USA falls to Ecuador on late goal

USA Ecuador (Reuters)


HARRISON, N.J. – The U.S. men's national team saw an all too familiar game play itself out against Ecuador.

For the third time in five games, the Americans created chances but had nothing to show for it, falling 1-0 to Ecuador in front of 20,707 supporters at Red Bull Arena on Tuesday night.

Second half substitute Jaime Ayovi netted the game's lone goal, rising above U.S. substitute Tim Ream to head the ball past Tim Howard and into the back of the net.

"They played a brilliant first half, created lots of chances, didn't score, but didn't allow anything for Ecuador at all there," said head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who is now 1-3-1 as head coach of the U.S. team. "Then we had to make some changes … Ecuador, second half, got better into the game and created some chances but never really any threat for Tim Howard, so he never really had anything to do in that game besides that one beautiful goal that they scored."

Playing in a 4-1-3-2 formation, the United States began the game well, creating a chance in the opening seconds when Jozy Altidore got on the end of a quick throw in. Altidore then took a shot on goal, but Ecuador goalkeeper Maximo Banguera got down to make the save.

The United States nearly scored in the fifth minute as well, as Danny Williams fed Brek Shea for an open look. Shea unleashed a hard shot that Banguera was able to knock away for a U.S. corner.

Two minutes later, the United States had another chance, but left back Timmy Chandler's shot from just outside the penalty area went wide by inches.

"We came out and wanted to play," said Shea, who was replaced at halftime. "We wanted to do well and to come out and create chances. I think we did that."

Ecuador settled after the early chances and began to control possession a little more. But aside from Steve Cherundolo having trouble with the speed of Jefferson Montero on a handful of occasions, the Americans held their own defensively in the opening 45 minutes.

Chandler and Oguchi Onyewu, who started in his first game under Klinsmann, were two of the bright spots defensively for the Americans, with Chandler shutting down Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia and Onyewu continuing to show that he's back to top form.

"We saw many, many good things in that game. Starting maybe with (Onyewu) in the back, he's back. Maybe that's the easiest way to say it," said Klinsmann. "It's awesome to see. He's getting his rhythm; his presence is amazing and really good to watch.

"You see a Timmy Chandler at left back, he didn't allow Valencia not even one thing," said Klinsmann. "You're talking about a player that plays at Man. United and is a very, very good player, but you couldn't see him at all because Timmy Chandler closed him completely down."

The second half was a different story, as Ecuador was able to find a rhythm and hold the ball for longer stretches against a U.S. team that made four substitutions at halftime.

That played a role in the United States' struggles to create chances, as it took them midway into the half to create a quality opportunity.

"We lost a little bit of our rhythm after making so many changes," said Clint Dempsey.

Ecuador took advantage of that and went up in the 79th minute when Ayovi beat Ream to the ball and headed it into the back of the net following a cross from the left flank from his brother, captain Walter Ayovi.

Desperate for an equalizer, the Americans sent numbers forward but never found a goal.

The result marked the Americans' third shutout loss since Klinsmann took over.


What do you think of the United States' loss to Ecuador? Who impressed/disappointed you? Wondering what cure is out there for the U.S. team's scoring woes?

Share your thoughts below.

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244 Responses to USA falls to Ecuador on late goal

  1. Carl says:

    This was a game in which every US player was a caricature of themself. Each was exactly as they are stereotyped to be, and we learned very little.

    Beasley was constantly getting knocked around.
    Beckerman was a good MLS player pretending to be international quality.
    Edu had just awful touch, worse than ever.
    Gooch was a badass. Watching him attack at the end was a bit comical.
    Dempsey was looking for that bit of magic, never found it.
    Stevie C was getting old before our very eyes.
    Buddle was improved at holding the ball up.

    And Tim Ream was what he is—a very poor defender. I’ve been arguing with people on SBI all week about Gonzalez and George John being better than Ream.

    And in the end Klinsmann including him proves that Klinsmann is treating this team like a youth team. He’s acting like a charicature of himself—over-confident, believing he can see things that others can’t. Any educated soccer observer could see Ream for who he is, and frankly it’s embarrassing that our manager cannot.

  2. A wise man once says:

    I can think of three games off the top of my head that Ream has lost single-handedly.

    Call up Gonzalez!

  3. A wise man once says:

    Or George John…

  4. Modibo says:


  5. ELI says:


  6. cajun says:

    The time is NOW to call up John, Gonzalez, and Cameron. It has to be clear to everyone that Ream needs more experience at club level before getting back up to international play. Our back line is going to be in deep trouble without more depth. Give these 3 a chance!!

  7. i cant understand for the life of me,,,,tim ream….sorry but stay home and watch from the tv,,, dont even go to the stadium, so disappointing
    shea was good, onyewu was great,,, cherundolo is off a step
    woulda been a diff game with donovan
    how can altidore do anything when he doesnt get the ball…

  8. Since 82 says:

    Adu needs to play in the November frendlies. He simply has skills that other players in our pool do not possess. We cannot afford to keep trotting out the same MF combinations.

  9. also ,,,beasley is a freakin twig,,, someone farts and he goes down sorry but not worth it

  10. RangerSG says:

    Ream isn’t ready. Specter and Dolo also had a collective nightmare @ RB. I’ve never seen Dolo give away the ball as often as he did tonight. That said, I didn’t feel scared defensively w/ Dolo in. As soon as I saw that first ballooned clearance from Jon, I went “uh-oh.”

    Edu was too far forward. I would’ve loved to see MB be the man Edu’s 2 misses found, and I think MB in front of Edu would make Klinsi’s system work.

    BTW, I really liked Bradley’s dead-ball deliveries. From the almost goal shot-cross to a barrage of useful corners, he did more with dead ball deliveries than I’ve seen ‘any’ US player do in recent memory.

    Really sad Altidore got dinged at the half, because he looked good in the 1st half, and Juan looked out of his depth, like a guy who isn’t playing enough. Buddle was non-existent. Still want to see the JA/JA partnership.

    Chandler played a man-sized game @ LB, neutralizing two good wingers, and asserting himself going forward as well.

    Dempsey, Shea, and Altidore combined well. Williams looked ok on the right. But I’d have preferred to see LD there, of course. And I think that was the presence missing tonight.

    On the whole, 2 subs came in who weren’t up to speed. Unfortunately, both were on the backline. And that’s never good. Should’ve been a draw. But there needs to be better finishing.

  11. wilbur06 says:

    I did not feel that Agudelo was able to occupy the hold up role in that striker spot as well as Altidore which hurt a bit in the second half.

  12. Someone says:

    Loss to Ecuador thanks to Tim Ream… and poor work at the top by Edu and Williams.

  13. Goalscorer24 says:

    Actually I thought Beckerman did really well at breaking up the opponents attack. But that is all he does. Offenisvely you don’t get anything from him as far as passes go, but if he is playing the defensive midfielder, the defense is what you need from him.

  14. cajun says:

    Without the creativity of a Torres, Feilhaber, Holden, Donovan or Adu the midfield looks lost in the attacking half with Altidore getting little to no service.

  15. hogatroge says:

    Cameron over John over Gonzalez.

    Cameron has the broadest skill set and greatest pace of the three. Gonzo is in better form than John, but he has a lower ceiling and is essentially another Onyewu.

  16. Madnote says:

    3 goals in 5 games under Klinsy…

    Mexico on the rise…

    When do we all collectively panic?

  17. chris says:

    Very dissapointed once again. Some times i wonder what goes through jurgens goofy lookin noggin. Played the same style as Bob. Ream sucks. Why was Beasley pinched so far inside? How come the whole team looks so timid? I sware the team is passing just for the sake passing. Very little off the ball movement. Can we stop the constant back passes that kill the attack. On a positive note gooch was a BEAST

  18. Kosh says:

    Dude, relax. Klinsi is working them super hard, two-a-days I hear. Plus playing under the rain on Sat and travel. Did some guys have tough games? Yup. But just as Gooch was monster tonight he’ll have a rough outing sooner or later. Let’s tone down the over-reaction and focus on what counts in a game like this – the gains made.

  19. Nano says:

    Stevie couldn’t hold possesion to save his life tonight. He kept on losing the ball out of the back field. Williams saw early that he had no chance beating his marker and kept on regressing the attack. Dempsey showed flair early and then dissapeared the rest of the game. Gooch played well in my opinion, the only positive other than timmy chandler really showin an effort in leading the attack ut of the backfield.

    Everyone who is in love with Ream’s upside should realize that Fiscal is a lot better than Ream. We will probably see John or Gonzalez in the January camp.

    We are an out of form team right now, struggling to score goals. We haven’t had a true striker scoring goals consitently for us in a while. Although we are controllig moe possesion we don’t have quality service in the box.

    The only team we’ve beaten in our last 5 matches has been Honduras. The only team we should struggle with in CONCACAF is Mexico.

  20. CA says:

    I thought this wasn’t all that bad a display from the Nats. The biggest difference between the two teams was one Tim Ream-he’s not ready yet.

  21. Dawwilly says:

    charicature is spelled caricature. This post is senseless.

  22. Kosh says:

    Someone’s gonna get reamed tonight and rightfully so. Does this mean that Gonzo and John are automatically in? Well Goodson would like to have something to say about that.

    There were some great positives to take from the night. We controlled the game for long stretches and our D did improve – well until, the, incident. The problem is we need a goal scorer and Jozy looked great in these games but he’s not going to score from the places he’s getting the ball. He needs help up there.

    Overall improvement, especially when considering the opponent.

  23. Dillon says:

    The last five games under Klinnsmann have been horrible. The U.S. has not had this poor a run of form in about a decade. 3 Losses, A tie and only 2 goals scored. An it is not like we have been playing real top tier opponents. This will likely be the worst record of games in a calendar year the U.S. has had since 1997 and the first time we have had a losing record since then. Good chance it will be the worst since 1992. Have a look for yourself.

    link to

  24. T says:

    Tim Ream is a horrible defender, as soon as he was subbed on I knew we’d be in trouble with their pacey attackers. He cost us the game against Panama as well with his abysmal marking, otherwise that, the backline was fairly solid and our offense got some decent looks.

  25. T says:

    These were “friendlies”, a chance for Klinsmann the new coach to figure out who will work in qualifying and the lead up to our World Cup. All these games were a opportunity for scouting fringe players and players who were already in place to see how they fair.

  26. Kosh says:

    Simply amazing how this is still missed with all the times this fact is said and written.

  27. RangerSG says:

    Agreed. Agudelo isn’t a hold-up striker. He just doesn’t have the skill set or mentality. He’s good as the burner or off-striker. Problem is, that puts him in competition with Dempsey right now.

    Buddle scores goals in buckets at club level, but every time I see him in a Nats jersey, I know he’s going to be a hole in the pitch. Simply useless at the International level. And whether we stay with the 4-3-3 or not, we can’t rely on Altidore as the only target man.

  28. Dinosaur Soldier says:

    Pretty bad moment for Ream there. I started watching in the 2nd half and just assumed he had started and was gassed on the goal. To have come on as a substitute makes the play look even worse to me.

    Give Omar a shot!

  29. RangerSG says:

    I don’t see Adu making a huge impact in MLS right now. Until he’s actually earning his reputation at club level, he shouldn’t even be in the discussion for the USMNT.

    And honestly, I don’t think Adu does anything better than Dempsey, and that’s who he’d be competing with.

  30. Madnote says:

    I posed the question above of when is the time for panic. The objective of hiring Klinsy was to improve this side. I think it is accurate to say that looking purely at scoring and results, performance has dropped off. At worse, this team should have been able to maintain it’s form, not get worse. Things need to start clicking with this team or we may find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having a bad spell in qualifying. Eventually, you get to the point of no return.

  31. Carl says:

    @Goalscorer, good point Beckerman does break up attacks well and at least he show for the ball. Edu essentially stopped showing for the ball after 25 minutes.

    @Kosh – I’m saying that this was a game where we didn’t learn much, no big reaction on my part. The only area I’m actually upset about is the Ream callup. A USMNT callup should be an honor and a reward for playing well. Ream plays terribly for NYRB and gets a callup? It’s a terrible precedent for the Klinsmann era, at a time when he is admittedly trying to establish precedent–see comments re Guzan not playing.

    @Dawwilly – Your reply is meaningless. Pointing out one typo, good one. And see sentence one in my post for caricature.

  32. Kosh says:

    WE will watch the development of the system and the building of a strong team, but YOU feel free to panic whenever you like. We’ll pour some cold water on you when you’ve gone too far.

  33. Ricky B. Free says:

    Horrible? some people just dont get it. I have fun watching this team play.

    Havent you watched the games? we control the ball, pass and attack with more players. I rather lose now while the team is learning a new system. Than lose with the same old bunker style.

  34. Duck says:

    Agree on Cameron. He is tall and fast. He can attack from the back, temporarily adding himself to the midfield. Cameron’s aerial skills may not be as good as Gooch’s or his distribution as clean as Ream’s but he is a good blend of talent.

  35. PetedeLA says:

    Agree with most comments.

    Gooch looked pretty good. Of course I’d hate to see him go up against a speedy, more possession oriented team like Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, et al., but definitely pulled his weight.

    Shea looked very good, and with Dempsey seemed to be the only source of creativity.

    Chandler looks very solid, but having him play left back is like asking Obama to host the next Tea Party convention.

    Beasley ain’t bad, but he’s so 2006. And who the heck is telling him to cut inside like that? We lacked width in the second half, and he was a major contributor to that problem.

    Dear Tim Ream,

    You seem like a nice boy, but you have single-handedly cost us important results. If your phone records past incoming calls, take one good look at it, because that should be the last one for a while.

    The rest was like others have said, players as caricatures of themselves.

    For the record, I’d like to see Bradley and Williams in the middle. Beckerman has a certain nimbleness to his passing that I like, but he simply makes too many mistakes.

    Now I’m not saying I want Bradley back, but I think it’s safe to say he could have won this game– with a set piece, of course.

    In other words, Juergen, you need to step it up.

  36. Dubs says:

    I’m glad things aren’t going easy early. Team has work to do & if we were getting results I think it would simply provide a false sense of security. Like so many others, I’m curious to see how Gonzalez/John would look at CB.

    I think Gooch, Chandler, Shea impressed the most.

    I like how smooth Danny Williams was & hope we see more of him. That said, I didn’t see the speed we might be looking for on the flank so wonder if using him in a different spot might help us more. I like how tenacious Beckerman is in winning balls, but he also had lots of turnovers and doesn’t really create. I’d be curious to see us put Williams in that spot when Donovan returns. Of course, I’d also not be surprised if Bradley starts there either.

  37. Madnote says:

    Aaaannnndddd Mexico takes the lead…

    They just scored 1/3 of the goals we have in 5 games in 10 mins against brazil.

    Yeah, I’m cynical and bitter. What of it?!?!

  38. SuperChivo says:

    I hope your right, but I don’t understand. Maybe his genius is a little above me.

  39. Bryan says:

    I’m not really too disappointed with the result itself. Would I have preferred wins these past few games? Of course. But the results have been positive for the most part in terms of possession and such. We just need some more creativity.

    Beasley, Ream, Spector disappoined tonight. I’ve never really been one way or the other with Ream, but I have to say he isn’t quite ready for international football.

  40. T says:

    Right! That’s what I’m saying, work the kinks out now and get the fruits of their labor later. Adjusting from a counter-attacking system to a offensive possesion oriented team is very difficult, especially with who you have playing. The process will take some time, and the Fed. did no favors for Jurgen by firing Bradley way tooo late, now he has to rush to get some games in before qualifying!

  41. boosted335 says:

    I disagree.

    I think the fact that Klinsman hasnt played him shows he knows who Ream is as a player but he had to throw him a bone today as it was his home pitch.

    My theory is that the problem isnt so much Klinsman as it is his ‘people’. Klinsman at this point is (understandably)ignorant of the MLS based players and trusted his people when they told him that Ream was the best we had at CB.

    Klinsman needs to reevaluate the people he trusts to evaluate talent.

  42. Kosh says:

    I agree with you to a point. Klinsi is still working, looking for players that fit into his system. Ream does one thing that Klinsi desperately needs – calmly distributes the ball out of the back. Unfortunately, that’s about the only he does well right now, which for a defender, is, well a big problem.

    Klinsi can, and at this point most likely will, put a John or Gonzo in there. The problem is I think he sees them doing what Boca (and to some extent, Gooch) was doing all night – punt the ball up field and yield possession.

    Gonzo and John will get their chance and I hope the lynch mob doesn’t rack and quater them when they have bad games – because the way Klinsi wants to play, they will be trusted to get the ball out and support the attack.

    I am not defending Ream as he blew whale-sized one out there. I am trying to keep the whole game in perspective and I did see some improvement out there and don’t want the conversation to be dominated by a struggling young defender, who has time to come into his own.

  43. BK says:

    A few quick things…

    -Edu did more to break up our attack than theirs.
    -will Adu get a call up soon? He’s a liability defensively, but he has good dead ball skills and has creativity to spare. Understand he hasn’t played a ton so I’m ok with waiting, but I’ll pretty damn disappointed if he wastes away for years like under Bradley.
    -Chandler is a beast.
    -while we continue to experiment, we still rely on the same cats — Gooch, Bocanegra, Dempsey, Donovan. Nothings changed in a few years despite bringing everyone in. I have a lot of confidence in Klinsy, but besides maybe Shea and Chandler, I haven’t been too impressed by anyone new.
    -great, ream can pass. Prob should know how to defend if you play in the back though.

  44. Kosh says:


  45. PetedeLA says:

    I think the point is that he can unlock a defense. Yes, Dempsey can do this, too. But as we saw, once Shea was off there was nowhere to turn for another creative spark.

    If Chandler had been on the right, we probably could have relied on his good crossing.

    Point is, in a match’s final minutes when you need someone to find a hole in the opposition’s parked bus, we need someone like Adu. Agudelo was a good idea, but he’s still more finisher, then creator. And Buddle just got in the way, it seemed.

  46. clover363 says:

    I think the take away from all of the games from the klinsmen era is that the US really does not have the firepower to get away with playing two defensive mid fielders. The fact of the matter is that Beckerman gives you nothing offensively, EDU only helps on set pieces, Bradley can give decent service and is ok in the air but is clearly way more comfortable ina purely defensive role.

  47. A wise man once says:

    Gonzo is 4 years younger than Geoff, and 2 years younger than John. I’d say he has a higher ceiling.

    And, based on today’s preformance, another Gooch would be GREAT!

  48. treasure22 says:

    Lose the Sash. The Sash is the problem.

  49. SuperChivo says:

    It’s funny how we are now playing like Mexico of the last decade and they are playing like us. Playing it fast, using this transition, and playing gritty. Plus, they prefer their European based players to the domestic.

  50. Hayes says:

    Just a couple of observations: Before the 2006 World Cup, Germans were ready to string up Klinsman and did not agree with most of his coaching methods / selections. By the end of the World Cup, they were praising what he had done with the young team. Give him a chance to figure out what the players he has are made of. I expect that at least two starters in 2014 are players not even in the senior pool today.

    CB, right now, is our weakest link. Boca is too slow, Gooch is showing good signs. Don’t want to mention Ream. Told some friends when he came in that the US was about to give up a goal. I believe Gooch and Goodson would be our best pairing right now. Hopefully, some other players step forward. Whitbread when healthy might be an option.

  51. Eurosnob says:

    They are going to work on Ream, put some muscle on him and make him beefier. Then he won’t get outmuscled by some pipsqueak who chops him in the teat on the way to goal.

    Once he starts approaching Gooch weight, they’ll be starting together and we’ll call him the Grim Reamper.

  52. T says:

    I’m not the only one who thought that, my brain told me “it’s the beginning of the end”, sure enough a free header by Ream once Boca left.

  53. todd jones says:

    The biggest issue with the team is the lack of an attacking midfielder in the
    4-1-3-2 that we are playing right now. Edu isn’t fit for the role and should replace beckerman as the dm. Maybe once donovan returns he can slot in there?

  54. Carl says:

    @ Kosh – Yes we saw a few areas of improvement, and I hope Klinsmann learns from this experience. Also hope you’re right about Gonzalez / John. Gonzo is a few years younger than Ream, there’s still time for him to improve his distribution from the back.

    @ boosted – Good point on the people Klinsmann trusts. About why he played Ream…I see why, but that’s what I mean when I say he’s running this like a youth team. Ream never should have been on the bench to begin with, and calling him up and playing him has consequences–our FIFA ranking and the morale of the program and fans will drop a bit. So I hope he learns from his mistake.

  55. CroCajun says:

    How many of those games were LD and CD on the pitch at the same time? We’ve been playing some beautiful futbol. The goals will come.

    I shouldn’t have to point out that this game was a friendly and as such 4 players were subbed out at halftime.

    Consider what the team will look like when Klinsi has his full compliment of players available.

    My final point: I think our biggest let down at the WC was lack of depth. That lack of depth reared its ugly head once again in the Gold Cup when Dolo went down. I think in these past couple of friendlies, Klinsi has managed to add depth and reliable alternatives at nearly every position. I am positive this commitment to identifying alternative players will pay off when the games actually matter.

  56. RangerSG says:

    The point is, LD would’ve done this if he had been fit as well. And better. Adu does nothing LD and Deuce don’t do better. And he isn’t even doing this mythic defensive unlocking at CLUB level. So until we actually ‘see’ performance befitting his idolized status, no, he doesn’t belong anywhere near a USMNT jersey.

    A big part of the problem is we haven’t really had a match with all three of Donovan, Dempsey, and Altidore fit yet. And that’s our best attacking triumvirate. Hard to win without your best players.

    Now I’m not saying “No Adu ever.” But I’m sick and tired of the “Give us Freddy” shoe endorsement crowd. He isn’t performing at club level. He isn’t deserving of a look for the Nats. I don’t see which of LD, Deuce, MB, Williams, Shea, or Torres he’s supposed to bump. Let alone including a fit Holden or Mixx in this discussion.

    Right now, he ‘looks’ like he’s getting his head screwed back on straight. But he’s still not making a difference.

  57. NF says:

    Klinsmann is trying to instill a philosophy of positive possession. I think the real question is whether our pool is capable of playing that style successfully. The thing that concerns me the most is that it almost seems like we attack in slow motion. The possession has been there at times more than I’ve ever seen from the from US, but I’m not sure many of our players are technically gifted enough to turn that possession into attack. We have to ask if Bradley’s approach of defend with our lives and counter is the best we can do. I think we can do better, but it will take time.

  58. RangerSG says:

    Nope, Donovan’s better on the outside. It’s ideal for Torres. But I think MB could’ve played it well tonight.

    Every time I see Edu do one of his big windups, I know I’m going to see a comic miss worthy of a Sunday player. He did not disappoint tonight.

  59. garbaggio says:

    US played pretty well. Probably the best performance since Klinsmann took over. Of course one moment of slack defending in a scoreless tie can lose you the game. But Ream would not have been subbed into the field if this were a qualifier with a lot at stake.

    The goal came off a simple but effective play off a throw in. I think I remember Ecuador doing that in a World Cup a few cycles back. Agustin Delgado against Poland maybe?

    More worrisome than Ream’s mistake is the lack of enough scoring punch for the US. Altidore had some moments early but it would be nice to see him have another break out type appearance in a US jersey, Donovan and Dempsey are going to be kind of long in the tooth if they make it to the next World Cup.

    Mexico is playing it’s Gold Cup Final attacking foursome of Chicharito, Gio, Barrera and Guardado against Brazil right now. Pablo Barrera just made a Brazilian defender look stupid as Mexico opened the score (may have been an own goal) but the defender this time was not named Bornstein.

  60. roger says:

    agree. bright guy/lady.Cameron can replace Ream and Beckerman. both are good players in the MLS, leave them there. Ream can be a solid pick in 2018

  61. PetedeLA says:

    Good points, regarding Klinsman, but I think you’re only telling half the tale.

    Yes, Germany lost badly to Italy right before the World Cup(I think it was 1-5!), and the country had every reason to be nervous.

    Yes, the country was very impressed with HOW they played once the World Cup began. The Germans were the fittest team– thanks to American fitness methods.

    But Klinsman was tactically found wanting right from the beginning.

    It was Michael Ballack who had to tell Klinsman (through the press, cuz Klinsi wouldn’t listen in person) that they couldn’t play the diamond formation because it was too risky defensively. Once they figured that out, things got a lot better.

    I think Klinsman’s main contributions were:
    1. Giving the German team confidence to believe that they can control the game
    2. Fitness.

    The value of this first point cannot be overstated. It had a galvanizing effect on the whole country, and there was no turning back after that.

    But we need a lot more if we’re going to see marked improvement.

    Once we have all our creative players: Donovan, Dempsey, Shea, Holden, Torres, (maybe)Adu, things will look a lot better.

  62. SuperChivo says:

    Brazil getting killed by Mexico. De la Torre has them playing like a TEAM.

  63. pd says:

    I’m surprised to see so many negative comments, but then again I almost always am in a post USA match comment thread

    In my opinion, I thought that the first 70 minutes were some of the most high quality intelligent and consistent soccer I’ve ever seen a US national team play. Varied and balanced attack, command of tempo, and confidence in themselves and their ability to run at players and try things. It was a lot of fun to watch.

    I also thought that the subs (except Ream) showed well. Beasely looked dangerous and lively. Bradley was composed and smart. Spector made some questionable choices, but on the whole I think he’s earning his keep. Agudelo looked lively, but he is not a lone striker. Paired with a Gomez or Donovan I think he’d be twice as dangerous.

    I was a little non-plussed with Beckerman tonight. While his play break-up and positioning was great, I don’t think I saw him complete a pass in the first 50 minutes of the match, which made transitioning a little inconsistent. Not sure if he was off or if a higher quality opponent was just able to read him better. He is playing better than I have ever seen him play, but his is a position that I think is still very much up for grabs. I just don’t know if Edu or Bradley would be content to sit that far back for the entire match and I also don’t know if Torres has the size to play that role either. Williams is far to good running at opposition to play so deep. Maybe this is the position Spector belongs in once Lichaj comes back and Chandler an switch to the right.

    His potential aside, Ream needs time to regain his form and confidence and other players merit callups, so I hope this is the last we see of him for a bit though I think he’s far from washed up. He was really tight on the field and you just knew that he knew that he couldn’t “screw up” so of course that’s exactly what happened.

    Altidore was fantastic tonight as was Shea.
    Dempsey was fantastic as the #10.
    The finishing will come.
    There is a lot of work to do, but things are going well.

  64. The Imperative Voice says:

    John keeps associating himself with Greece. Which superficially might make him seem attractive. But I don’t think he’s shown at club level he’s The Answer, I think he’s just a trend. And though I wish we had Subotic and Rossi, he’s not their quality, and I get bored with American fans lusting after indifferent multinational players who seem more eager to go elsewhere. If he wants to play for Greece forget him.

    Cameron does not play the position regularly, and has been beaten by decent players, eg, Berbatov at the All Star game. He’s a brawler which would help but he’s not the highest soccer IQ.

    Omar Gonzo is too darned slow for the top level. You already see what happens to athletically challenged players like Ream and Spector when you rely on them to stay with people.

    I think the primary answer is Gooch and Boca, we saw it work. I agree we need depth and I’m not sure Ream should be part of that but I don’t think the players you suggest are inherently superior.

  65. PetedeLA says:

    He scored last weekend.

  66. SuperChivo says:

    Check out Torres’ stats online. The is anything but a creative, attacking midfielder. 3 goals and 5 assists in 120 matches. The biggest myth of the USMNT is that Torres is some sort of Andres Iniesta.

  67. chris says:

    I gave klinsmann the benfeit of the doubt the first couple of friendlies but he has basically called in the same people. He even said it himself he brought in his best available players. World cup qualifying is less then a year away do you expect them to magically start putting out results? We have maybe 6 friendlies left and we have looked bad. You cant be playing good atticking soccer if we barely create any opportunities.

  68. felipe says:

    nice game for gooch, chandler, shea. I am a absolute US Nats apologist, but as i watch Brazil v mexico it looks as if they are playing a whole different sport than that in which the yanks participated in earlier

  69. CroCajun says:

    I agree with everything you said and with everything the sensible people who see the big picture and aren’t freaking out about exhibition game losses have said.

    I think our biggest problem tonight was the lack of a CAM being there to play quality balls forward and maintain possession while keeping pressure on the defense. Unfortunately, we only seem to have two CAMs in the country right now, and both Torres and Holden are injured. Put either of them in Edu’s role tonight and I think we see a totally different game.

    We have so much to be excited about right now.

    I have been very impressed with Shea’s touch, speed, creativity, dribbling, and linking ability. (Now if we could just get him to finish).

    Altidore’s hold-up play has come miles and miles, and his quick link passes with Dempsey and Shea have been very impressive. Even Jozy’s biggest detractors will have a hard time saying he doesn’t deserve to be on the pitch.

    Chandler is the man. No other words needed.

    Williams looks to be a great jack of all trades. Maybe he isn’t a natural right wing, but Donovan is up in age and won’t last forever.

    I felt like Edu and Beckerman killed our attacks tonight, but to be fair, as I said, both suffered from the presence of a true CAM to take the pressure off.

    Hopefully this is the last time both Holden and Torres are injured at the same time.

  70. SuperChivo says:

    Beckerman’s role is exactly what Jose plays for Pachuca. He stays back, breaks up plays, and then moves the ball around from the back. He doesn’t have the bite Beckerman has, but has better distribution.

  71. PetedeLA says:

    He’s no Iniesta, but he’s the closest thing we have to a Xavi.

    Yes, he has to work on improving his passing into the final third, but his ability to control the ball in tight space is up there with Dempsey. On a good day, he’s the best at it we have (IMHO).

    Shame you just need to blow hard and he will fall over.

  72. The Imperative Voice says:

    Here’s the issue. You play Jozy up top he’s sloppy and wastes the chances the nifty players set up. But I’m not sure what the other choices are. We really need someone up top who when Shea beats someone, will put it in the net.

    All due respect to the hold up discussion but Jozy is overrated at holdup play — doesn’t play as big and tough as he looks 90% of the time — and I don’t know if the Total Football version of this team needs holdup, it needs on-the-ball virtuosity and finishing and speed up top. Charlie Davies. Agudelo. Dempsey. Donovan. If we intend on knocking it around then Jozy is a liability, like playing that big English striker Emile Heskey as your finisher when the machine is people like Lampard and Rooney.

  73. Josh2.0 says:

    agree >:( I miss the old mexico….

  74. chris says:

    You really have fun watching this team? You must be easily amussed because there has been nothing fun about these games. The attack has been stale and there is hardly a difference in playing style. They attack way too methodically and all the possession has been back passes. I am really concerned with all these fans that are ok with these displays

  75. PetedeLA says:

    Good points.

    And yes, I think Dempsey deserves a solid pat on the back for doing great work in the hole.

  76. Ed says:

    I think you’re wrong about Adu in this case. Who cares what he has done in Philly, his Gold Cup performances showed that he can come into the team and make a huge impact regardless of club form.

  77. The Imperative Voice says:

    All due respect but it’s been months of the same under both regimes. 1-0 type losses. Can’t even punch one in. I understand Klinsi is experimenting a little but that was an A/B set of players, not some January camp of MLSers and Scandinavians. I’d feel more comfortable if 75% of that team wasn’t starting 11.

    I have serious concerns about who’s going to finish all these nice knockarounds and Shea crosses, and whether we have a solid and dependable back 4 who can pitch a shutout. It’s not quite a working 11 yet and all due respect but it’s not for lack of Klinsi trying.

  78. ronniet says:

    what match were you watching……buddle held the ball up nicely and brought guys into the attack and laid off some nice passes around the 18, especially that one to beasley….he also looked confident on the ball and didnt turn it over like agudelo who was trying to do too much at times! Buddle needs to continue to get called in if he keeps scoring, which he will!

  79. RangerSG says:

    Great, that puts him 1 behind Pontius’ performance for the last month. Why aren’t we calling for CP?

    Who honestly deserves a callup, IMHO.

  80. TomG says:

    Um, that’s the point. Why do we keep bringing in Ream, Orozco, and Beckerman when we could get looks at Omar, Cameron, and Mixx?

  81. MicahK says:

    LMBO, right now at all the people saying they would take Gooch over Ream. Am I still wrong America about Ream sucking I do not think I am wrong. Klinsmann can continue to call him up and if he plays we will continue to lose on home soil. I am tired of Klinsmanns not smart decisions. If we are struggling during qualifying I will be the first to say let him go. He was snubbing John and Gonzo I am glad Karma came and bit him in the butt. Never write off a player until you have seen them perform for country. Which John has not got the chance to do. He should have taken out Cherundolo and Ream would not have been as much as a liability in the back.
    And as a side note Portugal lost. Today was a sad day for both of my teams. :(

  82. The Imperative Voice says:

    (a) Either they’ve abandoned the flowing offense or the players in now can’t even execute it. It’s not quite total football like when we started.

    (b) He may be experimenting but part of the reason why is we have some serious holes to fill, which are part of the reason we are not winning.

    (c) I’d be a little more Trust in Klinsi if he’d won so much as a Los Angeles league cup as a coach. He coached Germany to the semis at their home world cup. He coached Bayern into the ground. I like the style that the US team initially had but at some point that has to translate into results, and preferably not against Haiti, you know, before the minnows in qualifying.

  83. Khan says:

    That first half was probably the most technically sound, team-oriented half I’ve ever seen from the USMNT. There were some triangles and give-and-gos that looked completely out of place with the USMNT, but the flowing touches in the final third were beautiful.

    Keep in mind that Lichaj will be taking over the left back position when he is healthy, Williams will be moving inside to CM with Johnson and Torres while Donovan and Shea play the wings.

  84. RangerSG says:

    Germany’s 4-3-3 had Miroslav Klose. So yes, it still needs a hold-up forward.

    And Buddle had one moment where he held the ball up. Altidore won several fouls in the 1st half, and played well. There was only 1 time I saw his touch let him down, when he hospital balled Deuce.

    But Agudelo misfired on several passes, and I don’t recall Buddle making a meaningful one.

    The bottom line, we don’t need a 33 year old striker in the World Cup unless he’s on a goal-a-game form. Buddle isn’t.

  85. Khan says:

    That was the first runout Ream has gotten with Klinsmann and it was obviously him throwing Ream a bone because they were in NY.

    Seriously, it was his first run out in any manner.

  86. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    All Beckerman does is pass the ball back. USA plays to defensively and we never had a chance in the 2nd half.

  87. The Imperative Voice says:

    Both Spector and Ream cost us. Just too slow for the level. Realistically they are competing for sub jobs, but I’d like to see subs play well.

    If Dolo’s going to play like that I want Chandler back right but then you reopen the whole LB can of worms. One can argue that we’ve gone from sucking at LB to making due at RB, shifting the problem around. Is there no natural RB? I really liked Chandler’s ability to do his job and get forward, it would really help create chances right now.

  88. The Imperative Voice says:

    We could really use a Shea-type in the middle instead of one of Edu or Beckerman. I know Donovan is out and that might be the concept, but there was a Houston Dynamo-esque lack of virtuosity in the center of the final 3rd. You’ve got Dempsey and Shea doing stuff down the wings, someone needs to create up Route 1.

    All due respect to your Gooch complaints but he had a good game and showed that when healthy he’s notches better than Ream, et al.

  89. Bryan V says:

    GK: Howard
    RB: Chandler
    CB: Onyewu
    CB: Bocanegra
    LB: Lichaj
    RM: Holden
    CM: Williams
    CM: Johnsom
    LM: Dempsey
    CF: Donovan
    ST: Altidore

  90. The Imperative Voice says:

    I like Torres in a game that might call for keeping possession but I think you are right that he is not a #10, he’s a Holden-type small-ball pass and leave type. Tap tap tap. What we need is someone who can slide throughballs to attackers.

  91. gbs says:

    There is a reason klinsman got run out of munich within a year. He can’t coach!

  92. Jon says:

    I love how people assume you have to “earn” your spot with club play. I don’t see Giovanni Dos Santos doing that with Mexico…

  93. Marco says:

    Because of injuries, Klinsmann gets a pass on no attacking mids. Edu was rubbish. But his claim that he chose the best available players which includes Ream and Orozco is nonsense. He needs to be un-Bradley and drop them quickly.

  94. The Imperative Voice says:

    Jozy up top? That’s half the problem. It’s a bulldozer front to an emerging Ferrari. Like playing Heskey up top for England.

    No Jones? Best DM of the bunch and one thing we miss is a DM who can both hold em and setup the other way. The other Germans in your lineup are flavors of the month who’ve not even played a lick at the spot for us.

  95. Khan says:

    Because someone on the board disliked him? Because that’s the reason he left, not anything to do with performance of the team was only 1 win out of first place. Clueless.

  96. Marco says:

    Ream has nice touch and skills, but he doesn’t have any fire, toughness. He can get that at club.

  97. Since 82 says:

    IMO, by far, the biggest current problem with the team. Need more Adu, Holden, and Torres.

  98. Khan says:

    For the January camp I think we see this lineup…


  99. The Imperative Voice says:

    One thing I worry about long term with a Gooch-Boca CB tandem is who knows what shape Boca is in, in 2 years. Might be the best duo now but you might be risking Reyna 2006 if you put the eggs too certainly in that basket for 2014. Players get old and the pair of O-30 backs scare me.

  100. Marco says:

    I wouldn’t care if we lost every friendly and got better every game.

  101. SuperChivo says:

    He’s not an Iniesta, and he couldn’t even play one on TV.

  102. Marco says:

    Klinsmann has improved two positions, LB, LW, Chandler and Shea. He has also improved possession. Some injuries are preventing the mid-field from joining the attack. Edu and Beckerman are not the answer. The only thing that bothers me will be if the team doesn’t improve or that he keeps non-performers, Orozco and Ream should be dropped.

  103. Primoone says:

    So hows that Tim Ream stock looking?

    By the looks of it…Orozco is #2 behind Captainegra

  104. george3000 says:

    Regarding Tim Ream, the only reason I can see as to why JK keeps calling him up is that he is making roster selections bases solely on the possession/distribution aspect of the game. I think we can all agree Omar and Cameron (sp?) are superior defenders.

    That being said, the fact that Orozco Fiscal is not (to my mind) a much better defender than Ream brings up an interesting point. Is the 4-3-3 posession oriented system able to function without able passing defenders?

  105. Brian says:

    Who the hell is doing the play-by-play for Mexico vs. Brazil? DUDE IS TERRIBLE!

  106. mike Bassett says:

    Jonathon Spector is done! He gave the ball up and then got burned by the guy he gave it up to.

    Tim ream is not ready.

  107. Brian says:

    Ummm….you do realize that hardly ANY of these players will be there for the January camp? It’s called Camp Cupcake for a reason. Aguelo, Shea, Adu and Donovan might be there and that’s it.

  108. dave says:

    im sick of the heskey comparisons he plays nothing like heskey. jones might be the best DM if he gets playing time with his club but that might not happen for another year. The “other germans” are probably only flavors of the month to you because your not familiar with the bundesliga,However i would switch Holden to the middle, Johnson/shea on the left, and switch dempsey and donovan (RM).

  109. mike Bassett says:

    In thought Agudelo’s first touch was great and he did hold the ball up very well! The problem was that the “B” team got subbed in and he had no one giving him service.

    I think that if we want to see what Agudelo can do then he should start In these friendlies with the best players on the field to support him.

  110. dave says:

    No need to call up any of them. Ream isnt ready, and john and Gonzalez arent of the caliber we should be looking for. The starting centerbacks should be gooch, boca, goodson, and on the outside looking in; JA brooks, boss, and those three players. No reason to get worked up now if young players dont come through the ranks in three years we can throw in some mls guys but unless there is major injury i would rather see Gooch and Boca backed up by goodson.

  111. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think we are missing mature, effective wing play in terms of creating more chances. I know you’re stereotypically not supposed to say Bradley did anything right, it’s Before Klinsi and After Klinsi but Dempsey and Donovan was an effective wing combo, they can play this open style just like Bradley’s controlled style, and the wing play would improve. Shea is creative but I’m not sure he’s a hard working wing for real at this level.

    So I’d suggest:
    Davies Shea
    Dempsey Jones ?AM? Donovan
    ?LB? Gooch Boca Chandler

    Torres Holden
    Altidore Bunbury
    Agudelo etc.

  112. Benny says:

    Yes, he is not that great. Brazil, with 10 men is beating Mexico. After the Mexican goal, Brazil has just dominated. As for the U.S., Klinsi knows exactly what he is going. I would be worried if the U.S. played terrible, but they did not. Klinsi will have them ready for qualifying.

  113. The Imperative Voice says:

    But he’s fixed LB by playing Chandler on his wrong foot, which kills his offense, and weakens a RB position where I think he’d be killer. Pretty soon people are going to be asking for someone to replace Dolo Spector et al. and you’ll be back where you started. I can’t believe in 3 years we can’t make someone into a LB. Maybe as some say if Lichaj does heal up OK….

  114. Not many people could play the way iniesta plays. Torres is what people want Bradley to be: someone who can control the pace of the game with quick accurate passes and can change the point of attack from one side of the field to the other. You can’t expect your central midfields to score the goals for this team. If you look at te first few games with Torres in them that is exactly what you got. Throw in an inform Bradley behind him so he does less defensive work and the middle of the field looks better.

    I think the issues tonight was that in the second half we completely bypassed the best player on the field which was Dempsey . We just started
    to boot the ball up field and hope we got the ball in the right place.

  115. pd says:

    Mexico Mexico Mexico ….

    Let El Tri run their race and the US run theirs….

  116. Keith says:

    This was the first time I got to see the UMNT live since the 1994 second round 1-0 loss to Brazil, so it was a treat since I’ve watched virtually every other game on t.v.


    – Dempsey was the best player on the field. He seemed to be getting frustrated at times that his teammates weren’t on the same page, especially for some of those brilliant ‘no look’ passes.

    – Gooch is definitely back. He even looked more mobile and composed with the ball, at least in a game where Ecuador didn’t exert a ton of defensive pressure.

    – First 20 minutes looked great. Shea looked to be clicking with Chandler and Dempsey. For some reason, he lost his momentum & creativity after that — like a musician who suddenly forgot the tune.

    – Chandler is solid on attack and defense. Tireless & rugged. Made the adjustment to LB

    – Altidore looked great as a target forward.


    – Danny Williams — still not sure what kind of player he is.

    – Midfield playmaker — still need to find one. Bradley tried in the second half, but wasn’t very effective.

    – Is Steve C just a bit tired, or is his international career coming to a close?


    – passing was pretty bad at times

    – some guys seem to tentative to spring the quick pass on attack. Dempsey looked frustrated about that…

    – maybe Ecuadorean defenders are fast, but we seemed to lack aggressive speed on the flanks of the attack.

    Finally, let’s not dump on Tim Ream too much. I think the guy has a really good upside. He has good field vision and passing skills. Timing and judgement on marking players is still under development, at least at the international level.



  117. mike Bassett says:

    I thought Beckerman wasn’t quite up to snuff. He got tired as well, which is understandable, given the amount of games he’s been playing for club and country.

    Bradley should be starting.

  118. The Imperative Voice says:

    This is not Germany! Klinsi didn’t win with Germany! What we need is someone who can combine technique and speed and it’s not dear god Jozy or Buddle, and it’s not Agudelo as of today, it’s someone more like Dempsey, Donovan, and/or Davies. We knock it around and can’t quite link up or finish in the final 3rd. Solution, find forwards with those attributes. Unless the plan is hopefully whacking crosses or depending on the occasional postup, Jozy is not the answer. I know people are peeved with Heskey comparisons and Jozy isn’t hopeless, but it remains a sledgehammer at the nose of a Ferrari, it kills the style and the efficiency.

  119. The Imperative Voice says:

    I like Agudelo more as a supersub now. I think coming off the bench with his skills and ability to create, he’s cool. But if he plays for 90 he disappears, can’t link up, offense fizzles. People forget he doesn’t even start at RBNY. There’s a reason why.

  120. The Imperative Voice says:

    Cameron is very raw, dives in, ball watches. He is also athletic and a fighter. What he needs is Kinnear to leave him alone at CB and to maybe drill a little discipline into him. If he got that treatment he might be your answer in a year, he does have a Gooch-like ability to physically dominate players, win balls, and even get forward. But he needs to be settled at the spot and work on his soccer IQ, get smarter.

  121. Dimidri says:

    I wonder how many of the people here commenting on how much of a beast Gooch is were attacking him with mean-spirited comments a mere couple of weeks ago. The attacks on his almost always seemed personal, and failed to recognize his particular skill set and the severity of his injury.

  122. mike Bassett says:

    At least Nike gave us the red jersey. You know how many years I waited for that?

  123. Marco says:

    Exactly, GM Hoeness hated him, said he wouldn’t bring in anymore players in Jan.

  124. OC says:

    Gooch attacking was comical?

    Many great CB’s get involved in the attack and help create chances. Re Pique at Barca and especially recently in the Clasicos (don’t remember his backheel assist?), Lucio and David Silva all the time for Brazil, etc.

    I can’t believe you would go the critical route instead of congratulate Gooch for adding yet another element to his already stellar set of assets for our team.

  125. Dominghosa says:

    Thank you. This team is playing better. Let’s hope the end results — goals, wins — will come. It’s crazy how negative some people see everything.

  126. Marco says:

    That is the essence of sport, you’re only as good as your last performance. Gooch was rubbish last year, tonight he was a monster. That’s sports.

  127. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think we got drilled by an Ecuador side in qualifying mode. And I think some players like Williams were out there not so much to play their true spot as to show their gameday bona fides. I think we simply wanted to gauge his level but also more urgently are still DM-shopping for who can play the position besides Jones. So we saw a lot of Edu and Beckerman. I think that’s where Williams goes eventually but I really don’t see him as more than depth…..and he’s not really a wing, I think that much we saw.

    The prime directive for a defender is to defend. He is in the CB spot where you can’t pull some Jonny Spector and hide him on defense to use him for offense. If he can’t do the basic job right, even on his home field, pass, on to the next guy. I mean, has he had one good game in the shirt?

  128. MicahK says:

    The way Klinsmann is leading the team and his record he does not need to be to be throwing bones. We lost to a partially stacked Ecuadorian team. Who cares if he is in NY he looked like a pushover letting that header go in and in his home stadium. GOOD JOB REAM THANKS FOR REWARDING THE FANS BY GIVING US ANOTHER L ON OUR RECORD!!!!!! The Klinsmann era needs to end he does not know what he is doing trying out a new system is stupid. he just needs to do a 4-4-2 and get Beckerman out the middle. He also needs to bring Edu on as a sub Edu has been been horrible the last nats performances.

  129. CA says:

    I must say I’m surprised with all the negative comments on here. I thought we played not a great game, but at a very minimum, a decent game, where the lone goal came from a mistake from a guy who isn’t even a starter.

    I think people need to calm down.

  130. Pete Wilson says:

    I love the formation, we’re only one piece away from doing damage. Edu’s spot on the field just needs to be occupied by someone with higher technical ability. doesn’t have to be an out n out CAM, but needs to have just a wee bit more offensive creativity (holden, torres, mixx, benny feilhaber, adu if he played any Defense, Hell… maybe even Sacha?) and then I think we’re good.

  131. The Imperative Voice says:

    How many games has Jozy played this year and how many goals does he have for us? Not AZ, us? I think he is a poor fit for a flowing offense and a crude finishing tool for a team that’s supposed to be a roaring offensive machine. He either needs to get amazingly fit and energetic, or his skills need to jump a bunch up, or he’s going to be the anvil holding down a quick and technical side. I don’t need a header and postup guy to front a total football attack. I need someone who can keep up with the play, run around like mad, link up like a midfielder, and finish the chances he gets. That is soooo not Jozy and you only keep him if you want more of the same, AZ form or not.

    Just based on what I saw, Jones would still play over Williams, even in disuse. I’m not sure Williams is better than Bradley or Edu if you actually play him where he belongs. Ergo, flavor of the month.

    In terms of F. Johnson, he may be all you say but until he’s pulled on the jersey it’s all hype, flavor of the month. Tonight should re-emphasize that I don’t care if you’re playing for AZ or Rangers, I still need you showing up for the US and creating things here for it to matter. So I want to see this Johnson guy come here and wow me before I insert him into the lineup and hand him the keys to the car.

  132. cajun says:

    dave and The Imperative Voice…I understand both of you. The problem I have with the reasoning is that Ream has played under the bright lights and media of NYC and the east coast in general leading to numerous SBI readers (and SBI himself) hyping him up as the ‘second coming of *fill in the blank* since the day he stepped on the pitch for the Red Bulls. He has had a plethora of chances to prove himself internationally with nary (or minimal) a chance for Gonzo, Cameron,and John. I’m not saying any of them will be ‘inherently superior’ to Ream, but they DO deserve a chance to prove it one way or the other. After tonight, I suggest they can’t do any worse than Reams body of work in all of his call ups. I’d also suggest that if the likes of John and Cameron were role reversed with Ream club wise, they would have both had a comparable chance to prove themselves as Ream has had already…Bottom line? We’ll never know until(if) it happens.

  133. Hush says:

    Funny how everyone is worrying about our wack a$$ Instead of worrying about defense why not worry about how the hell are we going to score GOALS!!!

    I will continue to say it on SBI, the only creator and offensive player who can create or attract defenses is FREDDY FU$&@%# ADU!!!! You want to score or atleast get some clear chances on goal, then call Adu’s little a$$ to camp. I’m sick in tired of the constant ADU bashing about his defensive work too,.. did anyone actually see our TRUE defenders today??? Spector & Ream make ADU look like Urlacher!!! We need to score!! How can we want ADU to defend if our defenders can’t even defend if their lifes depended on it.

    Bottom line the little bastard creates chances! He saved our a$$es in the Gold Cup, and as soon as he hits the pitch for the U.S we will start scoring again. Mark my words!

    I don’t care if ADU has one leg and one eye, put his little midget a$$ on the pitch!

    Altidore, Agudelo, or Dempsey on top with ADU behind them. Shea & Donovan on the wings. Simple….

    Players that should not wear a U.S jersey!

    1.Spector. PERO WOW!
    2. Ream. Fiscal is way superior. Very sad.
    3. Beckerman. We have players who can defend and pass the ball backwards. He is a good MLS player, below average International player. AFUERA!!
    4. Buddle. Ok. But we have Jozy & Bunbury. Similar players. AFUERA.

  134. mistadobolina says:

    these mid-week 2nd game in the intern’l fixture games never go well. its a lot of travel and tuff games to boot.

    not a bad game, but simple things that shouldn’t have happened. Looking forward to the next game in November.. in paris??

  135. Hush says:

    Gooch was a beast! I was right, the boy is back. Now if only Chuck D can get back.

    Shea once again was the spark. The kid has crazy talent.

    Gooch & Shea my MVP’s today!

  136. Justa Guy says:





  137. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think 2 DM-types was overkill, I really hope the premise was to try them out and see who he liked for future reference and not to tactically and purposefully kill the flowing offense by playing 2 DMs.

    Torres and Holden are hurt but Feilhaber might have been an interesting against-grain choice. Mixx may get his chance again this winter (and whatever happened to Bedoya? not wise to move to Rangers IMO). But then you start making Bradley-esque reference to Adu and Sacha and I start grumbling. Those two are not international standard, I’m not even sure Mixx is either. If I can play a random, converted German chosen by drawing straws — or a serious international mid like Bradley, Benny, et al. — who’s probably better than them, why bother. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s don’t make too much of one good showing at the Gold Cup.

  138. sir coble says:

    I liked his game in nashville.

  139. Alex G says:

    Give JK time, he will find us the results we deserve, better players are coming and I believe this process is getting better.

  140. RV says:

    Man you guys are really freaking out about these friendlys. I mean no one likes to lose, but I don’t think Jurgen’s main goal is to win as many games as possible, but try to experiment and hopefully win some games. He hasn’t been lucky.

    You guys also forget that Jurgen has much more leeway than Bob ever had when he came in. When Bob came in he was an interim coach and nothing was guarenteed. He had to win or someone else got the job. Jurgen has his job and is no interim coach, so he can be as experimental as he wants until the games get for real.

  141. dantheblue says:

    Our passing is sloppy with a few exquisite sequences but then back to sloppy. I’m SICK of watching our sloppy ball handling in the final third. We are 2/3’s of the way there but that elusive final 1/3 frustrates the heck out of me.

    Beckerman is NOT an international player. Edu didn’t look himself tonight. I like Chandler and Williams and Shea is a monster. However, those 3 were also sloppy with exquisite sequences.

    Omar does NOT allow that header to even occur. Enough said.

  142. Glory Glory says:

    Two right footed, slow, touchless “athletic” CB’s. Becoming an American specialty. Give it till camp cupcake and then I’d rather see Cameron or hell even AJ Soares. Solid year as a rookie, left footed and if you get him engrained enough could become another Bocanegra. Don’t think John or Gonzalez will be anything more than upfield lumpers who play above average MLS defense.

  143. Louis Z says:

    well, Mexico lost the game with one man advantage in a span of 5 minutes.

    Mexico can move the ball the way we wish we could. JK has his work cut-out. At least Gooch is back. JK, if you are reading this, please give Williams a shot in the inside and move Edu to CB backup, I hear Ream decided to give up his spot.

  144. Louis Z says:

    there is mexican saying about teir national team…”Jugamos como nunca pero perdemos como siempre” translation it says…”we play like never before but we lost like always”

  145. Big Chil says:

    That was a disappointing result. 0-0 would also have been a disappointing result.

  146. Louis Z says:

    no question about it…we are falling behind to mexico. we need to get act in order, fast!

  147. theraccoun says:

    I agree with this.

    Wow, sometimes I really have no idea why I go on here after the US loses. Overall, I think that our play was solid, and I really enjoy watching it. I get excited every time Shea has the ball at his feet, and I think Altidore has been extremely solid every time he’s played.

    God I wish we could figure out our CB’s at some point. Hopefully sometime in my lifetime the US will have quality center backs who are fast enough to keep up with the worlds best. Speed does seem like it’s becoming (and always has been) an issue with our back line, along with questionable positioning.

  148. Jackal says:

    So according to you AZ doesn’t run a free flowing offense an offense that Jozy has scored 7 goals for.

  149. Nick says:

    I don’t understand how ppl can keep saying that Adu doesn’t “deserve” a call back in. We need a midfielder besides Dempsey with some creativity and 1v1 skills. Look at the US in the Gold Cup when Adu was in! Completely different team! Bring him in Klinsi!! Just think of how he’d link up with Dempsey, Shea, Lando, and Williams!!

  150. Kevin_Amold says:

    I’d rather watch us win. I don’t care how it is accomplished.

  151. Mwing09 says:

    Can’t agree more, Cajun. So many people love hating on Altidore, but the fact of the matter is that most of the time the ball is just booted up field to him and he has little to no help in the attacking third. I think the infusion of Shea has added some creativity and opportunities. However, I got sick of the Edu-Bradley combo of two more defensively gifted CMs, hopefully Klinsmann will add Torres to the mix or Holden will spark some attack when he gets back.

  152. Jeff O says:

    “Who honestly deserves a callup”

    M Farfan. Enough said.

  153. Mwing09 says:

    The internet doesnt lend itself well to sarcasm…but if youre not being sarcastic…it’s because his leg is currently in two pieces.

  154. Kevin_Amold says:

    He had a string of horrific games and was rightfully left out of the side for a while. I thought he was done. I, of course, am happy to be proven wrong.

    There was nothing personal about “attacks” on him, the attacks were on the level of his play.

  155. Since 82 says:

    Thank you. Jozy is the least of our problems right now.

  156. Mwing09 says:

    In contrast, I dont think there is anything wrong with a methodical attack. Also, its better to keep possession and go backwards than boot the ball upfield and hope Jozy can hold off all 4 defenders in time for help to reach him. If you really thought Bradley’s approach was more fun to watch than Klinsmann’s….I dont even know. Granted, I understand this approach hasnt turned into W’s yet, but thats because it takes time to develop this system. But cmon, Bradley’s approach may have been tactically smart given our player pool and opponents, but immensely harder to watch.

  157. Justa Guy says:

    Adu is the obvious choice for central attacking mid. Shea and Donovan on the flanks, Dempsey and Altidore in front, and I think the goals will come.

  158. Since 82 says:

    + 2

  159. beachbum says:

    wise indeed

  160. syght says:

    I could care less about the result (or the lack of a goal, honestly). I’m happy to the see the U.S. continue in its quest to play attractive attacking football. It’s not going to happen overnight, and yes, we may not have the players for it just yet. But you have to keep trying to play that way for now, and when we do bring in new blood (Mixx, Gatt, Gyau, Agudelo, Johnson, Williams, Brooks, etc.) they can be the players we need.

    As far as tonight’s match, thoughts:

    – Jozy’s hold up play has improved immensely and he has been combining well with Shea. Great to see. As long as he keeps getting PT, he will continue to improve and the goals in the USA kit will come.
    – Shea can be a star for us. Another great game. Keep your head down and keep working hard to improve, kid.
    – Dempsey looked tired in the second half, and was starved for decent service. He still dribbles too much for my liking but Deuce is Deuce and we love him.
    – Williams needs more reps with the team, but I like the kid. Definitely needs to be playing centrally as opposed to on the outside (JK probably wanted to see what he could do offensively, though, and w/o LD I understand trying him out there).
    – Edu has looked like crap for a long time. Maybe he’s alright in a pure defensive mid role (and even there he’s not my first choice), but his touch is crap, he whiffs on way too many shots in the box and single-handedly killed much of our offensive moves in the first half.
    – Beckerman looked alright. Tired, but good work defensively. I don’t mind Beckerman on the Nats, maybe not starting, but he does well to break up attacks (though I’d be wary of pitting him against top caliber squads).
    – Chandler looked great on the left. His chemistry w/ Shea is evident.
    – Boca killed me all game. He was booting away possession more than Gooch normally does. That said, we don’t have any better options. Sigh.
    – Gooch looked great, though I’d still be wary of him and Boca against better competition. So happy he’s back. I hope he can hold down that starting spot until one of the youngsters is ready (Ream, Brooks, Boss, Fehr, everyone’s favorite MLSer).
    – Dolo got burned and lost possession there a few times, but I attribute part of that to his lack of chemistry with Williams and lack of club form. True, he’s getting long in the tooth, but ideally he can continue to hold us down there until Lichaj is back in our set-up.

    I was never big on hating on MB90, but goodness gracious if I had a nickel for ever lateral or back pass from him in Ecuador’s half I’d be a rich man. I absolutely hate that. He slows down the attack and enables the defense to reset. Put him in that purely defensive mid role and keep him there. His set piece delivery was crap too. One corner too short, one too long, one free kick too high. His second free kick delivery was nice, however.

    Spector looked terrible. No pace and way too nervy on the ball. Beasley is a nice guy to have off the bench, but that’s about it. No wide play or service from him, eh. Agudelo did his normal thing, I like him off the bench for a spark. Kid is young, no need to rush him. Let’s keep bringing him along slowly until he gets regular PT for NYRB. Buddle was alright but he offers us nothing we can’t get from Bunbury (and is older).

    Big mistake for Ream. Kid’s not ready yet. He can and should be a good member of the Nats one day, but not now. Let him keep working and improving and then call him back up.

    Moving forward, I’d love to see the following if we’re gonna continue with this kinda formation/set-up:


    Agudelo and Bunbury for Jozy, Beasley and Gatt (one day) for the wings, Torres and Adu for Holden, Edu/Williams/Beckerman for Bradley.

    The results and goals will come. For now, I trust Klinsi to continue to coax more creativity, movement, and possession from our boys. It’s going to take some time to transform the team, and figure out the right players to excel in the new type of football we’re playing.

    Chicken Littles, STFU.

  161. beachbum says:

    I can’t disagree. Another would be CJ Sapong for his holdup play alone to help the backline with his blossoming holdup target skills up top. Crack the D like that a couple of times while they’re pressing us with disrespect and all of the sudden there’s more space to play out of the back too

  162. LikinWhat ISEE says:

    Despite the loss I like what I see so far. No caricatures for this fan. The team is playing up tempo for a half at least and when Klinsi gets all the players that he wants and they are in the shape that he expects this U.S. team will be a force. J. Jones and F. Adu will eventually see time and will likely play key roles as this team eventually cracks the world top 10.

  163. Two Cents says:

    The main reason we lost is because of all the switches. When our starting squad was out there, Ecuador was not creating dangerous chances and we had most of the possession of the ball. It’s not even to say that the players that came in were at fault, but it definitely isn’t helpful making wholesale changes at once. It throws off the whole dynamic. Replacing a guy at a time here and there, that would make more sense, but I also understand the idea of getting a look at everyone.

    Beasley was going into the middle far too much, we needed more width on the left. Beckerman was just okay yet again (not good enough for this level I think). Edu has been consistently inconsistent. He plays well, then gives up possession, but then finds himself in a dangerous spot, and then loses the ball in another. Certainly not a great game, but he certainly didn’t derail anything. Dolo was getting burned quite a bit, I’m hoping due to the fact he played a few days ago for the entire game in terrible weather conditions. Buddle did well I thought. He was starved of service, but was winning a lot of balls in the air to start forward movement. It didn’t help at all that Bradley and Beckerman were in the center of midfield in that their vision is sorely lacking. Also, Beasley kept getting in the middle, which congested our attempts at attack. Williams was nonexistent for the most part. Nothing bad, but nothing good. He’s got talent but out of position because we lack wingers and CAM’s on this particular roster. Ream was okay with one major mistake, a mistake we simply can’t afford. I’ve never been a fan, but I certainly wasn’t hoping for him to fail. His lack of defensive positioning killed us. Gooch was a beast and Boca did much better than the Honduras game.

    Shea, Gooch, and Chandler were by far the best with Dempsey coming pretty close to their level, and Altidore right behind. Altidore being aggressive again, putting us in good positions, but that hit to the head got him pulled. It was a nice move too.

    I think when we get/get back Fabian Johnson, Donovan, Holden, Bedoya, Klestjan, Adu, Gonzalez, John, and Lichaj (hopefully I didn’t forget anyone), we’ll be far better off. I think part of the reason we weren’t as good on offense as we could have been (we were creating some good chances though) was because we were missing a lot of attacking/creative players. Since the Olympics will be the test for the likes of Mixx, Gatt, Boss, and many other young players, I didn’t include them in that list.

  164. angler23 says:

    @boosted335 – His ‘people’??? Ignorant of MLS based player??? Klinsman has lived in So Cal for something like 13 years and has been involved with MLS more than any other league since getting the boot from Bayern. He was involved with Toronto FC before the US gig and I’ve seen him at a number of Galaxy games in the last couple of months (Bob Bradley still shows up regularly at Galaxy game too). In other words – Klinsman is very familiar with Omar G, more so than Ream who plays on the other side of the country. As for his staff, Martin Vasquez has been assistant coach to both the Galaxy and Chivas USA, again, no stranger to MLS talent, Gonzalez in particular. I think the Ream preference derives from his passing skills. I think Omar has improved in this category lately and has been a brick at the back for the Galaxy who have the best defense in the league.

  165. Justa Guy says:

    This looks a lot like the lineup I proposed above. I confess: I have not seen Holden play. How to you think he compares to Adu? I was very impressed with Adu in the Gold Cup–creative, exciting, aggressive.

  166. TimReamBlows says:

    I’d like to thank SBI and the NY Media for overhyping Tim Ream for the last year and a half. The guy is a prospect but he is not and has never been worthy of national team caps. If he works his way up he could get there in the future but he ain’t close right now.

  167. Jackal says:

    Talk to The Imperative Voice apparently Jozy doesn’t belong anywhere near a free flowing style of play like he plays at AZ. AZ made a bad investment I guess. So he shouldn’t touch the pitch for the U.S.

  168. cairo says:

    Most people here are crazy. We looked good in the first half, had some chances. Chandler and Shea look really good together–Chandler ran a zillion miles today and always makes the overlapping run. Great motor.
    Add someone creative in Edu’s place (probably Freddy Adu because there’s no one else) or change the formation.
    And people hate on Beckerman, but he breaks up plays and is a decent passer. Good for where Klinsy plays him.
    Relax all–we are making progress, and have figured a few things out. We’ve added useful players to the pool (Chandler, Shea, Williams) and identified some pretenders. Add Donovan and win tonight’s game, I think.

  169. Jackal says:

    I swear the way The Imperative Voice has being going on about Jozy seems like Jozy did something wrong to him. Jozy scores 7 goals in a free flowing offense but some how he’s not fit to play in the U.S version. I don’t know how you can watch him in the last 1 1/2 game and said he isn’t the best striker we have right now. He’ making good run holding the ball well, the pass for his run just haven’t been there. People talk about not having dribbling skill but he’s been the only person besides shea and dempsey taht has beaten someone 1v1 or 1v2 in the last 2 friendly. He may not be world class but he’s good enough to be the starter for our team.

  170. boosted335 says:

    ok, then explain how they could rate John so low despite his good touch/passing/composure not even mentioning his D or athletic ability…?!?

    Its either ignorance or stupidity…

    I prefer to think its ignorance because an ignorant person can become knowledgeable very quickly.

    Stupidity lasts a lot longer

  171. Jackal says:

    That’s the point the U.S hasn’t played terribly in the last few friendly and has looked the better side the only thing missing is finishing.

  172. boosted335 says:

    RE: John
    Because John has respect for his heritage and is good enough to be invited to train for the Greeks and for Blackburn to tentatively offer the MLS a multi million bid for his services he shouldn’t get a chance for our Nats? OK

    Blackburn made said offer on the strength of his CLUB play that you seem to think is sub par yet hes been the highest rated player on his club team ALL year and BY FAR according to the castrol index..a team which includes Brek Shea.

    Your take on John is perplexing…but you didn’t stop there..

    Hes the best defender on the best defense in the league. He may be slow but hes not any slower than Gooch from what I can see. Like Gooch he makes up for his lack of pace with excellent position. He deserves a chance to prove his worth period.

    It is very strange that you would not like to see them or Cameron get a shot. You must feel Gooch, Boca, Goodson are not only impervious to injuries but also to aging

  173. GW says:

    You’re acting like this was a knockout game in the World Cup.

    It wasn’t.

    Ream was out there because Boca was clearly gassed and needed a rest. Ream is his backup. My guess is he has been getting all these call ups so that they could see if he could learn something from Boca. I guess it hasn’t taken yet.

    I don’t see his insertion as a mistake.

    You’ve got to find out about the kid sooner or later and better now than later when it might really mean something in a real game. That is exactly what these games are about.

    It was a bad time to put a kid into a spot (central defender who primarily moves the ball out of defense to the attack)with a lot of pressure. But that is exactly how you learn about someone’s true character.

    JK was clearly putting Ream into the pressure cooker to see how he would handle it.

    JK has a nice media presence but he is very ruthless.

    If you ever saw him play you would understand that.

    John and Gonzalez would contend for Gooch’s position. I haven’t seen that much of them but Gonzo strikes me as a younger, clumsier, less skilled and less mobile version of Gooch. From what I’ve seen of John he’s not as clumsy as Omar.

    I’d be surprised if either of them gets into camp anytime soon. I believe that is JK’s view of them, not “his people’s” view, if such “people” exist. You know, the man was hired as some kind of personnel consultant for TCF , which is in MLS. And he’s lived in California all these years and I’m willing to bet he knows more about the Galaxy and Chivas players of the last couple of years than just about anyone.

    The guy is only now getting his assitants ly under contract so you know this is mostly his show. He could probably stand to have some “people”.

    Given that Goodson is still out there, that is four guys at least, contending for one spot. None of them are particularly mobile but all are very good in the air.

    The problem here is trying to replace Boca and of the current pool, only Ream and possibly Parkhurst fit that mold.

    Unlike you, I could not care less about the FIFA ranking,

    Ecuador is currently ranked #50 and the US is #31. You saw the game.

    What does that tell you about FIFA rankings?

  174. GW says:

    Gonzo is clumsy and slow.

    Where do you go to learn how to be agile and fast?

    Gonzo will have to move elsewhere and tune up his skills like Gooch did. Until he does that there is no need to call him into the national team because he isn’t going to develop those skills with them.

  175. abc says:

    Take out Adu, who is barely an above-average MLS player, put in Holden/Feilhaber/Diskerud/Fabian Johnson.

    Move Chandler to RB.

    Replace Bocanegra with Goodson.

    Put Fabian Johnson or Lichaj at LB.

    We need to start moving on from Bocanegra and Cherundolo, they should be occasional starters but mainly substitutes.

    Bradley backed up by Williams/Edu, neither one should be a starter for us.

  176. GW says:

    “Why aren’t we calling for CP?”

    Beacause Pontius broke his leg in September.

    You could call him up but the cast makes it difficult to control the ball.

  177. boosted335 says:

    John is a lumper who is
    has no touch,
    and cant use his left foot?

    You sir are as wrong as you are ignorant

  178. Carl says:

    I liked what I see from certain players. I felt we didn’t learn much because the players we’d expect to be strong were generally strong, those we thought would be mediocre in quality were just that, and the one guy everybody knows doesn’t belong proved it.

    My player rankings:

    Howard – 7
    Chandler – 7
    Gooch – 7
    Boca – 6
    Dolo – 4
    Edu – 4
    Beckerman – 6
    Shea – 7
    Williams – 6
    Dempsey – 6
    Altidore – 6

    Beasley – 5
    Bradley – 7
    Buddle – 7
    Spector – 6
    Ream – 2

  179. Jeff says:

    To me, this is a lineup that reflects our best options, obviously given Holden’s eventual return to health. See if anyone steps up to usurp a spot in that A Group.

  180. Colin says:

    This loss is a good thing. It’s time to bring Feilhaber and Adu in as well as Cameron, John, and Gonzalez. Agudelo and Bunbury need to be given a start together. Clint Dempsey can’t beat teams by himself.

  181. EndofEdu says:

    Simply put, the offense looked stale and lackluster without Jozy and Shea. They kept the offensive rhythm going. Afterwards, just lacked ideas seemed to wait for someone to make a move. That never really happened. Sucks to see Shea taken off (though I understand why). I thought he coulda put one in the back of the net eventually.

    Maurice Edu sucks, I can’t count the many times I gave a frustrated “ughhhh” every time he touched the ball.

    All Beckerman does is back pass. Get a haircut or join occupy wall street.


  182. EndofEdu says:

    +1 Colin…. what does Bunbury have to do to see the field? Jeez…

  183. Answer says:

    You call winning 2-1 while down a man for half the game getting killed? That’s interesting.

  184. Carl says:

    Actually Ream was out there because Klinsmann called him up and put him out there.

    Ream is 24 he’s not really a kid. Neymar is a kid.

    If Ream’s character was the last quality to check off then this game would have been a good time to insert him, or perhaps a more meaningful game. But Ream’s problem is not character, it’s that he’s a poor defender. We can all see that from watching him in MLS. There are probably 10 central defenders in the pool better than him right now and at least a few are younger, as well.

  185. Answer says:

    Right now Gatt is the most overrated name in U.S. Soccer. He has never done ANYTHING to deserve an international call up. ANYTHING.

  186. Martha says:

    Can we stop the Tim Ream experiment? He sucks period. I just knew they’d score went in.of course he made beautiful passes…back to his goalie. He sucks defensively in MLS what makes anyone think he wouldn’t suck intl.
    He’s just not good enough and never will be.He has shown very little improvement.

    Ditto for Anguduelo since his first caps he hasn’t done a anything and he’s shown little if any improvement since his first callups. Again, he’s mediocre in MLS how does that translate to intl success ?

    Obvioulsy NJ Red Metros care little for developing players it just suck at it. They are more convened with putting their Jerseys on washed up intl players

  187. bort says:

    you’re going to be that guy? sweet contribution

  188. tp says:

    Much like under Bradley you can only go as far as your talent will take you. At least we look more professional- that is we don’t play like the ninth placed team in the SPL.

    What we have here is just a lack of overall talent to play at the highest level. Managers can not change that and you can’t go out and buy what you need. Other then Dempsey we just don’t have the horses at the highest level but at least we have a manager capable of developing them if he find them.
    Ladies and gentlemen that is the plain truth of it. Let’s wait and see if he can find the 10 he thinks he can mold.

  189. EndofEdu says:

    Is that a joke? Starting and playing for a 1st place team 90 minutes every week in a European league isn’t worth a simple call up? Isn’t it Klinnsman’s philosophy that players have to play?

    Gatt gets more playing time than Agudelo, if you wanna go that route.

    If you wanna go another, tell me that you would rather call in Jeff Larentowitz with a straight face.

    I didn’t say Gatt was Eden Hazard, but give the kid a look.

  190. Welshbean says:

    The Shat-List:

    I still chuckle at the retards who said and say; “Tim Ream is the best passer of all of our defenders. His touch and vision have brought the likes of the Arsenal scouts to offer a contract.” I agree whole heartedly that Tim Ream is pure garbage. He daunts around counting how many pretty lateral balls he plays and then makes a catastrophic mistake that costs the USMNT a win on national television.

    Beckerman; as I said it before and stand by what I said….NOT international caliber…he is number two on my Shat-list.

    Third is 100% Mo Edu; that guy has two brick feet and has some sort of volleying contact problem. He covers ground but most of the time it is making up for some sort of comical error he just created.

    Agedulo makes this list because of four things. He looks lost and is undersized for the international game…..he acts like he is 18! (insert troll tage here). He does not start for the freaking Redbulls; so why is he here??? I could have sworn that Klinsy said that he would not involve players who are not playing for their clubs.

    If we need goals why not bring in guys like Herc who is scoring in Mexico?

    In summery; it is pretty bad when the most attacking player on the night was Gooch. The man is a beast and certainly played like one…I will be the first to say…”welcome back son..wb!” RAWR!

  191. Northzax says:

    Well, cp does have a broken leg, which makes it tough to play.

  192. DC Josh says:

    Gooch, Chandler, Shea, Jozy, Dempsey = positives.

    Ream, Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Edu = negatives.

    We need to drop one of our central defensive midfielders, and add an attacking midfielder ALA Kjlestian, Adu, Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Donovan. Our attack is pathetic. Edu or Beckerman add NOTHING in the final third. We should line up like this in the next friendly:


  193. DC Josh says:

    Klinsmann won’t be molding anyone, the player’s development occurs at his club.

  194. bryan says:

    that was an own goal and mexico ended up losing the game despite being up a player for the entire second half. and they were in mexico.

  195. jb says:

    Bradley did nothing except crowd out Beckerman’s space. They were both playing as deep lying defensive center mids when we needed one to be in the attack. Dont know if that was by design or not but it was a big problem in the second half.

  196. bryan says:

    Completely agree with the positives and negatives DC Josh lists above.I think he biggest mistake was making as many changes at half as he did. I thought Edu and Beckerman needed to come out at halftime. Not Shea, Dolo or Jozy.

    Edu and Beckerman did not do well. Beckerman was better than Edu on the night, but in a more comfortable role. He did well defensively, but not offensively. Edu was a mess all night except for a few good touches/passes. Edu cannot play in that advanced role. I thought Williams needed to move into Edu’s spot with Bradley coming on for Beckerman and Beasley coming on for Edu. That would have left:


    I thought Spector was poor last night too. We all saw though, that Ream is NOT ready for this level. Whether or not John and OG should replace him is another issue. But it shows that Orozco is in better form and the better CB right now.

  197. AC says:

    Tim Ream needs a good, long break from international soccer….He needs to get his club form first before ever returning to the national team….

  198. Mario in QT says:

    The few things I took out of this game that stand out:

    The plusses:

    Gooch is back

    Chandler is your left back.

    The minuses:

    Specter is not USMNT material.

    Beasley is done.

    Ream (24)too late for MNT development.

    Beckerman lacks in field vision.

    Klinsi is doing a good job of building

    his team.

  199. Eddie says:

    Seriously, how about a little patience. Sure, Ream was responsible for the goal, probably out of his depth, and we will likely see others get a tryout at CB.

    Gooch was great last night, and his forays into the attack weren’t comical at all. If anything, that was encouraging.

    I’m also confident that Klinsmann is a more “educated soccer observer” than a random poster on an SBI forum.

  200. John says:

    Correction, Franco. Ayovi didn’t ‘rise above’ Tim Ream. He ran in front of Ream, who was caught completely napping. Again. Everyone loves Ream’s ball-playing, but the simple fact is that he doesn’t track runs well enough to play at this level. Not yet, anyhow.

  201. Jim says:

    I would like to point out that according to OPTA that Gooch had 29 successful passes and only 5 unsuccessful passes. Tim Ream in his short time on the feild had 9 successful passes and 3 unsuccessful. The data doesnt lie. Gooch passed well this game, and didn’t get his due credit. HE isn’t just a boot the ball up field player.

  202. bryan says:

    To add on, I think JK needs to look at Bedoya, Mixx and Sasha now. Outside of LD, we don’t have a natural right winger who has been called in. Bedoya can be that for us. Even if he is on the bench and Beasley or Shea plays on the right, we need depth there. Williams, while not bad, doesn’t look like he has the pace needed for playing out wide. Dempsey can play there, but we need him up top.

    Mixx and Sasha need a chance because with Holden and Torres hurt, we need find someone who can play in the advanced midfield role. Truth is, outside of Mixx, not a single one of those players are a natural “attacking” midfielder. But those four are what we have. LD could probably fill that role too, so long as we have Beasley or Bedoya to play wide. I’d also like to see Williams in that role as he stated he prefers that position.

    Finally, I think we need to give Davies another shot. We cannot finish to save our lives. CD is probably the best finisher we have. It’s probably worth getting him back into the mix.

    Going forward, I’d like to see JK start using the entire A team. I think has had enough time to judge the talent. We need a consistent lineup now to start playing with each other with this new style.

    I think our players should come from the following pool (I’m going to include injured players):

    GK: Howard, Hamid, Hannyman/Guzan/Rimando/Yedell
    D: Dolo, Chandler, Gooch, Boca, Goodson, Spector, Orozco, Johnson, Lichaj
    M: Mixx, Sasha, Torres, Holden, Beasley, Donovan, Williams, Shea, Bradley, Edu, Jones, Bedoya
    F: Dempsey, Alitdore, Agudelo, Buddle, Davies, Bunbury

  203. Eddie says:

    This is a good analysis, except I’d disagree with one thing: I thought Williams actually looked pretty good. He was in the attack a lot in the first half and I was lucky enough to be sitting a few rows from the pitch on that side. There is definitely quite a bit of talent there. I look forward to seeing him get more chances.

  204. bryan says:

    as someone below pointed out, “Gooch had 29 successful passes and only 5 unsuccessful passes. Tim Ream in his short time on the feild had 9 successful passes and 3 unsuccessful.”

    he doesn’t just boot the ball every time.

  205. SoccerInATL says:

    last comment. red bull arena gets very little support from soccer fans in that area. although they always say red bulls games are sold out half the stadium is empty every game. Its sad to see this carry over to when the us men’s national team shows up. I mean even Theirry Henry came. There isn’t 20k U.S. fans in that area?

    Can we please get a men’s nat team game in the south at some point? nashville is close enough. South flordia doesn’t count as its way too far of a drive for most southern cities. Of course Atlanta is ideal :-)

    sick of watching friendlies in smaller MLS stadiums that are still filled up with half of the other team’s fans.

  206. gbs says:

    in a year when we don’t qualify for the worldcup people will realize kilnsy is a long-winded theorist not a coach.

  207. bryan says:

    I’m sorry, but Orozco showed he can play in that position and is a good depth option. He’s 25, meaning he is only a year older than Ream and younger than Parkhurst. People want to act liek Orozco was Bornstein, but he played well. He had a few issues, but he’s clearly the second string and will be paired with Goodson.

  208. bryan says:

    Orozco was fine!!! Ream and Jeff L. are the question marks. Along with no Sasha.

  209. bryan says:

    Yeah, big coaching mistake by JK on that one. Bradley is not good at playing up either. Having Edu/Beckerman or Bradley/Beckerman leaves no one moving forward in the center of the midfield. That’s why I thought Williams needed to go into Edu’s spot, then Edu replaced with Beasley and Beckerman replaced with Bradley. Williams/Bradley would have, likely, done a better job.

  210. bryan says:

    John, Omar, Adu and Feilhaber should be included in this list too.

  211. away goals says:

    “At worse, this team should have been able to maintain its form, not get worse.”

    This is incorrect. Making the switch from the Bradley pragmatism to the JK fluidity was always going to involve some early struggling.

    The rationale is that the fluidity has a higher ceiling long term. You have to pay a steeper start up cost, but the overall gains will be greater.

    If we want to play a more attractive game, we’ll have to go through this sooner or later.

  212. Sir Nigel Aghaincourt. says:

    Playing with Beckerman is like playing a man down

    he does 1 thing and that is it. nothing else, hopefully there is a replacement for meaningful games.

  213. bryan says:

    he’ll be 31 in 2018………..

  214. bryan says:

    i couldn’t agree more about Orozco. Him and Goodson are the second string CBs. John/OG/Ream are the third string.

  215. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Good teams win ‘friendlies’.
    There were no ‘fringe’ players on this roster, you heard that from Klinsman who called in the ‘best available talent’ and would have had Castillo in camp, but for a knock.

    What I’m saying is, you can overlook the issues if you choose, but don’t use the reason that Klinsy was scouting talent, he was not. This is his team, his 23-28 or so players that he believes are the best the U.S. has to offer.

  216. Dudinho says:

    thank you !!!!!

    both the farfans should be looked at those kids can ball

  217. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Neither Torres or Holden are CAMS. If healthy one or the other may have been in Edu’s role. And Torres did not exactly unlock the Costa Rica defense.
    Dempsey was playing the ‘CAM’ role these two games.
    But you are right about Edu and Beckerman, both were poor in moving forward.

  218. Jeff says:

    This is a pretty good point. Edu should not really be counted on in an advanced position. His touch is simply not good enough and his passes put our attacking players in bad positions. He got into some nice spots, but is not quick or decisive enough on the ball to make things happen from those spots.

    I like the ideal of Williams manning that CM spot until Holden or Torres are ready, particularly once LD is back to man the right side. Beckerman/Edu/MB/JJ should only be used in the destroyer role, of which we should only have one.

  219. primoone says:

    “…call Adu’s little a$$ to camp…”

    “…Spector & Ream make ADU look like Urlacher!!! ”

    “…the little bastard creates chances! ”

    “… one leg and one eye, put his little midget a$$ on the pitch!”

    I can now stop reading through the forums. My day has been made.

  220. The Imperative Voice says:

    I am a Houston Dynamo fan. Houston beat Dallas in Dallas and John did not wow me. The winning goal in MLS Cup 2010 deflected in off him. He has not won any big recognition in MLS, like Best XI or All Star. He was not even a NCAA All American or a US youth stud. He’s just a solid back on a team that has allowed a solid but not mindbogglingly good 34 goals in slightly fewer than that many games. Ho-hum, dime a dozen IMO.

    In terms of Castrol, if you believe that Alvaro Fernandez is the best player in the league, Wondo in the top 4, Magee top 7, Schuler from RSL is 10th best, that’s what Castrol says. The index almost refutes itself. Grasping at straws.

    Everton signed Arnoux and Peterlin a few years back. Do they even play anymore? You’re neglecting the influence of having a EU passport and if you noticed the deal fizzled right away once John couldn’t get that sorted fast enough.

    There is average and there is slow. Cameron is fast, Gooch is average, Gonzo is slow. Like Boswell or Hainault from Houston. I don’t care how classy of a club defender he is — Berhalter still plays some for LA and we all know what Germany did to his speed level — he lacks the speed necessary to stay with players. When a fast forward shows up Gonzo cannot ask for him to stand still so he can keep up.

  221. hogatroge says:

    Gonzo will never have the speed, agility or ball skills that Cameron has, even if he has 1 extra WC cycle in him. I’m not razzing on the kid… he is in great form and has a potential spot backing up and eventually replacing Gooch.

  222. Jeff says:

    The role is not so much an attacking midfielder, but more of a box to box guy that is slick on the ball under pressure and makes good passes. Edu was in the role last night, and his lack of touch and imagination cost us a number of opportunities. His passes put our attackers in positions where they cannot do much, and he does not have a quick enough touch to convert on opportunities around the 18. He would be fine in Beckerman’s role, or even, dare I say, in the rotation at CB.

    Holden or Torres are more suited for the CM role – possibly even Williams. LD would probably be best deployed on the right where Williams was. The creative element was Dempsey playing under Altidore.

  223. hogatroge says:

    Pontius did earn a call up last month, albeit to replace someone who had to drop out.

    That said, he has since suffered a season ending injury.

  224. The Imperative Voice says:

    “Best striker we have now?” Dempsey scored the winner against Honduras. Altidore went 0-fer. Altidore has 2 goals all year for the Nats, 10 appearances, 634 minutes.

    There are plenty of other options out there besides Agudelo or Edson freaking Buddle. This is starting into Bradley-mope-mode where yes we need a player to play x but we just can’t do better. Which is how Bornstein got PT at LB, Sacha got in at CM, etc. You can’t have that mentality.

    There’s Dempsey, Davies, Donovan, Bunbury, and others. It’s fake to act like Altidore is the only option.

    All due respect to your AZ stats but it translated to squat this international stint. When the US manages one goal against the good but not great sides from Honduras and Ecuador a little self-examination is appropriate, and one thing we are not getting is forward production. And Agudelo and Altidore have been getting beaucoup PT. Connect the dots.

  225. Adam says:

    Makelele only ever played the ball back or square… I’m not trying to compare Beckerman to him, but simply winning the ball and passing it back isn’t such a bad thing.

  226. hogatroge says:

    The reason he doesn’t play at NY can only be attributed to the fact that Rodgers and Henry match up well together.

    Agudelo’s goal/game ratio is pretty damn high.

  227. hogatroge says:

    The Spector substitution was baffling to me. Dolo is faster than Spector, and even he was getting burned by his mark. So, the solution is to sub a slower fullback? Hmmmn.

  228. hogatroge says:

    Mexico’s score was less of a goal and more of a goalkeeper fail.

  229. PetedeLA says:

    +1 Put in Holden for Adu when he’s healthy again.

  230. bryan says:

    yeah. i would like the days of two defensive mids to be done. i love that formation for madrid, but we don’t have the supporting cast to create the chances that teams like madrid can. 4-2-3-1 is fun, and looks good on paper, but with the emergence of Shea, i think a 4-4-2, 4-1-3-2, 4-1-3-1-1 or 4-4-1-1 (which are all essentially the same thing) should be the way forward.

  231. John says:

    I don’t put much stock into Klinsmann’s or the US’s record at this point. He is trying new things out. I do admit I was very high on Klinsmann when hired, but I am starting to now realize he’s not anymore tactically knowledgeable than Bob Bradley was, but just maybe a better motivator as show when coaching Germany 2006 WC, not yet exhibited as the US coach. However, the German talent he had then was incredible/world class, but just needed direction. Unfortunately, the US simply does not have that kind of talent at any ranks within their system and he’s got not much to work with. Let’s not fool ourselves, besides Dempsey and Donovan, there is nobody else. Dempsey is very good in the EPL at positional ability and that’s how he scores most of his goals in the box. The US has nobody to feed him the ball as exhibited throughout the match lastnight. Our wingers (national team level) are still working on dribbling up the wings, let alone unleashing an accurate cross creating the ability to score. I don’t care whether they played thru rain last Saturday or night, it’s so obvious that when we start an offensive attack from our backline, it’s PAINFULLY slow to develop. That’s not fatigue. Seriously, it was Equador we were playing and once a pass was made, it was clear nobody on the pitch had the talent to receive and distribute the ball with speed, technique,or any vision needed to continue any sort of attack. The play when Onewyu dribbled from his own backline to past the centerline and then distributing the ball to the touchline and continuing his run into Equador’s own box showed this clearly deficient team ability to sustain a creative and solid attack. We will struggle to score goals in the future as we have in the past, not anymore fault on Klinsmann, than the US’s ability to develop more talented players with better skill on and off the ball amongst many other worries like first touches (which were horrendous by every single player) or vision/creativity. I couldn’t tell you how many times I saw Dempsey wide open at 25 yds out blatantly open to receive the ball from our midfield with nobody even looking his way. It’s just frustrating to watch.

  232. Goalscorer24 says:


  233. Goalscorer24 says:

    And then we can go back to Bunker Bob, but at least we tried something different. (Nothing Ventured, nothing gained.)

  234. Two Cents says:

    Yah, I certainly understand. Like I said, it’s not necessarily that I thought he was bad, but I just felt he wasn’t good enough to warrant a statement like “another great game for Williams.” In essence, I missed Donovan, but I can see this kid being very useful for us in the CDM position. Potential there, but we didn’t see as much of it this game as we did against Honduras, at least that’s what I think. You may have had a better reference point though lol. I saw the game on tv, a little bit different than being there.

  235. hmmmm says:

    You mean the Gold Cup that we sucked at, and cost BB his job?

  236. hmmmm says:

    Oh yeah. Losing to Barca in the knockout stages of a Champions League that they won, and being 3 points out of first in your league is definitely coaching a team into the ground.

  237. AC says:

    Also wondering if Ream is turning into another version of Bornstein….Gaffes keep hurting the team…

  238. boosted335 says:

    So you saw one game of Johns and werent impressed. You did not now John was first team pac10 multiple times and also a herman trophy candidate. You failed to understand that the reason Johns deal fell through is because the player he was supposed to replace ended up staying with the team…

    Castrol measures who is PLAYING the best…being that John has been near the top of that list since the start of the season and most would agree that he played even better last season a normal person would recognize that as proof of his quality.

    Speaking of last year..John carried his team past the “great” RSL, he scored and neutered Buddle the next game, he was having a MOM performance in MLS cup before and after the deflection…

    But if you dont know by now he’s quality you never will…I sure hope Klinsman isnt as stupid but im not convinced.

    By the way…Ream was an all-star this year. Its a popularity contest that a defender in Frisco Texas will never win. But he will be first 11 MLS selection this year and did “win” most underrated player last year FYI

  239. Jon says:

    what does that have to do with anything? all im saying is that some players play better with teh national team because they feel more comfortable and Adu very well could be one of them