USA to play two friendlies in Europe during November fixture window


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With the latest batch of international friendlies in the rear view mirror, the U.S. national team is looking forward to its next set of games, which will both take place in Europe.

The United States' next two friendlies will be played during the Nov. 11-15 FIFA international window, and according to U.S. Soccer, "the two matches will be played in Europe and will be announced in the near future."

Reports out of France earlier this week suggested that if Les Bleus qualified for the finals of Euro 2012 and didn't need that fixture window for a playoff that they would host the United States. That scenario played out for France after its draw with Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

When told that France won its Euro qualifying group prior to the USA-Ecuador friendly Tuesday night, U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said, "Good to know. It will definitely shed some light for those of us that have the map right now, and we'll make that public in the next few days." 

There's been little speculation to date about the identity of the second opponent.

The November international window falls in the week between the MLS semifinals and MLS Cup final, meaning that Jurgen Klinsmann's roster from a domestic standpoint should be extremely contingent on which teams advance to the league's championship game.

For MLS teams that will have been eliminated, the friendlies provide an opportunity for U.S. players on those teams to extend their personal playing calendars a bit, something that has been a major talking point for Klinsmann in the recent weeks as he strives to get MLS to lengthen its season and cut back on the down time for MLS players.


What do you think about a potential USA-France meeting? Which nation in Europe would you like to see the United States face?

Share your thoughts below.

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76 Responses to USA to play two friendlies in Europe during November fixture window

  1. Stephen says:

    I vote for Switzerland, Sweden or Ireland. All would offer a good and fair test.

  2. mouf says:

    If Ream goes, please have someone assigned to keeping track of his passport, he will lose it if it’s his responsibility.

  3. rambo says:

    I have been wanting the US to play France for a while, should be a good test. It would be nice to play Ireland, Serbia, or maybe an African team over in Europe for the other game

  4. rambo says:

    I dont think Ireland will be available to play though. Anyone know? Sweden would be a good team or maybe even Holland again

  5. Second City says:

    (Projected November Friendly-Roster)


    Considering Donovan/Beckerman could likely be in the thick of MLS Playoffs, here’s a proposed line-up I could/would like to see.

    Contingent on FCD being knocked out by that point. From a stand point of Shea showcasing himself on European soil, I’m hoping that happens.

  6. DingDong says:

    Ireland is still in the process of qualifying so unlikely.

    I’d like to see us play Russia. I don’t remember ever playing them and they are a strong team.

  7. FattyMatty says:

    Could Fabian Johnson be ready? I would like to see him on the right with Shea on the left. True out and out wingers that could cause some serious havoc.

  8. donttreadonme says:

    I’d like to play Portugal, but that prob won’t happen now. What about Italy? Or Greece or Croatia? I’d really like to see us get some games vs African nations. Ghana, Senegal, or Kenya strike my fancy.

  9. rambo says:

    Seems like Fabian will be a starter as well after Klinsman’s comments.

  10. donttreadonme says:

    Yeah, and try Williams in the middle somewhere.

  11. Elliot says:

    Denmark would be a pretty even match.

  12. Pedrinho says:


  13. ggujjyf says:

    So France is a lock for sure?

    Hm okay the other team I’d love for it to be a Balkan nation like Serbia, Bosnia or Croatia. Croatia and Bosnia are in play-offs so leaves Serbia.

    So glad to hear we are playing friendlies in Europe. Leave the MLS boys behind for this 1

  14. ggujjyf says:

    played them 2 years ago. we lost 3-1. But yeah we are pretty even. Amazing how they beat both Portugal/Sweden to reach WC 2010 and Portugal/Norway to reach Euro 2012. Yet none of their players are even close to “world class”. Not even Bendtner

  15. al17 says:

    I don’t think so. Why do people keep saying this about Denmark? They actually have a pretty good team and would fare better against any of the top 10 teams in the world.

  16. Ryan says:


  17. EA says:

    Given our current run of form, I think Luxembourg or Faroe Islands is a better matchup

  18. al17 says:


    I was thinking San Marino and Andorra.


  19. ggg says:

    I would love to play Greece. Fantastic team who’ve already qualified. Very intimidating atmosphere in Athens too. Great experience and test.

    Also agreed that perhaps playing an African team would be cool. Being that Ghana knocked us out twice in a row, revenge would be nice. Or better yet, Egypt!

  20. soccerroo says:

    I would think Poland or Ukraine for the other game. They need qulity opponets since they did not have to qualify for Euro 12. I would love to see us play Germany but it is probably to early in the Klinnsman’s tenure to do that game.

  21. Second City says:

    Good point about Johnson, I had forgotten about his potential call up.

    Displace Beasley then in my proposed lineup

  22. SwerveZ says:

    Now I wonder if THAT would happen yet?? Very interesting…

  23. Second City says:

    The Faroe Islands that played with and narrowly drew Italy not too long ago?

  24. Second City says:

    Maybe he should pass it off to someone. Because we know in the event they’re mugged – he can’t defend himself.

    But….at least he can pass, right?

  25. rley says:

    USA vs Sweden would be nice. Gooch vs Ibra part 2.

  26. David says:

    Is there something wrong with Jozy’s knees that he can never squat in the team photo’s?

  27. Welshbean says:

    At this point we need to play Luxembourg first; followed by a daunting test against Cyprus. We need some goals and some confidence and what better then Europe’s donkeys.

    Seriously though; I hope Ireland and or Wales and a Nordic team (ala Sweden, Norway, etc).

  28. al17 says:

    Ireland’s in the playoffs so that’s not gonna happen.

    Wales would be a waste of time. Seriously, they suck.

    Sweden and Norway would be good except who’s travelling to those countries to play a match in November? There’s a reason why they get a winter break.

  29. NATO says:

    Good squad yes. They just have no world class players and tend to be under-rated

  30. NATO says:

    USA vs Ghana in London would be a total sell-out. They are our arch-nemesis. Let’s pay them back.

  31. Angel FAN of USA says:

    For me players that should be in the USMNT:

    Player that deserve a second chance to prove themself in the USNMT

    Players that should be left out for the next call up
    Cherundolo – Boca and Dolo not because they are bad players but they are getting older.


    Hope to see this lineup next time


    LM – Shea(Beasley/Donovan/Garza)
    RM – Donovan(Williams/Josh/Bedoya)
    Holding Mid – Torres(Diskerud/Holden)
    Defend Mid – Bradley(Jones/Williams)

    LD – Lichaj (F.Johnson/Lleget/Boyde-mls)
    CLD – Gooch(Gonzalez/Amobi/Kitchen)
    CRD – Goodson(whitebread/Gale/John)
    RD – Chandler (Lichaj)

  32. Angel FAN of USA says:

    France will be a great team to play but I would try to play a second team that is a lower standard just because the USA need to play European players and Youth one. More German/American and some from the U20 teams with some mix of Veterans.

  33. DC Josh says:

    +1 haha

  34. DC Josh says:

    What a thrashing that would be.

  35. DC Josh says:

    France would be a decent test considering how badly they play as a team, regardless of the names on their shirts.

    The second game has to be against an inferior opponent. Getting hammered by a European powerhouse won’t help us one bit.

  36. Jim says:

    USA vs Albania would be a great match and france had albania in there qualifying group!

  37. EA says:

    Does The Vatican have a team?

  38. kplonka says:

    I’ve been a little disappointed by Williams so far… but maybe I’m the only one. What do yall think?

  39. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Good. We need tons of work, especially getting for Olymipic Qualfiers ready, maybe we get some on Dec.

  40. A wise man once says:

    Don’t call Ream up again!

  41. Second City says:

    I see a lot of potential and I also see a player adjusting on the fly.

    If I recall correctly, he just got his US Passport on Monday and began training on Tuesday.

    Disappointment or Looking as if he has potential within the system? Glass half-empty of half-full type of thing.

    I think Williams could benefit greatly, too, from playing centrally ahead of Beckerman or Bradley. Especially when Donovan returns.

  42. rlw2020 says:

    +1, got to get ready for the early qualifiers vs. Bermuda and Guatemala..

    id say Luxenberg, Lapland or Malta

  43. Second City says:

    Well, we know they like things/people who are 11. Whether or not they have a Starting XI is debatable.

    Can I get back to you on that one?

  44. Josh says:

    After watching Armenia play Ireland really tough yesterday, I wouldn’t mind seeing the USA play Armenia. It would be a tougher game than many people think, but still a very winnable game for the USMNT.

  45. Mark says:

    concerned about involuntary sharting

  46. Justa Guy says:

    funniest thing i’ve read all week.

    i hear they have a Great Manager.

  47. anon says:

    Of the teams qualified for Euro 2012, I would love to play Italy or Greece. Both would probably beat us.

    Of the non-qualified squads, I’d like to play Romania or Scotland.

  48. CroCajun1003 says:

    Will other injured players be available by then?

    Shouldn’t Torres be back by November?

    What about Lichij? (sp?)

    We need a CAM more than anything right now.

    I’m okay with trying out Mix or even, gosh I don’t even want to type this…Adu at that CAM spot.

    I think we saw last night that Klinsi’s ball movement style falls flat on the attack w/ out a true central distributor out there.

    Williams looks to have the quality to play many positions. Look forward to see him on the pitch again soon.

  49. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I think the USA should do what Boxer do when they are coming up in the Ranking and that is playing with team a bit under their level without any disrespect to other teams cause you’ll never know who going to beat you ala Argentina vs. Venezuela. But that will be lika having a sparing and that way Klismann should start playing all the formation he wants to play and all his players that he wants to bring to the USNMT. When is all and done and he has already pick the A team than he can play teams like France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil or even Mexico.

  50. Lc says:

    Put Germany as the 2nd team.

  51. ryan b says:

    Albania isn’t a strong test at all. they suck.

    I’d like to see us play Germany because that would bring in so much attention and attraction for both nations. Or a technically gifted team like Serbia, or even Croatia.

    A great win for us could be against Romania, since they have respect from Europe’s top teams, and yet wouldn’t provide too tough a challenge for our young, experimental team

  52. bryan says:

    for the second match, after taking into consideration the results yesterday, i think we should play Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Netherlands, England, Greece, Italy or Russia. I don’t want to play Spain again. And while I would love to play Germany, I don’t see that happening. I think it’s most likely that we’ll play Denmark, Ukraine, Greece or Sweden.

  53. bryan says:


  54. Second City says:

    Lichaj coming back from injury will be an intriguing call for JK.

    I’d love to see a tandem of Lichaj at LB and Chandler at RB. Those two are likely our future at the respective positions.

    I’m not entirely sure how long Lichaj is still out, though.

  55. Jose S. says:

    Italy and Germany both have their two dates booked. Everybody else that has qualified has at least one open date.

    Denmark, Sweden or Russia would make for a good opponent IMO.

  56. Aaron in StL says:

    Doesn’t have to be a team that has already qualified for the Euro’s.

    Could be a team that’s already missed the cut (Scotland, Wales, etc.) or maybe even an African team willing to play in Paris (Ivory Coast, Morocco, Ghaha). Not sure of those teams’ schedules for that break though.

  57. Joe from El Paso says:

    USA vs. England rematch from the World Cup! They give us ZERO RESPECT! Time to earn it…

  58. hogatroge says:

    We’ve played Poland within the last 13 months, so Ukraine out of those choices.

    I’ve personally hoped for a match against Russia for a while.

  59. TomG says:

    Yes, he doesn’t seem quite ready. He has skills and tools, but he is not making quick decisions. He is taking several touches when one would do. Twice in two games, he had excellent looks and could have one-timed the shot but instead settled and allowed the keeper to get back into place.

  60. CroCajun1003 says:

    I’m dreaming about the defensive speed and athleticism present with Lichaj on the left, Chandler on the right, and MB90 at DM.

    Forget trying to counter attack on us with that trio patrolling.

    The future is bright my friends.

  61. Two Cents says:

    Our lineup may be similar to this, but I’m not sure about the Beasley and Bradley inclusion. Also, Shea can’t play on the right, at least not yet. He’s far too good on the left to put him on the right. Fabian Johnson is mainly a CM, but can play on the left wing (another left foot if I’m not mistaken). A couple of times when Johnson and Williams played in tandem for Hoffenheim, Johnson was more of a CAM and Williams was the CDM behind him. I think that will end up happening for the friendlies. That leaves Shea on the left and I think Bedoya on the right. Altidore and Dempsey will continue their current roles up front. I don’t think Lichaj will be back for these friendlies so Chandler will stay on the left, Boca and Gooch in the middle, and Dolo on the right. Howard of course in goal.

    This is of course taking into account that the Galaxy will be in the thick of things in MLS so no Donovan or chance of Gonzalez. I hope Beckerman is no longer included, no matter if RSL is in the playoffs still or not (just my personal opinion). Adu, Feilhaber, Davies, George John, Zach Loyd, and Geoff Cameron are all still possible candidates to be included given how they’re respective MLS teams are doing and of course if Klinsmann see’s any potential in them.

  62. Second City says:

    “Also, Shea can’t play on the right, at least not yet. He’s far too good on the left to put him on the right.”

    That’s a fair point.

    My sentiments were Beasley’s superior crossing ability to Shea and Shea’s ruthless attacking prowess he’s shown lately and ability to cut in, playing one/two’s and shots on target.

    Basically utilizing Shea’s strengths of slashing on the right side.

    Either way, I’d like to see them both on the pitch at some point. Beasley has a ton of spring in his step suddenly.

  63. Kelvin says:

    Please Switzerland, so I can go watch the game!!!

  64. Charlie says:

    France, and how about Egypt, with Klinsi going mano a mano with Bob Bradley. Well, maybe Germany, but perhaps we should do that at the U-23 level.

  65. Two Cents says:

    Honestly, the only way I see them on the pitch at the same time is if one is a winger and the other is a wing back on the same side. So, Shea or Beasley as the LB and the other as the LW. It’s strange because Beasley disappointed me yesterday, when he looked so good against Honduras. I felt he decided to play LCM as opposed to LM/LW and that left a lot to be desired. His speed would have been very useful out wide, but he never went wide. I understand your idea for both on the pitch at the same time, but I don’t know how either would fare as the LB. Ultimately, I don’t expect to see the two of them on the pitch at the same time unless that’s what they do. It’s not to say Shea can’t ever be played on the right, but I would prefer a right footed player on the right, especially if it’s Donovan or Bedoya or someone along those lines. We’ll see though, I’m sure Klinsmann will try all kinds of things until he gets it right and all of our players are back. It just sucks that many of our best or hyped players keep getting hurt (Davies back in the day, Holden all the time, Lichaj right when he was coming into his own, Donovan for these friendlies, Fabian Johnson for these friendlies, etc.) because having them in the lineup together with some of our newer players could be the answer, but we never get to see it so we’re just trying to put a circle in the square slot and it’s not quite working. I actually feel bad for Klinsmann because I have a feeling when everyone is healthy, at least our very key players, this system will work very well, but for now, it looks promising, but we haven’t seen it in its purest form. We’ll be scoring a lot of goals very soon.

  66. Papi Grande says:

    all these so called US national team fans on this blog crack me up! all of you soccer know it alls are all about the flavor of the month. all you talk about now is danny williams and fabian johnson. both are the hot new players now…similar to jermaine jones a couple of years ago and now i don’t hear anyone mentioning his name anywhere! slow down people, this process is building towards brazil 2014, and it moves slowly with lots of twists and turns! there is no quick fix and no savior in the way of one player for the US national team!

  67. Dan says:

    Germany is a bad idea until we get Chandler cap tied. Last thing we want is to showcase the talent that they are leting go.

  68. Welshbean says:

    we would flatly get our asses kicked if we play Germany….die unst ebin flogging…and by the way…Wales does not suck; our best players play for England! RAWR!!!

  69. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I say we should play against teams like Albania and Armenia; why? So we have at least a chance of winning. If we play teams like Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweeden we will get exploited. We are not ready for these teams yet, we need to be winning to build up cofidence and playing against Albania, Armenia can give us that confident.

    JK can you please keep Chandler at RB!!! Cherundolo should be the one playing LB why? Because Cherundolo isn’t expected to be in the 2014 World Cup team he would be 35 at that time he’s no Zanetti!

    Shea is a great prospect but I feel he’s not ready to be part of the A team. He needs to go to Europe to start producing, developing, and involving his game better.

    Why in the Hell is Beckerman starting over players like Bradley or Jones. Come on JK you’re better than that stop calling there old MLS players unless your name is Landon Donovan!

    Ream has a long way to go and should not even be near the nationsl team he needs a lot of work to do. Players like Gonzalez, John, Whitbread should be getting a call up for the CB position because they all deserve it.

    I’m tired of JK calling Buddle, he has done nothing for this National Team, if any forward should be called it should be Gomez. And can you please insert Bunbury in the games if you’re going to call him up I’m tired of just seeing Agudelo and Altidore, I understand we are limited with strikers but if you’re going to call both of them up then use them together.

    In my opinion Williams played pretty well for a new addition player for the US. He should be playing the CM of Full Back position instead of the wings.

    It would be great to finally see Fabian Johnson and I know people have said put him in LB however he seems to be an attacking player than a defense player.

    Once Holden returns from his injury hopefully he gets back into his form and starts playing for us and that will be such a great improvement and can be the reason of the us success.

  70. Shaggie96 says:

    Even though I’m an RSL fan, I’m not gaga over Beckerman’s play, but anyone who thinks he’s not an integral part of the team at this point isn’t paying attention. He’s played significant minutes in every game so far. JK likes him because he does the dirty work and regardless of what is said here, he’s a very accurate passer. He doesn’t need to create chances, that’s not his job, it’s to keep possession (or get it back) and get the ball quickly to the players whose job it is to create chances.

  71. ydrtrty says:


  72. MicahK says:

    Man we did not lose. We beat Denmark remember Bornstein scored last time we played them.

  73. Ryan says:

    Christian eriksen is world class

  74. jorge says:

    i wish the play offs werent right now and jose torres wasnt injured..a full line up in my eyes would see ady for beasley donovan for williams torres for bradley, but god damn the mls play offs n our bad luck with injuries

  75. jorge says:

    i think ur right..torres is for sure a key player in our team, as well as donovan because they have a vision and passing abilities, id like to c adu give it a go again, shea on the left and adu on the right they have talent to break the defense and make a run square, adu is not a club player he is and international player he plays great for the usa but just ok with club the coaches need to see beyond on how he performs with other clubs it might not be him it might be his teamates not opening up for a pass at his club level, good examples of grat players like him or vice versa. ronaldo, dos santos, barrera, neymar, all play good with national or club but not for both

  76. jorge says:

    my proposed line up when the whole team is healthy, tell me what u guys think
    dempsey as a floater, donovan as an optional 3rd forward or center midfield when needed since he never gets tired and torres as an attacking midfield since with this lineup we’ll dominate possesion madly on almost any team and with dempsey as a natural goal scorer maybe we’ll score goals with him and altidore together