MLS Cup: Who will win?

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The 2011 MLS Cup Final is being considered in most circles as a mis-match between the strongest team in the league and a team that road a hot streak into the post season. The Los Angeles Galaxy are the heavy favorites to lift the trophy in their home stadium, but the Dynamo aren't ready to just play the role of punching bag.

You need only look at the past two MLS Cups, won by the Colorado Rapids in 2010 and Real Salt Lake in 2009 (against LA) to see underdogs emerge victorious. The Galaxy are well aware of this and aren't buying into the notion that this final will be an easy one.

That being said, it's tough not to pick the Galaxy. They are strong, healthy and loaded with talent all over the field. They also haven't lost at home all season.

The Houston Dynamo are the clear underdogs, but their tough defense should give them a fighting chance, even though the Dynamo will be playing without injured MVP candidate Brad Davis.

Here is our question for you. Who do you think we will Sunday's MLS Cup Final? Will be the favored LA Galaxy, or the underdog Dynamo?

Cast your vote after the jump:

How did you vote? Who do you see winning and why?

Share your thoughts below.

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60 Responses to MLS Cup: Who will win?

  1. David St. Hubbins says:

    All I know is if it goes to PK’s, Judas is gonna miss another PK like in the 2009 final.

  2. JG13 says:

    I don’t believe you. You’re a liar.

  3. epablo says:

    who dared voted for the dynamo to have a blowout win!!!?????

  4. Colin says:

    Shame. I was hoping we went the France route with their home kit w/ the collar (very classy IMO) and the away kit with the thin blue & white stripes, but this leak, if accurate, just looks tacky.

  5. bob says:

    Would Houston be in the final if they were still a western conf. team????

  6. Yeesh says:

    If they had played this season as a Western team, they would have ended the season either side of 5th place. They may have still made the playoffs due to the screwy format, but no way would they have beaten Seattle, RSL or LA.

  7. RB says:

    Specifically the 6th place side of 5th place.

  8. Dimidri says:

    What was the initial post?

  9. Francois says:

    I agree, it looks really bad if the leak i’m looking at with the candy cane jersey is accurate.

  10. Wm. says:

    Manchester Free Trade Hall…brilliant reference!

  11. Wm. says:

    I imagine this one being 2:1 El Lay, The scoreline will flatter Houston as the Galaxy dominates the game for long stretches and Houston gets a late consolation. It’ll look like the ’97 final with DC vs Colorado.

  12. hartley says:

    Seems like there should be another choice there. Like — Who Cares?

    I don’t really like either team, so I won’t be watching.

  13. TheFacts says:

    ummmmm Houston has the better results against those teams in 2011

    Houston Vs Seattle 2011: 4-2 aggregate
    Houston Vs RSL 2011: 3-2 aggregate
    Houston Vs La Galaxy 2011: 3-2 aggregate

  14. Mistadobolina says:

    Why is a post about a leaked photo removed? If anyone knows post links to the new us jersey!!

  15. Smash says:

    Wish Davis was playing. Would love to beat the Orange with a full squad.
    3-1 LA win.

  16. Rlw2020 says:

    Everything seems to be pointed at LA to win by a good margin but knowing mls I wouldnt be surprised to see Houston pull of some crazy odd goal to win it (like kanji last year)

  17. Rlw2020 says:

    Well done! U dont go to the finals by being the top rated team alone..

  18. RNG says:

    So Ives–whey you say Houston is the team that “road” a hot streak into the finals, does that mean they have a strong away record?

  19. Incognito says:

    If LA don’t win I will chew on my tie.

  20. Todd B says:

    The way I see it is…they are both owned by the same owner, so who cares. Possibily be any worse??

  21. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Do you care about the league? Tune in at the half, write down one advertiser, and send them an actual letter praising their support for MLS and note that it has made you more likely to buy their product (lie, if you have to). Cost: 15 minutes <1$ (including postage, envelope and 1sheet paper).

  22. hogatroge says:

    Just imagine a short-sleeved Where’s Waldo shirt with a blue t-shirt collar and you’ve got it. Just Google leaked 2012-2014 USA jersey.

  23. hogatroge says:

    No way they would have beaten any of those teams like they beat all of them during the regular season?

  24. hogatroge says:

    “I’ll kill myself if Portugal doesn’t win.”

  25. Kash says:

    The fact is… Houston is an entirely new team, you have to look at it that the entire last two seasons have been experimental and we are looking close to the same teams that won in 06 an 07. Houston has produced a lot of great players, thanks to the coaching staff. I personally don’t want becks to win a title, but I do bleed orange!

  26. abc says:

    Wait, what’s the reference?

    I’m familiar with the Manchester Free Trade Hall (I assume this is not a reference to the Peterloo massacre or the repeal of the Corn Laws, but the Buzzcocks / Sex Pistols show that sparked the Manc music scene) but I’m not sure what this has to do with it…

  27. mike says:

    who possibly wants to see LA win? could this league make it any easier for them? the difference in payroll is disgusting… its like rooting for the Yankees…

  28. fischy says:

    They don’t allow outside links on this site. Go to the mls-rumors site.

    It’s only an image of the top half of the jersey, but I think I love it. The USA has aways lacked an iconical jersey, like Italy’s blue or Brazil’s yellow with green trim and numbers. Red and white horizontal stripes for the USA? THis could be ours.

  29. Joamiq says:

    Why do you need to really like either team to watch?

  30. fischy says:

    OK — I”ve seen images of front and back, now. I don’t like the back — there’s a big white space for name and number. The shirt should have continuous strips across the back, with blue numbers and a the name in blue across a white stripe. At least, that’s my opinion. I think that would be pretty sweet.

  31. fischy says:

    No, because they would have beaten by LA or RSL or even Seattle. Is that what you’re looking for? Or, are you asking whether htey would have even made teh playoffs?

  32. fischy says:

    Is there an option to vote “I don’t care about your opinion”?

  33. fischy says:

    I recognize those words. They’re all English. Still, I have no idea what you’re saying.

  34. abc says:

    Same 2-4% who pick craziest option in every poll (9/11 conspiracy, aliens, Elivis alive, Ron Paul for prez).

  35. john.q says:

    yea i didnt post an outside link but i still got the axe =/

    i dont like the sash but i was hoping we would stick with it and own it.

  36. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Obviously I’m counting your time worth 0$, since you appear to be a cretin.

  37. john.q says:

    mls wants/needs LA to win. the news of Beckham/Donovan winning the cup will be good for the league.

  38. Wm. says:


    An oft cited Bob Dylan electric show that is sometimes mis-identified as being at the Royal Albert Hall in ’66 was actually at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.

    At this show a guy yells “Judas” from the audience. Dylan pauses and says back to the offender: “I don’t believe you. You’re a liar.”

  39. Wm. says:

    The original poster called someone a Judas which sparked the 2nd poster’s clever reply.

  40. Neruda says:

    Now about that new US kit. the “Where’s Waldo” stripes are interesting.
    Go Houston.

  41. abc says:

    Ah, so all my Manchester Free Trade Hall related guesses were incorrect.

  42. abc says:

    Eurosnobs who don’t watch MLS at all are what’s wrong with American soccer, but you make the second tier of awfulness.

  43. abc says:

    What does their ownership matter? You root for teams based on their ownership groups?

    And the LA Galaxy are 0% owned by Osacar De La Hoya.

  44. WK says:

    Bah. Who cares. the most hated MLS final possible. I’m hoping for a blackout. A water-logged pitch. 7 red cards. 90 minutes of dour, uninspired and goalless soccer.


    Earthquakes fan

  45. SunnysideFC says:

    Galaxy got this. Sitting back and relaxing.

  46. Citronomics says:

    Zing :-)

  47. Wm. says:

    That’s okay–you sent me to Wikipedia to refresh my memory on Peterloo, which was an enjoyable diversion from doing work.

  48. my inner 12 year old says:

    Your mom should be another choice

  49. pd says:

    A out as much as it “needs” a NY LA final… Leave the marketing department and look at the quality the league is actually producing. Supporting that kind of organic emerging market growth over throwing money at old constructs is good for the league. That said I hope LA wins this year.

  50. A wise man once says:

    Ha you must be in agony.

  51. Philly Union Rule says:

    I agree. This game may be where Geoff Cameron steps up, and gets into a US Mens National team as a regular in the back line

  52. abc says:

    I hope it’s 2-1 or even more high scoring than that, because I’m sure plenty of casuals will tune in and we want to convert them. Unfortunately I don’t see it with these two teams and how they play offensively, plus their lock-down defenses. I hope it’s higher scoring but I see it being 1-0 Galaxy most likely. Rooting for 3-2 Galaxy on a last second Beckham-to-Donovan goal.

  53. RedStateJim says:

    No Davis No Orange Win – Agree with sentiment and score

  54. buff111 says:

    No Davis, LA 2-1.

  55. hartley says:

    Can’t. Don’t have cable. Shouldn’t the league put this on free TV? The Super Bowl is on free TV.

  56. PT says:

    At least Buddle isnt there to blow the next one

  57. Fario says:

    Houston has to try to come out and score to take the crowd out of the match. They know if they let LA get out to an early lead, they are toast.

    I think this one goes over the total easy.

  58. TommyOC says:

    Do note Houston’s 3 goals against LA came against a reserve side. LA’s last game of the season and they chose to rest the majority of their starters. Many on the field hadn’t even taken the field during league play.

    And yet they still scored a goal.

    And that win against the reserve Galaxy side? Yeah… that gave Houston an easier path in the playoffs.

    You’re welcome, btw.

  59. Marcelo says:

    The weather could tighten this game up a bit