Second-half goal sees USA lose to France

USA France 2 (Getty Images)


Another friendly. Another 1-0 loss.

The U.S. men's national team was unable to score for the fourth time in six games under new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, and as a result fell, 1-0, to France at Stade de France on Friday. The defeat dropped the U.S. team to 1-4-1 under Klinsmann.

Loic Remy scored the game's only goal minutes after entering in the second half, but the result could have been worse for the Americans if not for several quality saves from Tim Howard.

Playing against a young French side missing some of its star players, the U.S. team struggled to maintain possession and create chances. The Americans had to rely on shots from distance to trouble goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, but even those lacked venom and accuracy.

Led by Carlos Bocanegra and Steve Cherundolo, the U.S. defense did well against France's attack in the opening 45 minutes. The Americans held Karim Benzema, Franck Ribery and the rest of Les Bleus at bay for much of the first half despite the hosts' domination of possession.

France had more success breaking down the American defense in the second half. Benzema nearly opened the scoring when he got on the end of a corner kick, but his headed effort smacked off the crossbar.

The Americans weren't so lucky in the 72nd minute. Remy, who entered the match seven minutes earlier, got on the end of a long ball played over the top and fought off a Clarence Goodson challenge before hitting a low shot past Howard.

The defeat to France, which is the third all-time in as many games for the Americans, ensured that the United States will have a losing year for the first time since 1997.


What do you think of the United States' 1-0 loss to France? Who impressed/disappointed you? What do you think needs to be different in order for the team to score?

Share your thoughts below.

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311 Responses to Second-half goal sees USA lose to France

  1. A wise man once says:

    Fire Klinsmann!

  2. FJV 23 says:

    I dare Klinsmann not call up Herculez again after the Slovenia game if we fail to score yet again.

  3. northzax says:

    i just don’t get the point of this game. why bother flying to Paris to bunker and barely even counter against a B team? Jones? Beasley? goodson? why?

    of course, we did learn that Timmy Howard seems to be back in form, and that Holland has been good for Jozy. but otherwise? how was this any different from how Bob Bradley would have played it?

  4. curt says:

    Tooooo many holding mids!

  5. brad says:

    Yeah Fire Klinsmann….

    wheres Bradley… hes way better then Beckermann…

    Beasley, Rodgers… am i in the twilight zone????!!!!!!

  6. chris says:

    Pathetic attacking display. I cant see how anybody can defend this display. Horrible player selection as well. Im just disgusted with how the USMNT has been playing lately. Jones should just go home such a joke and a horrible actor

  7. David St. Hubbins says:

    Merci mon dieu pour Tim Howard!

  8. hogatroge says:

    I thought Jones didn’t look too bad and actually got forward a bit, but otherwise I agree with you.

  9. hogatroge says:

    Jones played well and his acting, while I’m not a huge fan of the strategy, saved a dangerous free kick.

  10. abc says:

    The players wore numbers 1-11 and didn’t have their names on the back of their jerseys, that’s about it.

  11. abc says:

    (in terms of differences I mean)

  12. AC says:

    Well, at least the defense is holding to low scores…BUT can we get some FREAKING goals and a hint of offense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adam M says:

    Brek isn’t ready yet. Key player in key position not scoring or creating goals.

  14. chris says:

    compared to Beckerman and edu maybe but still not good enough

  15. abc says:

    -First losing season for the men’s team in a decade.
    -Two goals through the first 6 games is the least since Walter Giesler in 1948-49.

  16. Hopper says:

    Beckerman stinks, and Edu wasn’t much better. Would have liked to see Michael Bradley in this game. He’s a midfielder who actually knows how to get forward and score.

    It was just a friendly, and Klinsi is clearly still experimenting, but it’s getting to the point where I don’t even get excited about watching them. Today they looked like little boys compared to France.

  17. Madnote says:

    After our last loss I was scolded by posters here for doubting Klinsy. I was also brought to understand that there was beautiful soccer developing before my eyes, and that the losses now would bloom into beautiful flowers of victory later and creative soccer in the future.

    I tried really hard to love losing, and to see the “big picture”, but despite all my squinting and head tilting, I just can’t see beautiful soccer developing.

    Maybe I need glasses, or I just don’t get abstract art…but it looks like the same old shade of ugly to me.

  18. Matt says:

    hahaha this is what happened when Klinsmann took over Germany in 2002. Everyone panicked and yelledand screamed and were so upset…even up to the 2006 world cup when they lost an opener before the world cup.

    Then they shut up.

    Give the man some time.

  19. Robinswood says:

    Thank you for mentioning the clear and obvious PK the US wasn’t given in the first half that likely would have changed everything. Thanks, also, for reporting on the red card France WASN’T given with 12 minutes to go. I sooooo love balanced reporting.

  20. Hopper says:

    I’d be surprised if anyone knew what you’re talking about.

  21. Brett says:

    I’m getting a little impatient with Klinsmann. Do his teams practice finishing at all? Or do we just play possession games in training?

    It seems he has his pets the same way Bradley did, and he is every bit as prone as Bruce Arena to try and prove his genius by playing guys out of position.

    I am totally cold on the USMNT right now, and that hasn’t happened since just after WC2006.

  22. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    Shea did not impress this game at all…isn’t he supposed to be fast or something? lol he was just walking around out there half the time…

    Edu, Beckerman, Jones, none played well…I thought Becks did better than before tho, minus a couple poor give-aways. Bradley should have been in there over Edu.

    This is the first time I have ever said it, but I think we could have used Klejstien in there.

    Danny williams looked sharp and dangerous the first 20 minutes, then just faded completely from the game. As others have noted, the fact that he’s not a winger might have something to do with it lol.

    Jozy is the future, Demps is a beast, and we are REALLY going to miss Cherundolo and Bocanegra

    My 2 cents

  23. So i am going to go ahead and say it.. Jose Torres was needed today.. We needed a link up player in the middle of the field to connect with the wings as well as with the forwards. To many times did i see williams out on the flank open with our midfield having no ideas on how to switch the point of attack. We gave the ball away way to many times as well. I like what dempsey does creating but i would rather have torres supplying dempsey and altidore then having dempsey supplying everybody else. I was really happy with Jozy’s touch and work rate today. Holland has been good.

  24. Jason says:

    Thank you! The guy’s had six matches with the team in a bid to REBUILD and the knuckleheads already want him out. If you want Klinsmann out so fast, then there is not a manager on Earth who will be up to snuff.

  25. vik says:

    it’s a fair point; but still very frustrating as a fan. USA always idles without donovan anyway, let’s see how things go vs. Slovenia and beyond.

  26. dgoshilla says:

    If you saw what happened Jones got hit in the hands protecting his face and poked himself in the eye.

  27. Jason says:

    Agree 100%

  28. abc says:

    He led them to third place at a World Cup that Germany hosted.

    In 2002 they finished second in Japan.
    In 06, they finished third at home with Klinsmann.
    In 10, they finished third in South Africa.

    Yeah that Klinsmann sure saved the German team with his awesome coaching skillz!!

  29. marco says:

    The argument that this is the best USA midfield is rubbish. The argument that these are the best CBs, so there’s no need for anyone else to apply is insane.

    Altidore only bright spot in attack. Why was Dempsey holding the ball so long? Were there no players joining the attack (I couldn’t see enough of the field)? Williams is not a winger. Beckerman and Edu are not a good pairing.

    Telling moment for Klinsmann, on whether he can admit being wrong and change, or deny and perish.

  30. dgoshilla says:

    I must be the only one who likes seeing Beckerman out there. I feel like he’s the only player than collect the ball in a tight space and move it out quickly.

  31. Jason says:

    I’d be prepared for more of it. As things progress, I’m sure Klinsmann will be having more friendlies with more good European sides and we’ll probably lose them, but in the end its going to be to the benefit of the team.

  32. dgoshilla says:

    Howard could’ve been sent off for his tackle as well.

  33. abc says:

    Look at the US record, both wins and losses, and goals scored and allowed, with Jose Torres playing. Meaning with him actually playing, not after he’s been subbed out (2 allowed to 2 should have been 3 scored vs Slovenia). Why do poeple think he’s the MexicanAmerican Messi? He is too small and slow for international soccer, the Mexican league is perfect for him.

  34. dgoshilla says:

    He had to expend everything defending. I want to see him up top.

  35. Oh Danny boy says:

    I’m so done with the Beckerman/Edu combo! Steve Cherundolo has lost more than just a step, Jozy needed strike partner and we need a true right winger. I don’t know if I can stand behind Klinsman and his player selections anymore.

  36. chris says:

    well from his reaction i thought his head exsploded

  37. dgoshilla says:

    I’m over Dempsey. I see someone who finds himself on the ground more often than anywhere else. He takes the dive far too often and his speed is lacking.

  38. Oh Danny boy says:

    I agree 100% with you!

  39. Ricky B. Free says:

    He did it while playing a lot of young guys. get your head out of your butt and stop being a whiny …..

    Germany plays way differently than the way they used to play. I dont see their fans whining and being … like you are.

    They actually like how they play now.

    If you think that a coach can change the style of play in 10 training days, then you are on drugs.

  40. abc says:

    The only other time Germany hosted, in 74, they won.

    This is Germany we’re talking about.

    1st: 3
    2nd: 4
    3rd: 4, one under Klinsmann
    4th: 1
    5th: 1

  41. Ricky B. Free says:

    It seems that they dont like JK. Even before they hired him Ives was talking bs about him.

    Ives was not this judgemental with Bob Bradley, but as soon as they hired a guy he doesnt like the guns come out.

  42. boosted335 says:

    Goodson was lucky enough to be 50% successful but his defensive strategy of letting an attacker get behind you then shoving him in the back is flawed IMO

  43. marco says:

    Germany were not a top ten team in 2006. Nobody expected that high of a finish, because of all the changes. The German people were delighted with a 3rd place in 2006.

    Freude und Delirium, Ich War Dort

    PS: I’m not impressed with Klinsi so far, especially his over generous evaluations of some players. The team looks bad in attack without attacking mids.

  44. boosted335 says:

    hmm..he also got roughed up pretty good on 2-3 plays…its not all diving

  45. NateinSF says:

    Dempsey is our best player.

  46. ELI says:

    Beckerman n Edu n Cherundulo just cant play againgt top level internatinal level! MBbradley is much better than edu n beckerman combine

  47. Eurosnob says:

    Would it make a difference if they call up Herculez? The strikers had no service from the midfield.

  48. boosted335 says:

    photo: worst defensive position EVER

  49. abc says:

    In MORE than a decade, almost 15 years:

    With the loss, the USMNT is guaranteed a losing record in 2011, first losing year since 1997

  50. Two Cents says:

    We won’t need him. After all, Klinsmann will definitely be starting Rogers as Altidore’s striking partner lol.

    Beckerman shouldn’t be on the USMNT roster. Period. The amount of times he lost the ball and passes his teammates into a bad spot is astounding.

    Williams, as good of a player as he is/can be, is not a winger, and putting him there is not helping us. I still would like to see him as our CDM behind Edu.

    Altidore needs another striker. Things started opening up once Buddle got out there. Altidore is getting better, but he is not capable of a lone striker role.

    Saw more of Chandler than I did Shea on the left, which is odd considering the positions they play.

    Our back line was pretty solid I thought. I’m glad we started Goodson, even with that one mistake against Remy.

    I’d like to see something like this against Slovenia:


    Subs: Bradley, Jones, Edu/Williams (whichever does not start), Goodson, Spector, Hamid

    Just my opinion, and I’m sure many will disagree, but we have to do something different, because it’s pretty obvious we aren’t doing much in the way of offense, even if we have more possession.

    Hopefully next camp we’ll see a better selection, namely Donovan (MLS Cup), Klestjan, Adu, Bedoya, Gonzalez (MLS Cup), Agudelo, etc.

  51. ELI says:

    CUT BECKERMAN N EDU!!!!! there not ready or will never be ready for INTERNATIONAL LEVEL COMPETION

  52. northzax says:

    yeah, he didn’t look too bad. but we know that about him. we know he’s going to work hard and play hard nosed defense, with the occasional foray. we also know that he’s thirty. we subbed in one player under 25. so if you’re going to do that, you should at least be playing with formations, or doing something different. with the exception of the Germans (Johnson, Chandler, Williams who weren’t all that relevant) how was this different from what Bob Bradley did? same players, same formation, same attitude. I don’t blame Klinnsmann for bunkering in Stade de France, almost everyone does, but why even schedule the match, knowing you’re going to bunker?

  53. Jason says:

    Are you like a Rainman or something? What’s with you and the stats? I like Torres, and I like him for the fact that he is something we lack in the midfield and that is someone that distributes the ball well to set up an attack. We had in Reyna, We have it in Donovan, and we need to find others to take up the reins because the last few games have shown it is what we are sorely lacking.

  54. Ricky B. Free says:

    Soccer is not all strg and speed. I may be wrong but Blanco was not a strong or speedy guy, Pirlo is no road runner and no Hulk. cannavero was very short for a CB.

    What I am saying is that in soccer all that matters is soccer I.Q. and ball skills. Torres may not be Blanco, Pirlo, Messi, etc. But he is way ahead of Sacha, Edu, Beckerman, etc.

    I think that Holden, Dempsey, Donovan and Shea have more skills than Torres going forward. But Torres will be there just to link the defense with the attacking players.

  55. Nope I know exactly what he’s talking about. Koscielny fouled Dempsey and got a yellow which could have easily been a red and came back a few minutes later and fouled Jozy which also could have been a red and got nothing but a foul called. It was absurd.

    The PK was in the beginning and the announcers discussed that it probably should have been one.

    I don’t think its so much that the ref was against us, but if either of those fouls go the other way we go up 1-0 early or have a man advantage for the last ten minutes of a 1-0 game. The offense doesn’t look nearly as bad as it might seem.

  56. Khan says:

    Nah, I’m with you.

    Beckerman has done exactly what is asked of him.

  57. Khan says:

    Defense looks so much better than it has in the past. They are clearly more organized and it shows.

    The team is coming along and you can see that clearly. We are possessing more, looking for the passes. With that being said, either Dempsey needs to learn to pass or he needs to sit on the bench. Black hole.

    The fact that people are shocked and screaming for Klinsmann to be fired because we didn’t score with only 3 men up front against FRANCE is kind of ridiculous. Second half we looked better.

  58. Holden, Donovan and Torres are also pretty big parts of “the best USA midfield.” We’re really arguing over end of the bench guys no matter how you split it. Is there really a player who was available and not called in who deserves to start a game in qualifying when everyone’s healthy? Gomez doesn’t start for his club. Omar and John aren’t better than Boca or Gooch. Maybe a new Dmid setup would be good, but our best 11 players are definitely in this roster.

  59. Bradley isn’t a good Dmid. he’s not bad when you want someone to run up and down the field all day, but Beckermans a better tackler for sure. Neither does anything particularly well on the attacking side. If anything I’d like to see Williams slide in that spot when Lando comes and takes over the wing.

  60. dantheblue says:

    I am as big a USA Soccer honk as anybody that I know but it may be time to just admit something that I have been in denial over for a long LONG time… Afterall we are a huge country with a huge population but perhaps we need to accept something…

    Once the youngsters work their way into and out of football, basketball, and baseball… the quality of the athlete is just not there? I didn’t see much speed from our fastest players. Les Blus were quicker to 99% of every ball on the ground and in the air.

    Just saying…

  61. biff says:

    Not just the guns, but the knives also. Weird. The USMNT defense in the first half was excellent against a very good French team. We never saw such intense pressing defense up and down the whole field before Klinsmann took over. You could see the French players were getting very frustrated with the pesky defense. Jozy was outstanding offensively and on defense. Too bad he didn’t get the penalty kick. And Beckerman had another strong game, not only defensively covering a very large area of the field, but also several nice forward passes.

    Yeah, but the USMNT offense and possession overall did not look as promising today as it did in portions of some of the previous matches under Klinsmann. But France is a very good team that now has not lost in 16 games. And the USMNT has always had trouble winning in Europe, something like 3 or 4 games in the last 10 years with a dozen losses. Losing 1-0 in Paris is not such a bad result, although winning would have been sweeter.

    Fabian Johnson looked good on the right wing in his limited time. I hope he starts there against Slovenia with Williams replacing Edu in the middle. And today was not Chandler’s best outing. Would really like to see Chandler on the right side of the field against Slovenia.

  62. Ricky B. Free says:

    I guess that a lot of these so called fans havent heard of the term BUILD FROM THE BACK.

  63. NateinSF says:

    I’m not necessarily going after this specific comment, but in general people need to understand the Dempsey situation. His role on the team is to create and move possession forward. In this match, there were no options forward hence so many touches. If we are able to get the wings forward and open up more space then he can be effective. If you watch him at Fulham you can see that he is happy to play quick when people are around him.

  64. geoge3000 says:

    Klinsmann will be judged on his world cup record (assuming we qualify) and nothing else. Those of you calling for him to get fired are delusional. USSF is not going to eat his salary and could not hope to find a better coach at this point of the game. That’s not saying a better coach isn’t out there. It is more of a reconition of the way our federation goes about its business.

  65. predicto says:

    I gotta say the French defense was very tight, fast & tough – it gave no room and stifled the US mids.

    It seemed our mids could not play out of traffic, they were a step behind, and could not find outlets. The mids played pretty well in defense, but they could not muster the creativity and initiative to get forward.

    CBs ended up sending lots of long balls direct, bypassing the mids. My view is this is where the problem was tonight.

  66. Ricky B. Free says:

    People are whining because we lost 1-0 vs France in France, while Argentina drew vs Bolivia at home.

    I wont panic until the qualifiers start.

  67. Khan says:


    It’s like people expected us to blow France away. We held up defensively against one of the most dangerous attacking lineups in football. Also, France’s back line is incredibly good. The fact that we opened the match up in the second half is astounding.

    Bottom line, that never happens under Bob Bradley. Never.

  68. biff says:

    Wise words, Kahn-Man. Let ’em scream. I don’t understand all the shrill comments saying that we looked bad. The USMNT defense in the first half was stunning. Totally awesome and not just in the US half of the field, but just as pressingand dominating in the French half and created quite a few turnovers. We totally shut down Ribery and Benzema. We never played that style of defense under the previous coach. Unfortunately, got unlucky and were not able to keep a clean sheet.

    The possession strategy did not look as strong today as parts of previous games under Klinsmann. But did not look as bad as it might have against an excellent team like France. Onward to Slovenia. Man I hope Jozy can get rewarded with a goal there for all his hard work today.

  69. biff says:

    +1 I really hope Klinsmann one time will start MB in the lone holding midfield position that Beckerman has been playing so well and then we can see whether MB can do the job. Maybe he can–or maybe not.

  70. Jason says:

    It wasn’t the Addition of Buddle that open up the attack for the US. It was the removal of Beckerman and Edu. Neither guy can string a pass forward to save their lives.

  71. Goalscorer24 says:

    We need two forwards up front.

  72. Jason says:

    The problem isn’t the tactic more the player selection, more so the player he has taken a liking too. Neither Beckerman or Edu has shown any type of offensive ability in the pass 6 game yet they keep playing together. For all their defensive ability neither guy can get a pass forward without kicking it to the other team or out of bound.

  73. Joe B NYC says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  74. Alfred says:

    France most likely would have been down to 9. The elbow to Dempsey was a straight red. JK is doing a great job of bringing the US into line with the top ten in the world. Too much negative youth soccer type comments.

  75. abc says:

    Luis Suarez has scored more goals for Uruguay tonight than USA has scored since Klinsmann’s arrival.

  76. Bryce says:

    Count me in as someone who sees Beckerman doing the right things. He’s one of the guys pushing the attack, unlike Michael “I never play the ball forward” Bradley.

  77. Jason says:

    Finishing doesn’t matter when you can’t even get balls into dangerous position.

  78. abc says:

    “What’s with you and the stats?”

    Wins? Goals? Yeah those things don’t matter….

  79. hogatroge says:

    The fact that we barely created anything in the way of chances is what’s worrying people most… not the fact that our D let in one goal in an away match.

  80. Jason says:

    Can’t put to much on Shea in order for him to receive the ball in any type of offensive posture he had to move towards the middle of the pitch. Then he gets the pass and pass it to Chandler who would just run into the French defense. Not his fault he wasn’t getting any pass out wide.

  81. abc says:

    We could easily have lost 3-5 to nothing. There was never a case where we created even “almost goals”… only to be denied by great goalkeeping or the post (like France was).

  82. Two Cents says:

    To some extent yes, but I really think Buddle added a dimension to the attack that we previously didn’t have. Also, I don’t mind Edu so much because he does connect with good forward passes more often than Beckerman, and he always seems to be a constant defensive presence. But, we only need one of them out there, not two guys who can occasionally link passes. Keep Edu, but bring in a more creative midfielder (Holden, Torres, Klestjan, Bedoya, etc.) to be his partner in the middle. Depending on the formation, that could also be Dempsey. In essence, don’t rely on DM’s to be our creators. They make very simple passes to the players that can do something with the ball at their feet. Think of Carrick in midfield for United. He’s not there for flashy play, but simple distribution to Rooney, Cleverly, Nani, Giggs, etc. This is the exact reason I dislike the two DM system. Unless we bring in far more technical DM’s, we only need one of them or else our midfield creativity stagnates as it did today.

  83. Kevin_Amold says:

    It’s not the results that really bother me. It’s the almost absolute lack of offense over the course of Klinsman’s tenure. Many of us wonder if we have the capability to play the kind of style he wants us to play.

  84. hogatroge says:

    That said, a 1-0 loss to France isn’t a horrible result.

  85. hogatroge says:

    I don’t think there’s a Beckerman N. Edu on the roster.

    In all seriousness, though, Beckerman’s passing struggled for the first half and Edu’s spent too much time on the ball going forward despite some solid defensive work.

  86. Andy says:

    We just lost, away, to probably, based on form, one of the top 4 teams in Europe, by one goal and arguably should have tied the game (penalty not given).

    …and this with our top central defender and top central midfielder out injured and out top scorer home with his club team.

    So explain to me again what all the doom and gloom is about?

  87. Jason says:

    Edu just doesn’t have the offensive acumen to play the position Klini wants him to play. Beckerman is not fast enough to push forward if he loses a ball he won’t be able to recover and get back on defense. One of those 2 needs to needs to go.

  88. away goals says:

    Losing season in 2011 eliminates them from 2014 world cup, doesn’t it? Oh, it doesn’t? Nobody cares then.

  89. Ricky B. Free says:

    No one has won the world cup by winning friendlies…

  90. Jason says:

    I would like to see that too. Or if he is really in love with Edu put him their and put someone else in the position Edu has been playing.

  91. hogatroge says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you say, but it’s unfair to lump Sacha in with those other guys. He’s been improving constantly whereas Edu and Beckerman have been known quantities for a while despite Beckerman’s strong MLS season.

  92. Jason says:

    Edu is better in Beckermans psoition and Beckerman is better off the bench when we have a lead. Beckerman is a ball winner but he doesn’t have speed nor vision to play that role. Backward pass are good but you can’t mount an offense when you pass backward or put your player into bad position which the did a lot today.

  93. abc says:

    Finally some “sports journalists” in the media are starting to do their jobs:

    jhGodfrey: Just finished my nytimesgoal player ratings. will shout when they go up. Lowest score reserved for Klinsmann. Edu a close second.

  94. away goals says:

    You can’t see the big picture because the artist has only made a few brush strokes. Try looking again in 12 months.

  95. hogatroge says:

    I have no idea why Klinsmann insisted on playing Williams out of position on the right wing when Fabian Johnson actually starts on the right side for the same club.

  96. Jason says:

    Everyone seems to think a French so called B side is suppose to be bad. Their B side is as good as their A side probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.

  97. Ricky B. Free says:

    Did France score 3 or 4 goals? No they didnt. Spain could have scored 10 goals on us at the Confederations cup but they didnt we won and some of you are still praising Bob brdlaye for that.

    Stop with the double standards. They have had no more than 10 practices and you guys want them to be world beaters.

    You boss didnt expect you to be doing great in your first week or did he?

  98. hogatroge says:


    Plus Chandler didn’t link up well with him today. That said, not an amazing performance by Brek, but hardly a poor one.

  99. Jason says:

    They aren’t fast Altidore is suppose to be slow as a slug and he out ran that defense twice.

  100. Matti says:

    I missed the game and the comments are pretty depressing. Why don’t we have attacking players on the field? I understand defense wins games but we need a playmaker. Problem is we don’t come to the ball. These teams are closing down space on defense and we are too slow mentally to adjust… Or I should hope for a striker on the counterattack.

  101. Paul says:

    I think Klinsmann has a grand plan to make everybody demand that Michael Bradley get a start. That’s the only way I can understand his selections in the midfield.

  102. Ricky B. Free says:

    It took a German coach for the Us media to start attacking the coach..mmmm

  103. predicto says:

    I’ve got no doom and gloom, losing is no problem with me if we are making progress. But I’m wondering what’s wrong with the attack – for multiple games now. I’m concerned with lack of attacking creativity and initiative in the mids – and how to fix it.

  104. hogatroge says:

    While they might have been PKs or cards in a meaningful match, it’s a shame if we have to rely on that kind of thing to create chances.

  105. PetedeLA says:

    I also like Beckerman.

    He brings something that most of the other defensive midfielders don’t. He also seems to be getting better.

    I’m for keeping Beckerman and getting rid of Edu.

  106. Jason says:

    At best there was 2 maybe 3 clear goal chance. You can even say we should had gotten a penalty too when Altidore put a move on the french defense and was pulled down.

  107. Jason says:

    People seem to think a French B side is suppose to be bad. Their B side look just as good as their A side that has been playing in Euro.

  108. PetedeLA says:

    Regardless of the amount of time he needs, I find serious fault with how he ends matches.

    He tends to just throw bodies in, regardless of shape.

    I also strongly disagree with some of his experiments.

    Williams is a good player, but not a good winger.

    I think we’d be FAR better served with Shea and Chandler on the wings (when Donovan isn’t around).

  109. Geeps says:

    France played at 5th gear; USA 2nd. USA has not attack and no midfield service. If anyone thins USA has a chance in 2014, I have swamp land in Bangladesh you can buy. And what’s up with constantly staying with Altidore? What the @#$!. I feel sorry for Klinsmann. He is working with a bunch of “D” players with two “B” players (Donovan and Dempsey) in terms of being world-class. Howard is the only “A” type player.

  110. DeLarge says:

    We always want what we don’t have. If it was Bradley and Jones to start — people would’ve been crying out loud for Edu and Beckerman.

    What we need is to understand that time is on our side and aside from the shortcomings of our player personnel — what more could really have been done? We kept Benzema and Ribery from being dangerous, okay? They are usually deadly in front of goal.

  111. Jason says:

    That’s the thing Klinsi seems to be in love with having both of them out there at the same time. It’s either one or the other.

  112. Ricky B. Free says:

    No we dont have the players to play an attacking style, but we need the National team to play that way because that is the way the U-23, 20 and younger teams will be training and playing.

    We cant have the National team playing one way and the younger teams playing another. I knew it would be tough but I am mature enough and smart enough to know that.

    By next year we will be playing way better, but guys in here want a team that has had a history of playing counter attacking and bunker ball all the time. To turn around and play joga bonito ball in 6 games and in 10 training days.

    Get real!! The World Cup is not in 2012, its in 2014.

  113. abc says:

    If all that matters is qualifying for the World Cup, why did we need to hire Klinsmann??

    The US has qualified for every World Cup since 1990. We would qualify with Bradley, Arena, Sampson, or my grandmother as coach. Is that why Bradley was fired and replaced by Klinsy, because he couldn’t get us to the World Cup?

  114. Jason says:

    Beckerman wins ball but he just to slow to go forward and just doesn’t pass well forward when he actually wins the ball. I say he would be a good sub, someone to sure up the defense when we actually get a lead. Edu well he should be playing the role Beckerman is playing and being faster he can probably get involve in the attack much better. You can see the difference when Jones came in. Jones was able to get forward more and when he made mistake had to speed to recover.

  115. abc says:

    The bar keeps getting lowered. “At least Klinsmann is putting 11 humans with a pulse on the field, I just wanna watch some soccer so that’s good enough for me!”

  116. al17 says:

    Grateful that we didn’t get blown out. We were toyed with in today’s match. Blanc played a group that had barely played in a match unlike us and they were never worried. I’ve seen both teams play many matches and had France stepped it up a notch we would have been toast. We got some serious problems that need to be resolved FAST. Those of you stating JK needs more time are the very same ones who boasted on how great he would be for the USA yet neglect the fact that we went 11-0 under Bob Bradley as manager. I have no idea what we’re supposed to do as a team. We’ve taken steps back and it’s no longer acceptable.

  117. Khan says:

    It will be tough.

    But what many people are missing unfortunately is that many of these guys won’t be playing come 2014, but they play now and that is where the philosophy has to be instilled.

    The U-23 and U-21 players who are all over Europe will be the true test of Klinsmann.

  118. al17 says:

    Let me rephrase my Blanc statement, played a group that has barely played together as a unit in a match.

  119. Khan says:


    That was most of France’s first squad lol

  120. Ricky B. Free says:

    The US has barely played as a unit with this new style. Your point was ment to do what?

  121. well said.. I wasn’t claiming JFT is our savior, but what i am trying to convey is that what i saw missing was a pivot. Someone who can change the point of attack and link with all parts of the field and I really feel that JFT (and Holden as well) offer a specific set of skills that do that for this team.

    I see a team that plays with to many defensive minded midfielders. Outside backs who either make unproductive runs, or when they do make smart runs are not being provided with proper service from our midfielders. Central defenders who insist on booting it up the field.

    I can see the improvements in the team.. There are signs of promise. Maybe not the whole game but in the last 15 min you saw it come together. I like dempsey as a withdrawn forward with freedom to create, but without that creative mid running in behind it seems like he has become a little hesitant in pulling the trigger.

    To sum up my point.. this team needs a pivot. Someone who can keep the ball and dictate the tempo. I think JFT is that guy.

  122. abc says:

    Cognitive dissonance….

    Apologists keep saying results don’t matter, it’s about building something long term, etc. If that’s the case why did Klinsmann look like he was playing for 0-0? With all those d-mids? Why are the subs all veterans?
    If he gets a pass because “he’s trying new things”, why does he keep calling in the same players over and over?

  123. abc says:

    What new style??? How was this style in any way shape or form new?

  124. FlyMaster says:

    Meh. I agree completely with the idea of giving a new coach time to rebuild, but Klins doesn’t seem to be rebuilding. Rather, he’s playing a lot of old players in a lot of old ways.

    Point out to me something really different that Klins is doing or trying and I’ll change my mind.

  125. marco says:

    BSHooligans ‘but our best 11 players are definitely in this roster.’

    I don’t see Edu, Beckerman, Williams (as winger), or Goodson, starting one game in 2014, not one.

  126. abc says:

    Also the “these are just meaningless friendlies” people should check out Klinsmann’s pre-game comments in the Studio 90 video posted a few entries below this one… “friendlies don’t exist” he says.

    This is sort of like when people were like “I’m sure he’ll start bringing in other players and working them in” a few friendlies ago and then Klinsmann made his own apologists look foolish by saying that this was his core team and he wouldn’t be making many changes.

  127. FlyMaster says:

    That is the sad truth.

  128. FlyMaster says:

    Nonsense. It was a 50/50 collision—and those decisions should always go to the keeper.

  129. beachbum says:

    “What I am saying is that in soccer all that matters is soccer I.Q. and ball skills”–Ricky B. Free

    I respect what you are trying to say, but disagree here 100%

    on Torres, I like him for a long time. strengths and weaknesses like all. great 2nd half sub when we have a lead with his ball skills/possession and defending; he’s a better defender than credited imho, but tires and is then exposed while as a 2nd half sub all of that is eliminated and he can go full bore for 30 minutes or whatever

  130. Greg says:

    Love Dolo, but agree with you. Would like to see Timmy Chandler at RB.

  131. Mark says:

    Disappointing start to Klinsy’s tenure, but I’m not sure it matters who the manager is at the moment as this team is in flux. Trying to integrate the next generation of players has been a painful experiment thus far. On top of that, trying to get them to play his style of attaching soccer exacerbates the situation.

    Having said that, I’m hopeful things will be looking better by the time qualifying comes around…

  132. Johnnybgood says:

    People also seem to think France B side is bad. Their B side is better then 90% of the teams in the world.

  133. beachbum says:

    as most of us are. hilarious the overreacting defensiveness of some regarding the obvious areas of concern at this point be questioned and discussed

  134. KillerInstinct says:

    I agree….Beckerman played well, he held the ball and released quickly in tight spaces, as he does when he plays at RSL. The reason he couldn’t transition the ball to our more creative players was because, he was to busy mopping up after Edu’s telegraphed passes all over the field. It seemed as if everytime Adu made a pass, he kicked it with uncertainty.

  135. KillerInstinct says:

    I mean “everytime Edu made a pass….”

  136. abc says:

    The guy we fired so that we could hire Klinsmann:
    The US went 10-0-1 in Bob Bradley’s first 11 games before losing five straight games (three games with the “C” team at the 2007 Copa America).

  137. Mental Assassin says:

    Cant be critical of Klinsmann until next summer. Results should not matter at all until he finds the right player combination.

  138. Supsam says:

    i guess you never saw the confederation cup where we not only frustrated a more deadlier offense in the form of Spain, but we also managed to score.

    Bradley wasnt fired for his defense but for his lack of attacking tactics. Klinnsman hasnt done any better. I know people are saying that he needs more time but how many more matches do we need before we realize that he might not be the coach we dreamed of? maybe scoring 3 goals in 10 matches may do the trick.

  139. Wondering says:

    I wonder if the French blogosphere is abuzz with negative comments or positive comments. Anyone know how the French saw the game?

  140. JesseMT says:

    THIS!! Good lord. It’s like Bradley’s empty bucket, except with even less attacking prowess. We’ve replaced Bradley with Beckerman and told him to stay home in the defensive half. Danny Williams as a winger? Ugh. If Edu was Holden and Williams was Donovan, maybe that would’ve worked today. But they aren’t, and it didn’t.

    I don’t see how a lineup like we put out there today can ever score against decent competition.

  141. FlyMaster says:

    Exactly. If you could combine Beckerman and Bradley you’d have a great CMid. Maybe we could petition to play with 12 men…

  142. beachbum says:

    good post.

    the Senior level team does not have to immediately display the philosophy but instead is charged with successfully blending as we evolve, something that has been difficult to accomplish so far to say the least.

    can we? I hope we can. I for one found it encouraging to see the 1st half tactics the USA played, defensive and shape-minded, the parked bus, on the road in that situation. What the USMNT does not do so far like before Klinsmann is counter with authority and truly threaten with that after tough defending, same thing with set pieces…different approach mainly having to do with the emphasis on possession in short imho.

    we’ll see if we can compensate for losing proficiency in those other areas where we often have created our best and most important chances and goals thru more possession-generated opportunities

    Slovenia is the next test. I hope Michael starts and goes 90 with Beckerman/Williams. None of them are perfect, they all err at times, but time to mix it up a bit

  143. al17 says:

    Ummm…mmm NO
    The back line for France was not their starting 4.
    Maybe a 1/4 of their core played but this was not most of France’s 1st squad.

  144. Since 82 says:

    Some observations thus far in h Klinsmann era:

    1) it is it tough to judge the formation since neither Holden, Torres, or Adu have figured. In addition, we have yet to see Dempsey play with Donovan.

    2) Chandler is a RB not a LB.

    3). Bradley is better than Jones and Edu. His absence I perplexing. I don’t know what to think of Beckerman.

    Not sure that I like this formation long term either. It would seem tha you would want room to get Agudelo, Sapong, Davies, etc. on the pitch with Altidore. Proof will be in the pudding when Dempsey and Onovan suit up together. Shea looks tired.

  145. Ricky B. Free says:

    Hey smart guy, who do u want to get called?

    I am not a fan of Beckerman or Orozco, but the cream always rises to the top.

    The better players will be there at the end and the rest will not.

    Some of the U-23 team will be with the National team by 2014 you can count on that and all this whining will be for nothing.

    We get it, you were happy with bunkering down and counterattacking.

    You want to see a new style in 6 games? Are you that thick headed to understand that evolution is not a 1 day thing.

    If the team keeps playing like this by summer of 2012 then we can all call for his job.

    If it is hard for a club team to change their playing style, what did you think it would be easier for a national team?

    You can keep throwing stats all you want, but we wont see any changes until after the olympics when Jk starts calling the U-23 guys into the national team

  146. Ricky B. Free says:

    You get your soccer knowledge from the NY Times, well that explains it all.

  147. ec says:

    I was extremely disappointed in Shea on the wing. He has some skills, but just doesn’t have the speed. The US is fundamentally a counter-attacking team, but it doesn’t make any sense when we don’t have speed to break with, especially on the wings. I could see trying Shea up top with Altidore (who was fantastic).

    As for something daring, how about the US test out Tim Ream as a DM? He plays good defense, minus those catastrophic errors, and in the midfield he’d have cover and his misses wouldn’t be as bad, plus we all agree that we like his distribution.

  148. junior says:

    Altidore and Dempsey played well but can’t do this on their own.
    Shea was invisible but seemed more defensive minded.
    Williams was nowhere to be seein.
    Beckerman played better but i think he still needs to be on the bench.
    edu had a bad game.
    Boca, chandler were solid.
    goodson was good till the goal.
    and cherundolo seem to lose gas at the last 15-20 min.
    beasley dindt do anything.
    Buddle and jones plaed well off the bench and buddle show he got some moves!
    tired of klinsmann calling in players we ALREADY know how they play or players who DONT deserve to be called in!

  149. Yogi says:

    France has a tendency to expose average players in the middle of the field, so why are you all shocked? Beckerman will have his place in the squad during qualification…But not against world class teams. Edu had a rough game tonight. Against France, that’s NEVER a good thing.

    Other observations: With France putting constant pressure on us, we did a piss poor job a linking passes from the defense/midfield up into the attack. I’ve always loved Altidore, but I’d like to see him fight through some of the contact a bit more.

  150. joel says:

    i like many have tried to be optimistic about klinsmann
    but he is not getting results and is sticking with players that dont have what it takes…if this continues
    no question he was the wrong choice for manager….no way in hell is beckerman and edu the right combination
    for us moving forward…if that continues the results will remain the same. personally i am fed up with this and will wait until tuesdays game, if i see the same, i would fire him and hire kinnear. no country would allow these crap results to continue.

  151. Mike Bassett says:

    That is such bs. Jozy can’t hold the ball or beat anyone one-on-one. The only thing he does is flop.

  152. Mike Bassett says:

    I don’t agree that Jozy was outstanding. I mean you are praising him for flopping for cryin’ out loud!

    How about he get a decent shot off, and on frame? He didn’t even do that once!

  153. Two Cents says:

    Yeah exactly. I’m hoping it’s more of a lack of options than anything else, but it seems that Klinsmann continues with the same formation. Not necessarily a bad thing if the right players are there, but it doesn’t work when they’re not. No Donovan automatically throws things off because we don’t really have anyone on this roster that we “know” can play the right wing. It will be interesting to see when both Donovan and Dempsey are on the field at the same time.

  154. Rick says:

    Did our servicemen father in German forwards, or only backs and mids.

    We need to put some military bases in brazil as well.

  155. Warren says:

    Yeah and if we had a Luis Suarez caliber striker or two we would not be having this conversation.

    Your point is?

  156. Warren says:

    Exactly, it’s funny to see all the chicken littles running around.

    If the sky really is falling in 2014, then I will worry.

  157. Warren says:

    Bradley was fired because Sunil finally realized he had made a mistake by letting Bob stick around for another cycle. Oops, now Klinsmann has to fix things in a year, I certainly didn’t expect us to look pretty or win against France in Paris; 1-0 loss is more than respectable.

    Now we have a game against Italy in Italy. If we lost that one too…who is going to be surprised?

    Klinsmann’s focus is of course longer term, since he has to focus on the main event, getting through qualifying and beyond the first round at the Cup.

  158. Lorenzo says:

    Ives didn’t write this

  159. Warren says:

    yeah but some peeople are just not that into him.

    So he should sit and make way for someone with less skills?

    Or maybe, we need to find a few more players at Dempsey’s skill/creativity/toughness level that he can play with; to me that is always Dempsey’s problem with some on the USMNT, that they play too stupidly/don;t know where to move or when to make a move.

  160. Warren says:

    Exactly, 100% agreed

  161. Diddy says:

    in klinsmann we trust you people need to chill I understand if this is world cup qualifying and klins has yet to work with our strongest XI. Lets see how the team does in the spring friendlies thats when we should have everyone available. Donovan, Holden should be alright then. We need to go back to a 4-4-2 enough with this 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 and bring back DAvies! We need someone to partner altidore and davies brought the best out of him!

  162. Ben says:

    My guess is JK is playing 2 holding mids because he doesn’t trust his center backs (which he shouldn’t) and wants to protect them. I’ll give JK credit, they have really improved defensively. But they aren’t getting enough guys forward to bother anyone at the moment. I think Altidore plays better when he has another forward up there. So it might be time to change the formation. I don’t know, maybe go 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. The other flaw so far with JK is player selection. Williams isn’t a right mid. Chandler is playing left back because they have no left backs. And Edu is no playmaker, sorry. Having said all that, I’m willing to be patient with JK but this team needs to get forward and create more chances. Their offense looks hopeless in the run of play.

  163. Warren says:

    What’s wrong with the attack?

    Gee that’s a hard one.

    Let’s see….maybe it is hard to score against France in Paris?

    On one side of the ball there’s a striker – Benzema – scoring by the bucketload for Real Madrid; and a world class Bayern Munich winger (Ribery). To name just 2 of their strike force.

    And our best are doing well for a Dutch league and middle of the pack on a good day EPL squad.

    Yeah, point taken, we should have been taking it to them more, since clearly with the right tactics and player selection USMNT should have been able to score 2 or 3 goals.

  164. Ben says:

    I’m not sure Davies is an answer at the moment. If we had the Davies from the 2009 Confederations Cup I agree but he didn’t score a goal in his last 9 matches of the MLS season.

  165. Warren says:

    Weren’t the French fans booing their own team at the half?

    If the US frustrated France and their fans that badly, of only for a half – that’s a good day.

  166. Pd says:

    Just watched the last 45 hope to catch a replay of the entire match. Some impressions: Jozy Altidore just gets better with every match and Dempsey played a monster of a game. I can’t help but wonder how different things would be with a healthy and motivated Landon Donovan and a Herc Gomez type on the field. Bocanegra and Howard were monsters today and Goodson was very very good, full credit to Remy for making his one chance count. I also think that’s Jones/Bradley pairing deserves a look.

    That said, The boys went into the French equivalent of the rose bowl and held their own. I’m proud of them.

  167. PGS says:




    UGHHHH another grogfest

  168. PGS says:

    also jozy looked really, really sharp

  169. Joey says:

    sit edu and beckerman. start bradley, move williams to the middle, and start johnson on the wing

  170. Jaime says:

    Feilhaber should be called in. US attack and possession in my opinion has always been (at least a little bit) better with him than without him. Fabian Johnson had some good touches I think. Hopefully he starts next time.

  171. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    United States tied to Mexico 1-1 We could have one that game if the ref gave the player a red for bringing down Rogers who was the last man running to goal.

    United States lost to Costa Rica 0-1 If Donovan put in that early Goal we would have been up 1-0 and this would have been a totally different game.

    United States lost to Belgium 0-1 The weather played a major role in this game plus they disallowed another Edu’s goal which this game should have ended in a draw 1-1.

    United States won against Honduras 1-0 Dempsey was the main reason we won, Shea miss an easy goal the same with Onyewu, they called a foul against Dempsey for his 2nd goal of the match but if he had done that for Fulham the refs would have allowed the goal because he was aggresive and should be allowed in a man’s sport, USA should have won 4-0.

    United States lost to Ecuador 0-1 The fact that Ream cost us the game with lack of defense the US did play better that Ecuador in my opinion this game should have been a 0-0 draw if Ream actually put his body in front of Jamie Ayovi.

    United States lost to France 0-1 Goodson poor defensive play against Remy cost us the game the same thing with Ream when we played Ecuador, USA didn’t have much of an offensive flow going along however France did miss a bunch of chances to put us away we could of lost 0-3.

    So yes we did lose 4 games under JK and all those games we lost were 0-1. Many of the reasons because we lost were because of poor defesive center backs. Maybe JK can finally realize that we need CBs like Gonzalez, John, and even Whitbread (For emergency purposes) and see if they can solve our CB problems. I feel that once Lichaj comes back from injury we can have another player optioin at LB and move Chandler in his real position in RB. Danny Williams needs to play as a Center Midfield he’s not much of a winger. Players like Rogers, Orozco haven’t done much expect for a goal by Rogers but he was just at the right place at the wrong time. Beckerman is decent but he’s not much of a 1st team player in this National Team. Stuart Holden can fill in the roles of winger and center midfield when he returns from injury. And we still haven’t seen Donovan and Dempsey playing together which can be a game changer for us. I still have hope for this team and I think we can succeed with a healthy team.

  172. Polish Wonder says:

    Finally someone I can agree with on Beckerman. His passing really loses its shine against tough competition.

  173. Dennis says:

    Rebuild? Except for Williams, Johnson and Beckerman (who pretty much showed why they are new or discarded) it is pretty much what you would have seen with Bradley. There is no serious remodelling going on here, just a few hopeful tryouts.

    There is clearly no magic here Klinsmann is even sticking with 2 defensive mids (maybe 3 tonight), all he has done is rearrang the starting spots for the forwards and given how much Dempsey was tracking back, that starting spart was soon ignored.

    Klinsmann smiles a lot more than Bradley. Could it be that Bradley saw little to smile about and Klinsmann is happy to not see the down side?

  174. Dennis says:

    I thought Shea did well until the collision at midfield when he held his head for a long time. Did he suffer a concussion? He certainly looked slow and tired after that. I would not be surpriosed if he cannot play on Tuesday.

  175. gringo88 says:

    people calm down!!!. these games are just friendly. now if they were Qualifiers then i would be worry. klinsman has just been hire over two months and ya already want to see him get fire. put a lid on it for crying out loud. the ones that got lucky were france because they only made that goal by subs. benzama n ribery were not as good. at least howard was on point today. cause most of the time the goals are his fault. howard is should be at least in top 10 GK in the world. but does not get that much credit because he is american n plays for everton. same thing happens with donovan. whoppy dee do only because they dont play for big clubs like madrid, barcelona and man u.

  176. David says:

    Not fair to say the style of play isn’t different than under Bradley. This is much, much worse.

  177. Hush says:

    In N.America we strive to be the best….ranting will happened in a public U.S forum.

    Also, the ranting here isn’t in regards to the score, BUT THE OFFENSIVE PLAY…. agara la Onda Mano. 2 goals in 400000 games. Entiendes Mendez?

  178. 99 says:

    Im with you on beckerman.

  179. grum says:

    Not quite sure why there are so many complaints about beckerman not getting forward enough or being involved enough in attack. He’s a DM. Every indication from klinsi is that he should shield the back 4 and keep the ball moving. Something similar to Lucas at LFC.

  180. The Imperative Voice says:

    The “right player combination” starts with abandonment of Altidore as center striker. Fish rots from head downward, he could get every other pick right and he’s killing the finishing with the frontline choice.

    If he’s not going to drop Jozy to the bench then he has to get rid of the 451 because Jozy is not a McBride or even a Donovan or Dempsey who can play 1-touch pass and move possession soccer.

  181. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think we’re regressing in terms of results. The soccer may be prettier but the standard issue 442 was churning out occasional upsets like Spain or whatnot. As long as Klinsi goes 451 with Altidore up top it will be lots of pretty soccer with occasional chances, too much pressure on the defense, and lots of these 1-0 and 0-0 results.

  182. The Imperative Voice says:

    If Klinsi is going to play favorites just like Bradley then his selling point has to be his ability to pick better favorites. Other than introducing some interesting new players into the mix, he’s yet to show me he can pick a truly good top to bottom 11……and worse he’s basically suggested he’s trying to build a continuity lineup.

  183. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think we were better with Landon and Dempsey ie the Bradley wings. I agree Shea is talented and has spurts but is not a 90 minute guy…..and one key thing for a winger is relentlessness.

  184. The Imperative Voice says:

    Amen. Losing in the WC semis at home (I mean, even we were good for the quarters at home, Korea made its semis, etc), and then having an ineffectual year where he was run off from Bayern, is hardly the CV his supporters suggest. From my perspective we took a flier on a coach who’s never really proved himself…..and who’s yet to show his tactical fetish of a 451, usually fronted by Jozy, can beat even a decent team.

  185. A wise man once says:

    Well, fire him if he doesn’t call Gonzalez up in January.

  186. abc says:

    Yeah whereas other soccer journalists are all praising Klinsmann right now, right?

  187. The Imperative Voice says:

    If this was one game you might have a point but it’s a broken record by now and it’s not just France-quality, it’s Ecuador, Belgium. All we’ve beaten was a weakened Honduras.

    I think Gulati screwed up because Bradley was already struggling post Cup and should never have made it to Gold Cup. I think Bradley screwed himself with his Gold Cup roster (Wondo?), which then played pretty much to form. But by keeping Bradley around for Gold Cup we lost a key chance for any successor to get a big period of time with players, bed them into a system, and get to speed on what works here. Cuz to be honest if we had Klinsi for 6 games with the USMNT this summer I think we’d have a clearer picture of if he’s a dud. As it is he has a lot to prove. But if he’d pulled this kind of mediocrity at Gold Cup, in a more tightly scheduled and less defensible situation, he might not have the same size of Excuse Brigade backing him up.

  188. The Imperative Voice says:

    A lot of the finishing has to do with who’s in position …. to finish. You notice when Dempsey got his Honduras chance he put it away. Altidore had a couple decent crosses coming in where he was hiding away on back post runs. If you want the finishing to improve you need to play finishers.

  189. The Imperative Voice says:

    Yeah but was there even a bright spot to grab onto? I see no signs of something disjointed but nonetheless potent and in the process of gelling. What I instead see is tactics not working and a few players who just aren’t up to standard.

  190. The Imperative Voice says:

    All due respect but is this a total football team or a counterpunching side because I’ve seen two different concepts during Klinsi’s tenure and they imply different personnel, tactics, etc.

    For instance, if I want to emphasize defense then maybe I need a more motorized forward who will hound defenders. And maybe we need more of an 11 man commitment to defense a la the Dynamo.

    Or, if we want to play finesse attacking soccer, we need to lose the hacks, get more technical and fast people in, and maybe get a forward or two or three who can play possession soccer.

    I’m frankly confused what we are because from games 1 or 2 or so I thought we were something different.

  191. Alex says:

    Are you serious? Did you even watch the game?? Altidore was doing EXACTLY what a Center Forward should you idiot. He is the least of our problems. How many decent balls were played in the final 3rd? I’m sure you think every forward should score every game on their own, but the fact is you don’t know soccer. This was by far one of the better games Altidore has played. GTFO

  192. The Imperative Voice says:

    There’s a big difference between Howard stopping France several times on the doorstep while we struggle offensively, and us clicking offensively and forcing Spain into many, but ineffective crosses. We had to work hard defensively to get the Spain win but we had a winning tactical concept and simply looked better that day. If you think that about France I’m giggling.

  193. Alex says:

    This was probably Beckerman’s best game in for the MNT under Klinsmann. Edu was horrendous. And while Jones has his moments, he always always always turns off his positional brain. And Williams is a tidy player in defense, but he’s horrendous in the final 3rd. He should play centrally, and how the hell does Bradley not even make it off the bench. Klinsy does know that he plays full 90 for weeks now in the Serie A? Just baffling.

  194. kevin says:

    I agree with all.

    Beckerman is so ticy tac backwards and edu was the same at that matter. Also Brek has a lot of developing to go. As far as friendlies go, yes they dont mean anything but yes i agree it is very painful watching the US flutter everything.

  195. The Imperative Voice says:


    Sept. 6, 2011
    vs. Belgium
    @ Brussels, Belgium: 0-1 L
    Bocanegra (capt.)
    Dempsey Torres (Larentowicz, 76)
    Rogers (Beckerman, 46)
    Altidore (Agudelo, 46)

    Oct. 8, 2011
    vs. Honduras
    @ Miami Gardens, Fla: 1-0 W
    Orozco Fiscal (Onyewu, 46)
    Bocanegra (capt.)
    Chandler (Spector, 76)
    Williams (Beasley, 65)
    Edu (Bradley, 65)
    Altidore (Agudelo, 83)

    Oct. 11, 2011
    vs. Ecuador
    @ Harrison, N.J.; 0-1 L
    Cherundolo (Spector, 46)
    Bocanegra (Ream, 72)
    Williams (Buddle, 65)
    Edu (Bradley, 46)
    Shea (Beasley, 46)
    Altidore (Agudelo, 46)

    Actually a lot of continuity game to game and Klinsi even openly says he’s trying to keep a team together. No, I think he’s simply playing the wrong people and thus missing either the tactical or the personnel boat.

  196. Alex says:

    John Harkes, is that you??

  197. Alex says:

    And no world cup winners lose like 5 or 6 games in a row. some to average teams.

  198. Alex says:

    You do realize that was Boca’s man right? And Boca slipped, so Goodson was shifting to try and cover for Boca’s mistake. Not all Goodson’s fault.

  199. The Imperative Voice says:

    If you can’t score then your defense better pitch a shutout. All due respect but Klinsi’s misfiring offense lowers our margin of error. Goodson gets played, makes one mistake, result, QED. Game after game it’s happening.

  200. The Imperative Voice says:

    I guess “not scoring goals and hiding back post when people are looking for you to show to ball” is what center forwards do? 11 games, 2 goals. We’d be better off calling Dempsey a forward because I know he has the killer instinct and skill set, even if he goes to sleep for lengthy stretches.

    And a further problem with Altidore is mobility. Even if he does work with the supporting cast he can’t really get side to side to do it. Either a ball to feet or he’s useless. Again, I’d rather have Landon or Dempsey because I at least know they are mobile and don’t require inch perfect passing.

  201. Rick says:

    This team stunk BEFORE Klinsmann arrived. Remember the loss to Panama? They were unimpressive in the Gold Cup despite reaching a CONCACAF final (CONCACAF is not France, Belgium, or even Ecuador) and then got run off the field by Mexico. If they’re still not scoring goals and are losing games come WCQ time then we can start asking JK tough questions. In the meantime everyone needs to calm down.

  202. blokhin says:

    what we got is what we got! Enough pining for the players who are not there or have yet to show any consistent contribution. Holden, because of injuries has never been an integral part of the team on the actual field of play, he’s been for the most part a figment of our imagination. We can’t hold our breath until and if he comes back healthy. If Klinsmann’s entire offensive game plan is built around a mediocre Mexican league d-mid, then it’s a terrible game plan because players get hurt all the time… and I’m yet to see Adu on the field for him, so he does not seem to be considered an integral part either…

    what differentiates good coaches from bad coaches is the results they get with the same set of players-thus far Bradley has the upper hand by far and away-whether that is the case in 2014 depends on how far US goes into the knockout stages-for now Juergen got lots and lots to prove

  203. JW says:

    LOL, I swear man, I am so glad you are not calling the shots. If there is one thing Altidore did well today, it was pay the role of center striker. The dude was awesome today. He retrieved many long balls played to him with a good first touch. He played excellent with his back to goal. He was creative and physical, as well as bringing the other guys into the game when he had the chance. He basically earned a penalty (due to his creative play, not his typical physical play in the box) If it had not been for a crap pass from Buddle on one, a foul from the French defender on another possible breakaway, he could have had two potential goals.

    Sheesh man, when most of the midfield was really underwhelming, he did the best he could with what he was given.

    Even I can see all that from Altidore and I am no expert. You have a serious problem with your analysis.

  204. Da Gaffer says:

    The player pool is not what it takes to win. Bradley and Arena before him did it with smoke and mirrors. Disciplined, defensive tactics, regardless of formation, along with some opportunistic play on offense and set pieces. Until the US gets players that can legitimately compete at top level European clubs, then the team will remain in purgatory – CONCACAF heavyweight and WC lightweight. Imagine where the US would be without the world class keepers that have manned the nets for the past two decades.

  205. Dennis says:

    I guess the answer is replace the coach, it is so much easier to find a competent new coach than a new 6 or 7 players of sufficient quality. Oh right, the USA just did that, Nevermind!

    From the players who started tonight, by 2014, Howard, Chandler, Dempsey, maybe Shea, and possibly Altidore maybe Williams will be among the starters, the others, not so much!

    The back 4 remains the biggest problem going forward simply due to age. With age comes a loss of quickness and perhaps more importantly a loss of the ability to rebound from injury.

    Of course, I am not a fan of throwing young players into the back 4 unless they are outstanding, let them make more mistakes and learn for their club teams first, be patient.

  206. truthiness says:

    This was definitely a reality check, that JK can do whatever he wants, the US does not have the talent to play consistently with a team like France. Was there a single US player tonight that you would not trade for his French counterpart (aside from Howard perhaps)?

    This was not so much an indictment of JK’s coaching, but an indictment of the players he has to put out there. A powerful full international team does not have to put players out there who play second division soccer, or are getting part-time minutes with their clubs.

    I though that athletic ability was supposed to be our strong suit as a team, but as danlebleu noted, we were beaten to most 50/50 balls. Our passes did not have enough weight to them, and we could not beat a man 1v1 in a sprint to the ball.

    A bit sad really…

  207. Todd says:

    Alex, you have obviously never played the game. If you had you would realize that “The Imperative Voice” is exactly right.

    Jozy Altidore is pure rubbish. He plays with absolute zero heart. How many more dozens of games do we have to suffer through to see this guy flop, give up, not fight for 50/50 balls, not go for headers and not be able to put one single fricking shot on goal?!

    I agree with you on one thing; this was the one of the best games Jozy has had in a long time…….and what was the end result? NOTHING.

  208. Todd says:

    PLEASE stop using that total BS excuse of not getting service. Jozy Altidore gets plenty of service. He just pulls up at the last second so as to not get hurt. He is such a wuss. If he had half the heart that Brian McBride or John O’Brian or Clint Mathis had he would be scoring all kinds of goals.

  209. Todd says:

    Yeah. Defense looked pretty great today.

  210. Todd says:

    Case in point: minute 14:41

    Chandler puts a cross into the box for Jozy. It’s a bit far in front but Jozy doesn’t even frickin try!! He must think that the pass was not 100% perfect so he is not going to put his body out there.

    Classic Primadonna Jozy Altidore.

  211. Todd says:

    You mean like jozys flop in minute 19:43?

  212. Todd says:

    You mean he is getting better at flopping?

  213. beachbum says:


    I like the US tactics the first half, said so

    you’re a boring apologist pissed that things aren’t working like you thought they just had to work once Bradley was gone

  214. Esta says:

    No way Omar, John, Borchers, or a number of American CB’s get so outmuscled like Goodson did.

  215. Acta says:

    Buddle should be starting

  216. Mick says:

    With Bradley in, game would have been 2-0, or 3-0…Beckerman is solid defensively

  217. Mando says:

    johnson was shite…where does klinsmann get these awful players???

  218. Yars says:

    This is why we need to keep building our domestic league, which is happening quickly.

  219. Hello says:

    without the best player in US history

  220. Busc says:

    bradley blows

  221. Olo says:

    Chandler was terrible…

  222. Jacob says:

    Jones and all of the Germany imports stink

  223. Claro says:

    The only midfielder that understands how to build from the back.

  224. Milon says:

    Take Zidane out of the France Chamionship teams and they are a different team.

    England still misses Beckham, whos is still the best longballer in the world.

  225. Stefano says:

    Brad Davis is old, but still 100 times better than Williams, Chandler, Johnson or whoever these guys are.

    Look under your nose, Klinsy!

  226. USA says:

    Beckerman was solid against a tough French side at home. Donovan was missed, but he’ll be back after taking care of business in the Cup.

  227. CE says:

    this is just plain wrong, I really losing faith in the american soccer fan… Jozy had absolutely no service. John o’brian was’t even a forward and was injured constantly.

  228. CE says:

    Bradley is solid defensively? and is faster and plays in a much better league

  229. CE says:

    he did not ready for this kind of a test. Maybe the arsenal trial will help

  230. CE says:

    problem tonight was in midfield, idk what suarez would have done

  231. CE says:

    this! saying beckerman is good in possession is insultingly wrong, but he is solid defensively as a late sub if we ever get the lead

  232. CE says:

    rebuilding happens at a youth level right? Klinsman can’t just buy new players

  233. CE says:

    He did get a decent shot off, after beating two french defenders single-handedly. the problem tonight was in midfield. Jozy played great.

  234. CE says:

    bundesliga, watch some higher level soccer once and awhile.

  235. CE says:

    we need a link up player, torres just isn’t quality enough.

  236. CE says:

    your making a dumb point so ill make a dumb counter point- torres, holden, donovan, onyewu, lichaj.. so america was fielding its “B” squad because only 50% percent of their “ideal” starters were on the field

  237. CE says:

    1. He didnt want to get blown out
    2. He was giving those two d mids a chance to prove themselves
    3. all of the young players are at the U23 camp.
    4. in international football you cant buy new players. Klinsi is making great strides to rejuvenate our youth program

  238. abc says:

    Do random people posting on internet forums know more about soccer than Klinsmann? has an article, “Klinsmann’s MF choices are baffling”

    People here were wondering why Danny Williams started at RW when he’s a CDM and his teammate Johnson is a winger…

    Williams: “Over the course of that 195 minutes, Williams has not completed a single forward pass in the attacking third.”

    People here were wondering why Edu-Beckerman were being paired in central midfield once again…

    Edu: “Maurice Edu failed to complete a single pass in the attacking third of the field for the second game in a row. Over three games, he’s completed just one pass there.”

    That Klinsmann sure is a soccer genius, all you ignorant plebians need to stop questioning his brilliant coaching decisions!

  239. abc says:

    Do random people posting on internet forums know more about soccer than Klinsmann? has an article, “Klinsmann’s MF choices are baffling”

    People here were wondering why Danny Williams started at RW when he’s a CDM and his teammate Johnson is a winger…

    Williams: “Over the course of that 195 minutes, Williams has not completed a single forward pass in the attacking third.”

    People here were wondering why Edu-Beckerman were being paired in central midfield once again…

    Edu: “Maurice Edu failed to complete a single pass in the attacking third of the field for the second game in a row. Over three games, he’s completed just one pass there.”

    That Klinsmann sure is a soccer genius, all you ignorant plebians need to stop questioning his brilliant coaching decisions!

  240. Bill says:

    It’s clear from this game that for whatever reason, we have players that can defend fairly well under pressure, but WE DO NOT have players that can hold the ball under pressure, dribble while under pressure, or pass the ball intelligently to relieve that pressure. Until we do, every US team will look like this one. The fault lies with the Youth system that, with the rare exception, does not produce players that can do the above. In a country of 300 million that’s ridiculous.

  241. Robbo says:

    The problem with the US Team is the movement on and off the ball. The players do not move into the space needed to receive the ball. They stand around and watch as their Team Mates get trapped. The speed of the game was too fast for Edu. I do not think Klinsman has what it takes to get the US Team to the next level. Ithink he does not have the ability to evaluate talent and currently has blinders on just like BB. The US is one or two players away from becoming an awesome team. We need someone who is creative like Mixx in midfield and a solid left back. Too many of these players are playing out of their natural position with this team. Guys, Donovan is not the answer. He has the vision and speed but he is unable to control the game for 90 mins. The missing links may be training with t h e u23/20. Klinman need to bring in some of the younger guys who are more technical than what he has now.

  242. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOl yeha keep telling yourself that. I know that you have an agenda, so i am not going to argue with you. But to claim that we had a great offensive game vs Spain that is just stupid.

    Tactical concept versus Spain, all we did was blast the ball forward and defend in our own box. Tactical? For a guy that thinks that higly of himself you sure need to learn more about soccer in general, go read some books.

    The Imperative Voice my butt. I am not saying that JK is perfect, I dont like Beckerman or Edu, I dont wnat a DM playing RW. But I am not going to sit here and imply that JK is a joke, when he hasnt even had 6 months to work with the team.

    This is what sucks about american soccer fans, they are still in diapers but think that they have the knowledge of an Italian, Argentinian, Spaniar soccer fan to call for a coaches head when he hasnt even had the time to change some things.

    Just give it time, Sunil is not going to fire him in less than a year just because a bunch of whiny teenage girls go posting on a soccer blog.

    Be a man and wait. If he doesnt show any progress by summer of next year then fire him.

    Things are not going how u wnat so u wnat to call it quits and go back to what you know. Read some books about human beings being afraid of change, I hope you embrace change in your life and are not afraid of trying new things.

  243. Ricky B. Free says:

    Hi agenda puppet. You have been posting the same poison before they even played their 4th game under JK. So I wont pay any attention to your rants. I used to think that you had something interesting to say.

  244. Sir_Knox says:

    or Gonzo

  245. Robbo says:

    Note to Klinsman, give Benny F a chance. He is the best creative and technical midfielder around. There in no imagination or creativity in your current midfield. You won’t get that from Landon Donovan who goes in and out of games.

  246. Brett says:

    I’m still hoping the team will look better when Holden and Donovan are back in the fold. The Danny Williams at RMF/RW needs to stop. He’s great at collecting the ball and doing something with it, but he’s not going to be making runs and providing service regularly. Beckerman should have been given a rest after finishing up his club season.

  247. away goals says:

    ugh. fine.

    JK is 1-4-1 through his first 6 games with 2 goals scored. This is what we signed up for when we hired him.

    Bob bradley was not an idiot. If it were possible to immediately make the team better, he would have already done it.

    Instead, bradley set up gameplans and chose personnel with the intent of winning the ‘next’ game. And to his credit, he won more than his share of next games.

    JK is tasked with a different objective. His job is to break through the quality ceiling that bradley’s approach necessarily entailed. Doing so means taking the current group out of their comfort zone. So they’re going to struggle for a bit.

    If bradley had been at the helm for these past six games, we’d probably have a better record with more games scored. But come brazil 2014, we’d be at exactly the same level we’re at now, plus or minus some individual talent.

    With JK, the bet is that we’ll surpass that level, but it was always going to take time.

  248. Stephen says:

    Never been impressed with Edu. Jones is much better positionally and speed wise. But he is older…

  249. Matt says:

    You guys are all so dumb. Klinsmann is working to change the way we play. You think it is going to magically happen in four months? And really one month considering he has had about a week in each month.

    Do not be so stupid. Hiddink didnt turn South Korea and Russia around in his first four months.

    Just give it the full WC cycle before you start making stupid statements like Klinsmann has taken US soccer back 25 years.

    Macca was saying this is the same US team I have seen for years. NO JOKE IDIOT. It doesnt change in 4 1 week sessions. It takes a couple years probably to really get going.

    Can we please have some sanity in this moronic ensemble of jokesters who think they understand the game.

  250. Stephen says:

    Pretty confident Gooch would have bodied Remy right off the ball…

  251. Dennis says:

    His mistakes were in the attack, his primary responsibility defense, held up well

  252. Andrew says:

    I was at the game last night, and I have to say I’m a bit discouraged. It seems to me that the reason so many top teams play a lone striker is to have 3+ players in central midfield and not get overrun in possession, so I’m concerned that playing a 4-3-3 we conceded so much possession to a France team that rarely possessed the ball so much in Euro qualifying and that played 4-4-2, with M’villa and Diarra in center mid (not the 2 most possession-oriented players!).

    Secondly, everyone would admit that Jozy can do a few things quite well: he’s strong, his hold-up play can be excellent, etc. But he simply never has, and likely never will score a lot of goals. He’s our Emile Heskey, which can be great, but nobody would play Heskey as a lone striker. It seems to me that to score goals against good teams, we need a quick attacking player to play off of him, something we haven’t had since Charlie Davies’ accident.

  253. Grow_A_Pair says:

    Did anyone else laugh when Jozy leveled Diarra?

  254. dan says:

    We are missing some of our 2 best players though, Donovan and Holden. Need them bad

  255. A wise man once says:

    But that’s just the point! He’s not using these friendlies to try new players, but just putting the same old broken lineup out there every time.

    And he won’t call up Gonzalez.

  256. cincyred says:

    What was up with Donovan not wanting to play? What is his agenda? Is he trying to prove a point to Beckhham that club should come before country? He is getting sideways with Jurgen. I am not screaming at the TV saying “We need Donovan.” He is replacable. We have other players who can bring the effort and enthusiasm that this team needs. We need a fire starter. Bedoya – where are you?

  257. biff says:

    Nice well reasoned comment, although I disagree and think the defense last night was a new style that we have not seen before from the USMNT. But, honest to god, I laughed out loud at your last comment (3 goals in 10 matches). Very good. Thanks.

  258. pancholama says:

    +1 Yeah, Altidore was one of the most consistent players out there. He had a very good first touch, held up the ball well, and created some danger in the box (should have been awarded a penalty). I agree that he has a bit of a prima donna complex – but many times he harassed the defense, and pressured the French backs and goalie with intensity. He is not the problem on this team – this team has no CENTER. What a Claudio Reyna brought, what a Jose Francisco Torres or a Freddy Adu bring when they are on, what Holden and Dempsey can do from the midfield when they are on – this team lacks a true 10, the playmaker, the visionary who splits the defense open with surgically delivered through balls and give and gos, the man who says with his play and composure, with his PRESENCE – “come together, right now, OVER ME!” Also, the creativity is lacking collectively – there is not enough movement off of the ball, 90% + of the game is what you do WITHOUT THE BALL, this team quickly regresses into ball watchers, or dead positioned cone heads. Decoy runs, runs to space, coming to the ball, etc. all lacking – classic US telegraphed slow passing with the opposing team’s back anticipating and ripping off the pass, time and time again. WAKE UP! Also the short passing, and the skill for possession necessary to create a short passing game that flows with inspiration and creativity is sorely lacking. Too many errant passes, too much ball watching, and lack of positional tactical awareness.

    Overall the defense was pretty solid.

    I give Klinsman 9-12 more months to pull some rabbits out of the hat and get this team dancing samba and tango.

  259. OC says:

    I thought Buddle was excellent. It’s nice to see a guy besides Deuce put on a few dribbles. His final ball wasnt great but he created some space and had good control and done productive touches.

  260. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    If you wait to worry in 2014, you won’t have to worry at all. That’s a cop out.

    Either you are satisfied with the progress or you are not. So are you stating that you are satisfied with the results?

  261. OC says:

    I like this.

  262. OC says:

    Disagree with siting Bayern situation. Still had about 6 or 7 games in the table and they were 3rd when they fired him. No grounds to fire a coach there, so it had to be something external of the pitch and locker room.

    And as stated above, the 2006 WC year was considered a ‘rebuilding’ year by the German people before the tourney started, and Kilnsy vastly overachieved given the expectations.

    I don’t want him out just yet.

    But I do agree that we need one less defensive midfielder and maybe even one more forward.

  263. hogatroge says:

    I agree. I think Bradley and Jones should have started together given the options that were available.

  264. Dood says:

    Best comment on this thread.

  265. Deekfu says:

    Well hopefully this is one of the lessons Klinsi learns from testing players and combinations … I am sure that with Holden and Donovan available at least one of them will be on the bench or home watching, if not both.

  266. sam says:

    Better to lose 2-0 going for a bit than 1-0 like this. And in any case Bradley is as solid a tackler as Beckerman. Frankly it’s probably Edu who most needs to sit. But why not try Jones-Bradley until Holden recovers?

  267. boosted335 says:


  268. PD says:

    Esta you are full of sh$t.

  269. PD says:

    I agree with you that if Beckerman is the man that JK is commiting to as a deep lying CDM that there needs to be another player on the pitch that serves as the link between him and the forward line (Dempsey and Altidore. But I would humbly submit that Jones or Bradley could provide the defensive cover AND the linking play, allowing another player to line up. I’d really like to see the following:

    I like Beckerman, I just think there are other players who can do what he does plus some.

  270. PD says:

    he got burned on one run and you think he’s lost a step. you’re insane. Once Lichaj gets match fit I’m sure we’ll see a bit of chandler and Williams on the RB side…

  271. PD says:

    Dempsey is not a black hole, any opponent with a half a brain knows that the attack will sooner of later be going through him and they did their job in containing him. other folks need to step up. Jones, Holden or LD on the pitch and you see a more effective Deuce.

  272. PD says:

    I don’t know if it’s sad. US soccer is getting better all the time, even with it still being a “minor sport”.

    In the proper context a 1-0 loss to France is an accomplishment. these bellyachers already muling for JK to be fired just don’t have a proper context for USA’s place in the world sport. We had maybe 4 players dress that would get a callup for the les Bleues, and one of them didn’t even see the field.

  273. PD says:

    um. IT WAS FRANCE. you play counter against any team that has Diarra, Ribery and Benzema on their team whether you want to or not.

  274. PD says:

    well I don’t know if I’d say never…

  275. PD says:

    Kasey Keller retired, remember?

  276. Elliot says:

    I think the one thing that has been true for all the Klinsi games besides the Mexico game, is that we look soft. We don’t have the talent to beat a team like France playing a free attacking style. We need to develop that fight and the attitude of not being denied. Going hard through the 50/50s and never giving up. I think we need to get Onyewu back to form so we have that intimidation factor in the back. Goodson and Boca don’t strike fear in any opposing player. We need to get back to the heart and desire we had in the Confed Cup in 09. We just plain look soft right now.

    Danny Williams did nothing for us. Herculez Gomez needs and deserves a call up.

  277. PD says:

    donovan was home holden and torres are hurt gomes bedoya adu were not called…

  278. PD says:


  279. Joamiq says:

    You obviously didn’t watch the game. Jozy and Dempsey were the only two players doing anything in the attack. Obviously Jozy didn’t score – he can’t do it all by himself.

  280. Joamiq says:

    Jozy has scored 8 goals already this season for the best team in Holland. It’s not as if he doesn’t have the ability to score. The entire USMNT is struggling in the attack. The lack of goals is on the whole team, not just Jozy.

  281. Joamiq says:

    Actually, he held the ball very well yesterday.

  282. Joamiq says:

    Do you people even watch the games? The US got ONE ball successfully into the box yesterday and that was Beasley’s chip from the left in the 83rd minute. Jozy got NO service yesterday. The entire midfield struggled. It’s a wonder that Jozy was able to do as much as he did.

  283. Joamiq says:

    It was just one bad game. Let’s see how he does against Slovenia.

  284. Joamiq says:

    Moving the ball out quickly isn’t necessarily a virtue. He has no vision. He moves it out quickly to the first guy nearby he sees open. He has no sense for whether he’s passing to a guy in a good position or whether the guy he’s passing to is about to be closed down by a defender (which is often the case because he has to pick his head up and look around before he passes and then he telegraphs his pass). Time and time again we lose possession because Beckerman passes to a guy who has two players about to descend on him and take the ball away.

  285. Joamiq says:

    You’re absolutely right about movement off the ball. We don’t do it and I don’t know why. It seems like such a simple thing for a coach to emphasize.

  286. The Imperative Voice says:

    He does remind me of Dempsey at times but since his impact is in spurts maybe he’s better off the bench.

  287. The Imperative Voice says:

    I don’t want him out per se I just think his supporters overstate his CV. Arena had won everywhere he went, college, DC. Bradley won with the Fire and made NY and Chivas into surprisingly decent teams for what they were at the time. I’d be more comfortable with giving Klinsi a lot of slack if he’d coached even one men’s league team, much less a pro or international side, to a championship……so while I respect your riposte I am not yet convinced Klinsi is a serious, winning coach yet.

    I don’t know what to think about the tactics/personnel. Part of my concern is we’re schizo, are we the attacking team of the first few games or this counterpunching defensive outfit of late? Because depending which it is should help dictate the personnel. I mean, if the focus is defense maybe we need 2 dmids and more tough defenders on the pitch…..or if we want to attack you want like you said one dmid and maybe some better finesse players and finishers. I’m not sure what we are stylistically anymore, I just know it’s not working and somewhat dysfunctional. So Klinsi needs to figure out how he wants us to play and then tailor the personnel accordingly.

    But IMO Altidore is not a central striker because he’s not technical enough or precise enough a finisher. All due respect to the people touting AZ form but Bradley had umpteen goals at Heerenveen, it’s what happens when you play fast break no defense 433 soccer…..look at the table there are teams with 32, 33 goals so far this season….12 games in. Someone sneezes they miss a goal. I actually tend to think Jozy is better on a wing like NY used to use him.

  288. The Imperative Voice says:

    Ummmm we sure as heck didn’t change tactics for Mexico, why start now? It’s schizo….do we have a style or not? Because depending whether we’re attackers or counterpunchers we should be starting different people. If this is like a Dynamo grind it out outfit then you need to start with forwards who can chase the ball and work your way back. But if this is the total football approach of the first games he needs to pick 1 d-mid and keep looking for attacking mids.

    I’m trying to sort out if Klinsi is doing this on purpose or if he just rolls the ball out for an 11 who then play with their natural tendencies, which in the case of his recent post-Torres-injury lineups means less offense more defense.

  289. The Imperative Voice says:

    What you’re missing is there was at least some grind it out core concept to our approach to Spain. We clogged the middle, forced the ball wide, and just kept picking off and heading out crosses. And while the offense was not pretty, blasting it forward on counters at least was a functioning (2 goals) tactic that cohered with staying tight in the back.

    In contrast, I watch Klinsi’s teams the past few games and I’m wondering how we’re going to score, and the defensive concept doesn’t seem coherent. At least in his initial games there was something there, a commitment to getting numbers forward and knocking it around….we just couldn’t finish. But now it’s like dysfunctional everywhere and I don’t see what the plan is.

    I mean, to me, if we’re going to counterpunch, have two forwards. We did the 451 in Germany 06 and it didn’t work. I don’t mind a 451 if we want to play flowing soccer…..but I’m just looking for a method to the madness and don’t see it yet… I said above you’d like to have seen what Klinsi would have done with the Gold Cup where we could see if he could establish something coherent tactically against the sort of teams we will see in qualifying. Cause it’s obvious we’ll be in the hex, it’s just a matter of if the concept is coherent when we get there. Right now I’m worried we’re not getting results, and of late don’t even have the attacking verve of the earlier units.

  290. EastBayGrease says:

    Is anyone else concerned that Martin Vasquez is JK’s assistant coach? The guy crashed and burned as coach as Chivas USA…

    … not to mention the same pair failed to get the most out of a talented squad at Bayern.

  291. The Imperative Voice says:

    Lichaj and Torres are hurt, and Holden is having such physical problems I’d not necessarily assume he comes back 100%, ever. Since teams have players injured all the time you can’t just call what’s left the B team. This is a continuity unit of most of the people Klinsi likes, and as I demonstrated, people he’s running out every chance. To call that a B team is self-serving. It may not be people we both like, or his potential best 11, but it’s not far from his concept of an A team.

  292. abc says:

    Right, it was even worse: both our CBs slipped and fell on the same play!

  293. abc says:

    Did Bradley have a B squad at the World Cup, with Davies and Jones out and Holden and Onyewu coming back from injury?
    Did Bradley have a B squad at the Gold Cup, with Davies, Holden, and Chandler out?

    Let’s be consistent….

  294. abc says:

    Gold Cup: I forgot Altidore, who got injured mid-tournament. And of course Onyewu wasn’t fully recovered yet. And Cherundolo went down with an injury in the final. Boy, considering all that, making it to the final isn’t half bad, hire Bradley!

  295. abc says:

    For someone who doesn’t pay attention you sure respond a lot…

    I have been posting the same things since before the fourth game, which just means I saw this trainwreck coming before most other people.

  296. The Imperative Voice says:

    Holden’s made what one club appearance since March? That was a nasty tackle and all due respect but between the de Jong injury and this I’m in “show me” mode to believe he’s not the new Beasley or O’Brien. Both those guys were once practically etched into the 11 in their primes but you have to be healthy to be relevant.

    I agree with many that Chandler needs to go back on his natural-footed side where he is an impact player. Maybe the means is a healthy Lichaj, or maybe we need to reopen the LB search with the notion that Chandler can be moved back. But Dolo is getting run by and is potentially a Bornstein Problem in his own right. You don’t want to focus on an O-30 like Reyna/Lewis in 06 where they just underline on the big stage they got too old.

    I think we need to lok at Cameron as a CB. He’s technical enough and adds an athletic aspect. I don’t think Ream or Goodson are good enough most nights. Need to keep looking. (And I think if you bring O-Gonzo in you just see another Goodson-type solid in a positional game but not fast enough to stay with end to end play.)

    Beyond that I think a decision needs to be made about whether on a normal night we are the total football team of the earlier Klinsi games, or this hang back and counter team of late. The concepts imply different players and yet the pool seems to stay the same.

  297. abc says:

    For all those who say “look at what Klinsmann did with the German team”: Martin Vasquez is our Low!

  298. Alex says:

    You’re a fool and your mother smells of elderberries!!
    Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood. But my argument will always go back to, how many decent crosses or balls were played into the box for Jozy to even try??

  299. Mental Assassin says:

    Could be argued the opposite as the head of the fish is the keeper followed by the defense and so on. Not sold on Jozy, his touch is miles away from what were looking for, but he’s playing well with AZ and prob our best option. But after watching this game the midfield is of the most concern

  300. Mental Assassin says:

    Pretty sure, Fabian, Williams, Shea, Orozco, Rogers, Beckerman are all new faces that Klinsmann wants to see over time. Not saying they are the right picks but experimentation at this point in the cycle is a plus.

  301. marco says:

    “… so it had to be something external of the pitch and locker room…”
    The BAYERN GM ULI HOENESS hated him. It was definitely personal. He refused to bring in attackers at the break. He hated his travel to So. Cal also.

  302. MicahK says:

    Out of everyone playing bad you blame Jones ? Why Jones was not bad he was okay Ii think Beckerman sucks he passes the ball without thinking. Also, I have no idea what we will not use Bradley and Jones and use two forwards. Jozy needs a striking partner.

  303. Milt says:

    Nope, he is 100% right…these Euro-softies blow

  304. Cowboy says:


  305. Figo says:

    yes, thank you Beckerman

  306. getrealtime19 says:

    I lve everyone taking it out Jozy, I believe he was the only that created a shot in the box and went off the side netting, but hey. WE need to drop the 4-5-1. Blow it up, throw it out.