Angry Birds: Soccer Style

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13 Responses to Angry Birds: Soccer Style

  1. EastBayGrease says:

    Cap ’em.

  2. KEEP says:

    Damn, no audio at work but that was pretty cool. Those guys are on point, although I’m sure some editing/multiple tries were involved.

  3. spencer says:

    not bad, but after the first 2 mins that music was getting really annoying.

  4. malkin says:

    No offense to these d-bags, but the last video you posted was MUCH better

  5. A wise man once says:

    But the music was the best part!

  6. inkedAG says:

    So does this mean that Angry Birds has officially jumped the shark?

    This was a very cool video.

  7. nate says:

    reminds me of those old Jordan/Bird commercials from the 90s.

  8. Shane says:

    A German TV program traveled to NC to see if he could really do some of the tricks from his earlier videos. He did, but usually with multiple tries. It was still really impressive.

  9. DC Josh says:

    Pretty funny and impressive skills!

  10. Rory McLean says:

    Yeah, it took 3 tries to hit a bar from 65 yards out. It took 11 or so to hit it from 50 yards while standing on an overpass, and probably 7 or 8 to hit a bar he couldn’t see because a building was between him and the goal, oh, and he was volleying it, not kicking it off the ground. So yeah, he obviously sucks real hard.

    This guy’s got some AWESOME youtube videos out there.

  11. rory Mclean says:

    It jumped 600,000 watches in one night, so I’d say this one’s pretty popular.

  12. bryan says:

    really awesome!