar wasn’t enough of a sham already

  61. MSNats says:

    I’ll be fine with it as long as we get that robot they use before and after commercial breaks to do brazilian and russian dances.

  62. mike says:

    I’d like to know where your coming up with this “general acknowledgement,” because I’m entirely happy that my team plays in the AFC and I only have to hear Howie Long maybe once or twice a season. And when did pre- and post-game shows become more important than the actual sporting event? I’d rather have quality commentating over 4 pundits blathering before and after the game.

  63. Answer says:

    Why so many complaints about broadcasts that will happen SEVEN years from now? The broadcast landscape in 2004 was nothing like it is now and will likely be drastically different in 2018. People here just love to complain and whine like little girls. Get a grip already.

  64. Hood Rich says:

    Waldo and ‘Presence of Mind’ Sullivan didn’t bother to mention the subs list nor was it even displayed after showing starting lineups for Gold Cup final. This is a CONTINENTAL championship. If you can’t get basic sh*t like this down then you don’t deserve to show something like the World Cup.

  65. Marcus says:

    God dammit…fox BETTER create a free online streaming website like WatchESPN (ESPN3/360) before these world cups happen. I had to “watch” many games online from work this past cup, and since 2018/22 are going to air around the hours of the day, I will need a similar live stream.

  66. Peter says:

    So will I especially if Andres Cantor is on that network!!!!

  67. prizby says:

    Can you honestly be surprised anyone? Look at FIFA’s track record (Qatar, Bin Hamin, Warner, Blatter) it any surprise that Rupert Murdoch would win the bid; he fits right in with the FIFA family

  68. Modibo says:

    I agree, but the feed could sometimes pose problems, like during the recent Ecuador game (for me at least). But I still prefer it over Fox.

  69. Modibo says:

    +1 on the last world cup. Great coverage by ESPN.

  70. The King of Norway says:

    Bad development for MLS. Bad development for the women’s game and the WWC in 2015. Really, just bad all around.

  71. pgloerse says:

    Well said. 7 years is a LONG time.

  72. Evan says:

    Good points A.S. I do believe that in seven years, we’ll look back at this post and all think we did overreact. FOX did make a major investment and will improve production in time for 2018. That said, currently ESPN > FOX and if these World Cups were taking place next month, I’d be concerned.

  73. Kevin_Amold says:

    Rupert Murdoch, a newsman with whom you apparently disagree politically, is a “disgusting creature,” one of the most disgusting on the face of the planet? Oh brother…..

    Your post was great until then.

  74. Nick says:

    How would you all have felt if it was on NBC?

  75. tom says:

    Exactly, I could watch any game with ESPN3…now in 2014 there will be Fox and the rest I would have to get cable and extra packages for (presuming FoxSoccer shows some matches).
    Serious bummer.

  76. prizby says:

    I heard Rupert Murdoch tapped FIFAs phone lines and upped ESPNs bid by 1 million

  77. SA says:

    It’s obvious to me that Soccer is moving forward in this country.. but FOX’s TV coverage is so amateur.


  78. Ken says:

    Like many I am disappointed even though I do have FSC so will be able to watch but many people don’t that by itself is horrible for soccer’s growth in the USA. I would have preferred it even on NBC instead of Fox because of their experience with Olympics coverage and their deal with the MLS coming up. I hope that we are all wrong, but this seems like a serious Buzzkill to the growth of soccer in this country and the MLS.

  79. Hood Rich says:

    Why not? Then we could see the on air tension between Waldo and Harkes and see how they try to get on with their jobs. LOL!

  80. Justin O says:

    I’m not sure everyone here understands that Fox will use the same global feed as every other country, and certainly won’t have camera crews running around the stadiums.

  81. Stephen says:

    Bottom line is that unless Fox does improve, this could be bad for soccer fans here in the US. I expect Fox to do a fine job, I just hope that they do something online for those of us who have to work over the summer.

    Commentators suck at every network, I don’t even pay attention to who is commentating. Unless Fox goes out and gets some quality foreign guys and Gus Johnson (best play by play guy going) the commentators will probably suck.

  82. Raisa says:

    Despite ESPN’s negativity lately with the whole delay thing, I prefer ESPN over FOX. I think they have a better way of broadcasting a game and they usually take the World Cup seriously then the friendly games. They also usually pay attention to that more than the other sports when the event happens. I feel really disappointed. And if FOX won is it going to air on the FSC thing cause I don’t have that channel. If so another disadvantage as well as no free online games when away from home.

  83. Stephen says:

    For me…the same. I hate all NBC sporting events, mostly because of all the olympic type crap they like to pull. Lots of feel good stories, not enough sports.

  84. RLW2020 says:

    +1 FOX is run by a bunch of dipsh*ts that makes NFL, MLB and national news look like some sort of joke with a bunch of pinhead windbags. Can’t wait to see how they butcher international soccer games now!

    that said good point 6.5 years is plenty time to get there sh*t in line.. maybe ives will be in charge by then…

  85. Poo says:

    People are over-reacting here. Does everyone really thing that Fox would spend the millions on the rights and give us Sully and Waldo in some high school TV news quality studio?

    A lot can change in the 7 years as well. Please worried about espn3 etc not being there in 2018 for games? ESPN3 wasnt around 7 years ago, and I am sure ESPN, FOX and others will all blow the current standards away in 7 years.

  86. Jim says:

    Poor writing

  87. Peter says:

    Agree!!! Greed and corruption go hand in hand in this case.

  88. Kevin_Amold says:


    So you disagree with the Fox News personalities politically. Big deal. That makes the network full of hate-mongers? Please.

    I never bring up politics here unless someone else brings it up first, but this, to me, just reinforces the stereotype that those on the right believe those on the left are wrong, and that those on the left believe those on the right are evil. Seems rather intolerant if you ask me. But no one did….

  89. RLW2020 says:

    what everyone wants to know is: if ESPN shows MLS games because of the World Cup contract .. then is FOX going to show MLS games? Is MLS going to be limited to VS and NBC?

    Thank you

  90. BJ says:

    I loved watching the games on ESPN 360 cuz I can go back and watch concurrent games or take a break and come back to the games later.

  91. stephan says:

    Calling Murdoch a “newsman” is a discredit to actual journalists and disqualifies your post from being taken seriously.

  92. ripsaa says:

    Thank God I speak Spanish…Telemundo see u in 2018…anything but Fox

  93. John says:

    The 2018 games would be during prime time hours. Perfect for building the sport.

  94. CH says:

    I dont know about you guys but i HATE the radio quality english commentary for the champions league on fox/fx/fsn/fsc. Plus besides Martin tyler and John Motson i really dont like english announcers because of their lack of knowledge of other national teams besides the euro countries. ESPN had the best line up of commentators in the world for the last world cup. Hopefully fox figures something out in the next 6yrs.

  95. RedStateJim says:

    Calm down everyone. It is 7 freaking years away! If they are broadcasting tomorrow that would be one thing. In 7 years from now we may have video streamed into our brains (if Steve Jobs was still alive).

    In 2018 TV will be coming out of the floor and you will pick a seat in your room like you in the stadium and watch from there.


  96. fischy says:

    I just having to support Murdoch’s networks.

  97. fischy says:

    Oops. That should read: I hate having to support Murdoch’s networks.

  98. rob says:

    I’m assuming, just like everything else with 2022, that Qatar put money behind the Fox bid to win.

    By giving Fox the bid, they know the production quality will be so awful, more Americans might actually go to the games rather than watch at home.

  99. Kevin_amold says:

    Oh yeah….right. I forgot the talking point that must be parroted.


    Can I have my cred back please?

  100. Mike in Austin says:

    Let’s hope this means Fox will actually invest big money in FSC and soccer in general on their network because if not, this will be only slightly better then the US coverage of 1990.

  101. A.S. says:

    I agree, as I mentioned below, that the choice of commentators will be the most important decision for Fox. But it id very unlikely that the commentators that Fox employs today for its soccer broadcasts will be those commentating for those WCs.

  102. SadAboutResult says:

    To all the its 7 years away people:

    while that it true for the WC but if you care about the sport in this country beyond the WC, MLS will be directly affected by this decision come 2014 when it’s current deals with NBC and ESPN expire.

    It should come as no shock as those were the two losing bids in this process and this has MLS fans nervous as they know Fox does not have an equivalent ESPN2/VS type channel to get their game out to the masses on.

    FSC simply won’t cut it.

  103. Mike in Austin says:

    But Fox will have their own commentators, marketing and studio crew, which is what will make the biggest difference. If they don’t seriously improve those three items, then all the pretty pictures won’t mean much.

    They have 7 years to make it right so lets hope they can make it shine.

  104. Darthspud says:

    Not only will I be missing ESPN’s coverage, but I will miss Univision. Love everything they do: pre game, game commentary, and post game. Heck Telemundo does not have the Senadoras.

  105. TomG says:

    +1. Harkes is so bad. He doesn’t even seem to be watching the same game.

  106. TomG says:

    And lifelike robots will be playing the game, with audience voting determining the outcome (instead of bribed officials).

  107. ZacIndy says:

    2018 is in russia. they start games at like at 1:30

  108. Eric says:

    +1 haha

  109. Charles says:

    Good for Ives and his company, bad for soccer.

    Ives, please save this situation.

  110. Adam M. says:

    Its 7 years away, but I rather enjoyed how ABC and SportsCenter spent significant time on the South Africa WC apart from the games and I’m certain we’ll see even more of that for Brazil, which is going to be an enourmous party for everyone involved. Fox doesn’t have a morning show that is close to GMA and doesn’t have a highlights show (or network) close to ESPN, and I doubt that will change in 7 years. As for the games, everyone will be watching them live in 3D on their IPad 10 or IWall 2 by then, so I’m not too concerned about that.

  111. LIUnited says:

    Wow, lots of Fox bashing out there. I must be getting old or something. Back in the day the only way to see games was on pay per view, the spanish channel (where SAP does not mean second audio program) or delayed like a week. Now Fox gives us 5 or 6 live games every Saturday + 5 more on Sunday. Plus champions league and CONCACAF Champions League and at least one college game every week. Fox has greatly helped soccer in America. The amount of games available has greatly increased. While ESPN’s production quality per game is better I appreciate that FOX looks to grow soccer in the US. ESPN has and will continue to bank on the NFL and collage football. In the summer ESPN is about baseball, until football starts. ESPN will always treat soccer as filler time until football. And this should not be a debate about the annoucers. Nobody likes Joe Buck or John Harkes or JP anyway.

  112. Sean says:

    I don’t think you understand how time zones work

  113. jay says:

    No Pablo? Man, dude’s like my fav. Narrator…

  114. Dimidri says:

    The biggest issue with this isn’t even that ESPN has a better production quality or that ESPN has EPSN3, but how ESPN will respond. ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports for a reason, in the preceding months and weeks ESPN goes full throttle to promote the World Cup, during the Cup they have World Cup coverage during 40% of Sportscenter plus special shows, etc. They have people travel with the USMNT, provide those personal stories some like, they do a fantastic job of making this ‘America’s team’. All of these factors are what makes the average joe watch the world cup, to an extent it is forced upon him and he likes it. Sports fans who might not be necessarily soccer fans now have to go out of their way to watch the WC as opposed to just absentmindedly turning on ESPN and watching a game. A bad development for sure.

  115. Dimidri says:

    My point also is that ESPN will probably stop covering it to the extent they have because they no longer have any sort of monetary incentive-sure they’ll still do stuff, but it will be more Barry Melrose-NHL BS-ish.

  116. al17 says:


    I thought the same about Harkes on ESPN and he’s still around. The Good from this is that someone at Fox will see the push back from this and other threads and hopefully take it into consideration. As someone said earlier, FIFA produces the event, providing the feed et al even down to the graphics for stats, so the only way they could currently screw it up is by dropping the ball on retransmission but keep in mind that we may all have the power of to pull up matches online AND possibly in a desired language of choice. If not, we all know how to find a pirate feed online to watch.

  117. Yup! says:

    I just knew FIFA was going to screw this up. It doesn’t seem they can get anything right.

  118. beachbum says:

    do it Ives! get in there man, what an opportunity

    otherwise, boo to this news

  119. Joamiq says:

    This is my concern as well.

  120. Joamiq says:

    Plus we lose easily being able to watch the games online on ESPN3.

  121. Mason says:

    There’s more to Murdoch/NewsCorp than Fox News.

    Perhaps you’ve heard of UK phone hacking scandals?

  122. Mason says:

    Murdoch and NewsCorps are evil, and not because of Fox News.

  123. Kevbo says:

    I was having a good day. Now I am having a bad day.

  124. Mason says:

    I’ll take Phil Simms and Jim Nantz over Aikman and Buck any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Fox’s pre-game show is to “gwaffy”. Just a bunch of meatheads laughing at their own jokes and not providing insight.

  125. Kevin_Amold says:

    Of course I’ve heard of it.

  126. Mason says:

    No. Fox’s NFL telecasts are bad when put next to CBS’s and pitiful when compared NBC’s. I’d put them on par with ESPN MNF, but that’s only because ESPN gets docked points in my book for employing Jon Gruden.

  127. Kevin_Amold says:

    Cool story bro.

  128. Joamiq says:

    Uh, it goes far, far beyond politics. Hacking the phones of thousands of private individuals, including 9/11 victims? Bribery of police and government officials? Politics aside, he’s responsible for some pretty terrible stuff.

  129. seaoctopus says:

    Hmm…Why do I think Arlo White will be Fox’s man for the WC?

  130. Mason says:

    They’ll also probably have an animated soccer playing robot or gopher.

  131. CG says:

    Depends how upset they are at getting outbid. Maybe it will increase in anticipation of 2026.

  132. Mason says:

    WTF is that supposed to mean?

  133. Mason says:

    You just choose to ignore it?

    As Beck says… I’m just asking questions.

  134. John says:

    I meant the 2012 in Brazil.

  135. John says:

    God. I mean the 2014. Long week.

  136. Vinny says:

    Maybe ESPN realized that the value of TV advertising will probably substantially decease by the 2018 and 2022 WC’s since people are bypassing live tv and getting more on the internet.

  137. K-Town says:

    I don’t like that they even allow bidding for these events when they are so far out. Who knows if these channels will even exist in 10 years? Or be of good enough quality? Allow bidding for the next one coming up, and maybe the one after that only. I can understand the 2018 bid, but not the 2022.

  138. Sad Americano says:

    I’m sure there has to be something in the contract with FIFA that te games are made available for viewing without subscription otherwise FIFA themselves would have a channel. It’s a sad day because last time during the UCL final they took a mad dump on soccer fans chest with that NFL player highschool contrast and compare BD between American Throwball and Football ( not futbol the games was invented on it’s current form by the English people here seem to think Latin America is the only place in the world that plays it) and that stupid superbowl music with that dumb robot dribbling tje ball. I mean every other part of the world is available in public broadcast.

  139. Camjam says:

    That you’re being silly. Both of you.

    Soccer please!

  140. Chris says:

    This is HORRIBLLE!!! just the fact that more people watch Sportscenter than anything FOX offers is a total loss. The promotion of the games takes a huge hit. FIFA has found another way to screw us over

  141. RK says:

    In Soviet Russia, games play you!

  142. RK says:

    Just a few years ago, everyone thought ESPN hated soccer…

  143. Julio says:

    Glad and happy this happened to ESPN, they deserve to not get it. Not when the US plays and they always put them or other teams on ESPN2 as oppose to the main ESPN channel. They put bowling and fat guys playing cards on ESPN 1 so glad FOX won this.

  144. Brian says:

    Yup. And those bastards will probably put some games on FSC, which I, like most of the country, don’t pay for.

  145. Sad americano says:

    I’m sure there has to be something in the contract with FIFA that te games are made available for viewing without subscription otherwise FIFA themselves would have a channel. It’s a sad day because last time during the UCL final they took a mad dump on soccer fans chest with that NFL player highschool contrast and compare BD between American Throwball and Football ( not futbol the games was invented on it’s current form by the English people here seem to think Latin America is the only place in the world that plays it) and that stupid superbowl music with that dumb robot dribbling tje ball. I mean every other part of the world is available in public broadcast.

  146. Brian says:

    I’m not worried about the the picture quality. FOX will be using the same international feed from FIFA that ESPN has been using for the past World Cups.

    I’m a little bit worried about the announcers, the pre and post game shows, and Fox’s studio set because FOX Soccer is currently a joke when it comes to that. Waldo and Sullivan look like they’re sitting at the desk for a Public Access station or a high school video product set. I can’t think of a single FOX announcer I enjoy listening to. Also, the fact that they put out Kurt Menifee for the pre game and post game for a Champions League Final is effing ridiculous. However, I’m at least slightly hopeful FOX can overhaul that in 7 years.

    What I’m most worried about is the fact that I and most other people in this country only get 2 FOX stations (FOX and Fox Sports Network). I do not and will not EVER pay for FSC and Fox doesn’t have a free online channel like ESPN does with Watch ESPN (formerly ESPN3). It will be a effing sham if Fox puts games on FSC.

  147. Brian says:

    I thought that when NBC won the rights for MLS games that we USMNT and MLS fans would be done with the joke that is Fox.

  148. A86 says:

    2018 – 2022.

  149. Fuegofan says:

    Double blow. Fox is terrible and terribly limited with only two stations, one of which I don’t get. Plus, I don’t like their politics. Telemundo suffers from only having one channel. At least Univision also has Telefutura and Galavision (the latter of which I don’t get). Will Andres Cantor still be at Telemundo, or retired by then? If this is the shakeout, then the World Cup of 2022, which already shouldn’t be held where it’s being held, will lose even more weight over here.

  150. As for announcers, Fox is likely to transplant Sky Sports announcers from the UK as a Newscorp company. In fact, Fox has used the Sky feed for their Champions League games on Fox and Fox Soccer so far. In the UK, Sky Sports isn’t actually allowed to broadcast the World Cup Finals as it must be broadcast on free-to-air television – BBC and ITV have shared WC rights since 1966

  151. Taylor says:

    in all seriousness though, i remember seeing something about Japan developing technology where a game can be displayed live in a hologram on a field in a stadium and fans thousands of miles away can basically watch the game in a stadium like they were there

    it was probably a bunch of mumbo jumbo just to try and win the 2022 world cup, but if that exists soon, that would be awesome

  152. Edwin in LA says:

    You guys are forgetting that Fox has a ton of local sports networks and affiliates that they can sublease (if that’s even the right term) the rights to individual games to like they do now with the Champions League being shown on Comcast Sports Networks for certain markets where maybe they don’t have a Fox Sports local channel.

    And I’m pretty sure you all have FX, which is what Fox had used for the Semis of last year’s UCL. Everyone with Cable has at least the national over the air Fox where House and Simpsons are on, they have FX and they have the their local Fox Sports channel PLUS you may have Fox Sports Channel, that’s 4 or at least 3 channels to show the games on, and like someone said earlier, they have about 7 years to get this right lets relax a bit

  153. Wm. says:

    I’m happy to be a fan in 2011 rather than 1991. When I started watching in the early Nineties, there were few choices. So many big games (qualifiers, friendlies) were chopped up or just not shown, as recently as 1998/1999.

    I feel like I am in soccer paradise now with FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, Gol!, Univision, etc. Continental tournaments, domestic cup games, Bundesliga, Serie A, EPL, MLS, A League, et al.

  154. brian says:

    this is misery. fox like ives suck and are amateurs…i guess fox is starting to send some live correspondents, but not many. maybe hd will come to most markets by 2010. what a joke. oh an ives learn how to use a comma.

  155. dumb says:

    you’re stupid…fox is like a local high school television

  156. Edwin in LA says:

    You do realize that Fox has just as many if not more TV stations as ESPN/ABC right?

    ESPN has ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News & to a certain extent ESPN U, not counting Classic as it doesn’t show HD at least not the majority of time from what I see… and ABC

    That’s 5 networks and 6 at best, only really need 3 and that’s pushing it.

    Fox has the regular Fox channel which = ABC, FX which = ESPN, then they have local sports channels like Fox Sports Network & Fox Sports Ohio, Houston, Southwest, Florida etc etc this = ESPN2, then they have Fox Soccer Channel which isn’t on EVERY cable or satellite television set but that’s also true for say ESPNU AND ESPN Classic. So Fox Soccer Channel = ESPNU

    This leaves us with something to match ESPN News, well they do have Fox News Channel, I know it’s not a sports network, but they can do all the production on the Fox side and just air it there.

    Plus remember Fox has so many regional sports networks, for World Cup purposes alone they can let people access maybe the next closest to their market. Here in Southern California we get Fox Sports West AND Prime Ticket so we would have Fox, FX, FSW, FS Prime Ticket, Fox News and Fox Soccer Channel.

    They’ll be fine, they do need to develop their online content tho…, but that’s their choice to get it to people for free, we’ll see in time?

  157. Edwin in LA says:

    Learn to not get stuck with crappy cable and step up to HD DirecTV service and maybe you won’t be complaining about crappy standard def service in your local market.

    And what was so wrong about Ives’ using a comma there? I saw him listing 2 years, god heavens forbid you don’t like it, get off the site then buddy, there’s tons of news outlets?

  158. Brian says:

    LOL! You are seriously grasping at straws if you are saying Fx = ESPN. When have you ever seen sports on Fx?

    I go to school in SLO and I have FOX, Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket, but back home in Sacramento I only have FOX, Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area (which sucks and is terrible compared to Fox Sports West). In 7 to 11 years will I have two Fox Sports stations (like Fox Sports West and Primeticket)? Who knows. And I will never pay money for that sh*%ty FSC.

    You are also completely sh*%%ing yourself if you think Fox News is EVER gonna spend 2 seconds talking about that liberal, commie game of soccer.

  159. Good Jeremy says:

    This sucks. ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC are on pretty much every cable package in the US. I get Fox, lots of people get FX, but good luck on everything else. Fox also had Michael Strahan announcing recent soccer games. This whole thing is a punch in the balls.

  160. ColinC says:

    I can’t help but wonder how ESPN lost this bid? They must have bet against their own investment (i.e. that soccer will become big enough to garner high viewing numbers0. What were they thinking? I’d be curious to know what the business strategy was. The WC isn’t like the Olympics, in which the TV network knows they will be taking huge losses.

    If Fox keeps with the British announcing feeds, as well as their style (cut into the game as the teams enter the tunnel before the match and stop commentating and let the stadium anticipation speak for itself), then I’ll be alright with the move. If they don’t, given their track record, we can expect a disaster filled production. It won’t turn people away from the game, but it won’t surpass ESPN’s excellent coverage in 2010.

    Hopefully Ives will have some say in the presentation format, as I would guess he has a good idea how to make both the presentation acceptable to both the casual soccer fan, and the die-hard fan as well. (Lots of pressure IVES!).

  161. DingDong says:

    Why is Champions League so bad on Fox? Does UEFA provide a worse feed for it than FIFA does on Fox?

  162. brownnips says:

    Im still trying to get that smell off my chest

  163. abc says:

    Right 2014, which ESPN controls and which was not part of the bidding here… your long week continues.

  164. ANM says:

    It is curious to me that ESPN gave this up so easily. They’ve put so much investment into the sport, an investment that has been paying off in terms of increased ratings, especially among attractive demographic groups. My guess is that the earlier speculations about the time zone difference are correct, but there may be a larger pessimism about international football in play.

    Likewise, I wonder if the Fox move may be some sort of bank shot, a gamble that one of those two venues–probably Qatar–will be pulled with the US or England as a likely replacement.

  165. Dan says:

    I just don’t understand where the logic of fox getting the rights to WC 2018 and 2022 has anything to do with the growth of MLS…

    NBC just got the rights to MLS for next season thru 2014, so are they going to piss away all the money they spent to get the rights for MLS games because they didn’t win the rights for WC? Does that make sense to anyone? Is espn going to burn the most up and coming market in US sports because they didn’t get WC rights? Waste all the money they spent over the years, and continue to spend? Does that make sense to anyone? Of course not!!!! One has nothing to do with the other!

  166. Chris says:

    You guys shouldn’t be worried. It is 7 years away, and things will be much different. Fox has plenty of time and money to do an A+ job. Even if Fox Soccer Channel is on basic cable packages, no games will be on this channel. They will all be on network TV (which is good). And when they’re are two games on at the same time for the final group games, they can always put it on FX, or they might even have a FOX sub-channel by then. Fox will have an army of people in Russia & Qatar producing everything you can imagine.
    The fact that TV rights went up 400%, and are demanding such high prices is great for the sport in this country. Combine this with the fact that NBC won broadcasting rights to MLS (along with ESPN on certain nights) is also a great thing. NBC also has the Olympics. I don’t see any negative to this news.
    You aren’t going to have a Fox Football Fone-In television set.
    FOX will learn a lot by how ESPN covers the 2010 & 2014 WC’s
    Frankly, I thought the ESPN coverage of the 2010 WC was excellent; probably the best covered sporting event I’ve ever seen.
    But all of that being said, going fron $100 million to $400 million in one bidding interval screams success for soccer in this country.

  167. DingDong says:

    Err, I meant “than FIFA does on ESPN.”

    It just seems to me the production values (especially sound, crowd noise etc.) are much better on ESPN (World Cup) than they are on Fox (Champions’ League). Does UEFA not provide the feed? It must and I imagine they do a good job of it. So Fox seems to still be messing something up.

  168. Kevin_Amold says:

    Uh, those that are responsible will be dealt with. If Rupert is found to have known of this and it breaks the law, he should be held accountable. If he didn’t know of it, he will be held responsible by his board and his shareholders for lack of oversight.

    Phone hacking isn’t a beautiful thing, but let’s be honest, not one person has been physically harmed by this phone hacking scandal, unlike say a scheme to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels as Mark Steyn has pointed out. This resulted in the deaths of at least one US citizen and many Mexican citizens.

    A little perspective is always nice.

    When the hacking scandal became public, they shut down the entire paper. Gone. No attempts to try to keep the profitable paper open. This story didn’t REALLY surface until over the past year or less, yet people hated Murdoch far before then too. If his detractors are being honest with themselves, they should admit that their objections are usually ideological, and usually centered around Fox News.

    I don’t even watch Fox News other than Red Eye, FYI. I just get tired of the political shots taken around here and they are almost always in one direction.

  169. Ivan says:

    Hey, Ives? Are you and your bosses reading the comments on this article? Probably a good 80% or so hate the news.

    To top it all, it appears that Fox Corp. is asking for 40% from Direct TV subscribers to carry Fox Soccer and FS Plus, and if no agreement is reached by November 1, no Fox Soccer on Direct TV.

    Yes, Murdoch is truly one of the most disgusting creatures to ever inhabit our planet, and the world will be a better place once he and his company are gone!

    Here’s to Fox Corp. going bankrupt and its owner keeping Satan company by 2018…

  170. Joamiq says:

    I guess you’re not aware, but some of those responsible have already been jailed, and heads have rolled throughout News Corp. We’re not talking about middle managers but Murdoch’s inner circle. There is literally 0 chance that he didn’t know about it. Whether or not he’ll be held accountable is a different story.

    It’s rich to say no one has been physically harmed by the phone hacking and make it sound as if that mitigates what they did. Some people have been tremendously harmed in significant ways. I mean, they hacked into the voice mail of people who have been murdered and the families of 9/11 victims with the objective of profiting from the info they learned. It’s indefensible.

    I don’t know what Mexican drug cartels have to do with any of this. They surely don’t make what News Corp has done any better.

    I’m not going to make any assumptions or statements about politics because I’m not talking about politics. There are plenty of things to dislike Rupert Murdoch for that have nothing to do with politics. Lots of people disliked him before this scandal just because of his effect on the world of journalism. News of the World itself wasn’t exactly the most respected publication in the world.

  171. mw says:

    Because its been widely reported that part of the deal for ESPN receiving the rights for the 2010 and 2014 WC’s was that they support the domestic league. You can then reasonably infer that the same stipulation was made by FIFA for this go around as well. The problem lies in the fact that Fox doesn’t see to really give a crap about MLS games, considering they have done their very best to rid themselves of the league broadcasts, whether it is crappy production, lack of a weekly highlight show, or downright low balling MLS for broadcast rights as recently as just a few months ago. If they have been planning to make a high bid for the WC rights, why would they let MLS games go so easily? You could try to say that FSC gets bad ratings for MLS games, but at the same time you could say that FSC has put absolutely zero effort into growing their programming through marketing or saturation.

    The worry about ESPN is also coming from the same place. They, like Fox, don’t necessarily get great ratings for MLS games. So without FIFA forcing their hand, will they continue to support the American league, or will they abandon MLS for the more lucrative EPL and La Liga games? I think its a fair question to ask.

  172. Chad Ochocinco says:

    Child Please

  173. SBI Troll says:

    Primetime college football every Saturday on FX. Also Champions League semis. Check it out!

  174. Edwin in LA says:

    All I’m saying is that they have several channels to use.

    Not saying the actual content or quality of sports coverage is the same on FX as it is on ESPN, but the actual availability of it. That is what I was referring to

    Like the SBI Troll said, they have had sports on FX before. UCL Semis last year and it looks like College Football.

    You must be the kind of person, that think being extreme about one thing makes it okay even tho you’re blaming the other side about being extreme on the other?

    Learn to know what you’re talking about 1st 😉

  175. Edwin in LA says:

    FX is just as popular as ESPN, and remember Fox has regional Sports networks!

    Plus FSC and FSP!

  176. TommyOC says:

    Air-conditioned stadiums are mumbo-jumbo too at present… but it worked for Qatar.

  177. dellaloftus says:

    Sources said Fox has agreed to pay $450 million to $500 million for the English-language rights to the next two events, scheduled for Russia and Qatar link to

  178. ted says:

    The problem is that Fox is pretty much Amateur Hour at most everything they touch that’s sports-related, unless it’s generating an overwhelming amount of overproduced graphics for their NFL broadcasts.

    ESPN has a very clear idea of how to do a sports broadcast. They have a studio with some competent guys who provide big-picture context, and they flip back and forth between that and well-produced on-scene production, and everything is done to a very high standard. And they do a very good job of making sure the guys on the air (both in the studio and at the games) are likable, professional, and engaging.

    Fox…yeesh. Exact opposite, in every regard.

  179. Josh says:

    Not to invalidate your argument, but keep in mind that those are all cable channels. Those of us who don’t have cable, but depend on things like espn3, don’t like the sound of games being on FX, local fix sport channels, or fsc at all.

  180. Josh says:

    I think there are sier of 2 Foxes here, the one we all have a lot of experience with behind the FSC world, and the one who put a Premiereship game on Fox on Sunday during NFL coverage, and had Eric Wynalda in the room with Strahan and Bradshaw to talk it up. It was cheesy, but it was a mile beyond the normal FSC coverage.

  181. says:

    “seir” = sort

  182. FulhamNick says:

    Agree with what ur saying but just to clarify… The actual production of WC matches is done by a FIFA selected third party company. ESPN and all the other broadcast companys are simply buying the rights to broadcast that production. But ur right Fox’s production quality on the stuff they do is pretty much garbage

  183. Juan from L.A. says:

    Eh…if it was 2014 I would be upset because ESPN did a good job. Univision is worthless! As an spanish speaker and Latino, I’m glad they gave it to Telemundo and the Argentinian “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL”!! Fox has more than 6 years to get their stuff together!!

  184. OC says:

    I was waiting for this.

    This is the one thing I’m REALLY happy about. John Harkes is finally going to be out of my soccer life hahaha

  185. Jackie says:

    Fox Coverage of FIFA matches begins with Women’s World cup in 2015. This is only 3 years away, not 7 years

  186. Jackie says:

    Story Should Read.FOX WINS FIFA Coverage from 2015-2022

  187. Michael says:

    Your lead announcing team…Tim McCarver & Joe Buck!

  188. theakinet says:

    I feel like I’m a wierdo. Am I the only person that cares about the actual, um, *games* rather than graphics & announcers?

  189. Juan from L.A. says:

    Really? I mean how hard or difficult to find a talentless and no clue whatsoever sexy chick and put her on the tube semi-nude? How? C’mon man its about the narration what you pinpointed shouldn’t be a problem to tackle. The narration that Univision has is despicable and sad. Cantor is ages ahead of anyone Univision has.

  190. Andy says:

    ESPN still has the Eurocup, so I don’t see ABC getting out of soccer any time soon.

  191. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    I wish this was also the case.