Wenger talks Shea, soccer in USA

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  1. Bryson says:

    Defender? Come on now….

  2. emman says:

    lol, right?

  3. Gnarls says:

    It’s great to hear Arsene say America is one of two regions that will have a major effect on the future of world football.

    I’d love to see Ream in a reserve match. Sounds unlikely but possible.

  4. DingDong says:

    It’s kind of an easy comment to make though. What two regions of the world do not produce many top players? There only are two. (Assuming that you can even count “Asia” as a region, given how large and diverse it is).

  5. kevin says:

    in 30 years the European leagues will be filled with hundreds of American players, some playing for Real Madrid and quite a few playing in leagues like Poland and Ukraine

  6. NATO says:

    Is Brek Shea the real deal? A lot of hype about this kid. I’d say head to Holland. Teams like Utrecht, Groningen, Den Haag are all decent and would use him effectively. 2-3 years there and then on to bigger teams in England, Germany or Spain

  7. footyskillz says:


  8. emman says:


    Nah, just head over to Ajax. Utrecht, Groningen, and Den Haag all kinda suck.

  9. pcappon says:

    He actually called Asia a country.

  10. the smart man says:

    I really agree wit NATO saying i feel like players like ream agudelo shea bunbury and etc should start in holland its giving them experience and time to learn proper technique and playing consistently and chances to play in the europa or champions league just think if jozy’s team win the league they will be in the champions league you seem what holland has done for players like Bradley started in Germany and now in Serie A Beasley when he was at his best for the national team and some great players played in that league van der varrt, van persie, ibrahimovic, luis suarez etc

  11. hogatroge says:

    Well, before we crown him Miss South Carolina, let’s note that he’s not speaking his first language AND he corrected himself.

  12. pcappon says:

    …or continents. I guess he corrected himself.

  13. pcappon says:

    Ha….good one. I had to go back to hear him correct himself.

  14. BenH says:

    The next great Texan. Demps needs someone to hand the torch off to.

  15. NATO says:

    assuming he’d just start at Ajax? Really?

  16. NATO says:

    Glad to hear someone agreed. Seems most of our guys go for that payday (EJ) and end up riding the bench or simply flopping outright. Holland is a top8 league but it’s easier and more in tune for scoring, which is great for our young guys.

  17. marden08 says:

    Laughing out loud

  18. Modibo says:

    Funny, but before WC 2010 I don’t think there was quite so much enthusiasm for the Eredivisie as a destination for young American players.

    I think the key is due diligence on the part of a player and his agent as they scrutinize an offer, including assessing the playing style and real opportunity a player has in his position at a given club to get playing time. Some Dutch clubs may be a good fit, but not all; some clubs in other leagues may also be a good fit for a given player – look at how Adu finally went about rehabilitating his career.

  19. spencer says:

    Obviously you’ve never seen Shea play.

  20. Gnarls says:

    That’s factually correct, but EPL coaches don’t often recognize Norther America for its potential.

  21. Chris Whyte says:

    My computer speakers are awful and I couldn’t hear a word Arsene said. Anyone care to provide a recap?

  22. Berlin says:

    Shea is the real deal, but no way is he at the level of an Arsenal, not even Ajax. If he continues to grow he could break into an Ajax level club over the next season but not yet. He allows himself to become invisible too often at this level to play on a Champions League squad.

  23. abc says:

    He was talking about the US and Asia, and he said country and continent the first time, and just country the second time… it was pretty obvious what he meant.

  24. bloody frogs says:

    I like bread and smelly cheese and any player over 25 is too old.

  25. DC Josh says:

    Great experience for Shea, getting training and game experience with the Arsenal reserve squad. He will no doubt make an impact, unless he is deployed as a defender as stated in the interview.

  26. sir coble says:

    eh bryk vill not bee playeng for ungh trieal, but an oppurtenety to practise with ze top caliber playerz.

  27. Jake says:

    underrated post lol

  28. RK says:

    Well played.

  29. Powderhorn Pops says:


  30. Brent McD says:

    I agree great experience for Shea. Wondering what do Arsenal get out of the deal? Wenger says it is not a trial.

  31. TomG says:

    I do worry about his touch on the ball. His first touch often winds up several feet away. Like Deuce, he is so creative and has such good anticipation that he is able to make that work for him. Deuce’s touch has improved so much that it’s not an issue for him, but I think Shea has to learn how to deaden and rein in that touch in order for him to star in Europe.

  32. SwerveZ says:

    The way we keep progressing, even if singular, there’s no doubt.

  33. SwerveZ says:

    “and so as, and such as”

  34. Darwin says:

    Maybe FCD is paying for Shea’s education. Wenger did mention that he needed to check out the legal situation with putting him into a reserve game…meaning that might cost FCD.

  35. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The reporter obviously looked at his size and thought “defender”. He’s in for a surprise when he sees Shea run.

  36. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Or seen Ajax play lately.

  37. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Good exposure to a player and strengthening of relationships with MLS?

  38. Ben says:

    No way it would cost FCD, or else they are insane; playing for your player to get a reserve match in another league is a dubious idea. He must mean if it will cost Arsenal anything, or is even within the rules.

  39. FattyMatty says:

    Or in 30 years will the MLS be filled with European players looking to play at the highest level?

    30 years is a long time from now. And just as world economics are changing, who knows what the world futbol landscape will look like.

  40. OC says:

    I would call the following places potential ‘regions’ that can be said will make / have made an impact in world football (aside from Western Europe, where the ‘big 4′ leagues of the world lie): Eastern Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, The Pacific (Australia and etc.), Central America. He clearly identifies ‘the States’, so based on that and the above consideration, I tend to disagree that there are only two regions that can be counted.

    I believe what Arsene means is that of the potential areas above (and maybe some other ones if his interpretation varies from mine), the US looks ripe with the most current talent, or among the ripest. Is he correct, though? I’m not sure, but I think he’s saying more than ‘the US will produce players’ (because you’re right, everyone will produce top players). I think he means the US will IMPACT world football, perhaps beyond just producing a few starlets, and in more ways than just adding to the player pool?

  41. OC says:

    The former is probably more likely, unless MLS starts to match up in popularity with American football. This is definitely possible in the next 30 years, but just the simple facts that MLS runs on a different schedule than basically the rest of the world and that it’s so far from many top players’ countries of origin are enough to cause headaches for lots of players with international duties as well as club aspirations.

    Then again, the top players in the world might have a different geographical dynamic in the next 30 years, as well. I guess it’s all predicated on the growth of the sport in America in that time frame.

  42. Jorge says:

    And speaking of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta posted this on his Facebook page:

    Arsenal eye New York Ream

    link to bit.ly

  43. Stephen says:

    To clarify he did say “the states” not just North America.

  44. DadRyan says:

    Y’all know he was used extensively in the beginning of the MLS season at LB right…? Come on now…

  45. john says:

    it’s not a trial is like it’s not a date. who cares! at the end of the night, if you can get some, that’s all it matters.

  46. yeah says:

    Adu rehabilitated his career?

  47. dibo says:

    I would love to see him as an outside back for the national team, even though he is a great winger – we just have such a need for speed on those flanks, especially out of the back.