Report: Arsenal to scout Ream tonight


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By all accounts, New York Red Bulls and U.S. international centerback Tim Ream has struggled in his second season as a professional, but that doesn't necessarily mean that major clubs overseas haven't taken note of his potential.

According to reputable UK outlet The Independent, Arsenal has sent scouts to watch Ream in action during Wednesday night's MLS playoff match against FC Dallas. The Independent also states that the Red Bulls rejected Arsenal's bid of approximately $4 million for Ream this summer and he could be a candidate for a winter move to the Premier League.

Ream, 24, had a standout season as a rookie for the Red Bulls in 2010, earning high praise and eventual call-ups to the U.S. national team. His trademark attributes — composure on the ball, pinpoint passing — make him an attractive prospect, but he has been guilty of defensive lapses at times this season. He'll get a chance to prove his worth — both to the Red Bulls and the scouts in attendance — during Wednesday's one-off elimination game against FCD.

What do you make of this development? Could you see Ream suiting up for Arsenal and playing in the Premier League? Think this will affect his performance tonight?

Share your thoughts below.

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149 Responses to Report: Arsenal to scout Ream tonight

  1. carl says:

    take him please, be my guest. He’s more a liability than an asset.

  2. Wm. says:

    He would fit in quite well with this shambolic, creaky Arsenal side. Just another guy clattering about. Why not.

  3. Jonathon says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I approve of this.

  4. Alex says:


  5. daniel says:

    he’d fit right in. excellent passer of the ball, weak defensive marker.

  6. SFG says:

    Are they going to be in Dallas to take a look see at young Brek Shea as well?

  7. Rob says:

    agree he has upside, but has not developed well in this system. Still can’t believe Keel has been the most reliable central defender, at least in the past few months.

  8. Mike says:

    If this goes through, I foresee a lot of playing time… with Arsenal’s reserves.

  9. A2P says:

    Yes. It’s much more likely that teams scouting this game are looking at Shea.

  10. USMNT Gooner says:

    Would Arsenal really buy a 24 year old, average, MLS center back? Surely not.

  11. Andrew says:

    Such an easy setup for jokes you guys, really need to hammer these home! Be sure to mock Ream, the Red Bulls, Arsenal, Wegner, MLS, Klinsmann, really cover all your bases. Not like scouts don’t show up and watch young players all the damn time, since you know, it’s their job.

  12. George says:

    He’d be the sixth choice centerback, and still make more than he would in MLS.

  13. Ream? Did they not see the Ecuador match? More like scouting John, agudelo, and especially Shea

  14. MicahK says:

    Wow this article made me really LOL. People say they do not see the Ream hate. The reason I do not like Ream is that he is too over rated he is not one of the best defenders in MLS in my opinion. He cannot do the main job of a defender that is to defend.

  15. Sam says:

    If the scout is going to look at anyone at the game it will be Brek Shea.

  16. SA says:

    IS it April 1st already?

  17. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    You all act like he’s going to step right into the Arsenal back line and ruin himself and the team. If they did sign him, he’d get loaned out to Reading or Forest or something, then spend a year or so with a Wigan, Blackburn, or Everton type of club, and then maybe, just maybe, he’d find himself playing in the Emirates. Cheaper to buy and develop now than to buy once they’re stars. Arsenal doesn’t follow the Man City, Real Madrid model for teambuilding

  18. Louis Z says:

    It’s all a cover-up to keep away from their real target… checking out Shea and Agudelo.

  19. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Why bother with scouts? Just read the posts here, since we obviously know so much better.

  20. Rory says:

    Did they not see enough of him in the Emirates Cup?

  21. Rory says:

    Arsenal should have seen Ream up close at the Emirates cup. At first I didn’t understand the point of these scouting trips in a day and age where you can watch games from around the world on TV, but I guess they need to see what he does when the ball isn’t in his half (and thus the TV is not on him).

  22. Welshbean says:

    right there with you Jon! Hay u REDS!

  23. Khan says:

    They may have their eye on him but I would bet the house that every scout in attendance is there to actually watch two people, Shea and John.

  24. Spectra says:

    It’s a trick they’re actually coming to see George John and Brek Shea

  25. Robinswood says:

    NYRB turned down 4 mil for this guy? More evidence that their front office is utterly lost. This is MLS. We are a development league. Four million is a HUGE payday for clubs here. It could have bought them some very, very nice players and operating capital. Sheesh.

  26. mug says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Technically sound but weak physically and mentally. The perfect Arsenal player.

  27. Kevin_Amold says:


  28. AC says:

    He should develop well over there especially under Wenger. Definitely wouldn’t start but would be a good prospect down the road.

  29. roberto says:

    what a difference a year makes…Ream is definitely slumping and has been a recent liability for both club and country, but still a lot of hate for an American by Americans. I hope he sorts himself out and shuts up all the haters.

  30. TomG says:

    funny! Yes, we are clearly more qualified than scouts and managers. What has this guy Wenger ever won, anyway?

    Seriously though, I like Ream, but I wonder, at 24, he’s talked about as a guy with so much upside, but it’s not like he’s 19 or 20. I wonder how much upside he actually has. He has to get this figured out quickly.

  31. wilyboy says:

    Wenger: Yes, tell me more of this defender with good feet and no positional sense? That’s the missing link!

  32. MLS says:

    Ream to Arsenal

    Shea to some big five team

    John to Blackburn or Wigan

    AGudelo to ? Somewhere good? La Liga?

    Could be some quality moves for Americans this winter, not to mention these are just two teams that already have a lot of interest in their players

  33. klinny says:

    Ream going to a team who loves to make defensive lapses is perfect for his development.

  34. DingDong says:

    They also need excuses for expense-account trips to interesting corners of the world.

  35. alf says:

    Yeah, especially since Arsenal really knows how to build a defense. Arsenal being interested in a defender is almost a counter-endorsement, isn’t it?

  36. RK says:

    Well, they haven’t been able to scout him on the USMNT recently…

  37. hogatroge says:


    He’s been in bad form, but every USMNT fan rooting against him is crazy!

  38. David says:

    What a bunch of haters. An American center back is getting scouted by a perennial Champions League/EPL top 4 club and all people can muster is some sour grapes about 2 USMNT errors and 2 MLS errors, because you all haven’t ever made a mistake at work…

  39. hogatroge says:

    I was an ardent Ream defender earlier this summer, and I would be lying if I said I was let down by his recent run of bad form.

    However, any USMNT fan should be hoping that today is the day he starts improving from rock bottom (that might be overselling it a bit) and starts to reach the potential that two USMNT managers, several EPL teams and the rest of the movers-and-shakers see in him.

    Yes, it’s okay to blame him for his defensive lapses that have cost results. But hating on a player that has a lot of upside (unrealized upside that is) for our national team is ridiculous!

  40. MLS says:

    +1 , this is good news people need to stop b****ing . Its not like his team has been exactly helping him out any (Marquez).

  41. hogatroge says:

    *I would be lying if I said I WASN’T let down

  42. CW says:

    I can’t believe they turned down approximately 4 million dollars for Ream. I would have taken the money and developed someone else or found a decent South American defender for $4 million.

  43. David says:

    I think MLS rules say they have to have some American’s on the team. Probably the only thing that kept them from selling.

  44. yah says:

    O/T I just discovered Community. OMG it’s the best show on tv

  45. MLS says:

    agree with this, Ives put it perfectly when he stated that USMNT fans are using Ream as a scapegoat for the lack of Omar gonazalez and George John call ups . Ream is decent with load of potential, most centerbacks to really reach their highest potential until their late 20s anyways.

  46. David says:

    Ream hasn’t been perfect but notice how much better he is with any partner besides Marquez. He was pretty much a lockdown defender with Petke, Mendez, and now Keel. So who was the problem this year…Beside those 2 horrific giveaways that is.

  47. john.q says:

    and we have a winner!!!

  48. john.q says:

    i for one hope for the complete and utter failure of the USMNT. lets hope our young players never go to big teams, learn, and get better. its funnier that way!

  49. GSScasual says:

    I guess you can call Texas interesting… Comparable to visiting Iran, Syria, or some other religious, oppressive, hot, dry place…..

  50. g says:

    Yes, because Frisco is on the top of all international travel must-do lists.

  51. Dainja says:

    Arsenal is actually coming to scout this Henry fella…

  52. MLS says:

    Definetly and he’s even stated that he feels much more comfortable with Keel, Marquez is a big part of the problem. Last year he was crushing as centerback partenered with Mendez and now this year he’s doing well with Keel. He has a huge upside and could be a great centerback if partnered with the right type of player.

  53. Vince says:

    Did you watch the Carling Cup final last year?

    Clearly Arsenal is looking to monopolize gaffe-prone Central Defenders, so they’re looking to add the best America has to offer in that category.

  54. David says:

    Or as they say over there BRILLIANT!

  55. Cole says:


    The sad truth is some people feel this way, sick of the whole “Let’s only go where playing time is guarenteed.” mentality. Fighting for spots on great sides can be better than starting for a terrible underachieving team.

  56. Gnarls says:

    My exact same response. Laughter in contagious, right? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA….

  57. Vic says:

    I wonder if its one scout or more than one. From what I remember Arsenal’s North American scout is American Danny Karbassiyoon, a former player in their youth system. I assume he attends alot of MLS games.

  58. Dillon says:

    Red Bull is not in it for the money. $4 million dollars is nothing to them. Red Bull’s problem is not lack of money, but restriction of the salary cap. Tim Ream makes almost no money so it would not help them in the salary cap. They would essentially get $4 million dollars that they could not spend.

  59. Gnarls says:

    I’m all for any MLS guy moving to the EPL, but Ream? Really? He’s so weak and dainty. How about Shea instead?

  60. wilyboy says:

    Ream indeed should be defended. Unfortunately, this season was a poor one. This is not when Wenger should come calling. Ream still has plenty to learn, hopefully from seasoned, hard nosed veterans. The weaknesses identified in Ream’s game are almost identical to those in Arsenal’s defensive game plan- passing acumen, but poor positional sense and lack of defensive bite. Is this the place for him to learn differently?

    The idea of Ream playing for a top club is sensational, but then again, so was Gooch’s signing by Milan. I don’t think it’s hating to say he’s not ready yet.

  61. Alex says:

    Logic? Logic has no place here… Get out now, while you can! Before they take it from you!

  62. Mat says:

    The truth is Ream is overrated and too error-prone to be considered as highly as he seems to be. Not hating just stating the obvious. He makes goal costing blunders at least once every couple of games and that’s just not good enough for MLS and surely not for the EPL or USMNT.
    So he can pass from the back… That’s nice aside for those passes he gives directly to the opposing team forwards in dangerous territory.
    I’m a red bulls fan. Not saying Ream can’t improve, but he surely isn’t EPL material.
    I’d be shocked if Arsenal picks him up.

  63. dan says:

    It’s flattering that Ream is being scouted by Arsenal; however, I do believe he will be sitting the bench at arsenal for a few years… not sure if he is ready for the EPL grind yet. Will he be better served by sitting the bench for a few years? will sitting help him in the long run? will practicing with technically gifted players be better for him in the long run?

  64. DingDong says:

    Maybe this trip isn’t that interesting (at least not to Americans — it could be a different story if you weren’t American), but considering that a lot of trips are to Brazil, Argentina, interesting corners of Africa, I think that would have a lot of appeal to a certain kind of person.

  65. Alex says:

    Yeah, and it’s salary cap restrictions that are keeping them from doing that. As Ream makes next to nothing, losing him wouldn’t help. Remember, we’re dealing with Red Bull here. 4 million isn’t a huge deal to them.

  66. Alex says:

    Hmmm… Different name, same picture, comments separated by one minute each… Same guy laughing at his own joke? Forever alone.

  67. dan says:

    Ives, have you interviewed Ream? what does he want? where would he like to go and play?

  68. Dawsaw says:

    He is too old master… It isn’t the way of the jedi.

  69. yah says:

    I’d say he should head to the Dutch league or Danish league. Our defenders seem to do really well in the latter. If he heads to the PL, i can only figure he’ll be loaned out.

  70. Patrick says:

    Weird, in the article it says he was with the Chicago fire last year

  71. Richard says:

    Where in the world is Danny Karbassiyoon?

  72. mike says:

    And certainly you know better than 2 national team managers, Arsenal, and various other Euro clubs that haven’t been made public. Do you have a direct line to Wenger and Klinsmann, or do you need their cell numbers so that you can set them straight?

  73. Eddie says:

    Yep. Kind of makes me ill.

  74. TimN says:

    This really seems odd. Ream has been very average, and at times very shaky for the MNT. As the article also points out, it has not been a particularly strong year for him w/ NYRB either. Why in the world would Arsenal be looking at him?? The only thing I can surmise is that they are looking for a player that could be potentially developed with their reserves. There’s simply no way I see Ream suiting up for the first squad at Arsenal

  75. lmfao says:

    hahahaha pinpoint passing? like the four turnovers that he has had a few yards from the box that turned into goals? the same skills that caused rafa to oust him? sure he is good but klinsman thought that maybe the exposure to high level would calm his nerves but they havent

  76. Rlw2020 says:

    Well said. I was hating on ream for while now, but only cuz he gets called up everytime. When it comes to getting a deal with an epl team il root for him! Arsenal is smart to send a big scout as there are some great players out there in John, loyd, Shea, Ream, Agudelo, and others

  77. Jake the Snake says:

    24 is not young in the soccer world

  78. Rory says:

    Because Shea is so large and manly?

  79. Felix says:

    He’s a perfect Arsenal prospect, good passer, good composure on the ball, somewhat of a defensive liability – Wenger’s type of player. Outside of the fact that he doesn’t speak French.

  80. Gerald says:

    You are correct Vic

  81. Joamiq says:

    It’s going to be hilarious when he turns it around and all these people laughing are eating crow.

  82. Poo says:

    he actually is, he’s 6’3, fast, and pretty strong. perfectly built for the EPL

  83. Poo says:

    on a plane to Dallas

  84. Chris says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Ream could develop into a damn good CB, but would be better off staying for another year or two?

  85. Andrew says:

    Have you seen Arsenal’s back line lately? He’ll fit right in.

  86. k says:

    don’t the teams get half the transfer fee in allocation dollars under the new agreement? 2 million in allocation would be a huge deal.

  87. abc says:

    +1, they sure have a type.

  88. USMNT Gooner says:

    Ream is way below even the Arsenal standard for center backs.

  89. bml says:

    This isn’t true. A team generally gets 66% of the of the transfer fee in allocation money which can then be used to go over the salary cap and minimum salaries. $2.6m is a lot of allocation money.

  90. Mike Bassett says:

    I like Ream, but why would he get more attention than Omar Gonzalez? That doesn’t make sense to me. I think Omar is the superior player and talk about talent that can be molded with a great EPL club. Omar is bursting with raw talent that needs to be tested at the higher level to really shine through.

  91. USMNT Gooner says:

    If the $4 million bid that got rejected is true, which would make sense with the way the MLS inflates players’ price tags, it wouldn’t be a financially sound decision given how much more money it would take to train him for the next 4 years.

  92. bml says:

    From what I can tell it’s 66% of the transfer fee, but only the first $650k counts as allocation money. In which case, it’s not a huge deal. Still it would be Ream’s salary plus $650k so in theory you could do better.

  93. Big Chil says:


  94. bryan says:

    wow, people really hate Ream so much they can’t be happy for him?

  95. CG says:

    Maybe he’s been getting called up because JK has been aware of the interest and knows that the only way he gets a work permit is if his participation in national team games is up. I don’t remember what the percentage is, but I thought there was a requirement for players based on MNT games.

  96. danny says:

    + a Jillion

  97. boosted335 says:

    come for Ream, leave with John

  98. beachbum says:


  99. beachbum says:

    In this sense, the gripe is really with Coack Klinsmann and his staff, not with Ream. But still, Coach’s have favorite players they are more comfortable with. If you’re on the outside looking in, bury the guys higher on the depth chart with performance, period. Take it as fuel to burn in your focus and will power on what you can control, take it as a catalyst, then perform and earn

  100. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    That is simply not true. Since he’s an American playing on a smallish contract, Arsenal can sign him to a cheaper deal. When he’s loaned out to another team, that team will liekly pay his entire wage bill and possibly a loan fee as well. So in reality, it’s a small outlay of cash initially and not as much afterword.

  101. Brett says:

    His problem is that he doesn’t play like a defender. When he gets beat it is because he gets lost watching the game and can’t be aggressive like a defender should.

    He seems to me like a midfielder being asked to play at center back.

  102. Aaron in StL says:

    I love when American soccer commentary takes a British accent. Pure class, boyo.

  103. Dudinho says:

    So im going out and just speculate where our young american prospects will be going sinc
    Ream to England
    Omar G to Italy
    Shea to Italy
    Agudelo to Spain
    Bunburry to Spain
    John to England

  104. karlitros says:

    y’all have it right. Ream is way overrated. So many better young american central defenders, i.e., Cameron, John, Gonzalez. How long until Klinsman figures this out?

  105. Murph says:

    Just shows that all the Ream heaters know nothing about the game or evaluating talent. Again, indisputable facts: (a) Tim Ream has started every game and played the entire 90 where he was not on international assignment in the last two years for Red Bulls (b) Tim Ream has been called up for national team camps consistently by not one, but two coaches and (c) Tim Ream is drawing legitimate interest from quality clubs. And he’s accomplished (b) and (c) while having a tough year.

    It must be killing all you aspiring GMs out there. The talent is there. None of you know what you’re talking about.

  106. Murph says:

    correction: Tim Ream “haters”

  107. Bryan says:

    Instead of being happy an excellent club in terms of developing talent is possibly interested in picking up Ream, who although shaky and low confidence this year still has a lot of upside, you’re all busy mocking him and laughing.

    Smh as USMNT fans you should be happy someone who actually knows how to help develop talent is interested in him.

  108. Bryan says:

    I’d say Shea to Germany or England. Most of the interest from him (at least from tabliods/rumors) is from Bayern Munich, Man United, Chelsea.

  109. Robinswood says:

    Interesting. A club that is listed as losing money the past four seasons straight isn’t concerned about money? I can see that lasting about another season or two.

    Just for the record, Seattle isn’t worried about losing money either… for the right reasons. They have talent, win a lot, and fill their stadium. Oh yes, they also make very good business decisions. Decisions that translate to the field.

  110. PGS says:


  111. Alex says:

    Don’t forget Backe, Marquez, and the USMNT dude. Those are all quite mockable.

  112. john.q says:

    this comment was posted in another MLS-centric site that i visit. i will leave it here. i think it sums up where a lot of the commenters here are missing:

    Scouts, good ones that is, are rarely interested in the kinds of things that most fans would say are ‘good’ or ‘poor’.

    You might assume, for example, that a baseball scout would be interested in a high-school player who goes 4-5 with a HR and two doubles.

    But as likely as not, the scout will see right away that that player will likely never be able to hit at the big-league level, let alone AA.

    The scout instead will be much more interested in, e.g., the shortstop who goes 1-5 but with solid mechanics, and who shows great reflexes and lateral movement on the field.

    In other words, Ream has had a rough year, and has made more than his share of bonehead plays.

    But he’s also made more than his share of inspired plays.

    It doesn’t surprise me that he’s getting scouted. A lot of the boneheadedness can be coached away and grown out of with experience.

    But he’s got vision, creativity, touch, and other characteristics that are very difficult to coach.

  113. KP says:

    As a Union and Tottenham fan this is a win-win. either he sucks for the Red Bulls or he sucks for Arsenal

  114. mike says:


    Makes you proud doesn’t it? All of this simple-minded mockery and inability to be happy for a guy. Stay classy SBI board!

  115. mike says:

    All of these traits you listed are beyond the “what have you done for me lately” mentality of most of the people who comment on this board. Don’t waste your breath. Just let them hate and mock, apparently it makes them feel better about themselves.

  116. God I really can’t imagine they’re not. I could absolutely see them coming for either George or Shea. Ream makes no sense. He’s a meh MLS player why would he be worth an EPL’s time?

  117. hmm never would’ve thought of that. Not sure catering to players like that is something a USMNT coach should be doing, but interesting proposition

  118. Dennis says:

    Ream has gotten a lot of hate from the Ives commenters. In reality, he is still a young player who has a decent amount of skill. As the article mentioned, he has made some defensive lapses (many would say bone-headed plays), but that can change with maturity. I worry more that he is not as quick as a defender ought to be, but he is not the slowest set of feet in MLS either.

    If you recall, Tim Howard lost his spot at Man. U. due to similar lapses (again many would say one-headed plays). He turned out to be pretty good (I think he gets more credit and less blame than he deserves, but still, it is pretty hard to make the case that there are a lot of better keepers out there.)

    I could easily see Ream ending up on a similar route as Howard, almost making it at one of the big clubs and then settling in as a stellar player for a mid-table team.

  119. Dennis says:

    Ild think only Ream and Shea have realistic shots at europe in the next 9 months. Of course dual citizenship makes it easier for John to go (not so sure about the others).

  120. Steve McSteve says:

    The maximum allocation from selling a player in $650,000.

    Teams get to keep 75% of the transfer fee if they sell a homegrown player. For a drafted player, it’s less and it goes up during each of the first 4 years. Since this is only year two, I believe the Red Bulls would only keep half the transfer fee (the rest goes to the league).

    So…$2 million plus a couple hundred thousand in allocation. Meh. Unless the Red Bulls have a CB target they could use that money on, I don’t see it being worth it for them.

  121. Steve McSteve says:

    Fantastic show. They have a lot of innovative episodes.

  122. GW says:

    Arsenal have been scouting Ream for a few years now. This is not new.

    They probably have a more complete, objective picture of him than many of the people commenting on this site.

    Should they buy him it will be because they think he has what it takes. Of course, that does not guarantee he will be a success, only that he has a chance to succeed.

    US fans are interesting because it seems they just look to tear players down at the first sign of weakness.

    If Arsenal sign him and he fails so what? At least he had a shot the big time which is more than about 99.9 percent of the posters here can say.

  123. GW says:

    “The idea of Ream playing for a top club is sensational, but then again, so was Gooch’s signing by Milan.”

    The difference is Gooch was never healthy enough to fight for his place.

    If Ream goes to Arsenal he will have to fight to get playing time but at least he will be,hopefully, healthy. Gooch never really had his health for the majority of his time at Milan.

    Also there are people who would argue with your characterization of Arsenal as a “top club”.

    They have won nothing for some time now.

  124. GW says:

    Chelsea lost quite a lot of money for a long time.

  125. GW says:

    Why would they care to cover up their interest?

    Is their scout going to wear a motorcycle helmet with a smoked visor so the others can’t follow his eyes?

  126. Mark says:

    Red Bull isn’t concerned about losing money as the team is a decent marketing vehicle for their energy drink, on which they make truck loads of money. The money they lose on soccer is looked at as media spend to support the beverage. Luckily putting a good product on the field with good talent happens to jive with their objectives of selling tickets and jerseys, so it’s mutually beneficial.

    As for the hate for Ream, I don’t get it. I watch him play every game and he has not had a great year, but he is no where near as bad as most posters here make him out to be. He has gotten beat for a couple goals with the Nats over the past 12 months(Paraguy & Ecudor come to mind), and he’s made 2 HORRENDOUS blunders for Red Bull that cost them points. With that said, I think having him play next to Marquez was not a good thing, and he’s played better with Keel and Mendez as his partner.

    Having said all that, Arsenal would be dumb not to take a look at Shea and possibly Agudelo while at the game. I know the posters here love George John, but I don’t see him enough to know if he’s ready to make the jump other than the close call he had with Blackburn which certainly speaks well of him…

  127. GW says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of Ream’s performances with NYRB this year but it occurs to me that at Arsenal he is likely to have a higher quality of player around him in general and in the defense in particular.

    Sometimes players perform better when others around them are more capable of taking advantage of whatever it is Ream does well.

    An example in reverse would be Deuce. For a long time I felt that many of his USMNT teamates were too unskilled to be able to take advantage of what he had to offer. Duece looked like a giveaway machine when the actual problem was people were not making intelligent runs. Anyway that problem seems to be better now.

    Anyway, I hope he transfers, He’s not getting any younger and he has much to learn; better there than here.

  128. T says:

    What?!!!! This is the funniest news I’ve heard all day! Ream won’t be ready until at least 2-3 years down the road >:-D)

  129. GW says:

    Klinsman has already figured it out.

    Ream is competing with Boca not Gooch.

    John and Gonzalez are competing with Gooch.

    Gooch is way better right now than either Gonzalez or John.

    Gonzo is too clumsy and is inferior to the present Gooch is every category except maybe health.

    John has been in a slump since the Blackburn deal fell through.

    Cameron is a tweener and is in competition with Orozco Fiscal. He is a great athlete but does he have a ” soccer brain”? He did not impress Bradley and it seems like he isn’t impressing JK so you have to wonder.

    If those three don’t improve I can see them never pulling on a USMNT, or any national team, shirt.

    If the Greeks wanted John they would have capped him this September in those Euro games thus tieing him to Greece forever. They did not and that tells you something.

    I see no reason why Mexico should cap Gonzo.

  130. GW says:

    “He seems to me like a midfielder being asked to play at center back.”


    Rafa Marquez “was a midfielder being asked to play at center back.”

  131. GW says:

    Not Arsenal. They already have the much better 6’6″ Per Mertesacker. They don’t need John.

  132. GW says:

    My guess is scouts look at Ream and try to picture him playing for Arsenal in a year or two or even now.

    Right now their main man at CB is Mertesacker a 6’6″ giant (who JK knows very well). He doesn’t need a bruiser like Gooch or John next to him. He needs someone with Ream’s skill set.

    And as I said elsewhere, it’s possible that playing with higher quality players overall will help Ream raise his game to the level where most people know Ream can get to even if he hasn’t shown it this year. I guess we’ll see.

  133. John says:

    All of the Man Utd bandwagon Glory Glory United fans posting here hilarious.

  134. John says:

    BTW – Ream is not a good passer, the guy sucks in all aspects of his game. He wouldnt even make the Arsenal reserves i doubt this is true.

  135. marco says:

    Ream needs to be more aggressive, physically and mentally. Whoever can bulk him up will get a very good defender.

  136. Patrick says:

    Internet Rule #1

    Haters gotta hate.

  137. Mat says:

    Wow Mike, your arguments are impressive. So there’s an unfounded rumor that Wenger is interested and Ream was on Klinsy’s squad so that MUST mean he’s such a great player… Because we all know any player called up for the USMNT is a great player, like Bornstein or Robbie Rodgers or Rico Clark or Eddie Johnson or Edgar Castillo to name a few players that played on the US team but in fact, kind of suck…
    Perhaps you haven’t watched Ream play in recent times, but his tendency to make blunders costing goals at the MLS level combined with the fact each time he’s played on the national team he’s looked really out of his depth (see Gold Cup and Ecuador game) is in my eyes proof enough that he isn’t ready for anything bigger than MLS.
    If you look at ex-MLS defenders that actually have had success in Europe, like Boca and at a lesser level Parkhurst (who by the way is vastly superior to Ream at the moment), these guys were beasts in MLS and OK players in Europe but nothing spectacular.
    So to think a guy like Ream who at this point hasn’t shown he’s good enough to be a top tier MLS defender would be ready for a top EPL team like Arsenal because he can supposedly “pass from the back” (that really cracks me up considering all his “passes from the back” that led to opposing goals) is kind of odd.

  138. VADCUfan says:

    Apparently the reputation of the average 24 year old MLS center back is growing in the world… who knew?

  139. VADCUfan says:

    The Pink Cows are pretty easy to mock. I’ll enjoy watching them fall short of a trophy once again. 😉

  140. Primoone says:

    Folks are getting their panties in a bunch over Ream being scouted by Arsenal…Quite frankly, we all know Ream (currently) is in no shape or form to perform for a big club like that

    However, we are missing the real story here people. Arsenal have been competing in Champions League and playing big games and competing with the best biggest clubs year in and year out every weak and they are looking for players of that calibur…in MLS…

    No offense to anyone domestically however, Seriously? The Gooners are embarassing.

    What does a 3-pin plug and the Gunners have in common?


  141. Primoone says:

    He would improve by 50% if he would just stop passing it to the opposition outside of his box.

  142. Primoone says:

    That is certainly one excuse…sorry…I meant reason as to why Ream is incapable of focusing on set pieces as well as making the most simple pass to a teamate just outside of his box. GW, I’ve seen a lot of Reams performances with the Redbull in addition to all of his performances with the National team. I can honestly say that this year, Reams’ abilities have been right on par with respect to the type of talent you will find at centerback in MLS. He has some deficiences he needs to work out. Set piece defending, 1v1 marking and most importantly (yet so fundamentally basic) passing it to your own teamate. When you comopare what Clint was doing in his time with the league, you could see that his thought process was much more advanced than those who were around him. With resepct to Ream, you can see that his problems are not so much relative to the talent around him however, they originate from fundamental mistakes that are made when defending and passing out of the back.

    I am certain that if you surround Ream with quality (by the way, Rafa is no slouch) he will improve on his own difficiences. However, I don’t think Reams problems have to do with the players he currently has surrounding him.

  143. GW says:

    No one said Rafa is a slouch but it is possible he and Ream don’t work well together.

    Besides you’ve given your scouting report on him and now it’s time for Arsenal’s scouts to give their reports on him.

    I guess we’ll see soon enough. It’s just interesting that everyone is so outraged by Arsenal’s alleged interest.

    It’s as if they are insulted that Wenger and his staff dosn’t seem to listen to SBI posters.

    Go figure

  144. primoone says:

    That outrage is the beauty of this type of blog…it gives the readers a forum to voice their opinion. Spot on or way the F-k off-base, it is still an opinion. Yes there are some folks that probably love the sport yet don’t really grasp the global game or they just talk out of their a**. In addition, there may be quite a few folks here that are of a much younger age.

    At the end of the day, I find it very interesting that you let SBI-posters get under your skin when they don’t conform to your line of reasoning and you get bent over their limited knowledge or ignorance. Don’t ever change. You keep me coming back.