Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders: Match Night Commentary

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Two of the top three teams in Major League Soccer during the regular season square off in the opening match of the MLS conference semifinals (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The No. 3 seed in the Western Conference, Real Salt Lake will look to win at Rio Tinto Stadium in game one of the two-game series to put pressure on the No. 2 seed Sounders, who should have a considerable edge in game two at CenturyLink Field.

RSL welcomes back Kyle Beckerman, who served a four-match ban, and Beckerman will be partnering with Javier Morales for the first time since April.

Seattle will be without standout playmaker Mauro Rosales, who is sidelined with a knee injury. The Sounders will be counting on Lamar Neagle and Sammy Ochoa as starters tonight to help support standouts Fredy Montero and Alvaro Fernandez.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Live Commentary is after the jump):

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108 Responses to Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders: Match Night Commentary

  1. DingDong says:

    It’s impossible to find a feed these days. I’d pay to watch, but for some reason MLS won’t let you (probably their stupid TV deal).

  2. Dan says:

    does anyone have a feed?

  3. Spectra says:

    go to a t d h e . f m its has one

  4. BF says:

    Ugly soccer so far…

  5. RB says:

    Not surprising when you put together the number 3 & 4 teams in the entire league this year in fouls committed.

  6. DingDong says:

    thank you sir.

  7. DingDong says:

    or ma’am

  8. chris says:

    wow fernandez grow a f*cking pair. Clean tackle

  9. RB says:

    Rather thuggish play from RSL, on both those tackles on Fernandez.

  10. chris says:

    you are such a p*ssy

  11. Bf says:

    This game reminds me why MLS is joke of a league. Long balls and hacks, gotta love it!

  12. RB says:

    I guess you showed me.

  13. chris says:

    A colorado fan complaining about hacks, ok

  14. MLS says:

    Look at all of those fans disguised as empty red seats, real nice Halloween costumes! But carry on, nobody notices poorly attended games unless the teams are RBNY or Dallas right?

  15. RB says:

    Rapids 17th of 18 teams in FCs. But that’s real, actual info about soccer, so I understand if you’re unaware of it.

  16. RB says:

    Rather like all the hacking, actually…

  17. Milt says:

    Exciting soccer so far…What game are you watching?

  18. chris says:

    Mullan enough siad

  19. Sam says:

    Keller is a beast tonight!!

  20. Reb says:

    Remind me why Eurocunts post here?

  21. Santos says:

    Til now…Feel bad for Seattle…No way they should be playing RSL so early.

  22. RB says:


    That you proudly that out as your entire case… Enough said, indeed.

  23. Greg says:

    +1 …This is MLS Playoffs P*ssies

  24. Petaluman says:

    I think Dallas would take this size of a crowd any day.

  25. Poky says:


  26. Travis says:

    Seattle not playing well probably deserve to be down but not through a goal that was offside

  27. chris says:

    Seattle doesnt deserve sh!t. If they cant beat RSL now then they shouldnt win anything

  28. RB says:

    Even though what I said has zero to do with Europe or Euro-snobs. But OK.

  29. Cris says:

    Well-played match so far…Looking forward to the second half

  30. spencer says:

    It looked like they were matched up on the goal. It is where they were leaning Hurtado was leaning away from goal, but Saborio was towards goal. I think it was called right, if its a tie it’s suppose to go to the offense.

  31. Supsam says:

    All the replays shown by Fox Soccer dont have the right view to judge whether it was offsides or not. Pity, but kudos to Geiger for conferring with the linesman. Like to see more of that. RSL deserve the lead anyways.

  32. marco says:

    Can’t see the ball going in without a touch, but many others can. Both Riley and Gonzalzes are not closing space quick enoug on the flanks. Neagle must track back better. RSL has not dominated.

  33. chris says:

    hahaha just really ironic that youre complaing about hacks on the sounders when Mullan broke zakuani’s leg

  34. marco says:

    But if they continue to get so much time out wide, RSL could blow the game wide open.

  35. tbkh says:

    Why does Seattle insist on having duct tape on their jerseys?

  36. RB says:

    As I’ve already said…

  37. Supsam says:

    you know this how? There wasnt a clear replay to show that Saborio was indeed offsides so how are you be so sure?

  38. Jim says:

    Morales is back…So is Salt Lake.

  39. Cris says:

    Yes, Settle needs to step it up though

  40. marco says:

    RSL is having a feast out on the wings.

  41. Chique says:

    And no more Fox Soccer Channel for Directv customers in 2 days. What is going on?

  42. Vince Lombardo says:

    What the hell is goin on out there!

  43. Micky B says:

    RSL is pure quality when in form and healthy

  44. Rongen says:

    RSL has the defense and keeper to hold this kind of lead. Sounders better get one back. Fucito time

  45. Gnarls says:

    This team looks an aweful lot like the one that made the CCL final.

  46. Danny B says:

    Paging Mr. Rosales….Mr. Rosales where are you????

  47. Gnarls says:

    Same reason they insist on wearing highlighter yellow.

  48. marco says:

    Sigi will need to change both FBs for return leg, don’t think he will, so wings will need to play more defense,

  49. Concacraft says:

    Better…more experience and depth

  50. ben in el cajon says:

    So my Fox soccer channel just died on the TV. No, I have cable, but thanks for asking. Is this happening to anyone else?

  51. Pete says:

    Olave, now Borchers? Does any team have the depth to lose 2 rocks like that?

  52. Zultan says:

    Luis Gil on…RSL is stacked

  53. Trent says:

    Sigi will need to bring in Rosales…They need goals

  54. Al says:

    Sounders only hope is that they are both out next leg

  55. Travis says:

    Congrats RSL, one of the worst performances seattle has put in all year. you should go through now, no way we can get it all back next wednesday.

  56. whatAflounder says:

    As bad as I feel for some of the nice Seattle Sounders supporters I have one thing to say to the loud mouths that have been predicting an easy Sounders MLS cup run……. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  57. Booked says:

    Good job as usual by Dellacamera, but who is the other weasel on this broadcast?

  58. Chilo says:

    I dont think so…RSL just found their form. SSFC needs a monster game at home. If anybody can pull it off, it is them.

  59. Ray says:

    It happening for good on direct tv…Not good for soccer in this country

  60. marco says:

    RSL dominated the match. They were first to every ball. Their skilled players went out wide to kill Riley and Gonzales one on one. Parke and Alonso were continually pulled out to cover for the FBs. Hats off to Kries for a good game plan.

  61. 90 yards says:

    Was RSL just saving Morales for the playoffs? If so, smart move

  62. Gnarls says:

    Can’t argue with you after that result. Seattle was neutered.

  63. Mad Dog says:

    Home leg will be different with Mauro and both Center Halves out, but 3 goals will be tough.

  64. Gnarls says:

    A three goal lead is pretty good depth.

  65. Tony La Rooster says:


  66. T says:

    Seattle was ripped apart by a more experienced cohesive team. RSL lives for the playoffs, and this is their time to come “truly” alive. Seattle will need to overcome a three goal deficit and win, which is highly unlikely with or without Rosales, if they can complete a feat such as that, I will say they’ll likely go on to be the champions.

  67. Oog says:

    Crazy game. Great advantage going into the playoffs. How was Alonso not sent off? Very excited, tough match to play up in Seattle.

  68. T says:

    Directv, is losing customers due to their ovverated packages, which contain only a few good channels and the rest are watered down in quality.

  69. Led Zeo says:

    BS…Seattle has been outstanding in CCL and US Open Cup….They know how to win trophies.

  70. whatAflounder says:

    It’s going to be exactly like the Galaxy saving Donovan and three other starters for the playoffs. I can’t wait to post for the commentary on tomorrow’s game. LA will easily beat NY, just wait and see. RSL and LA are quality all other teams are just trying to ride the luck train of the playoffs. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but whoever wins the RSL vs. LA series will be the champion!

  71. Travis says:

    I have not heard a single sounders fan predicting an easy path to the MLS cup. we knew we had to play a very talented team in RSL and then probably LA as well and some team out of the east. so two of the other best three teams. i literally have not heard one person say itd be easy, stop trolling

  72. whatAflounder says:

    Yeah the one’s that don’t matter or not too many care about. They haven’t won the CCL, but nice try!

  73. whatAflounder says:

    Oh so this is your first comment on SBI. Welcome.

  74. Supsam says:

    im sure knowing how to win the US Open cup and that darn prestigious Cascadia cup will sure come in handy in overcoming a 3 goal deficit :]

  75. Tuon says:

    Seattle wasnt awful, but RSL outclassed them. If Olave and Borchet are out, Salt Lake is in bigg trouble. They took Montero out of the match.

  76. whatAflounder says:

    +1000. Cascadia cup = Experienced Champions. Oh you didn’t know? lol

  77. whatAflounder says:

    Is in big trouble??? of what?? not repeating a 3-0 victory?? I’m sure RSL will be ok with a tie.

  78. whatAflounder says:

    Is in big trouble??? of what?? not repeating a 3-0 victory?? I’m sure RSL will be ok with a tie

  79. whatAflounder says:

    You are right, but I think RSL will be cool with a tie.

  80. Tommy La Pasta says:

    I didnt see this one coming

  81. Bro Dog says:

    Dont forget about LA or even NY

  82. Confused says:

    Can someone explain Nick Grabavoy’s goal celebration to me. He looked like he was tapping a vein and getting ready to shoot up. What the hell was that? Maybe nailing the final nail in the coffin??

  83. Art says:

    Jeff Parke = Tim Ream

  84. whatAflounder says:

    I think Seattle has amazing support and are a great asset to MLS. I just think that they need some more time before they are actually a threat. They are great during the regular season and other competitions, but if you don’t have a third gear such as RSL and LA have had in the past (or present) then the most you can hope for is a stunning victory like Dallas had last year against the Galaxy. It is a tribute that no team in MLS under-estimate’s the Sounders. Good luck next year and if they pull off a stunning defeat next game (which I doubt) I will be back so that you may all berate me. Cheers!

  85. paul says:

    i think the replay on shows him onside. but regardless even if he wasn’t there, the tap in wasn’t necessary. the ball was goin in.

  86. T says:

    Olave and Borchers are important players no doubt about it, however Kreis is pretty good coach and RSL is known well for their depth, most guys on their bench can contribute in some sort of way on any MlS team. That said, I hope Seattle realizes now, you don’t get too many opportunities to win Rio Tinto, RSL has lost on their home pitch so few times it’s utterly suprising, example the CCL Final and they only lost 1-0, and had their finishing been on point they would’ve killed Monterrey like they killed Cruz Azul, but that’s another story…..

  87. RB says:

    3 times in 3 minutes

  88. whatAflounder says:

    Oh I see. He meant in the next round. Got it, my apologies.

  89. Jack the Riddler says:

    Seattle is pretty darn good at home also. 3-0 or 4-1 without Olave and Borchers wouldnt be too surprising

  90. T says:

    I aagree, Seattle just haven’t experienced enough adversity yet to play like a “playoff” team, they just lack that intensity and leadership, with the exception of Keller, and they need an extra season (or two) to find out what it takes to battle through the level they’re facing right now. In addition it baffles me that Seattle has yet to score a goal in the Cup Playoffs…..

  91. Pail says:

    Colorado still gets zero love

  92. Stigmund says:

    Without Keller this game is 5 or 6 nil

  93. San says:

    Horse Manure = Tim Ream

  94. T says:

    Was thinking 6-0, the one Saborio put over the net, Morales’s shot being saved, and Espindola’s near post save as well. Those are sure goals against other keepers in the league.

  95. astroboy says:

    injection… as in super-sub.

  96. Rob says:

    Sickening result…Steve Zakuani where are you? Thanks, Brian

  97. cajun says:

    Scalpers and no shows for this Wednesday, Seattle will still draw more people and put to shame the rest of MLS in atmosphere…Including(especially) the Red Bulls and Galaxy…

  98. Climate Change says:

    It would take the Earth’s atmosphere to come back from 3 goals…oh, wait

  99. Travis says:

    Ive been posting here for over a year moron

  100. Bandeeto says:

    this is their first year havInc to deal with CCL play. in light of this, I’m impressed they’ve done as well as they have. CCL is a heavy burden, one that takes an organization time to learn to carry. they’ve had a much harder schedule down the stretch. this why I believe RSL will go through. just look at the tailspin RSL was thrown into after their early season CCL campaign.

  101. Scott A says:

    Absolutely no mention of the loss. Glad to see that you guys still care more about your little choir group than the game of soccer on the field :) Your choir group was mighty impressive in 2008. We certainly know that Seattleites like to chant when it’s marketed heavily; we just don’t have enough evidence to know if they like soccer yet. Based on USMNT attendances, I’d say no.

  102. skinnyJ says:

    Ice in his veins, according to him.

  103. camjam says:

    Please tell me you’re joking. Theree were 19,000 people at that game. Grow up

  104. camjam says:

    The tongue in cheek idea there was that if you hadn’t seen that you must not post here often. And yes, the boasting is rampant. Check the post 2 days ago where a sounders fan predicted a 5-0 aggregate scoreline. So close……..

  105. ShaggyReAL says:

    No wonder Arsenal is looking at Ream!!!

  106. ShaggyReAL says:

    Seattle & Portland don’t care about soccer, it’s all about the fans. They talk more about the supporters than the actually teams. It’s pretty funny.