SBI MLS Spotlight: Mike Magee

SBI MLS Spotlight: Mike Magee from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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14 Responses to SBI MLS Spotlight: Mike Magee

  1. I took some pride in sitting in the ESC, standing silently as they chanted “METRO REJECT” and seeing #mikemageefacts getting some vindication with that goal of his while I developed a smirk on my face.

  2. Dos says:

    I have never seen Mike Magee and Bradley Cooper in the same room . . . .

  3. Annelid Gustator says:

    My favorite goalie in MLS.

  4. A wise man once says:

    Mine too! Fancy that.

  5. GSScasual says:

    he got the metro reject chant after his classless celebration.. I guess when your career never really took off, and no one gives 2 Shi** about you, you would want to make a scene too….

  6. Gbott says:

    I guess playing professionally for the better part of the last ten years is not having your career take off…I’m sure yoy have had a much more sucessful career.

  7. Redbull players are scum of the earth says:

    Except for the whole fact that Magee celebrates like that whenever he scores a goal and it’s not even close to as classless as the NY players going down at the end of the game. He has been clutch this year unlike the whole redbull team.

  8. Dillon says:

    The Metro Reject chant started before he scored. Yet another illustration of why the Metro Reject chant only serves to make the supporters look stupid.

  9. Neruda says:

    Too bad this great season by McGee will be considered unsuccessful. No MLS Cup for you but at least LA won supporters shield again.

  10. Brent McD says:


  11. Colin says:

    RB fans yelling “Metro Reject” to Mike Magee is almost as stupid as Toronto FC fans yelling something similar to Edson Buddle, Todd Dunivant, and Chad Barrett.

  12. Scott A says:

    Sitting eh? No heart.

  13. FSegaud says:

    Metro fans…wow how they are a delusional bunch!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ceez says:

    3 Points? Galaxy got 3 points? How?