DP trio carries Galaxy to third MLS Cup


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CARSON, Calif. — No Major League Soccer team with a Designated Player had won an MLS Cup prior to Sunday night.

In one defining moment, three DPs combined to buck that trend.

Landon Donovan finished off a pass from Robbie Keane in the 72nd minute to break a scoreless deadlock and deliver a third MLS Cup to the Los Angeles Galaxy following a 1-0 result over the Houston Dynamo in front of 30,281 at the Home Depot Center.

David Beckham, who revealed that he was playing with a torn hamstring that he suffered in training on Tuesday, started the sequence by flicking a header toward Keane, who shook by defender Bobby Boswell before finding Donovan making a run into space. Donovan, who won match MVP honors, touched his shot by goalkeeper Tally Hall and inside the far post before bolting for the corner flag with a sliding celebration.

"For the last month I have been, like the rest of these guys, so determined to win," Donovan said. "I didn't care who scored. I didn't care if it was an own goal. I didn't care how the ball went in. I just wanted it to go in, and I mean that wholeheartedly. Winning feels so good. The goals come and go, but the moment when the whistle blew is what I'll remember."  

The goal came after a substitution and tactical shift pushed Donovan into a forward parternship with Keane at around the hour mark of the match.

"When I get there, my sole purpose is to be as aggressive as possible and to make good runs," Donovan said. "People, justifiably so, see Robbie as a great goal scorer, but he's a great soccer player. The pass he gave me for the goal was fantastic. Absolutely world class."

The goal was Donovan's 20th MLS postseason goal — a league record — and the latest in a long line of important goals he's scored in his storied career for both club and country.   

"Landon's a great player, and he knew that this was an important game for him to step up and be on his game tonight," said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena, who became the first coach in MLS history to win three MLS Cup titles but hadn't won it all since doing so with D.C. United in 1997. 

Playing without injured league MVP candidate Brad Davis, Houston struggled to maintain a high level of effective possession throughout the match. Making matters worse for the Dynamo, centerback Geoff Cameron picked up a knee injury at around the 30-minute mark after having his leg get stretched awkwardly while defending a cross.

Cameron endured to last the full 90 minutes, but Houston coach Dom Kinnear revealed that his typical level of effectiveness in moving things forward was limited.

"He wasn't his normal self," Kinnear said. "His injury did affect the way he played."

The Dynamo never really challenged Los Angeles goalkeeper Josh Saunders, who only had to make one save — on a Danny Cruz shot from 30 yards that was hit directly at him — to preserve the clean sheet. 

Even as dominant in possession as they were throughout, the Galaxy spoiled a number of solid chances to put Houston away early.

Forward Adam Cristman, pressed into starting duty because of an injury to Chad Barrett, missed two golden opportunities, including a clear 12th-minute header off a Beckham corner kick.

Keane missed a 49th-minute chance from inside the area as well, pushing a clear look by the far post.

"We certainly didn't do well around the penalty area," Arena said. "There were a few more goals out there for us."

Los Angeles appeared to go ahead just prior to the hour mark, but Keane was whistled for a tight offside call that negated a goal — and what would have been an assist for Beckham, who played Keane into the box with a chip. Nevertheless, Beckham concluded his fifth, and potentially final, season with the Galaxy with a long-coveted championship.

"Being successful always feel good," Beckham said. "Proving people wrong feels even more good. People doubted us. We're the Galaxy, we're the biggest club in this league, and we're proud tonight." 

The victory polished off a landmark season for the Galaxy, who went unbeaten at home, captured a second straight Supporters' Shield and further cemented its place as the premiere MLS franchise.

"To have the regular season we had, throw in the CONCACAF Champions League and then win the MLS Cup is a heck of an accomplishment," Arena said.

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102 Responses to DP trio carries Galaxy to third MLS Cup

  1. wtf says:

    John Harkes needs to get laid or something he is striaght horrible

  2. mcm says:

    Much better at a home stadium than a neutral site. Vans were into it. Houston had a vocal section as well.

  3. Alex G says:

    Finally MLS Champs, we are the wave!!! yeah!!

  4. ciscokid says:

    Anyone else catch Landy shouting F#@& YEAH while hoisting the cup. I had the sound turned down but that was the easiest lip reading ever. Pretty funny

  5. primoone says:

    Wheres Wynaldas wife when she is needed :(

  6. wtf says:

    sugarcoats everything. Becks f-ing tackles that dude, harkes: oooooh look at that beckham doing anything to win that championship. that game was pretty horrible advertisement for the league… shite compared to the semifinal

  7. Yogi says:

    Great win for the Galaxy. On LD’s goal… Judging by the replay, it looked like Tally’s tip brought it back on frame. Am I in the minority on that view?

  8. DaleDaleDynamo says:

    john harkes is garbage, him and lalas bring the quality that ESPN provides down. You’d expect them to actually work at FOX soccer

  9. sammysounder74 says:

    The guy who they made up a rule for to get him to LA flicks the ball to the fourth DP signed by LA who slides it to the guy who should be playing for Houston . . . .

  10. mattoomba says:

    Donovan’s comments on the MVP stage were telling. “We have the best ownerts. Our owners provide us with the best resources, more than any other team in the league.” Yep, even more than the other team that they own, which was also on that field tonight.

  11. Mike says:

    Get to Host the final twice in 4 years and have a salary worth 12.4 million compared to the Dynamo’s 3.2.

    this league is a joke.

    MLS finally got exactly what they wanted and no one is surprised.

    Salary cap is only for teams not in LA and NY.

  12. Yogi says:

    Is it a lack of front office support or just poor DP investments on Houston’s part?

  13. mike says:

    Ives your tweet about dumb money. who does that apply to? only team that spends anywhere close to LA is NY.

  14. Brian says:

    Whoever your team is and all the other teams in the league play under the same rules.

    Don’t hate the Galaxy and the Red Bulls because they are the only teams taking advantage of all their cap room.

  15. Judging Amy says:

    As opposed to the BPL, La Liga and Bundesliga with teams like Madrid, Barca, Man Utd, Bayern M., who seldom win anything?

    Those leagues are pretty fun to watch are they not?

    And as for hosting the final, its clearly a better environment when the host city actually cares who is in the final. MLS isn’t the NFL yet.

    Teams can try to buy championships all they want but they still have to grit it out on the field to actually win games (see NYRB, Miami Heat, this year’s Dream Team Eagles). The Galaxy played a great team game. Houston was gritty but undoubtedly produced the inferior soccer product. People always complain about how MLS soccer style is so far from the aesthetic beauty of Barca/Brazil, yet complain when teams get put together that can play some semblance of pleasing to the eye soccer. To get pretty soccer you have to have legit skill players and those aren’t cheap and they’re hard to homegrow.

    Bottom line: “super clubs” will only improve the overall quality of the league.

  16. frank from sf says:

    I would think to ALL the other owners?!… what’s keeping my team(quakes) from spending is the fact that Lew DOESN’T want to spend not that he ISN’T allowed to. I hate the galaxy but more power to them & the Rbulls for at least trying to push the envelope by bringing great players.

  17. beachbum says:

    of course I agree…or oh yeah it sucks to have owners bring in Henry, Beckham and Keane to the league

    weak sauce

    pony up boys, the stadiums are built, let’s see what next year, the next 2 years, next 5 years can bring to this league

    to MLS and the CONCACAF region


  18. CT says:

    LA’s payroll this year was in excess of $13 million, HOU’s payroll just over $3 million. LA has 2 players who make more individually than the entire HOU team. HOU has zero DP’s and have only had one in the entire history of the club (Landin). Do you think HOU would have lost tonight if they has a $13 million payroll on the field like LA did?

    Liewke has treated HOU like an ugly red-headed stepchild (apologies to Andre H) the entire time the Dynamo have been in HOU. LA decides they don’t like one DP (Angel) so they replace him with another (Keane). HOU can’t even get a decent one, much less 4.

  19. mike says:

    It sucks when one teams salary is 12.4 mil and most other teams hover around the 3 mil salary in a league that trys to pretend parity exists and the salary cap has a purpose.

    the only reason DP’s even started was so this league could give LA Beckham.

    AEG owns both Houston and LA….. so.. what can Houston do?

  20. Dinosaur Soldier says:

    Dumb money: New York?

  21. Neruda says:

    It’s time for Dave Checketts to open his pocket book and get RSL a few more impact players. A worthy DP who would fit in the total team concept would be nice BUT it’s going to take Keane and Donovan money to attract someone to Salt Lake City.

    RSL is so close to being equal to or better than LA. The same line up isn’t going to do it. RSL needs to get deeper. Really hope Kries can convince Checketts of this.

  22. marco says:

    Bad move starting Cristman, good move recognizing your mistake, and taking out the trash.

  23. Dimidri says:

    People are idiots. In any other sport with a salary cap, including those that have soft salary caps like the NBA, if an owner actively decides not to spend to the full potential of the salary cap he is derided as not fully invested in his team, yet in MLS when an owner does what is within his rights in the salary cap he is the one who is derided as ‘buying championships’? Please. The Galaxy have the exact same circumstances they have to work with as everybody else. The Galaxy minus their DP’s(DelaGarza, Gonzalez, Dunnivart, Franklin, Junihno, Magee, Barret, Saunders, Ricketts, etc.) are better than most teams becaues of smart management. In MLS, more than any other sport in the world or the US money does not equal success. 3 DP’s without a strong supporting cast doesn’t win anything, the advanced ages of many of these DP’s means a player like Brad Davis may be just as valuable as a player like David Beckham despite the pay differential, etc. A lot of this money is spent for marketing reasons anyway. Congrats Galaxy-you deserve it.

  24. marco says:

    ESPN’s wide shots are too wide covering 30-40 yards. Better at around 20.

  25. roger says:

    hahaha(andre h.)… for the rest of the post, couldn’t of said it any better. good game galaxy, go Dynamo!

  26. beachbum says:

    Beckham was tremendous all year, awesome to watch all his games in his 5 years, then him this year.

    that upper 90 try at the end had my boy screaming…loves those upper 90 rippers

    Stay man! get after this Champions League thing here next year!!!

  27. louse says:

    Absolute boredom

  28. beachbum says:

    the mirror can do that to a sad person…look away

  29. roger says:

    does LA have a supporters group?

  30. Rick says:

    Last time I checked Galaxy only won MLS Cup once during Beckham’s time here and they’re playing within the rules. First two years of Beckham’s contract the Galaxy sucked.

    Last year Colorado won, year before was RSL. MLS has 3 teams through to CONCACAF quarterfinals. The other big spender – RBNY – was a train wreck this year and didn’t win a thing. It’s like Ives tweeted, your teams’ owner isn’t poor.

    Everyone calm down and give Galaxy some credit.

  31. Jason B says:

    Somebody call the wahmbulance.

  32. I Hate Green says:

    More Sounders sour grapes”

  33. Daeffy Duck says:

    Just got back from the game. To me, it looked like Houston didn’t want it as much as LA did. Say what you want about salaries, but you can’t pay for passion. This coming from a Houston fan.

  34. Orange Really? says:

    I think you meant Ugly Orange shirt wearing step child! Right?

  35. bandeeto says:

    i hope this prompts other owners to open the pocket books. I love how RSL has built our team, and hope that they spread the money around to build the quality of the entire team, rather than buy 1 or 2 expensive players. Also, I’m interested to see what tonights TV ratings are. If they are very good, I believe this may push MLS toward increasing the salary cap (relatively) significantly. I’m thinking 5-7 million. But, again, the owners have to spend. Too many, even now, spend way less than they could.

    I won’t consider LA a potential greatest unless they at least reach the CCL final. If they win CCL, then they, without a doubt, will be the greatest MLS team ever (so far).

    Congrats LA. Can’t wait for my RSL to bring you back to earth next year!

  36. Dimidri says:

    +1. Though it would be nice if players were more willing to play in cities other than LA and NY, and Toronto I guess too(cough cough Robert Pires, who infamously said he wouldn’t play in Philly because it isn’t nice enough). Chivas(they do play in LA, I know shocking!), Chicago, San Jose, Boston, D.C., Philadelphia are all cities that I can’t imagine a player turning down based on lack of cosmopolitanism or things to do(maybe weather? but then what about NY?). Other cities like Montreal or Seattle seem like they would be attractive to certain players as well. I get that some owners aren’t willing to shell out the cash, but a lot are.

  37. Gnarls says:

    Just got back from the game. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS!!!

    On to CCL!

  38. I Love LA says:

    All sports have big spending teams if your team did it you wouldn’t complain. Come over to LA the water’s warm and there’s room on the bandwagon for you!

  39. Gnarls says:

    Well said, Dimidri. I’ve said this over and over to the haters. It doesn’t matter though. Tonight we’re champions.

  40. OC says:

    Yeah, it’s nonsensical to complain about the money thing when NYRB have the best forward of all the DP’s (Henry) and a world class defender as another DP (Marquez). The Red Bulls were vastly underwhelming this year. Furthermore it took Becks 5 years; they didn’t just start paying him out the wazoo this year, right? Any team who needs a field player to play in goal for a game is NOT winning championships because they are rich.

  41. Judging Amy says:

    bahahaha. well played.

  42. Gnarls says:

    No, we have three.

    Okay, two. The Galaxians don’t really count.

  43. OC says:

    I think Franklin and Dunivant are both REALLY underrated, and let’s not even start with Omar G. Dude is a ROCK.

  44. Limey says:

    Great job Gals way to finish the thing!

  45. for reals says:

    All the way from Kauai celebrating the Galaxy’s championship, but am seriously pissed off at the commentaries from all of tje people that can’t hve any grace in losing. It goes to show you the classless supporters some people have. Give credit where credit is due! The Galaxy are the 2011 MLS Champions!!! No excuses just results, HA!

  46. Neruda says:

    I agree RSL of all teams should be looking to spend a bit more to improve the team. They are a notch below LA this year but next year it will be different especially if LA loses Becks.

    If beckham re ups with Gals they will contend for CCL. LA fans do you really think you can win more trophies next year without Beckham? I can’t see how. Of course LA will get another big name DP but more often than not DPs don’t work out well (see Juan Pablo Angel).

  47. Gnarls says:

    No question. We have the best defense in the league without a DP across the back line.

  48. Khan says:

    That game was a train wreck for the league to casual viewers. The soccer was terrible.

    You would think after THIS long an MLS team could thread more than 3 passes together in the opposing half.

  49. Andrew says:

    As far as hosting the final, MLS has tended to put it in soccer-specific stadiums recently, and usually in new ones. If there was any surprise about the hosting decision this year, it should mostly be that the final wasn’t in either Vancouver or Kansas City.

    As a Galaxy supporter whose second team is the Dynamo (born in Houston, lived in LA longer than anywhere else), I think the playoff format change may have hurt Houston more than anyone else for next year, because without the change I would have expected Houston to host the 2012 final. I’m pretty sure that stadium will be the best in the league.

  50. Neruda says:

    LA does have a good supporting cast for sure. For example take a look at McGee and his crucial playoff goals. However if LA doesn’t have one of their three DPs they might not be champions tonight. Especially true of Beckham. He assists or has a direct hand in almost all of LAs goals. If he signs with PSG or whatever team LA will still be good but not great. They won’t win CCL or repeat as MLS cup winners.

  51. Andrew says:

    While I think DPs may be overrated (no team with a DP won a championship until this year!) we do have to concede that Magee playing in goal was not out of a lack of money. Like almost everywhere else in the world, MLS teams are limited to an 18-man matchday squad, and rarely dress three goalkeepers. Any team that loses two goalkeepers in the same game ends up having to put a field player in goal.

  52. Dinosaur Soldier says:

    very true, as seen in the MANY games Beckham and Donovan missed.

  53. Andrew says:

    It’s not as if Houston hasn’t made at least some big-name signings. Houston’s recent big signings just didn’t pan out. Not AEG’s fault that Landin ended up riding the pine, or that Costly got displaced by Calen Carr.

    Besides, it was really the back four that won LA the championship. No DPs in that group, but two Rookies of the Year in consecutive years. Looking through MLS draft history, LA has been the best-drafting team in the league, and it shows. Consider not only LA’s back line this season, but also the number of LA draft picks who are regular starters all over MLS.

  54. william says:

    to those complaining about salary cap

    Arsenal Fc have a Salary Cap and La Galaxy and NY Red Bulls salary budget is nothing compared to it

    salary cap is nothing

  55. dgoshilla says:

    Yea well you see how your fans act and you realize that Texas is crap and Houston is a dump. Your fans are scum, worthless barely functioning idiots. Who would want to invest in people like that? Not even PA.

  56. Hush says:

    Good win for the Galaxy. I’m happy for Beckham. The dude has done quite a bit in the MLS. Very deserving.

    Now if we can only have an MLS team, preferably the Galaxy to play a meaningful Cup Final….. An invention to the greatest tournament in the new world wpuld be a great start! COPA LIBERTADORES!!!! … now that would be a greater accomplishment then an MLS cup final win… My 2 cents. 😉

  57. dgoshilla says:

    Go get a $5 million/year TV contract, draw 23,000/game and sell millions in merchandise then you can tell us how to spend our $.

  58. Eric says:

    I love all you haters! Makes this win that much better. Just got back from the game and it was epic. So much fun in the ACB section. We dominated possession and got robbed on keane’s goal. We deserved the win no questions asked.

  59. Timber Dan says:

    Yes, you’re in the minority. So minor in fact that you’re the only that thinks it.

    LA winning is an MLS wet dream. Good for the league.

  60. Timber Dan says:

    This. Sounders fan boob about things even though Montero and Rosales were both brought in “illegally” by SS(ucks)FC.

  61. Dantheblue says:

    I also just got home and can not wait to watch the game tomorrow. The feeling in section 136 was surreal as the singing and drinking and quality of the game was mesmerizing. I dont care if Khan or anybody else liked the quality my Gals were dominant in every aspect of the game. Well done boys.

  62. Tim says:

    Lol you are such an idiot. You wouldnt have a TV contract or merch money without Becks Donovan and Kean in the first place. You act like you deserve it when really its just your owner handing it to you.

  63. JB says:

    But guys, didn’t you know Seattle invented MLS soccer? You should really listen to this guy’s points. I mean, have you seen how many fans they have at games?

  64. slyboy says:

    Don’t feed the trolls

  65. Supsam says:

    You obviously didnt watch the game. There were times where Housten held possession for a good period of time (especially after Keane’s dissallowed goal) in LA’s end and alot of times where LA held possession in Housten’s end. Need a specific example? Dunivant to Beckham to Keane to Donovan who scores. There’s your three passes

  66. cheekMonk says:

    There’s a lot to nitpick about this title. MLS is still, obviously, searching for the right formula in schedules, ownership, playoffs, compensation, etc. that will click with longtime futbol fans and the general “American” fan. However, I can respect that the league has managed, this far, to be careful but not conservative.

    That said, the buildup to the title-winning goal showed skill and flair, and Landon displayed world-class touch in a tight space to slot it home. A worthy and well-earned tally to wrap up the year.

  67. Kejsare says:

    It most certainly was not on frame until it bounced. That skip put it just inside the post. Whether that spin came off Hall or Donovan is anyone’s guess.

  68. jeff says:

    We won the supporters shield last year with beckham gone most of the year! He’s been tremendous this year but if I had to choose between losing beckham and losing bruce arena, I’d pick beckham to leave every time. I hope he resigns for another year or two, but bruce will put out a contender next year for sure. Galaxy will be a top team easy, especially if juninho comes back. I watched him dancing around the field after the game, never seen anyone happier in my life.

  69. abc says:

    1. Aren’t Houston getting an awesome new downtown stadium next year?

    2. Didn’t Houston try to sign some young guy from the Mexican national team as a DP earlier this year, only to have him refuse at the last minute because he didn’t want to move to MLS?

    3. Don’t AEG only own half of the Dynamo, whereas they own all of the Galaxy?

    4. Aren’t AEG trying to sell their share of the Dynamo, including meeting with possible owners THIS WEEKEND?

    But yeah, ignore all of that and whine whine whine.

  70. abc says:

    They looked a bit intimidated by it all, the MLS final, the roaring crowd, the star-studded Galaxy.

  71. Hyman says:

    Wonderful success!

  72. abc says:

    The whining here is ridiculous. My team is a rival of the Galaxy, but I can admit they deserve it. They were the best team all year. Guys like Beckham and Donovan are class, they get way too much s***. The team is stacked, almost every non-DP in the starting lineup (aside from Cristman) has showed they can play quality soccer, and do so as a team. Haters gonna hate I guess…

  73. EARL says:

    nice jokes man. that was good. you are funny. here is your internet high five.

  74. Second City says:

    Say what you want but as an MLS fan and non-LAG supporter, I’m happy our Supporter Shield winner is the MLS Champion.

    I only wish the SS winner was deemed with the same praise to begin with rather than a few week-long tournament.

    That said, having MLS Cup at the highest seed is a start in teh right direction.

  75. Second City says:

    I agree.

    RSL has all the quality, perhaps minus a big margquee signing or two away, from being top dog in our league.

    Certainly proving to be a worthwhile adversary to LAG.

  76. Matt says:

    dood. no internationals want to go to anywhere but new york or LA. they aint moving to houston or portland. it just isnt happening. especially when portland and seattle play on artificial turf. they would rather sit those games out.

  77. freddino says:

    Oh my goodness man well said….u know it’s funny how salary caps, DP’s, Beckham, Keane etc wasn’t an issue or seen as an advantage before …….ARENA is just a star coach and LA are the best team in MLS…… PERIOD.

  78. hogatroge says:

    Haha… I noticed that. My favorite moment was when Hainault slid in front of Beckham and dispossessed Beckham (albeit, earning a foul).

    Harkes says something along the lines of “look at Beckham’s hunger for the ball! OMG!!”

  79. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. Great team win. Nice possession soccer. Beckham, Donovan and Keane didn’t just play nice ball they also did the dirty work needed to win.

  80. hogatroge says:

    Really, it’s your money? Coming out of your pocket? Get stuffed.

  81. Incognito says:

    wtf needs to get laid or something. He is straight horrible with his bad grammar and boring comments.

  82. john.q says:

    i love the “spending” complaining. complain about the Galaxy spending… then watch EPL or La Liga games on the weekend. yea, makes a lot of sense.

  83. marco says:

    Yes, the three DPs scored the winning goal, and won the championship, but as Lalas (not a fan of Alexi) whispered, the DPs and salary cap are also responsible for players like Cristman being on the field. If MLS wants to compete in the world, it’s the bottom end that needs refurbishing.

  84. ripsaa says:

    AEG is only half owner of the Dynamo….just sayin

  85. Paul says:

    If the Dynamo really want a DP, my RBNY have a nice defender/midfielder for them. We’ll even pay his air fare.

  86. beachbum says:

    Arena is the MAN!!!

    cheers freddino :)

  87. VADCUfan says:

    Lol, to watch bunker ball like that? I don’t want my team to spend that much money only to play mind crushingly boring games (not just the 2011 final, 90% of LAG games I have watched over the past few years have been like this).

  88. vince says:

    Good win for the Gals… but the lack of class I saw was from the LA fan base. NEVER have I seen a tournament final where at the end of the game the fans BOOED the opposing team. It was disgraceful, and embarrassing. I am not a fan of either team and was at the game. Garber thanked Houston… and the place erupted in boos. I don’t understand the lack of class or respect…

  89. wtf says:

    wassup meestir harkes…U donnnt like mah baaad grammah eh? Does blowin becks all day long make you all omnipotent huh?

  90. Andrew says:

    Exactly. And the goalkeepers, the back four, and Juninho won the championship, I think, even more than the DPs did. All season long, LA ground out 1-0 victories. For all the hoopla about the DPs, the story of the season is that LA simply didn’t give up goals.

    Last night, Houston wouldn’t have scored if they had another 90 minutes.

  91. bryan says:

    wow, houston fans are a bunch of babies! and i actually liked them because they support their team. but all these excuses about the LAG having an unfair advantage are insane.

    Vamos United!

  92. ben in el cajon says:

    Look, I’m usually not uptight about grammar in spoken English, despite teaching writing and composition for a living, but Harkes only speaks in sentence fragments. It’s really awful to listen to someone who cannot even complete a thought.

  93. sammysounder says:

    Illegally? How? We placed discover claims on them fairly.

    LA is the best team and I won’t begrudge them that, but both Beckham and Keane were brought in because the league changed the rules to benefit Galaxy. Did they not make up a new rule for Becks? Did they not allow the signing of Keane before the trade of Angel?

  94. sammysounder says:

    Did you read the point? You didn’t rebut any of them.

  95. sammysounder says:

    No. They don’t. MLS changes the rules to benefit LA.

  96. sammysounder says:

    I don’t begrudge Galaxy for spending money, but to say they play by the same rules as everyone else is bunk and ignores history.

  97. sammysounder says:

    I thought Houston was just outclassed. Add Davis and Ching from three years ago and it’s a different game.

    That said, I don’t think it was as much of a drubbing as the announcers would have had us believe. LA was better, but Houston had their chances.