Tiny Davidson stuns No. 2 North Carolina

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Perhaps No. 2 ranked North Carolina was looking ahead to Friday's showdown against No. 3 ranked Maryland heading into Monday night's visit to tiny Davidson College. Whether it was distraction, or just a special team effort by an underdog, the Wildcats took full advantage to knock out one of the country's top teams.

The Tar Heels out-shot Davidson 16-3, but Davidson's final shot was the biggest, as a stunning long-range blast from sophomore forward Jake Keator in the 82nd minute proved to be the difference in a 1-0 Davidson victory on Monday night.

Here is Keator's game-winning goal:

Senior goalkeeper Chip Sanders made seven saves on the night to help the Wildcats score their biggest win of the season and improve to 6-6-2.

North Carolina fell to 11-2-1 on the season, and will need to rebound in time for Friday's match-up against fellow ACC power Maryland in a national-televised match (on ESPNU).

What did you think of Keator's goal? Think North Carolina can rebound and beat Maryland on Friday?

Share your thoughts below.

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25 Responses to Tiny Davidson stuns No. 2 North Carolina

  1. Nick says:

    What a strike. Unbelievable goal.

  2. jayrig5 says:

    Sick goal.

  3. lprevolution says:

    What a beautiful pass?????


  4. C(note) says:

    A dream strike

  5. jayrig5 says:

    Haha I know…was he related to that player or something?

  6. Justin6 says:

    Great Strike! It reminds me of the days when Campbell University took down the mighty Tar Heels.

  7. LiquidYogi says:

    “What a beautiful pass?????”

    I’ve yet to hear an American call a game correctly, we just suck at it.

  8. Tremendous says:

    Cap him

  9. jonk says:

    I guess UNC needed their Akron vs Cleveland St moment. Pencil them in to win it all now.

  10. Soccer says:

    great camera angle for he goal, and great strike.

    I lol’d at the announcer, “Great Pass”

  11. Joamiq says:

    beat me to it, haha

  12. Joamiq says:

    Seriously, WTF is right

  13. Da Gaffer says:

    You just don’t see strikes like that from American players. That is pure class. The form suggests it was no fluke. Unlucky for UNC. They had to have an off night and then probably the only kid that could beat them from distance like that gets a chance and delivers. Wow. That’ll fire up the Heels up for Maryland!

  14. Easy says:

    Has to be one of the purest shots I have ever seen.

  15. jb says:

    Loved it. I watched that goal 3 times. Made my day! SBI, thanks for sharing.

  16. Modibo says:

    I thought Davidson was DIII… guess not!

  17. Hush says:

    P$&& madre que golazo!… Cap his a$$ before he decides to play for Mexico!

  18. matt says:

    Was that back when Richard Jata was there?

  19. Answer says:

    Your entire post is comical.

    First of all, he IS American. Secondly, he is such class that he hasn’t started a game all year and that was just his second goal. Looks like an incredibly lucky strike to me.

  20. shane says:

    you do now

  21. Shane says:

    They were definitely looking ahead to Maryland. Same mistake Akron made vs. Cleveland State last year.

    Beauty of a strike. Thanks for posting it SBI

    As for the WTF on the “pass” comment, they called it a goal. The “pass” was referring to switching the attack.

  22. Rio says:

    don’t be hater. great strike and best technick. Why no starting? They ask him after game and he say coach ben saying go at defense but he don’t do it. now he do it. So maybe he start now. maybe not. still good time for him and team.

  23. Justin6 says:

    Yeah, he scored twice in those 3 games.

  24. TinoChitown says:

    Davidson…DIII? Where were you a few years back when Davidson basketball beat Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin to make it to the elite 8 only to lose to Kansas on a buzzer beater?

  25. The Fazs says:

    Way to go jaker!!!!!!!!