Who should the USMNT start vs. Ecuador?

USAvsHondurasLineup (ISIPhotos.com)

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The U.S. men's national team's 1-0 victory against Honduras had its share of bright spots, but also some question marks, making Tuesday's friendly against Ecuador a good chance for some players to redeem themselves, and for some to show their stuff after seeing only limited time on Saturday.

As I noted in my Fox Soccer column on the U.S. team's win against Honduras, Oguchi Onyewu, Michael Bradley and DaMarcus Beasley all impressed off the bench against Honduras and all should earn starts on Tuesday night. Just how many established veterans Klinsmann hands starts to, and how many gives rests to, is tough to tell and will ultimately determine what the U.S. lineup will look like at Red Bull Arena.

So which starting lineup will we see face Ecuador? Here is one potential squad we could see get the nod:








Here are some thoughts:

This lineup only has three new starters from Saturday. That might be too few changes considering the short turnaround, but I think we're more likely to see some of these players go just 45 minutes rather than wholesale changes to start the match.

Klinsmann was very happy with Danny Williams on Saturday, and this would give Williams a chance to show what he can do playing in a more natural central midfield role.

If Klinsmann doesn't turn to Williams again, then look for Maurice Edu to be partnered with Bradley. Klinsmann could go with Kyle Beckerman as well, but since we got to see the Bradley-Beckerman combo work some on Saturday, the Bradley-Edu tandem seems a more likely pick on Tuesday.

Beasley should get a start on the left, which will give Klinsmann another chance to watch Brek Shea playing on the right flank, where he can cut inside and still deliver some good right-footed service even though he's more naturally left footed.

Here's another potential lineup we could see:






Juan Agudelo has mainly been a sub under Klinsmann, but you have to wonder if the U.S. coach wants to take a look at Altidore and Agudelo playing together. Klinsmann did say he was wary of rushing Agudelo, so we could see someone like Edson Buddle instead if Klinsmann wants to see a two-forward lineup.

Steve Cherundolo is rested in this projected lineup, which gives us a chance to see Chandler at his more natural right back position.

Another possibility here defensively is Danny Williams playing at either right back or left back, with Timmy Chandler playing opposite him.


What do you think of or projected lineup? What would you change? Who are you hoping to see get major minutes on Tuesday? Who are you not interested in seeing?

Share your thoughts below.

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190 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Ecuador?

  1. Second City says:

    Gooch & Bradley impressed?

    I understand there’s a polarity on Bradley and Gooch of late, too, but I thought both were below average if not poor.

    Am I classified as simply a hater for stating what my eyes (and many others) saw? Subtract their names and what we know of their past and does anyone really think they had impressive showings?

    Sorry, agree to disagree. I just don’t understand this view.

    Backline was shaky the whole match, Gooch included and Bradley lost several balls in his short cameo.

  2. SG says:

    I’d like to see Danny Williams play a more familiar D Mid role. Edu looked terrible and Id like to see Ream instead of Boca

  3. anon says:

    This team is going to be stacked once Donovan, Holden, Torres and Jermaine Jones come back into the fold. Not to mention Freddy Adu and Benny Feilhaber. A lot of options, a lot of decisions to make.

  4. Dave says:

    Love the 2nd formation and think Bradley deserves to start, but don’t think his defensive abilities are sound enough for him to take over the role that a player like Edu or Beckerman could play as the anchor man.

  5. Jon says:

    I like the second lineup, with more of a 4-3-3 flare to it. Clint, Jozy, and Juan all up top with Shea and Beas out very wide with the expectation of some in-cutting movements on their part. Let Bradley anchor in front of the back four. I also like Chandler on the right and Spector on the left. I might even give gooch and ream a shot together in the middle.

  6. Second City says:

    Assuming they’re all healthy at the same time and actually playing, of course.

  7. Nick says:

    Anyone not named Michael Orozco Fiscal.

  8. Nholley2 says:

    I agree to disagree with you every one I know who watched the game that I’ve spoken to was impressed with both (about 60 people). Hooch brought stability to the backline on a night where bocanegra wasn’t at his best and Chandler didn’t always track back. Bradley brought energy off the bench and helped bring the tempo back in our favor.

  9. RS says:


    Another good lineup option in the 4-5-1 (or 4-4-1-1)

  10. shao2007 says:

    I’m really feeling Williams, and I’ve been dying to see Altidore and Agudelo together with Dempsey supporting.
    So lets put Williams in the Middle where he likes it and Dempsey cutting in on his right foot like he likes






  11. Nholley2 says:

    By hooch I meant gooch predictive text strikes again.

  12. I really can’t see Boca and Gooch getting much time together. They’re good defenders but they hardly fit the type of player it seems like Klinsmann is looking for. I’m going mostly off of Castillo and Fiscal getting starts along with consistently calling up Ream of John/Gonzalez. He seems to be looking for at least one player who’s capable of playing the ball out of the back. I could see Ream and Gooch being much closer to that than Gooch and Boca.

  13. Andrew H. says:

    I am good with these lineups, but I would propose one alternative: a 3-5-2. I think we have proven to play better when behind with a 3-5-2, our defense hasn’t been that great with a back 4 and this could help consolidate midfield while still having attacking power. I don’t necessarily think we should move to a 3-5-2 full time, but it would be good to experiment with, especially as Klinsmann wants us to play a more possession oriented, attacking minded game.

    Here is a suggested lineup:






  14. Ne-Dub says:

    4-3-3 for me.




  15. Also I read that Danny Williams left the team after the match. Is that true? If so any reason why? Obviously you have him starting so I’ve got doubts about it but I’d very much like to see more of him, especially from the inside.

  16. chewp says:

    I also do not understand the Bradley love.

  17. Angel FAN of USA says:


    I would like to see a real 4-3-3 Barca style and I hope Klismann used all his Subs for this game. Please give the chance to other player to play in this friendly. Hamid, Teal, Buddle, Ream, Lew., please the 6 or 7 sub that are allow to use.

  18. jon says:

    totally agree that Bradley looked much better then either edu or beckerman. I’ve seen others express that they thought edu or beckerman looked better than Bradley; I don’t know what game they were watching. Bradley completed, I think, every one of his passes, looked composed on the ball, and his defensive positioning was sharp.

  19. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1 I like this one

  20. ex_sweeper says:

    Fan website says that Hoffenheim asked for Williams to return to the club and he won’t be playing in the Ecuador game. No mention of this on the USMNT site – any sightings in NJ?

    link to 1899aktuell.de

  21. bryan says:

    that wouldn’t work well because beasley and shea would be pushed more into the middle in a 4-3-3 assuming jozy, juan and dempsey are up top. two of those players would be the ones out wide. i think it’ll stick as a 4-4-2 with maybe a 4-1-3-2 variation. in the end, those are essentially the same formations though. will be interesting to see what they do!

  22. bryan says:

    if lichaj was back, a 3-5-2 could be realistic. but dolo doesn’t have the speed for that. either way, i think it’s safe to say we will never, ever see a 3-5-2.

  23. MidWest Ref says:

    It is okay to say that Bradley did not impress you.

    I think I understand the dichotomy related to Bradley:
    1) Bradley supporters – they look at who would replace him
    2) Bradley critics – they want more out of him or theposition
    There seems to be a third category:
    3) Silly Bradley haters – who seem to blame his dad for everything

  24. bryan says:

    basically the exact same lineup again honduras, but with bradley and gooch in. i could see this happening too.

  25. bryan says:

    this would be interesting. beasley in that position would be a surprise.

  26. bryan says:

    this also says he played 90 minutes and that the ecuador game is the last one of the year. lol

  27. Sean says:

    Hamid returned to DC after the Honduras game. The only player not in camp for both.

  28. Pat Pug says:

    Williams is still here. He was with the team today in New York during their visit to the 9/11 Memorial

  29. Murph says:

    I would like to see the following:






    I think it’s time to see what Ream can do under a Klinsmann system, since everyone is calling for other players and being partnered with a bigger, stouter, defender in Gooch may help. I like how active both Shea and Agudelo are when they’re on the pitch. Why not have this attacking style on both flanks? Would free up Altidore to position himself as he has been with AZ.

  30. Murph says:

    I would like to see more prospects getting more time in this one:





  31. Andrew H says:

    I think he has to play Ream. He can’t keep getting called into these camps and never dress can he? Maybe just for one half, instead of Boca (who was not superb against Honduras). the kid needs a shot, and something to boost his confidence since the Gold Cup.

  32. Murph says:

    Ugh, is anyone else experiencing these new posting rules? I thought my comment above didn’t make it. Ignore this comment and go with the one above.

  33. chris says:

    what? if anything his defenive skills are so much better then them its just he doesnt push into the attack alot

  34. Murph says:


  35. Angel FAN of USA says:

    it will be nice to see a more offensive team with that line up or the one Shao2007 mention. I like a 3-5-2, a 4-3-3 Barca style or 4-1-3-2.

  36. Murph says:

    I think Williams is class as well, but not sure as a CAM. I though Dempsey was great there. Replace Bradley with Williams, put Dempsey at CAM and and put DMB at LM.

  37. RB says:


    Love that.

  38. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Sean I didn’t know that, But I think Rimando is caming to camp. I like him but is time to give a younger goalkeeper a chance. but thanks for the info. I just hope that we get to see everyone getting a chance to get on the field or else why you call them for a friendly, especially on Edson Buddle.

  39. clover362 says:

    So I think we can go ahead and declare that Chandler is not a LB. I know he was competent at that position the other night but You can’t always cut inside to send the cross in, Dolo is best right now but what is he 37? Personally, I think it is time to start making the hard choices when it comes to older players. I’d prefer to season some of the young guys in qualifying (where we can largely get away with it).

    What does that mean? boca and Dolo have to stop seeing 90 minutes sure you can bring them in camp to mentor the younge guys and keep them in the loop when you play costa rica and mexico in qualifying but every other minute needs to go to a potential WC player. Gooch is not quite in the same position but is close.

    Only donovan and Dempsey are the players that will be over 30 that I think will still deserve significant minutes at the WC. We are not Italy. We can not rely on skill to overcome athletic deficiancies.

  40. Andrew H. says:

    Great. There is another Andrew H. posting here. There are also a ton of Andrews posting here. While I don’t disagree with playing Ream, this is another Andrew H.

  41. markVA says:

    as long as orozco doesn’t play who cares.

  42. hogatroge says:

    Ream has to be a better option than Orozco Fiscal

  43. Mike Bassett says:

    I have been Jozy Altidore’s harshest critic, but I must say that in the Honduras game he had some brilliant passes in the final third and he actually did hustle to win back the ball whenever we lost possession and he was in the area. This was the most hustle I have seen from him. Was it b/c he had 300 family members and friends at the stadium? I don’t know but, I was happy with him for that.

    I am still critical of his lack of desire or courage to fight hard for 50/50 challenges. Three times in the match he chose to jump over the oncoming legs of a defender instead of getting stuck in and trying to win the ball.

    If Jozy can develop some increased tenacity and toughness, I may have to actually start to support him as our number one striker.

  44. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    LOL at anyone that refers to the USMNT as being “stacked.” Even when healthy, they are far from “stacked”

  45. PetedeLA says:

    Just give us the second one, Klinsi.

    We just aren’t very good with one forward (and we’re horrible with three).

    Adu played at the apex of a diamond midfield for Philly last weekend– with success.

    The second formation has Deuce doing the same.

    Viva el diamante!

  46. bryan says:

    yup, just checked US soccer’s facebook page. they have a team picture in NY and williams is in it.

  47. CDC says:

    +1 I like the 4-1-3-2 lineup. Except Chandler on the left and I think we have to work with what we have and if that means taking a player and playing him outside his normal position because that’s a better option then so be it. I’d also move Dempsey back in the middle Williams to the right and have Beasley on the left. Shea has been getting better but he still has that new kid over-excitement and he is beat up and needs a break. It was funny watching Dempsey getting frustrated with him and telling him to settle down and hold his runs. just my 2 cents whose 98 doesn’t amount to much.

  48. Nate Dollars says:

    Understand I might get flamed for this, given the mistakes Orozco’s made, but I’d like to see him paired with Gooch.

    Orozco’s got speed, and he’s capable of solid passing (which Boca has been lacking lately). With Gooch beside him to cover for his inability in the air, it might work.

    Obviously it’s hard to not start your captain (which is why I thought that we would actually see Gooch replace Boca at the half v. Honduras), but it would be nice to see Gooch-Orozco get some minutes together, if only to settle it once and for all.

  49. montana matt says:

    Agreed. It’s not that Bradley was terrible, it’s just that Beckerman and Edu looked better last match.

  50. nyjer1 says:

    I agree with the sentiment. But I’m not sure if we are actually going to see much of Jermaine Jones anytime soon. He has simply never played well in the red, white and blue. As much as I like Feilhabe (maybe I’m just stuck on his goal against Feilhaber) but my sense is, based on what I’ve been reading here and in other places, that he is not all that hight on Klinsman’s list.

  51. Murph says:

    Official: Williams is out and going back to Hoffenheim.

  52. nyjer1 says:

    agreed. I’m not sold on Beckerman being int’l caliber. And while I long for Bradley’s Dutch scoring days, I think he has settled into defensive minded central midfielder role.

  53. Murph says:






  54. liberoo says:

    MidWest Ref – I like your list of Bradley pundits. I think there is one more (in the supporter category) that support him because they believe he has the most upside of the all the option in the middle. They consider his age, previous accomplishments, level of club play competition, etc.

  55. Adam M. says:

    If Ream and Agudelo don’t get major minutes at Red Bull Arena, then its hard to see when either would in the near future. Of course, not getting major minutes at Red Bull Arena won’t be new for Agudelo. Still, I think both need 70 minutes to find out where we are with them and this looks to be as good a time as any. I’ll take a 4-1-3-2 with Altidore-Agudleo, Dempsey-Williams-Shea, Bradley, Chandler-Gooch-Ream-Dolo. Feels like 3-1 US in a breakout offensive performance.

  56. With Williams out I think we’ll see this now






  57. Warren says:

    Yeah I saw that too…Bradley was 22 for 22 passing? Come on folks, that’s beyond good.

    Whatever folks think of dad, you have to give Michael his due.

    Michael and Gooch stabilized what was looking like an increasingly shaky d. Not that Edu and Beckerman were terrible, they weren’t. But they weren’t 100% completed passes either.

  58. Murph says:

    I agree re: Ream. Not so much with Agudelo. He’s getting good PT for his age.

  59. Petereater says:

    Franco Panizo:
    My Man of the Match is Tim Howard. If not for his plethora of quality, clutch saves, the U.S. could have tied or lost this game.
    Panizo, you no nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the U.S. lost chances? Then it would have been 4-0 USA. You are a complete dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA beats Ecuador. Panizo, go stuff a taco up your butt!!!!!!

  60. Murph says:

    Apparently just a false alarm. He will be playing.

  61. Jon says:

    keep everything the same as last game except take out edu, boca, and fiscal.







    dempsey is new captain.

  62. Jon says:








  63. meadowland mel says:

    you are either blind, stupid, or have something against bradley personally. when he came in hondouras didn’t get near our goal for the last 35 minutes…22 for 22 passing, annd picking up 3 0r 4 hondouras passes. these ar not my thoughts they are the game stats..

  64. Justa Guy says:

    I’d like to see Williams again–not because I thought he was great, but just to see what he has.

    I don’t like single striker formations with Altidore, so I’d rather see 4-1-3-2 or 4-4-2 diamond than 4-2-3-1. And I would like to see Altidore and Agudelo together up front.

    Not really sure why moving Shea to the right is a good idea.

    I would like to see different combinations of players in the back play together.

    I was kind of bothered by the big pressure for JK to win a game. now he can get back to just experimenting with different players and different combos of players.

  65. SBI Troll says:

    We’re not gonna see this but I’m curious to see if this works out. There is some pretty good speed on the wings and it seems like a long time since Jozy had a PIC (Partner in Crime) next to him. I think we could see some goals here.


  66. Beretta says:

    Please never comment again.

  67. Justa Guy says:

    Three D-minded MFs?

  68. bryan says:

    you are a moron dude. IF we put 4 goals away then he wouldnt have said that. but we didn’t and howard had to come up big many times to keep us ahead. just like the other keeper had to do to prevent hunduras from getting blown away.

  69. Second City says:

    i cant wait to read more of your posts.

  70. Murph says:

    I really like this formation and could easily see it, which, correct me if I am wrong, is what they were basically playing in the 2nd half of Honduras (all you need to do is switch Dolo with Chandler). I like the idea of getting Chandler to his more comfortable, and dangerous, side.

  71. Murph says:

    Actually not quite. I recall Agudelo coming in for Altidore. Nice attacking lineup nonetheless.

  72. Chris H says:

    Don’t think Bradley played that well in his cameo, and he likes to play longer balls rather than tight one-two passes that Klinsi seems to prefer. He really botched his one opportunity at goal with that super weak effort that went well wide left when he could have easily played Deuce through right in the middle of the area. Deuce was pissed and MB just gave him a thumbs up afterward. I actually like MB and think he is class, but I feel he has to adjust his game a little bit to fit in with the current philosophy.

  73. flamer says:

    considered yourself flamed.

    He was terrible in the MLS and has been nothing but terrible for the nats.

  74. ives says:

    Yes, he got called into Germany’s last qualifier and caught a flight back.

  75. tom says:

    My biggest line up request is that when the team lines up for the pre-game photo somebody puts Jozy standing in the back line instead of doing his half-assed front line lean.

  76. coach says:

    Dempsey is horrible in this role. Needs to play further up, or on the wing with little defensive responsibility.

    Like LD, it is a waste to have him bogged down in the middle of the midfield.

  77. Murph says:

    Oook. And did we miss the last game and the goal that he scored from that position?

  78. comradespirit says:

    Please leave facts off of this message board. kthnx.

  79. T says:

    It is kind of hard for a player of jozy’s size to get down so low, that said, he should very well be in the back of the line so he can be seen better. Soccer tradition usually reserves the back for defenders and goalkeepers, so his position is pretty much warranted.

  80. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Finally someone said it. +1000000

  81. primoone says:

    Bare in mind that everyone has their favorites and view things from different perspectives…sometimes writers get a little lost in their own biased opinions from time to time and play out in their mind how certain players would do in the next match. So naturally they tend to create a bigger buzz than what is actually deserved. I catch myself doing this sometimes and I have to step back and try and look at things objectively. Sometimes my emotions cloud my judgment…I would say…1 % of the time

  82. T says:

    Altidore as the central striker and Agudelo and Clint out wide is a more likely solution to this probelm if a change is needed. A 4-4-2 wouldn’t be bad either, but Klinsmann wants a more attacked minded game plan with a 4-3-3 in the Ecuador game tomorrow. I really do hope to see Danny Williams incorporated into the lineup somehow, although he could very well end up being a second half substitute.

  83. Stephen says:

    I think you mean “Boca” doesn’t have the speed for that. Dolo isfairly quick still.

  84. primoone says:

    +1 gazillion…

  85. montana matt says:

    except all 22 of those passes were either lateral or backwards. Bradley was supposed to be playing as the more attacking of the two holding/central midfielders, but his passing didn’t create any scoring chances.

  86. slowreno says:

    Williams-Boca–Gooch-Chandler or a 4-4-2 w/ a diamond center.

  87. boosted335 says:

    the whole tradition is gay. front line needs to have some dignity and take 1 knee.

    think not? look at fiscal in the photo

  88. primoone says:

    I think they might have a gem with Ream. Real potential there. However, they might be taking their time explaining a few things to Ream like…

    Don’t foul inside the box and most important…

    Pass to the guy wearing the SAME jersey you have on.

  89. endangeredMD says:





  90. Jason says:

    Speaking as a West Ham supporter, I can agree with putting Spector in a defensive midfield role as opposed to a left back. He’s very poor in the left/right back role. He was hated by the West Ham fans until he was put in the midfield and started to impress.

    I’d be interested to see Williams as Center Mid instead of Bradley. Bradley always seems to kill the tempo by passing backwards to try to build up play instead of setting things up himself.

  91. Jason says:

    Speaking as a West Ham supporter, I can agree with putting Spector in a defensive midfield role as opposed to a left back. He’s very poor in the left/right back role. He was hated by the West Ham fans until he was put in the midfield and started to impress.

    I’d be interested to see Williams as Center Mid instead of Bradley. Bradley always seems to kill the tempo by passing backwards to try to build up play instead of setting things up himself.

  92. Justa Guy says:

    Please someone clue me in–why does everybody want to see Shea on the right?

  93. Justa Guy says:

    I was gonna say–I don’t think 4-3-2 is the right formation for USMNT.

    4-2-3-2 is much better.

  94. Justa Guy says:

    You say “gay” like it’s a bad thing.

  95. Murph says:

    I think to get Beasely in the game. Shea’s assist came from the right.

  96. Jason says:





  97. WheresWondo says:

    where the hell is CHRIS WONDOLOWSKI??? Currently tied for MLS golden boot lead!

    Agudelo is a nice prospect but he can’t sniff Wondo’s jockstrap right now.

  98. Two Cents says:

    I wasn’t “impressed” by either, but I thought Gooch did pretty well. I though Bradley was pretty weak, but I expect him to play quite a bit better…at least, I hope he does, otherwise he will slowly lower on the depth chart.

    Now, there is a difference between who I would like to see start (a little change of pace) versus who will likely start. I’ll put up both versions.

    This is what I would like to see:
    Not just a change of pace, but also considering minutes that some of these guys have played as well as whether their club teams want their players playing constant chunks of time in quick succession (i.e. Jozy).


    What is more likely:


  99. Brdly Nuthgr says:

    Did you ever consider that Bradley is pulling defenders off his midfielders to open passing lanes for his teammates? Is holding/attacking midfielder not a contradiction?

    Are soccer positions specialized or should players play all styles and positions?

  100. Colin says:

    Beckerman is too slow but good.

    It’s time for two striker, and it’s time for Bunbury to get to play with Agudelo.

    I’d like to see:


    Cherundolo Onyewu Ream Chandler


    Williams Dempsey Shea

    Agudelo Bunbury

  101. Colin says:

    The US looked really bad against Honduras

  102. pd says:


    Ream or Boca for Orozco,
    Agudelo for Altidore
    Bradley for Beckerman but plays higher and Dempsey shifts higher as second striker with Agudelo

  103. dan says:

    Assuming all are healthy and able to go 90:






  104. MC Pharaoh says:

    I want to see a 433 of sorts and see what Beasley can do starting instead of Shea on his current form…

    Beasley Altidore Dempsey

    Bradley Beckerman Williams

    Chandler Bocanegra Onyewu Cherundolo


    It could be anyone depending on who JK really is interested in seeing start and what tandems he wants to see. That is the 11 I am interested in though.

  105. pd says:

    I’d like to see if we could get to a lineup camp that looked like this:


    subs: Gomez Beasely Adu Shea Bedoya Edu Beckerman Bocanegra Goodson Gonzalez Cheundolo Hamid

  106. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Bradley didn’t make a strong impression on me one way or another, but Onyewu was strong, and an obvious upgrade over Orazco.

  107. Louis Z says:

    If I didn’t see the game for myself and just read this article I would’ve thought this was Gooch’s second comming. Unfortunately he was nowhere near his old self (at least he is not limping anymore), the NFL fullback hit tackle that he did would have been an easy card if not for the ref allowing for advantage to continue.

  108. MisterY says:

    Anybody watch Beckerman playing defense? Any time his man plays a give and go, Beckerman turns and watches him go. Doesn’t track OR cover the other guy. Putting gim at D-Mid makes no sense when back line ends up having to cover for his lack of quickness/response.

  109. Louis Z says:


  110. Chris H says:

    Because we don’t have a natural right winger and he plays a serviceable ball with his right foot as evidenced by his cross to Deuce. Additionally, it allows him to cut in to his left foot ala Robben (left footed player who plays right wing for Bayern Munich and Netherlands), and allows us to put our best two wingers on the field at one time (Run DMB on the left and Shea on the right)

  111. Kenny_B says:

    What? Save that for who should be called into the next camp. This is for who should start.

    It’s great that Wando is tied for golden boot lead but he has been thoroughly unimpressive for the Nats.

  112. Louis Z says:

    I think Demps will be good for a 90 min. game come WC 2014 providing he doesn’t play the flanks. I’m having my doubts LD can go the distance.

  113. Kenny_B says:

    Who is the “offensive-minded” midfielder being left out instead?

  114. rick barrs says:

    The most sane post on here. I know it was a while back but he also got the dumbest red card I’ve seen in the last 4 years in the Olympics. Did absolutely nothing for Philly and has looked pretty awful in all of his appearances. If he gets another start then jurgen is full of sh@# on the whole competition for 2 spots. He’s played himself out of a spot if anything a la Castillo. Goodson, Gonzalez, and Onyewu all deserve starts over him.

  115. rick barrs says:

    hopefully never suiting up for the nats ever again. I’d rather see Bobby Wood and Conner Doyle than Wondolowski.

  116. Jeff says:

    I agree with this assessment.

  117. Kenny_B says:

    If you are implying that Chandler will be a better RB than Dolo at the 2014 WC I think I agree.

    Playing devil’s advocate for a minute, let’s assume that Dolo is still servicable as a LB in 2014 and no one has stepped up at RB. Wouldn’t you still want Chandler there? I thought he played decent at RB athough turning (repeatedly)to your right foot to make a cross will not cut it and would be quickly shutdown.

  118. JBP says:

    Pro tip: Ref can card after an advantage, during another stoppage of play. Just don’t see it very often

  119. Eurosnob says:

    Agreed – are his thighs really that inflexible? Or does it just take a really long time for him to squat?

  120. BellusLudas says:


    Lets attack and press!

  121. hogatroge says:

    Shea is able to play on the right side, meaning he and Beasley can take the field at the same time.

  122. jim in Atlanta says:

    Worst 11 ever…

  123. Common Sense says:

    Why doesn’t Altidore just stand in the back?

  124. jim in Atlanta says:

    How exactly is this an attacking midfield? You would work well as a pre 2011 Manchini. “Three holding mids, that aought to get the attack going”.

  125. Jayrod1111 says:

    Ecuador is a much stronger opponent than Honduras…We need to put the strongest lineup possible regardless of who needs time or caps:






  126. Second City says:

    This is all I’m saying.

    The rhetoric and hyperbole is a bit strong lately. Hence why I said they’ve both become the polarizing characters in our cast of players.

    Maybe even “below average” wasn’t fair in my own eyes but I simply don’t agree with the supposed “strong performance” opinions that are floating around this board by the writers and fans.

  127. Second City says:

    Jozy is, what, 6’1? Max?

    If he’s not able to bend his knees (at a reasonable height, he’s not Manute Bol) that’s kind of an issue at his young age.

  128. Second City says:

    I believe Dolph Lundgren is already capped by Sweden.

    Funny reference though.

  129. Glory Glory says:

    You’re not going to ask either side of a three man backline to get upfield so if you played that formation you’d be better off with Ream, Boca, and Gooch back there.

  130. T says:

    I almost thought you were being serious for a second, then I caught myself.

  131. Jeff says:

    Dempsey played in that role v Hon. Edu, Beckerman, and MB will just get bunched up when out there at the same time. Edu or Beckerman with Bradley or Williams, and Dempsey in front of that pair.

  132. Andrew H. says:

    I wouldn’t mind Ream on the left, but I wouldn’t want both Boca and Gooch back there. I could go for Ream, Boca (or Gooch), and Cherundolo (or Chandler) across the back.

  133. MJC-DC says:

    They were not all lateral or backwards. Please educate yourself by looking at the chalkboards, all passes for all players can found at:

    link to mlssoccer.com

    Note that the field is normalized so that the player can be considered playing a forward ball if the distribution shows the arrow traveling from bottom to top.

  134. Justa Guy says:

    Ya, that IS the problem…..

  135. Henry says:

    I only saw 10 players on your squad

  136. hogatroge says:

    I think Howard is next in line for captaincy.

  137. roger says:

    “…Brek Shea playing on the right flank, where he can cut inside and still deliver some good right-footed service…” hahahahahaahahahaha!

  138. Spumanti Jones says:

    I agree with Second City.

    Gooch looked marginal and Bradley a bit less than marginal, although he did have a few nice give and go’s towards end of the match. To see them unimpressive vs Honduras is too bad, because they have been pillars of the squad.

    That said, it’s interesting to view the psychology Klinsmann is employing with the team: everyone fights for a spot; best players at the time play; work hard and you will earn a number b/t 1 – 11 on game day. Wahl and Ives both tweeted about Bradley and Gooch being benched behind perceived lesser talent on the field. But given Gooch and Bradley’s journey back to top form, Klinsmann is doing them a favor by forcing them to reach a higher level of play before regaining a starting spot. IMO: Gooch needs to improve his short passing out of the back and show better body control (lucky to avoid cautions following slide tackle and bowling over Honduras fwds); Bradley needs to be more positive on the ball, release the ball more quickly to attacking positions and make more tackles (I think Edu outperformed MB in these categories). Don’t think either performance merits a start tmrw night.

    Overall, Klinsmann era is mighty intruiging. Can’t wait for next chapter.

  139. hogatroge says:

    I mostly agree with Ives’ projected lineup. I would sub Ream for Bocanegra after his poor showing in the last match. Let Howard wear the armband






  140. Indigo Montoya says:

    WTF, he’s “horrible” in the role? No, he doesn’t have LD’s pace, which should put LD on a flank, and Dempsey should be in a central position b/c it puts him around the ball to distribute or shoot.

  141. montana matt says:

    according to that chalkboard, he played three forward passes. i think that still strongly supports my argument. he was hardly picking the lock, which is what you need out of a cm.

  142. hogatroge says:

    Oops… sub Shea for Agudelo and bring Juan off the bench for whoever is gassed first






  143. biff says:

    I can’t see Klinsmann putting Shea on the right, but would love to see Chandler over there.






    It would also be so interesting to see Chandler at right back with Dempsey up ahead on the right and Jozy and Agudelo up top together to see if any chemistry there.






    But we are probably going to see Chandler at LB again.






  144. Indigo Montoya says:

    No shite – don’t bring that weak crap around here.

  145. Indigo Montoya says:


  146. Jack says:

    He’s correct. I think you are the moron.I bet you take it up the a** with Panizo.

  147. Jack says:

    please, shut up, stupid. Say hi to your mother for me.

  148. Kenny_B says:

    I would make the argument that Dempsey played more of a false 9 than a 10.

    If you were to generously agree with my assertion for the moment….who would you bring in on the squad that doesn’t fit the mold of a def-minded midfielder? (i.e. you can’t pick Dempsey)

    Danny Williams, Jonathon Spector? I can’t say whether they would be more creative than Beckerman or Ed, but I would hope so.

    Personally I think Bradley is much more capable of hitting a good ball out wide (over the top of def) to a outside mid (or back for that matter) charging foward than Edu or Beckerman. I actually don’t recall Beckerman/Edu even attempting that type of Ball. But I do agree he better serves the team as a defensive mid. He does well connecting the def with the offense.

  149. haha I meant more related to injury or something along those lines, but well played nonetheless.

  150. when healthy says:







    Orozco Fiscal

  151. plus says:


  152. SuperChivo says:

    No better way to confront ignorance than with facts and statistics.

  153. Patrick Bateman says:

    oh yes, brilliant stat, does it state how many passes are forward passes or how many were backpasses or passes to the keeper? Not saying that he was bad, just be careful with how you frame your stats, they can eeeaaaasily be misinterpreted.

    As for how he played, I don’t know, legitimately I didn’t even notice him. He didn’t do anything bad, he didn’t really do anything to impress, it’d be tough to form an opinion for me (not bringing in preconceived notions of the player).

  154. hogatroge says:

    The only reason Shea would play on the right is to get Beasley on simultaneously. Shea can effectively play right winger, but most right wingers aren’t as solid on the left.

  155. hogatroge says:

    Haha… the day all of those guys are health at the same time is the day Hell freezes over while pigs fly.

    BTW, Adu would never bump a healthy Holden out of a CAM position.

  156. primoone says:

    The last 5 posts is why I spend time scrolling through the forums of SBI. Not for the clearly biased- over-hyped player ratings however, for insult slinging threads…Please…Dont EVER STOP.

  157. GW says:

    That’s because Bradley came in with 20 minutes left in a 1-0 game with orders to shut it down. He played level with Beckerman or just a little ahead. Basically he went forward once but otherwise he just played it safe.

    That is what is called a “tactical” decision.

    Read JK’s comments on shutting it down.

  158. gene_sf says:

    I agree that his finishing during the Gold Cup wasn’t what you’d want from an international striker. But he did a lot of little things OK – got into good positions, made a couple of good passes, won the ball, etc. I’d give him another shot before writing him off, especially since he is on form for his club team.

  159. Welshbean says:

    lol; Beckerman passed the ball foward mmmm maybe two times in a 90 minute span. Edu, couldn’t complete a five yard pass unless you were on the other team. I will say it again; Beckerman is not international caliber and Edu is a great defensive option off the bench…..let move on.

  160. Welshbean says:

    It’s funny when people rate players who play in the Prem or the Bundasliga as guys that are not good enough for the USMNT…put down the pipe. It makes me wonder why the likes of Shalke or any other Euro team is not pursuing the likes of Jeff L or Kyle Beckerman or any other MLS midfielder. JJ is good enough to start for the USMNT…Period. Ask any Blackburn supporter of his quality. The only reason he is not playing for Rovers this year is because Shalke value him at 8million Euro. Shat players do not get rated at 8mil euro (but some of you armchair players will beg to differ). JJ will be our starting defensive mid come qualifying and our next glorious campaign in Brazil…you will see. He has less then 10 caps (I believe); give him some time to get into the side properly before going to the likes of Benny or some other upstart in the MLS. RAWR!!!

  161. MJC-DC says:

    I think your a little harsh on what constitutes a forward pass. I count 7 of the 22 as forward and your original argument was that “all” of his passes were backwards or lateral.

    Furthermore, I am not saying Bradley was good or great in the game. I merely presented statistics which you could combine with your own thoughts in order to develop a more fair opinion of all players performances.

    I personally think that as a holding player he did great controlling the tempo and playing the very under-rated simple pass to get the offense moving forward and keep possession. I enjoyed the variety in his distribution. However, when Bradley got forward I felt he was not sharp enough and did not “pick the lock” as you said. Defensivley he had shaky moments, but all in all okay. In total I think if we a grading MB as a 2 way middy, not the holding role I think he had a okay cameo.

    Lastly, I am okay with players that make mistakes like Bradley’s failed one-two with Dempsey so long as they make them going a million miles an hour and he did. After the failed pass he ran all the way downfield to stop the counter. Sometimes I think we overlook just how important this trait can be in a player.

  162. and of course says:


  163. MicahK says:

    Ream instead of Boca, lol. You must want us to lose 5-0. -_____-

  164. MicahK says:

    If you going to talk smack about our dept then why don’t you go some where else and support a team with tons of depth. Like Brazil, Argentina, Holland Spain, etc.

  165. jlm says:

    What makes you think that Holden is the ideal AM? Adu brings things to that position that Holden does not. I think that in our best attacking lineup Holden needs to be a deeper midfielder.

    Of course not all of these guys are going to be healthy at the same time, but I am trying to get a sense of our best lineup IF everyone can GET healthy. Also, that is why I listed bench/reserves to try to get a feel for the entire pool. It looks pretty deep and promising. Let’s hope everyone will be healthy soon (and that some young defenders will step up big).

  166. MicahK says:

    Did you not watch the 2011 Gold Cup ? He was horrible.

  167. DC Josh says:


    I wanna see an offensive formation. Let’s take it to our opponent instead of allowing them to control the tempo.

  168. MicahK says:


  169. supergrandefilms says:

    Spector doesn’t have the chops to play internationally as a defender so why keep trotting him out there? He’s a liability in the Bornstein tradition.

    I also would like to see Dempsey up top. He has a penchant for scoring goals out of “nothing” situations. Really happy to see Chandler, Shea and Williams in our lineup. It would be great to see Bradley in a “libero” position.

  170. Dawsaw says:


    Beasley and Chandler track back well and this packs the midfield a little more to hold possession. Onyewu will win most everything in the air and if Orozco-Fiscal gets dropped for John or Gonzalez then suddenly we have three CBs that are very good at clearing danger. It’s less necessary to play from the back in this formation because you will outnumber the other team in the midfield.

    Edu and Bradley make for good protection and have little creative responsibility and Altidore still gets that strike partner at the first whistle to press from the start. If we get ahead, we can always drop back Chandler to defense (or sub him out for Cherundolo) and play with 4 in the back. When Donovan returns he can either replace Beasley or push Chandler into the back and get rid of Orozco. I think this puts the most talent on the field and hides the fact that there is no capable left back in the pool at the moment.

    Our strengths are really in fitness and speed. I think this formation forces the players to use that rather than trying to make them play tiki-taka when they aren’t really in that mentality in any of their league play scenarios.

  171. Dennis says:

    Second city, open your eyes. Bradley did not make even one errant pass. He certainly did not lose several balls. That is just plain wrong!

    The only times he lost the ball was once when he tackled the ball away too far to keep possession and once on a give and go when the return pass was behind him (probably mot his fault) and in both cases, he recovered to help defend immediately.

  172. Dennis says:

    Another untruth being said about Bradley’s game. At least 3 of those passes were forward as he played a give and go with teammates and another 2 or 3 were passes made out to the wing to find space for the attack.

  173. Excellency says:

    Bradley was the only player for USA who did not lose a single ball. It is an official stat.

  174. Dennis says:

    I think that it is true the wealth of strong midfielders will make for some interesting choices that Klinsmann must make.

    I must admit I haven’ watched Adu or Feilhaber or Jones a lot lately, but of the 3 only Benny has seemed to play up to his potential for the nats on occassion. Jones has been bewildering, he is clearly a force, yet he seems to have been unable to mesh with the USMNT in any meaningful way. I hope that ends.

    Adu is clearly special. I think the issue is not so much that he is a weak defender (as others claim), but that his decision making too often puts his team in jeopardy when he takes risks that his teammates are not prepared for, so if/when the bad happens, no one is ready to defend. That special ability to destroy an attack by losing the ball when your teammates did not expect it is something no coach will tolerate for long. The things Adu can do with the ball is the reason coaches keep giving him chances they do and like them I hope he will finally develop the soccer brain to go with his amazing feet.

  175. slowreno says:

    I think Spector would shine here! You could start dolo on the right and chandler on the left, then sub in williams for spector sometime in the 2nd half.

  176. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Ream is struggling this season,for sure.

    But he has been called in to all of these Klinsman camps and has yet to see the field.

    I’m of the opinion that it is Boca who is the weakest distributer from the back…and if you are looking at upgrading that distribution…then you have to start there. Maybe the replacement is not Ream…but if I’m betting a $ on it, I’d expect to see a Gooch + tandem in 6 months/year with Boca on the bench.

  177. Dennis says:

    I have to agree that neither Boca of Gooch fits what Klinsmann has said he wants. Ream offers some distribution potential. Not so sure John or Gonzalez will either fill the bill, but maybe.

    Of course, CBs need to defend well first and foremost and even Klinsmann with his desire to attack will admit that. That is why Boca and Gooch will be in the back. When one of the others really shows that he can defend as well or better, then …

  178. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    +1 …count me in as a JJ in the ‘Beckerman” role…that is where I think we will end up.

  179. Matt in Phila says:

    I understand that Klinnsman is trying players out, but I would like to see him pick a side and run with it. These guys need to start playing like a team and thats not going to happen if you keep changing the lineup. Hopefully after this start, he will start making some more final changes and start working with what he’s got. USA USA USA!

  180. Dennis says:

    He did not perform well in the 2011 Gold Cup.

    Still, last year’s MLS golden boot winner and in a 3-way tie for it this year’s title cannot be discounted as “horrible”.

    I do wish he had more speed. The defending in MLS leaves a bit to be desired compared to international standards, but players who are more physically gifted have failed to achieve what he has in the MLS.

    I like the way he moves to get open and his ability to finish easy chances well. (Shea could learn from that.) It will be hard to ignore him again should he finish on top in the regular season scoring race. Given that Klinsmann seems to be more patient than Bradley with giving players repeated opportunities in games, when he calls Wondo up, it will likely be for more that a couple games.

  181. Dennis says:

    Adu must (unfortunately still) learn when to try clever moves and when doing that will put his team in jeopardy. He has yet to develop the soccer brain required for good decision-making. If/when he does you are right, he has the skill of an attacking CM, but right now he does not have the tactical acumen required in an improtant position.

  182. Dennis says:

    Beckerman is a very good MLS midfielder, and I like the grit he plays with, but he did not pressure enough of the passes from midfield that allowed the Honduran attackers to get behind the US defense. (Edu may share responsibility for some of that as well.) Edu is a very good Scottish league midfielder.

    Bradley was an outstanding Eredivisie midfielder, a decent midfielder in the Bundesliga and seems to be on his way to being a very good midfielder in Serie A.

    If you had to pick just one, which would it be?

  183. Dennis says:

    Yes, until his concentration on defensive responsibilities improves he will be a liability. Too often he has made that killer pass to the other team’s forward.

  184. bryan says:

    No, i meant Dolo since he would be playing wide in the above formation. yeah, he is still quick, but in a 3-5-2, he needs to be flat out fast.

  185. Dennis says:

    Bogus! If defenders are in back, what is dolo doing in the front and Dempsey in the back?

  186. bryan says:

    good one dude. if you can’t see that howard was the reason the US didn’t tie or lose the game, then you weren’t watching. and like i said, the same can be said for the honduran keeper. without him making some clutch saves, the USA would have won by multiple goals.

    howard prevented the USA for getting a tie or losing while the other keeper prevented honduras from getting blown out. not really a hard concept to wrap your head around…

  187. slowreno says:

    i like this option as well!

  188. Murph says:

    Wasn’t made up dude. Even Ives was reporting it on Twitter.