MLS unveils list of players available in MLS Expansion Draft

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Major League Soccer has unveiled the lists of players who will be available for the Montreal Impact to select in the upcoming Expansion Draft.

Brian Ching, Freddy Adu, Justin Mapp, and Andy Williams are just some of the players available for selection by Montreal on Wednesday. The Impact will select 10 players from the lists.

Here are the lists for all 18 teams (Montreal can take just one player from any one team, and the Impact reportedly has a deal in place to not take any Portland players):

Chicago Fire

Banner, Michael; Chaves, Diego; Conway, Jon; Cuesta, Yamith; Dufty, Alec; Ferrari, Gabriel; Gargan, Dan; Husidic, Baggio; Kinney, Steven; Mikulic, Josip; Nazarit, Cristian; Paladini, Daniel; Pantazapoulos, Pari; Videira, Mike; Watson-Siriboe, Kwame

Chivas USA

Arias, Sergio; Boyens, Andrew; Chijindu, Chukwudi; Cortez, Chris; Courtois, Laurent; Elliot, Simon; Estupinan, Victor; Gavin, Blair; Jazic, Ante; Junior Lopes, David; Lahoud, Michael; Mayen, Gerson; Mondaini, Marcos; Thornton, Zach; Trujillo, Mariano; Valentin, Zarek

Colorado Rapids

Akpan, Andre; Comminges, Miguel; Folan, Caleb; Joyce, Ian; Kandji, Macoumba; Kimura, Kosuke; Marshall, Tyrone; Nyassi, Sanna; Palguta, Scott; Thompson, Wells; Wallace, Anthony; Ababio, Eddie; Amarikwa, Quincy; Ceus, Steward; Emory, Stephen; Holody, Mike; LaBeaux, Ross

Columbus Crew

Burns, Kevin; Cunningham, Jeff; Ekpo, Emmanuel; Francis, Shaun; Gardner, Josh; Gehrig,Eric; Grossman, Cole; Gruenebaum, Andy; Heinemann, Tommy; Mendoza, Andres; Meram, Justin; O'Rourke, Danny; Owoeri, John; Prim, Santiago; Riggs, Alex; Rusmir, Dejan; Sippola, Ben; Veeder, Corey; Williams, Joshua

FC Dallas

Cruz, Daniel; dos Santos, Maicon; Edward, Edson; Galindo, Maykel; Guarda, Bruno; Hall, Jeremy; Hernandez, Daniel; Lambo, Josh; Seitz, Chris; Stewart, Jack; Villar, Ricardo; Warshaw, Bobby 

D.C. United

Barklage, Brandon; Boskovic, Branko; Brettschneider, Blake; Burch, Marc; Cronin, Steve; Da Luz, Austin; King, Stephen; McTavish, Devon; Morsink, Kurt; Ngwenya, Joseph; Quaranta, Santino; Zayner, Jed

Houston Dynamo

Ching, Brian; Costly, Carlo; Cruz, Daniel; Freeman, Hunter; Garey, Jason; Newton, Evan; Robinson, Eddie; Watson, JeVaughn; Weaver, Cam

LA Galaxy

Alvarado, Sean; Barrett, Chad; Birchall, Chris; Cardozo, Paolo; Cristman, Adam; Da Silva, Leonardo; Hejduk, Frankie; Jimenez, Hector; Jordan, Bryan; Keat, Daniel; Lopez, Miguel; McCarty, Dustin; Perk, Brian; Robinson, Dasan; Stephens, Michael; Thomas, Ryan

New England Revolution

Barnes, Darrius; Boggs, Zak; Caraglio, Milton Joel; Cochrane, Ryan; Coria, Franco; Dube, Mkhokheli; Guy, Ryan; Kinne, Ryan; Koger, Alan; Loewy, Otto; Mansally, Abdoulie; Murray, Tim; Phelan, Pat; Schilawski, Zack; Sousa, Andrew

New York Red Bulls

Albright, Chris; Auvray, Stephane; Ballouchy, Mehdi; Coundoul, Bouna; Horwath, Alex; Jones, Mychel; Lassiter, Tyler; Mendes, Carlos; Nielsen, Brian; Paullo, Marcos; Robinson, Carl; Rooney, John; Rost, Frank; Schneider, Teddy; Sutton, Greg   

Philadelphia Union

Adu, Freddy; Gonzalez, Juan Diego; Harrison, Chase; Holder, Hasley Thorne; Houapeu, Levi; Langley, Morgan; Mapp, Justin; Miglioranzi, Stefani; Nakazawa, Kyle; Paunovic, Veljko; Richter, Ryan; Tait, Joe

Portland Timbers

Alexander, Eric; Braun, Freddie; Brown, Adin; Chabala, Michael; Dike, Bright; Gleeson, Jake; Goldthwaite, Kevin; Johnson, Eddie William; Lopez, Rodrigo; Lowry, Peter; Marcelin, James; Pore, Ryan; Purdy, Steve; Taylor, Chris; Thompson, Spencer; Umony, Brian; Zizzo, Sal

Real Salt Lake

Agorsor, Chris; Alexandre, Jean; Alvarez, Arturo; Alvarez, Yordany; Araujo, Paulo Jr.; Arnoux, Cody; Gonzalez, Nelson; Grabavoy, Ned; McKenzie, Rauwshan; Melia, Timothy; Reynish, Kyle; Russell, Robbie; Wagner, Blake; Warner, Collen; Williams, Andy

San Jose Earthquakes

Ampaipitakwong, Anthony; Attakora-Gyan, Nana; Burling, Bobby; Convey, Bobby; Corrales, Ramiro; Gjertsen, Joseph; Griffin, Maxwell; Leitch, Chris; Luzunaris, Matt; McLoughlin, Ellis; Peterson, Jacob; Ring, Brad; Sealy, Scott; Ward, Tim; Weber, Andrew

Seattle Sounders FC

Boss, Terry; Carrasco, Servando; Estrada, David; Ford, Josh; Fucito, Michael; Gonzalez, Leonardo; Graham, Taylor; Ianni, Patrick; Jaqua, Nate; Levesque, Roger; Meredith, Bryan; Montano, Miguel; Noonan, Pat; Riley, James; Sanyang, Amadou; Scott, Zacharias; Seamon, Michael; Wahl, Tyson; White, O'Brian

Sporting Kansas City

Aiyegbusi, Olukorede; Bravo, Omar; Cyrus, Daneil; Diop, Ibrahim; Goncalves, Jeferson; Harrington, Michael; Kronberg, Eric; Lorenz, Scott; Olum, Lawrence; Peterson, Joseph; Rocastle, Craig; Saad, Soony; Sassano, Luke; Sinovic, Seth; Stojcev, Milos; Thomas, Shavar; Warzycha, Konrad

Toronto FC

Borman, Danleigh; Bouchiba, Elbekay; Cann, Adrian; Davies, Kyle; de Guzman, Julian; Gold, Matt; Griffit, Leandre; Marosevic, Peri; Martina, Javier; Omphroy, Demitrius; Soolsma, Nick; Sturgis, Nathan; Viator, Eddy; Williams, Dicoy; Yourasskowsky, Mikael; Zavarise, Gianluca

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Boxall, Michael; Brovsky, Jeb; Cannon, Joe; Duckett, Bilal; Janicki, Greg; Jarju, Mustapha; Leathers, Jonathan; Morfaw, Alexandre; Nolly, Jay; Thorrington, John; Vagenas, Pete


What do you think of these lists? Which inclusions do you consider the most surprising?

Share your thoughts below.


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132 Responses to MLS unveils list of players available in MLS Expansion Draft

  1. 42 says:

    Freddy Adu, free of charge!

  2. Timber Dan says:

    Adu has to be the top pick here and the guy they build around. wonder how he feels about all this?

  3. DeLarge says:

    Um, does Freddy have a no-trade clause in his contract — or is he really being left up for grabs?

  4. Matt says:

    Any chance they would grab Adu as a playmaker to build around or does he cost too much?

  5. Dinho says:


    Leader, ball-winner, work-horse…good skill and great pace.

    Easy pick for me (if he stays healthy).

  6. Kris (Vfb!) says:

    Intriguing names:

    Anthony Wallace
    James Riley
    O’brien White

  7. Joe says:

    I thought guys on GA contracts were automatically protected?

  8. ernj says:

    Ballouchy has visa issues and cannot leave the US. No way Montreal can take him.

  9. wilyboy says:


    Anyway you look at it, there’s a killer team in there somewhere. Starter quality at every position, just a matter of salaries and personalities.

  10. Whimper says:

    Mistake by LA by putting Cardozo and Keat on this list

  11. Dustyn says:

    If a player has a no-trade clause, they have to be protected.

  12. Dustyn says:

    KC leaves Omar Bravo available. Michael Harrington, Soony Saad, and Sinovic would also be good pickups for Montreal.

  13. T says:

    nazarit left exposed.

  14. Chim says:

    Michael Stephens seems like a logical grab.

    And I wonder why Mehdi Ballouchy is unprotected (heh heh)

  15. T says:

    FC Dallas has some good prospects that could be lost. So do RSL.

  16. JJ says:

    Yes … take one of those Sounders please …

  17. AJ says:

    Tough call for LA. A lot of good players and they want to keep both Saunders and Ricketts. That really complicates things.

  18. AJ says:

    Red Bulls are clearly hoping to get rid of a keeper (they didn’t protect a single one).

  19. Zac says:

    I’m just glad to see that RSL protected everyone that I hoped they would. Would also love to see them swing a deal with Montreal for some defensive depth, especially at the fullback spots. Valentin and Harrington, in particular, look good.

  20. Khan says:

    And that is why Philadelphia failed miserably.

    Mapp and Adu left unprotected? Bahahaha.

  21. Matt says:

    the logical selection would be Sutton since he is on loan there already assuming he practiced well for the coaches.

  22. Brian says:

    Galaxy made solid decisions. Can’t see anyone I would trade on the protected list for Cardozo or Keat.

  23. Ted says:

    wow, def some surprises out there, i’d be feeling pretty good if i was an impact fan right bout now.

  24. Dinho says:

    Okay…11 players (I have no idea who Montreal has already signed, so this is a shot in the dark)…and keeping salary cap in mind….

    GK: Boss

    D: Valentin, Burling, Watson-Sirobe, Harrington

    MF: Thorrington, Pore, Warner, Stephens

    F: Adu, Ching

    Not a bad squad…I’m sure there’s plenty of other combinations

  25. George says:

    Hope all of the Union fans that bought Adu jerseys kept their receipts.

  26. I dont think they would pick up any of those guys, although they look like good prospects, ahead of Barrett, Birchall, or Stephens who have consistently shown what they can do. This is a new team coming to the MLS they need players with experience in the league.

  27. Mitch says:

    I can tell you don’t really know what you are talking about. Have you seen Justin Mapp play recently? Please, please, please, Montreal, take him off our hands. That would be an early Xmas gift to us!

    As for Freddy Adu, he comes with a very high price tag and wasn’t quite the influential presence the Union were hoping for. Losing him wouldn’t be the end of the world especially with Roger Torres, who is a similar player, showing he deserves to be starting. I’d like him to be with the “U” next season, but, he is replaceable and wouldn’t mind his money and DP spot used to bring in a strike partner for Mwanga.

  28. JJ says:

    No way they take Boss with all of the other options Seattle has available … Heck, if they ask nicely, they can have Boss for free … Who am I kidding, they don’t have to ask, please just have him.

  29. swoopy says:

    The Impact should take Nate Jaqua. He is the best, and every team wants (dare I say needs?) to build around a tall striker with amazing skills in the air.

  30. bottlcaps says:

    If I were Jesse Marsch I would go for the “best” available player regardless of position. A really good player picked, even if you have several at the same position, can be traded for the spots you need to fill later.

    The other consideration, is getting more than a few Canadians, and especially French Canadians on the team.

    I expect Marsch and crew to pick on these criteria:

    1. Best available player
    2.Best known player (probably someone from Chivas USA)
    3. Best Canadian Player
    4. Best French Canadian Player

    What you don’t want or need, are “projects” or younger players who will need pro experience. For the first year at least, if you want to win more than 5-7 games, you will need productive veterans..

  31. TimmyU says:

    Making the playoffs as a second year franchise now equals failing, ok.

    And I like Mapp as a player but he may not have even been the last one off the list. Adu off the list is a little more surprising but I understand the argument. Can’t be upset with either omission if Daniel and Torres are back for the U in 2012. If they are wasted slots, then I’ll be upset.

  32. jt says:

    There is a connection between Jesse Marsch and Justin Mapp going back to Chicago. There was probably an agreement that Philly can leave Mapp unprotected for Montreal and they in turn won’t grab Adu. But who the hell knows.

  33. Roberto says:

    Wow Chivas has Ryan Smith (from Kansas) on their protected list, then I google him and Chivas just traded him for a pair of supplemental draft picks to KC….Brilliant move by Robin Fraser

  34. Scott A says:

    Imagine if you were presented with the possibility to move from Philadelphia to Montreal with your job like Adu. That’s some good fortune.

  35. Carl says:

    Pretty sure Ballouchy can leave the country as he does so regularly to play MLS games in Canada. If he can’t live in Canada, he’ll just have to commute from upstate New York. It’s only 45 min away.

    I’m kind of kidding. But really…

  36. Roberto says:

    Bill Hamid is not on both lists; is this guy staying in England?

  37. Travis says:

    Adu will get traded after getting picked in my opinion. some team looking for a creative force will have an interest.

  38. go usa says:

    What spell has Freddy cast on you folks?

    He was an off-the-bench player for the Union.

    No coach on three continents has felt it was good for job security to start Adu.

    Freddy has some lovely ball control, but that is not enough in the modern game.

    At what point does this become painfully obvious?

  39. George says:

    Why did DC United protect Charlie Davies after planting him on the bench the last month of the season?

  40. CSD says:

    I think players that came through the clubs academy are automatically protected in some way. The MLS made the change to encourage player development.

  41. AdamFromMich says:

    Yes, Adu and Roger Torres are similar, except Adu can go more than 2 minutes without trying some highly improbable shot from 30+ yards. Torres, not so much.

  42. Jason says:

    Adu is too damn expensive for anybody to take or trade for. His full salary next year is goiing to be DP-esque, and his production doesn’t match his pay.

    If I were DC, I’d be on the phone trying to arrange a deal to get Montreal to pick and trade either Valentin, Russell, or Freeman. Any one of those three would be an instant starting RB, and I can’t imagine Montreal would be asking for the moon.

  43. Nate's Pop says:

    Yes Swoopy, you’re onto something. He now comes at 1/2 the salary he did pre-2011 season. He also didn’t play much, so he’ll be nice and fresh. How could they pass him up?

  44. Jason says:

    To keep his rights. He’s still worth at least a 2nd or 1st rounder to the right team. If they didn’t protect him, then they wouldn’t be able to get anything for him at all if he were selected.

  45. Jason says:

    Hamid is a home-grown player, and home-grown players are automatically protected per the expansion draft rules.

  46. Big Chil says:

    The dim bulbs in Colorado left Sanna Nyassi & Macoumba Kandji unprotected, while protecting two mediocre internationals that would have gone unselected (Danny Earls, Joseph Nane).

    Sheesh. Montreal’s gonna take one of these two guys–low salaries, young, impact players. This is a huge gift.

    Thanks, idiots in the Rapids’ FO, Bravo & Plush!

  47. WUSTL says:

    Please take Ballouchy!!!!!!!

  48. gigi says:

    montreal is lucky there are some good names there…based on a quick glance id say, Montano, Barnes, Valentin, Stephans, Chaves, Ching, Adu, Saad, Ekpo and Nyassi would give montreal a good start….but ching would be a steal

  49. marco says:

    Everybody who doesn’t play Freddy Adu is wrong, cause Freddy has played a couple of good games, in the last 5 years.

  50. fischy says:

    You have that backwards. Chivas traded FOR Smith, giving KC those picks, THen, they protected him.

  51. fischy says:

    Interesting idea.

  52. fischy says:

    Montreal isn’t going to waste a selection on someone who will only play one more year. That’s why I don’t understand DCU protecting Wolff. NOr are they likely to pick someone who is a couple of years away from contributing, like Saad. On that list, I’d say they might pick Stephens, possibly Valentin, and if they went crazy, Nyassi.

  53. hogatroge says:

    Ching is pricey and he plans to retire after the 2012 season.

  54. Seth says:

    Carlos mendes

  55. Houston Fan says:

    At first glance of the Houston list I thought it was the protected list, suprised Ching is not protected considering he is the face of the club and I though Kinnear might protect Cruz as well. A bit suprising.

  56. Kaiser says:

    Adu gets pickes by Montreal, but then gets traded to LA, who will have DP spot free after Beckham leaves. LA could put together a nice combo of players/picks for Montreal to build around, with Donovan Ricketts as the heart of the deal. His leadership and quality would be huge for an expansion side (if he stays healthy)

  57. Modibo says:

    Rather see him go than Gargan.

  58. Modibo says:

    San Jose is just praying for the Impact to pick Convey.

  59. Martin Blank says:

    If I’m Montreal I’m taking:

    1 Freddy Adu – M/F – Philadelphia
    2 Chad Barrett – F – LA
    3 Servando Carrasco – M – Seattle
    4 Paulo Jr. – M – RSL
    5 Sanna Nyassi – M – Colorado
    6 Anthony Ampaipitakwong – M – San Jose
    7 Michael Harrington – D – SKC
    8 Austin Da Luz – M – DC
    9 Emmanuel Ekpo – M – Columbus
    10 Nana Attakora – D – SJ

  60. Ken says:

    The Impact will select 10 players from the lists.

  61. gigi says:

    True, but theyd be nuts not to take valentin. Who would you pick?

  62. gigi says:

    I had no clue he planned to retire at the end of next season, it makes sense why he is unprotected now.

  63. mark f says:

    How the hell is Valentin not protected???

  64. hogatroge says:

    I surprised about Cruz as well, but no one’s gonna take Ching. He’s too expensive and he’s only got another year left in him…2 max.

  65. hogatroge says:

    He just made some comments in an interview the other day. He alluded to the fact… didn’t outright say it. He basically wants to play a season in the new stadium.

  66. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Good picks, but you’ve got to imagine that Jesse Marsch will pick up a Chivas player. Valentin? I’d also think that he’d have to consider Gavin if Valentin’s paycheck gets in the way (don’t know exactly what he’s making)
    Montreals team could be quite good…not deep but good from the start.

  67. Jason says:

    Kandji and Nyassi have green cards and don;t count as internationals.

    (Which you would know if you had read the articles the “dim bulbs” at the Rapids made available to the fans the last couple of days.)

  68. sammysounder74 says:

    I’ll argue for Freddy. That would be a GREAT pick for Montreal. He’s a classic expansion pick. If he was a guarantee, he would have been protected.

    Adu is a project. A guy with a massive upside, but a good chance of completely imploding. If the only thing you have to risk to get him is an expansion pick, then take it.

  69. sammysounder74 says:

    Meredith will be above Boss by next year.

  70. sammysounder74 says:

    And his foot skills are amazing! Vastly underrated. He’s a tall guy who can play in the hole!

  71. sammysounder74 says:

    If Smith actually plays than this is a good bit of business from Chivas.

  72. sammysounder74 says:

    I’m guessing you’re a Montreal fan? No way Adu is worth Ricketts.

  73. don says:

    No matter what, Montreal should come away pretty happy from this list Obviously Marsh is the type of guy who has done his homework, and will probably spend thrifty, but just for fun…
    1 Sanna Nyassi – great value, is speed really this undervalued in MLS?
    2 Paulo Jr. – although we didn’t hear much from him after CCL
    3 Soony Saad – He’s good right?
    4 Justin Meram/Justin Mapp – Michigan duo or wily veteran
    5 Paolo Cardozo – quality young attacker
    6 Bobby Convey – not many MLS players have his upside with the right fire inside
    7 James Riley – King of the Expansion Draft
    8 Zarek Valentin – someone should get fired for him not being protected
    9 Best DM available??
    10 Best CB available??

  74. don says:

    Best news of the day – No more John Harkes!
    Worst news of the day – Twellman?! Really?!
    Please NBC, learn from the mistakes of others.

  75. Cali Pete says:

    Valentin, Kimura, Barnes, Harrington
    Convey, Cardozo, Mapp
    Fucito, Alexandre, Meram

  76. abc says:

    Adu has to be the top pick?? Not at all. If he’s picked at all, it will be in the 8-10 range.

    I’m assuming Montreal drafts based on performance and ability, not name recognition.

  77. Neruda says:

    I haven’t heard enough of twelllman to know but I’ve heard more than enough of harkes to know I physically can’t hear more of his useless uninsightful drivel. Twellman has to be an upgrade. Right?

  78. Adam says:


    Might as well pick up solid stout defensive minded players since there are no reasonably paid effective players going forward.

  79. primoone says:

    Not if you want to trade one of them…why give something away when you can sell it

  80. Joamiq says:

    Actually, Ballouchy does not travel with the Red Bulls to games in Canada or anywhere else out of the country. If he leaves the US, he cannot re-enter.

  81. Joamiq says:

    This is the only time when NY’s lack of depth is actually an asset… I don’t see any of our players getting taken. Maybe Mendes, but I don’t think there’s any chance anyone else gets taken.

  82. Two Cents says:

    I think we are all going too far to one side or the other. He’s not necessarily first pick, but he’s certainly worthy of being picked for the Impact, no matter if it’s 1st or 10th. He played relatively well this season, but was hampered by nagging injuries. I think he would be a good addition to the Impact. A great building block, but not the piece to build everything around.


    Something like this I think. There are cases for Kandji, Weaver, Jaqua, etc. I figure you get a feisty and experienced striker in Ching, and then using Quaranta as either a striking partner or playmaker behind Ching (like Dempsey for the US). More playmakers on the wings in Mapp and Adu, while having a stout middle with Stephens and Ballouchy. Convey is the leader of the defense, playing in the spot that’s hardest to find a decent player, LB. Valentin is young but going to be a solid CB. Francis is another pretty good defender to partner Valentin. The RB can be found in the draft, and then have Perk as the young but very talented goalkeeper. Just my thoughts, but as I said, there are certain players you can switch with. Maybe get younger up front and more experienced in goal or whatever, just thought these 10 would be a pretty solid pick up from the get go.


  83. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Valentin is a right back I think. Quaranta is a midfielder. Also, you can only pick one player per team.

  84. abc says:

    Yup those are some pretty awful picks all right.
    If no one from the Rapids or SKC is picked I’ll eat my hat.

  85. joe k says:

    imagine being able to move from philadelphia to say, anywhere else in the US or Canada. a dream come true

  86. jose cuervo says:

    I am wondering if Seattle doesn’t perhaps have a deal in place with Montreal and surprised more of you haven’t followed the Impact this past season – Montano has played for them very well when given minutes – there is no way they don’t select him from the Sounders list – which of course makes it three bone headed years in a row that Seattle loses another piece of their attack and then go into the season and playoffs struggling to score goals. (LeToux, Nyassi, Montano) all gone for nothing and b/c they are not Sigi guys ala Petey V.

  87. jose cuervo says:

    How can Sounder’s fans really think the club is commited to improving when they are continuously leaving unprotected their most exciting playmakers year after year and replacing them with the likes of Ochoa, OBW, Friberg, Brad Evans….they have no creative attacking players other than sparks from Montero and Rosales..and yet they let Montano go for naught b/c Sigi doesn’t like his childish youthful brashness as a player.

  88. C'Mon the U says:

    Can’t pick both Mapp and Adu. Teams can only lose 1 guy.

  89. C'Mon the U says:


    I am convinced by that comment, that you didn’t watch a single soccer match this year and just assume that guys that have been capped are good.

    I award you zero points, and may God have mercy on a soul.

  90. fischy says:

    Have you watched Da Luz? If they’re inclined to take someone from DC, it won’t be da Luz…unless they haven’t seen him play.

  91. Warsaw says:

    Philly is gorgeous. You both must be mad.

  92. abc says:

    D Zarek Valentin
    D Seth Sinovic
    D Bobby Burling
    D Darrius Barnes
    D Kosuke Kimura
    M Austin da Luz
    M Paolo Cardozo
    M Mike Fucito
    F Paulo Arujo Jr.
    F Diego Chaves
    Average age: 24.
    Or M Sanna Nyassi for Kimura, D Yamith Cuesta for Chaves

  93. Chris says:

    agreed. i think they will take adu because of the name and not the performance. There is no better way to start an expansion team then getting the big name to market around. i believe he would have to be in the 10 selected.

  94. garbaggio says:

    It doesn’t matter what order the players are picked since only 1 team is picking!

  95. Houston Fan 2 says:

    Ching was not protected because he is old, injury prone and expensive. He will retire next offseason.
    Cruz was left unprotected because he graduated from GA and now costs $130k\yr. He likely doesn’t get picked but if he does we can likely find a similar player for half the money.

  96. RB says:

    But I have to agree with the non-logic of the team’s approach. They also left Kimura unprotected, but protected Smith and his just recently torn ACL, for example. Need to think a bit more in terms of what Montreal may be thinking.

  97. RB says:

    Oops — agree with BC about the non-logic of the team’s approach, I should say. Not agree _with_ it.

  98. Gnarls says:

    Hopefully the Galaxy printed Adam Cristman’s name in 48 point font and all the rest in 6 point.

  99. Jason says:

    But again, Smith is an international, Kimura, due to his green card, isn’t. 3 of Comminges, Earls, Folan, Nane, and Smith had to be protected as international players.

    Koz being unprotected over Mullan and Pickens is the question you should be asking, as well as Earls over Comminges. not Koz over Smith or Nyassi over Nane. two different categories.

  100. Helium-3 says:

    Bigger mistake is putting Michael Stephens there. I like Cardozo too but he is not ready to be a starter but can contribute 45 mins.

  101. Paul says:

    Yes, absolutely. Twellman could sing “Happy Birthday” for 90 minutes and still add more insight than Harkes. The only question now is what Harkes is going to do with his stack of 15 index cards with phrases to drop in at completely random points in the game:

    – stretch the game

    – patience

    – teasing ball

    – switch the point of attack

    – excellent run

    – keep possession

    – [switch to foreign accent to pronounce a player’s name]

    – etc., etc.

  102. Helium-3 says:

    Lol. The women in Montreal > Philly. Not even a competition. Have you been to Italy or Barcelona ? Montreal is right up there with the hottest women.

  103. otergod says:

    agreed. Nazarit has potential but he saw very little time off the bench. Chaves and Gargan would be bigger losses.

  104. Roberto says:

    Is Ike Opara Homegrown? I don’t see him on any list for SJ

  105. Kasier says:

    I think it could be a deal that would help both teams. LA has Saunders in good form, and a decent young back-up in Perk, so Ricketts could be traded. He is a top notch keeper who could keep them in a lot of games and provide some veteran leadership to what will probably a young team in Montreal.

    Meanwhile I think it would help Adu to play for Arena, and with guys like Donovan and Keene.

  106. Poulet says:

    Adu is complete no-name in Canada. There’s no way MontrĂ©al will pick him based on name recognition (or usefulness).

  107. WendellGee says:

    A case for Jaqua? Sounders fans would be thrilled for Montreal to take Jaqua. Impact fans? Not so much I wouldn’t think.

  108. Rory says:

    Sign and trade? Plenty of US based MLS teams would think that is a good pickup marketing wise.

  109. Martin Blank says:

    Da Luz is still young, a bit of potential, and cheap. Also a premium for being a truly left-footed player to play down the left – not enough of those in the league.

    I could easily see them taking Valentin, but since Marsch has been with Chivas, he may know the Chivas players’ downsides as well as upsides. Cuts both ways.

  110. G? says:

    I’ve heard he stops sure goals from happening-maybe he can switch to keeper!

  111. PDXlol says:

    Considering SSFC has been top two out of the past three seasons maybe the coaching staff knows more than you

  112. marco says:

    Since Freddy is available that means that not only didn’t the Union want him but 17 other MLS sides didn’t want to trade for him.

    A legend in his own mind.

  113. marco says:

    At 27, playing for McDuffs Tavern?

  114. marco says:

    good side, many gms do worse

  115. marco says:

    I agree Da Luz has a very soft game, can’t be a winger.

  116. Aguinaga says:

    “while having a stout middle with… Ballouchy”


    Sorry, couldn’t get past that part hhahaha.

  117. bryan says:

    I’d be tempted to bring back a lot of the US U-20 team when the cup was played in Canada. Adu, Zizzo and Ferrari. haha

    Cardozo, Williams, Ching, Quaranta, etc. are all good options. Honestly, there are a ton of good options. This will be fun to watch!

  118. LA Dave says:

    Cardozo showed his worth in CCL, Arena didn’t use him because Galaxy were always out to a lead, then he would go with a defensive sub.

    Wherever he plays, I think he starts next year. If Beckham leaves, this is a possible CAM for LA.

  119. Paul says:

    Mapp is overrated…Too inconsistent to be a starter

  120. ChrisDeNY says:

    Yes please. If visa problems can be overcome. I assume he speaks French, so that might be an assett?

  121. Max says:

    Ching still gets no love…Great leader for any team

  122. NotAPhillyFanBut... says:

    You mean you don’t want (or need) to be like Philly, the youngest team in the league that just made the playoffs in year 2 and finished 3rd in their division?

  123. Goalscorer24 says:

    I guess things are not all cleared up with Adu and Novak.

  124. Daniel says:

    He’s Generation Adidas still I believe

  125. Patco says:

    Can’t believe Valentin is not protected. Wasn’t he a top 5 pick lat year? He has huge upside. That surprises me a lot.

  126. abc says:

    At his six games a year pace, Ike Opara could be Generation Adidas for the next decade!

  127. abc says:

    “Chivas USA”

  128. Two Cents says:

    Ah my bad. Clearly I wasn’t paying too much attention lol. That wasn’t 5am after getting up, but before going to bed lol.

    This is my list after paying a little more attention and sleeping.

    Chaves (FW Chicago)
    Fucito (FW Seattle)
    Adu (MF Philly)
    Sinovic (MF Sporting KC)
    Quaranta (Winger/MF DC)
    Cardozo (Winger/FW LA)
    Convey (LB San Jose)
    Boxall (CB Vancouver)
    Warshaw (DM/Defender Dallas)
    Valentin (RB Chivas)

  129. nic d "the TX 2 Stepper" says:


  130. sciroccer says:

    Paulo Jr. is an excellent player but He’s got a big money buy out on his loan deal, I don’t see Impact wasting that money on him. They can take Alexandre, or Warner from us

  131. abc says:

    I know, just taking the opportunity to bash Adu. đŸ˜‰

  132. ThaDeuce says:

    hope we don’t lose blake bretscneider