Seattle Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake: Match Night Commentary

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The task is an extremely difficult one, but not an impossible one for the highest-scoring team in MLS.

The Seattle Sounders must find a way to erase a three-goal deficit in tonight's Western Conference semifinal second leg against Real Salt Lake after suffering a 3-0 loss in the first leg (10pm, ESPN2). The tasks sounds impossible, but with RSL missing starting centerbacks Nat Borchers and Jamison Olave tonight, the Sounders certainly have a chance.

Seattle isn't completely healthy either, with Mauro Rosales set to miss the match after also missing the first leg with a knee injury.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

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88 Responses to Seattle Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake: Match Night Commentary

  1. Snare says:

    Go RSL!!!

  2. Brian says:

    You misspelled Sounders. FTFY

  3. Khan says:

    Pretty big discrepancy in officiating already. Seattle hacks down two RSL players in a row, one off the ball, and not even a hint of whistle.

  4. Khan says:

    This is embarrassing from Seattle. Wow. 4 players rolling around on the ground in the first 2 minutes, Montero doing it twice.

  5. chris says:

    Is MLS really becoming this soft? Play the f*cking game

  6. Khan says:

    1. This field really, really sucks. Looks like they are playing on concrete.

    2. Seattle cannot stay on their feet.

  7. Joamiq says:

    Does anyone else hear that weird repeating beeping tone on ESPN2?

  8. Mark says:

    The game is almost unwatchable. Nobody can control the ball or pass it smoothly along the pitch since it’s bouncing everywhere, and every pass is overhit.

  9. Dakota Sillyman says:


  10. 20 says:

    YES. I can’t believe no one else is talking about this.

  11. 20 says:

    it’s driving me insane

  12. Dakota Sillyman says:

    I’m muting. That sound is infuriating.

  13. Joamiq says:

    Me too! For a few minutes I thought I was going nuts and hearing things, but it was too persistent and regular to be in my head. Ugh, it’s making me want to mute the TV!

  14. Joamiq says:

    I am a bit disappointed myself – I was expecting better. The injuries don’t help.

  15. Don says:

    WTF is that sound?!

  16. Mark says:

    That is the defensive play of the year hands down. Ridiculous save.

  17. Mark says:

    Oh no! It’s like the banana phone, the sound started on my feed.

  18. Jeff says:

    It’s a little fishy that neither SBI or commentary have a single comment about the constant sound, but clearly everyone is hearing it.

  19. Khan says:

    What the hell is that sound? And why did it just randomly start… ugh ESPN.

  20. Caroline says:

    ESPN is sabotaging MLS playoffs!!

  21. Khan says:

    Montero purposely takes out Rimando. Next time Rimando needs to do more than bloody his lip he needs to break his freaking face.

  22. Mark says:

    Rimando should hit that punk Montero harder. How does he escape a card there? Since when can you line up and intentionally body check the keeper…

  23. theraccoun says:

    Wow. RSL completely dominated the first game and the Sounders are completely dominating this one. I can’t believe Seattle hasn’t scored yet

  24. Lassidawg says:

    The same way the rsl player that whacked Evans studs up on both tackles and didn’t get a card or even a foul on one. Getting the ball doesn’t matter if your studs are showing.
    Rsl is good, but they had better the other centerbacks get healthy, Seattle good easily have 2 goals.

  25. Mark says:

    Okay that’s the second time Montero has sized someone up and body checked them without going for the ball.

    Commentators even making note that Seattle is getting away with everything.

  26. Mark says:

    Official is having a shocker now, completely favoring Seattle.

  27. Khan says:

    Does the ref have money on Seattle?

  28. Khan says:


    A Seattle player goes at Rimando who picks up the ball and Rimando gets yellow carded for not handing the ball over to a Seattle player?

    This is outrageous right now.

  29. theraccoun says:

    This game is amazing!

  30. Gnarls says:

    Tale of two games so far. RSL with 0 shots on goal. Wha’ happened?

  31. Kishan Jeter says:

    Wow! What a game. I hope Seattle gets another goal and ties it up so they can go into overtime and possibly penalty kicks.

    Go Dynamo!

  32. Neruda says:

    Just end already. C’mon RSL.

  33. Khan says:

    5 minutes?

    Where the hell are we, Old Trafford? Is Sir Alex hanging around the time keeper?

  34. LiquidYogi says:

    Shut up already you’re so annoying.

  35. Kabloom123 says:

    Tuned into the game in the last ten minutes, after watching much of the SKC game earlier tonigt. Perhaps both teams were simply exhaused, but what I saw was a terrible display of soccer. All long shots from the back line hoping for some miracle goal. Absolutely no build up through the middle. Terrible. SKC was much better!

  36. Lassidawg says:

    Rsl fans can never comment on montero flopping, espinola is just as bad.
    Too bad these teams had to play in the first round.

  37. LiquidYogi says:

    He got a yellow for flopping like a baby.

  38. Gnarls says:

    That save by Beltran was even more important than it initially looked to be. Good season, Seattle.

  39. Neruda says:

    where did these five minutes come from? Five seems like a lot of added time. Usually that’s more than a few a injuries and the usual amount of subs.

  40. LiquidYogi says:

    Yeah SKC is better than Seattle and RSL. Whatever.

  41. Dr. Evil says:

    You gonna cry a little?

  42. Snare says:

    Thank goodness for Neal’s goal last game or it would have been Seattle moving forward.

  43. Scuba Steve says:

    BYE BYE FLOUNDERS! Use that entitlement as a down payment on another US Open Cup. But hey at least you scored 200% more than all your other playoff games combined.

  44. Dr. Evil says:

    Too bad these teams had to play on plastic.

  45. Snare says:

    It was raining on hard on turf. That will have a lot greater effect than rain on grass.

  46. Zac says:

    Wow, Sounders, amazing game – truly. That was a nail-biter right until the final whistle. Say what you will about these two teams being paired in the first round, but it was most definitely exciting.

    As a fan of US Soccer, I’m really sad to see Keller go. Crazy to think that, as a man in my early 30’s, I can’t really remember a time when Keller wasn’t around and playing soccer somewhere. Great competitor and all-around class act; he’ll be missed.

  47. LiquidYogi says:

    Yes but that doesn’t make Khan any less annoying. Look at his posts he’s a whiny little bitch.

  48. Zac says:

    Neal? You mean Ned?

    Thank goodness, too, for cool-ish heads. I was worried that Espy was going to pick up a yellow and be out for the game against LA. As it is, I sure hope that one or both of our starting C-backs can go or else we are going to be screwed against LA. Too many missed clearances adn lack of leadership in the back tonight.

  49. Snare says:

    That better be on Sportscenter

  50. LiquidYogi says:

    Went down swinging, more than you could do so why not just kill yourself.

  51. Snare says:

    Crap. Yeah I ment Ned… It’s 11:30 where I live and I’ve been up since 6:30 :)

  52. chupacabra says:

    Shut up DoucheYoni

  53. Snare says:

    Someone’s overly dramatic

  54. Khan says:


  55. DickwitYogi says:

    Ha ha Sounders suck!

  56. Neruda says:

    Kries knows if the team could survive the onslaught tonight he could get his backline healthy for the next match-up. With the field the it was it wouldn’t be smart to risk worse injury to Olave or Borchers. If they’re not ready by this weekend RSL will not advance.

    Keller with his swan save.

  57. Scuba Steve says:

    True dat. Keller is my all-time favorite USMNT keeper. Simply amazing stuff during his career and a great role model.

  58. Neruda says:

    I haven’t heard Montero called a flopper by other RSL fans yet. An obstructer yes but not a flopper.

  59. Scuba Steve says:

    Go cry yourself to sleep on your Sounders pillow. Buh buh buh it wasn’t fair, they were cheating….bwahahaha. See ya next year. Don’t tip Sigi over I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to get back up.

  60. Snare says:

    I understand why people want more emphasis on the Supporter’s Shield since the league winner is obviously very important in other leagues (and being the best team in a season should be rewarded), but this series just showed why playoffs are so great. Personally I am glad that playoffs, in any sport, are as important as they are in the US.

  61. Scuba Steve says:

    Does the definition of “Brian” mean village idiot?

  62. Scuba Steve says:

    He took lessons from Fucito. Softest weirdest PK I’ve seen in a while, especially since he pulled two RSL guys with him. Nothing like the headlock Russell was put in on our own corner…but I’m sure Marufo got a Montero jersey after the game.

  63. Dimidri says:

    Agreed-I think with the exception of a few uber European purists, most people support some form of a playoff system-they just think the MLS system has some resolvable issues. Grant Wahl wrote a great piece on the issue. A playoff with fewer teams and greater advantages to higher seeds is the best of both worlds. It’s funny that the two-legged series was implemented in Europe with the EXPLICIT goal of neutralizing home field advantage.

  64. Snare says:

    Scuba Steve relax man

  65. Snare says:

    I heard Grant’s proposal and I thought it would be great to implement. If they don’t do a group format, I hope that they at least keep it where West teams are in west brackets and vice versa, as I personally don’t like it how a west team is in the east bracket. Plus it might be the fairest way with an unbalanced schedule.

  66. Snare says:

    Also, some people complain that lower seeded teams win the MLS Cup a lot. This happens in a lot of sports. Just recently the Cardinals, who made it into the MLB postseason as a wild card on the last day, just won the word series. Underdogs winning is what makes the playoffs so great. Just my two cents though.

  67. Neruda says:

    Bring on LA or even better NY. RSL badly needs the slaying duo of Olave and Borchers though. I’ll be sleepin’ good in Seattle tonight. Go RSL!

  68. JJ says:

    Don’t worry. RSL surely evened that out … and then some.

  69. James says:

    You dirty diving bastards. You are time wasting thugs.

  70. jeff says:

    the last 20 minutes was the most disgusting and disgraceful minutes of soccer i have ever seen a team play..

    RSL is a team of hacks, injured 2 sounders and fouled beyond belief, and if a sounder defender touches them once their on the turf wasting a whole minute before they get up. flopping disgrace

  71. sammysounder says:

    Are you kidding? Montero got hacked down, off-ball twice. Why in the world would Montero go down off-ball? It’s not in his interest.

  72. sammysounder says:

    Montero and Fernandez both got drilled in the first minute, off ball. It was cheap.

  73. sammysounder says:

    Montero got put down with a cheap kick, off ball in the first minute. He fouled Rimando and got called for it. Deal.

  74. Travis says:

    the fact that you spend so much time just shows how envious you are. it is only a measure of the sounders success that we are expected to perform at a high level in only our third year in the league. we’ll rebound and be back. scary to think we played this entire year without two players who were supposed to be starters.

  75. sammysounder says:

    Are you kidding? Every time the ball went out RSL took at least 30 seconds to throw it in. That’s where the time came from. Should have been 7.

  76. LiquidYogi says:

    Never said it wasn’t fair…I simply told someone they’re worthless and should kill themselves.

  77. Travis says:

    one of seattles subs was superb (neagle) while one was just terrible (levesque). if only we could have brought on more fresh legs at the end things might have gone better. they clearly ran out of gas near the end and were not winning tackles any more. good job RSL and good luck in the next round. although that ridiculous flop by rimando after the penalty was rubbish, friberg just touched the ball and he went flying.

  78. Lassidawg says:

    If you read the first comments it is there. RSL was lucky to not give up 6 tonight, the same way Seattle was lucky in game one to not have given up 6. If rsl goes on to win, which they won’t with those centerbacks, they can thank the header save.

  79. sammysounder says:

    Two RSL players went down in the first minute, both rolling around and a minute later Montero got flat out kicked by one of the center-backs. I haven’t seen the replay yet, but judging by the fact it was a good 30 yards away from the play I would guess it didn’t make the TV. It was ridiculous.

    It was complete time-wasting combined with wack-a-Fred. I don’t blame RSL for doing it. I would if I was in their situation. I blame the ref for not stopping it.

    Also the linesman on ECS end was atrocious. He missed a half-dozen off-sides, in both directions.

  80. Lassidawg says:

    We aren’t crying we have no complaints are team played poorly and rsl took advantage. We played most of the game down 5 players that could be starters.
    We will still have pride in the open cup it is one more trophy than all but one or two will earn this year.

  81. Lassidawg says:

    Montero got stomped on, and Evans was nailed twice by two studs up tackles.
    The sounders were out of outside midfielders to use, remember we without their 3 best: zakuani, Rosales, and Fernandez after 15 minutes.

  82. LiquidYogi says:

    “Also the linesman on ECS end was atrocious. He missed a half-dozen off-sides, in both directions.”

    I think it’s more possible you don’t fully understand offside.

  83. Oog says:

    Just like Seattle injured two of our players in the first round? Seems pretty even to me. That was very agressive soccer by both sides, there are going to be fouls. RSL did flop, but Seattle would have done the same thing if they were ahead. Seattle would have been no better had the situations been reversed.

  84. Oog says:

    Disagree Yogi. Ref missed a lot of offside in the game. Is your job on this board just to yell at people? I’ve yet to read one comment from you that offers anything of use. Stop being a punk, we’re all soccer fans here. No need to hide behind the internet and be a jerk.

  85. Oog says:

    And we were without our 2 best CB’s. We only had one true CB left. Can’t make excuses like that.

  86. The 10 says:

    Of course it is in his interest. He went down early in his own third often trying to earn set pieces. It was clearly part of the plan to try and earn set pieces early to try and get back into the series.

  87. Scuba Steve says:

    They weren’t studs up you twat. Soccer is played at the feet and GUESS WHAT? People get kicked!!! Those challenges weren’t any harder than what your team was dishing out so quit complaining.