Monday Kickoff: Donovan blasts Red Bulls, Hazard to leave Lille and more

Scuffle bros


The New York Red Bulls are "cheaper" than any team that Landon Donovan has ever played against in MLS.  

The USMNT attacker laid seige to Hans Backe's Red Bulls following the post-game fracas that ensued after Rafa Marquez took the ball and flung it at Donovan which resulted in a mass scuffle.  

Donovan claims that New York has been displaying that kind of behavior all year and was quick to cite Thierry Henry's recent red card for kneeing Sporting Kansas City's Roger Espinoza in the back of the head when the two sides clashed.

The brawl at the end of the game saw New York's Rafa Marquez red carded along with Los Angeles' Juninho, meaning both players miss the return leg to the Home Depot Center in California.

Despite Donovan's clear disapproval at the behavior of the Red Bulls, he wasn't dwelling on the issue for long.

"You just deal with it, and at the end of it, the cream rose to the top and the better team won," Donovan said.

Here are some other stories to kick off your Halloween Monday:


The European elite have been put on high alert after in-demand Belgian winger Eden Hazard revealed that he fully intends to leave Lille once the current season concludes.

Hazard, long touted as one of the most promising young talents in the game, has been the focus of immense transfer speculation for several seasons but has always remained at Lille.

Not only is the winger prepared to leave the Ligue 1 champions, he is eager to leave the country and ply his trade abroad, which rules out big-spending Paris Saint-Germain, who was reportedly ready to offer £43.5 million for Hazard's services in January.

The player has long been linked with top clubs like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter Milan and Liverpool.  

"I am ready to go to the next level at a big club," said Hazard.


Only just returned from a six-month layoff due to a groin injury and infection, Steven Gerrard is set to spend a little more time on the sidelines — this time with an ankle infection.

Liverpool topped West Brom 2-0 over the weekend, and the club had fully expected its captain to play, but his ankle flared up just before kick off, forcing him out of contention.

It's unclear at this point how long Gerrard will be out of action, but after having his ankle treated at a Liverpool hospital, the Liverpool native was seen leaving on crutches with a knee-high cast on his right leg.

Despite awaiting results on his infection, it seems virtually certain that Gerrard will miss Liverpool's upcoming fixture against Swansea, England's friendlies with Spain (Nov. 12) and Sweden (Nov. 15) and possibly beyond.


What Arsenal striker Robin van Persie claims was a "showing of joy and celebration" to him was thought to be potentially offensive to others.

After bagging the fourth Arsenal goal to put his side one up over Chelsea, van Persie appeared to celebrate with a hand motion similar to the Nazi salute.

Once allegations began to circulate that he had indeed celebrated in such a fashion, the striker took to Twitter, suggesting that it is "totally ludicrous," "insulting" and "absolutely absurd" to even think he had performed a Nazi gesture.

Here's the celebration in question


Think New York is deserving of Donovan's blast?  Where do you see Hazard ending up?  Can Liverpool launch a Top 4 bid without Gerrard?

Share your thoughts below

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124 Responses to Monday Kickoff: Donovan blasts Red Bulls, Hazard to leave Lille and more

  1. Deport Marquez says:

    Think New York is deserving of Donovan’s blast?

    Yes. Any team that employs that human scumbag Marquez is deserving.

  2. Captain America says:

    Marquez is a twat, but you don’t have to inject race into. We all get that he Mexican but keep the ‘deportation’ stuff out of the conversation.

  3. NE Matt says:

    Marquez hurt his team with that childish act. Selfish of him to always put his emotions first instead of his team. What a pathetic baby

  4. DingDong says:

    +1. And now we can wait for someone to object by saying “Mexican is not a race” or “deportation has nothing to do with race.”

  5. Gnarls says:

    Donovan plays more mind tricks than Obi Wan. I have to assume he’s trying to stoke the flames to get NY riled up and get more viewers for the second leg. Ohhoho, it’s gonna be good.

  6. Matt S says:

    Hurt his team from a reputation standpoint maybe. But he helped the team by making sure he won’t be on the field come Thursday night. What a guy!

  7. maka says:

    I’m going to be Captain Cynical. Losing Juninho is worse than losing Marquez. So… Marquez made the only contribution he could?

  8. bkyn says:

    I am a NYRB fan and it pains me to say that Donovan has a point. Rafa and TH play a bit dirty and I do not understand why. Embarrassing for the organization. But watching Donovan in person is an eye-opening experience. You don’t get the full sense of it on TV, but he is always complaining. A petulant player that is unattractive to watch. And what has happened to him as a player? Just invisible yesterday. Not a good development for the USMNT.

  9. ManicMessiah says:

    The second assertion I find laughable. LA won the game based on ineptitude from NY. More like lead sinking than cream rising. Hans Backe MOTM for LA yesterday

  10. jb says:

    Was going to say same thing. LA loses on both counts: losing Juninho and having Marquez replaced by someone better.

  11. DC Josh says:

    Marquez’s true colors shining through. I never knew why he came to MLS. He obviously does not want to be here and never did.

  12. This Guy says:

    You two are complete idiots. Mexican is not a race. Deportation is based on nationality and following the immigration process legally as I and others in my family did.

    Deporting Rafa has nothing to do with race. Deport Backe, Henry, Rafa, Rodgers, and Tim Ream; MLS and this beautiful country would be better off.

  13. jb says:

    Agree with this. I have seen Donovan in person several times over the years, and this complaining thing has only started in the last couple of years. He didnt do it when younger. And it is annoying to watch. As far as his playing, I think fatigue and minor injuries have taken a toll. The guy has been playing for almost 10 yrs without much rest. He really needs some extended time off.

  14. JJ's shin says:

    Yes yes Donovan good, Marquez bad.

    About Van Persie, Watching the game yesterday I immediately thought that celebration was odd and no doubt looked like a Nazi salute. I believe him when he says that’s not what it was, but why the hell would he even do that? If it’s not a Nazi salute then it’s just a ridiculous celebration. Come up with something else, Adolf.

  15. Baal says:

    I wish Marquez and Henry and Rost would leave so I could cheer for this team again. Sick of these destructive players draining the energy from the game. This team is dull and has no idea what it’s doing on the attack. Two bicycle kicks by Henry are good efforts?! Ha

  16. NE Matt says:

    LOL! that was great

  17. DanO says:

    Dirty Marquez strikes again!

  18. k says:

    Donovan is the queen of cheap shots away from the play and talking trash to get a reaction out of players and then acts like a punk with his “I’m the god of soccer” BS. Hope NY sends him back to his empty house.

  19. PHPhan says:

    Love Donovan for the National team.

    But in MLS he is the WORST complainer. Constantly does it. Ugh.

  20. NE Matt says:

    on another note, has the time been scheduled yet for the Slovenia game? I need to notify my work I won’t be in for those two hours lol….

  21. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Anyone who believes Van Persie would throw out a Nazi salute has lost their mind. Do these clowns even know what those Nazis did to The Netherlands and their citizens? No footballer who proubly represents his nation would ever salute such a dispicable groupd of people. Get over it Europe!

  22. Tim says:

    Donovan is a whiny little bitch.

  23. Mark F says:

    Are you kidding? Henry is playing his @rse off for this team and it’s fans. The guy was going 110% yesterday and it showed. He’s tracking back and playing as hard on defense as any forward in the league.

    Marquez is another story. His play is shoddy. He makes sloppy passes and then acts like this teammates were at fault when they don’t receive it properly. His attitude is also terrible and is a cynical player. Not a fan at all.

    Rost seems like he is playing well and I like having him although I can’t say that I don’t wish we didn’t still have DeRo.

    Landon Donovan is a baby and whiner. Good player but he needs to stop yapping and just play.

  24. Mark F says:

    +1…love the Nats and support him when he plays for the USMNT but he needs to shut it and just play.

  25. fischy says:


  26. CREAM says:

    While rationale people know RVP didn’t, infact, perform a Nazi-salute…it is worth submitting a public service announcment:

    If you’re white – don’t brush your shoulders off. It’s just, well, retarded.

    (unless you’re Deuce)

    A Dutchman tries to brush his shoulder off and an entire culture becomes offended. Need I say more?

  27. Dainja says:

    AGREED! Juninho>Marquez. This was a WIN for us as Red Bulls. For once, THANK YOU Maruez. haha. (and hey, with Ballouchy or Dax starting, maybe this means we’ll finally see Agudelo too!)

  28. Paul says:

    Yes, bkyn is right. We all knew Marquez’s reputation, but Henry’s penchant for chippiness has been a real disappointment. Still, Rodgers was probably right about Donovan. I was at the game too, and except for pushing down Ream to get off a shot right at Rost, Donovan was invisible. But he seemed to be far from inaudible. He’s the whiny kid who calls you names all day and then tells Mom when you get fed up. Credit him for getting under Marquez’s very thin skin, but his sermonizing is tiresome.

  29. A wise man once says:


  30. Baal says:

    Okay, Henry’s hustling, but it’s not enough. He hasn’t managed to form the team into a cohesive attack. I wish Henry would have shown more leadership throughout the season instead of cheap shots and calling for the ball. Somebody in the organization should have told him to cut out the crap. Anyway, Henry wants this to be his team, but it’s a dysfunctional team. And I find it hard to root for NYRB.

  31. hogatroge says:

    There have been Marquez to Houston rumors circulating for next season… the idea being bring a big Mexican star to coincide with the new stadium. As a Dynamo fan, I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

  32. KC says:

    I feel bad for Marquez. Moving from the best team in the world to a borderline amateur league such as MLS  can’t be an easy transition to make.
    He should at least go to Mexico where there’s some football being played

  33. Brent McD says:

    Marquez to Houston would be simply awful and a really stupid move. I would find it difficult to support the team. Surely Dynamo could get someone else.

    I really don’t like the idea that you have to get a Mexican player anyway. Put a winning team on the field, and the stadium will be full

  34. Rory says:

    Kansas City was just as bad last night… a couple hack jobs causing injuries and then Espinoza (with his team up 2 goals and Colorado already down a man) tries to act like he got hit from behind… the defender had already pulled off and Espinoza falls to the ground clutching the back of his leg like he got cleated, then magically jumps up and starts running after the ref didn’t buy it.

    And Ives was reporting earlier that Kamara threw a punch, but honestly I didn’t see that.

  35. Kevin_Amold says:

    If he was such a stand-up guy, shouldn’t he have removed himself from the lineup long ago?

    But seriously, Marquez is the gift that keeps on giving… shots.

  36. giaco says:

    THAT was a brawl? Uhhhh, no.

  37. Rory says:

    That didn’t look like brushing your shoulders off. When you brush your shoulders you make a slight motion from the shoulder out and your elbow doesn’t fully extend… to make a nazi salute your elbow would fully extend. His elbow extended. I doubt he was really wanting to do a nazi salute, but it did look like one.

    Was he being evil on purpose, no, but he was definately being stupid.

  38. Kevin_Amold says:

    Hmm……I would think moving from not playing to playing would be a welcome transition.

  39. Rory says:

    Right because no neo-Nazis or anti-semites live in countries that were once attacked by Nazis.

    No, he probably didn’t mean for it to look like a Nazi salute, but boy did it look like a Nazi salute. I had that thought the instant he did it and skipped back to see it again and it only confirmed to me how stupid it was.

  40. Rory says:

    Marquez beat the hell out of the invisible man, got him with a headbutt then followed up with a punch. But later the invisible man must have connected something as Marquez did go down holding his nose about the time he realized the ref was watching.

    Then that bastard invisible man showed up in the Colorado-KC match and cleated Roger Espinoza from behind sending him to the ground when Mac Kandji had already stopped chasing him. Thankfully Espinoza was up and running again in no time, just as soon as the ref told him he wasn’t carding Kandji who wasn’t near him at the time.

  41. Poo says:

    I am pretty sure I saw Henry kick someone when they were down (beckham?) after that long run late in the game when he held off several defenders.

  42. john.q says:

    Garber must be salivating at the controversy surrounding this series. plus a LA-NY rivalry is a dream come true for the league. let the smack talk continue!

    Marquez is an a-hole no question. i hope we unload him in the offseason.

    the suspension hurts LA and benefits NY in this case.

  43. Marco says:

    Maybe he didn’t want to live in Mexico where gun-shootouts happen between rival drug gangs right outside FMF stadiums.

  44. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    I said “no footballer who proudly represents his nation” not “noone who lives in Europe” Important distinction.

    When people score goals they gesticulate wildly and such. He did it without even thinking about the videos he has no time to watch on the history channel

  45. 99 says:

    This is a random question; maybe it’s already been addressed/I’m at work and dont’ have time to check…

    I heard the the LA game couldn’t be sold out due to some thing or another, legal/local something, something…

    Did I dream this or is the gate being capped at 17,000?

  46. Chan says:

    In the past, I have either mildly applauded or tried to be indifferent to LD when he has come to play against RBNY, giving him credit for his good works for the Yanks. I even have his Everton shirt. Yesterday was the first time I booed him with gusto, and his post-game comments were no help either. There was rough play and gamesmanship on both sides, so LAG cannot claim so much innocence in their play. I hope a Rafa-less RB team can pull off the shocker this week.

  47. cajun says:

    I agree Rory, it certainly did look like a nazi salute, not once but twice in between with a throat cutting gesture. If RVP doesn’t think so(whether he meant it or not) than perhaps he needs to brush up on his ETO WWII history

  48. PD says:

    I can’t name a Dutch national player that doesn’t skeeve me at least once a season (deJong, vanBommel, Robben, etc.)… he’s simply keeping up the trend of being a member of a really unlikebale cast of characters…

    hope that isn’t racist. I love Amstel light!

  49. PD says:

    who is up 1 goal on NYRB….

  50. Judging Amy says:

    I’ve read other posters state that its due to an agreement w/Cal State where they can’t sell more than 15,000 to preserve student parking.

  51. Peter says:

    Could it be cause he never ever has to fight for his position? He is guarenteed his spot on both the Nats and Galaxy. Unlike C.Dempsey who has to continue to prove himself? It seems to me that Donovan has not gotten any better and I am really starting to question what he provides. I know he has the best skill just not seeing it lately.

  52. PD says:

    is it too late to trade that invsible man to Philly?

  53. CREAM says:

    I agree with you. Hence why I said he probably shouldn’t attempt it in general. No swag to his attempt what so every.

    It was awkward, stiff and to be expected.

  54. john says:

    That’s a load of crap. Give us just ONE instance of LD cheap shotting away from the ball. You can make a lot of cases against him, but Cheap Shot Artist is not one of them

  55. Conrad says:

    Just to derail the post further: I’m of Dutch descent, and the Netherlands had a very unhealthy population of Nazi collaborators. Look up the Henneicke Column sometime.
    No nation is innocent.

    That said, before you post what a scumbag Márquez is or what a pußy Donovan is or what a fascist Van Persie is: Don’t. Take a deep breath first; find out what’s really making you angry. Go for a run. Have a coffee. Do something constructive. Then, if you must, go ahead and illuminate us. But really, if your opponent isn’t the cheapest, dirtiest scumbag pußy, then he’s probably not worth playing against. There’s a reason that Donovan, Henry and Márquez have succeeded at such a high level. They’re probably not nice guys.

  56. ex_sweeper says:

    Anybody else think it was hilarious when Alexi Lalas asked Alejandro Moreno to comment on Marquez’ diving in the post-game show? Asking a guy who has made diving an art form over his career in MLS to sound outraged…. At least Moreno had the grace to look a bit embarrassed.

  57. AS says:

    Your point would be valid except Marquez is not hustling, calling out his team-mates, has made his share of give-aways, and performs cheap-shots and other acts of unsportsman-like conduct. It sounds as if an immature player came to a quickly burgeoning and strong league and has not made the transition. I understand MLS is no where near La Liga but if his quality is so good then I would have expected to see some of it and maybe a bit of professionalism from a supposed champion and “Captain” is asking too much. Please take Marquez to Mexico where “some football” is played.MLS is just fine without him. Too bad this amateur league is beating Mexican teams on a regular basis.

  58. Dutchie says:

    Is it me or did it look like Marquez wasn’t throwing at LD, he was throwing back the ball at the referee as in, “game is over, here’s the ball ref” and LD just walked into it? Mind you, I don’t care for Marquez at all, but that is what it looked like to me.

  59. Captain America says:

    You’re making a semantic argument that ignores the general tenor of the immigration debate in our country. But this is a soccer website, so you’re forgiven.

    Fact is, no one says “deport (a Canadian)” or “deport (a Brit)” out of anger. That demand is reserved for Mexicans in this country.

  60. JSmiley says:

    Maybe somebody said “June 17 ’02” to Marquez.

  61. This Guy says:

    Hate, hate, hate!

  62. Dave says:

    if tickets are capped at 17,000 and all tickets are sold, it is a sell out. The stadium will have covered seats, but it is sold out.

  63. Kevin_Amold says:

    “Some football” +1

  64. Murder Junkie says:

    Still haven’t seen anything from Juninho to warrant a red card.

  65. This Guy says:

    You are way too rational for this site.
    Joking, of course, these are lessons we can all practice.

  66. Modibo says:

    +1. MLS couldn’t pay to make this happen (well, if you ignore the fact that they technically pay the players’ salaries)… but they’ll gladly publicize it.

    But it does spice up the return match.

  67. Conrad says:

    I agree. Márquez caught the final punt, tossed it toward the center line, where the ref was standing, and Donovan walked into it. Which is not to say that he didn’t use that as a pretext to peg Donovan….

    The bigger questions, which would be asked if we had a national soccer press: WHY NO AGUDELO? I mean, that free kick at the end? Why let Keel stay on the field? Or Miller? Remove one of those guys for the guy that gets regular starts for the USMNT and was a candidate for Goal of the Year? I’ve been willing to give Backe the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, what the hell did Agudelo do???

  68. Paul says:

    I know he’s not speaking to the English-speaking press, but did Marquez say anything to any Spanish-speaking press?

  69. Joamiq says:

    Completely agree

  70. KungFuSoccer says:

    Tickets are capped, however, there are tons of tickets left. Not on season ticket plan and a weekday.

  71. Joamiq says:

    No one cares what Donovan has to say. He’s a little pr*ck whose words are meaningless.

  72. Joamiq says:

    The replay on the MLS site doesn’t show it, but he came in pretty hard with an elbow straight to Keel’s face. Bloodied him up.

  73. john.q says:

    i’ve heard they are capped at 15,000.

  74. Brookdalepark says:

    Marquez certainly earned a red for being totally idiotic. Juninho earned a red for his dumb fisticuffs. What I don’t understand is why Adam Cristman is off the hook? If he hadn’t run in and started acting like a maniacal jerk, the physical altercation never would have happened. The stupid ball-throwing would have been the only evil act.

    At the very least, Cristman got Juninho suspended. Without Cristman’s foolishness, Juninho never would have seen a reason to run over and prove that he’s no Manny Pacquiao.

  75. Joamiq says:

    Henry hustles sometimes and takes some plays off. Compared to Rodgers, he’s lazy.

  76. Brent McD says:

    These guys really need to work on their fighting routines. Hasn’t anyone seen The Wrestler?

  77. Scott A says:

    I’m sure his national team buddies Ream and Agudelo appreciated that characterization. He truly is a whiny little runt.

  78. Answer says:

    What? Clint Dempsey doesn’t have to fight for anything. His spot is also guaranteed. You are making a silly argument.

  79. HoBo says:

    Keel is shiit too, here’s the video showing keel taking a dive and Juninho getting a red card for this,

    watch the video

    link to

  80. FSegaud says:

    Shhhh…MLS and ESPN saw nothing of this matter.

  81. hogatroge says:

    Robertson Stadium (cap. 32k) was sold out against LA and surely will be for the playoffs. Dynamo Stadium will only have 22,000 seats and will be in a much more convenient location downtown.

    I agree… Marquez neither needed nor wanted.

  82. Conrad says:

    Your video seems to show Keel recoiling from an elbow to the face thrown by Juninho. Hard to draw any other conclusion without a little more pre-roll.

  83. Neruda says:

    No comparing LD and Duece because they have completely different personalities. Duece is a blue collar workhorse who always feels like he’s still that kid from the wrong side of the tracks having to prove he’s better than the rich kids. LD is that LA uber talented suburban kid who feels as though he’s arrived. Donovan expects certain things such as calls to go his way.

    It’s the same reason Dempsey plays in EPL and Landon is an MLSer for life.

  84. Conrad says:

    *Although it is mesmerizing as a loop, with Keel and Márquez falling in perfect synch, over and over.

  85. Dakota Sillyman says:


  86. Wm. says:

    As annoying as Donovan’s whining is, Marquez’s lack of sportsmanship is worse. Whenever the ball doesn’t bounce his way he acts out. He’s a petulant child with fading skills.

  87. Primoone says:

    Very fitting that Keel and Marguez get blown over by a gust of wind created by a haymaker that never connects…Its a direct reflection as to how easy the RedBulls have been blown over by everyone this season. Redbull are soft, and their defense is in shambles. I respect only one player that actually has a pair on the Redbull and thats the human Roll-on deodorant Rogers.

  88. marco says:

    Rafa dumb play. Landon dumb comment. Henry nicks players behind the ball always, that’s who he is, no need to wake him up.

  89. yoci_says says:

    dude LA had plenty of quality opportunities and hit the bar! LA; they hate us cuz the ain’t us!

  90. giaco says:

    I just keep watching that looped gif and hearing “back and to the left, back and to the left……..”

  91. KenC says:

    Van Persie could have been doing the Olympic salute.

  92. Gnarls says:

    Dudes, KC is trolling. Ignore.

  93. Don Pelayo says:

    The Red Bulls were pathetic. On top of Marquez’s antics, Henry should have received a red card for his cheap shot on Beckham towards the end of the match. It was clear that he intentionally kicked Beckham when he was on the ground after Beckham went in for a tackle. Donovan has every right to criticize the behavior of the Red Bulls, and if the soccer gods truly exist, the Red Bulls will be humiliated in LA.

  94. JJ says:

    Cream always rises to the top. You’re about to see the white hot cream of an 8th grade boy.

  95. gigi says:

    Im a fan of soccer before im a fan of the red bulls, and there is no way to defend their actions yesterday. Keep that stuff in hockey, soccer is supposed to symbolize unity and that was invisible in the kiddish events that occurred. On a lighter note, huge fan of to see him at Manchester United because they have a nack of taking talented players and nourishing those talents and improving their weaknesses….i see him landing in aresenal though, dont really see how he would fit in at real madrid.

  96. gigi says:

    As for the van persie thing i think people are reading into to much, it seemed like just a random gesture of joy. Now if he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal he was wearing a big giant swastika on his shirt then fine….but its just a case of misinterpretation.

  97. Alex says:

    And HIGHlarious gifs.

  98. Dam says:

    I disagree. Donovan has always been a complainer. He likes to trash talk when he is winning and likes to hide when things aren’t going his way. I have seen this behavior many times.

  99. DingDong says:

    I thought he was kidding (in answer to my post).

  100. Chan says:

    I think he means that Clint has always had to fight for a spot at Fulham, as he has been there through several managers.

  101. Murder Junkie says:

    I’ve seen all the footage and fail to see Juninho’s mystical elbow strike. It looks like he goes in to break things up and His elbow may have inadvertently glanced Keel’s face in the scrum.

  102. yeah says:

    The Berlin Olympics salute.

  103. Bandito says:

    Rafa has been reduced to being Hans Backe’s Rick Fox.

  104. Just curious says:

    Does anyone know of any other instances where Rafa has demonstrated this behavior while playing for Barça or aganist another national team opponent other than the USMNT?

  105. KutamaObama says:

    To Donovan commenting about Thierry Henry about being dirty……..Thierry Henry replying, “I’m not gonna comment on a player who couldn’t make it in the German Bundisliga, albeit twice. When he has won a European Champion league medal, then I’ll make my comment about him… your face you lil’ whiner

  106. Buck Nasty says:


    this blog has been ruined by some of these haters…good old american soccer fans…

  107. Naboo says:

    as are yours

  108. Martha says:

    English speaking press?

    You mean Ives and like the other two guys in the US who report on soccer ?

    Regardless he’s alway been classless and selfish.

  109. Joamiq says:

    Agreed, but Donovan being a little pr*ck whose words are meaningless is a fact, not an opinion.

  110. Joamiq says:

    Great movie. Though some of the wrestling in that movie is a tad too hardcore for MLS…

  111. Joamiq says:

    That “video” doesn’t show Juninho’s elbow to the face.

  112. Joamiq says:

    Good point – I hadn’t even thought of that.

  113. This Guy says:

    PedoBear should pay you a visit, sick f***!

  114. This Guy says:

    Pretty sad that you have to fabricate quotes from players that care less than you.

  115. Jimbo Jones says:

    No Backe has to ‘protect’ Agudelo. I just don’t get it.

  116. Jimbo Jones says:

    …and the worst of all: Van der Vaart. What a POS.

  117. Lil' Zeke says:

    as are you

  118. Lil' Zeke says:

    Benches clear, yo. It’s the code.

  119. Joamiq says:

    Seriously, that’s the best you can do? I guess the “Lil'” in your name means “14 years old”.

  120. JoeW says:

    1. NYRB is “cheap”? Not so much. After all, LAG has done some “cheap” behavior on the field this year too. The real issue is that Marquez is a punk. He bad mouths teammates, he doesn’t seem to care, he still has game left but doesn’t show it often for his club, he has a track record of bad behavior around USN players (head butt of Cobi, studs up to Timmy Howard, Ream public comments, now this with Lando). So THAT is the more accurate comment…that Marquez is “cheap”.

    2. I don’t see the Van Persie motion as a nazi salute. It looked more like a “my heart to you” motion to fans. And to be totally accurate, a formal nazi salute would need to be higher (not chest high but his hand would need to be higher than his head).

  121. Bob Schlei says:

    I am not sure that its true that Donovan is some entitled, Suburban child of affluence. I believe he grew up with a single mom who struggled. Donovan and Deuce are different people but there’s no need to try to ascribe simplistic narratives to their life stories.

  122. Tim says:

    Cristman is a big oaf