USA to face Slovenia in World Cup rematch


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After playing France on Nov. 11, the United States men's national team's following friendly will be against Slovenia on Nov. 15 in a rematch of a 2010 World Cup group stage classic.

The match will take place at Stozice Stadium in Ljubljana, Slovenia, marking the first U.S. trip to that country. ESPN2, and Galavision will be carrying the broadcast.

In their memorable last meeting, the United States fell behind Slovenia, 2-0, in the second game of the group stage before coming back to rescue a point and position itself to reach the knockout round. Landon Donovan started the comeback with a blast from a tight angle, and Michael Bradley netted the equalizer in the tense affair. Maurice Edu looked to have stolen a win for the United States, but his late goal off a free kick was controversially disallowed by referee Koman Coulibaly.

Slovenia, ranked 33rd in the world (the United States is 31st), missed out on qualifying for the Euro 2012 finals and the playoffs for the finals, leaving the date open for a friendly.

What do you think of the matchup? How do you see the United States faring?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to USA to face Slovenia in World Cup rematch

  1. Ken says:

    Would be better if we had a rematch with Ghana.

  2. Dan says:

    On the first Slovenia corner kick, every US defender should grab a Slovenian and see what happens.

  3. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Everyone complains about the travel between matches in the US, but France to Ghana would be okay? Brilliant.

  4. Duck says:

    This is good! We need to continue to face competition from around the globe. Every nation plays a different style and we need to be prepared to face any of them.

  5. Duck says:

    This is good! We need to continue to face competition from around the globe. Every nation plays a different style and we need to be prepared to face any of them.

  6. Rory McLean says:

    The US should try to schedule a match with one of the African powers that are missing out on the African Cup of Nations this January. That would be a lot more interesting than another match against a central american team or a northern european like we normally face in January.

  7. Jimz says:

    I like the match ups, I have had enough of Poland and Denmark.

  8. c(note) says:

    haha +1

  9. Duck says:

    This is a good thing! USMNT needs to continue to face competition from around the globe. Every nation plays a different style of play and it is good to be prepared for all of them.

  10. Dainja says:

    Make sure “crying guy” is in the stands too, and we’re set!

  11. isAF says:

    I was really hoping for Russia or Serbia. That’d be way more AWESOME

  12. isAF says:

    they just better not allow none of that bs “monkey calling or ape sounds” like occurs in several East European countries. It’s annoying and just irresponsible

  13. pd says:

    Can we get the same ref to keep it interesting? I keed I keed…

    Actually I believe the though process is have the USA/African team tilt in a European venue, especially since a number of first team players on a number of African national sides play and reside in Europe during the year. Travel for an African side to the USA or vice versa is a different kettle of fish…

    Ghana would be a great match, as would Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Morocco or Egypt. If it were held in a smaller venue (not stade de france–maybe Parc des princes where PSG plays) you’d probably see a respectable turnout. A USA-Turkey rematch in a German venue would also sell well.

  14. isAF says:

    what’s he doing? anyone got his FACEBOOK info? surely he has a page or is a page dedicated to him.

  15. downintexas says:

    I hope they get the same ref whose name I won’t say. But FIFA might be afraid that Edu or Bradley might attack him (name that won’t be uttered) with a sack full of door knobs.

  16. isAF says:

    most def. Especially since we kept playing their B teams.

  17. isAF says:

    how about a re-match against Ghana in Accra? They kicked us out of 2 back to back World Cups. Surely we deserve to give them a good kicking. Ghana is a progressive and highly developed country, especially in Africa and would be nice to finally have a match in Africa outside of SA

  18. isAF says:

    amen. I like Scandinavia as much as the next guy, but I’m bored with playing their B teams. Let’s actually play like Korea or Japan or Iran or Kenya. Would make for a change

  19. AC says:

    Slovenia will be awarded a free goal without explanation….

  20. AC says:

    Actually, I’d love to see Koman Coulibaly back as ref for this game, just to see how many angry stares and pissed off reactions he gets from the US players, especially when he makes a bad call without explanation….

  21. pd says:

    IMHO all January camps/fixtures should be “youth” (think under 24)/hot prospect based and happen on the west coast (or PacNorthwest… chill you Seattle folk).

    Moreover, they should feature “pacific rim” mini tournament against teams that we NEVER/rarely play (i.e. Japan, South Korea, Australia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay)

    Lastly, matches should also be on the on the west coast (LA Seattle Portland) –or better still — in Hawaii.

    It would be like spring training/grapefruit league for soccer fans. I bet you many folks would consider making a vacay out of it.

  22. RK says:

    Edu has already been declared offside.

  23. fifawitz1313 says:

    I was at that game and it was devastating to think we had come back only to have it stolen. I didn’t cry but I felt like I could have. The emotion of being at a World Cup game is something I hope you all experience. I can’t blame the guy especially since that goal would have guarunteed us a spot in the next round. That being said, if we had won that game the most amazing sports moment of my life (the last second LD goal against Algeria) never would have happended or at least meant so much.

  24. Shane says:

    Best match-up? Egypt vs USA.

  25. fischy says:

    Yeah. Maybe Egypt.

  26. OmarVizquel says:

    I haven’t re-watched the game, but at the time I remember thinking that the free kick the ref gave (that the ensuing “no goal” came from) was the result of a total dive by Jozy. Not to mention the fact that Deuce could have been red-carded within the first 5 minutes for an elbow to some Slovenian player’s noggin.

    So yes — that ref had a bad day at the office.

  27. fischy says:

    Yeah — that would be worth the 60 Euro price of admission. Or not.

  28. roberto says:

    Ghana (and other african countries) often plays their friendly’s in Europe

  29. isAF says:

    Yep we are all waiting for that friendly. I doubt it happens next year but sometime in 2013 perhaps after we have qualified for the WC, expect to see Egypt take us on. And expect to see the media make a huge deal out of it.

  30. BigRed says:

    To re-live the madness check out this link from the stadium._

  31. AC says:

    True, I remember the soft call for the free kick…Good point…. But I surely hope it wasn’t a make up call because on the actual free kick, not one American player was offside and the Slovenians were holding and pulling jerseys like crazy. I know that happens all the time, but when looking at the video, there is still no viable evidence for erasing the goal….Hence the non-explanation….Well, what can you do…lol…I’d just love to see him there for good television…lol

  32. hogatroge says:

    A lot of African teams are willing to play in Europe. More expat fans who can afford tickets and a safer atmosphere.

  33. pd says:

    Yes, LDs goal was one for the ages, but can you imagine what kind of match Ghana-USA would have been if USMNT had been able to play Algeria at a non must-win tempo. That match was a track meet. Playing a speedy Ghanaian side into extra time on what -three days rest- that’s really asking a lot of anyone.

    The US might have enjoyed payback for 2006 and LD might have had a chance for that kind of glory against Uruguay.

    I am not big on “what if” and I am glad that as a fan-nation we do not gripe about refs the way our british cousins tend to, but Edu and the entire US WC fortunes were really robbed by the no goal non-call against Slovenia.

  34. pd says:

    Down in Texas, you just gave me a thought… we now have a reason to call up Johnny Bornstein. Put him up to Operation “whack-a-ref-with- a-bag-o-hammers” and get him banned for life from paying in FIFA matches. He could retire a national hero.

    Win-win-win says I.

  35. Dan in Wien says:

    Anyone know how to get away tickets to US games?

  36. pd says:

    “playing in FIFA”, not “paying in FIFA” … ironic type-o

  37. zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    US soccer and their re-matches/

  38. pd says:

    “play in FIFA”, not “pay in FIFA” … ironic type-o

  39. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Hopefully…no more Orozco, Castillo & Ream!!!

    I would love to see a new keeper, give Howard a break.

  40. bryan says:

    Orozco will be there, Scott. Get over it.

    Great match up though! I think these are two great games but I’m planning on not having LD there. I’m hoping FCD crash out so Shea will be there.

  41. Louis Z says:

    Not a bad idea about the mini tournament and the Hawaii thing.

  42. Joamiq says:

    Uh… Slovenia is not in Scandinavia. Geography fail.

  43. Joamiq says:


    I’m not going to be able to watch this game without feeling rage at every moment.

    To re-ignite your anger: link to

  44. Rlw2020 says:

    Il never forget that incredible come back.. In my book we won that game 3-2 and FIFA refs lost any credibility they were hanging on to. I hope mo edu gets called in and nets a big goal. Or if landon could actually decapitate the goalie like he almost did in south Africa.

    Good games in November for sure tho!

  45. SD says:

    We could have played against ghana in france (for example) most of their players are european based. so the suggestion of playing them isn’t far-fetched…

  46. isAF says:

    um I never said it was. I was answering what the prior poster mentioned about Northern European countries. So Epic Fail on your part son.

  47. Joamiq says:

    Ha, you’re right, I missed that. My bad.

  48. pd says:

    OMG! I had no idea it was quite this egregious!
    It looks like a clothed wanna be orgy…

  49. Chad says:

    The more teams we play out of CONCACAF the better.

  50. Hush says:

    France & Slovenia sound great for November.

    Ghana?? No thanks. Been there seen that.

    Teams I would like for the U.S to face:

    1. Uruguay
    2. Japan
    3. Turkey
    4. Ivory Coast

    These 4 teams 3 years ago I considered the U.S to be at the same level. Sadly now I believe the U.S is under all 4 teams. In every level.