Gonzalez still waiting for USMNT call

OmarGonzalez (ISIPhotos.com)

Omar Gonzalez is waiting for another U.S. national team call-up, and much like many American soccer fans and observers, he has been left wondering just when that next call will come.

The MLS Defender of the Year favorite has yet to receive a call from, or spoken to, new U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, and in my recent Fox Soccer piece on his national team status, Gonzalez talked about that fact, as well as about his recent comments stating he would be open to a call from the Mexican national team.

Give the story a read. Gonzalez's candidness is eye-opening and will leave you wondering even more just when Klinsmann will call up a 23-year-old centerback who has established himself as the best defender in MLS.

What do you think of Gonzalez's comments? Surprised he hasn't gotten a call-up yet from Klinsmann?

Share your thoughts below.

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84 Responses to Gonzalez still waiting for USMNT call

  1. marco says:

    It’s a mystery to me why Omar hasn’t gotten more tries.
    I’ve got a suspicion it’s someone else in the USSF and not the coaches who put the mojo on Omar, and John. Perhaps they have a thing against 6’4″ CBs.

  2. RK says:

    If he’s waiting for a call, that’s an awfully big phone.

  3. theother99% says:

    Wonder how many non German/americans will slip through Klinnsman fingers.

  4. Jon says:

    so basically, this article is telling us omar did not get called up for france and slovenia.

  5. downintexas says:

    No remember Klinsmann has 100% control of the national team. No one else has a say what so ever.

  6. george3000 says:

    The only logical reason is that Klinsmann doesn’t see his distribution as being adequate for the type of system they are trying to implement. In all other areas, he is leagues above Orozco-Fiscal and Ream.

  7. BK says:

    OMAR is great at man on man defending and he is the best in the air. He is suspect with his ball skills for the international level. I do think he should get a run with the national team. He is a way better defender than Michael Orozco Fiscal or Tim Reams. Reams is better with the ball at his feet but is a mediocre man defender.

  8. Matt says:

    I cant see why he hasnt even been called in to camp so Klinsmann can get a better look at him.

  9. wilyboy says:

    What puzzles me is what JK thinks he has to choose from. Orozco always seemed to be a symbolic gesture, why not another Mexican American who plays in MLS?

    His reasons hopefully do not include chaffing at Gonzalez’ consideration of Mexico or a lack of faith in MLS defenders. Afterall, name one central defender for the US who didn’t start out in MLS? Jay Demerit, and his story was too crazy not to make into a movie.

  10. wilyboy says:

    Confusing sentence structure: Orozco and Gonzalez Mexican Americans, in different leagues.

  11. TomG says:

    Kid deserves a shot. He’s pretty quick for his size and has great body control. He’s always shoulder-to-shoulder even with the small, quicker guys. He’s still young enough to learn some new tricks. At least get him in camp so Klinsi can evaluate him and let him know what he needs to work on. He has enough tools to warrant at least that, no?

  12. David says:

    I think the thing people don’t talk about much is what a good pairing Omar and Ream would be. I don’t think ream should stop getting calls so Omar can get them. i would like to see them play together. I think they would be very complementary. each seems to excel where the other does not. Ream is clearly better at distribution and with the ball at his feet. Omar is better in the air and at man marking. The two together would be a dynamic tandem I think.

  13. BK says:

    Frankly I think this story is being over-covered. He’s done well in MLS, is young, and his size and strength are impressive. All this is enough to merit his being seriously on the radar for the nats going forward. But the suggestion that he hasn’t been called in yet under Klinsi is some kind of unjustifiable goof or midjudgement is way overcooked. I just saw him in person this past weekend in NYC, and while he had some imposing physical moments, he still looked quite raw on the ball, and beatable in terms of pace. It’s just inaccurate to suggest that he is ready to step in and be anything like an answer right now on the international level.

  14. toropug says:

    I wanna see Gonzalez and Cameron together. That would be a fast, strong backline.

  15. marco says:

    Not enough calls pre-klinsi.

  16. yahb says:

    whatever happened to players being patient? It’s not as if the WC is next summer. He has 2.5years. Plus I’m sure he’ll be in Europe by then, so a leg up over the competition. Chill Omar

  17. NE Matt says:

    he’s like gooch 2.0 because hes younger. if we are worried about distribution solely, then gooch wouldn’t be around because he is a punter, and everyone is anointing gooch as one of our starting CB’s. it’s BS to say he doesn’t fit into the system we are trying to establish because gooch doesn’t either if we are only worried about distribution from the back. if we want a gooch-like sub on the bench, theres none better in our pool than omar

  18. Benny Dargle says:

    All MLS players with teams still in the playoffs may be out of the running for this call-up if Klinsmann wants to ensure that they are available for the full camp. So, it may be a non-story about Omar’s exclusion for this particular set of games (although it obviously doesn’t explain his absence from previous games).

  19. chimmy says:

    both have to be given a chance together, it is mind-boggling if they don’t. The only thing holding Cameron back is that he only has less than 10 games as a defender this year, but everybody acknowledges he is one of the best so given time i hope he gets a call

  20. Ken says:

    100% agree

  21. Smacking says:

    I always got the impression Bob was “in contact” even if he wasn’t calling in a particular player. Anyone know if that was true? Perhaps some of the reaction is due simply to the silence.

    I don’t have a problem with Klinsy’s allowing his call-ups to speak for themselves, but I also have no problem with a player publicly stating his desire to be in the team.

  22. Eddie says:

    I agree with this.

    But, I would like to see him get a chance. Then perhaps he can become the new whipping boy for all of the supporters when he gets beat by a forward with speed and skill.

  23. abc says:

    It’s funny how Klinsmann wants more Mexican-Americans involved with the team, and chose Castillo and Orozco Fiscal over Gonzalez and Herculez Gomez.
    But he’s European so he must know what he’s doing!!1!

  24. Tom says:

    Not true. Torres said Bob hadn’t been in contact at all since the WC.

  25. abc says:

    No, multiple players who were not called in for various games mentioned conversations they had with Bradley. Hell he is the one who told Charlie Davies that if he wants to get called back in, he needs to move to MLS and actually play games instead of sitting on the bench at Sochaux.

  26. Poo says:

    Gooch may not fit the system either, but he is a veteran leader, not another young 20 something who doesnt have the experience. I do think he should get a chance though.

  27. abc says:

    If that is the case, and if Cameron and John also didn’t get called up, someone needs to punch Klinsy in the face.

  28. Poo says:

    +2. they could clean up each others mistakes nicely.

  29. Poo says:

    main issue is not to many teams roll out two central defenders who are in their early 20s

  30. darby says:

    Now that Omar has said the US is his first choice he is never going to get a Mexican call up. I’m not too worried about this. It’s very early in the WC cycle and I have no doubt Castillo & Orozco will be exposed and flame out.

  31. bryan says:

    he is NOT leagues above those two. he deserves a call up too, but don’t be delusional.

  32. bryan says:

    I’m not too worried either. People are FREAKING out about this. We haven’t had many games, it’s VERY early. I agree that Omar deserves a call up, but I don’t think he deserves it MORE than Ream or Orozco. I wish JK, now that we have some games under his belt, would start rotating in Omar and John. But this idea by fans that Omar is SO MUCH BETTER than Ream or Orozco is ridiculous. If anything, John is the one with EPL interest. Point is, relax. It would be nice to see JK reach out to him. I think, as the US coach, he should be doing that.

  33. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Well this Crap about Omar and John is crazy. There are other player as well that need to be call in for the USNMT who maybe better. OK if either Omar or John get call in the better freaking bring their A game and not stink. Cause they really would look like stupid especially Omar since he is public talking or expressing their frustration for not been call. I don’t hear Adu, Benny, Bedoya or other for not getting a call back. I’m a Galaxy and yes I would like Omar get a chance but I see him make sometime the stupidest mistake of passing the ball that will cost a goal or almost a goal. Well Omar I hope you get your chance and PROVE yourself that you are good for international level and not just league level. Because there are a lots of those type of player.

  34. Wispy says:

    Good one. Gosh, I miss YWTC.

  35. Mat says:

    To be honest, he’s basically competing for the back-up back-up’s spot, i.e. what Ream currently has.
    At this point, Boca, Gooch and Goodson are ahead by a lot. However, if Ream got a look, I suppose Omar could get invited to a camp sometime.

    This said, Omar needs to take a humble pill too. He’s talking like he’s owed a call-up when really he’s not proven he can be effective anywhere other than MLS. Before he can start talking himself up like that, maybe he needs to prove himself in a bigger league.

    Truth be told, he’s a fringe player right now and hasn’t done anything that warrants an automatic call-up in my view. Then again, Ream has done even less and he got called….

  36. Mat says:

    Why? Boca, Gooch and Goodson are 3 better options, and you could argue that long-forgotten Parkurst (silently anchoring his team’s defense in Denmark to a solid season) deserves a call over Cameron or John or Omar or Ream.

  37. brad says:

    I heard he might get a spot on the Olympic team as one of the three over age players..

  38. A wise man once says:

    Yes, you could argue that. But it would not be true.

  39. Machista Gay says:

    in the face!

  40. Mat says:

    Well, one was a MLS defensive star and has had solid years starting in Europe… What have the other 2 done?

  41. A wise man once says:

    +3 I didn’t think of that.

  42. Answer says:

    Where, EXACTLY, does the story say that? Please be very specific. Where did it say that?

  43. Mat says:

    Starting these 2 in international play today would be suicide. They need to develop more and prove they can be successful in bigger leagues before that should be considered.
    Boca and Gooch are our best central defense. Boca’s age is a concern for Brazil though, but I think he still has a WC in him.

  44. abc says:

    “will be”??

  45. Goalscorer24 says:

    Unfortunately he is going to have to probably wait again this month, unless the Galaxy lose tomorrow night. Which I hope they don’t.

  46. Answer says:

    That would be a TERRIBLE decision. And where did you hear such a thing? Please give a source. I suspect you are just another person trolling with information they simply created out of thin air, huh?

  47. BrianK says:


    Berhalter and Gooch come to mind.

  48. Louis Z says:

    alot less than through the fingers of BB

  49. Seriously says:

    The question is did you notice Ream in the same game? My problem is that Ream is getting calls and not Omar when Omar is a better CB in MLS and is a year younger. Ream looked sloppy vs LA, OG looked solid in the same game.

  50. NE Matt says:

    yea man i didn’t say he should start over gooch. i said he should at least make the sub bench as a gooch type replacement should the big guy get fatigued or suffer injury (god forbid)

  51. Camjam says:

    i thought if you were 23 you could play on the team? How does that work?

  52. Louis Z says:

    good point.

  53. Louis Z says:

    I believe Orozco and Reams are/were fighting for the same spot behind BOCA.

    Omar is trying to crack in to the lineup that Gooch and Goodson are fighting for.

  54. abc says:

    Boca is getting old and will definitely be too old by WC14. Anyone who says Goodson is a better option right now needs to check out how he’s doing over at Brondby.

  55. Dune Man says:

    I know with football there are some basic tests for players for strength, speed, etc when looking at say a rookie class at tryouts. I would be curious to see a scorecard like this for our back line options. Height, strength, speed, and other ball skills. How about we just make them do some sprint tests so we can at least see who is the fastest to settle that debate.

    I also find it odd that in MLS I see the stories about John going to EPL or Ream getting looks, but I do not recall as much about Omar. Is it that the EPL sees something in the others that Omar does not have….or is it that Omar is just not looking as much at options outside of LA right now or pushing to get extra PR with scout and trade rumor stories like the other two might?

  56. Louis Z says:

    BB never called Johnson.

  57. Louis Z says:

    right now BOCA is the starter for the “smaller” CB position, I think the backup position for him still up in the air. GOOCH/GOODSON will probably the “bigger” CB position. So Omar is outside looking in until somethig happens to them

  58. MidWest Ref says:

    the french guy who we naturalized and Tom Dooley.

  59. john.q says:

    not sure but there is definitely consistency in both Ream getting a lot of looks from many different places and Omar getting far less.

    nat team, euro teams are all seeing something that angry SBI commenter’s are not. Ream possesses a trait that cannot be easily taught: vision and creativity with his passing. bone-headed mistakes and positioning can be taught and fixed over time. Ream can hit the gym to gain mass.

  60. Adam M. says:

    Ream is an exceptional passer (relatively speaking, he’s not Xavi obviously), and better than average defender. Omar is a better than average defender, perhaps somewhat better than Ream, but nothing special as a passer. Its much easier to teach Ream to be a better defender than to teach Omar to be a better passer. Plus, distribution from the back has been a major problem that Ream could solve if his defending improved. Finally, more and more clubs are using a Big Guy – Passer combo as center backs in an effort to improve the flow going forward,a trend Ream fits nicely into and probably why he is being scouted so much. Omar probably deserves a look, but that he hasn’t gotten one yet is nothing dramatic.

  61. Pd says:

    I think Gooch had gotten much less punter-y, and I think Gonzalez has a long time to go before he can’t learn new tricks. I think this has everything to do with the LA Galaxy being in the thick of a playoff hunt. I would not be surprised to not see anyone from LA get a callup. If he’s not called into the January camp then I’ll worry.

  62. pd says:

    Or we can expect two centerback in America are capable of playing mistake-free….

  63. boosted335 says:

    John gets the most serious looks because his game combines the strengths of bot Ream and gonzalez.

    Size/Strength/1v1 D with the touch and passing of Ream. The kicker is he’s faster than either of them and is equally good on his left as he is his right foot.

    With that said I cant believe Omar doesn’t have suitors overseas. ..but then again I wouldn’t have believed that he or John wouldn’t have been called up over the last 1.5 years…

  64. Khan says:

    Instead of whining maybe he should spend every waking moment learning how to effectively pass the ball.

  65. downintexas says:

    ummmm…how obtuse are you???

  66. Rlw2020 says:

    +1 sounds like the January camp starting back line. Cameron-John for the secOnd pair

  67. ronniet says:

    oyu obviously didnt see gooch in our last friendly where his distribution out of the back was spot on and he even got forward around the offensive box and laid a sweet pass to dempsey in the closing minutes of the game….goochs’ passing is 10x better since he’s been in portugal! and if i’m being honest, i think that is the reason we haven’t seen gonzo!

  68. Martha says:

    + 1 wise man.

    Thou to even argue it would be like arguing the Earth is flat.
    Omar= Parkhurst in that they are/were great MLS ers not good enough for the Nats. Omar to slow Parkhurst to small.

    Callups should be

    1. George John
    2. Geoff Cameron
    3. That young kid in Norway who played USL ( forgot his name) just to get a
    4. Gonzalez ( just to reward his MLS play )
    100. Tim Ream
    101 Orozco Fiscal
    200. Parkhurst

  69. Benny Dargle says:

    John has or can get a Greek passport, which makes it a lot easier for him to play overseas. Don’t know about Ream.

  70. Kevin_Amold says:

    Hmm. Not sure I agree with this comment.

  71. SuperChivo says:

    Not just Ream, who is promising if struggling right now, but Orozco, who has shown much for club or country.

  72. hogatroge says:

    Cameron won’t be there as he’ll be needed for the Dynamo’s MLS Cup tilt.

  73. GW says:

    Playing a CB pairing with one cap’s worth of international experience between them strikes me a great way to destabilize the center of your defense.

    If Cameron is such a great centerback why is he still at Houston and why do the Dynamo feel comfortable playing him in other positions for so long?

    Cameron and Gonzo have potential but CB is about a lot more than being big, strong and fast. They both have a ways to go before they can match what Gooch, Demerit and Boca know about playing center back.

  74. MJC-DC says:

    I think starters should still be Gooch and Boca. However, I think Klinsi should call in Ream (to back up Boca) and Gonzo (to back up Gooch).

  75. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    One Gooch is enough. (I’m a GOOCH FAN). We don’t need multiples of the same type of CB. Gooch is better than Omar in every aspect. So why bring 2.0 when the original Beast is sufficient.

  76. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Oh yeah …

    “There’s only One Goooooooch!”

  77. GW says:

    So Torres was the only player who ever played for Bradley?

    And because he did not keep in touch with him you are saying Bradley kept in touch with no one? Prove it.

    What pure garbage.

  78. Brian says:

    Cameron and Gonzo still have the playoffs going on.

  79. Brian says:

    Regis was not a CB. He was a LB

  80. Brian says:

    Must be born 1 January 1989 or later. Omar was born in Oct 1988.

  81. Rowsdower says:

    Couple of points…. Cameron came out of college as a midfielder. He only moved to the CB position due to injuries (E Rob). He plays other positions because he is extremely versatile and Dom felt he was best suited for the midfield which really lacking in talent. Low and behold they finally get a decent pair of guys to replace DeRo, Holden, Clark and guess what? Cameron moves back to CB, the defensive is much better, Boswell is playing much better and the Dynamo are winning again. Not a coincidence. Cameron is good.

  82. Gary says:

    Omar does not have it!
    If you guys want the NT to start playing better futbol, this is not the type of player for it. This is a Bradley, Arena, Sampson, type guy – big and strong, but no technique or brains. Your silly little MLS awards get shoved up your arse internatially. Stop looking to the past, and start looking to the future.

  83. Gary says:

    That’s well stated Adam.

  84. Gary says:

    Another fan with a good head on his shoulders. Well stated bryan.