Ibrahimovic reveals details of Onyewu brawl

Oguchi Onyewu 1 (AP)

It was a fight that we didn't hear many details about, but given the players involved, it figured to be a serious scuffle.

Now we know just how serious.

Just days after the one-year anniversary of the Oguchi Onyewu-Zlatan Ibrahimovic fight, details have surfaced about the highly-publicized brawl that left one of the combatants with a broken rib.

In his autobiography, "I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic," the Swedish international reveals that Onyewu landed a blow that broke the forward's rib, an injury that AC Milan never made public. Ibrahimovic says the two hulking players "were close to killing each other," and that it took about a dozen players and staff members to break up the fight that occurred after a rough tackle during a scrimmage.

What do you think of this story? Impressed with Onyewu winning a fight against a black belt in Tae Kwon Do? Can you see Onyewu turning to a career in the UFC?

Share your thoughts below.

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77 Responses to Ibrahimovic reveals details of Onyewu brawl

  1. CILII_blog says:

    Hell yeah,, now all I can think of is this song.

    link to youtu.be

  2. jbrader says:

    I thought it was the other way around.

  3. papi grande says:

    my money is on gooch…ANYDAY!

  4. jonk says:

    I wonder if the actual autobiography has more details. The only news this Gazzetta article reveals is that Zlatan got a broken rib out of it. We already knew it was over a tackle in practice and that the rest of the team had to break it up based on the pictures from last year.

  5. Madcam says:

    If true, then one wonders if this is why he never saw much/any PT.

  6. brad says:

    Hell yeah Gooch!!!

    Take him Down!!!!!!!!

  7. Gil says:

    Oguchi Onyewu doesn’t know karate, but He knows ka-razy.. Classic

  8. jcl says:

    Love the pic

  9. wildchild says:

    haha impressed because he had a black belt in tae kwan do? good one!

    (they are trained as stand-up fighters with total emphasis on kicking, so be careful from a distance. so get close in and grapple, take to ground where they have no training and are thus defenseless). that one is on the house 😉

  10. James says:

    This only reaffirms what a badass gooch is. If he broke Ibrah’s rib, can you imagine what he would have done to Borgetti during that staredown?

  11. Hood Rich says:

    This is funny sh*t! There was a video of Ibra practicing his Kung Fu kicks on the players with their
    backs to him while he was messing around in practice. One of his kicks scraped the back of Rodney Strasser, and then when he came near Gooch, Ibra didn’t try to mess with him. LOL

  12. Judging Amy says:

    lol at your dorky keyboard warrior response.

    do you “traen ufc”?

  13. JGD says:

    I bet this book won’t reveal the racial slur Ibrahimovic threw at Gooch after the tackle. He’s a punk.

    There are few soccer players I’d want to cross less than Gooch.

  14. JGD says:

    EDIT: I’m confusing this case with the one when Gooch played in Belgium.

  15. my 2 centz says:

    I want a USMNT of 11 Gooches. Who cares if they can play? Lets just beat the crap out of the Mexicans and Europeans.

  16. Brad says:

    I’m more amazed that somebody actually read Ibra’s book…

    Round 2: Gooch vs Vidic, FIGHT!

  17. DanO says:

    Between Gooch taking down Ibra and Dempsey breaking John Terry’s nose a few years ago, our guys take on some pretty tough dudes. I gotta imagine Jermaine Jones has had an altercation with a big name player as well…

  18. inkedAG says:

    Gooch may have broken his rib, but did he bruise the ego?

  19. hogatroge says:

    I have a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and no longer practice for this exact reason. It’s an impractical martial art for real-world self defense scenarios.

  20. Eurosnob says:

    First of all, what a great picture for this article! Second, Ibrahimovic cannot complain about a broken rib, when he acts like a goon. Ibra karate kicked his AC Milan teammate from behind during the training(Rodney Strasser). He also kicked Milan’s fitness coach (Giannino Beffa) in the crotch and another teammate (Cassano) in his head, while Cassano was giving an interview. Ibra also elbowed a former teamate (Matterazzi) to the hostpital after his attempted kick missed. Ibra just miscalculated thinking that he could bully Onyewu.

  21. patrick says:

    so, if this is Ibra’s side of the story in his book, we can all assume that it was actually 2 or 3 broken ribs, that Ibra ran scared and it was only gooch who was close to killing Ibra, right?

  22. Chosun says:

    I’m a 4th degree in TKD, and you’re misguided if you believe that it’s impractical for real-world scenarios. Every art has its strengths and weaknesses, but I’ve had to use it (unfortunately), and it’s quite effective. Also, proper training in TKD should be teaching close-combat situations as well. If not, then all you’re learning is the sport aspect of it, and should consider finding a better school.

  23. biff says:

    And let’s not forget Jozy’s headbutt to the idiot who bounced a ball off Jozy. I would hate to see Jozy lose his temper in a key game and get a red card, but in this situation does not bother me one bit. The idiot deserved it.

    link to youtube.com

  24. DC Josh says:

    haha what the hell?

  25. DC Josh says:

    Anyone from the Washington, DC area knows how to rumble.

  26. Futbolisto says:

    I see what you did there, Gil. Much impressed. Showing love to James Brown AND Gooch at the same time.

  27. Khan says:

    “What do you think of this story? Impressed with Onyewu winning a fight against a black belt in Tae Kwon Do? Can you see Onyewu turning to a career in the UFC?”

    No. And to even suggest such a thing is moronic. Impressed that Gooch was so dumb that he broke a superstar teammate’s ribs by hitting him and subsequently rotted away on a bench for years? Why would you possibly be impressed by that?

    How about chastising Gooch for being an idiot?

  28. Dainja says:

    To quote Stuart Scott (who actually I can’t stand)…”HATER IN THE HOUUUUUUSE!”

  29. Missoula says:

    Get over yourself. As indicated by the above comments, Ibra had it coming. Personally, I love an enforcer CB who won’t take any guff.

  30. Steve C says:

    Knew there’d be one guy who had to post just to get others riled up. You should’ve ended your post with something like “Modern Warfare 3 sucks too!” just to make sure you really got the attention you crave.

  31. Shane says:

    Zlatan’s an a$$, Gooch is class. Really all there is to it.

  32. hahahah says:

    On what planet is John Terry a “pretty tough dude”?

  33. dave says:

    Maybe Gooch can take out Orozco Fiscal next.

  34. MicahK says:

    Chosun I disagree with you Tae Kwon Doe does not even focus on using the upper body it is mostly with legs. In fights in the real world most people punch you will see sometimes people kick and stomp people out, but most people use their hands when they fight now in days.

  35. MicahK says:

    Why would he do that ????? -____-

  36. Colin Reese says:

    Gooch is a monster, but Ibrahimovic is 6’5″ not 6’3″ or 6’4.” While Gooch is stronger, Ibrahimovic is a very quick and strong 6’5″ beast with a black belt. This was no one sided fight. This would have been a nasty, nasty fight. Ibrahimovic has no history of making racist comments either as someone claimed. Ibrahimovic revealed that he himself is called a “Gypsy” by fans in Italy who chant “Gypsy.”

  37. SydneySounder says:

    USA! USA! USA! We’re number 1! All others are 2 or lower.

  38. scud says:

    What I got from article: 1. Always let Gooch off the bus first. 2. Post this article and picture in Mexico’s dressing room the next time we play them!

  39. EastBayGrease says:

    Checkout clip of Ibra kicking his AC Milan teammate in the back…clearly not in jest.

    link to youtube.com

    He is known to be a disaster in the locker room for the swedish national team.

    And he’s the one guy who causes problems in the “BFF locker room” that is FC Barcelona.

    What a prick.

  40. Rainstpub says:

    HAHAHA!!! Seriously, that song is almost as good as Alexi Lalas’ song – “Kickin’ Balls”!!!!!!

  41. Mental Assassin says:

    Support that. Need some violent players with swag.

  42. abc says:

    At least you corrected yourself, but maybe be a little more careful next time before accusing someone of racism in the future…

  43. sandtrout says:

    Couldn’t agree more about what a classless idiot Ibrahimovic is. Look no further than the title of his book: “I am (insert name here)” has got to be the stupidest name for an autobiography in the history of autobiography.

    On another note, I disagree with many of you in that I never considered Gooch a particularly tough guy or fighter. He’s really big and strong, no doubt, but that never translated for me into tough-guy action. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m right that’s fine with me.

  44. SD says:

    you did not read what Chosun said which is proper training in tkd does teach close combat situations. I am a 2nd degree black belt and not only do I kick really well but I can block and punch and choke quite well too.

  45. bryan says:


  46. Vince Clortho says:

    Zlatan=Hot Head and half crazy

  47. wilyboy says:

    More impressed that Zlatan survived a full on attack. He’s a big dude, but judging what Gooch does to people when NOT trying to hurt them, damn.

  48. MemphisRogues says:

    I’m much more interested in continuing to read about Gooch’s return to form, Ives. I wonder if there could be an article written about who has mentored him, what drills have worked, where the corner was turned. Has there been an interview with him? I bet I missed it. It’s the comeback story we want Davies to have also.

    And I really don’t understand what the appeal is with the two grown men fighting angle? Same headlines grabbing was going on with that ridiculous NYRB vs LA schoolyard stuff, too. Anyone who has really been in a fight knows it’s usually a very clumsy, embarrassing thing. Otherwise, they were in a bar being a choad. Or, they like to pop towels in the locker room.

  49. x4 says:

    He edited it 1 minute after he posted it.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  50. JGD says:

    Thanks for spotting me.

  51. YO says:

    I would prefer if he goes after Dejong and somehow, we need to get Evans as well.

  52. cj herrera says:

    What the story doesn’t mention is that Gooch broke his Ibra’s rib with nothing but a stern glance.
    link to bit.ly

  53. DanO says:

    Big centerback, strong in the air, played with a broken cheek, almost got decapitated trying to clear a ball with a header. He’s a crappy teammate, and I’m not a fan of his, but I wouldn’t tell him he wasn’t tough to his face. Just saying…

  54. BenH says:

    A dirty tackle during practice against a player with 10 times your skill. That’s intelligent.

  55. KenC says:

    Is this just Zlatan saying he had a broken rib or is there an unbiased more reliable source?

  56. MiamiAl says:

    Ibra is a big dude. I would have loved to see video of the skirmish…Maybe Ibra was retaliating because Gooch made the other players look bad by giving up his salary for his lost year…

  57. JGD says:

    Ibrahimovic tackled Gooch…

  58. kfly says:

    He wrote an autobiography already? Isn’t he like 30?

  59. Scott A says:

    Jared Borgetti is reading this and is glad that he didn’t keep it real a half-decade ago.

  60. Bill says:

    Ha – A “Meatballs” reference!

  61. Lil' Zeke says:

    Any you fellers play soccer?

  62. Lil' Zeke says:

    Make that two guys. Niceness is much preferable

  63. Lil' Zeke says:

    It is what it is… Here we all are

  64. Lil' Zeke says:

    Are you implying Gooch is not nine times more skillful than Ibra? ? ?

  65. FulhamPete says:

    I hate to be a buzzkill, but it was Stripes, not Meatballs.

  66. Good Jeremy says:

    Evans wasn’t dirty, it was a needlessly hard challenge on a 50-50 ball but it wasn’t dirty. De Jong though, makes me wish we had hockey-type enforcers on the team.

  67. Philly Union Rule says:

    Gooch should quit soccer and fight MMA/UFC full time. Then we will not have to witness the terrible distribution and horrible touch any more

  68. steve-o says:


  69. Mug says:

    He should’ve broken that gigantic schnozzola.

  70. buff111 says:

    As Frank Dreben of Police Squad said about boxing, “never bet on the white guy.” Gooch proved that statement to be true.

  71. mug says:


  72. Joamiq says:

    “No. And to even suggest such a thing is moronic.”

    Someone doesn’t know a joke when he sees one.

  73. vinceN says:

    hell yea…that foo is ripped…he should have broken more of that pompous jerk’s ribs..i hate SATAN Ibrahimovic…lol

  74. vinceN says:

    lol…serious…Gooch was just defending himself…Ibra was being a Jerk so Gooch kicked his arse…Hater in the HOUSEEEEE>…lol…classic

  75. vinceN says:

    that’s because he is a Gypsy…calling someone a Gypsie is not racist…I see romanian Gypsies all the time and Ibra is one of those