MLS Playoffs: Galaxy vs. Red Bulls (Match Night Commentary)

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The Supporters Shield-winning LA Galaxy will try to move a step closer to the MLS Cup Final with a win (or draw) at Home Depot Center against the New York Red Bulls tonight (11pm, ESPN2) in their Western Conference semifinal second leg.

The Red Bulls have other plans, trying to continue a surprising run from last team in the playoffs to MLS Cup Final.

The Galaxy posted a 1-0 victory in the first leg at Red Bull Arena, but the Red Bulls definitely pushed LA to the brink, creating several quality chances that forced Galaxy goalkeeper Josh Saunders into some truly stunning saves.

There will be some lineup changes from the first leg after the post-game scuffle in the first leg led to suspensions for Rafa Marquez and Juninho. The return from suspension of Red Bulls right back Jan Gunnar Solli should also play a factor tonight.

SBi will be providing commentary on tonight's match, so please feel free to follow the match here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

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81 Responses to MLS Playoffs: Galaxy vs. Red Bulls (Match Night Commentary)

  1. Dimidri says:

    Red Bulls bringing back the Emirate’s Cup yellow shorts…sign of things to come?(hope not)

  2. Aaron in StL says:

    Wow… ease up on the Gatorade Thierry

  3. marco says:

    In just 2 minutes two poor plays by birchall.

  4. gigi says:

    DAMmmm luke rodgers Mr. Clean aint gott nothin on you!!!!!!!! U IS A HERO

  5. gigi says:

    Who is luke rodgers?????

  6. Stoop says:

    Mas sucios! Anybody got a stream in English?

  7. Neumannator says:

    Just when I want to like Luke Rodgers, the terd emerges…

  8. Petaluman says:

    So far Marquez’s master plan is working

  9. Petaluman says:

    www firstrowsports tv/

  10. Soccer Man says:

    Yet another night off for Landon Donovan. Why don’t they pull him for someone who actually wants to play instead of letting him do nothing but shoot his mouth off?

  11. Dimidri says:….

  12. PD says:

    HATE the yellow trunks… erspecialy with the keeper wearing a gold jersey… WTF?

    How drunk do you have to be to not catch that?

  13. TomG says:

    Auvrey ahead of Mehdi?

  14. Aaron in StL says:

    Gonzalez has so far justified his omission… I think the clamor for him has been due to comparison to Orozco and Ream. May just be that neither Ream or Gonzalez are ready for this cycle or at least not yet. Hope he gets his shot though, no way Orozco Fiscal should be back

  15. tomg says:

    Harkes is so tough to listen to. He’s watching the replay yet clearly not seeing what’s in front of his face. How is Keanebsupposed to lay that ball off? The passing lane was clearly closed. He is soooo annoying.

  16. TomG says:

    Didn’t seem like Omar’s fault. Midfield has to close down Henri.

  17. Soccer Man says:

    There is no denying that the Galaxy have been the best team in MLS the last two seasons, and had the league been in the same format as the rest of the world they would have been champions two years in a row. That having been said, they are completely lacking as a playoff team. There is no way this team will win MLS Cup this year. Even if they get past NYRB they couldn’t beat Sporting or RSL.

  18. yosemitebear says:

    double save. what does it mean?

  19. Aaron in StL says:

    Helluva a game for Magee already

  20. Soccer Man says:

    It’s sad when Mike Magee makes Donovan look like a chump.

  21. Bryan says:

    Beckham and the other Galaxy player didn’t seem to think so…

  22. Eric says:

    Is it just me or has Ream looked like his old self tonight? Maybe he’s finding his form once again?

  23. Aaron in StL says:

    He’s just been bad all around. Distribution has been turrible. On the goal it was a great ball by Henry but he shouldn’t have been beaten that badly. Rodgers does not have that kind of speed to make it that easy

  24. Soccer Man says:

    He hurt himself kicking Donovan?

  25. Soccer Man says:

    I hate to defend Donovan, but he didn’t even touch the goalkeeper.

  26. primoone says:

    Does anyone have the official count of giveaways in the first half for super passing accuracy ream?

  27. primoone says:

    Yes ….he looks like the giveaway machine of old.

  28. gigi says:

    The game changed when tainio left for sure…dam it

  29. Aaron in StL says:

    Tapped him right on the chest, or attempted to. For someone complaining about being cheap, I’d say he can hop off his high horse.

  30. Patrick says:

    John Harkes is the worst

  31. Eric says:

    Okay, I haven’t seen him give the ball away too much. Maybe I’ve just missed a couple passes.

  32. Soccer Man says:

    Attempted to TAP him?

    Yes, you are right about Donovan, Donovan should ride a Shetland Pony.

  33. Duncan says:

    Ream has been awesome today, far better than Omar. Stop haTing

  34. Scott A says:

    This game is getting me really agitated.

  35. Joamiq says:

    Needed a d-mid.

  36. mug says:

    John Harkes actually said “Shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-puffs.” Embarrassing.

  37. Joamiq says:

    Uh… it looked like he tried to punch him in the face.

  38. Duncan says:

    Ream has been an imposing figure in the box today, by far the best defender on the pitch. I don’t know what match primoone is watching.

  39. Conrad says:

    Seriously? Ream has been great. And I’m no fan of Roy Miller, but he has also. Keel also solid, if not much help on starting an attack. Is Solli the right back? He’s sort of lost, it seems.

    My prediction (like, who cares?):
    Backe makes no changes at half? RBNY loses.
    Agudelo in for Redcardgers? RBNY win. (In PKs)

  40. Aaron in StL says:

    Obviously the act wasn’t murder, but the intent is where it annoys me. You can’t complain about someone else being “cheap” and then attempt to cheat an opportunity. What would’ve happened if he influenced the GK to drop it for an easy goal? Just saying… can’t have it both ways.

  41. Conrad says:

    Holy ßhit. Alexi Lalas suggesting Agudelo for Rodgers; at least it wasn’t Harkes.

  42. Aaron in StL says:

    +1. That was excruciating.

  43. Eric says:

    Glad it’s not just me then. He’s been a rock in the back so far and I honestly cannot remember more than maybe one ball that he’s played out of the back that hasn’t found his team.

  44. Eric says:

    I’m guessing fairly low considering his passes have all been on target.

  45. Conrad says:

    Looking at the replay: How does a $$DP goalkeeper not block a header RIGHT AT HIS HANDS?

  46. Duncan says:

    He’s looked calm and composed but also for once has established a strong physical presence. Honestly if the Arsenal scouts are here tonight they can only be impressed

  47. Bryan says:

    Landon with a terrible giveaway in the final third…..what is wrong with this guy? It seems like its been years since he has been in form.

  48. Soccer Man says:

    OK, maybe I need to see it again. I don’t even like Donovan so I’m not biased.

  49. Eric says:

    I keep hearing that he hasn’t fully recovered from an injury?

    I love Donovan for all he’s done for the nats and will always support him but I almost wonder if he’s just racking up too many miles right now and needs to be left to rest for a while after MLS rather than jumping back into US games.

  50. Soccer Man says:

    Fortunately for him he isn’t actually required to play. Everyone will just keep saying how great he is anyway.

    Oh, look at that, he just shot. Now if he could shoot on the goal.

  51. Soccer Man says:

    I think Donovan was motivated to make that great defensive play by the fact that it was going to Rogers!

  52. Bryan says:

    His defensive clearance was admirable. I was shocked he actually shot the ball….

  53. Soccer Man says:

    Beckham is obviously a great passer but I think the best man won this year as far as the assist title is concerned. Brad Davis is incredible and continued his ways in the playoffs today. While Beckham seems to be hitting quite a few right at the goalkeeper, Davis has been curling them in perfectly and away from the keeper. Just an observation. I am NOT saying Davis is a better player than Beckham!

  54. Bryan says:

    Well if NYRB can come back and win Juan might actually get to play now due to Theirry being Theirry…

  55. Nick says:

    The best defender in all of history, whose greatness Klinsmann should apparently be fired for not recognizing (or so I read on here earlier today), is currently getting flame-broiled by something called a “Luke Rodgers.”

  56. Soccer Man says:

    I can’t believe NYRB fired Arena after such a short period but then stuck with two consecutive chumps for so long. Backe should go Backe to Austria. He’s probably the only one who would keep Agudelo on the bench. He seems to favor Europeans.

  57. Soccer Man says:

    Talk about stupid!

  58. Bryan says:

    Roy Miller what was that?

  59. Conrad says:

    Well, that’s that. Roy Miller, what the hell are you thinking?

  60. Soccer Man says:

    Clearly Miller was bribed. :)

  61. Conrad says:

    Auvray off, please. Ballouchy — I can’t believe I’m saying — on. Or is Kandji available??

  62. Soccer Man says:

    Miller: “Oh, look! I’m in the penalty area and Beckham is right next to me with the ball. I think I will simultaneously push him with both hands in the back and kick him. No one will notice.”

    This puts the cheap shot comments in perspective.

  63. Soccer Man says:

    Solli wants to get back to his DJ gig.

  64. Soccer Man says:

    I predict another feisty finish to this game.

  65. Conrad says:

    So Lindpere is off. Hans Backe: You have made an enemy. The hell with this team. Go Cosmos.

  66. Marlon says:

    Ream was so much better than Gonzalez today.

  67. Lil' Zeke says:

    Darn if you didn’t stop riding him after just one comment. What happened?

  68. Mark says:

    I would have liked to have seen Tanio play the full game, bu tcongrats to the Gals. Beckham was great for them tonight.

  69. Kaiser says:

    Very easily when your defenders mark that badly

  70. Conrad says:

    Agreed, and yet Gonzalez’s team won. What are you gonna do?

    I’d like somebody to compile the W-L record of Red Bulls with and without Tainio.

  71. Lil' Zeke says:

    Ball beat hands to the spot. Game’s in 3D

  72. Lil' Zeke says:

    Don’t make me try to tap all y’all

  73. Joamiq says:

    I only saw the replay once and I was a bit lubricated at that point so I reserve the right to change my mind, but it looked pretty dastardly to me.

  74. Lil' Zeke says:

    I don’t know, home court’s pretty big in this league

  75. dr Spock says:

    You shouldn’t drink – if you killed a brain cell you’d only have half of your brain left.

  76. Joamiq says:

    Come now, I don’t think your namesake would approve of such hostility.

  77. TomG says:

    Fitting that the RBNY season ends with the same problems that plagued them all season.

    1) Lack of organization and focus (1st goal). Another set piece goal, really?

    2) Lack of discipline. Another stupid foul… in the box no less?

    I hate to call for anyone’s job, but a team with no organization and no discipline is typically poorly coached. These are 2 of the few areas a manager can directly influence. Backe may be in a bad situation with prima donna players, but he hasn’t gotten a handle on these problems at all. RBNY needs a more authoritarian manager with better support from the RBNY hierarchy. Soler has been equally awful. The Marquez move was a disaster and trading DeRo for Dax is a joke.

  78. This Guy says:

    What’s your problem? GF/BF break up with you? Bitter that you aren’t good at sports? Hemorrhoids? or you just felt like being a turd tonight.