Kimura, Moor, Folan ruled out as Rapids injury woes worsen

Drew Moor 1 (Getty Images)

The Colorado Rapids' uphill battle in the Eastern Conference Semifinals just got tougher.

Kosuke Kimura, Drew Moor and Caleb Folan are all expected to miss extended time after picking up injuries in the first leg of the home-and-home series against Sporting Kansas City, the Rapids announced Monday.

Kimura will miss the remainder of the playoffs with a broken left foot that is expected to take 4-6 weeks to recover from while Moor will miss 2-4 weeks with a shoulder injury. Folan will be out for an estimated two weeks with an ankle injury.

The news comes as a big blow to a Rapids team that is already plagued by injury. Pablo Mastroeni, Conor Casey, Anthony Wallace and Jamie Smith are all curently sidelined with injuries.

The Rapids head into Wednesday night's second leg against Sporting Kansas City trailing, 2-0.

What do you think of the injuries? Which player will be missed the most? Expecting Sporting Kansas City to run rampant on Wednesday night?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to Kimura, Moor, Folan ruled out as Rapids injury woes worsen

  1. Brad says:

    If memory serves me correctly, ALL of thise names were in our starting lineup on opening day.

  2. Dinho says:

    Bye bye Rapids

  3. rlw2020 says:

    not good. I don’t remember the last time that Drew Moor was injured…

    Folan is easily replaced with Kanji.. Kimura not as easy to replace, especailly with out Moor or Marshall.


    all in all doesn’t look good…

  4. rlw2020 says:

    nm on wallace.. maybe wynne at RB? and someone besides Holody at center

  5. mistadobolina says:

    Folan wasnt here yet and Smith was still injured.

  6. Gnarls says:

    What a bummer. I’ll be rooting for Colorado because I love an underdog story.

  7. Sidney V. says:

    Here’s the Post-Triaged lineup the Rapids will probably have to go with:
    Cummings – Kandji
    Nyassi – Thompson – Larentowicz – Mullan
    Comminges – Paulguta – Holody – Wynne

  8. spencer says:

    Never thought I could feel bad for the Rapids, but I feel bad. It was bad enough they were going to get beat, but now without their key players. Hopefully KC takes it easy.

  9. jim b says:

    This series was already a big mismatch but now SKC basically gets to take a game off before the conference championship. Big competitive advantage over the other eastern conference semi winner

  10. downintexas says:

    Karma’s a bitch. Live by the sword die by the sword. Hey Colorado don’t complain about a physical game when the only reason you won last year was to play hack David F. ankle.

    Go KC

  11. RB says:

    Just for kicks, consider this:

    If the situation were reversed, and the Rapids had the league’s leader in yellow cards upend Bunbury, say, who came crashing down awkwardly and then had to leave the game in the 23rd minute (a foul for which the Rapids player was verbally warned), and then only a short while later, another Rapids player took out a key KC defender who also then had to leave the game before the half (36th min), with what turned out later to be a fractured foot, and then just for a good measure, that same Rapids player went about taking out another stalwart of the KC defense — in fact the league’s recognized iron man player — who then also had to leave the game before even making it to the 60th min, as a result…

    What kind of reactions and comments would you likely be reading here now about the Rapids and their approach to soccer and their style and so forth?

  12. RB says:


    Not to mention selective in memory…

  13. Dan says:

    I hate to see anybody injured, but this seems right to me. Remember what a hack Conor Casey was in last year’s final?

  14. RB says:

    Not that it will matter much, mind you, but I doubt Gary Smith will move the more capable Wynne out of his more usual CB position in order to put 2 reserve players next to each other in the center. I think splitting those 2 between Wynne and Comminges across the line is probably more likely.

  15. RB says:

    That’s what I mean about selective memory.

    Evidently you conveniently don’t remember Conor Casey being absolutely mugged in the box by Dallas players who couldn’t stop him and yet no penalty being called.

  16. C C says:

    The funny part is Teal Bunbury telling Drew Moor to “get up” like he flopped.

  17. BBB says:

    Surprised Folan’s was an ankle. When I saw it (and the slow/mo replay) I’d have guessed his knee was toast. It looked painful whatever happened.

    Given how sloppy and injury-plagued they were, I guess the ‘pids already overachieved just by making the playoffs. See you in 2012.

  18. abc says:

    The Rapids won MLS Cup last year, SKC were in last place earlier this year….

  19. bcoug says:

    Agreed – not being a supporter of either squads, but having watched Colorado over the years, it is difficult to work up much sympathy for them.

    If you play in a style that forces other teams to gear up as much for a physical beating as a soccer match, then you’re likely to come out on the other end of the equation at times.

    Certainly there are other teams in the league that also rely too much on thuggish behavior to compensate for lack of skill, but any fan of matches decided by skillful players and not hacks has got to be happy to see Colorado on their way out.

  20. KCB says:

    Don’t feel back for the Crapids one bit. Karma called them out on all that English Bulldog, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em play they’ve dished out for the past couple years. When was the last time the Rapids and beautiful flowing attacking football was mentioned in the same sentence without sarcasm?

  21. RB says:

    Kinda like downintexas’ complaint above, when you consider it was FCD players angrily shouting and even yanking at Mac Kandji to quit stalling and get up, as he lay there with a torn ACL.

  22. RB says:

    Probably around the last time anyone acknowledged all the hacking and fouling that PR darlings RSL, Seattle, KC and others routinely engage in.

  23. RB says:

    Yes, that’s the CW, but then come those pesky facts that contradict the validity or objectivity of such a view. For example, the Rapids’ next-to-last finish in fouls committed both this season and last. Or their 3rd place ranking on the Fair Play table the year before that, in 2009, and their 1st place ranking on the same for 2008, when they had far and away the fewest yellow cards in the league…

    How many years back are you referring to?

  24. T says:

    They haven’t broke people’s legs, and Colorado made last years final unwatchable, with their hacking and lack of skill. Colorado plays like a slightly lesser version of Houston and only at the minimum better than San Jose.

  25. jim b says:

    You aren’t seriously suggesting that Collin fouled Folan on that play are you? There was literally NO contact made whatsoever.

  26. jim b says:

    Everyone should take note that it is ONLY ONE person ‘defending’ CO play and their reputation. Must have his blinders on pretty tight

  27. Seriously says:

    Extremely so, SKC plays a nice brand of soccer and are fun to watch. Colorado, not so much. When you have Pablo, Casey, and Mullan on your team though it’s hard no to be brutish.

    RB you can say that they commit the least fouls all you want, but that does not change that they play a physical game rather than a technical one. Being physical doesn’t mean you are always out committing fouls, though when you do commit one it tends to be just as rough as the rest of your play (ie. Zakuani broken leg). It’s good for you to be a fan bud, but to say that Colorado is anything but physical and scrappy is false. Nobody watches that team and thinks man now that is a good team with some nice soccer. That goes to teams like RSL, Seattle, SKC and others that play a nice flowing style devoid of brute play. Casey’s goal in the final last year is a tribute to the Colorado way.

  28. Seriously says:

    You (and I above) forgot to mention “PR darling” Vancouver, they play a nice brand of soccer too. Fun to watch even if they couldn’t win much. Funny how all the teams that play a nice attractive style are “PR darlings”. You just can’t face the fact that your team plays a horrible brand of soccer. It has nothing to do with “fouls”, but rather the style of play the CRAPids employ. It is brutish and boring, we like to see MLS progressing, and Colorado is not a team that is doing so

  29. Big Chil says:

    Actually, Colorado plays a disciplined, possession-oriented game, modeled after Gary Smith’s days in the EPL, and very few teams outpossess the Rapids. In addition, refer to RB’s points that the Rapids commit among the least fouls in the league (2nd) and suffer among the most (5th) and that has been the story for years.

  30. RB says:

    Everyone would be wrong, then. See Big Chil’s comment below and elsewhere. See Rory’s comments elsewhere. See him being thanked for confronting the hack/thug stereotype by another poster in a very rational discussion of the situation on the recent “How far can the Rapids go?” thread.

    And anyway, who’s got the blinders on, given the cited stats?

  31. RB says:

    And re the foul, here is the play-by-play still available for viewing on MatchCenter:

    17′ Caleb Folan (Colorado Rapids) wins a free kick on the left wing.

    17′ Foul by AurĂ©lien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

    18′ Delay in match Caleb Folan (Colorado Rapids) because of an injury.

    [It was here that Collin got talked to by Toledo.]

    19′ Delay over. They are ready to continue.

    Folan was then subbed out in the 23rd minute after some limping around.

    I know, I know — more pesky facts getting in the way of people’s views, but there it is…

  32. RB says:

    You mean like you can’t face the stats? The objective data?


  33. RB says:

    “when you do commit one it tends to be just as rough as the rest of your play (ie. Zakuani broken leg)”

    Well then you ought to be able to name a great number of such tackles committed by the Rapids, if as you say that is what the team tends to do…

    “Nobody watches that team and thinks man now that is a good team with some nice soccer. That goes to teams like RSL, Seattle, SKC and others that play a nice flowing style devoid of brute play.”

    Do you think so?

    RSL in 2011: tied for next-to-last on fair play ranking this year, 3rd in fouls committed, tied for 4th in yellow cards, tied for 3rd in red cards…

    Seattle in 2011: 13th on fair play ranking, 4th in FCs, 2nd in yellow cards (though to their credit, last in red cards)

    KC in 2011: tied (with Colorado) for 14th on fair play ranking, 5th in FCs, and while they were 1 below the league average in yellow cards, they finished 2nd in red cards

    If those teams are really somehow above the melee with their “nice flowing style devoid of brute play”, you’d think at least some objective data in the stats would sort of back that up that view.

  34. corner apex says:

    I like Kimura, I’ll missing seeing him run around the pitch like a madman during these playoffs.

  35. Ricky B. Free says:

    Colorado is just a glorified High School soccer team. Its good for MLS that they will be out of the playoffs.

  36. lassidawg says:

    Stats can always be manipulated. I would be willing to bet most of Seattle’s fouls are tactical and not dirty. Unlike let me see Mullen and the player from DC that wiped out Rosales.

    The Sounders are going to be fun to watch when Zak and Rosales can be on the filed together, but unfortunately teams like the crapids will make sure that it isn’t for long.

  37. Charles says:

    Zakuani is progressing fine, thanks for asking.

    The Sounders are down 3-0 without him though.

  38. jb says:

    I think its healthy for the league to have different styles represented by different teams. Do I enjoy seeing more skillful and technical play? Sure. But you cant blame Colorado for sticking to a plan that has worked. All this hate should be directed towards the officiating and MLS execs that allow a more physical game that can detract from more free-flowing play and can completely take the most skilled players out of the game. If the rules are changed, the players and teams will adapt.

  39. Kevmueller says:

    And MLS referee’s never get a call wrong? I forgot we have the best refs in the world. Watch the replay there was NO contact on Folan’s injury. Yes Collin was by him and ran in front of him, but there was no contact. Besler’s tackle was 100% legal and the injury on that one happen as the Colorado player went through the tackle. It sucks, but that is soccer.

  40. Paul H says:

    This is actually something I didn’t know, and I thank you for pointing it out. (I know I wasn’t the one talking to you) Can you share your source though? I’m just curious how the rest of the league stacks up.

  41. jim b says:

    Rather than use PBP why don’t you just watch the replay, there was absolutely NO contact on that play. jeez

  42. Rory says:

    I like Wallace, last season and in the playoffs they used him a lot to lob a ball over the midfield to the forwards and that’s not an attractive style of play but it was effective. Could be a good way to use the speed of Cummings and Nyassi and could cause havok on the KC backline without having to put the ball at the feet of Thompson in midfield.

  43. Rory says:


    I remember Dallas did their fair share of hacking tackles. Not to mention their player trying to drag Mac Kandji off the field when he blew his knee out, and of course no card for that either (the dragging).

  44. Dustyn says:

    Maybe you should go watch the replay. Folan landed on his foot wrong. That’s it. Collin didnt foul him. Go and watch and then come back, he literally did not touch him.

  45. Rory says:

    Two people now, I guess. Well, two people and the freakin’ stats to back it up.

    Rapids commited the second least fouls (only Portland commited less). Always near the top of the fair play table too.

    Look, you are basing your bias on the fact that Mullan had that one horrible play and that Conor Casey plays and agressive game to wear down defenders. Hell, even Pablo has calmed down the last three years and is no longer a walking red-card waiting to happen.

    But don’t let facts get in the way of some tag you want to put on Colorado because you were unhappy they won the title last year without a star DP or a young hotshot up and comming American player.

  46. bcoug says:

    I don’t blame Colorado for playing a style that the MLS allows to succeed. At the same time, nobody should expect fans of the game, in general, and not just Colorado, in specific, to pull for the Rapids. From my view (which I’ll admit only consists of watching the matches to determine if I enjoyed it and not looking over data sets afterwards to determine if I had a good time) they play a brutish, unattractive game that I won’t miss a bit once they are eliminated.

  47. Rory says:

    No, Roger Espinoza’s attempted dive on the sideline was the best play. Mac Kandji had already pulled off his chase and was yards away from him when Espinoza let the ball go out of bounds then grabbed the back of his calf like he’d been cleated, rolled around on the ground for exactly as long as it took for the ref to come over and say “you weren’t fouled,” then he jumped up and literally ran downfield.

    It’s bad enough he tried to cheat (the dive), but to do so when your team is up 2-0 and the rapids are down a man is just something else.

  48. Rory says:

    In the last three years…

    Brian Mullens 11 yellow 1 red

    Pablo Mastroeni 16 yellow 1 red

    Now the PR Darlings

    Kyle Beckerman 22 yellow 1 red

    Javier Morales (who played far fewer games this year for injury)

    12 yellow 1 red

    Omar Bravo 4 yellow 2 RED Cards (only played this year of course)

    Auren Collen 9 yellow 1 red (only played this year)

    Kind of hard to compare stats over the last three years with teams like Kansas City and Seattle who have changed their lineups (and had some younger guys come through).

  49. Rory says:

    Go to mlssoccer dot com and click on the stats tab, there you can find all sorts of cool stuff…

    Like how Real Salt lake committed 70 more fouls playing their freestyle soccer than the Rapids with their “grind it out” style, yet free-styling RSL got fouled 20 times less than Colorado.

    Sporting commited 50 more fouls this season and was fouled almost 20 times fewer.

    And the Rapids, who supposedly aren’t a possession team, get fouled the 5th most of all teams.

  50. Dan says:

    Uh you just proved everybody’s point, that the stats don’t tell you much. It may be that Beckerman or Collen aren’t so different from some players on the Rapids, but are you really going to suggest that because Brian Mullen and Pablo Mastroeni have racked up the same number of cards as Javi Morales or Omar Bravo, they play as attractive and skillful a game as those two? Child please.

    Who on the Rapids plays like Mauro Rosales, or David Ferreira? There’s a reason fans like to watch those guys play and not Conor Casey or Mastroeni, and it has nothing to do with stats.

  51. Sidney V. says:

    Rapids are a class organization who continually compete and challenge for the Cup with no DP’s and one of the lowest payrolls in MLS, and in a small market that doesn’t get much attention. Nothing pleased me more than having all of the Rapids haters have to watch the team lift the cup last season. Scoreboard always has the last laugh.

  52. Rory says:

    No, you missed the point. You can praise RSL or Seattles style all you want and that’s fine… but don’t then turn around and say that the Rapids are hacks who kick everything that moves when the facts, the cold hard facts, prove otherwise, be they in the form of fouls commited or worse fouls (cards).

    “Child please,” you debate about as well as OchoCinco plays soccer.

  53. bcoug says:

    Are they a small market? I believe that their metro area is top 25 in the country and is certainly larger than Portland, Vancouver, SLC, KC and Columbus. Of that group, they might outdraw the Crew and based on the crowd shots at the KC match, they certainly aren’t filling the place.

  54. jim b says:

    If only your club would spend half the time pimping the team as you do they might be able to pull in more than 8K for a playoff game