Agudelo, Union trio added to U-23 camp


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With their MLS seasons over after losses in the conference semifinals on Thursday, a handful of up-and-coming players in the U.S. Under-23 and Under-20 pools will get their chance to make their mark ahead of this spring's Olympic qualifiers.

New York Red Bulls forward Juan Agudelo and Philadelphia Union forward Jack McInerney, midfielder Amobi Okugo and right back Sheanon Williams will all join the U.S. U-23 camp in Germany that is set to begin on Monday, raising the number of players in that camp up to 35.

In comments made on on Thursday, U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann alluded to the fact that Agudelo and Teal Bunbury would be joining the U-23 camp instead of accompanying the senior national team for its friendlies if and when they became available following their clubs' involvement in the MLS playoffs.

According to a press release from the Philadelphia Union, the club's goalkeeper coach, Rob Vartughian, will join the coaching staff for the camp. Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath, however, the starter on the U.S. U-20 World Cup qualifying team, was not added to the camp's roster.

What do you think of these developments?

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44 Responses to Agudelo, Union trio added to U-23 camp

  1. 2nd Ball says:

    The MacMath omission is shocking! MacMath sure sounds German to me!

  2. sc says:

    unless adu is going to be a senior team sub in for someone in the playoffs..why isn’t he going?

  3. TommyOC says:

    So, wait… Klinsmann has the decency to wait ’til Agudelo’s and Bunbury’s seasons are over before calling them up to camp… but he refuses to do the same to Donovan and Beckerman?

    One of them (hopefully Donovan, hehe) will be competing in MLS Cup on the 20th and he’s expecting that person to play an extra match between AND fly 10,000+ miles to boot?!?

  4. Hater says:

    cause Adu sucks and people are living off of two good games that he has had in this last 5 years.. He is not that good.

  5. Goalscorer24 says:

    TommyOC, different camp, and camp lengths between U23’s and the Senior national team. To attend the U23 camp your MLS season needs to be over.

  6. James says:

    As a Union fan I am pretty happy for our players. Mostly Williams, he has come on great and getting this call up means he has a chance to really impress and push for a senior cap in the future.

  7. Dinho says:

    Tommy, the U-23 camp runs from Nov. 7-16….

    If the NYRB or Union would have made the finals, there would be less than 3 days (including travel time) between the last day of camp and the MLS Cup.

    For the senior squad, the deal is apparently that LD or Beckerman will fly back to the US after the 11/11 France game. There’s a difference.

    Regardless, I think it’s stupid for either LD or Beckerman to play in an international fixture (that means nothing) a week before the biggest game of the MLS season.

  8. Dillon says:

    I am sure he had some good games when he was 13, because that is how old he was 5 years ago.

  9. Alex says:

    Sheanon Williams is a great story, kinda like the Demerit story. He’s a potential starter for that U23 squad.

  10. Gary says:

    Sheanon Williams has the tools to be a great right back some day. Good luck.

  11. Vic says:

    I think Adu should be called but they don’t like his workrate and he’s not starting for his club.

  12. Eric says:

    Surprised MacMath was excluded. I understand that we have a bunch of good young goalkeepers right now but I honestly think he could become an eventual US #1.

  13. fifawitz1313 says:

    Suprised Zach Pfeffer from the Union didn’t get a call up as well. Pfeffer is 16 and getting decent some minutes for the Union.

  14. Pauetta says:

    OOOO, more $hitty playrs from the 2009 U-20 World cup that got bounced from the first round. Wonderful!

  15. fischy says:

    Wow. There’s always someone, huh?

    It’s a 10-day camp, not a call-up to play in some matches. Next….

  16. fischy says:

    How is it like the DeMerit story? Williams has been in the national team pipeline since he was a teenaged kid, including playing on national youth teams. He was recruited into one of the top college programs and left after a year for trials with top-tier European clubs. Then, a year with a PDL side, a shorter stint with Harrisburg and then an MLS deal. This is like DeMerit playing pub football until professional teams took notice?

  17. fischy says:

    Maybe it’s because Pfeffer is only 16, and not at all ready for competition at the U23 level. Let him get experience with the U17s and the U20s first.

  18. fischy says:

    It was a good team with a lousy coach.

  19. hogatroge says:

    1.) We’re talking about Landon Donovan here, either the #1 or #2 best player we have

    2.) The USMNT is playing a top 10 team away… he’s needed, and he will have over a week to prepare for the MLS Cup if LA goes

  20. hogatroge says:

    After watching the first Philly-Houston match on TV and going to the 2nd leg last night, I can say Williams was the only Philly defender defending with skill instead of fouls.

    Good selection.

  21. Goalscorer24 says:

    That is the point it is a 10 day camp. They are not going to call them in for two days! Next…

  22. Kyle says:

    People living off two good games in 5 years is what got Bob Bradley a contract extension.

  23. Getrealtime19 says:

    Yeah cuz players never develop, turd.

  24. primoone says:

    +10 for making me laugh today.

  25. marco says:

    Agree, there’s no need for Beckerman or Donovan to be on that roster, for even one game. Klinsmann is blind if he thinks Landon is in form, and Beckerman would be DM #6.

  26. marco says:

    Exactly right.

  27. MicahK says:

    Macmath is a Scottish surname not German.

  28. esteban de la sexface says:

    Hater +1 – Adu suuuuuuuuuuucks

  29. esteban de la sexface says:

    @James – truth. respect to the selection of Williams. He’s had a hell of a season.

  30. esteban de la sexface says:

    I think Pfeffer has tons of potential but in the regular season games in which he played he didn’t really have a positive impact. Any of the other players on the Union bench would have been just as good (save for McInerny and Adu who are horrendous).

  31. Pauetta says:

    It was a good team based on what? Your opinion? They were awful. They lost 3-0 to Germany and 3-0 to South Korea. They gave up 8 goals in 3 games. Guess who that back line was?

    Boss – Opara – Williams

    You’re telling me that you’re comfortable using the same back line for the olympics?

  32. Pauetta says:

    Has Boss developed? No, in fact he’s gotten worse

  33. fischy says:

    You do realize that I wasn’t replying to your comment? I was replying to the same one you did.

  34. fischy says:

    The back line was terrible, no doubt…and probably overhyped — but I think their biggest shortcoming was the coaching.

  35. Mental Assassin says:

    Cant hate on Adu. Looked like he belonged in the last two games hes played for US. All u can ask of him.a

  36. Dakota Sillyman says:

    How would you know. I guarantee you haven’t Boss play a game since the South Africa friendly. He currently seems to be doing just fine in Germany.

  37. james says:

    James said in reply to Pauetta……

    Players like Williams have developed and should be given the chance. Hey are you trying to say that he has not developed…. from what I have seen lately he needs to be called up. He is developing into a great right back and has started just about every game for the Union. Every player is different and every player develops differently but I agrees with many people here….Williams deserves his call up. The kid is showing what he is made of and he looks like he has found a home with the Union in defense.

  38. ps says:

    Agreed that McMath is an omission… Hopefully we’ll hear he ‘s training overseas or something. Someone please tell me how McIverney rates so high? Adu’s non call is I think due to injury…

  39. rees says:

    If I’m remembering right, Williams is the only of these additions that was on the 2009 roster…

  40. Edwin in LA says:

    McInerney is there because he’s so young, he’ll be eligible for the U-20 World Cup in 2013. And he’s already playing for one of the top 6 or 7 teams in MLS.

    Adu is a bit puzzling not being on this combined roster. But to be fair he hasn’t been getting playing time, which honestly I’m not sure why? I mean Michael Farfan has been good but not sure why keep playing both holding mids in Carroll and whomever else if they need a playmaker when they lined up a 4-4-2 or a great winger in a 4-3-3.

    Hope he and Torres can take care of things when they come back next year.

  41. tielor2d says:

    McInerney was the leading scorer for the u-17’s during their run-up to the 2009 WC. A team that fielded Carlos Martinez, Stefan Jerome, Luis Gil, and Juan Agudelo. Obviously the team vastly underachieved but he has paid his dues in the national team setup. He doesn’t deserve to start for the u-20’s yet but he more than warrants a look.

  42. ACS says:

    Anyone think Gil will be added if RSL loses?

  43. NBizz5 says:

    Agreed. He plays 7 (I think?) solid games starting in MLS and guys who don’t play are getting called up over him? Confusing.

  44. Darwin says:

    Any player can decline the call-up. They want to go.