Klinsmann’s son called into U.S. Under-15 camp


When the U.S. Under-15 boy's national team convened a camp at Home Depot Center on Sunday, there was one familiar name among the group.

Jonathan Klinsmann. Yes, it's Jurgen's son.

The younger Klinsmann is a goalkeeper in the 36-player camp, a week-long event U.S. Soccer uses to identify top youth talent.

Here is the full camp roster, which features three members of the New York Red Bulls Academy, and players from six other MLS academies:

U.S. Under-15 Boy's National Team Camp Roster

GOALKEEPERS (4): Cameron Keys (Philadelphia Union; Whitehill, Pa.), Jonathan Klinsmann (Strikers FC; Newport Beach, Calif.), JT Marcinkowski (San Jose Earthquakes; Alamo, Calif), Parker Siegfried (Newark Area SA; Granville, Ohio) 

DEFENDERS– Billy Abdallah (Fullerton Rangers; Monterey Park, Calif.), Guillermo Bermudez (Albion SC; San Diego, Calif.), David Chavez (Juventus Forza; Redwood City, Calif.), Yosimar Hernandez (South Bay Gunners; Huntington Park, Calif.), Malcolm Jones (Chivas USA; Chino Hills, Calif.), Jean Orvil Jr. (West Pines United; Miramar, Fla.), Pablo Pelaez (Albion SC; San Diego, Calif.), Tommy Redding (FC America Premier; Oviedo, Fla.), Peter Schropp (Omaha FC; Omaha, Neb.), Max Stiegwardt (Minnesota Thunder Academy; Maple Grove, Minn.)

MIDFIELDERS– Amir Bashti (San Jose Earthquakes; Cupertino, Calif.), Ivan Canales (West Coast FC; Santa Ana, Calif.), Chet Castellaw (Real So Cal; Hidden Hills, Calif.), Cameron Lindley (Indiana United Fire Academy; Carmel, Ind.), Martin Salas (FC Dallas; Dallas, Texas), Orestis Sousonis (New York Red Bulls; Dover, N.J.), Benny Swanson (Crew Soccer Academy; Grove City, Ohio), David Villegas (Elk Grove Everton; Sacramento, Calif.), Sean Wilson (PDA; Bethlehem, Pa.), Gedion Zelalem (Olney Rangers; Bethesda, Md.) 

FORWARDS– Mukwelle Akale (Minnesota Thunder Academy; Minneapolis, Minn.), Marc Calderon (South Bay Gunners; Huntington Park, Calif.), Coy Craft (Fusion FC; Glade Springs, Va.), Malcolm Dixon (New York Red Bulls; Glenridge, N.J.), Stephen Elias (New York Red Bulls; Rye, N.Y.), Collin Fernandez (Chicago Fire; Downers Gove, Ill.), Jacob Hernandez (Solar Chelsea SC; Mesquite, Texas), Nicholas Hinds (Plantation FC; Plantation, Fla.), Rey Ortiz (Carlsbad Lightning; San Diego, Calif.), Remington Pimm (IMG Academy; Tarpon Springs, Fla.), Amirgy Pineda (Fullerton Rangers; Santa Ana, Calif.), Alejandro Vergara (LA Galaxy; Long Beach, Calif.) 


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62 Responses to Klinsmann’s son called into U.S. Under-15 camp

  1. MSNats says:

    I was super excited until i realized he’s a gk. I mean, it’s still cool though.

  2. Eric M says:

    Bob Bradley needs to stop favoring his son, Michael Bradley!

    No, I mean Jurgen Klinsmann needs to stop favoring his son, Michael Bradley!

    No, I mean Bob Bradley needs to stop favoring his son, Jonathan Klinsmann!

    No, I mean, oh never mind.


  3. RK says:

    Oh, this is going to be great :)

  4. BB says:

    Here we go again!

  5. Joey says:

    My thoughts too.

    Only thing is that it’s harder to get a starting goal keeper position than a field position

  6. AS says:

    Gedion Zelalem is a player – He is expected to sign with Arsenal when he turns 16 and was expected to only play for Germany but recently stated he would look into playing for the US due to his love of the country (been here for the past 5 years – born and raised in Berlin) and presence of Juergan Klinsmann as US coach. Seeing his presence at this camp is great – He is a great talent.

  7. Ken says:

    Lol, he plays for a club called Strikers FC and he’s a goal keeper.

  8. NE Matt says:

    cue the nepotism comments

  9. Modibo says:


    Hey, at least we might have a Klinsmann playing for us – albeit a few years too late!

  10. Charles says:

    Let the comment-fest begin !!!

  11. Don Pelayo says:

    California is over-represented.

  12. Paul says:

    It is interesting to note the number of players who play for the youth academy of an MLS club. That’s a good trend.

  13. Tony in Quakeland says:

    He must take after his mother.

  14. Brian says:

    Cap him now!!!!!

  15. Tim says:

    Was wondering if that was him. Very nice.

  16. Tim says:

    Only the US would take a son of a great international striker and make him a keeper!

    Actually I always think generational players in any sport are cool.

  17. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    The other states are just under represented. There is a noticeable lack of talent outside of California.

  18. shane says:

    The number of Californians is total BS. The talent is all over.

  19. rh says:

    Yawn, this is old news, the kid was called up before his father became the coach.

    Being 14 and 5’11” doesn’t hurt either.

  20. Rory McLean says:

    Amen. I thought “Awesome” then I was like, wha? It’s like finding out Shaq’s son is going to play for your college… only to find out he’s a small point guard.

  21. Jamie Z. says:

    Great. Now let’s get some Beckhams called up.

  22. Rory McLean says:

    There is a notable lack of good weather for year-long playing outside of California.

  23. Rory McLean says:

    Or does that simply mean the scouts are being lazy?

  24. Dudinho says:

    If your not from Cali than you have no clue what your talking about NY and California have butt loads of people playing and there is talent everywhere. even in the non club team leagues

  25. fubar says:

    You must be joking right? The Baltimore Bays Club Team was ranked #1 in the country and not a single player from that club is on this roster.

  26. rh says:

    The kid doesn’t even have a TopDrawer rating. Is there any doubt that politics and connections are more important than ability?

  27. rh says:

    Talent = height + connections, do you think that ANY of the excellent but smaller US players (Ramos and Reyna for example) would be recruited in this environment?

    At the Region 1 camps, they didn’t give any 97 players under 5’6″ a chance, despite how they played against 5’10” and taller players. Two U14 and U15 MNT players from our state are best known for breaking the bones of opponents, good job on the recruiting based on skill.

  28. AdamFromMich says:

    There are 16 players on this roster from California. That’s way more than any other state. The next state down from California is Florida with 4 players. I don’t know if the large number of California players is because of talent or because of scouting opportunities.

    It’s also interesting to see that all 3 of the NY-area players are from the New York Red Bulls academy. I guess these kids aren’t drinking the Cosmos kool-aid.

  29. marco says:

    Nearly one half are from California. Selecting 14 year old boys has to be very subjected (political) because if your not Messi nobody stands out that much. I believe it says that the USSF needs to get off the couch. There’s way too much input/influence from CA.

  30. mark says:

    Then why do teams from the midwest regularly win just about every US academy National tourney? You have no idea what you are talking about

  31. shane says:

    We need to make Juan Pablo Angel the next USA coach

    Oh and is this what Klinsmann meant about the timing being right for him to be US national team coach

  32. Welshbean says:

    I am thinking that so many called in from California might have something to do with the camp being most likely a week long event at the Home Depot Center complex in California. I am sure the travel and lodging for a 13 to 14 year old soccer player may have something to do with it…but I could definately be wrong. On a brighter side; there are some serious potential studs in that group; mini-Klinsi aside. Rawr!

  33. soccerroo says:

    I have a feeling theyare going into modeling and world travel. But it would be intersting to see if the can Bend it like Daddy!

  34. Andy in Atlanta says:

    If you people think that good soccer is only played in California, Florida and NY then you are not paying attention to US Youth Soccer tournaments around the country… the midwest, southwest, southeast upper great lakes areas have amazing teams and talent and are winning far more important tournaments than Cali teams are…

  35. downintexas says:

    MLS clubs are building talent. youth academy are building a bank account, they get the best athletes teach them a little and have them tear it up. They don’t teach skill and techniques

  36. Eurosnob says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, JK90

  37. chris says:

    yeah you are completly wrong.

  38. Louis Z says:

    i wonder what’s his story, born in Germany but is a USA citizen?

  39. Tyler says:

    Yea he lives not to far away from me, everyone I’ve talked to said he has ridiculous talent

  40. Dinho says:

    Makes for a great headline, but Klinsi Jr. is apparently not a very good keeper, at least not Youth Nats quality.

    He has been called in due to his name recognition and nothing more (I know, shocking). I am no hater, I am simply relaying information received from well-respected academy coaches in southern California that have seen him play day-in and day-out. Okay, I’ll leave it at that.

  41. Clynch1972 says:

    Great, our long line of goalkeeper hegemony might be secure.

    (ok, it’s not a hegemony, but, I can pretend)

  42. Benny Dargle says:

    Fullerton Rangers was national champion and won Dallas Cup (I think) and other national tournaments at U14. So, if you’re going by club success it’s not surprising to see those players (and some who left FR for the Galaxy Academy).

    In reality, the training in California is the big reason there are so many Californians. When you want to fill out the camp roster with some fodder (e.g., a fourth goalkeeper), you look locally. It’s like bringing in a local college goalkeeper or local USL goalkeeper, which is quite common although they aren’t actually on the roster in that case because they have to play official friendlies.

  43. Jay says:

    Hey don’t use logic here! It has to be a California bias!

  44. DC Josh says:

    No mention in the story about Gedion Zelalem, who is slated to sign with Arsenal once he is 16. He wants to play for Germany, so it will be interesting if he does go to this camp.

  45. Aaron in StL says:

    Call him in to the ‘Nats! Need him ready for qualifiers stat, wouldn’t be right not to have a little nepotism around here.

    Sorry Timmy.

  46. Dimidri says:

    Only one guy from Chicago? Teams like Sockers FC, Chicago Magic, the Fire academy, etc. all do incredibly well at national tournaments and have a long, long line of USMNT players(well maybe not the recently created Fire, but you get the point.) Guzan, Spector, DeMerit, Bradley, McBride, Lichaj, probably more are from Chicago.

  47. abc says:


  48. AS says:

    US resident and USSF is said to be finalizing Citizenship.

  49. abc says:

    He’s originally from Ethiopia or Somalia or some such war-torn barely-functioning African country.

  50. Vic says:

    Anyone know if they still do that two year full time residency program in Florida for U-17s?

  51. pd says:

    it’s official, we SBI junkies can bitch about anything.

  52. FTW says:

    WTF? USSF is finalizing citizenship for him but won’t do anything for Fagundez? I smell agenda

  53. Joseph says:

    Doesn’t that describe every African country

  54. Jamie says:

    He recently stated he is willing to play for the US, so………

  55. Jamie says:

    Two kids from Minnesota, awesome!

  56. Kojo says:

    It’s official Jonathan Klinsman is called into camp because the Senior National Team Manager is sleeping with his Mom. It’s coming out in the next edition of News of the World. Gotta love the English press they are so on top of these things.

  57. treasure22 says:

    How many current USMNT players played USMNT U15 or U16 and came up through this process? Does anyone know or is there information on this?

  58. Paul Thomas says:

    Clearly you have not experienced the sheer… ennui that is Bobby Crosby as your starting shortstop…

  59. Ashley Watson says:

    When I read the part about Shaq’s son being a small point guard as a comparison to Jurgen’s son as a gk, I bursted out in a heavy laughter… hahaha +1

  60. shawn says:

    I agree, not one players from DC academy one of the best in the country.